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Baseball, Racing, Boxing
Senators' Twirler Bumps Into Package of Trouble and Is Deposed
After Four Runs Have Been Scored Off His Offerings~Nourse
and Schater Pitch Great Ball. Only One Effective Drive Be
ing Mads After Former's Advent on the Mound-Perry's
Home Run Gives Visitors Their Only Score-Raleigh
May Be Given Chance to Exercise Wing Today
Clnb. Won. Lost. Pet. Club. Won. Lost. Pet.
S.n rraacuwo •- 5» " v'rn"n ». M •»>«
Portland ■" « »M Oat'll ■• " »1«
„,„ Aajelei «0 :..-. .MJ Sacrnmrnto 89 .0 .KM
i;i -I I.TS OF GAM] I
Vemnn 4. >avn,a,rn«o 1. Oakland 2, Lo. *»«•«« 1.
Sun Francisco 6, Portlanil J.
Vfrnon-Safrnnicnto at Doyle Park morning; Chiltfi aflrnioon.
Los An«ele«-Oakland at Oakland morning; San Franclico afternoon.
Portland-San FrancUco nt Portland (one game).
Tlie Sp«U »vent to the head of thr list yesterdaj hj .lapping one over on Portland.
The An K Bluffed another to Oakland, and here nt home Vornon hooked the Sena
tor.. n,,,,,- of the fames was murh In the line of eiclteuient, and iave for the change
in league lea^lership nothln ß of note occurred anywhere along the line.
With the two leaders alternating for honors and the Angels showing poor form,
Vernon and Oakland are again coming within balling dl.tance of the pennant. Each
team ha» been playing grand ball this series, the Oaks banding Ilerry's pets a short
ender on three of the live occasions on which they met, and Vernon outpointing »a<
ramentn for four victories out of live trys. .
The \u s e!» were within reach of the lenders earlier in the week, hut slutted
awfully after annexing their Br»l two ames with Oakland. They will have two
clinnees today to redeem themselves, and Yernon will also be In ■ fair way to »ho»
»ome speed. At Portland there Is only one contest. The "Ifs" are as follows:
clnb . Win. Lose. Even. Club. Win. I-ose. Even.
(Sun Francisco .648 .888 .... . Vernon SJ7 .509 .518
Portland 544 .884 .... Oakland 526 808 .517
j^,. Angeles ■•■■« .51;. .Ml Sacramento 370 .3..1 .360
Milter Hunt of Sa to came to crief at Chutea park resterday after
r.onn when Hap Hogan's warriors selected his choicest offerings and pelted
thf-m for four clean swats, netting a like number of runs. H ter Hunt
wm removi I from the mound and Nourse given the job of rolling pills for
Graham. With Nourse's advent In the box things quieted down, and with the
. v eption ot one run by Sacramento in the fourth frame, went by tallylesa ami
all but httless.
The Villagers broke to one of their flying gtarts, and the late comers failed
tn observe the action in thi hich was a decidedly busy pi i
for the home boys. When the smoke had lifted Graham and his followers were
ready tn i the n -i i ; the contest went by without much effort on either
■lde, save for b four-sacker bj Perry.
Carlisle led off in Vernon'a hist time at bai by missing the trii of
dished vi' i" him by Hum. Stovall did better with his swings and slapped
dingle to center, kitty Brashear clouted a high one and went to station
one, Stovall landing on third through the effort. Brother Roy helped the family
batting averagi by slapping one at Heister, who threw wild to Danzig, Stovall
scoring, Kitty landing on third and K"y at the middle stepping place. Coy
ter and tallied both the Bra hears, makin . himself when
throw to thi plate ' ■ by Van Buren. Hosp singled to right and put
Coy at third, hut md when he overran the pillow. Burns d,id
ti, luggler .i< t with Lindsay's drive and Coy registered loi- tin- fourth run.
....as retired « ■ !' : I in i Into II istor's itching palm.
This was too much, and Graham gavi Hunt his release for the afternoon,
havll ■ 1 Nourse up when the first dark clouds hovered over his twirler's
le. Stovall was also left on the bench by Hogan, a game leg being the
alibi for his Idleness. J. Smith was sent in to tho left paature and C
ni"\>ii over t" 111<- central position vacated by Stovall.
Will' oni down and nun.' on the bags to benefit by his suat. Perry featured
ij., with "Ui- of the cleanest home runs picked out this year. The
H \ U p tor picked out a nice one and slammed it iver the hat sipn In
md was tli" object of generous applause from the sands on each
appearance nt the plate thereafter.
