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News of Fraternal and Secret Societies
"A large attendance and
an enthusiastic meeting,"
was the remark of a vis
.ltiiitf neighbor to Fremont
"camp Thursday night, De
comber 1. It was election
''liight, an occasion that
always brings the mem
bers out in Fremont. Aa I
heretofore, the proceeding was charac
terized by harmonious action, each offi
cer being chosen by acclamation, with
tho following result: Leo Clairemont.
coniiul commander; O. H. King, advis
er lieutenant; H. 11. Hayward, banker;
A. F. Borden, clerk; Harry Shiner, es
cort: Leon Swltzer, assistant escort; M.
O. Mohler, watchman; Lewis C. West,
■■entry; F. N. Livingston and E. W.
Tuttle, managers; Charles Ward, mu
sician; Tom Connor, captain of team.
Next Thursday night, the degree
team of Fremont camp will give an en
joyable dance.
I-os Angeles camp No. 402 hold an In
teresting meeting Friday night. The j
attendance was good, which shows an
increase from week to week, due to
the aroused activity of the member
ship, the fraternal spirit displayed and
the entertainment provided at each ses
sion. The protection degree was con
ferred on a class of candidates at the
last meeting. So well was the work
performed by each officer and the de
gree team as to bring forth the heart
iest applause from all present, after
wards voiced in words of praise by vis
iting neighbors. Among: the visitors
colled on for remarks were "Woodman
Bill" Hagerman, Past Consul Due of
Kastlake and Consul Commanders Dan
nlng of David and Fussner of Hollen
beck. The meeting was concluded at
the card tables, where progressive
whist was playod,- the prize winner
being "Woodman Bill."
ITollenbeck camp held an Interesting
session Wednesday! night. Four candi
dates were given the principal obliga
tion, two applications received and the
transfer card of W. A. Stretch accept
ed. A motion unanimously prevailed
that the officers and team of Los An
geles camp bo Invited to Introduce a
class of candidates, Wednesday night,
December 28. Visitors to Hollenbeck
W.-dneslay night Included Past Head
Consul Foley and District Manager
Martlr each of whom delivered pleas
ing arfl encouraging fraternal address
es. C fher speakers were Organizers W.
A ?/retch, Hollands and Livingston,
Dr. jj. C. Chaff In and W. A. Scott,
cap'ain of the Hollenbeck degree team.
T.iore Is no abatement In the in
tr-ivst manifested by the neighbors of
Vernon camp In the membership cam
paign. At the meeting December 1,
eleven applications were received.
Election of officers resulted a« fol
lows: J J. Roese, consul commander;
J. P. Kwaslgroch, adviser lieutenant;
R C. Thompson, banker; T. H. Chap
man, clerk; Frank Burleson, escort; T.
O. Taylor, watchman; A. Arnhart,
The committee on Christmas tree for
La Fiesta camp Is, planning a big sur
prise for the members, but it will be
treated as a secret until the event
comes off, Monday night, January 2.
Some weeks ago James N. Bowie, late
clerk of Fillmore camp, was burled at
Flllmore, and Past Head Consul John
H. Foley and Hon. J. P. Transue of
Los Angeles were asked to assist the
local Woodmen with the ritualistic
services. Petrolla camp, at Flllmore,
showed such fraternal regard and made
such a numerical showing that the citi
zens of Flllmore were much impressed,
and sixteen applications for member
ship were received as a consequence.
Last week they were initiated and sev
oral past consul commanders of La
Fiesta camp assisted in the work. Pc-
Irolla ramp expects to introduce twen
ty more candidates before the end of
the month.
At the regular
weekly meeting of |
Hancock council No. ]
20 Jr. O. U. A. M. I
Thursday evening
one new candidate
was initiated and i
several now names
were proposed for
membership. Nor- j
>^^ inations for officers
for the election on December IB were
opened and from the names put up
the election will be a lively one. As
the officers will now hold office for
one year there Is a feeling among the
older members to again go through
the chairs with the new ritual, which
is clausing a great deal of interest.
During the winter months while the
eastern brothers have come to pass
their time, here the council always has
had plenty of visitors and some good
suggestions have been given by these
At the meeting of Clan Cameron No.
