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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, July 24, 1910, Image 5

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WTSummer Prices Drop Almost to Zero*lfBi
TO^ On Suits, Dresses, Linen Coats, Waists, Skirts, Millinery, and Other Warm Weather Apparel ;flfl;
'A Nobby Slimmer Sailors *%f&fhm>da Charming Trimmed Hats /if
v% SOc, $1.00 and $1.50 Wm§^& Amazing at $2 and $5 Mfi%
Wj&K JJi KADQUARTERS for the smartest and most desirable r^si TRIKINGLY handsome creations in scores of de- y^^^^flfh
I^'J^ "^^ styles of the season, yet the prices have shrunk till they \^ff^^/^M^Q^^ EfeU \Z^\ sMi^Hff^^?/ Hghtful Summer styles. Large and medium, in size,
|yf» 75c Veilings Beach Hats ' /^^^^f^^\ Paradise & Plumes Auto Veils iiillk
W{WP RfrJ t^ lS e \Yd. PyrStiS&iEa. 337 9 South Broadway iPV^l^) y 4 Q° n ™l\Zll\ V 4 S^>.>\
gMrn^/Ht i of fuslilonabln shn<lfs > _, flKainat tni- sun a < _. ff&JL <4 <m« m ti A fl — Ine ostrich nlumns > 7" l -i r k , /T'ffiwV R: \i\\i
tT J KADQUARTERS for the smartest and most desirable /"S^^^"""Till?""*^ Aiw;«te3 f^^^ TRIKINGLY handsome creations in scores of de- [\m IfflP//^
fl styles of the season, yet the prices have shrunk till they V^SwH^iS^lj^F^ \^\ BfiOHtffiw/ lightfitl Summer styles. Large and medium, in size, fflf/l
7 Fie Veilings Beach Hats C*»J^»»B*> Paradise a Plumes Auto Veils j9k
P"!T; T,,,,r;5) Frf. P "^V^S ( £a. 337' So"f/I 7 Broadway P \,** lt S-^ )14 C'V^TV/;- )14 HfV^
;;^;rri^| lsc K-^c^: ( 2 5c Ths StMe Shop «if Los A^fldw fSBr "= i o// • E^J'^ f o// ti MyS
'jjl 1: An Even Hundred Clever ', Clearance Sale Smart Ji GaF
Ml j New Linen Dresses ■• /^P^^mSfa^ New Linen Suits iW.
Mljil ! $15.00 to $19.50 Values in /r'^~*P\ _ *^^£^&2JU\. That Would Ordinarily Cost w!itt/f
llF 1 This Sale / ,; ; $15.00 to $19.50 -<|ijlPt(/
JH/IL y "^N^T^^n /f^-IJ "P RKTTY, all-linen frocks, in the most / "v ♦*■ V'^^'^^^^^V^^^^^'^^^f "" V|\ T N THIS collection of correct, care- ii/fL _/"
I Lf^^^B^;^^~sjK^^ signs. In this assortment you will find a ' {, ""^ |^?lt<^^|K; their severity, will be just as stylish next (i^J^^^',^^^^^^^
" "'^^ color, grays, blues, lavenders, rose and &B£&&&®F* J^ /s%^^s^'^&^h^i'W^ H^JS^lf^^^^^j *'nen snaf^es ' o'l 'irivc proven prime Sr
stylish combinations, including the chic *-*"'* * pW>*^. / f/%tJw^'^*x^'i^[ favorites this season, but also white and n"7^
black and white effects, so much in demand at present. '^^^^{rU^^^T '>£! '^^^^P^ /:: '^^^^^^^^^M various charming shades for warm weather wear are included at this price.
