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Eighty-Three Manufacturers Will
Have Exhibits in Madison
Square Garden
Drawing for space for the eleventh
national automobile show to be held
In Mndlson Squaro Burden January 7
to 21, 1911, was the molt Important
business trnnsneted at a mooting of
the board of manager! of the Asso
ciation of Licensed Automobile Man
ufacturers, hold yesterday at the head
quarter* of tho association, 7 Kast
Forty-second streot, Now York
At present there aro eighty-three
manufacturer* and Importers licensed
un<li<r thi; Selden patent, and to house
their exhibits It will necessitate al
most a complete rebuilding of the In
side of Madison Square garden, urliij?
structural steel to a very largo extent.
The show committco for 1911 consists
of Col. George Pope, chairman; Charles
Clifton, Alfred HeoveH, who wai added
to tho committee recently, and Morle
L. Downs, secretary.
Tlie first to draw for space waa the
Buiek, followed by the Overland,
E-M-IP, Cadillac, l'ackard, Alnxwell,
Chalmers, Ueo and Pierco-Arrow.
Care In the exhibition hall and bnl
conles will lncludo tho following
makes: Amplex, Moon, MOTCGT, Cor
fcln, Bartholomew, Nordyko and Mar
raon, Knox, American, Matheson, Na
tional, Selden, Buckeye, Mollno, Auto
car, Columbia, Studobaker, Walt ham,
Inter-State, Kissel, Hol-Tiin. Chad
wick, Speedwell, Regal, Mclntyrov
Marquette, Acme, Piereo-Kacine, Flan
drau, Hupmoblle, Midland, Browster,
Courier, Atlas and Dorris.
The forthcoming national show will
be dlrlded Into two parts, one ot which
will be devoted entirely to passenger
or pleasure vehicles. This will be
known as part one, and will bo held
during the weok of January 7 to 14.
Commercial or freight carrying vehic
les, electric carriafies and motorcycles
will b« exhibited in part two of the
show drulng the pt.riod of January 18
to 21 Inclusive. Comprehensive dis
play of accessories will be exhibited
at both periods.
An elaborate plan of decoration has
been devised by the Rhow committee,
which has been working for months
on details to mako noxt year's event
eclipse even tho show of last January,
which was considered the best ever
held In this country. It Is to be won
dered at that sufficient space to ac
commodate all the exhllbtors could be
squeezed out of the garden for the
■howl of next January.
In the near future a meeting will be
held at which will be allotted space to
the accessory dealers and exhibitors
of commercial or freight-carrying cars,
electric vehicles and motorcycles,
which will comprise part two of the
Recently O. H. KleXer, wholesale find retail
liquor dealer, accompanied by Mrs. Klefer
and Mr. and Mrs. B. Woodward, left Los An
gelea In their Thomas Flyer 6-40 touring car
for Ban Diego, going by the Inland route,
stopping at Riverside and other places. The
actual running time for the entire distance
They remained In Son Diego until the 7th
Instant, visiting such places as Tla Juana.
Ocean Beach, Coronado and all other local
points. They returned to Lob Angreles^la the
coast route, and Mr. Klefer reports-«nat they
dldlnot experience any trouble whatever with
their Thomas car. -^j"
We Deliver the Goods
Two-Ton, 40-H.P. Buffalo Truck
Most Reliable Most Simple
Most Economical Most Capable
All sizes. Gasoline and Electric Prompt delivery. Write, phone or call
for our estimator and save money.
Buffalo Motor Truck Company
317-321 San Fernando Building;. Both Phones
"""~ \\_ < (1/
CSvD Glh
~•: 1 I ' / '"OMT tN»
Earl Method l=t^==J-=>
Of Changing an Open Front Body to a Fore Door
Conforming to all the requirements at a small cost. You may be dissatis
fied with your old body after seeing: the advantages of the latest styles.
Let us show you how easily these changes can be made.
Do not sacrifice a $2000 or $3000 car to get a new body. -»If you will
simply say that you will talk It over we will send a man that knows.
