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Discusses Mechanism of Auto*
mobile for Guidance of
Puzzled Motorists
Expert Claims Principle Remains
the Same, Regardless of
Machine's Type
, .' ' Local Agent Mlddleby Car*
Whatever the type of gear used, the
principle is the name-that is, to give
'an Increased leverage between the
engine and the road wheels, or in
other words to allow the engine to
turn over a greater number of times in
'proportion to the road wheels. With
toothed gears all types, whether plan
etary, progressive, selective or the in
dividual clutch, work out as shown in
I the diagram. In the planetary gear
set the gear B wou'd be keyed to the
engine crank shaft A. The gears C
•and E would probably be riveted to
gether and run as one gear on a spin
dle in the side of the drum. E would
mesh with F, turning freely on the
crank, and to F would be attached
a, sprocket. ,
, Following this arrangement out. It
can be readily seen that as long as the
■Whole drum or planetary gear case is
. allowed to turn around the crank shaft
•■ A. the gear C will simply roll around
B* and there will be "nothin 1 doinY
put you apply the brake which en
circles the low speed drum and hold
the drum rigid so it can't revolve, and
t»ese gears will act In exactly the
same manner as shown in the diagram
of a sliding gear set.
Of course no planetary gear looks as
pimple as this. Because the designer is
compelled to provide a reverse and
must make the most suitable arrange
ment of the gears and drums possible.
, The diagram illustrates the progres
sive type of sliding gear. As shown
it is meshed in low gear and we as
sumed last Sunday that with the engine
at 1000 revolutions per minute the pro
portions were such that the gear F
made 333 revolutions per minute. The
gear shifting lever, at the side of the
car moves the interconnected gears F
and H and the Jaw clutch X as one
unit, they all being-attached to the
sleeve L.. Now we move these gears
up so that F is out of mesh with E.
there are no gears engaged and the
set is said to be "in neutral." This
is the position they must assume when
the car is stopped and the engine run
ning idle.
If we move these gears up so that
H meshes with I, this will be In in
termediate gear. We have the gear C
and the shaft D making 333 revolu
tions per minute; this, of course, gives
the gear I the same speed; therefore,
tf I and H are of the same size the
shaft G will make an equal number
of revolutions each minute, i. c., 333.
On the engine shaft A, below the
gear B, is a jaw clutch not shown, the
other section of K. The end of the
shaft G projects into this section of
the jaw clutch and uses it as a bear
ing. If we now advance the intercon
necting gears F and H so that H is
out of mesh with I, I comes between
\ : ■ . •
This is the car built for Endurance; the car of safety and
speed, the car of economy. We are fully prepared to back
every part of the MARATHON car to the limit. That is why
we guarantee it for life.
The MARATHON is backed by a guarantee from a factory
with a Million Dollar Capital and 26 years' experience in
turning out high-grade machinery, a factory with an organ
ization that has figured the manufacturing cost down to the
fraction of a cent. No wonder that with such a factory and
such an organization we have here produced
The Classiest Car <£ 1 CAA
Ever Built for . : S®±O\J\J
Agents, Take Notice
1» have horn* choice territory still open. If you want a ell that will sell
readily, that will live up to its promises and i- backed by a factory and a
sales agent that will live in. to their guarantee—Nee us. \V« ran promise
5-Passenger Touring 4-Passenger Surrey
2-Passenger Roadster
All of These with Torpedo Bodies if Desired.
F5604 illf 10 A C ll.Rdy Cost fly.
8rwv.4,03 lIIoioSoUTHULIVEbTJ^f&^S
Mme. Bedini, the Famous Equestrienne, Driving Her
New Ford Car Out Through the Residence District
Mme. Bedlni, the clever little lady
who has been entertaining IjOs An
geles theater audiences the past week
with the performances of several
horses and who is a topliner in the
Sulllvan-Considine circuits, tried her
hand last week in training an auto
mobile to run the free and easy life,
and the car selected was a new model
F and H and runs free, advancing a
little further, the Jaw clutches engage
and the gear is "in the high," or on
"direct drive."
This term "direct drive" simply
means that the engine shaft A drives
the propeller shaft G directly, without
the intervention of any gearing. In
this condition the pears B and C are
the only gears in mesh.
In the selective type of change speed
gears F and H are not interconnected,
but ar» moved separately by an ar
rangement of the shifting lever, so
that one can mesh any gear desired
without "going through" another.
