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South Wales Labor Government
Proposes Bill to Cut Up
Big Estates
Constitutionality of the Levy on
Population Values Will
Be Contested
SYDNEY, N. S. W., Dec. 10.—The
land tax bill of the new Labor gov
ernment is monopolizing public atten
tion to a great extent because, directly
or indirectly, it affects the interests of
more people In a tangible and substan
tial fashion than any bill that has
seen the light of day in any Australian
legislature. No legislative proposal
hitherto Introduced In this country
will have anything like such imme
diate effects upon individual citizens
as this measure if carried in its pres
ent form promises to have unless it
altogether falls to fulfill the Intention
of its authors.
The case for the imposition of some
form of land taxation by the federal
parliament can be stated briefly. There
is a case for It now, and a fairly strong
one. Whether that case Justifies a
tax In this form Is another question.
First, large areas of land suitable for
agriculture are certainly at present
locked up In the hands of wealthy
holders and are not put to their most
productive uses. The extent of this
evil Is always exaggerated, but the
evil Is undoubtedly there, and In the
Interests or Immigration and defense,
lf for no other reasons, requires to be
cured. It is not so easy for the small
farmer as it ought to bo to get land
not too remote and suitable for culti
vation on a email scale. Second, the
state parliaments have had this evil
before their eyes for a long time, but
they have up to the present taken no
vigorous or properly effective steps
to cure It.
With them land taxation was a duty,
and they are directly responsible for
letting It pass into other hands and
upon a scale that makes any kind of
equity, not to speak of equality of sac
rifice, all but Impossible. Third and
last the electors undoubtedly gave
their sanction April 13 last to the Im
position of some form of graduated
land taxation, calculated to "burst
up" the big estates containing land
suitable for closer settlement. They
did this because In most cases they
despaired of state action, long over
due, and still either neglected or in
operative. There Is, to begin with, the
fundamental question whether, taking
for granted all the evil results of state
inactivity In the past, the federal-par
liament can be the proper authority to
correct these. In other words, is it
constitutionally entitled. In the appar
ent exercise of Its taxing powers, to
regulate the conditions of land hold
ing in the states?
This is, In one of Its aspects, a dry
question of law, which is certain to
be submitted to the judgment of the
high court as soon as the tax cornea
Into operation, and constitutional
lawyers scorn much divided as to
what the answer will be. On the
precedent of the new protection cases,
where the high court held that the
federal parliament could not, by pre
tending- to impose an excise tax, regu
lato the conditions of workers in fac
tories, there seems to be some ground
for the anticipation that the gradu
ated land tax, which under the guise
of a tax undoubtedly regulates the
condition^ of the holding of land, will
be disallowed. At all events, this is
the main ground on which Mr. Deakin,
leader of the opposition, has based his
adverse amendment.
Even assuming the tax to be consti
tutional in the legal sense, It is still
quite possible for it to be unconsti
tutional In the political sense, the op
position claims. Mr. Deakin claims
that it strains the federal powers to
their utmost and imposes a. limitation
on the freedom of the states to control
thair land policy—which they alone
can control effectively—and on the
state powers of taxation. Though this
may be consistent with the bare words
of the constitution, It is claimed that
it Is not consistent with the mainte
nance of the equilibrium of govern
mental powers, and means, in effect.
the transfer of a governmental power
of the first importance from local
authorities, which can exercise it ef
fectively, to one central authority,
which for both constitutional and
practical reasons cannot. It Is not
argued that every form of federal land
taxation is obnoxious, but only that
form with which the people are now
confronted, since while affecting to
be a tax for revenue purposes it in
effect controls the size of land hold-
Ings In the states. It is argued that it
may be a good thing that the com
monwealth should be now investetd
with the power with which the con
stitution has not endowed it to legis
late on this question, but that it is not
a good thing that It should obtain or
•exercise the power by a subterfuge.
These considerations will not prevent
the passage of the bill. It is out of
fashion now to show any regard for
the maintenance of the federal prin
ciple on which the whole of the con
stitution was deliberately and care
fully founded. The people have be
come impatient >.f any barriers that
stand between the majority and the
Immediate realization of th^ir political
aspirations, even though they tii.m-
Mlves placed the Harrier where it is
only ten years ago.
