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Happy Children in Toyland, in Their Opinion the
Most Interesting Corner in Hamburger's Big Store
**• aw^'*■Jill !Jmnfl BmHe^^Wß
Thousands Delighted with Xmas
Display at Hamburger's
Big Store
Ai. ■ In Wonderland had none the
best of tlie children In Toyland in Hara
burger's big store, Judging from the
delight shown by the thousands of
youngsters yesterday afternoon. Santa
C'laus was in evidence again, distribut
ing candy from the big Christmas tree,
;md the throng of children, chaperoned
by their parents, all but made that sec
tion of the store Impassable.
Overrunning the toy department, the
little ones, their eyes sparkling from
pure joy of living, and wide with won
derment at the things they saw, tried
the hobby horses, tested the miniature
automobiles, watched the mechanical
airships go round and round and saw
the electric trains dash across Lillipu
tian plains and through tunnels pene
trating toy mountains.
"Shop early and avoid tha rush" ap
pears to be erroneous advice this year.
The rush is already on and It prom
ises to become a jam within a few
days. Christmas buying seems likely
to break records in Los Angeles and
tux the capacity of the great stores of
Urn city. Few cities In all the world
afford moro animated pictures than.
Broadway these afternoons, with the
streams of shoppers flowing In and out
of the marts of trade.
Friends Gather at Residence for
Silver Wedding Reception
In celebration of their twenty-fifth
ytar of married life. City Auditor and
Mrs. John S. Myers entertained a large
number of friends at their home, 1035
West Thirty-fifth street, last night
with a silver wedding reception. The
parlors were elaborately decorated
with flowers and ferns and an excel
lent musical program was enjoyed.
Mr. and Mrs. Myers have resided in
Los Angeles for about twenty years.
They came here from North Salem,
Ind., where they were married.
Among those who called to congrat
ulate Mr. and Mrs. Myers were
Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Cook, Dr. nnd Mrs.
J. B. Cook, Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Cook,
Dr and Mrs. Walter Lindley, Mr. and
Mrs. John Coffin, Judge and Mrs.
J. R. Ijewis, Mr. and Mrs. Senaca
Dorr, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Patton, Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Lockhart, Mr. and
Mrs. O. P. Lockhart. Mr. and Mrs. O.
P. Conway, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Lock
liart, Mr. and Mrs. O. H, Poindexter,
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kitchen, Mr. and
Mrs. S. F. Bothwell, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Stansbury, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Russell, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. John Gray,
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Weir, Mr. and Mrs.
T. S. Kell, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hardy,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Trowbridge, Mr. and
Mrs. H. H. Metcalf, Mr. and Mrs. T.
S. Lewis, Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Speicher,
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Logan, Mr. and
Mr 3. Mark G. Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
C. D. Barkclew, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Wade, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Moore, Dr.
and Mrs. Charles Edward Locke, Mr.
and, Mrs. S. P. Mulford, Mr. and Mrs.
W. P. Cronerniller, Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Fisher, Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Brod
beck, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Pomeroy,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Burch, Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Wnnnop, Dr. and Mrs. F. A.
Seymour, Dr. and Mrs. C. V. Bald
win, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Haskett, Mr.
and Mrs. D. L. Durand, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Stringrfleld, Mr and Mrs. C. R.
Hixson, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Carr, Mr.
and Mm. T. H. Oxnau, Mr. and Mrs.
H. P. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Par
inelee, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Mettler,
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Walter, Dr. and
Mrs. George F. Bovard, Mr. and
Mrs. F. i>. Williams, Mmes. Wil
liamson, Hancock, Murray, Johnston,
E. L. Myers, Jane Butler, Milton
IJndley, Sarah Letschar, McCoy, the
Misses Ida Lindley, Fanny Cornett,
Ethel McCoy, May Stansbury, Minnie
Stansbury, Frances Lewis, Hattie Crlt
tenden, Inez Johnston, Jessie Myers,
Butler, Hancock, Williamson, Dr. Will
L. Wade and John F. Poole.
OGDEN, Dec. 3.—The Union Pacific
station at Devil's glide, Utah, sixteen
miles east of here, was the scene of a
murder and robbery at an early hour
this morning The body of S. E. Tur
ner, the station agent, was found by
his wife In the station office at 4
o'clock, there being evidence of a des
perate struggle. The agent's head had
been battered wtth a heavy Instru
ment, presumably the butt end of a
gun, and the place had been looted.
Turner was about 22 years old and
had been married not more than v
After a hearing on a writ of habeas
corpus Jiuls-e Willis of Mia criminal de
partment of the superior court permitted
Walter Heater, alleged burglar, to have
his freedom. It was represented that
Hester was the victim of the "third de
gree" by police detectives, who declared
that Hester had willingly confessed. He
told the court he said be was guilty
when he realty was Innocent to escape
being "sweated" for seven hours.
W. S. Schneider of Hollywood Is
Chosen President of Academy
PASADENA, Dec. B.—At the annual
meeting of the Southern California
Academy of Science and Mathematics
society this morning at Throop Insti
tute, W. S. Schneider of Hollywood
was elected president; S. P. Brackett
of Pomona, vice president, and George
C. Bush of South Pasadena was re
elected secretary-treasurer. J. St.
