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Cummins, Borah and Others at
White House, but Peace
Conference Fails
tAMoclate<s Press]
WASHINGTON, Dec. 3.—ln what
*as said to be an Initial effort to bring
about a semblanre of harmony In tho
divided Republican forces of the Un tea
States senate, President Taft invited
several rejrular and proptrpssive leaci
ers to the White House today.
The presence of the regulars, who
dropped in singly and in pairs, at
tracted general attention. But politi
cal Washington began to sit up and
take notice when Senator A. B. cum
mins of lowa, the recognized leader
of the insurgents' wing of the senate,
arrived. He was quickly followea by
Senator William E. Borah of Idaho,
progressive. Later came the informa
tion that Senator Brlstow of Kansas
had been invited, but had failed to
put in an appearance.
The president did not attempt to
bring the senate leaders together in
one big conference. There were never
moro than two in his private office at
one time. He saw Senators Cummins
and Borah together, and then nan a
private word with each alone.
In insurgent circles it was said the
preliminary conference with the presi
dent had given no definite promise of
success. The. president was reported
as conciliatory and is said tq have de
clared he was anxious to do all in his
power to bring about unity of action
in the party.
A leading member of the progressive
wing In tho senate was asked for an
expression as to the outlook for bring
ing the regulars and insurgents to
He shook his head.
"Such a thing Is possible, he de
clared, "but it certainly is not prob
ftThis opinion was echoed by others.
At the White House it was not ad
mitted that President Taft was mak
ing a special effort to bring the in*\ir
gents into line. It was declared with
a great deal of emphasis that Messrs.
Cummins, Borah and Bristow had been
Invited to call only as a part of the
president's plan to consult as many as
possible of the senator* and congress
men regardinng recommendations in
his message and the legislative pro
gram for the coming session.
"The fact that this is the short ses
sion of congress, with the time for
legislative action limited, will not pre
vent the bringing of important legis
lative proposals to the attention of
the countrty and concrrcss.' said Sen
ator Cummins shortly after leaving
the White House.
The senator gave the first outline of
the program that is to be followed by
the so-called progressives In the ses
sion that opens Monday.
It is the plan of these members to
urge the further consideration of a
tariff commission law sim Oar to that
embodied in the Beveridge bill and to
draw attention again to measures for
further control of common carriers.
"It is not probable that any meas
ures of first importance can be passed
by congress at this session," said Sen-
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ator Cummins. "Those of us who are
known as progressives will stand firm
ly, however, for the consideration of
a tariff commission bill and the en
actment of legislation that will place
the tariff commission upon what we
term a satisfactory basis.
"We will urge the adoption of a res
olution for the election of senators by
direct vote of the people; the passage
of a measure providing for tho valua
tion of the physical property of rail
roads and common carriers and an in
quiry into the investment represented
in the properties of common curriers.
We will also urge the enactment of a
law to limit the issuance of stocks and
bonds of common carriers.
"It Is unlikely that many of these
measures will make actual progress at
this session, but all consider itlon given
them will be so much gained.
"There will be less work to do at
another time."
Preparations have been completed for
the fifth annual show of tho Cos An-
Keles Cat club In Pan tapes theater
building; December S, 9 and 50. Per
haps one of the most conspicuous fea
tures Will be tho number of exhibitors
from Pasadena, Lamanda Park, Ocean
Park, Glendale, San Bernardino, I'layft
del Key, Monrovia. Alhambro, Santa
Barbara, Eagle Rock, Santa Ana,
Whlttler, f^in DlegO and Long Beach.
Among the exhibitors will be Mrs
John D. Mercer, Mrs. J. Troelick, Mrs.
Zoe B. Fuller. Miss V. L. Franklin,
Mrs. B. M. Gaylord, Mrs. (irace M.
Gaylord, Mrs. R. Gromes, Mrs. J. E.
Gorham, Mrs. J. C. Glrton, Miss Clnrl
bel Henderson. Mrs. A. W. Hazen. Mrs.
