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*Vt t^^^ Dinner 25c i Three Buyers Unite in V x'W^rjSEi* qp«^« vj^tw^^^ci^
'.^^^^^l^^^^A^^t f^^^^ ?re c s 0si tn7 ao tr° friTwwteLh'toma^ Triangular Sale of Great Importance -^|ifSX^^ I^^^^
fsi y\^HQMEWS7I.BOwr.4944f**BI>OADWArCOI>. *"* LasAtHJUtX |Pllr Chicken salad with wafers, 25c; ham sand- CC l O9C -tt'« *■ art " //pi \7Uoti£ lOS^. BD¥nr.4944^%RCADWAf COB. 4TH?LOSANa£USi TPIL
iss*\- "y *\W/" wlch, pie and drink, 15c; Ice cream and cake, Particulars will be given there as to this notable event, which should a "lr '" '
. • / 10c. Fourth Floor. result in new records for the departments concerned. . \
"Til Start My Christmas Shopping Monday At The Broadway
—"~~ ~~~~~ ' ~~~ ~~ "~~ I Read that headline again, think about it, then act. y^^^^f^^
"X M IT IT j_ 1 rff T A £^ _I 1 • - _ § Shopping time is flying. 24 more days in which to /^^#»-!*l^^^
My, How the Toys Are Selling! •*** r <**a. e^ Mm/%
. mr & %J Right now the store is keyed up to the highest jf^ >H^if^KS!l
And no wonder when you consider we are now presenting the most wonderful lot of toys and dolls that has ever graced floor spaoo In rltflriL Ditch from tri*» m(»rrhanrJit;i» <stanrlnnint .V"s^^r^K"^& "\v\3l
this store. Take into consideration the fact that the Broadway has always been Toy headquarters for Los Angeles, Is it any won- <&£?)£&■>> ure iiiciuiauuiw awuuiiumi. , 4sM^)JuE&u3!m v^Q^.
dor that toys are fairly tlyinp away. Santa (lavs will be here Monday from 10 to 12 and 2t05 in the afternoon. He holds daily ffjXfrSSm You are interested now in Christmas merchan- ■^^J^[vS^^f'> l¥mSS, uVvX&Sk?^
LJ.^ receptions; brine; the children here to talk with him. Perhaps he'll have some nice little souvenir. At AW^KK j;_. f u- +rt o .«, a -, c +V— U \<• T,-.r,^11,«»r ~^^^(,\A
m/ " =- —^ T any rate he'll be glad to have the children write to him. Santa Claus answers all communications ad- **fcs|SSr; vise, tne toys, tne games, tne BOOKS, nanaKer- 3^" J *^>^SS'^^*^^^si^%*^Vf^^t^^»
yfj t( cP/0,,«^ T .Ji dressed care of the Broadway Department Store, his real headquarters. f^M lfiffP\ chiefs, jewelry, leather goods, slippers, bath f/lO^^'^^/^^^S*^^^^
/sJ^~n^MW\ others at Ti.i^F'si^ji^ and up to $-.50 ' V . , DOLL GO-CARTS «ffife« ' . robes, fine china, cut glass and the thou- MM J ,^«
wm\ U%fe) KttWAf«dlJt to ft* U'^taWStS ffV"o^^4fc «?« WNk ' sand and one gift suggestions that are wj S&>wßffilsmL
WM3 M^|\y *™' WdCr^f"scat^B<5c at^B< and upjo $5.7", and J6.50. One of the«e will please Ul f|//^ here now in greater variety than any .#^/ /^fCJB^P^|k
_- v __ XiJ-^ Two horses with seat In center, and»i.4n. for tha any little girl. IRON TOYS " /////li I' previous season. ' ( JEM^,';^^^^^-- ■ ■••■ v^. '■' ■
small baby. Others at $1.25, $1.39 and $1.45. IRON TOYS ' II II I Wl jil^re^i!^^^^^:'^^^'''^-^'l-'''^^^ /e^»»4