But one run does not win a game,
especially hen the other side has al
ready registered a quartet of the
thinsi.-< that count. The Capitalists
went through the remainder of their
times at bat absolutely without a bin
plo of any kind, and the Villagers were
nearly us futile in their endeavors.
Both Schafer.and Nourse were rath
pr wtinsy with their Flsxiits, and ha I it
not been for Hunt's poor execution
while the contest was j oung Perry's
poke might have put the Senators over
the wire a winner. Schafer was ex
tremely careful what hi dished tip for
11:,- opposition to swinfj at, and only
two safe swats wars registered off his
offerings. Nourse also pave out a duo
of percentage fatteners, neither of
which helped the cause of victory
The game was by far the fastest
played here this season— but from
point of time only. Just one hour and
twenty-five minutes after the fin mar
had taken his swing at the sphere it
was all over but going home, and few
dinners -were delayed because the head
of the house was among those rooting
at the Chutes.
Hosp, the former Ansel Bwlrler may
be Riven a permanent berth on tho
Verni.n team, as his work at third
Vase has been absolutely flawless in
both appearances. Hogan is thinkingi
of giving him a chance on the firing
line, and if in his old-time form Hosp, j
topi tli.-r with Raleigh, will be of much
benefit to the Villagers' twirling .staff.
Two contests are scheduled for
today, and Hogan lma hopes of taking
them both. He will pitch Hoy ll'.tt |
nnd possibly Raleigh, while Graham
Intends sending Jlnimle Whalen and |
Fitzgerald out In an endeavor to land
Four Bucks. Limit Braces of Dove
Brought in
I on
Paul ]

The J
nouth of A
At Wichita.—Denver 7, Wlchltn 3.
At Omaha—Des Molnea 6, Omaha -'.
At Lincoln—Sioux City 3, Lincoln 1
(eleven Innings).
At Topeka— at. Joseph 7, Topeka 2.
bot hcontesta and come within one
game of breaking even on the series.
Yesterday's " proceedings in cold fig
ures were as follows:
All II II FH po a E
Carlisle, If-cf .. . I (i <i 0 3 0 0
Sto\ all, cf 1 1 1 0 1 0 0
Smith, If 3 0 ii 0 -' 0 0 !
N*. j:: .-!*;■ ar, lb. 4 1 2 0 0 0 0
l: Brashear, 2b. 4 10 0 3 4 0
Coy, if 3 1 '. 0 3 0 I'
iiosp. 31 : ii 2 13 10
Linrlsay, S3 3 0 '< 0 1 4 0
llosnn. c 3 0 0 0 2 n l>
Scliufur, p 3 0 0 0 0 2 0
Total* 80 I ■? 1 21 11 0
Vnn Buron, cf . . 4 0 0 0 I 0 0
Hums, ss 4 0 0 0 - 0 1
Perry. If 4 l l •■ 3 0 0
Danzig, lh 2 0 n 'i 10 1 1
Boiniman, 3b ... 3 '< n (< 2 5 0
BrlsKs. rf :•. 0 l 0 n l n
Keiater, 2b 3 n no ill
La l-onsie, c 3 v o o 5 l 0
Hunt, p 'i 0 0 0 ii ii (i
Nourse, p - '■ fi n n 2 0
Hplfsman, x ..... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 28 1 - " 24 11 3
xllatl.'! f"r Nourso in ninth.
men ' n n 0 0 0 00* I
Base hits 100000 1 1 x— 6
Bacramente 0 0 0 I^o 0,0 0 o—l
Basa lilts 0 10] on 0 o o— •:
j{l tg — Off Hunt. 4: 4 runs in 1 Inning.
Home run — Perry. B'as.s nn balls — Oft
N'.iurw. 1; oft Sr.liafor, .". Struck out — By
Hunt. 1; by N'ourse, 2; by Schafer, 1. Double
plays— lJndnay to Tt. Brashear to N. I)ra
shcar; Burns to Danjlg to Boardman. Wild
pitch Schafer. Time—l.-IS. I'mjilro—Mc-
Dunlop Makes Low Run with Aid
of Twelve-Stroke Handicap
on Eighteen Hole
S. ('. Dunlop won the 18-hole medal
play of the l.<>* Angeles Country club
on tile club links yesterday afternoon
in a close finish, nosing out tho victory
with a handicap of 12 from 82.
J. A. Jevne mail' 1 the best Beore of
the day with 7:i, but was unabla to
L-ome in better thai third on account of
starting from scratch, H. M. Kuhil
lurger secured second place, turning In
a stroke list of T"i with a handicap of
four. he best amateur m-on-. that has
been made ID the club linkn i.s r,.">.
