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Scenes of Occidental-U. S. C. Gridiron Battle at Bovard Field Yesterday
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Speed of U. S. C. Backs Outpoints Beef of Opponents- and Hal
Paulin's Boot Brings Victory—Oxy Line Too Strong for the
Methodists to Cross Goal for Touchdown, but Use
of Forward Pass Brings Ball Within Easy
Reach for Goal from Field—Lund and
Hill Are the Star Performers
U. S. C— Wt. Position. Oxy— Wt.
Hill 139 L.E.R Dill 148
Stookey 190 L.T.R Smart 178
Malcolm 170 L.G.R Jones 185
Allen 190 C Patterson 168
Keller 156 R.G.L Fifield 169
Single 160 R.T.L Landreth 159
Hummell 131 R.E.L Hopkins ..« 148
Cohn 108 Q Stolz 147
Lund 137 L.H.R Kirkpatrick 144
Paulin 156. F.B Bradbeer.. 171
Hall 153 R.H.L Culpe 155
Traeger, referee; Merrill, umpire; Ingold, field judge; Day,
head linesman.
The yntverslty of Southern Califor
nia eleven sent the Occidental Tigers
down to defeat at Bovard field yester
day afternoon by a score of 6 to 0.
Although unable to cross the goal line
of the Highlanders, Hal Paulin's place
kicking was In Itself enough fur vic
tory, and tho Methodist fullback ful
filled all the predictions of his follow
ers. In receiving punts, blocking in
terference and getting down on "his
own kicks the speedy back earned for
himself a niche of fame in Southern
California gridiron history. SecofKl
only to Paulin's stellar work was that
of his two teammates, Hill and Lund.
Hill's breaking up of interference and
tackling was a feature of the day, and
combined with Lund's showing, con
tributed largely to the result.
Oxy's lino was her strong point, and
time after time when the Wesleyans
■were In possession of the pigskin
■within tl,i»if opponents' ten-yard line
the Tiger line held and the ball was
punted back itno safety. Landrcth,
Smart and Hopkins Worked well to
gether, on the defense especially,
■when yards meant the most. The
Tigers adhered strictly to the buck
and end run style of game, and only
used the forward pass once. U. S. C,
on the other hand, made frequent uso
of the open play, tho forward pass,
wing formations, quarterback runs
and the style more adapted to the new
rules, and although luck entered not
a little into, the play, for the most
part their gains were well earned and
well planned. •
The new rules with their four quar
ters, no helping the runner, and mis
cellaneous whatnot did not produce the
game the ardent football fans expected,
and In its stead there was a poor sub
stitute, half Rugby, half American;
Excursion to San Antonio
Trans - Mississippi Commercial Congress
A Chance for an Outing in the Most
Desirable Season in the Southern State
r?rh. d $60.00 from Los Angeles
Reduced Fares from Other Points
Sale Dates Nov. 15, 16, 17
Tickets Limited to Thirty Days
And Allow Stopover on Return
For Further Information See Agents
LOS ANGELES OFFICE—6OO So. Spring St. and Arcade Sta
tion, Fifth and, Central Aye.
just as many, even more chances of
injury, and less opportunity of a grid
iron battle of red-blooded huskies. In
deed It is easy to foresee how easy is
the invasion of Rug-by when football
is reformed to death. A return to the
old game would restore the old-time
confidence of the players and the game
would be a game indeed.
Pour thousand rooters crowded the
I bleachers and overflowed on the field.
■ On one side the U. S. C. contingent,
led by a trio of yell directors and a
■ brass band, colored the air with Joy
with the prospect of the 1910 gridiron
championship in sight, and the Tiger
rooters in the other half of the stands
gave their men the encouragement
that kept their line from being crossed.
