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Walter Parker Visitor
at Fredericks' Office
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 4, 1910.
Mr. Thomas Lee Woolwine,,
307 Stimton Building, City.
Dear Sir: lam not a Democrat nor am V seeking any favor from you. an entire stranger
to me, but after reading the indorsement'given District Attorney Fredericks by Robert J.
Burdette In the Times of November 3d, patience with me ceases to be a virtue. I wish now
to give you a few facts taken from my personal experience with Mr. Fredericks.
About three years ago I was in the oil business in I'asadejia and bad in my onp'^y a
ward politician. He embezzled about $1200 from .me in amounts ranging from $2 to $15. I
had conclusive evidence and went with it to the district attorney, making seven trips from
Pasadena. He repeatedly turned me away with some trivial excuse, after admitting that I had
a clear case but said it would be too bad to bring disgrace upon his family.
On my seventh visit I had just been admitted to Mr. Fredericks' private office when he
was informed by card that someone outside wished to see him. Hi: immediately excused me,
informing me he had a very important matter to attend to. Of course I we*. In pacing out
I asked the doorkecpeu'who the man was who had just entered. His answer' was "Walter
Parker." You may draw your own conclusions. ;
Before going to see the district attorney I was informed by the ward politician and em
bezzler "that John D. Fredericks would never issue a warrant against him as they were bosom
friends. . -
Now, Mr. Woolwine. if you desire to know all the facts in the case, 1 will be pleased to
give them to you in the interest of good government.
Wishing you a successful campaign, I am, Sincerely yours.
I. E. SHERW la.
You may use my name if you deem it necessary.
Family Alarmed Over Telegrams
Regarding Prominent An
geleno in Seattle
After Forest E. Porter, scion of a
prominent pioneer family of Southern
California, former cashier of the South
Side bank, who is .said to have squan
dered $^00,000 in th^- last«two years, had
been reported as mislng from his quar
ters in the Seattle Athletic club under
circumstances that alarmed his friends
regarding his safety, a telegram was
received by hiu brother, Surnner Por
ter, saying the alleged mising man was
all right.
The reassuring menage was received
by Sumner Porter soon after he had
dispatched a mesage to Seattle, which
"Spare no expense in hunt and run
ning down clues regarding possible sui
At 1 o'clock this morning Sumner
Porter's anxiety was relieved by the
receipt of the following brief mesaatje
from R- J- Owens, who had previously
sent the word to Porter's family here
that the man had disappeared:
"Everything O. K."
Porter, who la married and has two
beautiful children, left his family in
their pretty home at 2917 South Nor
niandle avenue shortly after his resig
nation as cashier from the South Side
hunk, September 1, and is said to
have gone to Seattle in company with
a woman with whom he was lnfat
\iated. He registered at the Seattle
Athletic club and spent money lav
ishly, although it was believed by his
friends and family in Lios Angeles
that he was in straitened circum
According to the information received
in Los Angeles, in payment of a bill in
Seattle Porter gave a check on the
South Side bank in Los Angeles which
was returned marked "no funds." Por
ter went to his club Friday night
shortly after his check had been 1-e
--turndd to him, and discarding a neat
business suit put on an «ld one, pulled
a cap over his eyes and thrusting a re
volver which he kept in his dresser In
his pocket, left the club.
A note addressed to a woman with
whom he had been seen In Seattle, in
which he told her a check which had
been issued on a Los Angeles bank
had been returned to him and that it
was the last time that he would "turn
a trick of that kind," is said to h*ve
been left. "I am going on a long J jur
ney," the note said.
Porter's wife and two little sons,
S and 14 years old, respectively, who
have been staying at the home of
Captain R. L. Cresse, Red field and
Walnut hill, since Porter left them,
left the Crease home last night lor
the house of Sumner Porter, who lives
ut Twenty-first street and Gramercy
place. !The receipt of a telegram last
night 'uy Porter's friends in Los An
geles apprised Mrs. Porter of the
whereabouts of her husband durlngthe
weeks that he Jiad been away.
The telegram received by Porter's
friends here last night signed by
< wenj reads:
"Forest mysteriously disappeared last
night. Left papers, also note saying
life misspent. Left personal effects ex
cept revolver. Have notified police.
Advise next move."
Sumner Porter, Forest's brother, saiil
last night that the estate left his
brother did not amount to $200,000, ami
that he did not believe his brother had
spent that much money in two years.
Porter is said to have had financial
difficulties prior to his resignation, two
months ago, from the South Side bank,
just before its consolidation with the
Traders' bank. Newman Essick, one
of the officials of the Traders' bank,
who was a director in the South Siilfi
bank before its consolidation with the
latter concern, said last night that he
would not like to say Porter resigned
because of financial troubles.
The Porters own the property at 2917
South Normandle avenue, where they
have lived for three years. They .are
well known socially.
Porter is reported by his friendx In
Seattle to have V-een in Tacoma. Por
ter, his friends say, was indignant
when he learned that the police had
been asked to look for him for fear
he would take his life.
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MEXICO CITY, Nov. s.—Robert A. |
Crump, former cashier of the Fed?r^l
Banking company, which failed MV
etal months ago, was sentenced today
to twelve years' imprisonment, f1- ,
lowing hf« conviction of embezzling
$68,000 from the institution.
'Phis is the maximum penalty pro- |
vided by Mexican laws. Tl.e bank was j
mi American house. '
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KANSAS CITT, Nov. 6.—While
scores of persons thronged the s'de
walks outside, two highwaymen entered
,& pawnshop In the heart of the city at
noon today, held up M. Daniels, the
proprietor, and escaped, after holding
a pursuing crowd at with revolv
ers. The men got no valuables.
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plain gored skirts,. habit backs, some of them with deftly intro- • Qur stock of close-fitting turbans, of velvet, plush, felt and
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Untnmmed rlats
A +— TT7* _.i.«^ r\ -r**T Uncommonly rich colorings in corded silk shapes with satin fac-
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1^: , -.»-••— An attractive and modish line of black velvet shapes, $3.95
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