John of the Carnegie observatory staff
explained the work being done at the
Mount Wilson observatory, and Prin
cipal Carleton Durrell of Throop
academy told of the work of that In
Dr. G. H. Kress, secretary of the
college of medicine of the University
of Southern California, spoke on the
"Prevention of Disease." M. L.
L'Hommedleu of the Loa Angeles city
engineer's office, Prof. H. B. Perkins
of Throop Institute and Professor Mc-
Pherrin of Santa Ana spoke on math
ematical subjects.
There were sixty members present
and they were served with luncheon
at Throop academy. There was a
sightseeing trip through Oak Knoll
between sessions.
VKNICTS, Deo. 3.—The Merchants of Ven
loe committee, appointed to arrange for a
carnival of one week beginning January 2,
ha» reported that $2000 has been subscribed
for this purpose and more Is In sight. It
Is planned to hold motorboat races and
other attractive midwlnted sports during the
Rupture Cured
Without Operation
No Charge if You Don't Get Relief
No longer any need for any one to
drag through life In the clutches of
rupture. For now any one —man, wom
an or child—can easily and quickly be
freed from this affliction.
In times past a surgical operation
was the only known cure—and that has
always been dangerous—resulta in per
manent weakness or in death about as
often as in recovery.
But now no one need remain ruptured
because of dread of an operation. For
an operation is no longer necessary.
Science has at last come to your rescue
with a safe, simple, inexpensive home
This, Reader, is the wonder-working
Cluthe Truss—a truss so remarkably
beneficial that relief Is immediate and
cure begins at once.
You see this truss does something
which no other truss or appliance in
the world does—
It AUTOMATICALLY gives a sooth
ing, strengthening, healing MASSAGE
treatment —a stimulating, life-restoring
massage which cures by STRENGTH
ENING the weakened abdominal mus
cles or ruptured parts—(thus overcom
ing the weakness which Is the real
CAUSK of rupture)—just as exercise
restores strength to a weak arm.
The Cluthe Truss has cured thou
sands—among them people over 60, 60
and 70 years old—who have been rup
tured from 20 to B0 years—cured them
even after everything else, • including
operation, has done no good whatever.
The Cluthe Truss is the only self
adjusting truss in existence.
The support it gives is automatically
regulated. This is how your rupture is
held constantly in place until the cure
is complete.
We guarantee that this truss will
prevent all danger of protrusion—no
matter how bad your condition. Wear
the truss on trial—if your rupture ever
comes out, the truss won't cost you a
This truss can't shift or slip— lt Is
held in position by SUCTION. Tt is as
—and tlio only tru.ss without a belt, leg
strap or springs.
Government Requested to Grant
Hearing to Alleged Plotters
Against Nippon Throne
VICTORIA, B. C, Dec. Agitation
was going on when the steamer Chi
cago Muni left Japan to induce the
Japanese government to give the twen
ty-five Socialists i.jcused iof plotting ;
against the life of the emperor public |
trials. '
The "Japanese newspapers which at
first attacked the government for Its
crusade against Socialism have turned
against the accused. The government I
has assigned a barrister to each of
the accused for defense. The Social- I
ists will be arraigned under the sec
tion of the code which provides pun
ishment with death anyone who In
flicts injuries on the Imperial family.
Kotaku Denjiro, leader of the Social
ists, began his propaganda In San
Francisco, organizing a revolutionary
party and corresponding with Japan.
Returning In 1907, he < organized the
Japanese Socialist party, which was
disbanded by the police after a riot
in Tokio In 1908.
Kotaku i organized the party under
arrest, manufactured bombs In Kochl!
prefecture and planned the assassina
tion of the mikado. He was formerly
a Japanese newspaper man. Three
Buddhist priests are Included among
the accused. The trial will begin De
cember 10. : •,. ' „_,_,'. I •
♦ ■ »
Questions for the regular examina
tions of applicants for teachers' cer
tificates have been completed by the
county board of education. The ex
aminations will be held the last week
of the present month, probably in the
Olive street high school.
The tests will cover work for ele
mentary school and special certificates.
The latter will include manual train-
Ing, drawing and similar work and will
permit the holder of such a certificate
to teach anywhere in the county.
Send for This Free Book
We have published a free cloth-bound
book of advice—the most helpful book
ever written on rupture.
It sums up all we have learned about
rupture in forty years of experience.
It shows (in pictures) rupture in all
its stages—shows how rupture gradual
ly grows worse if not held constantly
in place.
It shows why belt-and-leg-strap and
spring trusses usually fail to hold—and
how, even if they do hold, it is folly
to expect them to cure.
It explains how, unless the ruptured
parts are strengthened (which can be
done only by massage) real relief or
cure is impossible.
It explains the dangers of operations.
It puts you on guard against worth
less trusses and treatments —against
endangering your health — against
throwing money away.
And it tells all about the Cluthe Truss
—how little it costs —how we send it on
guaranteed trial—how it won't cost you
a single cent if it doesn't do you a
world of good. And it tells how, by
our simple system, we can fit you by
MAIL, right in your own home, as per
fectly as if you came to New York.
Book cent In plain, sealed envelope.
Write for it today—don't put Jt off.
When you read this book you will
know how you can get immediate re
lief and quick cure without risking any
more money.
Please use the coupon, or simply cay
in a letter or postal, "Send ma the
book," and address us, giving our Box
number as below: —
185 Kant 23rd St., New \'ork CHy
Send me your Free Book on Tb«
Cure of Ruptura.
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