When the referee's whistle blew for
timo in the final quarter a line was
formed by the U. s. C. students, KOO
strong, and marched around the field
in a serpenlne. Leading the proces
sion was Malcolm, the victorious cap
tain riding in a chariot decorated in
the Wesleyan colors. Following him
on the shoulders of the happy colle
gians came the rest of the winning
squad, and the faculty and students
joined with the band in the college
Occidental, twenty-one strong, cime
on the field at 2:09 o'clock an 1 was,
followed by the U. S. C. eleven at 2:13. i
Oxy won the toss and eh se to rec ive j
the hall on the west goal. Hill kicked |
/iff at 2:17 o'clock. Bradbeer ran >n <
from the, catch ten yards. Landroth
made five more on (j <tickle b:ck and
Bradbeer netted three through light
gviard. The Oxy fullback prntrd to
the center of the field to Cohen who
was downed in his tracks.
Paulin kicked back thirty-live yarils
fj 11111^ till t (([({() m
»£&&§ { ■ ) ■ ill Wh| ML. imP^«
■ ■ . - A
to Bradbeer, who was downed on the
| twenty-yard line. Stoltz made two
i yards through the left side of the 1 ne.
i Lanrireth was called back for a t.ic-
I kle buck but fumbled, recovered and
I was downed In his tracks. Br.idbeer
fumbled and U. S. C. secured the ball
on Oxy's two-yard line. Templet >n
made a few inches. Hopkins got
through and tackled Hill for a loss.
Paulin kicked a pretty field g<.al from
the fifteen-yard line. Time of goal .4%
minutes. Score, U. S. C. 3, Occidental 0.
Occidental elected to kick and Brad
beer sent the oval to the goal line Into
the arms of Paulin, who brought it
back twenty yards. Martin made five
yards around left end and Paulin
made the first forward pass of the
game to Hummell, netting ten yar.is.
Paulin made five yards through tackle
and punted 35 yards.
Oxy's ball on the thirty-yard line.
Bradbeer was thrown in his tracks In
an attempted buck through right
tackle. Stoltz made five yards through
left tackle. Bradbeer kicked thirty-ilve
yards ar 1 Landreth recovered the ball.
Oxy's ball on U. S. C.'s forty-yard line.
Two downs netted nothing for Oxy and
Bradbeer kicked to the ten-yard line,
the ball rolling out of bounds. Paulin
returned with a punt of thirty yards
and Patterson fell on the ball,
Stnok<>y was ordered from the game
at this point for slugging Jim Smart in
the jaw. Bradbeer made three yards
around right end. The Tig. rs tried a.
forward pass, Bradbeer to Culp, which
netted four yards. Oxy's ball on U. S.
C.'s thirty-five-yard line. Bradbeer
punted to Paulin who signaled for a
fair catch. U. S. C. being offside the
ball was taken bark and B-ad punted
to Hill who was downed in his trac' s.
Paulin kicked back and after a gen
eral scramble Oxy got the ball. Hiil
broke up an end run and Bradbeer
bucked ten yards thro-rh guard. Brad
beer tried a field goul from the 43
--yanl line, U. S. C. «van offside and \*as
penalized. Bradbeer went through,
right tackle five yards. Cuip was held.
Bradbeer tried for a field goal from the
85-yard line but (ailed. Paulin running
the ball in fifteen yards.
U. S. C.'s ball on their own 20-yard
line. Hall went around le. rt end for
15 yards. A forward pass, Paulin to
Hill, netted twenty yarJs. U. S. C.'s
ball on Oxy's fifty yard iine. Frwurd
paM netted a yard. Paulin made ton
yards arouni* left end. Lund went
through righf Uekle for five. Time
was called.
V. S. C.'s ball on Oxy's 35-yard line.
Second down five yards to go on. Pat
terson stopped a buck through center.
Drury Wleman took Flfleld's place in
the Tiger line. Paulin tried for a goal
from the 43-yard line. Ball went wide
and Oxy kicked'out from 25-yard line.
Paulin, five yards. IT. S. C.'s ball on
Oxy's .rio-yard lino. Forward pass, 35
yards, Paulin to Hill. Paulin, left end,
four yards. Conn was held. Paulin
tried a goal from the 23-yard line,
missing the bars by a fey feet.