Seventy-four is used as bogey in twitch
lilay competitions.
Thp club members are working to
ward a general sweepstake play for
the regular week-end program n< tako
the place of the medal run, and interest
!!.■ the, sport la daily Increasing. 'I'll.
scores of the competing members are
as follows: <'„ H. Schneider, \V. Fred
erlckcon and J. A. Brown falli d to
turn In their cards. Score:
a. u.n.
W!lsan..a ):; 444C3564444444 4-7T 0 7T
•li-var.. .14435474434 6 4.143 ft .1-71 0 73
Kehlbrg.l 444846644345 3 445 3-7. r. 4 71
Dunlnp.,s 4 4 v !• 5 6 5 6 3 4 3 7 Z ~> 5 0 3-j*l 12 7m
Waui3.,l 544 II 465654464545 5— S5 8 78
fllll)— Won. lout. I'll.
Chicago ...i BS M .«•
l'llt»liurc •■"• 81 .510
>„„ York ! 46 M ■Ml
Ctnrlnnatl 4:1 II .811
l>liilii<l.-li.)iia M 41 l«»
1 m. Loilli Bi 4« IM
Brooklyn M 40 .417
' Boston 3J .-•:< -37u
Clvb — Won. l.iml. Vet.
Philadelphia 56 M .»*»
I N>w York .VI 83 . «0\!
Boston 81 34 ''<*>
' Detroit 46 41 Ml
: Cleveland U 4:t 44!>
Washington S8 49 .411
Chicago 33 flO .81)8
St. I.ouls -■"' M .SIS
Clnli— Won. Lost. Pit.
I Minn.-: li» Hii »4 HIM
Nt, Paul ■'>■? 41 .58J
Toledo M 40 S7!l
! KnnMin » iiy 4.1 4* .484
ColumbuK 4:1 4R .47»
.Mil\vaiikci> 40 M .430
Iniiliinniinll* as M soil
Louisville M M) .871
<1,,1,— Won. Lost. Pet.
Denver 56 «i .Ml
-i.Mix City «4 33 .B'JI
line,.ln »0 3» .508
I Wiiliita 47 40 ..-.41
St. .li.Ni-pll 3!> 4» .4l«
I>p» Holnes 40 ,->■-' .43.1
Omaha »■ »> 1:t:l
Topeka :•.;• ■•'» 57 ■3!' l
- -
Angels Take Brace in Last Time
at Bat. but Opponents
Are Better
Nagle Fails to Keep v Drives Scat
tered, While Nelson Is Uni
formly Steady
[Associated Press]
SAX FRANCISCO, July 23.—Follow
ing eight innings of mediocre ball, the
Oakland: and the Angels braced up in
the ninth today, and for one Inning the
I contest was exciting, Oakland finally
wisning, 2 to l. with the score l to 0
in favor of the Oaklanders, the Angela
put over the tying run with Wheeler
in the first half of the ninth. A walk,
j a sacrifice, a single and an error by
Delma-s scored Maggarl with the win
ning run. Both Nelson and Nagle were
hit freely, but Nelson was the steadier
1 and kept his drives scattered. Score:
AB It II S!i I'O A r.
Daley, cf 3 0 1 1 2 0 D
Bernard, rf 1 0 0 " 0 0 "
Howard, :b 4 0 " v 8 5 0
i Dillon, lb .1 0 ii " 7 1 "
■ Murphy, If 3 0 2 0 -' 0 0
[{ol 3b 4 0 0 0 3 - 0
I Delmas, as -1 " 3 " 3 1 -
Sill .1 c 2 II 0 0 2 - 0
Sag' I, p » 0 i ') l S 11
I Wheeler, lh 1 1 1 0 : 0 0
Totals 28 1 0 1 •::. 14 2
AB 11 11 SB I"<"> A E
Swnnrlor. rf ..... 4 0 i " i ° 0
Wilvmton. 3b ...40103 1 'I
Maggart, if 3 l 0 0 l " "
Hogan, lb 3 0 0 Oil l o
Carroll, cf 4 I 3 0 0 0 0
I CuMhaw, :b .... 2 '■ i o ; - "
Wares, fs -' 0 I 0 - I 0
MetM. c 2 0 " " 4 o 0
Nelson, p "- 0 0 0 0 4 1
Totals !« - 7 « :i l: 1
•("jne out when winning run scored.