192 last Wednesday the officers for the
ensuing year were elected. Past Chief |
M. C. Meiklejohn, who has held the ]
chair for two terms, declined to be a
candidate for the office of chief. In a
speech declining the nomination he '
stated that he intended to work even \
harder than ever for the welfare and |
upbuilding of the clan, but thought the j
honor should be passed around. Clans
man w. w. Kirk was duly declared
elected chief for the year 1911. Follow
ing is a list of the officers elected:
Chief, W. W. Kirk; tanist, D. Shep
herd; chaplain, W. Bain; secretary, A.
Waddell; financial secretary, A. Reid,
treasurer, Alexander Gavin; senior
henchman, J. W. Carson; junior hench
itjan, R. Aiken; seneschal, James
Meiklejohn; warder, D. Watson; sen- j
tinel, J. Harrison; physician, Dr. Tom I
Davidson; standard bearer, R. Duncan;
trustees, P. T. Anderson, A. Taylor and
\\ Bain.
The officers elected are all wnJI fitted
for the positions and everything looks i
rosy for the year 1911.
The new chief is a native born Scot,
having first seen the light of day at
Dairy, Ayrshire. He is well known In
Scottish circles fin this city and is an
accomplished pianist find singer. His
many good qualitiea make him a great
favorite in the elan and he will have
the hearty loyalty and support of all
the clansmen.
The amusement committee reported
that the proceeds from the Halloween
social resulted in a neat sum for the
social fund.
Throe new members were Initiated and
ten applications for membership were
Preparations have been completed for
the New Year social, banquet and ball
to be held in Fraternal Brotherhood
hall on the evening of January 2.
"I must have the center of the stage
every minute of the time."
"Well, I s'pose it can be did," sighed
the manager. "We'll hire some beefy
chorui Kill* and let 'em form a ring
around you while you^change your
gowns." .
Companion Court Los
Angeles was the first in
the Jurisdiction to elect
officers, the election tak
ing place on the afternoon
of December 1, when tlio
following wore elected to
gerve (or the comitiK- year:
Court deputy, Katheine Dougherty;
physicians, Drs. E. O. Ooodricli and F.
H. Steddom; chief ranger, Katherlne,
Ham; past chief ranger, Mary Nevell;
vice chief ranger, M. B. Larrimore; re
cording secretary, Celo Nevell; finan
cial secretary, Alice Norton; treasurer,
Myrtle Diebold; orator, Sarah Brown;
organist, Kate L. Wismor; senior
woodward. Pearl VacluT; junior
woodward, Mary Condon; senior beadle,
Rosa Straub; Junior beadle, Rebecca
Several social events have been held
in the court recently, the last beina a
card party that was a. social ilnd
financial success. Seventy-five guest.-;
enjoyed the spread that was served in
the banquet room by the companions.
Court La Fiesta initiated two candi
dates at the, meeting Monday night.
A committee was appointed to arrange
for a Christmas entertainment for De
cember 26. The-officers elected for the
ensuing year are as follows:
Court deputy, K. B. Wilson (fifteenth
term); physician, F. R. Frost; chief
ranger, N. C. Franklin; vice chief
ranger, H. F. Benter; recording secre
tary, Lucy F. Franklin; financial sec
retary, Alice T. Hood; treasurer, H. F.
Boyer; orator, Alba Wilson; senior
woodward, D, N. Burnlt; Junior wood
ward, F. Roßcnthal; Fenlor beadle,
Josephine Harris; Junior beadle, Grace
Evans; organist, Pearl V. McClintock.
Among the' visitors were Chief
Ranger W. A. Bricker and wife of
Court Semi Tropic and Brother Jack
Hollingsworth and wife of Court Mor
ris Vineyard.
Court Morris Vineyard initiated four
candidates at the meeting Friday
night. The following officers were
elected: Court deputy, C. W. Hart
man; physicians, Drs. C. B. Dlckapn
and L. J. Huff; chief ranger. T. Q.