Oxy kicked from the 25-yard line to
Cohn, who ran five yards. Landreth
wns missing a number of tackles at
this period of the game. Forward pass
failed. Oxy's ball on her own 20-yard
line. Bradbeer's kick went out of
bounds and U. S. C. had the first down
on t'.ie 30-yard line. Lund made ten
around left end. Hall made seven
around left. Oxy held and 17. S. C.
tried a field goal from the 20-yard line,
the ball going under the bars. Oxy
being offside the ball was taken back.
Paulin attemptetd another field kick.
Klrkpatrick received the ball behind
the line and ran in thirty yards. Pat
terßon was taken out. Landreth
bucked four and made three more on
the same play. Bradbeer kicked and
Paulin returned the boot without gain
on either side. Bradbeer kicked to
Cohn, who came In five yards. Paulin
made fifteen yards on a right forma
I*. S. ''.'« ball on 2ii-yard line. For
ward D»M taken by Hopkins, but as
Oxy was offside ball was taken back.
Forward pass, fifteen yards. Lund
made fifteen around left end to Oxy's
two-yard line. Oxy held and Brndbeer
kicked thirty yards, Hopkins recover
ing ball. Bradbeer punted thirty more
and Cohn ran In thirty through scat
tered field. Paulin tried a kick from
the 25-yard line but missed. Oxy's ball
first down on the 25-yard line. Brad
beer, five yards. End of first half.
Oxy took the east goal, receiving the
ball. Paulin kicked off over # the line.
Oxy's first down on the 25-yard line.
Drury Wieman made a yard. Brad
beer kicked fow to Malcolm in mid
field. Oxy held and Paulin kicked to
Bradbeer. Oxy's ball on the 25-yard
line. Wieman and Bradbeer each made
four yards. Bradbeer punted to center
of field to Cohen, who was downed in
his tracks.
Hall, five yards. U. S. C. fumbled
and recovered. Paulin, with the aid of
the wind, punted 45 yards and Brad
beer was downed in his tracks. Brad
beer kicked to Cohen, who fumbled but
recovered. A forward pass, Paulin to
Hill, netted 25 yards. Lund made thre£
around right end. Hall made tw*
yards. Paulin tried a goal from the
25-yard line, the ball clearing the bars.
Score: U. S. C, 6: Oxy, 0.
Bradjbeer kicked oft to Hall, who
ran In 25 yards. Paulin kicked 55 yards j
over Bradbeer's head and Brad fell on I
the ball. Oxy's ball on the 20-yard
lino. Bradbeer kicked to Conen, who
ran in three yards. A forward pass
netted six yards and Hall made ten
around left end. U. S. C.'s ball on the
30-yard line. Lund failed to make a j
yard. Paulin bucked straight through
the, line for 22 yards. U. S. C.'s ball on j
Oxy's three-yard line. Hill was tackled J
for a loss. Oxy offside and the ball i
was taken back. Oxy held. ; Paullij,}
tried to kick from the 20-yard lino :
at an angle, Oxy being offside the ball I
was taken back. -Oxy held and a for- i
ward pass shot the ball over the line, !
Drury Wieman falling on the ball.
Bradbeer kicked 35 yards from the
goal line. Stoltz and Hill were taken
out for slugging- Baer came into the
Oxy lineup.
Time was taken out for a discussion
in regard to Neighbors, who was al- j
leged to be coaching from the side
lines. U. S. C.'s ball on the 30-yard
line. Lund made five. Landreth
stopped a duplicate. Paulin tried a 1
goal from the 35-yard line which was
blocked. Bradbeer's punt was blocked I
and U. S. C. had the ball on Oxy's yard
Una. A forward pass failed and Drury
Wieman ran in 20 yards. Bradbeer
kicked to Paulin in the center of the
field. Paulin kicked to Bradbeer, 40
yards. Time. •
Oxy's ball on her own 20-yard line.
Bradbeer kicked and the ball bounced j
60 yards. Paulin kicked back to Wie- j
man 25 yards. Bradbeer went through ]
tackle for three yards. Wieman went
through the same place for six more.