Los Mimins noo 0 0000 I—l
Das., hits 0111S011! 8
Oakland 01000000 I—2
; Base hits 13000110 I—T
Sacrinre hits — Bern ird, Cutlhaw, Nelson.
1 Smith Wnroe, Murphy, Hogo Base on
balls—Off N'elßon 3; off Nagle, .Sir , out
1 iiy xelson, 3; by Nagle, -■ Double plays —
1 Howard to Delmas Wi! 1 pitch— Nagle
T j nlf > 1:50. I'mplres—Van llaltren an 1
' Flnney.
PHILADELPHIA, July 23.—Phila
delphia shut out Cleveland today, 2
to 0, In a pitchers' battle between
Coombs and Fanwell. The latter Is a
right-hander who made his debut in
today's game. Fanwell held Philadel
phia down to five singles, and both
of the runs were due to errors. Cleve
land went out In order In eight In
nings, and only twenty-nine batsmen
faced Coombs. Score:
Cleveland 0. hits IS, errors 3.
Philadelphia 2, hits 5, errori 1.
Batteries — Fanwell and Bemis:
Coombs and Lapp.
NEW YORK, July 23.- Detroit won
the second game of the .series from
New York today, 6 to 2. The visitors'
first two run's were due to Ford's base
on balls and Mitchell's wild throw, but
the last four were earned by heavy
batting by Cobb, Crawford, T. Jones,
Busch and Schmidt. Scon
1 troll 6, hits 6, errors 3.
New York 2, hits 6, errors 3.
Batteries —Summers and Schmidt;
Ford and Mitchell.
BOSTON, July -'■'■■ Ciootte held St.
]>vis to four scattered hits today, but
three of them counted for run Powell
pitched shutout ball, the visitors win
ning 3 to 0. Score:
St Louis 3, hits 4, errors 1.
Boston 0, hits 6, errors 2,
Batteries—Powell and Stephens; Ci
cotte and <' origan. .
-"WASHINGTON, July 23.—Johnson
was'in excellent form today, holding
Chicago to four scattered hits, and
Washington won hadlly, i to 1. John
son truck out eleven or the visitors.
. [ton 4, hits 8, errors 0.
Chicago 1, hits 4, errors 2.
Batteries—Johnson and Beckendorf;
Lang-, Scott and Sullivan, Block.
CHICAGO, July -'■!■■ Sixty-f.mr play
i for the weatorn ten
, M.nsiiip in the plaj which
Monday on the Onwentslu
I continues through tin
■i he lists were is:-ur.l lapl i
■... Include sevi t-al cham
■ mui.ms degree*, with prac
,!,, , mi,,, une of •tars i nterecl
, i( itate rnatchoa at Aztec
• I tv the cvuiit.
Winfred Mace, Southern Champion
Who Will Defend Title at Virginia
f * '-'."VI
v Ji '
'tf .' ... ' - I ■■■ 111! .^^^^^^^^^g m -- M \~ T
Seaton Allows Six Bases on Balls,
and Team Mates Contrib
ute Many Errors
PORTLAND, July 28.—San Fran
cisco was practically given the game
by Portland, The score was 6 to -.
Nine lilts and six bases on balls were
donated by Beaton and six errors were
made by his support. Score:
All R II O A F.
Vltt. Sb 3 0 0 12 0
Mohler, 2b 2 10 2 4 0
Ltwls, cf 5 0 2 0 0 1
Tennant, 9b 6 0 2 13 1 0
: Boule, If 4 10 10 0
Melchoir, rl ■" -■ '-' - 0 ft
Bern', c 5 114 11
Shaw, es 4 0 8 I 4 "
Stewart, p 4 10 0 - 0
Totals M « » L' 714 2
Ryan, If 4:11300
OUsti, <■» 8 1 2. « 2 1
Harps, Hi -' 0 1 » 3 3
Bheehan. 3h 4 0 2 14 1
Casey, 2h 3 " * 3 - 1
Martlnke, rf 3 " " i " '
Hpeas, cf 3 0 (l 3 0 0
Murray, c " 0 0 12 0
rioiuon, I S. • 0 0 3 0
Totals 28 2 6 27 IS 6
Ban Francisco 1 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 I—«
Base hits i 12 1112 0 0-9
Portland » 0 • • • 0 0 0 2—2
Base hits 1 1 I) 0 0 0 2 « 3-«
Struck out— Seaton 1, Stewart 2. napes on
balls— Beaton 6, Stewart 2. Double play*—
Berry to Mohler:'Tennanl to Mohler to Ten
nant; Mohler to Shaw to T<-nn.int. Sacrifice
hits—Berry 2, Bhaw, Mohler, ' Melchoir, Rapp»,
Stolen basei—Stewart, Mi choir, Shaw. Hit
by pitched ball—Olsen, Vltt. Passed ball-
Murray. First base on errori Ban Francisco
3. Wild pitch—Seaton. Left on bases—San
Francisco 11, Portland 3. Time of game—l:4s.
