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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, December 04, 1910, Image 4

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■T- z============= : LARGEST.DEPARTMENT STORE WEST OF CHICAGO =^=^^^^^ ......
"a 1 Now rhimnoriKt' 20 Years a Visit "Suggestion" Booths (%P A A 9 n Wells Fargo Express, Post j Are Your Teeth Right? Have the \
SpSis^ScoL,L Fioor on First and Second Floors l^Sm^BQl^ X2^ l»l!2E?Jft iSfe^^^i
Dr. Collier is an orthopedic surgeon who Especially "Christmasy things have IF ■ M A the Accommodation Desk for free check- i You can be sure of getting first-class!
is well known as the manufacturer of the been gathered from all over the house and \Jf ,9 . •>.?■■. W i ng o f parcels, Telephones, Rest Rooms iwk at about half the usua i cost- Teeth '
Collier Corn and Bunion Shield. He does displayed in these booths for easy selec- i RPQADUI^/ FIGHTH & HILL STREETS " and our magnificent Cafe make Ham- j, extracted without pain and extracted free '
not "whittle" corns, as is most generally tion. Visit them for ideas, hints and in- \\ unvnvnry. uivjiiiii,^. iiiul. viim-i.iv/ }] burger . the ideal store for Christmas ,; wen we sup ply plates or bridges. The
the case, but absolutely extracts them spirations. It will make your shopping k , shoppers. Buy gifts here! , * Ji Importance of having your teeth in per
and charges no more than is usually much easier. See Our Big Speddt Advertisement . o ',:\ t _ . x £ . feet condition can hardly be overestimat- '■
Uglily " MM Our "Milo" Knit Underwear on Appropriate Christmas Gifts A Small Deposit^ on G,fts S^S^s|«
Remodeled parlors; maid in attendance. is remommended by physicians as being thor- J>ncr(> 12 Part 2 decided convenience that many appreciate. J All Work Guaranteed. Offices 2d Floor.,
nughly sanitary and hygienic. Here exclusively. x **» ■* **•«*■« >~^-w~ •" "
Attractive Leather Novelties Here Why Not Jewelry or a Silver Bag?
1 _.^k«. " —*l The most comprehensive line in the city— We show both in endless variety— from the r .■^•••»-». J , xr I^l^ .#»■-.—.—.^ > „..»a*.,
j^ZZ—fe*^-... 7]7~~\ II Z^C\l\>S articles suitable as gifts for every one. All American made to the most extreme novel- ■>■'",, "*Y ...... " .^""""""^^J^Z •'"" ■■ , (p^-L-^ 1^ V".;
1/ 1 i ii''';^V:''/! { X SytF^%tfs£3sJ£ \|-^ the staples—as well as dozens of novelties ties found abroad! Every late conceit that ""^''^"''^vrf^^C/f^ /V-. Cs<^Ssl^t< •••"~M\;.-,;
4H|iS^pafe|L -•'- «^Jv ifrlbwf*&lr*~^sl~^~~l!L _^Va never shown before. Particularly do we call Fashion has adopted can be had in its best '^•C '^•Jr^'^X / ;&V 'v i-V^^^''
fs^Wsm*r U-UMMff' !fMZl*fc&F?Wl attention to such things as will he appreciat- designs. If you prefer to dictate—to follow. '^/\W^^i£s%W 'rf&S&'WW&lWi*!^
V - /ffli^&^&^lzr T^^^^W^i^^Mf'i'^/M^'H'Kl^MK e<i b >' men- Tie lloldcrs > flasks, collapsible your own ideas—there are experts in our re- / \^^W^^^\i ( H'.'il/f-R^A :W</I- W