==^ 3^ WOODEN BAKKOWS 25r. ; (><' AND 68c A biff assortment of passeng/r trains at 10c, 25c, \\\\\\\ Il\ / NOt Only frOm the Standpoint of J^^^^^^^^^i^'t^^-^^^'. /^wISM
f^^^^^^P Animals, dolls, balls,'rattle" 1 etc" at r,,', me, 15c and 25c. "'"(. 75c, S9c and $1. //// I |l//,, Completeness of Stocks, but for a t*jf%rf~^ V«fc,.,---» // ' /f/^^^*
\^^^^s:^r/W Hp<l balls, 10c. Have double skin, perfectly sanitary for Coal trains at 50c and $1. I/ll! 11// nrir#» r«»a<!r»n vnn'll h* inti>rtKitt>A in' /'^T Z* '""' *JW fev^ r"''"'*'jr-.>v//'i *. J ]// \?,7W
ST~^ the baby. lO c. iiave^loul^in.^r.eetly san.tary for Fire engines and hooks and ladders at 50c, $1. tHH LAVA,' pTICC reason» you" De mterestea in ■f/rs.Q£_ _// ) /^ // /j^ V» ft
v^fli 7h>. TIIE ninns TOTS „ an<i *i-50. , )LM^ iJZw// the Broadway from now until y fMf vi'^y-.W^ [--»-■•-•■,:!■...^.u |.-7T^'.';|^"'| i ■< ■■ ■' t^C^! >*NY 1 I
Y^/\ SSl^at^U^t 1 a^'l;c 1'"111 the WC° fOlk Tuck's New Games and Animals 50c fig Christmas. 7 "^ ""^ »ai^^ i iiiiE»^^ \ I
#%^A The genuine Hand^k f^ball'jotnted d 0,,, moving dergarte"r»lt?u^ albXtagfrtc^'choicfat s^"" jM »^ WeVe planned for the occasion by the^jMtellilS fef^>»^^W
</ \\\^ head, long curls, sleeping eyes with eyelashes and natural bem. ciiimks ioc axd ssc C-^7 "^F convenient arrangement Of Stocks, the ™^^HlSff atffrili'' ;i" V''':'i'ii'ai i■'"■ . ■ "- '" K^.-y-'ayfS^f ili.V
\\ eyebrows, 29 inches high. The kind that will run along the floor. J* Strengthening of delivery and Other ac- \£\' rrf^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f'^^^r
_ q' Something to interest the liU^'KiHr^mderful values at These with 'K^he^'^os*'.^ eyes, sewed commodations. From now on there will i^^^^^M^^m^ '
C^v T(| $1.25, $1.75 and $2.50. curly wig, fitted with shoes ai.d stockings. 1/7 be great crowds, we expect them, and
JL A «-ne of games for th/hoy.'',^ be nlayed in the parlor. ™£ *£*?£ 'iTroTgn?" Mm'VneM h3VC f? r T^ 1" 1
J^^ IB Sets of U. 25C. 50c and Jl & (1"lls i" I"" \iikcl' *. extra salespeople, ana almost a world °f *•■ -••• •-,,;^^;i'!'*^a^?Sfis^':;.>iS>^!r*
Rl0» These are the kind %. We II and $1.95. _. „ . nfl k", „0..,.* *> ''m&^ "fl^^X Mo y the da to bein * " ->"" "-^*'^ ' ""^^
r*iMTiS m:u baseball games Bisque head, curly wig. ,o^t at the Broadway.
jyfJL Interesting to young and old. Baseball as it is played on the -_ rag doli. Mo ip'-JfrsPT' fe> i : ' i 1 ' ' ■" ~i
■c^^^it^P diamond. Price $2.46. 4 Cloth body and celluloid face. ' -*—-JKvE -^ r- /" . i *"-
' T~~ ~ L \ — ~'_ - -__ Give a Kodak Merchandise **r^ --
&1 d 5 Burnina Olltfit 79C "&m"&2KCMZ , A^7"W^ • Jm\ Andthatmean B glveanEa.tman. to rififl B n'tanEa.t. OrderS &^^jL**t&To
*PJ..*+K} ±JU,I lUIILJ V^ttl/'l' «■ *^V > • $^^&jJsvJ *JmU man It isn't a Kodak. What can'be more appropriate v ' JludnndM&ikr.
