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1! 'I
■ i
Strangers are Invited to visit the exhibits
of California produots at tho Chamber of
Commerce building, on Broadway, between
First and Second streets, where free infor
mation wlll be given on all subjects pertain-
Ing to tail section.
The Herald will pay $10 In cash to any
one furnishing evidence that will lead to
the arrest and conviction of any person
caught stealing copies of The Herald from
the premises of onr patron* . '„.*■-'.., .;. ■
Membership In tha "Los Angelas nealtr
board Is a virtual guarantee of reliability.
Provision Is made for arbitration jat any
dlff.renoss between members and '"?,
clients. Accurate Information on .fealty
matters Is obtainable from them. Valua
tions by . a competent committee. Dlroo
tory of members free at the office •'"•'"
bert Burdett, secretary. 525 Seourity Build-
Ing. Phono Broadway 1506.
The Legal Aid society at 111 North Main
street Is a charitable organisation main
tained for the purpose of aiding In "flat
matters those unable to employ counsel.
The society needs financial assistance and
seeks Information regarding worthy cases.
Phone Homo A 4077: Main 8J«fl.
The Herald. like every other newspaper,
Is misrepresented at times, parlculsrly in
cases Involving hotels, theaters, eto. The
nubile will please take notice that ( every
representative of this paper Is equipped
with the proper credentials and more par
ticularly equlnned with mnnev with which
In pay his Mils "'TTff HERALD
BELASCO—"A Contented Woman."
BURBANK—"Salvation Nell."
(IRANB—"The rilrl and the OsmMer."
I.OS ANOELES—Vaudeville.
OLYMPIC—"The Bullfighters."
rRIXCEJW—"The Battle of Mule Run."
___ • ■
Last Ladies' Night Will Be Held
September 3
Tho Cornell University club of
Southern California will hold Its last
"ladles' night" of the season at Hotel
Mount Washington Saturday, Septem
ber 3. Since the meeting of the club
In May a banquet room, with dancing
pavilion overhead, lias been added to :
the hotel and these will be at the
disposal of the Cornelllans, who are
expected to turn, out in large num- 1
hers Dinner will be served at 6:3". :
The Incline railway connects with the
yellow Garvanza cars at Avenue 43.
Goldwln Smith, the eminent histo- |
rian, who died recently nt Toronto, |
Canada, left practically all his estate
to the university In which lie wan pro- .
feasor of history In Its early days. Ho I
was greatly beloved by Cornelllans and
the new hall of humanities dedicated
a few years ago is named In his honor.
The Sunday schools of the four
churches and missions of the Brethren
denomination in Los Angeles united
in an all-day ricnlc yesterday at Syca
more park. Elder 8. G. Lehmer was in
. There were 200 present, representing
the Sunday schools of .ho First church
of the Brethren, of which O. C. Leh
mer Is the minister and Clarence C.
Lehmer superintendent of the Sunday
school; the Channlng street mission,
Charles Martin, minister and superin
tendent; Boyle Heights mission, Hiram
Smith, minister and superintendent;
Santa Fe avenue mission, S. G. Leh
mer. minister, and Oliver Megle, su
perintendent, i
At the close of the picnic In the af
ternoon Ice cream was served, to the
great delight of the children.
i ». >■■ ——
Idyllwlld automobiles. The Duro,
two-cylinder; . Packard, Franklin,
Plerce-Arrow, Mitchell— all In
Idyllwlld one day recently. A great
six hours' trip from Los Angeles, Riv
erside, Perris,. Hornet, Oak Cliff an 1
j hen one mile up the San Jacinto
nountains to Idyllwild-among-tho
Pines. Oh! These glorious moonlight
nights In Strawberry valley, ln the
shadow of Tahqultz! For booklet ad
/ dress Earl Powers, 1414 South Hope
' street, Los Angeles.
W. T. Woods will form a class for
beginners ln dancing, Monday even
ing, August 29, . 748 South Figueroa
street. -
Learn to make your own hat at a
nominal cost. Byrd Millinery, 903 S.
Broadway. A 4723, Bdwy. 4285.; !
City Steam Carpet Cleaning i works.
Main 427, F6129. ' John Bloeser.