CHICAGO, July —Chicago won a
slugging match from Boston, 7 to 6,
in ten Innings today, Abbattlchloe 1 wild
throw to first Utting in the deciding
run. Reulbach and Mattern were bat
ted out of the box in the sixth inning.
Chicago 7, hits 10, errors 1.
i; ton 6, hits 12, errors 2.
Batteries—Reulba^h, Mclntyre and
Kline; Mattern, Brown and Graham.
Umpires—Klem and Kane.
PITTSBURG, July Pittsburg hit
Bcanlon freely today and won from
Brooklyn, 7 to 2. Maddox was taken
off th • rubber In the middle of the
fifth Inning and Leifleld substituted.
However, the Brooklyns were never
dangerous. Score:
Pittsburg 7, hits 11, errors 0.
Brooklyn 2, hits 7, errors 0.
Batteries—Maddox, Lelfield and Gib
son: Bcanlon and Erwin,
Umpires—Eason and Johnstone.
CINCINNATI, July 23.—McQuillan
held the Cincinnatis safe until the last
two Innings, when the locals managed
to etcape a shutout, Philadelphia win
ning, 3 to 2. Cincinnati used four
hers. Score:
Philadelphia 3, hits 5, errors 2.
• ' Cincinnati 2, hits 5, errors 4.
Batteries —McQuillan and Doom;
Suggs, ETrommc, 1 Gaspar, Burns and
McLean, Clark.'
Umpires—O'Day and Brennan.
ST. LOUIS, J ly 28.- -New York won
Its final game of the season here from
' the local National league team today
by a score of 9 to 2. Zmlch, a recent
addition to the St. Louis team, In his
tryout was wild and Ineffective. Score
New York 9, hits 12, errors 2.
St. Louis -'. hits 10, errors 2.
i ,it.i . -Mathewson and Myers,
Schlei: Zmlch, Willis and Brennahan.
Umpires— Hlgler and Bmslie.
♦*♦ ——
NICE, July 23.—Lee Rockier and
Bolsb "ill wrestle here tomoi row
noon at 5:30 o'clock. Rockier ffoea
In a( 190 pounds, while BoUa will welKh
170 „ lunds Rockier, who claims i" bi
w ißkan (riant," agrees to throw
Bolsz twice, while Bolsa is required to
throw his opponent only once I
the decision. The match will be held
. amusement park.
Opening of Amateur Champion
ship Brings Record Scores
and Close Play
MINNEAPOLIS, July 83.- The West
ern Golf association team today won
tho Olympic cup, the curtain raiser of
the western amateur Bolf champion
ship, scheduled t" start Monday over
thp links of tho Mlnlkahda club.
Tin: winners scored the record
breaking total of 615, eight sti-nlo s bi
low the record sot by the "Western <i"ir
association team In the 1909 Olympic
competition at the Chicago Golf club
September 4 of last year. Tho Inter
collegiate quartet was Becond with 648,
: and Michigan cam.- third with 861
' Minnesota turned in 665, Dea Molnes
<;iiT and the Transmlsalsslppl toani 70H.
The Indiana quartet withdrew nt the
end of ilk morning round, when J. I.
Dllle disqualified himself by Hftinc his
ball "ut of place On the winning
team three men turned in Bcoreg of 152
and the fourth «o1 139. Albert Berkel,
m mi prolleglate champion, land
ed 77 and 7B for 152; Boberl Oardm r,
mal champion, grored "6-76-162, and
Charles Evana ir.. western champion,
, handed In (l !■■-■ I 1""1 Hunter,
champion of California, won the low
man with S3 76-159. Tv i pl«y< rB, 11. B.
Heyburn of the Eastern Intercollegiate
four and How ird B l.> c of Michigan,
for lovi Individual honort ftt 162.
Evana and Lee equaled the course rec
ord of 7^ which «as established yester
; ,!, iv by Warren K. Wood of Homewood.
HUMBOLDT, la., July 23.—Frank
Qotch, champion heavyweight wrest
ler of the world, has become a baaebaii
magnate by purchasing the Lake City
team a member of a bush league m
tiiis part of the state The team will
be transferred to Humboldt, tho wrest
ler 1 home, on August 1. it h i l "
known for some time that Gotch h:if.
wanted to get into baseball, having at
tempted to purchase the Dcs Moines
team in the. Western league.
