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From Mines and Oil Fields
Improvement Outlined for Coming
Year Will Increase Activity
About Douglas
DOUGLAS, Aria., Nov. 14.-At the
Copper Queen smelter construction
work promises to be an Important fea
ture during the coming year. In fact
this work has already started and a
force of men Is now engaged In clear
ing off the site for the plant of rever
batory furnaces and ricDougal roasters
which will be ided to the smelting
plant during the next year. This addi
tion will consist of two reverbatory
furnaces and five McDougal roasters,
such as have recently been installed
at Cananea by Dr. Ricketts. These
furnaces will be 100 feet in length and
•will be constructed of fire brick.
The structural steil for the required
building to accommodate three McDou
g-al roasters and that many roasters
have been on the ground at the Queen
smelter for nearly a year, but it has
now been decided to install five roast
ers and they have be?n ordered and tha
additional building material.
The additional building will extend
north from the west end of the pres
ent smelter building, forming an L
860 feet of building, and this ground
has been cleared and excavation is
now under way for cement founda
tions required for furnaces and roast
ers. This new feature is for the re
duction of fine dust, concentrates and
dust ores which come out of the C. Q.
mines at Bisbee. It is expected to ma
terially lower the cost of production
from this class of charge which now
goes into the blast furnaces.
The October output at the Copper
Queen smelter amounted to only 8,
--800,000 pounds of copper, which is neßr
ly 2,000,000 less than the output for
the months of March and August when
about 10,700,000 pounds was produced
for each. Thcro are nine furnaces now
in operation at the Queen.
The number of furnaces in blast dur
ing the past three months has been
regulated by the quality of ore used
for the charge, as the policy has been
to hold the Queen product at about
the same monthly figure. More or less
depends upon custom ore receipts, ,
which are not large now, the princl- i
pal customer In the custom depart
ment being the Shattuck, which is
sending about 100 tons dally. The
Queen output alco Includes the output
from the concentrates sent up dally •
from Nacozarl by the Moctezuma Cop- i
per company.
For the accommodation of the re- ]
verbatory furnaces and roasters an '
additional stack will bo erected. This
stack will be 800 feet high, 40 feet
higher than '.he present one which ac- i
commodates the blast furnaces and
the converters. The new stack will
be 14 feet in diameter and will be
built of brick, the work being let at
Two turbines have been ordered for
the power house, each of about 1100
horse power. These turbines will gen
orate the electricity contracted to the
El Tigre mine which will be transmit
ted by the Tlgre company a distance
of 72 miles.
While nothing was given out after
the visit of the controlling directors
and officers of the Calumet & Arizona
company at the smelter last week, It
is believed that they are planning ex
tensive work at their plant during the
coming year. Immediately after the
directors returned home General Man
ager Greenway of the C. & A., James
Wood, smelter superintendent of thb
same company, and Dr. L.. D. Ricketts
of the Greene-Cananea, left for an ex
tended trip which will take them to the I
copper camps of Montana, Utah and
The C. & A. has been gradually en
larging its original furnaces from 300
ton to 600 ton capacity, until now it
has five of the larger capacity and one
of the smaller capacity. Just what
enlargements are in contemplation by ,
the C. & A. of its smelter can only
be surmised, but something in that line
Is confidently expected. It is known
that the mines of the C. & A. and the
8. & P. at Bisbee could double the
ore output at any tlm<». The output of
the C. & A. smelter last month amount
ed to something over 4,000,000, or about
700,000 less than the output for the
record month of the year. The present
C. & A. smelter plant could easily pro
duce 3,000,000 more if such an increase
in output were desired. •
NEVADA CITY, Nov. 14.—Opera
tions are about to be resumed at the
16 to 1 mine near Alleghany. The
Bradburys have bonded the mine to
a company in which L. E. L<ee and
others of San iFranciseo are Interested.
A couple of the members of the new
company have been at Alleg-hany for
several days making arrangements to
take over the property and commence
active work.
The new company intends to de
velop the 16 to 1 in a thorough man
ner. They have secured the electric
plant on the Oriental mine, which will
be moved to the 16 to 1 and plnced in
operation. The plant will be adequate
lor furnishing power for sinking and
pumping, as it is the Intention of the
company to sink a shaft from the
main working tunnel, wh'eh will go
down on the course of the vein.