Drs. Steele & Steele
September 1
And are doing their marvelous work,
such as the Immediate process which In
cludes rounding out of hollow cheeks,
temples, . frown lines, necks, shoulders,
busts, arms and hands. Building up of
saddle back, flat and thin. noses, reced
ing china. Indents from accidents and
abscesses. Dy the only prooess whloh
builds up a perfect tissue. If your nosn
Is too large, ears project, do not let this
rare chance go by to have the defects,
which Intimidate and ' annoy you, ' re
moved. ' '_:\ •_.-•,'
The above work done
at half price
for the remainder 'of the month. ■ All
preparations such as creams, rejuvenat
ing skin food, bleaches, astringents, de
pilatory, dandruff cure, hair tonic, acne
and pimple cures, cucumber cream, etc.,
at half price. , ..; <v
' Phones Home KMltil. ■
- lid way. 0041.
wm! -..v..
Main News
| Section
Municipal Affairs
TO ASK $10,000 FOR
Fire Commissioner Owen Will
Present Request to the
City Council
Flre Commissioner F. V. Owen will
go before the city council Tuesday
and ask that body to find Some means
of appropriating at least $10,000 to pro- i
vide for the new headquarters of the i
lire alarm bureau in the proposed en- |
gine house in Figueroa street near |
Seventh. The budget provides $•»,
--000 lor the engine house and it is tho j
intention to provide quarters in this
engine house for the flre alarm and
police signal bureau but no money has
been Bet aside for the enlargement of j
the bureau. (
Something will have to be done very
soon, in the opinion of Mr. Owen, who
ls an expert flre alarm man. The '
council has provided for 13» now sig
nal boxes for the pollco and flre de- '■
partments but Mr. Owen says there is |
no way to handle them when they are
installed. The present system Is now |
overloaded and while It might bo pos- j
sible to hitch about 25 of these new i
boxes on to the system It would b« |
impossible to take euro of any more. I
The cables are now about up to their j
Copies of the report made by Mr. |
Owen to the flre commission last i
Thursday have been made and mailed
to each member of the council. In this
report Mr. Owen, says:
"The present central office ln the
city hall was condemned over five
years ago, as Inadequate. Since that
time, the city has grown so that what
was Inadequate then • has become
doubly so, from the standpoint of ca
pacity and efficiency.
"To remedy this condition, it was;
proposed to establish a new headquar
ters central office, at Seventh and
Figueroa streets, especially designed
for a central office that would accom
modate all of tho present equipment,
the university system now ln course of
construction, and all extensions and
additions that might become necessary
in the future.
"As the necessity for this new cen
tral office is bo great, and the facts
not generally known, I am'taking the
liberty at this time, of laying before !
you some of the reasons that lmpell
this change.
'It happens that the system In Its
entirety has been passed upon by a
competent and painstaking board of
engineers, and the results of their in
; vestigations have been embodied in
on exhaustive report to the committee
on flre prevention of the national
board of flre underwriters. These en
gineers spent three months investigat
ing the conditions ln Los Angeles, and
their carefully prepared report Is en
titled to consideration.
"I desire to quote a small portion
having to do directly with the matter
in hand. They say on page 33 of the
" 'Conclusions: The lire alarm
systems are properly a part of the
fire department, and are well main
tained. There are three systems,
San Pedro necessarily having a
separate system with its own cen
tral office, but the need of two
systems in the city proper does not
exist. This arrangement will In
volve the use of two central offices,
re-transmlsslon of many alarms,
much duplication of work, and will ■
require a larger flre alarm . force
than would be needed for a manual
system covering all the contiguous
and closely built up part of the
city. The system now being in- *
stalled In the university district
Is so radically different ln design
that lt cannot be combined with the
older system now in use, and will
have to bo operated independently
as lon gas it is used.'
" 'The automatic - central office
equipment in use In connection
with the older system was consid
ered by the engineers of the na
tional board ' as Inadequate five
years ago, and the automatic re
peaters and many box circuits are
overloaded. . •
The present location of head
quarters is very unsatisfactory;
the city hall ls not of fireproof
construction, is without window
protection, and would offer slight
resistance to a serious exposure
flre. Another most undesirable fea
ture of the } present system Is the
use of leased wires ln telephone
cables • for underground circuits.
This is v^jectionable, because the
wires are of too small size, requir
ing the use of two or more on each
side of a circuit, the Insulation of
the cables Is paper, which has
proved less reliable than rubber for
flre alarm service, the wires arc
carried Into telephone exchanges
and are frequently tampered with
by telephone employes, and It In
volves running flre alarm circuits
inside all kinds of buildings ln the
business district.