The I os Angeles and Shamrock La
crosse clubs will play a practice game
this afternoon at 2:80 at Fiesta park.
The public is lnvit< d.
Ul players are requested to turn out
for this game In preparation for the
coming Berles of matches with the
Olympics of Sun Fran.-is.-o to lx- played
Overland Wheelmen club have
scheduled a few races between the
rters of the lacrosse game.
At Louisville-First game: St. Paul
2 Louisville 3. Second game: St.
5 K a™: Milwaukee
3 , Toledo 14. Second game: Milwau
kAt2Columb°u^-KaiißM City 0, Colum
bUAtllndlanapolis-Minnc ? poli3 4, In
dia a polls 3. ? ;:^
PARIS, .lulv 88.—Career* Duro, own
edbv VV K. Vanderbllt, today won the
Prix Blink Bonny, which was run at
DETROIT, .luly 23.—More (ban MO '■'
trie* have be.-n received f«r I!.- Urand
rlr. ..it rare meeting la Detroit Auk. I to
.-, Ibe greater lift In tin" lil»t«>ry of the
driving club. Tlie Merchant., and Manu
fiuturer.' Make DM twelve, among them
■ hull.. \iHi.h.l.-. and the Chamber of
Commiirrt pare l» « record '"•'•"' with
II). There are fourteen rich futurltlei.
which will he derided ilurliiK the meet-
I"1C ' _^_
Amateur Sports, Athletics
Championships at Virginia Are
Scheduled for the First
Week of Next Month
Many New Players Will Enter,
and Results Are Diffi
cult to Dope
"The Southern California Lawn Ten
nis association announces that its
twenty-fifth annual tournament to de
cide the Southern California champion
ships for the current year will he held
Mil the courts of tile Hotel Virginia,
Long Beach, commencing Monday, Au
gust 1, and ending Saturday, August 6."
Thus heralded, the principal event of
the tennis year has been officially an
nounced, and the members of Southern
California tennis circles have begun a
united campaign to Improve the games
of their individual experts.
Any amateur player may enter the
tournament, no special invitation being
necessary, and the special endeavor of
the committee in charge Is to persuade
the new players to send In their ap
plications and try out in the tourna
ment that has been established mainly
for their benefit.
The events will be men's singles,
women's singles, women's singles (spe
cial/, Junior singles, men's doubles,
women's doubles, mixed doubles and
consolation singles.
Junior singles and women's singles
(special) will begin .at 9. a. m., and
men's singles and women's singles at L'
p. m. on Monday, August 1. Announce
ment of the hour for commencement of
other events will be made later.
The Cawston challenge cup for men's
singles was won in MM and 1906 by
Eugene Overman; In 1906 by Harold
11. Braly; in 1907 by Melville 11. Long;
in 1908 by Thomas C. Bundy, and in
1909 by Winfred H. .Mace.
Winfred H. Mac. present Southern
California champion, may hold the title
for another year if he keeps up Ills
present winning streak and Improves
in the manner he has been showing
during the past few weeks. Nat Browne
and Ward Dawson, in tin- opinion of
those who know, are the only players
'on the local courts who might press
him to a strenuous fight, but as Mace
will not be compelled to struggle
through a grueling series of prelimin
aries the odds tiro swinging his way.
Mace plays tile prettiest game of any
player on tic southern courts, and if
he loses his erratic streaks can make
tho best of them hustle.
All of tin- old-timers will be entered
In the Virginia Hats. Freeman. Bell,
Browne, Braly, Duncan, Blnsabaugh,
Holmes, Hopper, Way. Varlel, Wayne
will all be Men In the race for tin 1
honors, and there will he an array of
new blood that will keep the veterans
guessing and Implre lomt fresh spirit
Into ihe e\ '-'it.
With the number of new tennis clubs
organised around the local racket
haunt* there should be ■ star bunch of
the younger element, and without doubt
there will be some surprise! In the
dope list before the tourney Is well
under way.
Blnsabaugh and Browne will pair in
the doubles and are picked to win un
less Braly and Duncan take a decided
brace In the practice this week. Dun
can is playing his usual steady Kami',
but Braly showed up poorly on the Mt.
Washington courts last week, and
seems to have lost lii.s old-time spi ■•'!
and strength.
