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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, December 11, 1910, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside; Riverside, CA

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ISriefies Holiday G'ds 20,000 Yards Lace 3c Thousands 10c Hdkfs. Monday 5c JJLM
I HH **-*'t'^«J iIWItUW/ \^ MLO A - «. We have never had such a «reat etoc.k of hand
91* ■ •^ ' v*-B«n«,.«r —v °le*n ' new stock; Just the laces needed now f^Wa£W'*>4V*>»{s^^ k»pohiVf». nnr have w» ever bfen able to auot* . ,<>'. w """ AM
» WLake Gift Buyin g Easy IUISI^ J^J^EHSV^r^ (WM^^T^P^% xH^ST I
V;iWL P L. tl ci- " r» W&f&mF2&4 4to 1 In. Dainty patterns; regular 6c and 10c S. /'T'/X s\. J*L A can buy women s dainty white Swiss handier- N \^ —» t0 ', k\
Ytl]M\\Kemarkable Shopping Day W^mh'^ 1' tfi'H laces at 3c. - I^/J /d^*^*-"«Mfc^Ri^^Ji chiefs with embroidered Initial corners or NQ^- fine .w1.., U|
/flii/i. <. - i .. „ it K^lkibitr^'l C/)/. AUT) ti nn FMJWmnFRY ?Qr H />N\« fancy floral designs; exceptional 10c valuo. 'X camDrio ii
iCt-*B*r for vnn tn nay fnr vnnr* qpipprinn* tint; =s \*O pt»ZMtiflrA i>UC Ar U }i.UU LuIbKUtULKI £.vc v ii\vAi «^ i 4 • j v jl l- t. * I/I- >,u)-c and I|V"1 ' Ri
MJin iv P jy *i y V *lu't:lu 04. " **mnL *H ' n»«t hand loom work on sheer swi«, and Sv /f P^Ur> x 25c Lace Inmmed Handkerchiefs at 10c tjtfklf 2'/ c H
iNaßWere the WOnderiUl ValUeS OI the sth bt. I '"f^EfeJt mlnsook; widths 18 to 27 Ins.; rich and elegant J\JA Wf^rf Alio fln^ linen han<lkrrrbl-fs, with henntltched hen .^s^,.K|iji -mlj, .-,K
mu*d than in this Ad. Never have you had an ..... \kuk """"VnYZ/n 'iTrFMr °" P^M k^N S ™^%^ti^^ tmbro'-
litilr such suitable gifts Every department tLLL^^ m*Jl!2£Z£&t£^ wide Ihß^^- 2 5c Handkfs 15c SOc Handkfs 29c 2 ii«o and iTTI
JJOI Klay yOUr Shopping. Bring the Children tO '-^> -STj^*/*"i Irish. Venlse and Imitation Prlnc< ace bands; V T_T* Ecal linen, with «m- Bea i irlsb linen, with „i. ** QLOVEB - Kid and Hi
ia oK.ro-.ra Lro Vioturaon Q anA ID qn(^ : U i*4 ft ii Oi ippli'iues and medallions; widths ito 10 Ills. \> *-m» broldered corners, hand «mbrold«red floral >^- i 'l> J , »,,,h,. » ...,., blk 111
laf* 1S HlWayS here uetween y ana 1U cinu "^"^V^¥««.*'Ll Regular $2, J2.50 and S3 laces; wonderful at 690 V hemsutched h• m: or Initial comers: hem "-VZ'fH Buede' Zola.pl DIX, R||
■ • v/|N^2 <BrrfiV '-ird. ' »lß<> Imported stitched; sale prlc 2*) p. 'r? tan, brown, gray, 69c 111
s<ft /fofees, SUh Peltic'tS **" Slippers For Men and Women^j^
a^U^iLr ftw^a^H^ Jl XiwQ»li'U. IyIBly IB «*>t^ -* Gifts of Sterling Worth — to Be Appreciated "^^^^ ject. t. .e..ct fromj an |J
,11 '\v' SSte 'tTV-,^.^^ framing orders prompt- IB
Da. the Third Floor Monday Unsurpassed Values $Ms®k $1.25 Juliets 89c £0 C7; nn/ , rc tl AX "iZ^lto v ecuted ||
