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[S^«B£Sg--J FROM fartermn^ STORE : 1?58£55^S
Good Furniture is the Barker Bros.' kind. -H- JL^L V-/' ±-\ Ji- sta blis hep m h (Tory *>-<r -**■ v"r. l*-m"*^ |in your mrnuurc-uuyi g■? j __
*Vr 'zflH\v Tll/^^ V When Pcpito Arriola (ouches the keys of his Baldwin Piano at
li^l»h-I^- '.lff/ Simpson Auditorium tomorrow evening, Los Angeles music lovers .
f? lß^3s|fiSsk^«L^;^l if arc assured one of the most remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable
I ißae^j^^^l t! ■ musical performances which this city has ever been privileged to
£2>K /S^>\ f^Sfc This little 12-year-old wonder of the piano comes to this city
wKy . \&»i^ 1 \'ma from a succession of triumphs throughout Europe, the United States
l^^tTand Mexico, which, beyond doubt, have no equal. Little PepitoAr
"^SSKmt slsf^E: '°' has played before the greatest musical ethics, before royalty,
'•——^^rt'?~* lT^*3s*' and before some of the greatest audiences which have ever gathered
*"*ttM I Cil*^ in the musical centers of the two continents. Arriola has played with
the leading orchestras of Berlin, Leip/.ic, Dresden, Frankfort. Mu
nich, Hamburg, Bremen, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw, London; with the Metropolitan
Opera House Orchestra, with the Philadelphia and Chicago Symphonic Orchestras., His playing
is marvelous. It will prove a sensation here. You should hear him.
Following the Preference of So Many Famous
Artists, Arriola Also Uses the Baldwin Piano
Little Pepito Arriola uses, and is devotedly attached to, the Baldwin Piano, the instrument
upon which he plays in all his recitals upon his American tour. Tomorrow evening, the supre
macy of the Baldwin Piano will again be demonstrated, as it has been many times before at the
appearances of other noted artists. The Baldwin Piano stands at the very top — among the
world's finest. It is a piano which critical music lovers will —wonderful in tone and
in every quality which combine in appealing to the connoisseur, cultured amateur, or just plain
music lovers. !
Intending piano purchasers will do well to visit our splendid display of Baldwin Pianos-
Grands, Uprights and Player-Pianos. Inspection will prove beyond a doubt the Baldwin's su
premacy. Barker Bros.' economized way of piano selling places these splendid pianos within the
reach of piano buyers at prices which are popular. More than this, we are ready to arrange most .
generous terms to meet the convenience of each purchaser.
—All City Cars Now Transfer to
*esof^^M, Barker Bros j
'^^sspear- -gßj^Cy^ —"All lines lead to Barker Bros." |
_^T' '"".irtkEll BBS HJESfFni fip"!^^S^^ With the Introduction of the unlver
j«w r'l*LTi' IVS %' '' ***'] ilij!!*^ r<S'ii'C no lnatter wl'c''c J'ou l'vc ln -he city.
■ ' L3y J' 1! iPm S HKY If tr> n"K'H practically at Karker Bros.'