People remember the phenomenal
stories of riches extrneted from tho
16 to 1 a year ago last summer. It 1h
believed that with depth the rich
shoot will again blossom out and that
the property will prove a valuable ona
A suit instituted at Baknrsfield by-
Ron & Baehman against the Consoli
dated Midway Oil company to secure
possession of forty acres in fractional
section 30 was thrown out of court by
order of the Judge at Bakersfleld, j
according to telegraphic novices re- |
ceived at the company's offices here
yesterday from Its attorney, Ora E.
This clears the title to the land, and
the Consolidated Midway will now re
ceive a patent for It.
The company's great gu=her is on
the property. The Consolidated owns
eighty acres, the Prances-Wellman
twenty, and the Pldney-Heald com
pany the remainder, twunty acres, the
action of the court fixing the titles for
all of it.
As a resuJt of the nonsuit there was
an Increase in the price of Consoli
dated Midway stock on the lonaJ ex
change yesterday, 53,000 shares being
PROVIDENCE, R. 1., Nov. 14.—Judge
Belbaron B. Colt of the United
circuit court of appeals became a can
didate for United States senator to
succeed Nelson W. Aldricb.
James Wynkoop
Oil ran from the Midway and Sunset
field* by the Producer* Agency was be
gun Sunday. This follow* the opening
of the Producer*' line for oil at Coal
ings two day* ago. No general ran of
oil linn been carried from any of these
west fide fields since the pipe* were
filled with Lakevlew oil about two
month* ago.
It I* now believed that the Lakevtew
situation baa been *o relieved that there
I* no longer danger from the winter
rain*. Some time ago oil from the fa
moos gather wa* tanked up In earthen
lumpi away down on the flat. It wa*
feared that when the rain* came on they
would can*e these sump* to break and
not only bring about the lo** of much
oil, but possibly precipitate the back
flood Into the Buena Vista lake.
The statement Is made that when the
proper connection* are made with the
Associated line, a* they will be In the
near future, the combined Interests can
carry 80,000 barrels of oil a day out of
Ihe Midway-Sunset district.
NEVADA CITY, Nov. 14.—Exten
sive Improvements are being made by
the empire Mines company. In addi
tion to the large structure erected to
house the modern cyanide plant, a
new assay office is being built at the
end of the general office building. The
building will be 16x25 feet and is being
constructed of quartz and brick.
When completed it will be an attrac
tive building and a great improvement
to the Empire grounds.
SEARCHLIGHT, Nev., Nov. 14.— I
Water has been struck at the Capitol
at a depth of about 400 feet. Good ore
Is also reported at this depth. At the
present time water sufficient for camp
purposes Is piped In from Tula Springs,
so that the striking of a flow in the !
mine is hailed with delight, and a re
duction plant is likely to follow at an j
early date.
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by I* A.
Crlsler St Co.. members of Los Angeles stock
exchange, 200-201 I. W. Hellman building,
Los Angeles. /
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14.—Consolidated
and Florence wore unchanged. Jumbo Ex
tension and Fraction dropped one point each.
There was no Improvement In the trading
over last week's showing. A wire from
Phila : 1a states that the net earnings of
the Ton iv.li Mining company for October were
The Tonopah list was dull and heavy. Mon
tana was off 8 points and Belmont 24. The
best bid for West End was (0 cents, and
fur Jim Butler 28.
Following were the closing Quotations:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Adams 1 2 Kewanas .... 7 8
Atlanta .... 13 14 Great Bend.. 2 8
Booth 7 9 Grandma .... 2 8
B B Exten.. >. 1 Jumbo Exten 23 24
Blue Bull ... 4 6 Kendall 2
Blue Bell ..2 3 Lone Star ..2 4
B B Con 2 Lou Dillon .. .. 2
Col Mtn .... 2 .. Oro 6 7
Comb Frao.. £8 27 Red Top Ex. 8 4
Cracker-Jack.. 1 .. Red Hills ...» 4
Florence ....ISO 185 Sandstorm .... 4
Flor Ex 2 St Ives 16
Fr Moh .... 1 .. Silver Pick... 7 9
Qldfld Con..SOS 210 Yellow Tiger. .. 8
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Belmont ....445 4474 North Star... 6 I
Jim Butler.. 23 SO Rescue 12 13
Midway 20 Ton Mining. .B2s
Montana ... 91 96 Ton Ex 1024 105
UacNamara 26 27 Wst End Con 60 62
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Amethyst 1 Montgm Mtn .. 1
Bullfrg Mln .. 2 Mayflow Con 6 6
Bullfrg N B 1 2 Tramp Con.. 2 8
Bonnie Clare .. 6 Val View 2
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Little Grey. .. 2 Man Dexter.. 6
Man C0n.... 2 8 Mustang 1 2
Man Mining. .. 1 Thanksgiving. 3 4
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask
Eagle's Nest 8 6 Round Mtn... 41 42
Fview Eagle .. 46 Pitts Bllv Pk 60 66
Nev Hi 115...230 .. Coalition 6
Service to The Los Angeles Herald by L. A.