On page 61, under recommendations,
the report says:
• "That flre alarm headquarters be
removed to a fireproof building es
. pecially constructed to reduce as
far as possible all liability of In- __.
terruptlon of service.
"That a semi-automatic and man
ual central office equipment be In
stalled to serve all of the city ex
cept Los Angeles harbor, and pro
vide for all future extensions.
"The report frequently refers to the
headquarters being 'hazardously locat
ed,' to 'box circuits badly overloaded
and several excessively long,' and to
the flre alarm system generally as
'entirely Inadequate.' The . equipment
is found in good condition, and service
good. - ■, •
"Sooner or later a new central head
qcarters must be provided; also an un
derground cable system. But the cen
tral headquarters necessarily comes
first, and some provision should b?
made Immediately for a start on it,
because of the extra cost and danger
involved tn the present location and
Inadequate equipment. From the
standpoint of economy alona, the new
headquarters is necessary; from the
standpoint of efficiency it is absolute
ly needed; from the standpoint of safe
ty to property, public and private, it
is demanded. Every day it Is put oft,
adds to the expense, adds to the in
adequacy and adds to the danger of
partial or total loss. '
"From the foregoing only one con
clusion can be arrived at, to wit: The
necessity of asking the city council to
provide, in this year's budget, a por
tion of the cost of a new - headquar
ters central office, to be located in
the engine house proposed to be erect
ed at Seventh and Figueroa streets."
.. m . m : • . '
See the new natural steam cave.
_.. ~. -—ii -|--~ -|_ -_- _j-Ul"l-l"l-|-|_--r*l_l~l_|—ll- — — **. . >|^^^i^J> « t^.^>«^wl»i^.*"*»'''».'>«-*-»* l-»^^ - - ---.o^.^-.-^^.- " ' -- „T^ ■— — ' k^k>
gas s —— =>*< —w*
*At*m\ , »X< _— rJV*_ — r'^
r% '■< _______ «____ .. j. * i .m y
i§§§ —— -Oriental Steamship Co.
The Semi-Tropical Route to the Orient
Via Honolulu to Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki, Shanghai,
Hong Kong and Manila —■■
Connecting with Rail and Steamer Lines for All Points in Japan, China, Korea, Siberia, Philippines,
Straits Settlements, India, Australia and Europe
■(y y\.. .'■ "-,'■ •■ .-*'"■. ~ ?< &< ' -'- -:'y ■■■■'■'■■ '•■■«.• •' yy-Myyyy' ■ ;; '-;;;-^H3||
J '-, ■:■:■■.'■ ■ . - % ■■: ••'■ „:;.' . yy-yyy-yc _
iy ■'■-.' -■.J I? ■¥.■ #- . ■^•mJ-W- I s?'^rMsmmi
./' J '* » * .HH »*^"- "' 3 /*?":" -
St * - f,
''»*&** ' ''''~'mm **»**.
.___«.»' ■iiWIJ
Triple Screw Turbine Steamers "Tenyo Maru"-"Chiyo Maru"
All Vessels Equipped with Wireless Telegraph Apparatus
"a fl • All ___T\ • a •
Around the World Tours Arranged in All Directions
Reduced Rates for Round Trip Tickets— Stopovers
at All Ports En Route—Liberal Baggage Allowance
This Company Provides the Best Entertainment and Cuisine
Write for Descriptive Folders and Particulars
„ ..««!„« C 4 m-4 • i~*,m\ WILLIAM H. AVERY,
COm2 P4o n FloSl Building San FranClSCO, Cal. WIL Ass't General Manager
J • T. A. GRAHAM, Ag.n,, Toy. "-^m^^^^^^^^^,^ __ '____] Cal . U
Xc 4 -.X 4 —mm m
Desmond's Backers State Con
tractor Js Losing Money

Raise the price of meals on tho
aqueduct from 25 to 30 cents or It will
be necessary to cut some of the Items
from the menu. This is what the
wholesalers who are backing D. J.
Desmond, the mess. contractor on the
aqueduct, told the advisory commit
tee of the aqueduct.
