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Owens River Water Will Be Used
at New Municipal Pleas
ure Ground
Agricultural park is to be given a
now name, and Owens river water will
be used to baptize it, December 17.
Also, on that date, the corner stones
of the three buildings now being con-
true ted in the parkthe historical mu
seum, the art gallery and the state
armory—will be laid with appropriate
ceremonies, under the auspices of the
Masonic fraternity. Enough water
will be brought from Owens river in
bottles for the christening, and it will
replace the champagne so often used
for christening purposes.
W. M. Bo wen, president of the state
agricultural board, announced yester
day that the gates to the park will be
thrown open to the publio December
17. The board desires that the public
Bee and learn for Itself what is taking
place in the city and the magnitude of
the' project now being brought to a
Buccessful conclusion.
, Lieutenant Governor-elect A. J. Wal
lace will be chairman of the committee
In charge of the celebration In the ab
sence of Governor Glllett, who Is now
in the east. Every . members of the
legislature from Southern California
will be present.
President Bowen desires to withhold
the names that have been suggesetd
for the park. He said last night that
the name by which the park will here
after be known had not been decided.
He gave as a reason for the change
the fact that "agricultural" no longer
is representative of the true purposes
of the grounds and that therefore a
more suitable name would be chosen.
The state exposition, historical mu
seum and art gallery and armory
buildings are one-third completed.
. Their combined cost will be $780,000, to
gether with the gardens and grounds
that will surround them. « The base
ments, foundations and steel work are
already completed and the structures
are now rapidly assuming shape.
The buildings will form a great T.
From a rotunda of marble three wings
branch off, the center wing from the
entrance to the art gallery. The other
wings will be occupied by the historical
and scientific galleries and the armory.
Sunken gardens of great beauty and
variety, showing the verdure of semi
tropic j regions, will surround the
buildings. In fact everything con
nected with the enterprise will be illus
trative of Southern California, The
park commission has completed plans
and details for the gardens. NT-
It is the Intention of the authorities
to have the museum, Art and scientific
galleries house a rare collection gath
ered from all parts of the state. It Is
said that numerous offers have been
made by the wealthier residents of the
state of collections they have gath
ered from all sources, and the board
does not expect to have any difficulty
in stocking the museum and art gal
The different buildings are being
erected by a combination ,of county,
city and state.
The student bodies of the city and
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county have combined for the uh» of
a speedway in the athletic field of the
park, where the outdoor events of
Southern California are to bo held.
Forty-two acres of the grounds have
boon devoted to a speedway.
The new park will be ruled by a
governing board of experts in their
various lines, although the expenses
of the park will be paid by the board
of supervisors. The park's governing
board will first pass upon these ex
penses, c.nd after Its O X they will
be passed up to the board of super
The beautifleatlon of the park, In
which a combination of the state's re
sources will he displayed, has been tho
dream of W. M. Bowen for thirteen
years. Mr. Bowen first became Inter-
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ested In the state board's work as Its
attorney, waa later appointed a mem
ber at large and then wan elected to
Its presidency. He is thoroughly famil
iar with Its plans and might be called
the father and prime factor in the
movement which has coma to such a
successful conclusion.
GUTHRIE, Okla., Dec. B.—The crim
inal court of appeals today granted a
writ of habeas corpus to A. J. Shaw,
an election Inspector who was arrested
at Tulsa, Okla., for having refused to
allow a negro to vote. The court held
that registration before the adoption
of tho "grandfather clause" did not
give the negro tho right to vote.
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