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Chief Thinks War with Fresno
Police Is Stopped by the
Burning of Camp
Local Leader, Sentenced 180
Days, Says That He Will
Take Medicine
(Associated Press)
FRESNO, Dec. 10.—That he believed
the attack mado on the Industrial
Workers of the World by a mob in this
city last night will result In the ending
of the fight .which has been in progress
lor some weeks between the members
of the organization and the local police
was the statement made by Chief of
Police William Shaw this morning.
A report was received at police head
quarters this morning that five or six
of tho Industrial Workers had returned
to the site of their camp, which was de
stroyed last night, and occupied eoms
time In looking over the premises. But
no attcmut. has been made to re-estab
lish the camp, and Sheriff Chittendon
stated that if such an attempt is made
by the Industrial Workers he will take
Steps to prevent it.
The sheriff stated further that if
William Storey, who owns the land
near the city where the Industrial
Workers were camped, allows the ro
establishment of the camp he will pro
ceed against that individual for main
taining a public nuisance.
J. Murdock, one of the local leaders of
the Industrial Workers, who was con
victed yesterday of vagrancy, was this
morning sentenced by Police Judge
Briggs to spend ISO days in the county
Jail. Only a small crowd was present
In court at the time, and no demon
stration followed. Murdock stated as
he was taken to jail that ho had been
legally convicted by a Jury, and thnt
he would serve his term.
No attempt hns as yet been made to
liberate the fifty-seven Industrial
Workers in the county jail, and tlv po
lice state that each one of the number
•will be tried in court in accordance
with their demands.
Foreigners in Honduras Will Suf
fer Unless U. S. Offers
PUERTO CORTEZ, Honduras, Dec.
B.—(Via New Orleans, Dec. 10.)— New
breastworks have been constructed
hero and Maxim puns mounted com
manding tho harbor. Foreign interests
fear a double revolution is imminent,
and from this on all foreigners will
suffer unless protection is afforded by
the United States.
' Pollcarpo Lfonilla Is bfilievc-d to be
in Mexico fitting out nn expedition to
attack Puerto Cortez and Ceiba and
an attack by fones under former
President Bonllla in a revolutionary
movement distinct from that ot! Poll
carpo Bonilla. also is feared.
An alarming feature is that many
troops are disloyal. It is said that
■Corel of them will desert at a favor
able opportunity. Soldiers are hurry
ing here from San Pedro, Sula and
oilier nearby points. The government
has placed an embargo on cables, mak
ing it Impossible to eend anything out
by wire. The steamship lines are now
the only means of communication.
Si line boats are fitted with wireless,
the use of which the government can
not prohibit.
Conflicting reports have reached hero
from the Interior about riots and
clashes between rival political factions.
Tho POlloftrpo-Bonllla faction is m.tlve
In the Interior, but the extent of Its
strength i.s not learned. The govern
ment ordered the arrest of Manuelito
Antonio Bonllla, a relative of Poll
oarpo Bonllla, but in> escaped by sail
ing for Mobile before the order arrived.
Sentiment on the Caribbean coast of
Honduras Is in favor of Manuel Bo
nllla, who is in New Orleans. He is
ont related to Manuelito or I'olicarpo
Ohio Executive Greeted by Forty-
Five Members of Congress
WASHINGTON, Dec. 10. Governor
Judson Harmon of Ohio \v;»s gui
hom>r today at a luncheon given by
Representative Francis Burton Uarrl
eon of New York «t the Metropolll in
club hore. The list of gruesta included
forty-flva L)emocrat:c members ol
6TOE3, Governor Harmon ami Theodora
Bell, tlio Democratic candidate for
ernor of California in tho recent elec
No formal speeches were made and
several of those present denied thte
the function wu for the purpose of
launching a presidential boom for tho
Ohio executive. Ni there was
some reference to the possibilities of
1912 in conversations between {jup«ts,
subsequent to the luncheon, in which
tin names of Harmon and Harrison
were linked.
