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Man Suspected of Getting Coin
from Men He Offered
Work in Peru
Declares Advertisement for Min
ers Was Legitimate—Held
for Investigation
Suspected of trying h\ collect money
from mine laborers in connection with
an alleged gold mine In Peru, J. W.
Efirhart, who says he la a resident of
a South American city, was arrested
:it the Hotel Rosslyn yesterday after
noon by Detectives Ingrain and Rico.
Earhart advertised yesterday in a
morning paper for ilfty men to work
in the Gold Quartz mine, In Peru. The
advertisement was to the effect that
each man would receive $7 a day and
that his faro would be paid to Peru.
For detailed Information job seekers
•were usked to call on Earhart at the
Hotel Rosslyn.
Hy 8 o'clock yesterday morning more
than 100 men had asked for Earhart.
Bach man was directed to his room,
nml after a short Interview the appli
cant for work left the hotel with a
smile on his face and a spring In his
After tho procession to Earhart's room
had continued for some time two men
appeared In the private office of Man
ager Hart of the Rosslyn and complain
ed that the alleged mining man was bo
gus. They said Earhart had promised
to give them work in tho Peru Gold
Quartz, after Baying their fare to the
city nearest the mine If the applicant
would make a $10 deposit as evidence
of good faith. t
"Of course I expect to pay the fares
of all my workmen to the mine," Ear
hart Is alleged to have told the two
men, "but I do not care to purchase
any tickets for men who may later
decide not to go to South America.
This $10 assures me that you will take
the trip for which I am now ready to
purchase tickets."
The two men, who are close friends,
si Id they went In to see Earhart with
out the slightest misgivings. A few
minutes' talk with him, however, con
vinced tho applicants for work that
the mining man was bogus. Earhart
Is alleged to have told one of the m. n
that he came to Los Angeles from Halt
Lake City. The second man said Ear
hurt assured him he had lived In Los
Angeles for months and that until re
cently lie had conducted a cisar store
on a downtown etreet. He Is all-gel
to have said that he was employed by
the promoters of the Gold Quaitx mine
In Peru to hire workmen and that later
he expected to become actively en
gaged In the management of the mine.
Hart at once got into touch with the
dotp' tives' office and Earhart's arrest
followed in a few minutes. Earhart
assured tho officers he was a resident
of South America and that his efforts
to secure lubor were bona tide. He
admitted that many men seeking work
liud called on him at his room, but de
nied that any had made the $10 de
Earhart will be held until a thorough
investigation Is made.
Doctor Asserts Innocence of the
Crime in Farewell Let
ters to Girl
LONDON, Nov. 26.—The last state
ment of Dr. Crippen la published In a
Sunday paper In the form of two final
letters to Ethel Leneve. The letters
are not reproduced in their entirety,
it beiiifr explained that they contained |
no personal confidences, but were not
in the nature of a confession.
Crippen throughout declared his in
nocence to Miss Leneve.
Tho letters begin with protestations
of passionate love fur the girl and re
peat constantly the phrase, "God help
u.s to be brave In tho face of the end
now so soon.'
Crippon continues: "How can I en
dure to take a iast look at your daw
face! What agony must Igo through
tit last when you disappear forever
from my eyes! I am comforted In
thinking that throughout years of
friendship never have I passed one
unkind word or given one reproachful
look to her whom I loved best in life,
to whom I have given myself heart
and soul, wholly, entirely, forever."
Crippen asks Mis 3 Leneve to havo
hiH body cremated, and if possible ob
tain the ashes and dispose of them as J
she deems best. He complains that
bis statement published November 80 j
omitted his criticisms of the crown's
evidence with reforence to the scar,
Which he considered most important, i
and proceeds to exhaustively analyze
the evidence on these points. He asks
that Miss Leneve go to no further ex
pense In trying to secure further evi
dence, adding:
"I can safely leave further evidence
to a just God."
He expresses the hope that Miss Le
neve will go to "Mrs. H.,'' whoro she
will be free from the lying tales of
the newspaper men and officers.
"Tomorrow I will be in God's hands.
I havo perfect faith that he will let
my spirit be with you always."
The paper prints a fac simile of Crip
peit'a will, beciueathlng everything to
Miss Lenevo.
PARIS, Nov. 26.—The cabinet today
decided against the temporary aboH
tlon of the import duties on foreign
wheat and other cereals, which had
been proposed on account of the short
age of the French crops.
BRUSSELS, Nov. 26.—Bulletins is
sued by the attending physicians today
Indicate the condition of Queen Eliza
beth to be improving. It Is understood
she is suffering from typhoid.
Itobert Smith, a brother of Sydney Smith,
■ml un ex-advocato grneral, once engaged In
an argument with a physician over the rela
tive merits of their re«peetlve profession*. "I
Jon't nny that all lawyers ure crooks," said
the doctor, "but you'll have to admit that
four profession duesn't make angels of mm."
