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Expert Says Southern Republics
Hold Great Possibilities for
U. S. Manufacturers
Yankee Dealers Can Compete Be
low Equator with Europeans
on an Equal Footing
(Special to The Herald)
"WASHINGTON, Nov. 26.—"Every
month sees the establishment of new
American business housea in South
America," said Dr. Albert Hale, chief
of the division of Information of the
Pan-American union, in an Interview
here today, "and almost all of these
are proving highly BUCceßsfuL There j
)s no doubt that the great future for
the trade expansion of the United
States lies in our sister republics of
the western hemisphere.
"Trade with these nations is increas
ing far more rapidly at the present
time than with any other part of the
world. In Jfi'O our exports to tfouih
America amounte 1 to $38,946,788, In i
1910 they were or nearly two
and a half times the earlier amount.
To the countries of North America, in
cluding, of course, Canada, we sent
$187,594,625 in 1900 and 385,620.069 in
1910, a doubling In value. In the same
period our exports to Europe adv
only 9 per cent in total value, while
those to Asia and Africa show a slighl
decline between the beginning and end
of the decade. Of course, if our com
merce with other countries is to growl
we must take a.s well as give, and our
imports from South America have more
than doubled since 1&00 while those
from North American countries have
grown even more rapidly. When one
realizes how little has been done by
American manufacturers toward devel
oping a demand for their products in
L,atin America it becomes evident that I
the possibilities In the systematic en-
eouragement of reciprocal trade rela
tions, with our neighbors of the west- ;
crn hemisphere are simply tremen- I
11 am: AN authority
Dr. Hale is probably the best in
formed authority in the world on con
ditions in the countries of Central and
South America, having traveled
through them repeatedly and being in
close touch with correspondents in all
the leading cities of these lands. His
observations on the prospects of com
mercial expansion in the trade between
these countries and the United States I
therefore possess exceptional Value.
"There is a common impression
among Americans who have not in- i
formed themselves," said Dr. Hale, j
"that the merchant and manufacturer
of tho United Stat3s is handicapped in
seeking 1 South American trade by in
adequate transportation facilities and
high rates. Conditions in this respect
have improved greatly in recent years.
Aa the freight movement, and more
particularly the passenger movement,
is far greater between South America
and Europe there naturally are more
steamship lines In operation between
these two continents and a great many
more tramp steamers are in this trade.
The liners running from American j
ports, however, are very good, sub
stantial and efficient boats as Is shown
by the fuct that few tramp steamers
run between the two continents. There
Is no American line running south of
the equator and naturally it would be
a source of pride and satisfaction if
our ilaj,' was more In evidence, but it
is a mistake to say that then- are no
good steamships running to South
America from the United States. The
time is the same, or to some ports a
little less, by the shiiiu running from
this country, and the rates are on ft
par with those from Kuropean ports.
"The American manufacturer who
proceeds intelligently is able to com
pete In South American markets on
equal terms with those of Great Brit
ain, Germany, France and Italy, as is
shown by the success of those Ameri
cans who go about it systematic uiy
and who do not expect to capture a
market without any adequate outlay
of time, money and effort.
"A plan that is being adopted with
good results by many manufacturers
who do not feel like undertaking the
expense of developing the South Amer- |
lean field all by themselves is to make
arrangements with othei plants in al
lied or related lines and to have all of
them work together through one agen
cy. This is an excellent method for
the small manufacturer, Americans
are learning that 11
up trade by simply placing cal il
or .samples with old
having European affiliation! bul I
do it by their own efforts ai
their own representative rep
resentatives of course must
themselves with the I
language of those from r
seek business and the mai ufacturer
■who is in a hurry for Imtni
suits is likfly to bo disappointed.
"The better understanding that has
come about between the r this
country and those to the south of us
within recent years has laid the
dations for a great commercial
pansion. We need many of the prod
ucts of these countries and
use rapidly mci uantltiea t I
Government Said to Fear Debate
on National Issues
BERLIN, Nov. 14.- <The
which was adjourne . ay 10 •!! No
vember 8, will in i mi ; until .v
ber Tl. The n asoi this fur
ther adjournmi
toe which is i ■
of the imperial ' will
not have finished II until tlio
later date.
ThlS Is said \<- [1 :i'Jy
thin pretext t.i
the Imperial g
olined to meet the ration's •■
tivos at the pi
circles general ■
pressed at this fui I,
Numerous serious qu<
consideration and an early opportu
nity for jrivlng' expression to tho
seething discontent of the n:ition la
demanded. Among the questions which
tho government will have to face av3
the state of the imperial finances, tha
customs duties on meat and the open
ing of the frontiers.
