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Organization Gives Free Treat
ment to Its Members Hav
ing Tuberculosis
In the campaign against tuberculosis
the Modern "Woodmen are doing a groat
work. At Colorado Springs the san
atorium for free treatment of members
has been operating since January 1,
1909, and by this time there can be
shown positive good results. Hocoius
show 450 patients have been treated,
and of these 156 have been discharged
as cured or with the disease arrested.
Of these 69 were discharged in less
than six months, 30 are in Perfect
health, 26 show a percentage of 34
Rood health and one reports BO i,er
rent There were 64 discharged after
treatment of six months to a year, i.
report perfect health, 21 are rated at
96 per cent, 8 at 61 per cent and one
at 8 per cent. Of those who were
treated for a year or more there were
33; they arc rated as follows: rhlr
teen perfect, 9 at 60 per cent and i
at 50 Per cent. Of the whole number
discharged 38 report perfect working
ability, while all the rest, with^tha
exception of one, are able to report
efficiency ranging from 33 1-3 per cent
to 86 per cent.
Head Consul Talbot has hit upon a
plan for raising money, to erect the
central or main building. It Is the
formation of a club of 10,000 members.
In a circular to Modern Woodmen he
"The plan ls to organize a club of
10,000 members of our society, to oe
known as the Sanatorium Ten lliou
sand club, and each member ot the
club is to pledge and pay into tne
treasury of the club $1 per month lor
ten months. This will rai*e $100,000. It
•will provid-; a systematic method oi
slvinK which the members of this club
will be glad to adopt. The member
may pay any number of installmenta,
or all of his pledge in any payment,
or subscribe for more than one coupon
pledge if he desires.
"The demand for this building 18
such that it must be built and equipped
at once or our sanatorium receive a
very serious handicap in its progress
•and development. This building is to
toe the central, or main, building, con
taining the office of the superintendent
in Charge of the institution, together
with the postofflce, the library, the as
sembly room, the dining room. Hi
kitchen and pantry, tiie .storeroom,
cold storage, heating- and lighting
plants and other facilities, Without
which we < annot hope to properly push
Horward the great work so nobly he
•This central building will cost, ac
cording to the estimate of tho archi
tect and builders, 178,000; for furnish
ing and equipment, as it should be
lor the comfort and best care of our
afflicted ones, together with the ex
pense of organizing and doing the bus
iness of the club, will cost 136,000, mak
ing the total building and equipment
"With this central building suggested
here the sanatorium will be equipped
for the work of caring fur the number
of patients we now have and at a
later tims our head camp can make
provision for any additional improve
"My conviction is that our sanator
ium needs, and our members desire,
some plan of systematic giving to in
sure all needed funds; therefore this
club of 10,000 Woodmen is proposed
for that purpose. After a thorough
consideration of the matter £ presented
it to the members of the executive
council and other active members and
all enthusiastically approved. There
fore, with a faith unmeasured in the
Willingness of our members to cheer
fully build tliis sanatorium with all of
its Improvements, .so that the head
camp appropriation can all be used for
the monthly current expense! in main
tenance, I have started the organiza
tion of what shall be known as tho
Sanatorium Ten Thousand club.
"I propose to make this not only
the privilege of doing a tremendous
good for humanity on the part of each
of the members of the club, but that
it shall be tin 1 crowning glory and
highest honor of a lifetime that shall
come to any of the members of the
"The pledges of membership and
payment shall lie signed by the num
ber and when all of the payments are
made this pledge will be marked paid
and all of the 10,0"0 pledges received
and paid will be framed In a suitable
frame, under glass, and hung upon
the wall in this central building, so
that all visitors to this building will
have the privilege of viewing the
actual pledge and signature of the 10,
--000 men who built and equipped it. In
uddition to the framing of these cou
pon pledges if the 10,000 members who
are privileged to join this club will send
to me their photographs as soon as
their pledge is paid in full I will have
on artist reduce the fare of the pho
tograph to a miniature t-ize and have
them all placed in one huge groti]
ture, properly numbered, and with fac
simile of their signatures, so that any
one of the 10,000 members may be easily
located in the group picture. This
group picture will be suitably frami '1
and bung upon the wall of the main
hall of this building.