Crlsler & Co., member Los Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Hellman building, Los
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14.—Following were
today's quotations on the San Francisco stock
exchange: —Opening— —Closing-
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Associated Oil ... 43.00 43.124 43.00 43.26
Brookshiro 1.26 .... 1.25
Illinois Crude 40 .... .38
Mascot OH 8.75 .... 3.76
Monte Crlsto 2.60 .... 2.50
New Pennsyl 45 .55 .65 ....
Palmer Oil 1.3714 1.40 1.37-.4 1.40
Premier 74 .76 .74 .75
Sliver Tip 1.60 .... 1.50 1.60
Sates— Marlcopa 8.00, 1000 Premier .76,
100 Republic .60.
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 211 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
BOSTON, Nov. 14.— market on East
Dalle eclipsed everything else on the local
lint. Outside of East Butte everything was
dull. Copper and Range and Osceola were
tllghtly stronger and there were a few scat- ,
tering orders to buy in North Butte.
Quotations closed as follows:
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Am Pneu.. 4% 6 Mohawk 50 SOft
do pfd.... 14 15 Nev Con 20% 21
Adventure.. 8 814 N Butte 87% 36
Ailouez .... 44 49 Old Domlon. 42 4.i!i
Atlantic 7 8 Osceola 1314 ..
Arcadian ... 4% 6 Parrot 14 15
Ariz Com... IS 18V4 Qulncy 75 77
Apex 3% 34 Santa Fe ... 14 1%
Butte Con... 2uVi -'■''•s Shannon 13 Vi 13,4
Cal & Ariz M 66H shoe Mach.. 6514 f.:.fi
Cal & Hee1.675 680 do pfd .... 28% 29
Centennial.. 19 20 Superior Cop 49% .. i
Con Mercur. 5 7 Sup & Bostn 7% 8
Cop Range.. 71 72 Sup & Pitts 14 V 4 15%
Corbin 16% 17 Swift 102 Vi 10254
Daly West.. 3% .. Tamarack... 69 60
Bast Butte.. 184 14 Trinity 64 6
Franklin.... lift 11% United Cop.. 614 6
Oranby 44 46 United Fruit.lBs'4 186% '■
Greens Can. 7% 7% U 8 Smeltl. 36% 87
Hancock.... 27 28 do pfd ... 48 484
Isle Royale. 214 22 Utah Con... 244 25 I
Keewenaw.. 3V4 3% Victoria .... 24 3
Lake 884 39 Wlnona 10 104
La Salle ... 9Vi 94 Wolverine... 125 12S
Mass Cop... 9 m Wyandot 14 1%
Mayflower... 40 60 North Lake.. 8 84
Miami 19« 20 Indiana 15% ID i
Michigan.... 44 6 |Al(omata 10 11
Special service to The Herald by J. C. Wil
son, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angeles.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14. —Following were
the closing quotations:
Bid. Ask. I Bid. Ask. '
Am Tob 431 435 -Mason Val.. 10*, 10%
Hay State Gs % % Miami 1974 2041
Chicago Sub 4% 5 Mines of Am 45 55 )
Havana Tob 6 7 Nev Utah... 1 14 '
Btandrd 0i1.616 621 Nlplsslng.... 10% 11
Con Stm R 17 21 Ohio 1% 2
Butte Coal. l r>'i 20 Rawhide Coal 6 6
Davis Daly. 1% 2 Ray Central 2,} 2%
Dolores 6 li Ray Con 19% 20
Ely Central. 8 9 South Utah. 1% 1%
Ely C0n.... 25 it United Cop.. «i 6
Oreene Can. 7% S Yukon 3% 4 '
Olroux '% 7%|Chlno »4 21% '
Inspiration.. "'' Mi Con Ariz.... 1% I j
Kerr Lake. 2 8 Keystone ... 2% 3
I* 11050.... 4% 4i;lu Ran .... t% tU •
Complaint Alleges Misrepresenta
tion Through Statements of
Rich Ore Ready for Mill
HANFORD, Nov. 14.—A. L. Harlow,
one of the directors of the Parlier Min
ing company, was held in $10,000 bonds |
by Justice Ferguson to answer to the
charge of having issued and circulated '
a false prospectus and sold stock in the
company under a , misrepresentation.