• Just Forty of These $ * yf.75 |§|K^W? l^ll SP^T. Ideal Summer Suits of $i? 0.7S
Cream Serge Suits .-* 4T= = ? i .®| Pongee or Rajah -*- O ===:
' 525.00 i^ 77ic/r Regular Price . il 1 Ac^wa/ Fa/we^ to $39.00
THERE is hardly an occasion when a Cream Serge Suit will not be found *>MjSv [ \r2flßfcra» I ii § 'S&*mJ&jXF-: \'".''' >s'-~'tuC. .^rr^.r .. , .
appropriate when worn with fresh, dainty waist of lace or lingerie. Add '^%f^TWS- M ■' 'CWM&^f' ■ TV , " ''""'^ °" /'? ' tr°m ''^ '"' l 0 VCl"y PrCtty in itSdf '
to this the fact that you never yet saw a woman who did not look her best in a I I I ! '^^S^W^ ' ■ but, after'l ,h, a3>en ff shioned intO such mod,sh suits by artistic design
simple tailored suit of white or cream serge, and you have solved the problem w^i) WJu^f 't9* Sir i I ' V ££$m*:m£!f>*-: ' ■*> ers, it is beautiful v Now that our immense stock has dwindled down to a
simple tailored suit of white or cream serge, and you have solved the problem $h-*£jTz'&s!-&.£B i * ' Jf &&/■ )l4*i* „...». "«*>»» lw a
of their immense popularity. We have included our regular $25.00 suits in this wy^h^t^WmM \? : it h •»/**ri^->v^Sfck. limited number, we have repneed a number of delightful, strictly tailored
their immense popularity. have included our regular .>_'?.oo suits in tins \Ljfc*&&f taKeS I '>' *■ \ !^» ■ ,■ ■ *
„.,,, . , c . .-- $wL-:^^%.h.Mß&y™ ■ii i :■*'■ ' - • -•'^S&:£EiHit*&i£-* models, m natural, lavender, medium and light blue, pearl trrav, old rose and
minted number on sale tomorrow at on v 514./5. "^&&*:- ■'■ I - ~>i-.;f—--: y J^jmv^TwS^ ~ '
:>^HB-r^' i" 1 «ri B °1(1) fornicrl 'v sel!i" 8 '" ?39-°°' Vl -|! ST ?1«75.
: Clearance Linen Coats WmsS\ I^^ Clearance Linen Coats
Values to $12.50 y _ for f SBplf WM% .r , «*
w Values to $19.50
Dainty White Voile Skirts Advance Styles in Tailored Suits Sale of Beautiful Hair
FOR coolness they are unsurpassed, and \ # «^ Switches and Coronet Braids
the stylish woman, who is also wise, I a » ■■■ nr HE latest arrivals in strictly tailored Wool Suits can be depended upon absolutely . vprv , imit . Ma „a, P nn «trirtiv ... rin«« h^ir m^e .
will choose now ! Plain tailored, plaited >$Q. 75 1 fro the standpoint of STYLE, as the new effects in both coats and skirts will * KwiSiea °" £95 $9 00 Switches ' $6 7.
and silk trimmed models. REGULAR JT == J" testify but the point of paramount importance to the woman who buys such lA Q IZftlhtl ?4?n «iooo Sonet bVLIh" ' «?nn
513.50 and $15 SKIRTS .....' thoroughly high-class suits is the fact that they are fashioned from the very newest g-JJ q«v Switch« $495 IISOO SwTtcSes S •
• ■ _ * - _. . __ imported fabrics, while the tailoring is superior to any we have before been able to pro- $8.00 Gray Switches ... $4.95 $15.00 Switches $8.50
Stylish SkirtS Of Fine ™™ ***""* reasonable prices-$l5, $19.50, $25 and up to $47.50. Madame Capelli
: Pongee Silk The Coolest Gloves You Could Choose JStISS^ ,Ai ™ Offers.