Earl Automobile Works
' 1320 South Main Street ' Eos Angeles, CaL
New Studebaker-Garford Trying Out
Santa Monica Course Near Soldiers' Home
'•! '*' '■■'■ ' •:.'..'•■■ ''''.'*;':•-: '■■, ■•■ •■■ ■,■ '. ..'■? ■■]■,-'-■'-;'.■.;■■■'.''-■,-■■'• ' '&■.£ *: ■*■'■■:■"■' ■'I 1' 1:' ■■■' '»■ V.'.-^V-v'l ■*.'.""■>' ft :* ■';''r.':-,•:■/:■. .-..-■... '" ". *^^ „. ■ ,'''':."":'. .■ .■ '.- x .":■]'■ ■]'' ''■■■'■}.■:' .'.-■■■ ■< '-,■ '■;'■■ '■■ i;..'; ■ . "';'■■ ly. :]/'.'■. ':■ ■' i:,::..,
Highway and Park Commission
ers Working in Harmony with
Automobile Associations
Solving the roads problem which has
followed In the wako of the automo
bile, and the consequent greater use of
tho highways. Is not us difficult by far
as seemed to be the case In the early
days of tho coming of the motor-driven
vehicle, which now finds its need even
gnnter on farm than in city and town.
The highway traveler who goes a
distance is primarily interested In the
Improvement and maintenance of city
■treeta, pork roads and trunk lines
connecting the various centers of pop
ulation, as in pr.-iotlcally every tour
It is necessary to pass over these three
classes of highways, and It is partic
ularly aggravating in many instances
when entering a city to find an Intoler
able condition of the city streets that
destroys very largely the pleasure of
motoring. In many Instances this con
dition Is due to lack of foresight in pro
viding sufficient funds by the city
authorities, and also to lack of knowl
edge of how to make the proper re
pairs, although the official In charge Is
almost Invariably anxious and willing
to properly Improve and repair the
streets of his municipality.
It is not unusual In motoring
through the many beautiful parks sit
uated near large cities in this country
to travel over park roads which wore
formerly smooth and pleasant, but are
now filled with holes, or dusty and
muddy, all showing the effects of Ill
considered methods of dust preventa
tlves. The various park commissioners
throughout the country are no doubt
anxious and willing tha^ their roads
and boulevardl be dustless, smooth and
pleasant to travel over, but there an:
so many different methods of treating
these roadß that unless these park com
rhlssloners have made a special Ktudy
of the subject, they are apt to adopt
ways of improving these roads which
have proved failures, and which add to,
rather than lessen the discomforts to
which the user of the road la put.
It has frequently been said that the
money which has been expended out
side of the cities and villages on the
Improvement of the so-called stata
rot'ids, or main trunk lines, is wasted
because the roads are not properly
maintained after being built. In many
Instances the criticisms are well found
ed, and the millions of dollars ex
pended on road construction have be^n
as good as squandered, because tho
roads have been allowed to deteriorate
and to. wear out without being properly
cared for.
The system adopted In France Is
known as tho patrol system, and the
samo method has been adopted In New
York state, where over 2500 miles of
macadam ronrtg have been constructed
and about 800 patrolmen are at work
repairing all the minor defects fn
the highways. Each patrolman covers
about five miles of territory. He Is
provided with a horse and cart, filled
with tho various sizes of stone and
equipped with the necessary imple
ments to repair all minor defects.
Although thla systo^m hag been In
operation scarcely a year, its economy
has already been demonstrated, as in
the contract system of repairs nn al
lowance of 20 per cent at least must be
made for the contractor's profit, 10 per
cent for supervision and 10 per cent for
contractor's office, clerical and super
vision expense. Thus at first hand at
least 40 per cent Is saved In the course
of making these repairs, and instead
of having In many cases Inexperienced
contractors to do the work It Is In
charge of patrolmen who are retained
In their positions year after year and
become expert and proficient, not only
in the making of macadam road re
pairs, but In the application of surface
compounds, which alleviate dust, and
In resurfacing roads with bituminous
binders. No state highway commis
sioner can afford to take the responsi
bility of expending vast sums of money
on the trunk lines of his state without
being conversant and familiar with the
patrol system.