l\ li^ |i i' ' llV^ ??3bL-1 "y^l'i transfer. For those who may live
'_ '\ -" pII<BSJKjX \ :ii” ~-' =bs L> upon lines which do not pass nv]r
ffvr^yfrtf^j, / r fif door, we mention here those which J
i&£^M&ffi&&/i/7/Tffl/?/t/Y/$l& ''"' -Ask' the conductor for a trans-
F~TT\^j^^i**il^dSl^Lsi^l .. -„ to any c , ] 9 of these following
■m ||t'|ffJ'yp)- ■i JC '-x ' lines and alight at Broadway and
ffl Hrr—rv4 f/J-j^S^- .. .™" " "v™\ Seventh, within a few steps of our
9" I'SC*—-LJ 'v^'^WV' ... .. \ entrance: West Eleventh street line,
» ■'l|ii! bsC*]i iWP\lSJ|\\\\W'" Grand avenue and North Broadway,
■L" 'J' JBt"J / I«i* v\V\V Boyle Heights and West Seventh
■ ■ HhhE 'IWI VWVVV^W D street. Pico Heights. Fifth, Spring
V |l|M// ltwSife.'^^CvVvvVv>' Ti and Seventh streets. Santa Ke avenue
■ IflHßv !/ I IHtvi\\\tt»'> D line Huntlneton Park line. Ptc-phen
«l' ■ u!h tS' I 1 llffsßßß^vS\^S R"n *'''lue " ne and Santa Fe depot I
—Best Terms
to Suit Your
—Those who do not wish to
purchase upon a cash b
. will find "Best Terms"
Barker Bros., particularly
suited to their needs. \\«
have no strict "credit" pi
but arrange extended payment
accommodations ' de
sired in any way wh
adapts itself to the 11
men! i of ea< h Im
1 ron. W c Bhall be pleasi I to
■ Kti nd the prlviK gi
plan mcisi gem rousl
who desiri to avail thi.in- i
of settlement In this way.
—Largest Vari
ety of Morris
Chairs at Bar
ker Bros.
' . ilden Oak Mo
with beautiful fluted :■ it
ami broad, Inviting arm
spring Beat; complete . Ith
b< st grade col ton velum • ■,
lon -choli of < Ither
brown colors; a chair of thor-
OUi lily tir-t- I
t exceptional t:tA ~}Z
value. Special at ...#•"•'w
=^T] Largest Household and Office Furnishing S^OtketSHtVl lU^ 728-730 i"d" d l^M'tt^ \ "S"''
■^X^. Establishment in the West €J&f/J^Z/f^^ Between Seventh and t.ghth Sts. -">»
—Special Bargains in Tables
& ' u'^uj i~77 II it^/?S jIJ 111
I, •
I —$12.50 Mahogany Veneer Fancy Ta- —$8.50 Fumed Oak Mission Living
! ble, as shown in picture here; appro- j Room lV)] ,, as showll in picture „ l v.
prlate either for parlor or bedroom i
: use; shaped top and shelf; dainty ! box frame and bolled in co™?™-> very
French legs; top 20x28 e£ na i stroll -ly built: top 40x26 _ _
I inches. Special v".4J ; inches. Special
—A Special Sale j
Monday of I
Cluny Lace I
Curtains !
—A special offering of Cluny Lace
Curtains—the kind which are always
in correct style In any room; these
are of particularly artistic and re
lined character —a special advertis
ing feature from our curtain de
patment Monday, specially priced
as follows:
Regular $3 values, *^ <^p
.Monday, per pair $Ltȣo
Regular $4.50 values, CX (\(\ i
Monday, per pair 3><3.UU I
j tegular 16.60 values, <J»p f\f\
•Monday, per pair «PO.UU j
Regular $10.50 values, (J»^ |ja
Monday, per pair V■• "U ]
Printed Scrims
35c Quality
On Sale This
Week at
20c yd.
—A large new line of dou
ble-faced Printed Scrim, 36
inches wide: a regular 35c
quality; offered as a spe
cial advertising feature
from our drapery depart
ment tiiis week Ofln
lit, per yard fcUG
Drapery Department
Fifth Floor
-Barker Bros. Sell
the Genuine
"Old Hickory"
A 1 . ■■■ ■■ I"'
A *• T A $&$*
v' ** ~:«:scn7lil'r I''-1'" "'tii' -
—$6.50 Old Hickory Arm Chair, Just*
as shown in the picture here; high
back; a very special ttA ci)
value at *I.uV
Clear the Warehouse of All Odd Lots-At Once!