Barnard A. Henke, Mrs. G. Hackley,
Miss E. K. Harrison. Mrs. J. B. Hen
drlckson, Mrs. J. B. Jnrrett. Mrs. Col
cock Jones, Miss Catherine Jasper,
Mrs. C. A. King, Mrs. J. V. Kissinger.
Mrs. H. L. Kimhall, Mrs. M. E. Lom
bard, Mrs. A. F. Miller. Mrs. A. M.
Moore and Mrs. A. B. Merihew.
Among the delegates to the show will
be the officers of the Western Cat as
sociation, H. A. Steams, Pasadena,
secretary-treasurer: Mrs. E. T. Kid-
well of Los Angeles, recorder; Dr. G.
H. Hlndley, Carpinterla. Mrs. Selmyn
find Miss Webster will be the dele
gates from the Santa Barbara Cat
Thp Los Angeles Cat club has been
especially fortunate In the beautiful
challenge cups and special prizes of
fered In this show, which will be one
nf the most artistic ever held in the
west. Among the cups are that of the
Los Angeles Cat club for the best long
haired cat: the "S. B." cup for the lie^t
orange cat; the Kldwell cup for the
best brown tabby; the C. C. Park cup
for a blue-eyed white male: the
Steams cup for n blue, the Moore cup
for an orange tabby, the Hendrlckson
cup for a golden-eyed white, the Flem
ming cup for a tortoise shell, by Mrs.
Leland Norton for Col. Dunham In
memory of Miss Prances Willard's
famed "Toots," the temperance cat,
and the Kola memorial for a black fe
The officers of tho Los Angeles Cat
club are: President, Mrs. K. T. Kid
well- vice presidents, Mesdames J. S.
Flendriekson, C. C. Park and E. P. Car
ter: secretary, Mrs. J. T). Mercer;
treasurer, .AT. A. Dyer: directors. 11. A.
Steams and Mrs. E. T. Kldwell. The
show manager is Mrs. C. D. Weston;
,lud<?e, Mrs. C. E P. de Blin: and Mrs.
F. T. Carroll Is chairman of the cata
logue and premium <*nmmitten.
Steam and Hot Water Fitters and
Carpenters and Joiners
Are Suspended
ST. LOUIS, Dec. S.—The building
trades department of the American
Federation of Labor today suspended
the International Association of Steam
and Hot Water Fitters and Helpers
and the United Brotherhood of Carpen
ters and Joiners of America.
The action was taken, according to
W. J. Spencer, secretary of the de
partment, because the unions failed to
obey what Is known as the "Tampa
James Kirby, president of the build
ing trades department, is a member
of the ousted carpenters' brotherhood,
and it is said the suspension precludes
all hopo of his re-election Monday.
The steam and hot water fitters were
barred from membership because they
persisted In doing work which the
plumbers and gas fitters claimed as a
part of their duties. The carpenters'
suspension was caused by a protest of
the sheet metal workers.
The suspension by the department
will unseat all local unions of the two
internationals in all councils of the
building trades department.
A system of universal working cards
was adopted by the department.
The Covlna chamber of commerce will hold
Its annual haaquet Wednesday, December 7,
at Which Congressmen-elect William D. Ste
phens and Lieutenant Govornor-elect A. J.
Wallace will be the principal speakers. Mr.
Stephens, who Is treasurer of the Los Angeles
chamber of commerce, will be 'special repre
sentative of that body at the banquet. The
rapid growth and general prosperity of Co
vlna will be especially celebrated at the ban
Humphreys* Seventy-seven
Breaks up Grip and
Ask your neighbor!!!
If you want to know how good
a remedy "Seventy-seven" is for
Colds, ask your neighbor about it.
A word from a disinterested
person will carry more weight
than if we talked on forever.
"Seventy-seven" is a good rem
edy for Coughs, Colds, Grip, In
fluenza and Sore Throat. At all
Drug Stores 25c, or mailed.
Humphrcyß' Homeo. Medicine Co., corner
William and Ann Btn-fts. New York.