In addition to theso matters the
burning question of the- 1 russian fran
chise and the kaiser's recent speochna
; .t Koenigsberg and irtenburg can
not very well bo kept out of the Ue
imtu* in. the Imperial chamber. '
Dirigible Accomplishes 300-Mile
Trip with Difficulty
ROME, Nov. 26. —A long criticism of
the new Italian military dirigible bal
loon No. I, which performed the voy
age of 300 miles from ISracclano to
Campalton, near Venice, but only after
accidents and stoppages which pro
lonpced the Journeys from one to three
days, is published by the Tribuna.
The critic attributes the misadven
tures which befoll the balloon to the
fact thai tt is supplied with a flexible
keel of iron, weighing 300 kilogrammes
(t.: 1 pounds). The original type of the
Italian dirigibles, that constructed In
ns furnished with a rigid metal
keel, but as this was found unservice
able in the new model a flexible keel
w:is substituted for it.
The critic points out, however, that
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I iTF^ —See Our Extraordinary Announcement to Piano Buyers on Page 5. Part II 1
V:-|j|SISS ii^^lS^ J^B STAB Z.fSrtFn/S BO^
724, 726, 728, 730, 732 South Broadway, Between 7th and Bth Sts. ||||
this very flexibility may, and does,
cause the equilibrium of the balloon
to be disturbed, so that excessive
weight Is placed upon certain ropes,
which may snap under the ntrnln. He
also considers that the weight of 672
pounds, which the balloon Is carrying,
involved the throwing overboard of all
the ballast and the sacrifice of all the
benzine that there was in stock in
order to effect the passage of the
Apennines. Consequently, the critic
argues, the balloon In real warfare
would have arrived too late, and, even
when it had arrived, would have be*n
without the means of executing ma
PARTS, Nov. 26.—The first quarter
of the new municipal loan of $186,000,
--000 for the embellishment and im
provement of Taris has been issued for
subscription. The Installment was sub
scribed nearly thirty times over in
Paris alone. The loan, which is be
ing issued at 97,-. will yield three per
DUBLJN, Nov. 2«.—The annual pro
cession of the Gaelic league through
the streets of Dublin was witnessed by
lftrge numbers of people, many of
whom had come up from the country
for the day. The procession, which oc
cupied about an hour in passing a
given point, was composed of branches
of the league in the city and county,
schoolboys, hurling clubs, friendly so
cieties, trade unions, members of the
corporation wearing their robes and
.the chief officials of the league. A de
tachment of the city fire brigade also
attended. There were some tableaux
representing the influence of the league,
and In the Industrial section several
npeciniens of Irish manufacture. Many
of the trade societies had their larKe
banners, and the hurling clubs and
others carried a number of white cards
held aloft, on some of which were
printed the words, "The Gaelic league
wants neither police, soldiers nor
One remarkable feature of the pro
cession was a detachment of 100 Jar
veys on horseback. They carried cards
on which were printed In large preen
letters "Anti-Taxi association." They
were the members of the Car Owners
and Car Drivers' association, who are
opposed to tho Introduction of taxi
cabs Into Dublin. While the proces
sion was a large one, some of the sec
tions, such as tho industrial, showed
a shrinkage when compared with for
mer years. There were twenty-one
bands present. Including several bands
of pipers. Afterward a public meet
ing | was held In Rutland square, at
which addresses were delivered by the
officials of the league and others. ,
» i »
It's a< easy to gecur* a bargain In a used
automobile, through want advertising, aa It
used to be—and (till Is—to secure a horse and
CHICAGO, Nov. 28.—Women like to
gossip because the news of the terri
ble things the neighbors have done
gives a pleasing shock to thetr vaso
motor systems. Unless the vaso
motor system receives a goodly share
of shocks the Individual suffers from
At least this Is the theory which
William I. Thomas, professor of soci
ology at the University of Chicago
and Inventor of the term "the adven
titious character of woman," pre
sented to the delegates of the National
League of Handicraft societies.
"Our primitive ancestors led excit
ing lives," Professor Thomas said.
"We eharo the appetite for excite
ment which their experience built up
in the race, and, different as our oc
cupations and amusements are from
theirs, we enjoy them In proportion
aa they provide the »hocks to ths
vaso-motor system which they got out
of hunting, fighting and escaping
from dangerous animals. We crave
■mocks. _
"Perhaps that In the reason some
women love husbands who beat them.
CALCUTTA, Nov. 26.-Had It not
been for an Intelligent elephant the
disaster to the Indian pilgrims in the
Ganges, near Sororl, * few weeks ago
would have been considerably more
While thousands of pilgrims were
bathing the river suddenly rose and
200 of the pilgrims wuro drowned.
The elephant, which belonged to Jung
Bahadur, saved, it Is said, at least 1000
lives. With ropes attached to its trap
pine"! it repeatedly swam out to the
distressed pilgrims, who clung to th«
ropes and thus landed safely.

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