•No," retorted Smith, "you doctors certainly i
lavo the best of us there."—Kansas City Star. I
Empress Marie and Queen Alex
andra Send Launch to Rescue
COPENHAGEN, Nov. 2fi.—During a
violent storm hero tho Empress Mario
of Russia, whiio with her Bister, Queen
Alexandra, In the garden of the Villa
Hvidore, noticed a llshcrman in a
.small boat stranded In a perilous po
sition on a sand bank.
The empress Immediately waved her
handkerchief to the castaway to show
him that he had been observed, and
quickly called two men to give help.
Tho royal .aunch, which was lyln^c at
the pier in lite Villa Hvidore garden,
was taken out by the men, who suc
ceeded In rescuing the fisherman un
der the eyes of the queen iind the ■
empress. Both the royal ladles watched
the rescue with anxiety, and when it
was completed the empress express d
her great joy that the castaway had |
been saved. The fisherman, an old
man who did not know who the two i
ladles wi re, was greatly surprised when
hehe was informed that it was the
!>anish king's two sisters who hid
sent him help.
Opera Bouffe Revolt of Navy Is
Ended, and Government
Again Holds Ships
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Nov. 26.
—The ships of the Brazilian lleet
which have been In the hands of mu
tinous sailors since November 22 were
surrendered to the government at 7
o'clock this evening. This action fol
lowed the granting of the mutineers'
demands for amnesty to all concerned
in the riot, higher pay and less work
for the sailors and the adjustment of
certain minor grievances.
It was announced at 10 a. m. today
the mutineers would surrender, but at
that hour and for some time after
ward the warships still flew the red
flag and continued their eyolutlons In
the harbor.
Tho warships In the hands of the
mutineers included the Minas Geraes,
the Sao Paulo, the Bahia, the Rio
Grande do Sul and the de Odoro.
After the announcement of surren
der they proceeded out into the bay
and re-entored the harbor at half past
1 o'clock, no longer Hying the red flag.
Jean Candido, leader of the mu
tineers, In company with forty other
sailors, abandoned the Minas Geraes
some time yesterday, and the minister
of marine dispatched an officer to
board the battleship and ascertain
whether it was the intention to deliver
over the vessels.
A meeting of the Naval club was
held this afternoon to discuss what at
titude the officers would assume fol
lowing the amnesty.
RIO JANEIRO, Nov. 26.—At 7 o'clock
tonight all the warships which took
part in the mutiny were handed over to
the officers named by the government,
who took command.
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Yonk«r» Statesman.
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Five Persons Have Difficulty in
Escaping from Flames
Plro duo to an overheated oil fur
nace at the Cumnock School of Expres
sion, 1610 South Flgueroa street, short
ly before midnight endangered the
lives of five persons asleep on the third
floor of the building and entailed a
lost or $2500 on the building and con
The fire was discovered by a passer- '
by, who saw flames Hhootlng from the ;
roof of the three-story structure. Ho
rushed In and informed one of the at
tendants, who ftroused Miss Frances
Duer, a teacher, three students and a '
i cook, who were in the dormitory on
I the third floor. Hecausc the building
' is not equipped with a fire escape they
were compelled to grope their way
' down the dark ana narrow Stairway.
Mrs. Addie M. Grigp is president of ;
! the school, and her husband, Merrill
M, Grpss, is superintendent and leo
r> l:iry.
Such Is the Command
of Francis Truth
the Great Healer
Demonstrations Daily, Without
Money and Without Price
338J4 South Hill Street Is the Rest
ing Place of Rich and
Poor Alike
To be healeX to be successful, to at
tend to every day duties, to find thit
life is worth the living, is -what many
people say they have accomplished
through brands Truth, the Great Di
vine Healer.
The writer saw a room holding over
one hundred people, crowded to the
doors, all anxious to catch the word
or touch that drives out all the woes
of men. To see the afflicted ones In ,
this institution It seems that some- I
thing has been entirely wrong. Whl c
listening to Healer Truth talk to a
lady, It seems as easy to be well as
sick. The power Is within you. I
bring It out. Do you not think It sim
pie 7 Yes, It sounds so, but what about
the cures; do people actually get bet- i
ter; do they get well? Yes. hundreds;
yes, thousands of sick and suffering
all over the world have been cured
through Divine Healing as taught and
practiced by me. Know yourself Is
all that Is needed, and lenrn how to
keep well. Have you been at th's
work long? Yes, since a child. For
the past twenty years I have hea'ed
and taught. We have all b en blessed,
both the healed and the healer. I un
derstand your work Is mostly free, Is i
that so? Yes, free from 9 In the morn
ing each week day and Wednesday
evenings at 8. What are all these other
people who seem so busy, doing here?
They are lecturers, authors and work
ers needed to carry on this great
The writer went away believing that
a great work wnj well started and des
tined to be a power in Los Angeles.
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