The Haynes Auto Pali's company has Just
been advised that a shipment of 1911 Haynes
cars are en route for San Francisco and should
arrived here by the first of October. These
cars, which are of the fore-door type and
constructed along the most approved lines,
represent the beat that this season offers In
the way of refinement.
A shipment of the new model Haynes seven
passenger cars will also soon leave the fac
tory for the coast. According to eastern re
ports, these machines are a revelation of speed
and power, and are meeting with widespread
The Haynes Auto Sales co:npany reports a
large number of advance sales of 1911 cars of
all types, and the first few shipments will bo
ont on almost Immediate delivery. An order
tor four 1911 cars has Just been received from
E. L. Perry writes from Santa Barbara
that autoista going up the coast to Santa
Maria or farther should take the Ban Mar
cos pass rathor than the Gavlota pass, as
the latter Is In decidedly bad condition, and
that the former route cuts off more than
twenty miles of travel.
Owing to road work. Acting Secretary
Wllletts of the Southern California Auto
mobile association states that the best
route from Los Angeles to San Diego Just
now Is via Elslnoro. the Rainbow mountains
to Oceanstde. and thence via coast line.
A timely suggestion to road supervisors
Is that In cutting drainage ditches across
roads that they be cut at an angle, as It
means much to the safety of motor cars
and lessens the chance of broken parts.
I. Q. Lewis, manager of the recently or
ganized Buffalo Motor Truck company, re
ports their first week's business as a sale
of a twenty-passenger sightseeing car to
Ban Diego parties; a fourteun-passenger ho
tel bus to a local hotel and three grocory
delivery wagons In and around Los An
B. P. Anderson of the mechanical depart
ment of the Streator Manufacturing com
pany, maker* of Hallnday cars, has arrived
In Los Angeles to look after all work for
customers. His headQuarters will be nt the
garage and salesrooms of the newly In
corporated Halladay Motor Sales company.
The now edition of Thorpe-Hamilton road
maps shows ti3oo miles of good auto roads
In California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona.
Lester M. Dull, assistant sales manager
of the Parry Automobile company of In
dianapolis, Is on a business trip to the
local agency of Horlne-ftrooks Motor Car
company. Mr. Dull was driver of his com
pany's oar In the recent GUdden tour.
Thomas M. Hanlon of the Hupp Motor
Car company, Detroit, Is In Los Angelos on
an Inspection trip of all coast agencies.
Poerr-Brown Motor Car company received
wire from Joe Nlkrent late Friday that ho
arrived safely at Phoenix on his practice
trip with the Knox car which Is entered
in the Los Angeles-Phoenix race.
Seven hundred miles overland In an
E-M-F touring car on an extended hunting
and fishing trip from Sebnstapol to Eureka
and return without one cent's expense for
upkeep, after having already driven his
machine more than 6000 miles. Is the rec
ord of Ooorge D. Sanborn, a prominent real
estate man of Sonoma county. The record
so Impressed Sanborn that he at once pur
chased a second car of Uie same make,
which he has long needed In his business
on account of the increase of business he
has dona since this first machine.
I. W. Hellman of this city reported to
Manager Lemmon of the Firestone Tire and
Rubber company that he has Just worn out
one of the rear Firestone casings on his
Rtudoliakor car after 9500 miles service.
The last 1000 miles were run on the bare
fabric just to see how lons the tire would
last In that condition. The mate to this
one on the left rear of the machine has
run exactly the same number of mllea and
looks food for 8000 miles more.
Announcement Is made that the Garford
company of Elyrla. 0.. and the Kissel Motor
Car company of Hartford, \V!s., have Just
been granted licenses under the Solden
patent number 649.160. There are now
eighty-three different makes of car*
Unsurpassed as Educational Ex
hibits for the Public's
Th« national road races at ElKln, 111., aid !
more than demonstrate tho meriu of the cars
and drivers, according to Will 11. Brown, vice
president of the Willys-Overland company.
"It was the means of bringing automobile
men of the trade together aa at a Bhow, and
plans for the winter's activities were discussed
and given an Impetus," Bays Mr. Brown.