l^^&^^Ky li^^k^Wim^^l!r^'iw^-''F^^^ drinking cups, dressing cases, etc. Here pair shop who make to order, mount or set /jMll\| WX^t}) r^.-<- mm^ -*'^'^^t- t^^
■^^^^^^«||[^^(^^- B«v L«il/.«r Good, nozv in time on the articles S*^^^
t^^ V/ jJ^BBBI-r to have them marked with m" you select will hold them for de- a^^7^<J 'wr^O T^fl \ /''
\ ("^iiML-^^J V _^^:; - * itials or addresses before Xmas. livery u p on the day you designate \ . ' lfX —
Small Purses, Etc., in Collar Bags $1 to $7.50 "Gotham" Bag for $5 Hat Pins from 25c to $15 Belt Pins from 50c to $10 NewLaValieressltos3s
Varied Array In colors and leathers to please all extraordinary value is this genuine Rhinestones set in every conceiva- New and novel designs—dozens of Also necklaces—both in latest de-
Vaned Array tastes. These are especially appro- £, itned Lnd fltte'd with ble way and fancy settings in com- them-in sterling s.lver, gold-filled, signs. All the wanted finbtigSome
Also neat card ca.es handsome letter priate as Christmas gifts—they're oin purse of real seal-a b»g that one Is binations. Exquisite finishes, such genuine ? Cloisonne, enameled, etc. set with fine lreiuh bn.ants mn
cases and bill books, 'in ail leathers and quietly elegant. Splendidly finished proud to use-and will enjoy for its con- a s French gray, English bronze, Plain and fancy sets in every want- ers with semi-preuous iwnci,
genuine seal. These we^ mark witi^name throughout. venience. choice of gilt or green-gold rose gold, etc. Choose now ! Ed color tone. Truly an exquisite assortment.
AB r A£3.S.-£E- 00" Gentleman's Set for $4 r,V..r'."rr.';L s.';'L l r Mesh Bags $1.50 to $60 Chatelaines7sctos37.so Parisian Chains $3to $15
Purses from 10c to $2.00 attractive is this sctj consist- Velvet and Suede Bags.sl.oo to $15 The prettiest ever shown. German In sets or individual pie C es-va,,i- Those beautiful long chains Miita-
Card Cases at 50c to $3.50 h'? of collar bag tic and handker- silver, sterling silver, gold-filled! ties, com holders vinaigrettes, We for lorgnettes, fans, chatelame
Letter Cases a, .Tic^i^O Mi'M^P *$ md trrav Leather Hand Bags.. .$1.50 to $45 The frames are exceptionally pret- memo pads, pencils, drinkmg cups, novelties, etc. Just tho prettiest,
Letter Cases at 50c to $6.00 clue] case, tomes in tan ana_graj § * *_ Hit irames are excepuorwny pici fn sterl , M I)lam polished „ t var j e d assortment ever shown
suede—boxed complete. Other _ -„.„*, tv, in polished or French gray fin- engraved designs. Engraved, free to most varied «miwxww
J3ill Books at 50c to $5.00 styles higher priced Beaded Bags at from. . .$2.50 to $50 -„ Beauties, all! /. charge. . in this city. ,
. lit! WO V^jfe^i^F" llli (tlV(\v) H IV^W\ : ''kyS^? /Mv/?//\ (^--'^W^iiMri^'^ ' and avoid any possibility of making
From ®rw Section V^ir^\ JJi J^^S<^^^W/ //I %^J^//i^VY?" \>F^B^^r^S