One type is as good as the other,
though of course the manufacturer of
a progressive gear claims his is the
superior and vice versa. In the pro
gressive, one must go through the
meshing of the low gear to get in re
verse, and through intermediate tor
high, which is not necessary in a se
lective type. On the other hand, there
is no chance with the progressive for
one to jump from high into reverse,
thinking he has just dropped into a
lower gear.
The reverse In this type of change
speed gears is secured by an "idler,"
this "idler" being introduced between
a small gear on the shaft D a little
below E, the "idler" meshing with the
small gear and F, thereby changing
the direction of rotation of F. This
little reverse gear must be smaller
than E so that F cannot touch it;
therefore the reverse is the most pow
erfui of the series.
With the individual clutch the gears
of all the different speeds an: always
in mesh, one gear of the pair turning
on its shaft unless fastened by the
To the new driver the shifting of his
gears is quite a problem, and aa a rule
he learns to go from one gear to an
other emperically.
Assume that we have an engine run
ning at 500 revolutions per minute and
we are going to start a car. If we
push out the clutch the shafts A and
C almost instantly Kiop running. This
makes all the gears idle, and of course
In just two hours the chauffeur in
charge of the demonstrator had taught
the little lady to cut corners with th»
precision of a veteran. The Ford will
do anything asked of it, but it is es
sentially a woman's car for the pleas
ures of getting over ground in the
city or nearby suburban districts. Its
mechanism is so simple that it is an
easy trick to learn to drive a Ford. It
while none of the sears are in motion,
E and F may be easily meshed for the
low gear. These gears are chamfered
or have the ends of their teeth ber
eled, so that they readily slide to
gether. If they should happen to be
in a position so that the teeth "batted,"
a little touch on the clutch will change
this position.
In low, with the engine at FOO revo
lutions per minute and the gears hav
ing a ratio of 3 to 1, the jack shaft
D will turn 166 time^a minute. This,
of course, is also the speed of the
gear E. Under these conditions the
gear F and the shaft G will make 55
revolutions per minute. We have got
ten the car started and must shift to
the intermediate. We are going to
mesh H and I. What happens? H is
F] n
~1 D
l] I
attached to the propeller shaft and
is kept going by the motion of the
car at Its 65 revolutions per minute.
It is making 166 revolutions in the same
time. It's almost impossible to slide
the teeth of a gear making 55 turns a
minute into the teeth of one making
lfifi turns during that interval of time,
therefore we push out the clutch, ad
vance the gears X and F out of mesh
and wait until the speed of the jack
shaft D in reduced until about the
same as that of the propeller shaft
<;. then mesh H and I, giving the inter-'
In actual operation, if the clutch
doesn't "spice" and the shaft A I
rotating, as It should, this gear shift
in?; takes but an instant, usually not
more than the time required to move
the gear shifting lever from one notch
to another.
In doing this operation, one must
not be too slow, because if the clutch
is released and the shaft D allowed to
come to a stop, G keeps on making Its
55 revolutions pere minute, and the
same difference in rotative speed ex
ists between the two gears we are try
ing to mesh.
The same principle applies in going
into the high. To accomplish it with
out undue noise and "clatter," the
speed of A must be allowed to fall so
that it is nearly the same as that of
G before the jaw clutch will slip to
In "dropping down from high to In
termediate ami low we are up against
the reverse of this proposition. The
shafts A and «, through tr.q jaw
Clutches, are both making, say, 800
revolutions per minute. This causes
the gear F to also make 500 revolutions
per minute, but I is only making 166
revolutions per minute. What are we
going to do about it? The logical
answer would bo to disengage the
clutch and the high gear, then let in
the clutch and Bpeed up the engine
until the speed of the gear I was the
fame as that of H, and then mesh
them, but this would be an Impossi
bility on a hill; therefore the best we
can do is to declutch and make the
shift as quickly us possible. Some
times this can lie best accomplished
by releasing the clutch just sufficient
ly to take the pro:«-:uro off the geari,
but not enough so but what it will con
tinue to ".spin," at the same time al
lowing the speed of the engine to be
Local Manager Tells of Work in
Glidden Tour
The fact li pointed out by i". O.
Nelson, manager of the local office of
the Diamond Rubber company, in view
of the rather large number of tires
used on earn In the recent Glidden
tour, the Qltddenltei never attempted
repairs on injured tubes or casings
even after only slight punctures, but
always changed both casing and tube.