rl ' 1 : 1 .''mll^ft Women's fine felt Juliets; with fancy V»* JlippCTb fl.tO xMb^WZm?- V^W^*JWBgi
TK^l I tf'O P C 9 C/i I?/ \CV PPTTIfTI AT% QBf ''<*# \ felt trimmings; belting Boles; flexible Fne vicl kid slippers in tan, chocolate ZjsrTTrT^f^^t^t "^ P> J^^^^pWtM
1 In^-I <P£ Of $Li.%s\J DLiriL>l\ ILjI 1 l\,\Jf\ I U t/OL \ "Wsj \and comfortable; size 2Mito 8; black, an( j black; leather lined; hand-turned "f^A "™^^r*"" nr"^ """Ml
JRBJ*f 1 —————————^— —^—— V* s%/ \ ■wine, blue and gray; $1.25 slip- soles; Opera, Romeo and Everetta Be
I(im e\. If you wi^li something practical this sale affords one of the \ pers BBc- styles for men; Xinaa box free. $3 HflTln UYOWTi I WPTI 6s'
rilCfl aVwiv. trrcatcst opportunities of the holiday season and at the same iTV \. \. -r« ci* aq values only »i.4&. vy t . .cc _. r .r*J
fli'^W time a value without equal anywhere. Six different styles in ||s?K^^_3 „ 7 5c Slippers WC mhpr a, -r,i. «- "il*" $4 and }b tieces $1.98 B|
mmglh this assortment. Petticoats ro o ficlre7nou cn kcr itationheather |fe\^7 X^rs^of e=r n; Blr u b h Slippers 95c 'gH e^ul " art nn. w. hn° d r fl r« nol I
Rr^lß^S^r bloom, with pleated or embroidered flounc. wgu W^'M^^ thickness; hand-embroidered in Men>B Tlcl kld> b i ack and O pera >%^g! these cannot fall to M
la/TW laT\ftlv^' ' valueS tO ?—s(Jlt Jiic- Bll^ a 11 ,,8iZ , or Everette slippers; with good fsPjtfrfflftm Beautiful lunch cloths, dresser .c.rfa, |»
SaM lii^Jr rfWWrr> H «T»D-«rafi <f»O J n -^^SißHsßt *n, d 8 _,° v,:, 78° value, B ' soles; sizes Sto 11; appropriate rfT table cover., etc Of real Irish linen, finished Sill
fflfills^ SWFATFRS \X dS y&&^^**% *■• >S^SR^S^ sal° prlC<S Monda y oa'y gifts, only 95c. with one and two rows of drawn work and Si
*4%J K*^ iJ ff JUrl I laIXO *p£i*tU f£>^» 49c x -^s with drawn cer.ter, and corner.; size 18x54 UH
~**J ——^——^-——■—— —-"- 7^7* t*y& ' ————————_________^__^__________ <*v V" to 72, and 30x30 to 54x54; %4 and $5; prices raC
• ii All Wool $5 and $6 Lines HFf\KTF%I?I}U¥II Xf AI IW C OJL il only |1 98 MH
——I 1 /Some of the handsomest $5 and $8 sweaters wo i&fsA*^ Wfi i gIVi J F.S\ F I 7^l * Vf\U * I ifT,»a A F/5 V ■- J*r\vfc.' ._- J .. -^. ■ ""'"-'"JUu...-^. -.■ . M -^_ . 'filH
. At "^oH / have ever si'Pn Included in this lot tomorrow at WUnUtKtUL VALUtj 8 to if J^^^^*«r^X \/^«^^K^^'/^^Wj jl
" I flCl/* '' J2.48 As gifts they will be superb; made of i-« s< *r> in C'tl f y SZ^pS?"' Jtp"C Tffl'J&ttWk^&S^VM
1..«J I . o*/C ■ nil-wool yarn in white, cardinal and gray; also /_S^^ P^^L 50c Corset Copers 10c SUkoline 6\c W^J 250 RIBBON— PIain F/V4 S2 00 HANDBAGS— " KIU
, _«| I a I white with red an.l navy bordors; 15 different #/M«il|s^\ Some of them slightly soiled; flne Ito 10-yd. pieces; handsome drapery , _^a= orf.nov .#•*■• .i, fV Fitted with rnT^ Ml!