■•''• MAIM FLOOR , T^ 'il™" I i^T'V'ch sCTI/^/^ glove certificates (-'an make her own
No n.au.r „,o the gift i S for or SSCffl^lf^S "TOYLAND AND DOLLDOM"^»3^ Si^siso'
what is to be Us price, something J) h* l/l >/\ l\ JL#AIN LI -J UL/l-il/ V/iVI PiJi»rCLjr^ La MaZCnO, CICI J 1
in this wall stacked department is f~\ f^N W ¥i4/^^-(fc- "*" -^ JL ■"-*■*■ A.X 11/ X A.J. 11/ -■—^ V/JU*-I*^ s^ -- ■-- I Mf*-?rZ^r m^J '''A th Pprfprt C\nvt>W ■■•• *^ "
sure to be- jus* the right thing. Tp\^J /'P t>^*>« t-i T^f'K-^^f I >U&Jlia7*Jd ■''^7 *// UiererieCl\JlUVC
Here are a few leader vaiues: f^fjT^^^h In Gala Array : Everyone Delighted LIWWn '^M^ S^^ui^^tte^t'KSlS
Military Hair Brushes— 9 rows of \K><!j a==***^_Z^3^^"^ ■ „, „.!„»„ n t tv,* iH<snlav lt*L I <<-Cz*^^^^ glove makers under the supervision
genuine penetrating bristles; solid h jOZ-~-~~~^^*%^Zi^^o'^^ The children, their parents and tho people who serve them, too! The brilliancy and the variety oi mi ui.iucij., /r*r—^L^v: /iL^^ifc^ "f our own representative. Three
ebony backs. Per flj? '•^^O^^Ss.^ "^{T the broad, roomy aisles, the airiness and perfect ventilation all do their part toward making our big Fourth Nji ß ljir"^^v /T^T-^iiX""^ 1 clasp stle- overseam sewn. Paris
Pair : • $1- .^^--kr^'-yV^^ \\\\ Floor Toy Section a place you'll enjoy and remember pleasantly. The toys are selling rapidly. Their beauty. =fe=*gS£Bjr //^-^iVr;) if fl^l bsh OlYdu n rabmtky they are
Manicure Sets—Ti-piece celluloid sets II T^-o^ZiluCZll^i^s/ \\\\ dependability and their irresistibly low prices are so favorably Impressing Los Angeles mothers that they are y "^^SprJIJ > !f~---»C?~^~~7 unsurpassed. In black, white and
In ebony, pink or, blue. *7 WT^ "i ' \<l'(7tfWft till losing no time in making their selections. The sketch gives an idea of the values that are arousing- such hearty y^~"~^^^j/wV---r"^"~-^J i all wanted colors. Every pair war-
Daintily boxed v* \-^7TT-^'\~\Mli \\ enthusiasm, being drawn from the toys actually on sale. Those in the upper panel are $1 each; in the lower, $2; Q /--^ VN^7VV-r iJi^// ranted and fitted. In three finger
Triplicate Shaving Mirrors—English I£3sS^rf=] IM / %.^^PpS^ the left panel, 50c, and the right, 53. We also have ample stocks of the staple favorites, autos, coasters, express .^1 /WT**"^^? f^^^St lengths.
oak frames: genuine French plate ; J^__~ rT'' J~3i=^^^^::^yi, wagons, etc. Everything imaginable In the toy line is here priced attractively low. • , fc4<Nf /C •Pv !«f\!vr? C«11r t\nt\'\i C 'a -»
SSr^.^. $2.75 $^^M^f% A Small Deposit Will Hold Any Toy You May Select for Future Delivery, and JW^^^Wl MR mtlCOatS (jj* C
pocket Knives-2'. 3 and 4 blades of -<§s Y\ ,v%\ 3ljl We Will Guarantee to Deliver Your Purchase Exactly When and Where You Wish V^j/i) \n\ -=S^ft lOr ITeSeniS .. W^
Su St-fiecrKut; > P r r'Stand hJo I d ( lan (jS^ Wlr^ R^^-^ ) \ Smart messaline petticoats finished