The complainant is C. H. Bailey of Le
moore, who claims to be one of the j
duped stockholders.
It was charged that the company
issued prospectus with regard to its
Yellow Jacket, Ophir and Good Luck
mines covering 160 acres. In the case
of the Yellow Jacket the prospectus
claim-d that it had piled up, ready for
milling, 4000 tons of ore at a value
of $35 a ton, aggregating $140,000, and
in the case of the Good Luck, $160,000.
The prospectus claims that the com
pany owned the property, but as a
matter of fact it only had a contract
to purchase it. The particulars set
forth that the stock ia non-assessable,
when as a matter of fact it is assess
able. It is further alleged that the
prospectus claimed that the company .
had money to prosecute tlie m.ning;
operations, all of which representa-.
tions were declared to be false.
It was shown in evidence by an Oak
land printer that he had printed the
prospectus and that the printing was i
paid for in stock.
W. J. Wilson of Grangeville, a stock- ;
holder, and A. B. Buckner of Lemoore, '
another stockholder, testified that hey
had purchased stock upon the repre
■antatlom of the defendant and the |
J. E. Conde, superintendent of the!
j company's mines, was called and after |
: a long siege of questioning it devel- !
! oped that the statements in the pros
pectus were not made upon statements
by him. He said the statements are
Sump Holes Are in Readiness to
Catch Output Estimated at
40,000 Barrels Daily
Another big gusher was brought in'
in the Maricopa-Midway district Sat- , j
urday when the No. 1 of the M. and J. ;
Oil company on section 36, 12-24, less j
than one-half mile from the famous
Lakeview well, began flowing at the
rate of 40,000 barrels a day. The com
pany had been expecting a big well |
and was finishing it up fully expecting
a gusher. When the oil began to flow
full preparations had been made and
five big gates were on the casing head
ready to regulate the flow.
The preliminary precautions were
well taken and Sunday the well was
flowing steadily. The output is well
under control and is shooting at the
rate of from 1500 to 2000 barrels an |
hour. The gusher flowed steadily
throughout the night without any sign
of sand trouble and from all signs
there is not the slightest diminution
of pressure.
The well is about 1900 feet deep and
is finished in 8-inch casing. It was
begun last winter by a company or
ganized by M. J. Laymance, the well
known Oakland real estate man, and
associates, who are interested in the
Ethel D. and a number of other prop
erties in the same field.
Sky Tryon had charge of the prop
erty until recently. Hi Shafer, the
superintendent of the Ethel D. com
pany, brought in the gusher. Sump
hole and other storage facilities had
been provided for and when the well
started to flow. the oil was handled
without loss.
Seven Prominent Operators and
Attorneys Will Visit Wash
ington for Industry
At the meeting of the oil men at
' Bakersneld Saturday for the purpose
. of discussing land withdrawals in west
side fields a committee was appointed
' to lay before officials at Washington
the wishes of the oil men here. The
committee so far comprises Frank H.
Short, Thomas A. O'Donnnll and S. A.
Gulberson. Seven is the number des
ignated as the committee. The other
member* will be selected later.
The other four members of the com
mittee will be named, one each by the
Kern county board of trade, the Coal
lnga chamber of commerce, the Cali
i fornia Oil Men's association and the
Western Oil Producers' association,
these being the four organizations that
united in the call for the meeting Sat
l urday.
I A resolution adopted follows.
"Resolved, That it is the sense of
this convention that the rulings of the
, land department in relation to the oil
! mineral lands of the country should
be made consistent with the decisions
of the courts as then understood and
to that end bona fide claims acquired
and developed in good faith under
■uch laws and decisions and the rul
ings of the department should be val
idated and confirmed, and In order to
remove uncertainty and to encourage
the development and improvement of
the oil mining lands and the oil In
dustry, a remedial act of congress
should be immediately passed, under
which all bona tide claims located
and developed or undergoing develop
ment in good faith, may be patented."