"I venture to say." declared Mr. n*< ■ i-
Hon, "that notwithstanding the abnor
mally levers road conditions, the aver
age tourist could go over the whole
course of this year.-* Glidden tour con
test with no extra equipment other
than a couple of Inner tubes and Dia
mond sleeves, or blowout patches,
making his own repairs on tim road.
Or, by carrying several tubes and one
or two extra casings be could make
the entire trip without the necessity
of doing any roadside work, In the
whole 2850 miles if th« (Hidden tour
only two Diamond tires were replaced
on account of wear."
has enough j >wer to go anywhere a
big car dares attempt.
Mine. Bedini confesses that the train
ing of horses Is more Intricate than
the learning to drive a motor car. Her
experience" In being able to see the
many pretty points of interest around
Loa Angeles, accompanied by her hus
band, leaves not only a good impres
sion of the magnitude of the city, but
also the goodness of the Ford car.
(Continued from rase Oo«)
—Champion Robles, Paquiro and Kera
nito—who gave a creditable exhibition
of the Spanish sport. Two bulls were
killed, the first by Paquiro and the sec
ond by Seranito. This was the latter's
first appearance in the Tia Juana
Champion Robles, in his mounted
fighting and oloak work, showed much
dexterity and was frequently applaud
ed. Na.scarrero vaulted several bulls
ns they charged him. One of the bulls
caught the man on his horns and threw
him to the ground. He was badly in
jured, and after that took little part
in the fights. Another cloak man was
thrown by a bull, but escaped being
gored by lying on the ground while his
companions diverted the attention of
the animal. Champion Robles also
came near being gored.
The spectators were greatly amused
by the daring of a Mexican cowboy
who rode a bull after tying himself on
the animal's back.
Owing to the more than average good
condition of the roads, the trip to San
Diego by auto should be more indulged
in. The roads in Orange and Ran
Diego counties are a little better than
in our own county, but much good road
work is being- done. The trip was made
via. the coast route; and owing to rain
In the early morning' the trip was made
via coast to Oceanstde, then across
country through oak-shaded highways
skirting the Rainbow mountains to
Elotnore; thence via Corona into Los
As ■ test of merit of the car? making
the trip, all the machines made excel
lent records for time and fuel. The
seven-pa.ssenger Amplex made the en
tire distance traveled, 378 miles, In
fourteen hours' running time, or an
average of twenty-seven miles an hour:
and thirteen and one-half miles per
gallon of gasoline. The running time
for the Kissel Kar whs practically the
same, as the car went a few additional
miles in the down trip, taking in two
caaea the longer road. The Amplex
made the run to San Diego in five
houra, Ofty-flve minutes, and the Kis
,«e! was but seven minutes behind this
■chedule. The performances of these
two BUI nf such different types is a
matter of comment, for the Amplex
carried WVBH passengers and the Kissel
Does Not Like Appearance of
Mirrored Bird
A battle royal between a wild tur
key and a motor car is unusual enough
to be recorded among sporting events.
John O. Enders, a Hartford banker,
recently left his Columbia car stand
ing in front of his mountain camp and
was soon after attracted by the wild
shrieks of a bird conflict. Believing
that a hen hawk and a crow might
have come together, he ran for a gun,
only to find that a wild turkey was
lighting an imaginary wild turkey in
the form of the bird's own reflection
in the resplendant varnish finish of
the rear seat panel of his Columbia
The big bird tore into the beautiful
finish applied through numerous coats
of paint and varnish and scratched and
bit and flapped its wings against the
mirrored wild turkey filing through
precisely the same gyrations. .Mr.
Errderi was powerless to mix in the
light, and he hud to look on while the
wild wrath of the wilder bird spent
its fuming and its strength was gone.
It was a fierce fight while it lasted.
At tint first sign of si knockout a feed
img was thrown over the lighting or
nithological exhibit and h" was mar
shaled from the battlefield so badly
used up as to make small work of his
further undoing.
"An advantage the public will appre
ciate in the future," said W. D. New
erf, president of tho w. i>. Newerf
Rubber company, "la that from and
alter July 1 Ooodyear detachable tires
will hear the samo prlcei as all other
standard makei of regular clincher ami
quirk detachable clincher tir<H.