Chairman of the A. A. A., H. M. Butler, de
clared that the outlook for this winter Is good, i
and that the annual shows will he more at- I
tractive than ever before. The contest wason |
Is now drawing to a close and the mind and
activities of tha trade men turn to the Indoor
"I agree with Mr. nutler that an outdoor
show could not well bo held, although ther« i
are arguim-nts In favor of It. One big point
made by Mr. Butler is that during the winter
months the automobile show affords an ave
nue through which the attention of the publla |
can be directed and sustained in the automo- i
bile. Then, too, during the winter months
persons do not object to being indoors and
enjoy the comfort and educational benefits of
walking around the displays. Factories to
day produce attractive exhibits and beautifully
polished chassis that give the dealer* an Ideal
chance to explain with deliberation the merits
of the various makes.
"An outdoor show In the autumn would com*
before the new models were ready, and It
would also call for some kind of contests.
Such contests would detract from the educa
tional exhibits, would excite the spectators
and make it hard for them to get down to
'brass tacks' In tho study of cars.
"I believe with Mr. Uutlcr that thU will bs
a great year for shows. One big problem must
be solved, that of buildings large enough. I
do not favor cutting the size of the Individual
exhibits, but I believe separate shows for com
mercial and passenger cars advisable."
An indication of the healthy condition of
tho automobile business In San DleKo Is
shown by a report from Morrow. Loomls &
Co. of the establlshlne of an Inter State
agency for San Diego county with W. W.
Norton of San Diego. Mr. Norton closed
his nngotlatlons on Friday the 16th. after
an exhaustive test covering the period of a
week with an Inter State "Torcedo" on the
bad roads and grades of San Diego county.
Mr. Norton cold his first car within twenty
four hours after securing the .agenoy and
in three days sold three more, or a car
a day. This Is an astonishing record at
this season of tho year, particularly wtth
a new car In a new territory. It not only
speaks well for the car. but exceptionally
well for the general business conditions In
San Diego.
The lrf>rd Motor Car company on Friday
sold a new model 40-horsepower Studo
taker-Garford's to B. Getzoff. the tailor.
The car is painted a dark maroon with
r oM striping.
Amplex ,
'Formerly American Simplex) and Atlas.
Coupled Gear. Qas-Electrlo Trucks.
W. O. Williams. Manager.
10M B. Olive. FBt»s; Main 1891.
Apperaon and Reo
(83 South Grand Avenue.
Main 7084; Home 10187.
1810-13 South Grand are.
■•'-- „ Home 82299.
1144 South Olive street.
Main 6777.
1017-1* South Olive st
Home AlOO7.
46-h. p. "1911" models. 12000 f. o. b. rao
tory. After ten years made and sold on the
basis as any other staple commodity.
Tenth and Olive. Broadway 19311 F2S7S.
Kissel Kar
1248 8. Flower St. F2637.
1138 South Main St.
Main 7868; Home FBB4T.
Ploo and Hill streets.
Main 1514; Home 24884.
13J1 South Main street.
Bdway. 4089; Home 35764.
National "40" *
Cor t Washington and Main straits, >
Home 82927.
Fully Equipped $1500. Factory Equip
ment (ISBO.
C. 8. Anthony. Propr. -
101T-H ,fl. Olive. Home PJIBBI.
Studebaker-Garford "40" "
1081 South Olive st. -
Vain *«7.0 i Horn. 10841
and so we have had to move to our Wagon and Implement store at 200 North LO9 Angeles
street, where we are crowded for room. This has determined us even more forcefully than before
to sell all
Davis, Westcott and Whiting Cars
At Thoroughly Cut Prices
It's not a question of how much profit—or of any profit at all—but it IS a question of HOW
These cars are brand new, have never been driven a mile, but they MUST go. We haven't room
to handle them and are giving up the automobile part of our business for the season.
Unprecedented New-Car Bargains
Newell Mathews Co,
Note the Addrese | 200 Nortll LOS AngdeS St^t I Note the Address"
( ~" %
Sixteen models to select from. All good, but varying in price
from $1150 to $2650. The Toy Tonneau 30 h. p. is a beauty
at $1650.
1224-26-28-30 South Olive Street j
Did It Ever Occur to You
■. - •"' - -
that a line of hot air talk is a mighty poor substitute for value
received in an automobile? ...