Executive Goes to Bed on Ar
rival and Denies Callers
Governor r. N. Benson of Oresron.
in-i ompanii d ! rrfved
in Loa Ana ay, .Mr. J:'
ciiiujiiff tt> Southern California for a
rest after bla recent strenuous cam
i. Ho will go on to Red lands to
day and remain there until he I
Immediately on arrival yesterday
morning the governor retired to his
room and went to bed, leaving orders
not to be disturbed. Throughout the
day he remained In hia upartments,
refusing to see anyone.
Mrs. Benson stated that her husband
came to Southern Callforonla In hopes
that th« mild climate would benefit his
health. He registered from Salem, Ore.
It'll »3 easy to kecure a bargain In a. Usd
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I creations GRADE PF.RFIIMESJSc TO 75c OZ. U i!^7 2a s r ed colorB; 36? iff; on h,?7 2f -.nap: <fl? SATIN I INFD Slf//T^ 9^?tiil
Wrm^^JSJ4and $5 VALUES at $1 I|j^^«i|«||S|pli
anJ P i a"c^ a^f%fv 7 n 5 c . trl?im . a fr^Jj lAvif *% SPECIAL LOTS FROM MANUFACTURERS AND $HpW!\
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Jl »;■"= ___^ $20.00 New Tailor Suits $12.50 kg
HM f«? mtißo Sviv™ aU sm< anT'perfect white. A gift^ ffik N"^ J»^^^ Bu your Christmas suit here and secure for $12.50 a stylish $20 yJ^A^ %M
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Iffl o, rom..K brim effects, $1.48. value without compar.aon. _ _ ___ i gerge noveUy . sIIk Qr satin ,j ned . fmished wUh notched of sof{ £jjg^T Rf
ic-\VVI ~~~ . /^i* c T% fl/^j • I rolled colar colors black, brown, navy, olive, gray, rose, castor and Vj K 4 /$&Pi "^«B
II Christmas Sale of Rugs and Curtains ___=w«^ suits $i so J
\W M^^m $18 B™SSels Rll S S *13 H *-*'VU LaCe CttTtainS Jl-** Just in by CX p r e SS , 50 extremely beautiful new suits from one of /&WMMIM
KM ii&Ffifi&jP**2.tt. Blze' heavy wool BurfaCe: in beautiful White or a net CODattonberg raor e Nottingham the foremost New York tailors; nobby, short coat effects fashioned I ffi W ffffm
lIS ITWaWIW floral or Ol"ienl al patterns; b"y, Kift3 «i,t" h° weave." plain or fl K Jd^centers dainty bor- of imported worsteds, shark's cloth and cheviot; in black, brown, (fr\\/7 JitM
Kil I 5 F4\ \\ $L °me M°nday ' $1S taPeBtry ' S n'gS * Klscurta^Spal^ navy, wistaria, green, gray and. mixturejjy^ lined throughout; \\ V J|fi|
BilQi rl r//mU*KS\ * -„ « . n Air-ric _*«?_ $25 and $30 suits to sell Monday at $18.50. k _E|_llh
H I *€rJ ■_ $22 50AxminsterRugs$I5-95 125 Cottage Curtains 89c g^ . $3°sultstoseH M°^^_^ , K\\|»llK
M W^lS^^ $4.50 Silk Waists $2.98 . J |1|
Hi AVt\*__l__-^C^ HI M\ A-rmitKito • Rag, $2.25 $6.00 Ingrain Rugs $3.98 /*Wmslk Chinning new styles; Persian silk, taffeta and messailne silk; In 1 IMjl
H|l J^Y*V^=^~<^S_V fO.UU AXmmSte. tiUgS $£.£O <pV.VU in^lUlll ""5 15 V-'--'" / \v«Kpjßa bUok> p | nk , n ßh t blue, white and cream; strictly tailored. I % MgjL ■ ;■, t l
