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; The polite query "Shall I play?" and
| .the answer,' "Pray do," will be changed
■ ' this = winter and the question will be,
'"What must I bid to get the trump "
Auction bridge is fast superceding
plain bridge and the women are car
rying their check books with greater
avidity than ever before. The bidder
' and buyer of the trump Is the one
holding the best cards and perhaps
the bids go round and round the table
before a buyer gets the trump she
most wants. Then her opponents sail
la after her to make her lose all the
points they can and she has to "pay
- up." The dainty gold and silver purses
are larger and no woman goes out
now without a small pen and check
book in her purse. Auction bridge Is
. certainly a losing game, too, when they
are playing for a quarter of a cent a
point and the stakes are enormous.
However, my lady must he amused,
and if she can't pay she must not play.
■■♦ ■
, There is another form of amusement
on the boards this week when Annette
Kellermann gives a free lecture to the
women of Los Angeles at the Orpheum
Tuesday morning. To know "Just"
how to be beautiful is the desire of
every woman and I am told there will
be many luncheons given after the
lecture, although 1 am not at liberty
to tell who will be the hostesses, but
as the only reservations are the boxes
there will be plenty of room for the cv
. rious to satisfy their tnquisitiveness.
The Misses Lucy and Mary Clark,
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark
of St. James park, left yesterday for
a visit to San Francisco and Lake
Tahoe. They have made no definite
plans, but will be home in plenty of
time for the wedding which will be
solemnized September 15.
. Miss Mabel Newton, daughter of Ar
thur Newton, is passing a most de
lightful visit with Mrs. Llllie Gill Pul
sifer at Colorado Springs. They passed
two months at Almot In the moun
tains and returning to Denver Septem
ber 1 will pass the month at Ouray
and Colorado Springs. Early in No
vember, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
Gill. Mrs. Pulslfer and Miss Newton
will return to Los Angeles.
Mrs. Harry Fryman, accompanied
by Mrs. Stewart MacFarland, who have
been passing the month at Tahoe, will
return home today.
Mrs. Victoria Carson and her charm
ing daughter, Miss Mary Carson, will
leave this week; for a trip to Coronado
and Warner's Springs for. several
Mrs. Wilson H. Gardiner, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wilson of Utlca,
Ohio, who has passed the past two
winters In Los Angeles, died at her
home in Columbus, Ohio, August 8.
Mrs. Gardiner v. ..'. be well remembered
by the young circle here as Miss Gen
evieve Wilson. The news of her death
will come as a great shock to her
many friends, as she Mas one of the
most popular of the younger set. She
married Wilson H. Gardiner, son of
Mrs. Belle Ide of Columbus, also well
known in social circles In this city.
■ $
The marriage of Miss Emmie Luent*
zel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G.
Luentzel of South Kenmore avenue, to
Craig C. Horton, which will be sol
emnized Wednesday, August 81, will bt
one of the prettiest of this summer's
weddings. The maid of honor will be
Miss Ethel Dubbs of Santa Monica
and the maids will be Misses Freda
Luderman, Juanita Lane and Marie
McManus. Dr. Warren Horton will
serve his brother as best man and the
ushers will be Roy Bartow, Sidney
Bartlett and Dr. Henry Ransom. Many
affairs have been given In honor of
the charming bride-elect, among them
a matinee party with tea at the Alex
andria by Miss Lane, Miss McManua
was hostess at a dinner dance. Miss
JSula Horton entertained yesterday af
ternoon with a party at the Mason at
the matinee and Mrs. Jack Vaughn
entertained with a theater party on
Thursday afternoon at the Belasco,
With tea afterward at the Alexandria.
The guests included Mrs. E. G. Luent
zel. mother of the bride-to-be; Mrs.
Burwell L. Holmes, Mrs, Roy K. Dan
iels, Mrs H. J. Crawford, Mrs. Hugo
Burgwald, Miss Ethel Dubbs, Miss
Maude Austin of El Paso and Mrs.
Mrs. Rurwell Holmes of Marvin av
enue also entertained with a party In
Miss Luentzel's honor at Mrs. Holmes'
• residence on Wednesday, the other
guest of honor being Miss Wartell,
whose wedding will be an event in the
near future. Mr. Horton will take
his bride on an indefinite wedding trip
and upon their return they will make
their home at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. E. G. Luentzel In Kenmore
Miss Agnes Woodward, director of
the California School of Artistic
Whistling, is passing two weeks at
Oak Glen lodge near Redlands, where
she Is enjoying all the delights of the
resort. __
Mrs. Patrick Watson of Domtnguez,
accompanied by her sister, Miss Amelia
Carson, will leave for New York and
the other eastern cities about Septem
ber 15. They are planning to be away
for six weeks.