I might take up a whole page In claiming that mv line 13
the best ever, but that would not make trie cars any better.
My claims In behalf of the Reo and Apperson are simply
what the cars have done and what they will do for you.
I wouldn't take a dollar of any man's money that was not
offset by 100 cents or more of value in the car.
I can make Immediate delivery of the following cars. You
will cave time and money by selecting one of them:
Immediate Delivery
*£****«*- $1400 Babr b Re. [ $ 550
Reo'Thirty $1400 Apperson IJttle Jack $3200
Roadster #I*UU i-Fassenger «. f^rj.!;
Reo Twenty Touring $1100 jiSf™ 011 Bmb T $2150
«•»» 633 SOUTH GRAND AVENUE ' «■*»
Los Angeles San Diego
: -■>■■ „- '..'.:,),. „}" •■-:
Member Licensed Dealers' Association of Ix>s Angeles,
Member Automobile Dealers' Association of Southern California.
.^___^__ J^
Have You a Second-Hand Car
You Want to Dispose Of?
Let us sell it for you. We are going in the second-hand auto
mobile business and would like your help. If your car is in
good shape for demonstration bring it in and we will sell it
for you. We have a number of orders on our books, so be
Are any of your springs faulty? Yes? Well, Mr. Wm. M.
Conklin will repair them, just like new. He has a thoroughly
equipped blacksmith shop installed here.
Don't forget we have the largest and best garage and best
equipped machine shop on the coast.
Pacific Motor Car & Aviation Co.
60151. Main 8680. Open day and night.
Cars Are All Equipped with SELF STARTERS
Watch for Our 1911 Announcement
Bekins Motor Car Company
W. O. Williams, Manager.
Phones: F3635. v Main 1691.
1911—40 H. P.
I COMFORT, above all other features. Is
demanded and due the users of a motor
I car. Before absolute comfort and se
-1 curity there must be a perfect mechan
ism, long wheel-base and good springs.
Inter State combines all these and th»
i sense of security and comfort In driving:
: one Is not excelled in any car at any
j price.
ABU/ITT to climb any grade easily, to
> go through sand without laboring, to
I show extreme speed when desired, and
to do It all quietly, easily and without
fuss spells ability In a car. Inter State
gives you this In every sense of the
word. In driving one you always feel
that you have power in reserve—and
you have.
SERVICE—There Is one owner of a
1809 Inter State that has been over the
road between I/O* Angeles and Bakers
field nearly every week for over a year,
beside using his car constantly at both
ends of the line, and he has never had
It In a shop for thing except occa
ilonal tire repairs. lie states that he
docs not believe there Is another make
of car In Los Angeles that would have
stood the work he has done with his
Inter State.
Tins IS SERVICE, and the kind of
service that figures In dollars and cents.
Torpedo, with special equipment, $2150.
Touring car, noml-tonneau, three and
four-passenger Roadster, (1900. Price*
f. o. b. Los Angeles, Cul.
Morrow, Loomis & Co.
957 South Olive St.. Los Angeles.
A 5943.
New Sales
l . € i ——A. !
The Duroe.-.r Mfgr. Co. wishes to an
nounce the opening of a City Sales De
partment on Auto Row.
The North Show Room of the Whito
Garn-je, at 806-810 South Olive street,
will hereafter be the home of the Duro
City Sales Dept., where the latest mod
els "of the Durocars will re found, also
demonstrators and salesmen, who will
bo at your service.
Visitors are always welcome at tho
Durocar factory, where you can sea
the Durable Duro built and know
what kind of material is used.
Durocar Mfg. Co.
Factory—93s-939 S. Los Angeles St.
City Sales Dept.—Blo S. Olive St., L. A.
MBxeluslve features of tfas UJT
M. JL "•■•—JUwrra gaso- [VI
lla* tank, self raW XTX
stand) nrmec engine, two alUag «j stems i
either V or flat belts i quick detaohabte
rear guard) adjustable puUeyst roller
bearlng engine ufree engine cluichi **—-
Une strainer. Coast distributor, lAN- .
OOLN IHHXAKI>. MM a. 2Utm •**•«*•

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