One item from a great assortment of wood burning materials and outfits. r _ t , XT -l $U<l?Wy^^^jTMr<y<,i]\^W for a Christmas gift? We're particularly proud of our 'Kr>lv<> the gltt rrr)tl l*™ (*r at^-iJu^
These are the regular $1.4.5 outfits consisting of Pyro bulb, platinum point Vhp, UnderWear d A t^L §&& Yfmf%l\\U Jk* Eastman Kodaks this season. those who «r« in doubt. --. —■.—
benzine bottle, alcohol lamp and metal union, all inclosed in neat stamped -*• » **•« »-"(l*«'l l«y«^M-# ■//I NJ^sN^~il|* "'"^ /'Jp (' an be secured for any __ "_~ juL'^Z
box for burning. Regular price $1.45. Sale price 79c. This department, n-C- "\/T--. —-*• U ' lH^jfvSs^^'i.W v^J^«MiBiig(r r ■ > . amount in any ,i<-nartm(-nt. *...""'~~* 7. ?-(!■£
main floor. rS^-r»l, C// J-VXt^/ it H/ 5*5 "^-^^^^^S" T> • IT" J 1 A « > «* v These are handsomely en- £_*/ jy
innnm . ntT _ c - _. ilHi A , ,s Brownie Kodaks $1 tO $4 «r.vert. If. a quick way ■ , v^^- 8/
1000 PLAQUES 5c EA. i I||L^ The underwear that gives satisfaction, When YOU think of eloveTthink And other styles up to $26.50. Rear Aisle 1 •« »'«•««»« th. troubl. of £~1
Pix-inch size, oval or circular designed in l^"r>S^^..., _^ tho klllfi that ls Knit for service and Whe° yOU th'"k °f °YeS mink | And other stMe.s up to ».6.w. Rear Aisle .. I choosing satisfactory lfts. I*T I
fruit, heads and flowers. While they last, 5c '[yßS^TTj!^^=f^sy^jae-SS> comfort. Years of thought and knowl- of the Francoz, for they possess
each. We have other plaques at 10c, if.', 30c '^^^USfiSß^^^^ $£§pl edge of the underwear business is back thf% „a l {*^- fit ,n^ ««i.h J!.^ 1 /^* li* -« "—'
an<l3sC- Wm^^^m^M of the making of this splendid line of " ° W'^ Jow and non uantv Mamifocturer s Surplus Golf ttCls*
PHOTO BOXES Tabourettes 59c ff>*^^^^Pf^^' Dura Mills. Garments for women and !? ves tliat grow in popularity. *~ cz=r-se=—. V«- . r'*~+J / %*!/•
AT« n r.o<,t card boxes 65c and 85c values. tefs^^w^K^^ children. Direct importations of these fine —\£^S!is Shifts Thsrf SLhnitlf] T{a *ki *■ ** ' >
also post card boxe» These ale stiim?e(l' U^^ J) ' . . quality Francoz Eudora, Fran- &nir<>S * nat iDnOUia JJe $ 1 *-^
Regular 4Hc values edy Cc and four foot- ''T!iuJi%XZ?Tifrlfr^S' Union SuitS $1 coz . Brabant, Francoz j Extra vSISHIb<sJ/A \ Wliivf'rp// Yo" see thls manufa-turer "ad a quantity of shirts Umalnlng after the season's
at 23c. cd. L/M7On IjUitS $1 cnz Brabant, Prancoz Extra jf -\\^\\yjJ|^4///'// /Tn You SPe thls manufa'turer nad a nuanttty of shirts remaining after the season's
_ . . _. . —■*"■ Quality are now ready in time for T^\ V^T^fes^T^tS' heavy selling, not sufficient to make a full range of sizes for him. We procured
13C tO SOC Odd Art lrieCeS lOC "?.1 Se f r« ribbed-, shaped Union suits, practical Christmas gifts—sl.so. V^^riJ/yTML^JkT^i them and •'narked them for a feature price at 85c. although they were Intended
Oddfand ends of Sn^y goo^p"" C. stamped en.Tr piece, ten So^S o^'i^i^aTo^at $1,75 and $2.00. WfeZ^^fS 2sh ?2t IST AfS " ? Mafle °' TT "T^h'" 1 T