Chappie; vice chief ranger, E. W. Par
sons; recording secretary, J. Kerns;
financial secretary, Sol Levy; treasurer,
J. H. Sellers; organist, A. (>. Gradner;
Benlo* woodward, C. D. Holllngswortli;
senior beadle, B. L. McGinley; Junior
beadle, J. Gregory.
Court Temple and Companion Court
Mlramur had an exceptionally large
crowd out last Tuesday night, who
enjoyed the pleasures of the dance and
whist tables. Several candidates were
made members of Court Temple and
two members were received into Com
panion Court Miramar.
Court Mateo will initiate several can
didates at the meeting next Wednes
day night, at which the full ritual o£
the order will be exemplified and at
which visitors from other courts will
be welcomed.
Companion Court Olad Hand will
have a social meeting next Thursday,
to which all their members and friends
are Invited.
Companion Court Morris Vineyard
! elected the following officers:
Court deputy, Mary HollingsworthJ
chief ranger, Mary Cross; vice chief
ranger, Mary Ingmlre; orator, Anna
Cotter; organist, Alva Decker; record
ing secretary, Maude Prlchard; finan
cial secretary, Clara Ferris; treasurer,
I Cora Ecket; senior woodward, May
Hazelgrove; Junior woodward, Anaa
Hollingsworth; senior beadle, Anna
j Bohannon; Junior beadle, Georgle Dob
"Bhe court will have a large class
I initiation next Friday night, in which
! the high chief ranger. Dr. C. B. Dlck
! son, and other high court officers are
expected to participate.
Court Semi Tropic elected the follow
ing officers: Court physician, Dr. M.
H. Ross; chief ranger, Anna Cohn;
vice chief ranger, Lo!a M. Doyle; re
cording secretary, Elizabeth X... Ross;
financial secretary, S. W. Van Dorap-
I pelaar; treasurer, John Strahn; orator,
! Maria Strahn; organist, Julia Dox;
| senior • woodward, Matilda Ehrlng;
1 junior woodward, Ada Wolf; senior
beadle, Freda Szallas; Junior beadle,
Lizzie Toffoly.
The regular monthly social meeting
of the court will be held next Tuesday
l night and all Foresters and their
friends will be cordially welcomed.
! Brothers Clark and Langfelder, who
i had been operated on for appendicitis,
i have been recently discharged from the
i hospital, fully cured, and Brothers
Benjiett, .Diemer and Gobin (the first
i two being accident cases) are all- still
| in the hospital doing nicely and are
: receiving the best of care. The com
! panions of the floral committee pay
| their regular visits to the hospital, as
j well as to the homes of the sick, and
I their visits are always much appre
ciated by the patients. It is a gro.it
work and in line with the practical
fraternity of Independent Forestry of
T.os Angeles tent No. 2
has elected the following
officers: H. L. Decker,
past commander; F. P.
Toone, commander; H.
W. Burletson, lieutenant
commander; B. O. Augus
tine, chaplain; E. M.
Outhrie, record keeper;
C. J. Walter, finance
keeper; C. A. Pattee, sergeant; J. F.
Loy, master at arms; E. 3. Erlmeier,
second master of guard; D. A. Rupp,
second master of guards; D. A. Rupp,
sentry; C. F. Decker, picket; Dr. A.
W. Plummer, physician; E. Klinsol
smith, custodian; W. Harding, musi
cian; S. Brown, trustee. The officers
elect will be installed at the first meet-
Ing in January by Past Commander \V.
Monday evening the past command
ers of Los Angeles tent No. 2 will
make a fraternal visit to the tent at
Santa Ana, leaving tile Pacific Elec
tric depot at 6:10.
Deputy Supreme Commander Her
mann is organizing a (lass at Pomona.
He has recently completed his work
at Kscondido, where he met with very
gratifying success.
Pasadena tent is very prnud of its
indoor baseball team. So far it has
only lost one game and Is very hopeful
of securing the pennant.
Pnclnc Hive No.
46, L. O. T. M., will
ffve a dance and
card party Wedm
day evening, Decem
ber 14. at Garfield
hall, Walker Theater
building. ,
Good music will ho furnished for
datum:,' and sultaiile prizes for card
playing. A Rood time ll iis.sured for
The commute* in charge oonalsta
of Ladies Hogg, Suart. Birch, ISlaimire
and Baldwin. /
Supreme President of the Fraternal
The Fraternal Brotherhood News,
edited by Mrs. Margaret B. Keller un
der the general management of J. A.