a+ d - nrv * m i n • m f^^M^^^^» Toilet Preparations
Beautiful Pongee and Cloth of -^-^^ At Fnces THat Make Buying a Pleasure mm^ Pk| If TTT u T nT
Gold Skirts in plaited and over- i^^^^^K n vS«P' ' IK? \^/HICH are surpassed by none,
skirt effects; trimmed and plain: C^^^^E $2.75 Silk Mesh \ Mon- Long Chamois Gloves )$ ** .95 VW^'- ' "^jWs VV compounded from famous
tf.,4 in Skirts ' *io SO /nra*"*olr v^./uuKrv.ucjit , (. f== '^m. **" V-*' French recipes which were learned
117*50 Skirts ■■$475 MM'"^ GiOVeS dc*y $2.50 quality in these stylish > J_ % J in one of the foremost Paris Beauty
$16 50 Skirts .'.".".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'." .$13.*75 v * > Pfl/r Summer Gloves. Monday (fitted) J V^ Schools, absolutely guaranteed to
a' so skirts ■""••"•"■■■■ Sis'oo -«f^C~V^»V 12 ft^^S'SiJSSEd short chamois dove* \ C -=<* nn J. . # '; c "armless to, the , most delicate
$18.50 bkirts *15.U0 * a, att&^r^rmfr !.'A jf '» piam and embroidered j tf> -^ Short UUWIOIS LrIoVCS '$ W -00 ><f;;. jj skin. A personal chat with Madame
<?*nn*-t ftf\ CI»*V/c ■ l\SEf^3^BsU i•' styles, broken sizes, in I /& J $1.25 quality: natural shade only. ( # -' . % >***" „ Capelli will more than repay you.
OtnCIVT $O.Oly kDKIiTS V^rM »"fT«* white and Pink all sizes m black. I # 1,, .Z_- r fitted ) f ■ ;
; n ■ _ /I SI ' iS^il Fitted at .....' /;■ -"" All sizes (fitted) •«-, . „ wo M on(ay Specials
tOan, fl bni eue Pa annd ma ' in gray, $^^O _^EJ|l - ~ lull Assortment Silk Gloves, Plain and Embroidered . „ / sOc Hand Lotion y 25c
■ black "*• W? —fc%^' 50 CentS and Up „ • - .^ - 50c Greaseless Cream 35c
Beautiful Hand Embroidered Exquisite Summer Styles <£?*&>& f^^. 7'ie Daintiest of All! Cool Lacey Designs in
Linen Waists Lingerie Waists i|iP§ • Jipib |l§w 11311 / Lingerie Waists Lingerie Waists
Special $2.95 Monday Special $3.95 Monday )J/ J|p- J^^OsL 'Ml« spccte/ $4.95 Monday s Pecial $2.95 Monday
„ f , OMTr , WU.ZTkJ V WZML.^yj Regular $3.50and53.95 Values
Regular $3.50 Value Regular $4.50 and $5 Values «W|^R4w^lll^«^»m Regular $6.50 and $7.50 Values rp HE fineness of the laces
'# YEV E, RY ,CharmK nß V f; n NE wouid- -'-d, be hard to S^BwS^W^^^^m^^m, n UITE elaborate enough for al- * ant; df n: y fl hand-eoi" «1
«M V fectshave been evolve,! U please who could not find among Mv^fl^wSMSWß Q most any occasion, after,, ' ,^ wh a «h *«« d,digh - »
MM through the artistic annlica- „ ■ assortment of waists, /t-> U^* &>• tj-*^.v&i/vsjv /';M iPrii iC.'s-iSBS9n!JrMTOBt M'f^S^Praltt. or evening. Without question the give them an adorned, will iuff/
IBL-1 L n Haintilv wro,,lh UI!S assort I mc, l "' cool > sheer waists, MV#W7*/W'?l&^ °l" cvcnill^: Without question the Rive them an irresistible -UH
Wtfnr embroi.ler ' I one^o TuH heTT an embr ° iderieS> l^Cf *W/a#^\|Jls^ most artistic models ever offered at attraction for fashionable^^VJrtt
e? e£%°^s ¥ks&yfa£&c& Vhejlepigork it^^^^^%. ilrW^ &e&€&}!&£ tfoeStyfsS/isg 7hesepljfor& t^^
' r~" " ■ — > — : _ . 1 : . . . ' . — __ ■——
Molasses Spirits in Blend Need
Not Be So Labeled.