Holiday Goods Are Coming | V
and This Means Many Extra Values /l^tifP^ tS^i -^
in Furniture for Most Every Use J^ww' I***1 *** S&lftu}® •«-•
—Come This Week and Look &3B SIPf-i WaHSL
\jUliic ima T? cca. aiiu l/uuiv |f> htTi jfr mm'lll Hill '•■"H 11399 " • /Xjl^
About Through Our Stock for the 111^^
Special Bargains! r ~**^ ••—
—Preparing for the immense hoi- those already on hand, which cial clearance tags and have re-1 Tables, Ladies' Desks, Pedestals,
idav business which we shall have been bought especially for duccd prices on them sufficiently Tabourettes, Costumers Hat
very shortly be called upon to the Christmas season, demand ato make each article an «*■ Racks and Umbrella Stands,
very shortly be called upon to the Chnstmas season, demand a tional value Wood Beds, of both Napoleon and
handle, we have, within the last large amount of extra room which Included in these special offer- English design; Mission Chairs,
few daysj received from our at present we cannot give them j n g S are Dining Chairs, Bedroom Rockers and Settees, Child's
stock clerk a report that we have unless we stimulate selling to an Chairs and Rockers, Hall and High Chairs, Old Hickory Chairs,
about 1500 articles in reserve extraordinary degree immediate- Desk Chairs, Morris Chairs, Rockers and Settees, Medicine
in,,c»ii^i. „,i,;-v, "chniiM ho ly. This we have therefore de- Porch Chairs and Settees; Otto- Cabinets, etc.
warehouse stock which should be tQ do mans and Stools, . Dressers and We cannot undertake to de
disposed. of at once in order to We have selected, or prompt Chiffoniers, Wash Stands,. War- scribe these. Our advice to all
make room for the large ship- clearance, about 1500 pieces of robes: Somnoes, Tables for par- furniture seekers who are about
ments of holiday goods which are furniture —articles of which we lor, bedroom and living room, to make purchases at this time is
now arriving About ten car- have small quantities—perhaps Music Cabinets for Sheet music, to come and look through our
loads »f holiday furniture are due only one, two or three, or very Phonograph Cylinder Records stock and see if among the many
to arrive this week and as many limited numbers—of a kind, and Disc Records, Dining Tables, specially-priced articles are not
more within the next twenty Upon the samples of each one of Sideboards, China Cabinets, But- some which will prove exactly,
days. These goods, in addition to these articles we have placed spe- ler Trays, Drop-leaf Breakfast what is desired.
—The Week's Special Offerings —Economy May Be
Will Include a Number of Articles Priced This Week
.'L. . „ r. „ at Barker Bros, in the
in Dining Room Furniture Bedroom Furniture
(2i 7 Arilß^ ::~~3i Department
These Above Selected as a Hint from | *jgfc^ ]j.'g lljt;:as r =aTi
the Many tj^SSl^ ip^l^H
— Fumed Oak Drop Leaf _$21 Golden Oak Dining _j 3O Golden or Fumed Oak ' ,|J
Breakfast of Card Table, same ■ ■ ■ — " " -■ —-
as shown in picture here; top, Table, as shown in picture sideboard, as shown in pic
"l!er?ar.'.?° X. 2. 8.. 1n..: $4.75 here; 45-inch top, 8-foot ture here; French plate bevel _ $24 Golden Oak Princess —$24 White Enamel Dresser,
p , . _ Dresser; large oval French just as shown In the picture
extension., solid pedestal, mirror, large linen drawer and c mlrror _ wood knob here; a very dainty, l pretty
-$12 Golden Oak or Fumed Oak , • . cupboard - top 42x22 full size base; size of top pattern in a dresser of ex-
Serving Table; drawer and shelf; claw feet^ m t ,mm cupooarn, t op_%. t? i 40x2« inches. CI 8 fi(| cellent quality and jI7 7c
.Rlzeoftop 36x28 inches. J^^Q g pe clal at .......$I 0.75 inches. Special at $14 Special at 1 O.UU finish. Special at. ..*»'•' •>
—You'll Not Equal Elsewhere the Reg- 1| — ComfortS-a Special
ular Values or the Special Bargains Bargain Which May
Not Be |
kp4 in Rockers Which i, p Equaled Again JpfiJ
N 111 if YouFindat ill TWT This Season ]2M^& '
r'lb^4frll I Dn.«*lr^«- R«*S\+liarC li I' ' A-'-'-W I -*10 Pine Sateen-Covered Down IM(7l(«r^>^'. V«L.