Foxhay, supreme president of the Fra
ternal Brotherhood, appears this month
comprising an excellent holiday issue.
The front cover is printed with sev
eral colors, including Santa Claus in
dustriously guiding an aeroplane. The
number is well filled with interesting
reading regarding one of the beat fra
ternal orders in existence and one
that Its members take much pride in
tho fact that it was founded in Los
Angeles and is under the control of
the highest class of supreme officials
which tempers the excellence all along
the: line of officers and members of
the order.
In his holiday greetings in the News,
Supreme President Foshay among
other expressions has fhe following to
"It would be a great pleasure to give
every member of the Fraternal Broth
erhood a hearty grasp of the hand,
and while looking squarely in the eyes
say, 'I wish you a merry, merry
Christmas and a happy New Year;' j
but it is impossible to convey our :
hearty good wishes to all of you in ]
this manner, so we take this method
of writing what would be said if we
could see you face to face."
Mrs. K. K. Neidig, supreme vice |
president, is at her desk again after |
having passed a week visiting the
lodges in Ventura county.
Supreme President James A. Foshay
is passing a couple of weeks in the
San Francisco district initiating
classes in nearly all the lodges in the
bay vicinity.
Tucson lodge No. 489 is responding
most satisfactorily to the call of Mr.
and Mrs. Rogers for assistance In the .
work of rejuvenating the lodge. The
ball on Thanksgiving evening was at
tended by a record-breaking crowd.
Election of officers was the engross
ing activity in all the Fraternal
Brotherhood lodges during the first
week in December, and it Is safe to
pay that the reins of government have
again been placed in the hands of ju
dicious officers.
Mrs. Marie L, Goran, city manager,
Is receiving a hearty welcome in the
I home office and by the local lodge
i members on her appearance after a
severe illness. All are extending her
the, glad hand and congratulating her
op her recovery.
-iermosa lodge No. 32 will hold a
Christmas entertainment fur the chil- |
dren of Its members. In order to I
plan to advantage, the members who f
expect to brfng their children ar so- ■
curing free admittance cards for them.
The escort team of Los Angeles
lodge No. 1 gave Its annual masquer
ade ball recently. There was a big
cro 1 and plenty of fancy costumes.
Several prizes were awarded and every
body v s happy.
The Ballard contest in Pasadena
lodge No. 24 has closed. Two gold
watches for securing members were
awarded. lie watch for the women
was awarded to Mrs. K. E. Stone, an 1
for the men to George S. Campbell.
Seven candidates were Initiated. A
"banquet —us served.
The T. F. B. Dramatic club ha* been
organized as a result of the ■ lend! I
showing made by the talent that pre
senter! the play before Hermos i lodge
Monday ovenin-.t.
The new lodse being instituted In
the waatern part of Los Angeles re
ports progress.
Joseph Stockel of Eureka lodge No. '
147 paid the office a weloome visit and
brought a box of apples as a treat to
the home office force. lie came to Re
dondo by boat with a eons gnment of
275 boxes of apples for Los Angeles.
Committees who have in hand the
New Tear's ball and reception are re
porting much progress, and the affair
will ie carried out along much the
same lines that made the one last year
such a success.
About 800 people witnessed the pre
sentation of the play given by Her
mosa'l Dramatic club Monday nipht.
The mere announcement that there is
something doing by the Dramatic club
always calls out a good attendance,
Already the good effects from the
recently organized Officers' club an b—
ing felt. W. L. Whitman, president
of La Ornnde lod-e No. 9, has been
appointed the chairman of the com
mittee of presidents of the various
lodges. He has appointed his com- j
mittoes on decorations, reception and (
entertainment for the success of the
New Year's ball.
BtM assembly No. 75, The Ameri
cans, Initiated four candidates at the
meeting last Tuesday night.