U. ST C. held. Paulin kicked 40 yards
to Bradbeer and Brad returned the kick
the same distance. • . • ■
U. S. C.'s ball on the 20-yard line. A
forward pass netted eight yards, Lund
made five more. Paulin "made three
and Lund made three more. Paulin
kicked to Bradbeer, who ran in eight
yards. Bradbeer kicked 45 .yards with
the wind to Cohen, who made a good
catch and' ran in six.
U. S. C.'s ball on the 40-yard line.
Henderson took Cohn's place at quar
ter. U. S. C. offside, penalized. Paulin
kicked to Bradbeer. Bradbeer returned
kick to Paulin, who ran in 15 yards.
Hall made three and Paulin netted two.
Paulin kicked 40 yards to Bradbeer,
who fumbled, but Landreth recovered
the ball. Bradbeer punted along the
ground to Paulin, who ran in eight.
Lund backed eight yards and Paulin
was held. Paulin made eight yards
through right tackle and Paulin kicked
outsMe. Oxy's ball. Bradbeer kicked
to Paulin at the center of tho Beld,
Hall made five and Lund four. Pau
lin kicked to Bradbeer. Landreth made
five through right tackle. Bradbeer
made four through the samp hole.
Bradbeer kicked 40 yards and U. S. C.
recovered the ball. Hall took ball for
forward pass, and seeing no one to re
ceive it ran around left end for ten
yards. Lund bucked four more. A
forward pass failed, but was recovered.
Time was called.
Final score: U. S. C, 6: Occidental, 0.
U. S. C. booted the ball twenty-one
times for an average of thirty-two
yards to the punt. Occidental punted
twenty time, averaging thirty-seven
yards. Occidental only succeeded in
pulling off one successful forward pass,
netting the Tigers about six yards,
while U. S. C. averaged nearly twenty
three yards for seven or eight In which
they were successful.
i Bulldogs Go Down to 21-to-0 De
feat at Hands of
/ ;
1 Browns ■■
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. s.—Brown
, defeated Yale for the first time in his
i tory this afternoon by 21 points to 0.
I Quarterback Sprackling of Brown
j kicked three goals from placement and
l mined three others by narrow mar
! gins. Early in the game Halfback Field
i of the Yale team was injured and had
! to be carried off the field.
After the game the Brown men did
the snake dance about Yale field—the
first time any team except Princeton
and Harvard has so performed. The
Reilly...'. itß Adams
i Scully liT Knitz
Fuller I-G ■ ■ Corp
Morris C Sisson
Paul RG Goldberg
Savage RT .'... Smith
Brooks RE Ashbaugh
Straut QB •'• Sprackllnß
Field LIID Marble
Daly unit 'McKay
Howe FU- : H.lgb
At Hovard fleld-U. 8. C, 6; Occidental. c.
At Hollywood—L. A. High, 15; Hollywood, i>
At Hollands—Whiltler, V; Kmllands, 0.
At St. Liouls—St. Louis university, 3; Mis
souri State university, 0.
At Bloomlngton, Ind. —Illinois, 3: Indiana, 0.
At Milwaukee—Michigan Aggies, 3; Mar
quettes, 2.
At Washington—Carlisle, ii\ University ol
Virginia. 5.
At ObiTlln—Oberlln, 8; Western Reserves, 6.
At Princeton—Princeton, 17; Holy Cro9s, v.
At Chicago—Chicago, 14; Purdue, 5.
At New Haven —Brown, 21; Vale, 9.
At Annapolis—Navy, 30; Lehlgh. 0.
At Cambridge—Harvard, 27; Cornell, 5.
At riiiliidelphla—Ptnoiylvnnla, 18; lAUIi
ette, 0.
At Syracuse—Syracuse, 8; Vermont, 0.
At Andover, Mass.—Phllllppa Andovtr, 21;
Phlllipps Kxeter, 0.
At Hwarthmore?— Uralnus, t; Swarthmore, 0.
At Corvallls, Ore.—Oregon Agricultural col
lege, 9: Whitman, 0.
At Ames, la.—lowa, 2; Ames, 0.
At Berkeley—University of California, «Z;
University of Nevada, 0.