The items that It will be necessary
to eliminate are butter, eggs, smoked
meats, canned salmon and all green
vegetables except . such staples as
potatoes, onions, etc. The sweetening
for the tea and coffee must also be
mixed in the kitchen, instead of put
ting sugar bowls on the tabic where
the men can help themselves. These
changes are made necessary by the
great increase in the price of food
stuffs, according to the wholesalers.
But the standard of the meals must
not be lowered, General Chaffee, chair
man of the advisory committee, told
the wholesalers and the board of pub
lic works has the last word in the
matter for Desmond's contract says
the meals must be satisfactory to the
board and any lowering of the stand
ard would not be satisfactory. /
General Chaffee and President Hub
bard of the board of public works
would Increase the price of the meals
to the 30 cents demanded, but W. M.
Humphreys, the third member of the
board ls opposed to the Increase and
has emphatically stated he will not
consider It. Tho two votes would ac
complish the Increase but the board
does not like to act without a unani
mous vote. '■ i- "■ ' • ■
But figures presented to the advisory
committee tend to show that the mess
contractor Is losing money and would
be glad to be relieved of the contract
unless the price of meals is Increased.
The board of public works has con
sidered the advlslblllty of the . city
again feeding the men as It did be
fore the contract was awarded to
Desmond, but nothing definite along
this line has been done.
_ ♦» » ■
A big outing and picnic are planned
for today by the National Union, a
fraternal order, at Playa del Rey.
The events wlll be under the auspices
of Los Angeles council No. 698 and
Golden State council No. 1075. There
will be boating, baseball, fishing, out
door sports, bathing, music and danc
ing. Lunch will be served ln the pa
Ton can buy It. pernaps at many ptaoes. bul
there's one BEST place- to buy It—and that
place advertises.
Dr. Powers Declares Disease Is
Not Prevalent Here
Infantile paralysis that appears to
be prevalent in the northern part of
the Pacific coast and in the eastern
cities, has been diagnosed as "anterior
polyo myolltls," by Dr. L. M. Powers,
city health officer, and Dr. Powers
further adds that Los Angeles is al
most entirely free of this peculiar dis
"I have learned of only one case In
the whole city in the last two weeks,"
he said.
"Anterior polyo-myolltls is not a new
diseases, although it Is only recently
that the layman has begun to hear
much about it. The disease known
as infantile paralysis, is perhaps as
old as any other of which we have
record, but It has only been lately
that scientists have turned their at
tention to lt with the purpose of dis
covering its cure. It Is like diphtheria,
typhoid and other diseases were a few
years ago, before the germ of the
disease had been discovered and the
cure found.
"Experiments are going on to find
the germ of this disease. We know
very little about lt now and the doc
tors are groping about ln the ex
pectation of learning more. All this
work will result in accomplishing the
desired result some time. . Dr. Flexner
of the Rockefeller institute is 1 among
those scientists who are try Ing. to In
crease the world's knowledge of an
terior polyo-myolltis.
"The present stir about this disease
has probably resulted from the better
measures of sanitation that are every
where being employed. We learn
more about sanitation every year than
we do of any other science. Los An
geles Is likely to continue to be freer
of this Infantile paralysis than other
. portions of the country because of the
dryness of th« climate."
Ye Alpine Tavern
Situated on Mt. Lowe. A mile above the sea. American plan. S3 per day.
Choice of rooms ln hotel or cottages. No consumptives or invalids taken.
Telephone Passenger Dept., Pacific Electric Ry., or Times Free Information
Bureau for further information.
..— . . -
-_.' • A particular plaoe for particular people to dine. A special menu
Af l/lfe of dainty warm weather dishes and artificial cooling, make it
ff j\J . * the chosen cafe of th. city In summer. Music by the Bristol or-
V___rf pift*itf)l ' che,trß- 'Entire basement H. W. Hellman Bldg., cor. Fourth and
llflTrl 11111111 ilin And the Beautiful Maryland Bungalow.. Open all
HI I M MAKTI A II «ummer— Special attention to motor parties.
lIUI LL lllnll I LHIIU D. M. LINNARD. Manager. Pasadena. Cat
Asphyxiation Foiled by Wife, but
Hurls Himself Before Train
After making a futile attempt at
suicide by asphyxiation, E. Devolon,
proprietor of the Bee Hive grocery at
Pomona, threw himself In front of the
Golden State Limited train at that
place shortly before noon yesterday
and was killed instantly. The coroner
was notified and the body removed to
the undertaking parlors of W. D. Todd.