Special preparations are being mail.-"
for a smoker next Tuesday night at the
cl6b rooms., £31% South Spring street,
on invitations. A feature of the »moker
will jbe the refreshments prepared by
Robert D. Brown, the new club steward,
and his assistant, V. H. Sutton. '
Fern castle held its
semi-annual election of
Officer* last Thursday
evening in the Frater
nal Brotherhood build
in*, resulting in the re-
election of J. i>. Farls as illustrious
protector for the eleventh term. Fol
lowing the nomination of the officers
the election was made unanimous, as
follows: J. D. Fails, illustrious pro
tector; A. A. Goldsmith, chief coun
sel; Ella cross, worthy evangel ; Min
nie Goldsmith, .secretary and treas
urer; 'E. Kurtzman, warder: W. If.
Smith, sentry; Frances Barker, man
ager; Claire Downing, guide; Maude
Curtis, henild; Agnel Paris, first
worthy censor; [rene Crittenden, sec
ond worthy censcjr; Isaac Snider,
chief spearsman; Minnie Johnson,
chief archer.
Following the election of officers six
applications for membership were
passed on, to be initiated at the next
meeting, Dancing, at whiati a large
number of guests wore present, \v;is
enjoyed until a late hour.
Aweek apo this eastlo gave Its an
imal masquerade ball, .-it which 100
couples participated en masque. Prizes
went awarded to Charles j. Kraua ■ and
Mrs. F. Barker for the best costumes
and Raym I Branch tor the besl
comic costume.
This castle is In n% flourishing con
dition and is rapidly gaininjT In mem
bership. Mr. Fnrls, who organized it.
has been at its head with the i
tion of on« term, and is deservedly
popular among the large number of
Pasadena council No.
ill! Church Fraternal
'\;is nrpanized in the lee
ture room of the United
Presbyterian c h v r c h,
Bast < 'olorado street,
Pasadena, last Tuesday
evening by R. Emmet
Lucas, state superintendent, with 26
beneficial and si:; social members. The
following are the first officers elected
to serve one year: Rev. M. M. Kllpat
riek. past president; Walter R, G.
Hawkins, president: Henry H. Godby,
vice president; \iiw }•:. crouch, secre
tary: Thomas If. Watts, treasurer; H.
P. Thayer, collector; Guy E. Lewis,
conductor: Jennie M. Watts, pianist;
.1. Miller Wilson, medical director.
Entertainment committee — Martha
M, Watts, Ella J. Newliii, Martha B.
Reception committee—Miss Edna
Watts, Robert E. Paine, Robert J.
This council starts off having for its
officers some of the best known church
people of the Crown city, and It is pre
dicted that many church members will
be added to it.
Vernon camp No. 9875,
Modern Woodmen of
America, at its annual
election, elected the fol
lowing officers: Consul,
Len, G. Gilliam; adviser,
li. A. Henry; clerk, L. A. Spengler;
banker, W. C. Brewster; escort, Fred
N. Crosby; watchman, Thomas Gill;
sentry, A. M. Pore; manager for the
year, Capt. C. L. Butts; physicians,
Drs. William H. Syer, F. Hoy, M. D.
Cartejf, F. D. Fairchild and M. Mac-
More certificates were delivered dur
ing November by Vernon cmap than
any previous month in its history.
Pasadena castle No. 2 met at the
I. O. O. F. hall at 7:30 Friday night
with all officers present, and a good
time was had by all. The following
! officers were elected for the next term:
' Noble chief, R. Witts; vice chief, J. E.
i McNatt; high priest, A. J. Thompson;
venerable hermit, E. Herring; master
of records, G. M. Preston; clerk of ex
chequer, C. E. Sellers; keeper of ex
chequer, J. M. Hines; sir herald, A.
V. Cooper.
The contest for candidates closed
with a tie, so the two captains drew
straws, and Captain Thompson lost
and will furnish the supper. The time
will be the first night in January.
All the brothers are rustling on the
membership list. I
I Jessie Fenton Fremont tent, Daugh
! ters of Veterans, was inspected by
Mary Dripps, department senior vice
president, at the regular meeting No
vember 1!8. A large attendance was
! present.