"Ah the public is well Informed, Hie
prices <>f Qoodyear tires in the past
have always been higher than thus.' of
other makes, but the bringing together
of the prices of hIJ standard make <"
tires will undoubtedly result in a
heavy increase In tho sales of <li)od
although not resulting in any
| ncrcß ae of profit tf> the manufactur
ers, owing to the reduction of the
ijnodyears to equalize the prices of
Other makes."
Chanslor & I-yon have delivered their
challenge trophy, won recently by Hal
Stone with the Great Western uh the
record fur breaking the Loi Angeles-
San Diego record. The cup is now on
display at the Great Western's sales
Diogenes Quest Has Ended
Startling Disclosures of State Secrets!— Does the
Truth Interest You?— Are You Interested |
in the Square Deal Something En
tirely New in Advertising Ho
nesty is the Best Policy and I'll •
Prove It!!— Honest Con
. fession is Good for the
Soul!!—" Hot Air"
vs. "Cold Facts"
1 - ■ ■■..'■ ■ ».. ' * \
FOR the past nine seasons I have been an advertiser in the daily papers of
Los Angeles, and during that time have repeatedly made the statement 1
that anything seen in my advertisements may be depended upon as being the
. simple unvarnished truth. I have proved my assertion several times, and am go
ing to do so again in this ad.
The Reo Thirty four-cylinder car which I have introduced to Southern Cali
fornia this season has been advertised by me to be as near perfect as it was possi- j
ble to make it, price considered. Both the Reo Motor Car Company and I be- .
' lieved this to be a fact, but find that we have been misled owing to the failure of
some of the raw-material manufacturers in delivering us our material as per
Unfortunately, we did not discover the defects until we had delivered nearly
1000 cars, and then it was too late to recall the cars from the ( customers. We
found that the bearings in our rear axle would not stand the strain of hard
work; that several hundred radiators had been shipped from our factory im
— properly assembled, and that a very few clutches had suffered the same fate.
Our trade soon began falling off at an alarming rate, and looking for the rea- ,
son I easily found what was the matter and»wired the factory for new parts to take
care of the defective - ones; immediately got in touch with every customer I
could find and assured him that we would fix his car up entirely without expense
to himself. . ' ■
It has been a big job and an expensive one, I can assure you, but I am
pleased to say that practically every Reo Thirty in Southern California is now
doing the splendid work expected of it. •
Now, this. ad. is for the purpose of frankly admitting our troubles and pub
licly assuming the responsibility for them. I have absolutely nothing to conceal.
I guarantee every new car sold by me at retail and I want you to know what this
guarantee means to the buyer. i ... 7"•■.,'.
I now rest my case in your hands, with the further statement that lam still v
doing business at the same old stand and in the same old way, and can make im
with the troubles left out. Sincerely,
Is Honesty the Best Policy?
Reo £ o" Apperson
633 So. Grand Aye.
i '•' .r- f
Home 10167 LOS ANGELES— SAN DIEGO Main 7034
■'. ■ ' ■ - '
Member Auto Dealers' Association of Southern California. Member Licensed Dealers
. of Los Angeles. ;■ /. ,■ ;■ ■
_ _ _ ___ J^___J j
ii _ . - -. • , . ■- • w ■■■■■.■■■.

Pacilic Motor
Car and
Aviation Co.
1217-31 South
Flower Street
The most spacious and best
equipped garage on the coast.
First-class workmanship guar
anteed on all cars. Steam or
Gasoline. Lowest prices.
If you have a breakdown,
send for our Wrecking Wagon.
Best wash and polish in the
city. ...
Phones 60151, Main 8680
Open All Night
We want to; tell you about - this
Racy™ motorcycle with the trou
ble left out. How it eats up the
hills. That tree engine. How you
can get the best motorcycle on the
market. If you cannot come in and
nee it, write us about It. ■ '
689 S. Sprfn« HI.. l.c D An««l«». Cal.
Whol«««l« »nd P«t»ll. - ■ ->J
it. M. THOMPHON, Manager. J
at the price of ordinary tires. This means, in addition to
the superior qualities of the Goodyear tires, a
Saving of 20 to 25 Per Cent
Goodyear Tires have always given the user the
most for the money. He now gets them for less
W. D. Newerf Rubber Company
San Francisco office 545-51 Golden Gate avenue.
Renton Motor Car Company
1230-32-34 S. Main St. | Home Phone 10799

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