The jury in the case of Louise '
Eckberger against the American Bee!
Sugar company yesterday returned a
verdict In ravor "f the plaintiff toi
$2600. The jury was instructed Thurs
day night after a hearing which be
gan Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Eckbargar was suing for $40,000
damages for the death of her hui
Franz J. Eckberger, which was claimed
to be due to the negligence of the
company, of which h< was an employe,
Eckberger was injured while trying to
put a belt on a revolving pulley.
Oliver Rich was arraigned before
Justice Summerlield yesterday on the
charge of lailure to provide for his
wife, Minnie Rich. Then? was also a
charge of child desertion made. Ho
■was released on his nun recognlWlce
to appear tomorrow alt. moon for ex
amination. Rich was arrested in Vi
palia, where he had gone to work for
n furniture company. Hit wile was
Winnie Hancy. i
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li-'- ~J&* ?* ■ . i> ■ # lected line in the city at the prices we charge. fort back of this movement surely rjoth Dresses «Tl I_l •<^t i^W^ JW^\\\\ '
\ :';: A 'f A / —This sale is an effort to reduce the stock before you'd never be able to buy theso ' '^ ■*• •*■ v, /■ ■ ] £$jf liliTT^ It S
S^»iiWi|/ inventory time; it's an effort that has brought big S;,,Si,"SCT e =nSyr, jj^ I**l1**1^ O Z'LZI "SS WIMIW ilk 4
Ul * ]s|~'' 't . s / response today and will bring bigger response as chiffon broadcloth, imported noy- wnill ...... henriettaa \V*i/l hlW&t /I J (■ \
r^WfAll^^ the day. advance, for men are gohtg to talk about lu^Cg^^^o^^^ bE Sfan^" M MM
this event. ,' "Choice of blacks, blues and grays other shades. Every size up fo 44 ■ l/iUU flilM' | ; "i 111 llllll\\\\\\\ :;
Perhaps there's many a man who reads this announcement who will pass it by with a shrug of and^the pastel ■ "ail"''" '""" bust. Regu i ar prlce3 $ig, $17.50. MM JP^I I ; JllllMVf
the shoulders or a curl of the lip. The writer would like nothing better than an opportunity to "" .. > $19.50; choice $u.o». ■>''■■'wf//J ''^n ' \ TTfjil\\\\l\l\\
convince the man who feels this way about it to come to the Advertising Office and let me tell $5 to $6.95 \\rh r\ AQ $29 50 to $50 •ih r>-4 98 '<&/ ■• I 1 11 ' ill\\Wl\\
you the policy upon which this advertising is based. I'll venture to say that within five mm- Silk Waists ... %bj£i»*t'KJ Evening Dressea S2 J - II I -ffl Sl\\v\\\^''
utes or less you'll be convinced that not only this announcement but all Broadway publicity One tho ■ ■ be.t barga)nß tnat _,ht& . . . , /*! '.; b fin .- . ;,. fl II I 1 |'l\\Vw .' ; ;> i
is built upon facts, not effect. ;' :. ; . have entered for Monday. Absolute Bright, dainty chiffon evening \l iI! IV
lb DUllt Upon iacis, noi encc.l. flde $fi> , 5-96 and $695 silk dresses, richly designed silk dresses fl fffi|lfll\l
Remember, we began the sale with over 1000 garments between the iwo -J^ - —* waists to be closed out at $2.48. and handsome costumes of silk and , Lfj ll Jug |,I ■IVI
prices we've named, and though we've been as busy as bees, Monday and Tues- X} I *S 1 .ffi^.attS." and £S£ protty velvet dreBSea . B<th low '^^If.W
day Show Signs of be^hg even busier. Men's Annex. *T ■*" *^ mlliim In black and a variety of de- nee* and high collar models. Black % I
. u..,i "tun "'h" 3 ' h , s | rp(l colors. Assorted sizes. Sale and desired shades. Regular prices B
U „_^———_——-_-—.^— ————i - «— —i^—— ——'J price $2.48. _ ■ .. . $29.60 to $60;: sale prlco $21.98. _ ■ ' -.V/J

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