The tent will hold a rummage sale at
the corner of Sun Fernando and Ord
streets beginning Tuesday, December
13. Donations of clothing and other
articles will be gratefully accepted.
For Rbeamatttm tad Ntrreasatst
Body, brain and nerves all de-.
pend on electricity for health and
strength. ■ Galvanic electricity is
best. Electropodes (galvanic In
soles) are positively unexcelled
■,•* Electropodes eliminate excess
uric acid and other impurities '
from the body. With these de-
Btroying agents removed nature
will maintain a strong, healthy
and vigorous nervous system.
Electropodes also s-timulate the
circulation and aid each organ to
perform its. proper functions.
A lady writes from "Texas:
"Since wearing Electropodos my
circulation is improved—and I .'
do not have cramping in my low
er limbs as I did lift'orc." Why
don't you try a pair of Electro
, podes at our ri.sk?
No Care, No Pay
Druggist Signs Thii Contract
- Tbepnrchaserof Keetropodes Is grant* _
cd the privilege of returning them within
80 d«yi, and the purchase price (11.00) ia
to be refunded upon the following condi
tion*: Ther are to be worn according to
directions for at least 25 consecutive days,
and then if not tatUfactorjr, to be retarned
ia original box.
l)rugsri«t's Signature _._- .- _.
At druggists; or by mall, post
, paid. ■ If your druggist cannot
furnish Electropodes, send us $1,
and we will see that you are sup
plied Immediately. State wheth
er for man, or woman. •':,-
Western Electropode Co.
Ml H. I. oh Ansfli-H St., l.im Angelm,
V tal. J
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Leather, put v? in Pocket ors, »c ana ouc. ••« ♦* .. 4 ...
Leather Cases, $3. Boys' Mufflers, 50c. Boys' Overcoats, $5 to $30.
Toilet Sets and Roll-UPB, fitted Boys' Shirts, 50c to $2 each. Youths' Overcoats, $10 to $30.
With Toilet Articles, $6 to $25. Boys - Blouse Waists, 50c to $1.60 Long Pants Suits, in plain colors,
English Hat and Clothes Brushes, e^ch $10 to j 3O .
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Readers of THE HERALD Should Join
—An Extraordinary Co-Operative
Sale, Backed by the Combined
Resources of the Baldwin Piano
Co. and Barker Bros.
—A Sale which places the finest makes in —A Sale that Saves Many Dollars for every
America on Special Sale for a Brief Time at buyer and offers Terms and Privileges which
Prices that now Eleminate Entirely all Com- no intending Piano Buyer can afford to
petition! Overlook!
—We do not ask you to solve any picture puzzles ; we do not resort to any guessing contest, nor
other sensational methods in the exploitation of this special sale. This is a straightforward, busi
nesslike legitimate special selling event, in which extraordinary reductions upon every instru
ment are absolutely bona fide and guaranteed by every dollar of resources of the Baldwin Piano
Company and of, Barker Bros.
—Our ability to offer this extraordinary opportunity to save so greatly in the cost of the famous
makes of pianos which are included in this sale, is made possible only through the co-operation of
the Baldwin Piano Company, who have appropriated from their national advertising fund the sum
of $10000, which has been allotted to this territory for special advertising purposes, to be
distributed pro-rata in reductions upon the instruments sold during this event.
—Included in this extraordinary Christmas Piano Sale are some of the most famous makes in the
world— magnificent Baldwin, regarded by musical experts and the great artists as the finest
of all fine pianos in the world today; the splendid Ellington, the popular Hamilton, the beautiful
Howards and Monarchs. The list of makes is so complete, and the variety of styles in grands,
unriehts and player pianos so satisfactory, that any preference may be gratified. In the display
upon our floors at this time are more than one hundred different styles from which to choose.
—Visit Our Piano Department at Once— See the Beautiful New
Instruments and the Extraordinary Values— Secure a Member
ship in This Special Christmas Piano Club Without Delay—
If You Cannot Come, Write or Phone to Our Piano Depart
ment for Full Particulars.
= tßatkerffirm =
;'"*■' Jt^B & TABZ. I SHED JB S O_Jf J
724, 726, 728, 730, 732 SOUTH BROADWAY
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