makes in this assortment, .$1 h> -<^^ /K^\ ' 111' W"* /■ a:J^t\ts=^ ZZ^^^C) ''"^ S se>' top Petticoat a and rich taffetas
a* T /W-)^^^ss^. N\\ /** — "*t*jo I /ikCw^^ — ""^c^) /^^\ f\f\ /■--•■• •'''/—3^^**x' r y 4^ii<^--"^W . 7 In a wide range of attractive color-
California In sixteen true '^^i^>~^^'^^^^^L^ ''< I iwnm^^^^'^rTr^ntifTT / »<?^r\ 'V • B WvX?^T/^^a/ •A.j2~" ~~Z~^--^*^^-yfr=J^~\ irBS' A speclal purchase of excel"
££ = .:::::::::::::::::::::::5£ m^%C\ OO^^M^lm'^^^PlJ^ /F^^^^^^^SO 00 "^"forn.oo eW
>,oz. ottle ........................ iMi^CP / =<£^A W WV*^/^ if^^^^llk^^^^So / ~r^fC^ Maae in Ireland expressly for Ham-
MiVslon Saehet-For the gift box >^ **\ Q\\ VJs^^/ L^^ii^N/^^C V^^^Tn^%k^ T r-^sTL^I burger's. Of fine, sheer linen, beau
and the little things you make at f \ O\\ lfe3^ B^ ■^^^^i^ /\^ /^^ > vJ >Cfea(*i^ii^m«S X !-^nL^T tifully hand embroidered. Put up
hoir»e. In violet, ros.-, holiotrope, V 6^*^flk €L^ t»L N*fea J^Jv-- /— > Vs|_J —M ft A^^Bft ' T"• . J three In a dainty box. An ideal
lavei'der and carnation ca. V y vy^va ..._ ___.". ~£> 7 ■ . .. • '*» "^ « J ift
Odors. Per ounce OUC ■^« M i»^aaa^__^ — — gill.
popular Books for 25c Hints of Sensible Christmas Gifts A Picture Sale Without
V^nribllliaS KjIILS . . . The Bedding and Linen Departments are replete with Christmas Gift suggestions. The glitter and the glamour are A "PfP f* £* fj Pfl t! IVx OH 3.V !
Books of a distinctive character and appearance, standard works of absent, but the best of all gifts are here—the practical, sensible, lasting and useful presents. Much worry and many O. *. JL X VVVV»v**vt .*.» .».-v .-..■■»••»
sterling V.alue printed on line book paper with large new type. Hand- hours of search can be saved if you visit these two great sections. We believe the following list will prove wonderfully .
.omeiy bound in cloth. Artistic, individual cover designs. heipfui. ' jt Travelers* Samples of One of the Largest
Mttlo Minister Not I.lke Other Girls Kidnapped ' _ . > * % r^ --"' ' \i •' ' C ,\ *#i*wt.»t»^ "' "1 jV-/ , w»,
gSS'JJiSJT t o.c. rnn^anr 11"11 Suggestions from the Suggestions from the Manufacturers of High Grade Framed Pictures
rrr * 8 .r., 0 SSL^aS^pi. SSraSSTii-p R^HHino- nAnartmont Rio- T inpn npnartmpnt Bought at 1-3 to 1-2 Less Than Regular
? ,;:'; ul^Wna s?si=asr saurj^ 111-1 Bedding JJepartment Big Linen j department And that means that you can buy your chrlBtmas glft rictures at
John Halifax Ka?l^.^ lra o Under Two Fl»»i Plaid Wool Blankets ' priced from $5 sto $10.00 Hand Loom Linen Sets beaUtiful $22.50 to $50 masterpieces Never before have we been able to sell such pictures
john Haiitax sketch Book .mdor Two Fia ßS Plaid Wool Blankets priced from $5 to $10.00 Hand Loom Linen Sets $22.50 to $50 masterpiece" Never before have we been able to sell such pictures
i;,;;:. k X/ Mk ™ y ah t r G Love Cr°n«. SfSKw.'hu' 1"1' Soft Down Comforters, extra warm $5 to $20 Linen Damask Napkins, per doz. .$2.50 to $15 for such low prices.