doilies, etc., 160 to 50c regularly. About 300 while they last, 10c each. the Broadway will you find the Dura .. fllM/rMf/r'&fpM attached > coat st yie n*bt and medium patterns. Monday you 11 have the opportu-
—jTT TW~ 8~l 1 MiUB> Broadway Gloves $1 SS i Mi/l/W^ nlty ° buylns these at 53c-
M'K&ZSiZS^ ed -«ji£rJ2u 11M i;~a; S2SH Hi# Men"s Oudn!> F'""" Paiamas 89c
Oenuine carbons, oil paintings, hand painted water colors, pastels, hand silk and wool union suits at $3.95. Dura Have three rows of embroidery on back. 11111 livhllilJ iAifL— Samples and seconds, about 75 of these that will be interesting to that many men. If it |
colored artotypes and platinos. Some are slightly marred' from handling. Mills vests and pants. These of wool, Black- white and a good cijlor range. KzUJJfjJ fFlil^^f "ere not for the slight imperfections and the fact that they are samples w* would hay«
In many cases you'd hardly notice the fault. Nevertheless, although the at $1.25 and $1.50. Of rilk and wool at " c fit every pair, $1. **^tt>-iii#%»/ marked them $1.25 and $1.50. Beautiful line of patterns and colorings. It's a rare bargain |
regular prices are 50c to $10, they'll be offered Monday in sale at 17c to $2.25. Be sure to see the silk lisle vests # offering. Men's Annex, 89c. . I
$3.33. or full 2-8 reduction. and pants at $2.25 a garment. We have Coronet PiqUe $1.35 «, 1" TN >, J . T?
. . . Just attempted to hint at the broad va- X ique <p 1 .JO |-j j * ._. _, - _,
Artistic Picture Framing IS »«%»* IKe^pttrCe^ ■ JDiaCK UreSS UOOCiS d Feature
_ _ i• -• ._ mi T^ "■ 1 T" T 1 •"I •« >^i Novelties 52-Inch Broadcloth. $1.50. 54-Inch Broadcloth, sponged and shrunk",
Holiday Box These Black Velvet Good Groceries izzjtz.^ ,KSSSSS-ju—*«* '™ B^t^;-»^.
y^| 1 >-| y^% m , . . dhown such orange 64-Inch Broadcloth, sponged and shrunk, 54-Inch Basket Cloth, $2.00.
l*{yin&r I t/C* I r\/yi"C T/~\l* V Jl 93 Economically priced—the way that has made wood nov«»ie. v $2,50. ■. 54-inch Prunella, $1.50.
•*" wpvi *. v^*^- «>^^^ VUUIO I \JI «J> /* ZJZ_ , are extremely ap- , Second Floor.
™. „™, rr r ... „,„. < g^| Children 4— Z w. *>*" ST""'™'' ™" SSX?r= .BSSTT «i^» BffisZ $J. 50 Doeskin 52.00
dUOe the new location for this splen- 1 Ili I Lit (£JT M Jrucro. \v c ueil\er iree. friends—m they are 44-lnch: .hades of cardinal. Shades of seal and solden 5" to 84-lnch: sponged and
did holiday stationer/ department .S^jmßß&^L FASTERX <SIT4R riRFn Flv rT „„„„,■. , lr .», typical California Myrtle. Van Dyke, crushed brown, taupe, light gray. rose. shrunk; very desirable chiffon ■
in aisle 5. Box containing 24 sheets /f»6«h R-arkabie they are from the value stand- f^™^ ' ?^ r^CI ÜBOUKA mi> __,„. "^Vr.urV'V,:^,?^ -vrt,. navy and adm.ral. -'/.?' .^^'.o^A-'t -d I
and 24 envelopes. High grade linen # KR?' t'?%>:fny i 'gS point, and you know the wonderful popu- i.is lOC 4[ Bs 25C I yard. l:einarkahl B value at »1.50. ' evening wear.
finish paper. Boxes decorated in fcfjjwly I*''?^ larity for black velvet coats in double or sin- About sto * lhs. each.