One of the weddings which will be of
Interest to many Log Angeles friends
will be that of Miss Mabel Cornelia
Moulton of Providence, R. 1., and
Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman of New York,
which will be solemnized at the home
of the bride August 30. The ceremony
will be performed by the Rev. Elijah
Hanley D. D., of the First Baptist
church. Mrs. Ralph •'. Moulton will
assist as matron of honor and Dorothy
Harnett Moulton. the tiny niece of the
bride, will be flower girl. The bride
will be given away by her brother,
David Potter Moulton, and Dr. Chap
man will be served by Robert B. Da
vis of Boston as best man and Charles
II Dennison of New York and Hon.
Benjamin P. Moulton as ushers. After
a month's trip across the water to
Wales Dr. and Mrs. Chapman will re
turn to this country and commence a
series of evangelistic missions in To
ronto, Canada, returning to England,
Jerusalem, Egypt and Damascus on
the same work.
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Harrison, who
have returned from their honeymoon,
which they passed at Honolulu, have
gone to Balboa for the remainder of
the summer, having taken a furnished
'cottage. They are planning to return
to Los Angeles the first of October.
t%-S. Charles Mallard Payne of 712
' ■ ■ Hope street, who accompanied
'• " |>r daughters. Misses Laura and
* ■ fe Payne, have been visiting in
iurg for the past four months,
;returned and will be at home to
. friends.
/V —+--
'' Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Miller of Sunset
boulevard announce the engagement of
their daughter, Miss Fa© Louise Miller
to Fred Hut!:. No date has been ar
ranged as yet for the wedding.
Miss Annette Whltten, a member of
the office staff of the Pacific hospital
Is passing her vacation at Catalina.
Senator and Mrs. Pendleton with
theirdaughters. Mi« Albertlne I'endla
-. ......... . .... „ :■■: .- ■ j, f :■..
Miss Freda Luderman Who Will Be
One of the Bridal Party Wednesday
fa _______________9 _^_
|*M**yß*Wr^ • ', -
_9_r' * _BBP»*** S'*
H99 *&* vr^l
RHk '"V- ■ : _I____H________l
Pf_§r "'*" ' JiHl
HH ik *¥ _H
n __k___i B'
ton, have been passing three weeks
at Catalina and entertained as guest
Miss Martha Hunt. The party returned
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harrington of
the Angeles are passing the month in
Paris and will return home the latter
part of October.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thayer of
122 Park avenue, who have been pass
ing five months traveling in Europe,
have returned after a most enjoyable
Mrs.. J. Wesley Sprague, who has
been passing a most delightful visit
in Monterey where she has been en
joying the out-door sports, returned
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McFarland, who
with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Chandler and
their little son' have been passing a
most delightful summer at Redondo,
are at home again.
Mrs. Harry Coburn Turner of West
Washington street is planning a most
charming little party lor tomorrow In
honor of the sixth birthday anniversary
of her little daughter, Miss Lucile
Frances Turner.
Mrs. J. F. Barnard, Miss • Helena
Barnard, Wilfred K. Barnard and
Archer F. Barnard of Ellendale place
left yesterday afternoon for an indefi
nite visit to Lake Tahoe.
Mrs. c. E. Browning accompanied by
her charming daughter, Miss Helen
Browning of Anaheim, are passing the
week end as guests of Mrs. Josephine
Butler In St. James park.
"■ ♦
Mrs. A. L. Johnson of West Thirty
first street and her daughter, Miss
Gladys Johnson are visiting friends in
San Francisco at the St. Francis
A wedding which will be of much
Interest to the many friends occurred
yesterday morning at All Saints church,
when Miss Edith M. Blanford, daugh
ter of George G. Blanford of Ohio, be
came the bride of Frank H. Landell
of Newhall, the Rev. A. G. L. Trew,
rector emeritus, reading the ceremony.
After the wedding trip to Coronado Mr.
Landell will take his bride to live In
Newhall, where he has a beautiful
home all furnished awaiting her. Mr.
Landell is the son of the late James
W. Landell of Buena Park and the
grandson of Mrs. Margaret Hughes of
St. James park.
Mrs. Earl Millar and her charming
daughter, Miss Bess Millar of 301 South
Olive street, accompanied by Mrs. John
Ellis of the Hotel Melrose, left last
week for an outing at Tahoe.