The appearance "f -May Button in her
, favorite tournament will attract ■■' good
j number of the fans, who fall to ap
preciate anything in th- minor bill
and only turn out when the world's
champion is scheduled to play. The
Sutton family will hiivo si walkaway in
the women's events, but as there is a
woman's special singles then' will be
ample opportunity for tho more timid
of the feminine stars to try out their
skill in the rucket play.
The Montßomery challenge cup for
'■■ women's singles was won in 1004 and
1906 by Mrs. Harold Hope i >oep; (.Miss
Violet Suttoni; In 1306 by Mrs, B. O.
Bruce (Miss Kthel Button); in l!»i>7 by
Miss Florence. Button, and In 11)08 and
1909 by Miss May Button,
Tho Southern California association
challenge cups for men's doubles were
won for the lirst time last year by Al
phonso B. Hell and Nat B. Browne.
All tho challenge cups mutt be won
three times for permanent posaeulon.
The wins need not necessarily \j/B in
j suece
First and second prizes will be
awarded in each event. The finals and
championship matches in men's singles
and men's doubles will be the best
three in live sets. All other matches
will be best two in three sets. All sets
will be advantage, junior singles will
he open to any player under 19 years
of age. 'Women's Bingles (special) will
be open lo those who have never won
an open tournament. Play will boßin
: promptly at 9 a. m. and 1 p. m. each
' day Any player not appearing when
match is'scheduled will be defaulted.
: The 1910 rules of the United States Na
tional Lawn Tennis association will
govern the play.
Entries to all singles events close on
Saturday, July 80, and can be n.ade up
to that date with a. <'. Way,\eare of
First National bank; Nat H. Browne,
432-7 Pacific Electric building, or s. M.
Stnsabaugh, 802-8 Kxchango building.
The closing of the entries for all the
doiibli ■ -; events will be announced later.
■ \n entrance fee of $i.r,o for the men's
singles ami Jl for each player in every
other event should accompany entry.
At the conclusion of the tournament
Saturday evening a banquet will be
tendered the tennis players, durinK
which tiie prises will be awarded.
Following the banquet a tennis dance
will be given in the ball room of the
Hotel Virginia, under the auspices of
the Southern California Lawn Tennis
The management of the Hotel Vir
ginia has made a special rate to actual
contestants in the tournament and the
member* of (heir immediate families.
Electric cars direct to the Hotel Vir
ginia, Long Beach, leave the Pacific
Blectric station, Sixth and Main streets.
I.os Am-eles. on the even hour and
every twenty minutes thereafter. Ke
turni.K, cars leave the Hotel Virginia
in I ong Beach on five minutes past the
hour and every twenty minutes there-
Naphtha Boats Enter to Attempt
Passage of Dangerous
Niagara Rapids
Owner Will Attempt Hazardous
Feat Because of the Re
ward for Success
BUFFALO, N. v . July US.—When on
September it next a number of motor
ih.ii attempt to pass through the
whirlpool rapids of the Niagara they
will have embarked on the most novel,
if not the most dangerous, contest ever
arranged among small craft. Yet this
fa.t has in no wise abated tin- I .iKcr
ness of several pilots and a greater
number of power boat owner*, all of
them desirous of winning the liono
cash prize and $&01l cup that will go
to thr victor.
It was nearly two centuries after
the [Trench priest Hennepin had writ
ten home of tin- wonders of Nla
that any one is known to have essayed
to pass through the rapids in a !■ 'i'
or even take chances on the water
above tin' falls. oUier than with sul
cidal intent. The first boat to pas*
through the rapids from bi low the falls
to Lew iston was the old Maid ••( tha
MtSt. lUlt the success of Captain Joel
Robinson and ins crew in taking the
.Maid through the turbulent waters
did not appear to he any encoul
ment to other navigators to follow his
For a period of years no attempt
was made to traverse tin' rapids in a
boat, nor was there any particular
reason, other than for notoriety's sake,
why the trip should be tried, The
river steamboats of two or three dec
ades ago forbade ihe attempt being
made, and the danger! that the rapids
presented to even modern steam craft,
with their heavy engines, precluded
any very frequent effort t.i lay a course
through Niagara's outlet, v remained
for the offer of the prizes already men
! to bring the motor boat forth
as a possible successful contender
against the e!< ments.