aljller made *^ c to sek . ct from; single or double breasted; f||«f^m muslin; finished with lace yokes; silkolines; rich patterns; yard wide. slk mol^e and I JlrVe; double .trao II
S. & Jset Com- "hawl. high neck or collarlesB; clo.el,r knit; j^|«H limit 2to a customer; Bto 9, 10c. $4 Rugs $2.39 _>*<- Dresden ribbon; 4 nand^; new shape.". ||
"* iIT* nd lon^ flnest $r' ad $G sweatf>rB> $" 48- rt*^^^ tUi^flK^^ 35c Work Shirts 15c 7^x9 ft reversible ingrain rues; '/I^jf^ to 4J4 lnchea...lso Sale at $1.19 t||
vrith^Blow bust ; $3 00 and $3.50 Sweaters $1.48 IS IV'ffiß^lßiiySfflr Mado of Kood Bturdy mdrafl In the greatest value you have ever -s-*^*'' 35fe_JL ■ —7 saw '_U,^3y'^ TSagqE^&tSißßyra^-^ffa&ffyl
oppoij attached; a big clean-up of several slightly soiled 1 1 H W^ORJS^ llgUt and dark colora; out full slze shared; limit Ito a customer. JZSP&wPZ^^V'' •?^^^*'^A.C-'w^^^^^^Si^
stal til- $100 lots; women's closely woven all-wool coat K\ ] iS|wK|9L and substantially ade; men 885 55c Curtains 39 C *^f^JZZJU^-T. H>____=__*___* 0 lSy*se*fi__!_SP*HM
.t«J til.Sl.oo 3wpn|(is in ginple or double breasted 1,/ ,|||Hk work shirts, Bto 9, 16c. Dainty ruffled Swiss cur- , r«£* i-n *<• t /J/) r* r J O/»
'*-**< Btyles; white, cardinal and gray; *3 and P *' : ||WW| 12\c StockinS 5c tains in a variety of neat Jt/#* • 79c tO $1.60 UTCSS GoOdS 39C ||
__^j 8 .50 values, 11.48. \ FnjC^rß^ I * Children a lino, cotton stockings, patterns; limit 4 pairs. S9c. f) -0f stylish new weave., 34 to 50 Inches wide; dependable dress fab- M
Uli l>f_7JiF^C tf»9' /i/S CU/lITC tf»f C/i f/» Vn DniT 1 Hhim HTH 0C « '_"V__* rlo9 Mday at an extraordinary valuo; fine 8er B e, Prunellas, Mj/
il YILDI jJ tpd.UV UtlUCilJ $1.50 10-YD. bULI LUiyitLLUill UOC -W-^\ Panama and Brllllantlne. In black, brown, navy, myrtl., cardinal, WSI
iJSj h C, 1 J3 *,„/,/<, l/«f«- An exceptional value in a very fine quality English longcloth; 10 yd. bolt; sold regularly at j^^^^ tan, gray and cream; 790 and $1 value., 39c. SM
Btmi Lace Styles—Remarkable Value $i.6e ; 120 bolts, while they last, 95c suitable gifts for housewives. fp^_____ag $1.25 Broadcloth 79c $1.75 Suiting 89c OB
H rr%LC3l—--trn 15c Dimity 10c 85c Sheets 63c $1.50 Damask 98c **tP 52 inches wide; rich satin flntshj The new mannl.h effect., In gray fWJ
iUi;m Monda y^Sl^tev /o^^K Mill lengths; pretty-checked 81x90 seamless sheets of Pure linen. 73 inß. wide; -*£» black, navy, garnet, myrtle, gray, eultlngs; 52 and 6« Inches wide; fjHl
w|H ion 400 I ■HH nGRi /_&_) nSUaI llw and striped patterns; sale heavy bleached muslin; beautiful floral, coin dot and *Vj* tan, reseda, rose, pink; unparalleled strictly high grade material, Mon- ana
"'lmli d H JkBI (fWP iBWBff fclSa price lOcr torn and hemmod; 850 Cour-de-lls pattern. -ffl* 1 values, 79c. day only 89c. . Klß|
r^zii _llhethi Ife^l -• — 35c Lawn 19c 16 2"3 c Cases lie '***?*' r««i-l- f<^. ' 'S&Pjr *%>%W fM
woh S ho« Jl I- -== Extra or Persian lawn for phiow ca«e«: .Ue 42 or 4B unbfaUT^ -Sir«,h WOMEN'S 75c FLANNELETTE GOWNS 49c H
'i-jf ' 7/ilw x waists or children^ wear; X S6 lnche 3 ; heavy bleached XTnbleaciied. heavy Turkish W UlTlLn O tDC tLJWiVILiLE, II £i Ul/rfiUJW r^i
llsayll. ►. . (->— ' soft finish; 35c grade, 19c. muslin; S-in. hem; 110. towels; sizes 22x50 in. —— -1 ' If
aL^.^^^ GIFTS TMT^^ W^J^9^ Mosr|
3p|&V^^^ / J^X. V 1 web or vith ralSBd BUk C6lires: H