Alice. in wonderland iMierim'«_Proj(reM Ti.rte Midshipmen White Marseilles Spreads here from $3 to $8 Hemstitched Scarfs arid Squares $1 to $6 ?-;y An opportunity the like of which comes but seldom; and the near
££22?.' E BB ay. BTi l P *p&7H^n^« %£]£?£ no,, Indian Wool Robes, very artistic. .$4.95 to $10 Fancy Linen Huck Towels 39c to $2 approach of the holiday "ju™*""^*[£" fee"*" t0 buy now '
SJSJ2 "An Ta.e. ?Sr.!Bs&« S?3M!f Luc Scotch Steamer Rugs, prices range. . .$5 to $15 Damask Pattern Cloths, priced . .$2.75 to $15 and buy Hberai.y. visit this department Monday.
f; J™ -m.ncdK, 00™ r^rit £.°n CU. Boat Bath Robe Blankets, best vals. yet, $2.50 to $4 Hemstitched Guest Towels at 25c to 50c Remember Savings of 1-3 to 1-2 on Pictures
"a- - : SS?" SSLSBL: a,.., Women's Silk Stockings-Six Pairs for $3.54 Priced from 25c to SSO. AW ell Chosen Picture
—r: "r- »""■"•- ]—' Women's Silk StOCkingS—SlX Pairs tor $3.54 ls Most Acceptable XmasGift-See Assortment
__,-- - A —rx Not the ordinary spun silk that roughs up easily and does not wear nearly so well, but genuine thread Lllk stockings
Table Covers for Gifts at $2.50 ily. Knit with four-thread lisle heels and toes and an extra wide garter top. Take advantage of this unusual ~ —- t-^ , e \^ r
1 aUIC VjOVerS 10l VjlllS 31 i|)Z.Dll opportunity to supply your stocking needs Pin-on Style, Plain, Colors and Persian Effects, 50c Values. 39c AllOttlCr CarlOad OtUietatllOUS
bfnat 8lo"? Uc ftolorlngrA lnver? Womer!^' Fancy Hose Sorters. Pin-on Style, Plain, Colors and Persian Effects, 50c Values. Pr., 39c AllOtlier LarlOa(l OI tlie ratTIOUS
=-x^^~ —-• —-na,, —_ — — nj, . - "Angelus" Machines—Just in
Novelty Play Suits for 1 imel &ale /^^^ silverware Another? Tes! And lt win be sold out M m
INOVC3II y ilay oliltS lOr fira^sft <iulckl yasthelaston6-°fwhichwetoldyou «Pt-^
12,-^ro. IV/I«1^^ 17;^^ i^l*4r " World Rrant!" SHvcnvare is the best The durability of "World Brand" silver 7T^^ffi^^S?^: 7%s*
VS! lVlldlVc! P llllr^ 1 tITiS made. The beautiful patterns we carry is absolutely guaranteed, and it for any m and for them is so great that the manu- \\ jk-iV:i//
Jml "V^ * m 11±C ,„« . f in this famous silver CannOt be bought "^jSST reason it wearS unsatisfactorily, we will 53^^.%™ \wMl
Mf\~^ i hey t , re splendidly P made and elsewhere in Los Angeles. It is almost /^«AVV. replace it for the asking. Note our prices chine on the market at a popular price! T^JOg^
W "•^►si 1' ;• i I K'i'RONG! Get him one for impossible to tell it from sterling ware. C' I M,, t]IPV are sure to cause active buvinc Read this: - /« JwwilB 1
\JT>>\V ] nHr^h lsV, Ther,Ti not, h, h We recommend*"World Branrl"most v o V v —they are sure to cause active buying, Ypar Guarantee and Insurance E^S^j;^
A , "jra^" ' , PVBT~<?mn, lie wll be saving his In-irtilv Lo e^ whether for gifts or personal use. J[ (J against wear, tear, loss or damage B^frtflE^^f