"I desire to emphasize here that the
organization of this club is not a
JsS' If You Must
• Mf Cook, Madam, Use an
f Eclipse 1
I Gas Range I
Lyon-McKinney-Smith Co.^
y^L 652 Broadway at Seventh Jmw
Sole Agents for Southern J§Mr
California jmOw
Sanatorium of Modern Woodmen of America, Colorado Springs,
Where Sufferers from Tuberculosis Receive Free Treatment
■■■*'■ - \ - • ,
<IWKj ■' I*.*'. V j "30k^JrJBBKSllfefl^l^T^^^wBviBflfMJMktillKiMJC^^V' BSitEttfb-ki ja^^AiWfctf'ia^* 'S Hm^
i--J,^ i'-.i-i ...-;■■..:-'■?■■:» ■*'■■■■ -- ■ - >'->'li — — —————i—^—-iii—■^—.l——^—i^i— _^,^^_
pifleation of our membership, but it is
Intended to reach those of our mem
bers whose business and lives are such
that they have not hitherto been
reached by the appeals which have
been published in our official organ,
so that these Neighbors may have the
privilege of lightening the burdens
which the average camp attendant and
active member have been carrying
during tiie past two years In the pro
motion of this great enterprise. There
will be no objection to camps joining
this club as a camp organization and
making contributions to the same as
an individual.
"It ;iny person desires more detailed
or furttrer information concerning the
sanatorium, its great work, its man
agement, its expenses or the number
of Neighbors treated and cured, or
any fact concerning the institution, I
■hall bo very happy, indeed, to answer
any inquiry and feel grateful to any
Neighbor who will write me concern-
Ing the matter. In a word, however,
1 will say that with our present equip
ment and appliances and with the
cramped conditions incident to begin
ning tliis great work we have treated
in the sanatorium approximately 4uU
patients and have discharged as cured,
or whose disease has been arrested or
improved, 156 patients.
"This is indeed a remarkable show-
Ing for the year and half or two years
thi3 sanatorium has been in opera
tion. If we had only cured one-half
dozen men, or if we had only cured one j
man—and if he had been my brother j
or father, or if he had been your
brother or father — that would have
been compensation enough and glury
enough for all the money and sacrifice
tliis society has made in the building
tf this great life-saving institution
among Its members. Let those of us
who can, in justice to ourselves, our
families and this institution, make this
small sacrifice by adding our names to
the Ten Thousand club that we, too,
may be counted among the 'Lifters' in
humanity's struggle and not be reck
oned with the 'Leaners' who bear down
upon the burdens already crushing and
overwhelming our fellows. Multitudes
of our members cannot, because of
financial or other conditions, undertake
With us this task. They have made
noble sacrifices in the past for the
life and progress of this great so
ciety and they are as near and clear
to all "Woodmen and our common cause
as any. Their smaller contributions
heretofore made may possibly naY»
been a greater sacrifice for them and
a larger contribution to this cause
than any contribution or sacrifice
Which any may make who join this
club. We are all Woodmen and in
sympathy and in good will alike, the
only difference being that some arc
privileged to bestow greater contribu
tions than others. But in the heart
and in the life of this great work
every real 'Woodman is a 'Booste.:-,'
willing to add Whatever influence and
power for good that may be his to
ward the great common purpose of us
all, to hurry on the victorious rein
forcements for stricken Neighbors in
their uneven fight against humanity's
foe—tuberculosis. To avoid any com
plications or misunderstanding, if there
is either, such saving of the fund or
oversubscription as to create a sur
plus will be used for cither great needs
of the sanatorium. The membership
book will In; closed just as soon as
the 10.000 members are secured, and
those who will help build this combined
monument and tribute should ait
promptly. Cannot your name be writ
ten there?"
IEVA, Switaerland, Nov. 26.—
i ' :cr Sillig, the noted educator,
died today.