At Stanford—Olympio club, 0; Stanford uni
versity, 27.
At Seattle—University of Washington, 28;
University of Idaho, 0.
At Colorado Springs—Colorado college, 15;
Kansas Agricultural, 8.
At Stanford—Stanford. 8; St. Marys, 5.
At Wllllamstown, Ma Wes
leyan, 0.
At Hanover, N. H. th, Ij Am
herst, 3.
BOSTON, Nov. s.—Frank Kramer of
Bast Orange, N. J., an<l Janus Mor'an
uf Chelsea won the six-day bicycle
race which doted tonight, their mile
age of 1845 miles, 8 laps, marking a
new Amftri'-an record for a ton hours' ,
a day, six-day race. The previous rec
ords., made by Anderson In 190S, was
1320 miles. 1 laD,
When the race was finished tonight
there Were five, teams tied for first
place, and ;t bunch of four other teams,
Victims of Drink Renewed in Mind,
Body and Nerves
For eleven years the Gatlln Institute has been curing men and women of
appetite, craving and desire for liquor. There has been failure *.o cur* In NO
»case. Thousands of successful business and professional men owe their social
and financial standing to the fact that they were cured of the drink*habit by
the Gatlin treatment. *
; "The Treatment That Is Harmless"
Any child could safely take the Gatlln Treatment— poisonous drua;a, no
substitutlve stimulants, no pain or suffering—NO HYPODERMIC INJECTIONS
—therefore no possibility of bad after effects. No one need be AFRAID of the
Gatlln treatment, because It contains nothing that could possibly injure; but
ALL men should be afraid of liquorlt destroys the nerves, weakens the brain,
saps the physical strer.gth, ruins the business and home and kills manhood.
Only Treatment Administered Under Contract to Cure
Have the tone you desire cured of the disgusting bablt of liquor drinking
come to the Gatlln Institute. Under contract, executed in writing, n cure shall
be effected in THREE DATS—a perfectly satisfactory cure— the fee paid
will be refunded when the patient leaves the institute and treatment cost noth
ing. The very highest financial references.
The Gatlin Home treatment Is for those who would find :. three days' visit
to the institute inconvenient.
if Houie Punting j PAINTING
SijOl w C Mill
Will r.t»> -
I •' '
I Wfc.l.u!. Mm
•KGtewooo c«t: TVul ~ 17. moi
the Gatlln Institute,
Los Angeles . California.,
I am writing to Ist you know how truly grat«f\il"»y »1f»
aad 1 are for what '.ha Gatlln Institute haa dose far ■•;-% when
■ %
I lon tad at your place that night aoout four aonths ago,. I had
do Idea that you could our* a nan that had drank as hard and
as long aa 1 had. <$■■ Yon turned the trick .all right,'and I arc
happy to say that 1 have not thought of booze sines and kno*
that I oarer shall. Wt 1 ha»» »orked avery day since, and an
getting ahead_fastl aa In the test of health and'full of
I cannot"say*too auoh for 1 your our»7^and" r l*belle¥eyou
"111 get tome business o.n th« strength of my conlltloi.^
'v ~?(rtrt^ ,-■■■:
Call, phone or write for book giving full particulars, copies of contract, etc
■ 1125 South Grand Avenue. T^os Angeles. Cal.
Telephones— Broadway 1377, Home F1022.
Pan Francisco Branch, 1423 Golden Gato Avenue ,
Telephones—l'aciflc States West 75. Home 54515.
—Htagg, Heralfl fhnto.
| but nno lap behind, ■while Joluis and
i Schiller were two laps behind the
I leaders.
In order to settle the contest on? mile
i special was run off for each division,
giving the teams the following posi
Kramer and Moran, Fogler and Col
lins, Hehlr and Goulelte. Palmer nnd
Wright, Lawrence an;l Wiley, Bedell
and Bedell, Demara and Williams, Mit
ten and Walker, Thomas and Mc-
Carthy and Jokus and Schiller.
Riley's T-Bones trill play TVhittler at
Los Nietos today.

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