The conditions of the race Include
I the following: Boats shall be of
dei ked or closed types, and cockpits,
If fitted, shall i" ol m If-balllng type.
peek ere tioiis shall not BXCei 1 si\-
I teon Inches In height above deck.-, and
openings In them are not to be greater
than twelve Inches. Ignition systems
must be sei urely fasti in d and pro
tected from water. No restrictions art)
placed on the number of the crew.
i Contestants will be started not less
. than ten minutes .-.part, the boat fin
ishing in tin' short st elapsed time to
BITTTB. M'irii , i Konda) p •
ore as follows:
Flrnt rare, < furlongs, selling—MlSS Tod
rtlf. Kin folks, Helen Hawkins N.i.i. i^Hzh
beth l.iK Alta i{n> itf^t- c Oreal t'ne-
H»r. Wabaaa, .st. Keller, AI bet to, 109; Child'!
Play, 111.
Second race, BH furlongs, ■•Him -Qu i
Full, Warfare, Babe Neely, Salnfox, Mary
105; Ormonde. Cunningham, Flying,
San Leandro, Big Eldorado, Ramon Carona,
Tiiiril race, SVI furlongs, telling Ors
103; Banlady, BStectrowan, Tubrose,
Reglna Aril. 105; Oe co, 107; Rey El Tovar,
Fourth rac*\ 6 furlongs, Ourant handicap
Burleigh, ■ Fernando, Roy Junior, loo;
■riiietii, Bell, i": p; Early Tide, ill; Bndeld,
Fifth race, l milo. selling—Mliprlalon, IS;
Tugboat, D 7; Harlem Maid, rium», loo;
Royal River, i.lviun. loj: Cabin, Mik« J"t
dan, 104; Dorothy Ledgett, 105; Albion H..
Sixth race. furlongs, foiling— Puslleer,
:U; Meltondale, Patterson IDS; simar Maid,
i.a.ly Adslalde, !<■■»;". 107; No Quarter, Na
tive Son, 119.
BUTTE, Mont., July 88.- One of tin*
i,, i opening days In the history of the
Butte Jockey club today greeted llll>
opening of the forty days' racing meet
in this city. Seven books out in today.
The attendance wag greater than 4000.
The feature event of the ojii-nina; card
was the fourth race, when Edwin T.
Fryer d< feated Miles, the favorite,
breezing from hla field. Results:
First race, I furlongs—McNally won, Bal
pearl sec I. Mossback third; time 1:15.
Second race, is furlongs Airs wnn, Itaure
tanla sei i nd, Royal Btona third: tlm'>
1:14 l-».
Thli i ' furlongs- Copp«rtown won,
Ki'inaml" s< I BalronJa third; tims
l ."7 3-5.
Fourth raoe, l mile and 'n yards, opening
handicap- Bdwin T. Fryer won, Ooean
Queen ieeond, Mil"* third; tlun> I:4<
Fifth race, I mile Kalserhof won Bprlns>
ban second, Queen Lead third; n L-.4J J-5.
.Sixth race, 8 furlongs—Native Son won,
Evran second, Wistaria third; time 1:14 1-5.
y., July 28.— Dalmatian, the publlo
choice, easily \\"u the Empire City
handicap, inilo mvi an eighth, today
before the big crowd, defeating a u<»><l
Held of handicap horses;, He wai a<l
mtrably ridden hy Archibald. Stanley
Fay was Mcond and Bandbridge third.
First rare. s'& furlonKS— Ben Lomond won,
(•,,i,i of Oplilr second, Thu Follies third;
time 1:07 1-5.
Second race, l mile and 20 yardu— fault
lem* won. Ashwel! Becond. Wilton Lackayi
third; time 1:43.
Third rac« '; furlonga- Bom Qutra woni
Mi -llsiiiula second, BUbop tlilrd; tlm*
1.11 3-B.
Fourth rao«, Bmplre Cits handicap, Hi
mllsi Dalmatian won. Stanley Fay 11 cond,
Banbrtdge tblrdi tljn« 1:&J,
Kiftii rac-r. SVt turlongi Phaprfti won,
Amain Mcond, Dang«marh third; tlm« 1:07.
sutii rao« I Ml mlUi Noon won, Quo-
Uon Mark lacond, Btat Aotor third! tlmo
1:47 1-8.
after. Extra can will be run If neces
sary to accommodate the traffics.
The committees) in charge <>( the play
will be as follows:
Management of play—Nat R. Browne,
Claude Wajrne, Chan. B. Hopper, Ward
Dawion, B. M. Slniiabaugh.
Publicity- 11. 11. F. Varlel, jr., Nat B.
Browne, John p. Holmes.
Finance—A. C. Way, A. V. Duncan,
S. M. Sinsabaugh.
Entertainment— Eugene Ovcrton, A.
W. Bumlller. 11. H. liraly. ,
Umpires and linesmen—Charles B.
Hopper. Will Bacon. Gerald Young.

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