I*■ * ■
<» NEW YORK, Nov. 14.—Standard <fc
& topper firm but quiet) »»ot and I>e- w
« cember, 112.50® H.tO. <$>
• ♦ I.<-aci fiulrt, si.in ii■ I..■•<), <•'
A Bar silver. 65 7-Bc. <»'
The Citizens National Bank
At Los Angeles, in the State of California at
the Close of Business November 10th, 1910
Resources dollars
Loans and Discounts ....:... .......,., •...-.■ • $5,226,503.62
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured i • • ■•« <•• 7,301.39
U. S. Bonds to Secure Circulation ..: , ..... T. 1,000,000.00
U. S. Bonds to Secure U. S. Deposits .., . . * • • • 1,000.00
Premiums on U. S. Bonds 11,000.00
Bonds, Securities, etc : ." 702,930.91
Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures X '. • • 80,000.00
Due from Natl. Banks (not reserve agents) .... * ..'... $909,637.47
Due from State and Private Banks and Bankers, Trust Companies and Savings Banks 314,229.32
Due from Approved Reserve Agents • 612,623.39 ,
Checks and Other Cash Items :... ........ 108,753.68 •*
Exchanges for Clearing House 266,628.98
Notes of Other National Banks '.. :. •• • 45,775.00
Fractional Paper Currency, Nickels and Cents ...-. ...-. 1,330.06
Specie (Lawful Money Reserve in Bank) • 918,349.10
Legal Tender Notes (Lawful Money Reserve in Bank) .. i 104,037.00 3,281,364.00
Redemption Fund with U. S. Treasurer (5% Circulation) .' 50,000.00
TOTAL . . ... . ... ... ... ..... . $10,360,099.92
Liabilities dollars
. Capital Stock Paid In ■....• • • • • $1,000,000.00
Surplus Fund ' 375,000.00
Undivided Profits, Less Expenses and Taxes Paid , 212,946.07
National Bank Notes Outstanding •• • 963,650.00
Due to Other National Banks ■ ••$ 992,496.16
Due to State and Private Banks and Bankers : 568,085.04
Due to Trust Companies and Savings Banks '. 912,502.86
Dividends Unpaid 195.00
Individual Deposits Subject to Check .V 4,775,093.56
Demand Certificates of Deposit ; • 412,388.88
Certified Checks 23,615.11
Cashier's Checks Outstanding i 123,127.24
United States Deposits 1,000.00 7,808,503.85
TOTAL .\ ...... . . . $10,360,099.92
I Wm. W. Woods, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
WM. W. WOODS, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of November, 1918. C. E. FISH. Notary Public. \
r*V '"> J. ROSS CLARK,
" Directors.
$133,101.64 in Gash Divided Among Los Angeles In- ]
vestment Company Stockholders Today, This
Being the Fifty-Ninth Quarterly Dividend
IF YOU ARE not securing your part of the cash dividends which this Company
is paying, you are not participating in the wealth being created by the
growth of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Investment Company stock affords
you means to accomplish that end.
LAND—Los Angeles land—carefully bought, improved, delivered to purchasers
on terms like rent; interest on mortgages and secured loans; and profits on building
construction. These are the three main sources of profit from which this company
pays its stockholders 28% a year dividends.
Stock now selling at $3.35 a share—s3.4o after November 30—is better than
an 896 investment. It can be purchased for cash, for part cash or for as little as $1
down and 50c a month. .
The safety of your investment is absolutely guaranteed by the $45,000.00
Guarantee Fund, held and managed by the Globe Savings Bank of this city. This
fund does two things:
FIRST: It gives a flat guarantee to protect from loss any person purchasing not over SSOO
worth of stock from this company. With that sort of a guarantee you are not speculating when
you buy Los Angeles Investment Company Stock. >
SECOND: It gives you your money back, if you want it, inside of two minutes; you will not
have to wait a day or a week or more. You will receive all of yourmmonety t not a part of it. The
minute you offer your stock to the fund your check, in full, is being put through; you will not
have to wait until your stock is resold.
In short, the fund maintains the record that this Company has—of never having had an
investor fail to receive all of his money on demand. ,
tut r\ /t rs*v ro=y
M H J I J L J ' 7
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