holly, mistletoe and other Christ- I W^i# si" breasted styles with fancy buttons for fancy NORTHERN kit.- ton OK VINK W n>G" ("* ~~m M „ A 731 yv?/• Q^IIUr. F^^l-^^k-**^- /v*« 4
mas designs. Feature price 10c Ig? BfeG* ages up to 6 years. Just the cutest little coat BANK POTATOES, zq BEANS, lias 25c \J( \LCLI QlTtX>eeCi «'* (a\,'*\ kDISiCS J. BlYtjOr L ClilL
-■>ox. iJ^X^rl'jiliVA "" ever saw for the child, $4.95. '-8 LBS SMDER . 9 TOILUO r . T *v
/|«M«W«k!|Ki\ •»-> - t-» FANCY IDAHO FLOUR— L™ C *,™ CAT" News of great importance for Monday shoppers. These item* it is from the main
~Dnaf CnrA -* x-«. 'mßtSmßti lflWtF R//^/-»L« f-<•-»■»-»-»-«•-»*-£• "SEEK NO fidieeb" nor™ i' 10c floor. ?ilk department. Aisle 5. These are black silks that we can guarantee, and 7- •
Alt IQC WmSBBW JLJiaCK IJOnnetS B kani> : 32 BorTLE c black Bilks are much In demand at themoment. Aisle 6. LiningS
AJbUmS . . . -«■ */*~ j3HfT That will match the above coats. These of »-^4"»A^iKo Jow *i^2™' "J.^ 83LA1U) 34-inch Black Taffeta 75c 36-inch Black Taffeta $1.19 Important price, tor Mo«d. T .
These albums hold 200 cards. Made kg,' W g velvet too at $2.98 and $3.45. "er ib ,( no. ■ can. . .....55c . 35-inch Black Taffeta 89c 36-inch Black Taffeta $1.39 cambrics so yard—34 m.
with fancy backs and especially dc- W, \il^ i^» ,cr , •" r\ CAH.....'. <35c egg-o-see or i c corn 36-inch Black Taffeta $1 36-inch Black Taffeta $1.48 s pieces, purple only. '
BlraWe at the «ai t price of ioc. &? W LsOat eaterS Oi/C LiPtox-8 india and n;v- flakes, "'irn' 36-inch Black Taffeta $1.15 36-inch Black Taffeta $1.98 C oat lining soo_j 6 -in«h
I.ON TEAS, fsOr 4 rK(iS OVC ..,„».„ width. Monotone strips el
"Tfc 7l> 11 Practical for the infants or children. Plain red sweater lb •»<*«- imported FRKNCH 01 IVE SCARFINGS 35c Crepe de Chine 59c si'/k 65C '«»• Shades of pink. rose.
Lraper Bells coats- Bi™ »»*«up to B years-Becond floor-690< NoSs''^ nt saiKssss 4©c wwt.«*««»««»»-. An silk at that . So nd sgjg&;a-: --^ ta- browo -
T-fl 1 T"\ •* r\ .- """" Hide bands of Oriental and anese, floral and Orien- nrriTirn sativ «i •><! !„,.>.
Jcto2sc Flannelette Dresses 50c »j^-» ■'— ATSr cANrOR" «orai;dc«i gnB . nch co ior colors, mciudmg P mk, .^ a «, l£ ,. a on S^S^
{b 3Oc DOZEN ' 9-5 C combinations of pink. blue. sray tan reseda, CnhS ™d'r light blue. gray. pink, whiw
You need them for Ch-lsttnas dec- Buster Brown style flannelette dresses for children. Trimmed ■' "■; '' (^BiV " r \nf' \Ni> ' %JOC helio. ?reen, red, gray and ? •x> ' j ' and "ream grounds. and. cream. Second Floor.
orations. Also garlands, wreaths, with wash braid and belt. Sizes up to 5 years. A feature M BTRUF, ' « <?a Or a!"">rt"1 «oup». i- ree purple. brown, com and nellO. Aisle 6. ______^^^____
etc., from Be to 25c in aisle 5. at BOc. . uAl.i.on CAN V 1 .*& demonstration.