Conservation Proposition Will Be
Amended and Again Sub
mitted to Convention
THOENIX, Ariz., Nov. 26.—State
conservation of public lands, advo
cated by the so-called "radical pro
gressives" in the constitutional con
vention, was defeated this afternoon
by an overwhelming vote, when tho
amendment of Webb of Graham county
to the land measure was adopted by
a vote of 33 to 12. As amended the
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W logue. 437-439-441-443 sooth spring
state may dispose of lands as It may
see fit and us restricted by the en
abling act.
The defeat of the conservation scheme
camo after several hours' debate on
this and a provision seeking to regu
late water rights, which was defeated,
but an amended proposition will be
submitted Monday which will validate
all existing irrigation laws.
Kloqupnt speeches were made on
both sides of the conservation ques
tion, those opposing taking the ground
that Arizona will never make great
progress If millions of acres of land
are tied up for a quarter of a century.
Pioneer settlers on leased school lands
would be unable to obtain title to
their land if the Cunnlff amendment
for perpetual conservation carried. An
argument made In this connection was
that 20,000 acres, one-eighth of the
total land under the Roosevelt irri
gation project, is Improved school linrt^
j and Orrae, speaking for the setters,
said all the reclaimed land would go
back to the desert if the title be with
A saving clause remains of the orig
inal measure, however, which prohibits
the sale or lease of school lands in
amounts more than 160 acres for agri
cultural purposes, or 640 acres for
grazing purposes. Leases longer than
five years also are prohibited.
The convention decided today It
would require a majority vote of the
legislature to ordpr an election for
amending the constitution, or that
such election must be had on an ini
tiative of 15 per cent of tho voters.
The labor commission proposition was
defeated at the forenoon session. The
convention conclude! consideration of
all measures on the calendar of the
committee of the whole, and on Mon
day will probably begin on the final
passage measures as reported by
Style of. the revision committee. Only
two measures remain on which de
cisive Action has not been taken, those
affecting water rights and regulating
the practice of medicine. The vote on
the latter is bring reconsidered and
will come up again Monday.
SACRAMENTO, Nov. 26.— J. E. I
Thompson was sentenced to two years
In Folsom today for assault with a
deadly weapon. The court In passing
sentence said fato had interceded in
Thompson's behalf, as the bullet which
he fired at Manuel Amparan, and for
which he was Vrought to trial, struck
Amparan In the eye but did not kill
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 26.—A special
from Havana says: The steamer Crown
Prince, bound from Brazil to New Or
leans, which was wrecked off Cape San
Antonio, October 16, Is rapidly breaking
up. From her forward hold have been
taken 25,000 bags of coffee, untouched
by the salt water. The remaining 5000
bags are a loss.
Belssco—Blaekwood-belaoco players In "TH«»
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Burbank—Morosco players In "Texas,' l!:li
and 8:16 p. m.
Grand opera hous»—Ferris Hartman and
company in "The Office Boy,' 1 2:16 and 8:15
p. in.
levy's Cafe Chantant—Continuous vaude
ville, 3:30 p. m. to 12:80 a. m.
Los Angeles-Vaudeville. 3:80, «:30, 7:45 and
I.una park—Outdoor amusements, band con
cert, vaudeville and moving pictures, 10 a. m.
"oiympic— Musical farce, "Who's Who?" 8:30,
7:30 nnJ 9:16 p. m.
Orpheum—Vaudeville, 2:15 and 8:16 p. m.
pa retakes-Vaudevlllo, 2.30, 6:30, 7:46 and
9'IB p. m.
Princess—Musical farce, "Mixed Pickles,"
3:00, 7:45 and »:16 p. m.
"Divorce and the Sanctity of Marrl«K<«,"
lecture by Mm. Mora Ames. Simpson uudl
torlum, 3 p. m.
Memorial service for Senator J. P. Dolllver
of lown. Temple auditorium, afternoon.
Winter league baseball, Vernon. Morning
and afternoon.
Automobile races, Motordrome. Afternoon.
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Hand It to the city eflltor!" Interrupted
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