"Many Frenchmen are looking to Los An
geles for Investments, travel and perhaps, In
time, permanent residences. I<» wonderful
climate and rwourees are known the world
over and are attracting much attention."
Such was the tribute paid to Los Angeles
yesterday by Fernand Robellaz, one of the
foremost mining men of France, who Is here
from his home in Parts to look over some
property owned by a corporation of French
capitalists In Nevada. This Is his thlrU
visit. His last trip was twenty years ago,
M. Robellai stated yesterday that the city's
growth since then makes It a marvel. Efe is
accompanied on this trip by Jules Hunebelle,
a French capitalist.
CHICAOO—Chief of rolloe Steward has sus
pended thirty-seven patrolmen, one lieutenant
and one sergeant, who?e resignations were
asked for some time ago.
—Where Christmas Shopping's Different
nn c* * 1
Los Angeles, Sixth and Broadway,
and 221 South Spring
Maricopa Long Beach
Bakersfield San Bernardino
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Combination Set
002r^lft\l§i3k\V •- mO A. dainty box, containing
refPT?^wiliV » *V\W tie, kerchief and socks—all
W?^ ,L'; v\\ij§£\viiiv2Ml in the same color. The tie
\rWS^^rT\\ is Plain > V et elegant and
IV^PwaNiitt \ heavy. . The socks Of lisle
§OSr$'•SSURr' silk, foot shaped. Hand- '
y^^'l^'SswoZ*ii'*x[ kerchief of soft Japan silk
"Wl!f'^" :^''^ji^^^. I ~man size.
iiiimi (7 In snappy new tones of
red, blue, brown, old rose
& "0 and gray. A gift of refine
\JJp J_ ment that a fellow will
enjoy many a day after
and Up Christmas. Pick early.
The Office Boy
This only world would be a hollow old world
indeed If it wasn't for the mirror of memory. ■',;.,
—make it a point to shop tomorrow
NoUee, In the form of circular letter*. Is
being sent to all th» saloonkeeper* of Lou
Angeles, calling attention Id section « o(
the new city liquor ordinance, which pro
hibits the spiling of Intoxicants to pernonii lens
than 21 yearn old or allowing: IntoilOHted
persons In the plaoo of business. The let
ters are signed by William Halter, val. com.;
W. B. Hutchlnson, recorder, and H. H. Golfl
schmldl, chairman of the committee of the
Royal Arch.
Requests are made that the proprietors of
Places where liquor Is retailed see that tlie
ordinance Is obeyod to the letter.
R. R. Miller, 88 years old, a carpenter liv
ing at J3« Maple avenue, was treated at the
receiving hospital yesterday f"r a broken arm
received when he fell from a scaffolding at
Tenth and Hill streets.
|M^fil I [^—^^ Christmas Problem of all! ||
J/wPtmß Yet it is possible to obtain gifts |:|
l^flly\iffl^ for babies> aside from uick'y W
fj^JXT-A broken toys, and easily torn M
l\lf/ym^m books, that will be appreciated I; I
111 Mm m by the y°unBsters and their H
4l ' wk ffl A Stcrlln 8 Silver Mug, 11
i P^^*^ ' I beauty, may be had here for as little iH!
' I T^^\ Wi of mother-of-pearl, with a sterling sliver |§|
I i'W^M R3 handle, or of sterling silver throughout, {Xl
I I i'l^fc) I with prettily tuned sliver bells. Wouldn't mi
1 I 'L^^S fsl ' such a gift be appreciated? There are |J
v I //^/6r\ Sal styles here as Inexpensive as $1. r^J
i \lm« Wi of nterllnff silver, daintily patterned, dell- |5,j
£ llff cately wrought. Surely an Ideal remcm- fca
r''ySbS\ II ' EmL brance. Priced at $1 or more. p.O
Wj 2? are only a few of the other Ideas offered. KB
I I MM All priced very moderately. All depend- Es]
i jM- c? TJ Jls \ 1 JLj TT"V f'3
Kg 353 So. Broadway |/J i

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