Among the motoring parties recently
were Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Cates, who
motored down to Balboa for the day
as guests of Miss Ruby Crowthers of
Fullerton, who has taken a cottage at
Balboa for the summer. Mr. and Mrs.
Charming Young Bride-Elect Whose
Wedding Will Take Place Wednesday
( r-____3/f' a >v. . .?„ .)
WA _______ -4s2_jr ?.jt? _r* - ■
I ~_P^^i «V* /
_$_£ 9fc-"r»^v- - '
J\\ H j** _i_»J^-''* *' / //^
UUF»NrV^ '»r# &_P* /jdtl>\s?7-L.
Tt> /C__v\7 «'f a #■■■*■ , _#**^ fi/jirs A \P
Cates entertained with a surprise party
in honor of their niece. Miss Agnes
Collins, the event being In celebration
of her eighteenth birthday anniversary.
Twenty-five young people ' responded
to the invitation and the .house was
decorated with pink carnations and
ferns. ,'
General and Mrs. Adna R. Chaffee
of Magnolia avenue, entertained with a
dinner party in honor of Mrs. Story,
who, with General J- T. Story, are pass
ing the summer at their charming
home in Oak Knoll.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Radford of
West Adams street left yesterday for
two weeks outing at Lake Tahoe.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Edsall of West
Twenty-fourth street are passing the
week in San Francisco.
Mrs. Phillip Gengembre Hubert of
Hobart boulevard entertained with a
delightful luncheon at Hotel Mt. Wash
ington, in honor of Mrs. Breckenridge.
who has recently come to the coast and
will make her home in Pasadena, and
Mrs. Davis of New York. Mrs. Davis
is the vice regent of the New York
chapter of the D. A. R. The table
was dainty with asters and ferns and
covers were laid for Mrs. Ernest K.
Foster, Mrs. Morris Albee, Mrs. D. C.
McCan, Mrs. Oliver C. Bryant, Mrs.
Stoddard Jess, Mrs. Robert J. Bur
dette, Mrs. Leonard, Mrs. Watkins and
Miss Laura Grovcr Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Avery McCarthy
will entertain with a dinner and dance
on Saturday evening at their home
in Redondo Beach in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. John Hastings Howard, who are
the guests of Mrs. Howard's parents,
General and Mrs. Adna R. Chaffee.
Miss Edna R. Über of 4312 Halldale
avenue has returned from a five weeks
visit with her friend Miss Grace Rlner.
Miss Riner and Miss Über are class
mates of the University of Southern
California. »
A merry house warming was held
Saturday evening at the residence of
H Wulze at the Maybelle apartments
125 West Fifth street. Music and dan
cing afforded the evening's entertain
ment. _*—
Mr. and Mrs. Remington Olmstead,
who have been passing their honey
moon traveling through the East w 1
return this week. Mrs. Olmstead will
be remembered as Miss Florence Foy.
whose wedding at the beautiful coun
try place of her mother in San Raphael
Heights was an event in the early
summer. •
Among the visitors from Los Ange
les at Arrowhead this week are Miss
Marjorle Severance, Miss Florence
Metcalf. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Cor
nish, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Albers.
Announcement is made of the en
gagement of Miss Leila Stewart of
Dallas, Texas, and Roy Edgar New-
—Homenway Photo,
mark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max N.
Newmark of 357 South Arvaxado street.
The wedding will be solemnized, at the,
country homo of the bride's parents In
early September.
Mr. and Mr* A. J. Frosser, accom
panied by Mrs. Lotto Dudley, are pass- j
ing two. months at Ocoa.n, Park. ,
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Haskell of Bonnie
Brae street, who have taken a cottage
for the summer at Ocean, Park; have
been Joined by their daughter. Miss ]
Dolly Haskell, who has recently re- ,
turned from camping near San. Fran- .
Cisco, hunting and fishing and all the '
outdoor sports which, compose a camp ,
life. ,
.. Hh* '.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Brunton, who have j
been for the past three months at their !
cottage at Ocean Park, will return M ;
their home in the Allison apartments ,
Wednesday. |
, Mrs. M. E. Johnson of North Griffin I
avenue entertained with a box party at |
the Burbank Tuesday evening, taking •
her guests to supper at Levy's after- .
wards. ...