A certificate of suicidal death probably
will be signed by the coroner.
Devolon attempted to kill himself
early In the morning in his home at
741 Monterey avenue, Pomona, by In
haling illuminating gas. He was found
lying across a gas stove, the jets of
which had been turned on. His
daughter summoned a physician and
after he had been revived he was ta
ken for a ride by his brother-in-law,
W. S. Dupee. The drive ended at the
office of Mr. ~ 'pee. He stepped inside
on an errand and Mr. Devolon then
ran to the track and threw himself
in front of the train. He is survived
by Mrs. Devolon, three sons and a
• According to friends and associates
Mr. Devolon had not exhibited any
despondency. It is thought he com
mitted suicide during a temporary
mental aberration.
• am —
"The Slavery of Ignorance," will be
the subject of an address by Mark
Keppel, superintendent of county
schools, before the Los Angeles Fel
lowship in Blanchard hall, 233 South
Broadway, at 11 o'clock. The musical
program will be in charge of Miss
Helen Tappe, soprano; Miss Anna
Tappe, pianist, and Walter Schneider, i
precentor. All seats free to all.
* " ~"
m r . .. .. The greatest living volcano, KIT.AUEA, Is am the
VlSlt tne Island of Hawaii. 850 mllea south ot Honolulu.
— m~. —, m »/x This company offers the only direct passenger sa»-
VI 11 I.A INI I 1 vice from San Francisco to the volcano, via Hono-
T x,*->** ~'.. lula. on the 8. 8. WILHELMINA. one at tha
most luxuriously appointed vessels on the Pacific. The promenade deck Is aw SIM
feet long, with ample space for recreation and deck games. Each stateroom bal di
rect light and ventilation, and contains two wide berths, also a settee <«>>{•*<»■
be made up Into a comfortable berth. In addition to natural means of ventilation,
oscillating fans are Installed ln every room. There are numerous baths hat
and cold showers, canvas swimming tank, hospital, barber shop, smoking nam,
wireless, and every modern convenience for the safety of passensers taclodlog
many features which are exclusively unique. Excellent cuisine, courteoua treat
ment. Displacement 13.250 tons. Length 451 feet, beam 84 feet, il^L, „„__
8 8 LURI INE sails from San Francisco for Honolulu and Kahulul. Com
r,iri»i>iii arrangement Large staterooms, located amidships. Each stateroom has
d"ect light «d ventilation! Kitchen Htted with electric grill and special cold star
aae Cuisine unexcelled. Portable electric reading lights In each berth. Equipped
with wireless and submarine signal receiving apparatus. Fitted with bilge keels, la
wring steading" Carries United States mall. Displacement 13.000 tonal racist**
t nn ,. Icnirth. 431 feet; beam 51 feet. Aug. 81. Sept. 28. Oct. 28. No,, tl.
U-II HEI WIN* sails for Honolulu and Hllo Aug. 81, Sept. 28. Oct. 28, Not. 23.
LURLINE sails for Honolulu and Kahulul' Sept. 21, Oct. 8, Nov. 0, Dec. 7.
Matson Navigation Company
Information may also be secured from any steamship office In Los Angela*
BANNING CO., Agts. 104 P. E. BLDG.
Main 4101; F6578. . '
— • —■ ! —— ——
/•* an Francisco, Eureka, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria
San Francisco, Eureka, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria
STEAMER SANTA ROSA leaves San Pedro 10:00 A. M.. R.dondo A*?*" "jO.
FOR BAN DIEOO— Day. 6"" *Ocean Excuralona—leave Ban Pedro lO.IoPY TOKA Jj
A. M.. Every Wednesday ana Saturday. l\ \r***i\LJ
■ r^w rates—l argsst steamers-Quickest Time—Best Service. Xsv M J&f
Buneet—Main 41. Bights reserved to change sehedulea
$25.50 PORTLAND, $20.50 EUREKA— J
m.m mm _t>a»t t^i-> « iioTCi^n First class. Including berth and meal* .
$10.50 SAN FRANCISCO S9 . roanoke. s.b a. w. elder.
• TRKKT. LOB ANOELES. Phones Main illil Fill*.
- ■ i
v An Advertisement Becomes an Investment j
(Jl! i When Placed in THE HERALD J

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