. j<*€* \vl'\\ W playing. ncaiuiy. . _ -«- . ; through nre or water! No red tape i ""*¥ 1 i I'fflß
-'I ]* «- |1 ■ ,/.' i n A\ an c,.: «1 HA We carry complete lines to match any of the patterns we have in stock, so that you can replace. -no arguments-no conditions! Buy on KTT'w
>*4r^ il\V-;j!Sg§ips iMUIdII SUITS $I.UU lost pieces of fill out a set at any time. "World Brand" ware contains more actual silver and will _ i; . I^SiO
---^^^^X, ° ri \^£z&s ° Head DreSS 50C consequently give longer and better service than ordinary silverware. Look for the "World Brand" |_T vi fyi \\ || f Ofpf C f^^^i
C 7 jf'tv^Pe r^^^ Sizi ■■ "12 years, Of Khaki st::'l!!' on ever -v Piece - Xt is the s nony m for the very hi g hest quality. Ask to see it Monday! XX O. XJJ. VJ M. & V/X S3
J^^&f! '"°sWthfar'nhee'» t»^ Moselle, Monticelld and the Marathon Pattern Club Plan %k^JP
'^^^ n\ l/c> Military Suits $1.25 Popular Nenuphar Patterns Extra Heavy Plate «= downed tho machine * delivered; » a I j|-||
L- ►« «M )A i' >^—4fjr V T&>: •■''*" i „,... i. _ . * *■ " week until the balance Is paid. \a, tedj£ijQf\&
rKjLlS' ' \ T TS^lr tZh^T ravLTry.'heTvyB^: 6 Teaspoons-price $1.50 6 Ind. Salad Forks $3.25 6 Teaspoons-price $2.00 v--^QL^
i J£~r^£h\.V\ i l I TC''' tl'l<jry or lnf'j try colors. Mill- 6 Dessert Spoons— for. . .$2.75 6 Ind. Butter Spreaders. .$3.00 6 Dessert Spoons—for.. .$3.75 Th^ ii A r»rrr»liic" MaH^lc ifew^3^^^S^s>
y/^»SJjKV\'\J Y^ t«ry buiion.-,. , 6 Tablespoons— per set.. $3.00 Butter Knives-each 75c 6 Tablespoons— ... .$4.00 Hie i^IlgC!U& IUUUCia ggtaffia
\ ■7Wllil^ H »^V^: CoVV'boV Slll'tS at 6 Mcd- Forks—hollow hd $6.25 Sugar Shells—each 75c 6 Soup Spoons—price. .$4.00 "Angelus Special," only $19.50 W»rail
\ ™/T/W/ yfv^ Ji VVOOy SUITS ar 6 Med. Kniver.-hol. hdl. $6.25 Cold Meat Forks-each. .$1.25 6 Medium Forks-for. . .$4.00 *.*.,..,,/ $24 , 0 >«iffls{
iK'/iC// AVW $2.50 and $3.50 6 Des. Knives-hol. hdl. $5.75 Berry Spoons-each $1.50 6 Med. Knives-for $6.25 Angelus Colonial, at $24.50 Ifwff**!
V rXryP' ii\ \\ I ];'";' '' delude gauntlet 6 Des. Forks—hoi. handle $5.50 6 Oyster Forks—for $2.00 6 Dessert Knives—for.. .$5.75 "Angelus Grand," price $29.50 /ss2&d»D
\ L /Cv rSEaf V^»V i *••'"''• p««t'>i and holster, red 6 Coffee Spoons—only.. .$1.60 6 Fruit Knives—price. . .$4.25 6 Dessert Forks—for $3.75 .. Anp . e i us Crescent "at ....;$34.50 M3^^^>l
I^WJI T^ i V^^i'il handk-r.i.u,!- ,-,nci lariat You 6 Orange Spoons—for.. .$2.00 Oyster Ladles-each ...$2.75 6 Coffee Spoons-price.. .$2.00 Angelus Crescent, at. .. |*;A n - »fP*^ -,
V%^*. '• '» £SV£:«,?->-": 6 Soup Spoons-price... $3.00 Cream Ladle-price 85c 6 Ind. Salad Forks $3.00 "Angelus Auto-Secretary" $45.00 , ,

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