Wonderful Purchase 25,000 Pcs. Imported Blue and 1 it c I The World's Greatest Literature in the Year's
White Enamelware in Great 'November Sale, 10c & *.%){, -ff^^, Greatest Sale MSk Great Quantities of
T.nnk at the two illustrations. They tell the story in the picture of what this enamel sale contains. .'" f^iHß' — Revelation .-- 4-V»s» X7 sto+ llrmw«<?l
All small useful pieces as shown at the two prices named. One lot at 10c, one lot at 15c. |Pflf - 2°. X'rSX /g^ r\r*™~*,.l.*o #1
, mm . , 1 * .__ . >\feiCTi>i^. high art binding, large type, illuminated &&SZZ £ vOPVnflf/tIS T^'^f
tl jCk —T" "^<Tl xfK 25,000 pieces, about enough to ilC?,4^^- ->. * _-- editions of the standard writers, come to *3i^^2*t^** I SW"
ilMf^ Olj a/X last one .lay, considering the values, \*\sK?s X^^A mK\WSB? editions of the 8 PUbll° at about ,om.. to JBpIIPIISI A" nmv h're tn thB WJ.lffiL^
I IT /^MB lIT for remember that .his is the heavy MSj^^^\ \K/T f f #'^^8^ ™<",'? uhat an opportunity this af- JmW '-» m"^ ah Zt M ll^K^i 1
-£L/\ff^^ =% //" nlll blue and white enamelware that is /^^sn. \-^^d> K\ nS\\ [-\:^/M?&Z?' fords you of buying Christmas gifts. The l/J*?, 'M^'Wi ular copyright, at fwl • jlj^ M- Ls* 1
<Tp ~^ji ®I>9 \ '! ll° '""' wmtc enamelware that IS / (TV\\ "^V. W%4&* :> book department has .enlarged to double ' ular copyright* °' L__j!L-l lE^*fl
A- \4 = -__Zi^S2^<y^'^^/rj\ hardly ever obtainable at anywhere / /\^»i^/^\\S\\ Yv^^ its usual size. Hero are some of the fea- Shakespeare prices that mean X p^asafg!^ ||- ifjl
/te>v (5 )^f?srf\ y .e; er i O. Dlal"a°le rdl anjwnerc /_ -^-*/ \ LONTFFI TOW tureS: nomlcal Christmas glttsfnT^jT' Jgfegg)
/V\\ Z^^^yi l:^^\ car such prices. Come early and Ig^^if if^^!\ \ \SV \ , LO\GFELLOW lll ub _ Sale Sub Sale -and y.at better >i«i pg,'fe^{|!. _'iU n»- rt-T\
/ N^^//^/^JvS\\ ly buy many pieces, for the sale is tin- PCLr^/ fo^SSl 1 Name. Price. Price. Name. Price. Price. d. T th"" •"' th" liji^, °B^ a<B*> t
\/^M<\\\ ivC 4'^/- \\3~-Z\ usual. /f/M l-.VV^/.-.i / snn\ Jowett's Plato $12.00 $4.20 Les Miserables $16.50 $5.95 , „ W^n^ T>m£=-M
\4f 1 \\V'N^^////4 i^'l \//// V V-.M^/ J. ■7/f)j Jowctt's Plato $20.00 $ 6.75 Lossing's U. S $16.00 ■ $ 5.50 "The X| <""T- li _v, %£,£* TIT%
YhM^m The China Store W^Z^AfJ S.v o » L ; b > y S ! iSSS&S" s::::::::SS «S HC Em
Ail -^VWI/ „ , .-1 \r^^X ~^ rA^//. Children's Own .$30.00 $10.00 Thackeray $40.00 $13.50 111 '^ th .lt'i .d - tAM
I mJJ r- v f/^fAi Complete With 1 t^^y «=Jl>J^ M** . De Musset $18.00 $6.35 Thackeray $27.50 $9.75 M^ma.,.," a '•«'-R^EF^flrl)
li1B(fe-^ VJ^BB(D • n«T C 3 V-lS<t Don Quixote $12.00 $ 4.00 De Maupassant $15.00 $4.75 [ I"'i!'°r Ory ot th< li-H' .ll J mkM
' I ■ll^ X '""'^•FIVAr 1 m-f+ WJtirc •*^' ___—-^ JLy ' Don Quixote $20.00 $6.75 De Maupassant $20.00 $6.75 . , r-V'—^'B^ [!• iW>
JL\P *< \JIJZ nmU.S ' " *§• Ingersoll $18.00 $6.00 Longfellow $15.00 $4.75 """neya 1"-".. «mi"sKO«IBmHL
Ingersoll $25.00 $8.25 Longfellow $20.00 $6.75 "*"'"'? "" u^'u'.'^^7^] n , ''' '■•'ji
If you are at all ln doubt as to what to give tor Christmas a trip to the china, cut glass and bric-a-brac departments will solve Les Miserables $12.00 $4.25 Shakespeare Aldus $2.40 $ .60 - crowned king.- ——*^^^
the problem. We've given extra careful attention to the selection of Christmas gifts this season with special features at 25c, JJ" "'""«""==» <<"*•» *| « __^ v v \ .