- »fr ■
One of the prettiest of the week's I
weddings was the marriage of Miss I
Juliette yon Stein, daughter of Mr. and I
Mrs. Heinrleh yon Stein, to Charles,
MeCreary, which was solemnized at
the residence of the bride's parents in
South Grand avenue Wednesday even- :
ing, the Rev. Slgmund Hecht, rabbi of
the Congregation B'nal ■ B'rlth, of
ficiating, the. attendants being mem i
bers of the two families, according to ,
the Jewish custom. The bride was at
tired in a gown of heavy white satin
en train covered with chiffon and Irish
point lace. She wore a single white
rose in her hair, and the gift of the
bridegroom was her only ornament.
After the elaborate wedding supper Mr.
and Mrs. M.cCreary left for New York.
From there they will sail. September 3
on the Augusta Victoria for a, three
months' trip aboad. They will be at
home in South Grand avenue upon
their return until their own bungalow
is completed at the corner of Lake and.
Eleventh streets. Both the young peo
ple arc well known in musical circles ,
as well as socially.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Smith and j
family of Kansas City, who have mo- -
tored through the Southern part of the j
state, are at the Lankershim. They (
motored all the way from Kansas City ,
via Salt Lake, Ogden and San Fran- j
cisco. They will pass some days at -
Catalina, and after motoring to Coro
nado will ship their auto and return by
rail themselves. <
A mlscelaneous "shower" was given
by Mrs. Edwin Oren Lenox of Floren
clta Park Friday evening in honor of
Miss Mabel Drlesbach and Frank
Knight, who are to be married the
early part of September.
The house was decorated throughout
with festoons of scarlet hearts and
generaniums. Music and games fur
nished the amusement. Those invited
wehe Mr. and Mrs. Roberts M. Allan,
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Quillan, Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence E. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Kemper, Mr. and Mrs. Riley
Eicher, Mr. and Mrs. John Rutherford,
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Baxter, Mr. and
Mrs. Park Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. George Riley,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCully, Mr. and
Mrs. John Auchenbach, Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Petty, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Cardwell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mat
thewson, Mr. an dMrs. James Mcln
tyre, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Morgan, Mr.
and Mrs. Don Fallls, Mr. and Mrs.
William Kranz, Mrs. and Mrs. George
Lawless, Miss Nan Fallis, Miss Rosa
lie Hurst, Miss Stasia Powell, Miss
Carrie Warden, Miss Rae Strong, Miss
Hazel Hyde, Miss Lucile Locke, Miss
Florence Spelcher, Miss Hope Tibbott,
J. H. V. Love, Haven Hurst, George
Moore, William McNaughton, Frank
B. Cretcher, Frank Buren and Will
Mrs. Caroline B. Bond of 224 West
Avenue 52 Is entertaining as house
guest Miss Alice L. Hunt of the art
department of the University of Michi
gan. Miss Hunt is the only woman
on the faculty of the literary depart
ment of the university.
Mrs. G. J. Consigny, Jr., and her
charming daughter. Miss Venlta Con
signy, have gone north, planning a
visit In Santa Cruz and San Francisco
before the opening of Stanford, where
Mips Consigny is planning to enter.
She was graduated from the Univer
sity of Southern California this past
summer and Is a member of the Entre
Nous sorority.
Mrs. Juliet Steven of 1635 Rockwood
street, who has been visiting friends
In the east for some months, has re
turned and will receive her friends the
first and third Fridays.
Mrs. Eleanor M. Evans Is passing the
— Hemenway Photo.
Moves Into New
Broadway Store
Latest Footwear Will Adorn
Shelves of Great Establishment
at Corner of Fourth Street
After Eight Successful Years,
Firm Follows Trend of Busi
ness to the South
After eight steady, prosperous years
of business at 215-17 South Broadway,
the Wetherby-Kayser shoo company
has decided to follow the trend of bus
iness and go farther south on Broad
way. Their new home will be Broad
way at Fourth. They have leased the
south, half of the Montgomery Jewelry
store. Their show windows will be the
largest of the kind In Los Angeles.
Their room all fitted u» to be most
attractive and cozy. Mr. Wetherbj
has Just recently returned from the
cast where he purchased an Immense
stock of men and women's shoes. You
who are looking for the smart foot
wear, can find at their new store ab
solutely the latest and best. No pains
have been spared to make their new
home attractive. A hearty welcome
at their Broadway store at Fourth
awaits all the old and new customers
At their Broadway store at Fourth
you will find the same courteous men
to wait upon you, and gladly show
you the swell new things in boots and
slippers. This firm Is well known.
The people can rely upon getting first
class goods from this house. To say
we bought our boots from Wetlierby-
Kayser's always signifies we wear
nothing but the best. Remember this
week they will be found at their new
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