nil mw^\__iu.. ' ' " *"^^_». 27x36-inch size; pi\ Jy floral and 9xlOMi-foot size; cholno line of patterns; perfectly J ffifl'ijl trimmed with silk embroidered yoke and cluster tucks; or fin- W v ZfV_H' v*4
s\\lii >V^_wfr T««^^;«W^*ifw<'** Oriental patterns; $3 .iiks only $2.25. reversible new rugs; $G grade $3.98. ; /I jll.'yfjtfiwjl Ished with lace yokes and sleeves; distinctive and becomlna M | »BB|^i:
H 25c DRAPERIES 10c /A\lW styles; $4.50 waists, $2.98. j«/ • * 7C lUfflPi
■ ?x^'r"u;«r.?Er;,r.^-srUE $1.00 UNION SUITS 50c '/ffe, $1.50 Tailored Waists 75c |M|Kfi
Mil y^. wide; lengths Ito 15 yards, valuea 250 to 40c— . w nmP n'« inr«i.v ribbed union suits at a won- \J \\\ A wide variety of neat and attractive winter models; made of II ; ' "Fl|'''l
|||IJ Sal 9 loc. , J^s\^7,£?™s™£?£t\u£\ JdfJ \) fine white linene, finished with plain pleats or p, ea t ed nd em- | ■.>_/».*
BIK f/C MET 1*)IjL~ 7±y, J?/IHC AX.*. ■ fy^^N medium or heavy weight; cut long sleeves, ll broldered fronts; linen collar and cuffs, »1.80 waist* /tic. » * {!»»»«
KVi] \ iOC rlLdl IC/2C 4"rC i\UUO TTlv _orfJ6t'_^V) high neck and ankle length; 75c to $1.00 gar- Ylj j 1\ : _^ .___ : W\Wm
H{| I Pretty bungalow curtain lirusa ext^nplon curtain <^%?^ v^_(W lue" "°"y ° " R^^ 111 *X r* fw* II • Of • ■ _%O Afl V" * V^ JHllHi ■
Smm net, fancy flgurerl effects, rods; complete with brack- \^^ K-^ -/.^ wr ' Fi « <%*% Js'Sia I ll V*% 11/ nt-nft XrtfVrC TtX *JX fl- '"~ ' '^i^fil :i
KUM in white or Arabian colors et: 30 to 64 In.J 7V40 val- "^^^S^X. kU/i V_»cf C /fl»* HntlTQ "i^tC I (9(/ f F tllKllllj OKI! lO <p£i»iJ\J I] »-*i .W fil'i'l
-4||*Jyar<l wide. ues, 4%0. y//Zw^^\ *'*'*- " «-al«> VI I UlllO t/»/C lif J II — I M *»^« I
M 56.00 ROBE BLANKETS $3.75 »«i:«rSS liF"" £=i 1 1(1 A T hB .owest pr.ee ,„ L .. An B .i r and .„,, «r ,h. b.- $5 , k ,r.. t :
_H\ll'r liV/_*_-i _/_<rliTlVl-i ILf *p*J.I*J mlgLfi tfilßv\\ mei-ts COc and 690 lines 39c 111 we've seen In months; a big line of pretty panamas and mlx
lll\_l-4 size; handsome new patterns; soft wool-finished fffl \1j1\3,,., , „..,, , 11 \\R tures plain gored and with cluster side pleats; $5 walking I -'^#*__H'^
■81l *6 robe blankets. $8.75 each. | |/ Wometl Sjr Children S| f\ Bli 11\ skirts $2.98. . /|; ' -1-^'mßß^'
HBlllrif $1.75 Blankets $3.50 Blankets |||j! I 25c Hose lOC 19c Hose iUC II $7.50 Walking Skirts $4.98 ■'1 tHHUi
BJii?MI]W_Jl $1 19 Pr $2 25 Pr lII_Hm ' I \\vwflS! itii Fin. cotton and mer- ribbcT offline ps,vv I \\\\The tailoring alone will convince you of the merit of'this :P f^wH|||
BtiSSf lif_Jl 15 Pr $2 25 Pr "ml ' \\\W||l i'•''"« cottor.nndmer- ribbed- of tine cot- j \\\\The tailoring alone will convince you of the merit of this t
RliW«mj7_aK ton; soft, fleecy nap; standard 72x84 in. black, tan, white, Die neei turn io«, \\<^ only $4.98. \ . I \. ■ 1
Mllißl__lr pair, only U-19. size; white or eray. X"en, blue, etc., 15c. valr only 10c. <<j«-__ °ny * *PHmi "
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