S9c, 50c, 75c ;iii.l Jl. Hep. aw salad bowls, cake plates, celery trays, chop dishes, cups and saucers, plates, covered ho.-, bon dishes, —„--.,-.,~.v.iLß.iW.'v.M—— "" "
powder boxes, Imir receivers, etc. Popular price, prevail. We direct particular attention to the beautiful -»-v • /^ U. « ml\ mw^ffc't-^"^'' <?^ Tr?r^ t'!:^^^^*fr. l Wh^ Not *■* SuHSet SeWIUQ
Lhinu pieces at $1.25. $1.50 mid $2. Pl/Ytini Yin +0 G+ •^ n\? ±\ OZ « OUnSet OCWmQ
iga&.^vuTj* VENETIAN GLASS a TOBACCO BOXES . K^S^^^^SS^l Machine for a Christ
x"*t4i^lai**:;- s' COMPORT AT %s£)C That new line will be ready Monday. Prices CT T* 01/? S 1 7T. IsBBlSwMtif*WS^^^^3Sfl^^! £~**'4-4- r> '■"
T 1.11 the picture, this beautiful decorated *rti"* at 25 °' 39.-. 5°C UlCn 780 and »1. ?^.-^\ _ II 111 «S maS KJIJZ C
In Venetian glassware ia attracting wide- CUT GLASS f^Kf/ll fnf/IV/lof •' I If '° rutting your Christmas money to a practical us«
II s'"'"l attention. This corr.port at Dsc is LU X »jA '>& I^-'N IJiZCrebL Tti£ iffliSl^SKHff**** 11 and you'll be giving a gift that any woman will appre
%h j' '"'"' '" direct your attention to the Always appropriate for Christina? gifts. This / \II »"' • USSStfr #\ date.
ii, 'o" e'Ts^'. $1 and <'Vr'MiHl>ML- IJ|r- P« etJ! Ln assortment is particularly attrac- jf I// The boys and girls are working like |fll| ?lSln ,' Sunset Sewing Maelilncii are unaurpassed In quality.
|\ gSI 55SlS "to $1-M> IPC'U(IInK tW tivc. We've never before had gStSt JUS ■---— '" Mode, Mode, B ,34.50. .
,f' CHIIDRPN'SrHIMA such beautiful pieces at $1.50, E^^) V^UMI W5« ' r ZTn meXmrtiso't, b7 gtvenfree^ «, f|ife^fil|J<fl Model C $31.D0. Imperial $26.50.
/♦\ CHILDREN S CHINA $1.95. $2 ..ir,. etc. C"Sy/ !u C^ -R// Pf Every 10c purchase counts one vote. figfe^fSS?^B1 * 1 (Second Floor. Center Room.)
>* %^. Containing nursery rhymes, pictures In china Water Jugs at $8.98 and $5. Su- I e~*r^ (Zp\ «3 f Children's departments count double. -r" ■*" _»^ U Thr<>^ Rnver>; Unite in Triamrniar «<il<« nf r™.t
■^i—__^BßT~ iTeamits. bowls, plates and oatmeal sets. gars and creamers at $3.75 and jgs^fer-'-CgL~£gs\ M Toy purchases count triple. Contest i«. I '^k* mice oujrtio uuiis m M.dn^Uiar sale 01 U. eat
LSi*—,j£m&*— Priced at isc ana 19e. $3.95 a pair. Handsome cuttings. -*— "^~=^atS2C_- closes December ISth. „^B^* Importance. See Page 10 for Particulars

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