Is Ruling
WASHINGTON, July 23.—The de
partment of justice has acted promptly
Jn the "What Is whisky?" problem by
approving the recommendation of the
-..uunry department for tho ausDen- i
slon of any orders Inconsistent with
thu restraining order obtained from
the Louisiana courts by tho sugar in
terests. The suspension will be In ef
fect during the pendency of tho liti
The Internal revenue bureau, act-
Ing on tho suggestion for suspension
which was marie as the result of th«
recent conference between Commis
sioner of Internal Revenue Cubell, act-
Ing Attorney General Fowler and rep
resentatives of the molasses Interests
In Louisiana, will permit molasses spir
its to be used without being branded
as "made from molasses."
The word whisky cannot be used on
packages containing molasses spirits,
but molasses spirits which are mixed
with whisky can be put on the market
us t bland. The molasses Interests
claim that this action, announced to
day, will enable them to avoid shut
ting down their plants altogether, al
though they say that even now some
of their business will be \r '
Bud Rogers Tells Sheriff of Being
One of Masked Gang
IDAHO CITY, Idaho, July 23.—A se
quel to the train robbery near Ogden,
Utah, on June 27. when the passengers
of an Oregon Short line train were re
lieved of their valuables by a gang of
masked KMD, is a confession made yes
terday Ly a man named Bud Rogers
to Deputy Sheriff True.
Rogers came to town In company
with a Chinese named Jim Amhoy and
Inquired for the sheriff's omcc. After
he had asked a good many question!
about the train robbers, Rogers said he
was one of them. He snid there were
four robbers, although it has been sup
posed there were only three. He ex
plained that the division of the swag
was not an equitable one and that he
received only $25 and three watches as
his share of the loot. The others told
him that If he betrayed them they
would kill him.
Rogers at one time was practically
blind and Is now hardly able to see his
way. He will bo taken to Boise to-
« « »
23.—At the requeat of the Ruhmll sai<e
foundation of New York. Frank J.
Uruno of this city will prepare for the
foundation a book on organized char
ity in the smaller cities. The book
will feature the work of the foundation
with reference to women and children.
Auto Passes Over Her but Does
No Injury
NEW YORK, July 23 —A hoi? in the
pavement laved Charlotte Cooney, 8
years old, from death last night when
the child was hit by a ipftedlng auto
mobile whlJo playing in front of her
uptown home. She was knocked under
the heavy machine, ami the wheeli
passed over her, but when a bystander
ran to pick her up he found that she
was uninjured.
There was n■ >t a bruise or a hurt on
her. She. bad been thrown Into a de
pression -In *h. pavement and the
swiftly moving- v.heels had hut slightly
touched her. The bystander brushed
her clothes, bought her some candy
and led her home.
Then at her bidding he went out to
search for the doll she missed from
her arms. it was badly mangled.
KLAMATH FAI-LS, Ore., July 23.-
Dressed as a bos', Cora Beaton, the
16-year-old Kirl Incendiary, haa es«
oaped from the custody of the sherif*,
and is believed to '»• headed for Cali
The jirl confessed to Betting fire to
the barn of a rancher at the instiga
tion of a woman named Maggie Jones- i
Deal, to whom the rancher Is alleged i
to have sold a balky horse, i
PITTSBUHO, July 23.—James Boyle
kidnaper of Willie Whltla of Sharon
a year and a halt" ago, has been pro
moted from the kitchen to the linn i v
at the Western penitentiary, and since
he is under a life sentence ho may
pass the rest of lii.- days among the
books instead of dlshpans.
Attorneys for Mrs. Boyle, who ia
serving a twenty years' sentence for
complicity in the sensational theft of
the Whltla boy, are busy at work pre
paring her appeal ,for a new trial,
which will come up in the superior
court next October,
, -*>«-•
Necessary in modern buildings, The
Hipolito Self-Regulating Roller Screen
and Reversible Window. a demon
stration will convince you. 634-8 Ala-
Ule ;LVelllHi ;

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