/ J_s2_F Barker orotners pi- iiamnl lid •. c°mforts in dainty.^, oE ml^^^".'^
•^ Jyr^il I" P-; Aml a^M blue- pink- yellow and red; also ll^^-^'^^fr-
—-y. Li I —$4.00 Bedroom Rocker, Just as shown in I|| I VV||| I | W^/l I darker colors In very choice Per- %*«2!ai.!?^ /\l Lfif
g--^sa^E^-t#>|| the picture here at left; a particularly pop- '*jg| I aSSa= l*<®w'i sian designs—comforts which are A" «««Ll«* \W.>l«?>^
_**^W=S^/B "." t*dlyr h«?v«»rPu Wrc"_2Ji U thef choice JJ | 1 K^___^^3K-_. very choice in every particular, NGSFAii Sll
W Blipi.i jf mST!!)/ of either mahogany nnish, C 1 QC »=^"j» |'| C C» ~Jr=^BW\\ /I featured to call particular at- V
TTJrXnH mil! or birch, at * • '^M iH^^a^" wWI tentlon to our bedding depart-
A<"^§«r s¥i&''( — $6.50 Quarter-sawed Golden Oak Arm r_ a ■■ t rSr^ jflf> ment; a one-day extraordinary \S»^TJS»
'J-^rir "^flKtl 1 Rocker, shown hero at right! Colonial de- »~Tt—^/jjgZZSg^ZzJ&l^W^ nffprine at «t C C\(\ V> ' -
r • "^Wr. sign; selected quarter-sawed stock; beau- [ft. **^<Z^^r\SjKf offering at, 2O.UU
" tlfully polished finish. f% Oft V (Wf Choice i. ■v^.w
Special <:"*•■" . . _ .
• ' " ' ~~~ "" • i
—Another Opportunity to Secure One of Those New
Improved Steel Gas Ranges p/Mißwr
The Champion—a Special Price—lntroductory Offering i^-~7*—.£gM py#A
—Built like a steel range; to last a lifetime; UJT m& gml^wW
— Built to give increased cooking facilities with decreased use of gas; '4M^C\ W^i^^r^t
—Built to heat as well as cook, when desired; I \3^^^^=^^^fff\W
Improvement is the order of the age—in gas ranges, just as much as in any other line. The e^^^^^^^^-^K/ f|l
Champion gas range, with two lighted burners, will give you as much cooking surface as the <lgl|MJr" , —^^ / | £1
ordinary gas range with four burners—and with four burners half again as much cooking stir- | _liggZ^Zm| Art
face as the regulation gas range. The Champion gas range, by also using the heat from its top BVlj^j] P^af||gg3 if Jflj fl
burners to assist in the heating of the oven, enonomizes atleast 33 1-3 per cent in the use of fuel m±£!l I ¥3& H'rti 1
for baking and roasting. The Champion gas range,-by utilizing the heat generated by the gas m * J ■."JfiSn V'V'fll \\
for cooking purposes, also for heating purposes in cool weather, will help reduce your heating •J-JK§p=r|l XNT^^ll I
bills The Champion gas range is equipped with a spacious 18-m. oven, separate broiling burn- |flBp%J *|^ gSik! I |
crs and elevated wanning compartment. The Champion gas range is built as heavily and as dur- -J^^^^imgSSS^J I ' I
ably as the best steel range, and handsomely finished in every particular. Regularly this range VjgrgVVS. \>.'frvSA^^^mH
sells at $65 but to introduce the Champion range quickly in a large number of dl» A fiT "^pA^VH \\WES^\^r^'
Los Angeles homes, we will continue the special price this week of «fI>TC«J • ■

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