•RmhMORROW—ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT EQUAL THIS SEASON— wlfilE^feJ' Men's $1 and $1.25 Golf Shirts, New Patterns, 62\c IMU
V/)!nhu/A/ STnrhr INCI linm IN A CRFAT XMAS SALE Ss^rf-I-Pk- You Cftn>t co astray if you select a couple of these shirts for a Christmas gift; men never have too M/JB
™U ||/W/V ZIULK lISLLUULU IN A UKZAI /\iH/13 ZAL,& . EM'-/^st|yM_H many> and these ale in the very Bmartest new" Patterns; mad of fin< madras and percale, with cuffs SIM
98\ $10 LONG BLACK COATS 'I || 8| r^&SMmlt SI 25c Sox 12\c 25c Hdkfs. 12\c Underwear 50c jff|
frs.; ? landoome coats of fine black kersey; wide wale weaves In red and p^, I! || ■|i \^?%£fiMM®lk\ plaln black ftnd tau or fftncT Men' pure linen ballllll^ Derby ribbed, white ecru or Wfl
seaso||own and smart new mixture.; 7o coat. In the lot, all of them at X *^BB WW MjS? JrA3&lfflu3mK\ lls!e and flue cotton BOx; aiade chiefs, with y * or % ln- hem v \, t h . .» mi mifl
strlp*|Bs than makers'cost; notched or .oft rolled collar; strictly tailored _Q^ V^^ ~M^ ~«!^ jBL^WtKtWWlWr)*\ with double heel and toe; 19c stitched border; good size; cray, ehlrts or drawers; slightly |||I{J
blao|| effectively trimmed with braid; never before have we been able BOM W|ffl — — \M'^W#WmSLr l . ifil "and 25c values, 12% c. 25c values, 12V40. fleece lined; big values at 800. SHI
I $12.11 offer such a wonderful coat value. Fulllength, well finished; $10 \jMT_JmW '^\yAw7\V^Ww \lk ' Mill
I |d many $12.50 coats; sale price ...■■ Xw^mßtC^f^U Men's $1 Union Suits 85c Men's $1 Sweater Coats 59c Wm
I Lg^^ MQCA f nniy Coats $10 00 IMfWm%N Medlum we.ht unlonBUltsfor winter "ear: hlh go,-^ "SSwTiSaStaSf n haeYvy blurCd ||
_J l_—?^»i--^W *10.«5U L(UIIJ4 ViUdia .piU.VV/ IJKI-l-Miß^ (. / neck> long sleeveB and ankle length; derby sweater coats; well finished; regular Jl value. UJkM
"f^3 n mmense assortment, embracing hundreds of faultlessly tailored ut^ N^£ ribbed; slightly fleece lined; $1 garments only 85c. Christmas sale, 59c. \l\m
m !SHit) mjR TOY department BUSIEST place IN the citym
HHI jflf rfflN^ cut full length; half or shoulder lined: finished with notched or soft l/UA 11/ i lULjI /IA 1 iULjll i USjUlLttJl I L/ltL llf ll^jLi til I J/Jgj
s^^« '"^■■^ -jf JSu/r roled colar. Great $18.50 line to sell Monday at $10. canta Claus Here Every Day — 9 to 10 and 2to 3 — Bring the Children yCS£W liM
iPi _C**l^ <R?? =50 lnn(r TnitS SIS 00 $1.75 Dolls $1.00 SOc Boat 25c $6.00 Velocipede $4.45 S\, —^ IM
IL-^mkV 9L**.O\3 l^UUg VJUaiJ HJJIU.VV/ Kid body, 20-iuch dolls; joint- steel sailing boat; equipped Strong steel frame and wheels; y^ I4HjM Hfl
li^l_«l\\ v Only an unusual event like this could bring such an unusual value in <l hip; pretty sewed curly with Ealli j lb and topsails; rubber tired; spring seat; salo -,W^*__^'lk rill
IP^JW^ \SIP hich erade coats; choice of broadcloth, wide wale and plain covert, wig; sleepy eyes; complete pa .inted white with red water price $4.45. -ffl> t^. «S-*»w iIW 1
3S*_il"^V\/ip_ cheviot, cashmere and serge; half or full satin lined; colors black, with Bh oe and stockings; lin Monday only 25c £3 00 Frnrrss S2 SO *sWX * jMS? HI
f IPINI br°u n ' aVyi tan an^o Uy effSf tly tail°red " finiShCd TI.SO Go-Carts $1.00 Shoo Fly $1.25 Sf 2^'^?.! ll
f^ili^l T&mlif with velvet pipings; $22.50 garments »IS. Folding doll go-carts; steel Chanticleer "Shoo Fly" rock- wheels; 15x30-in. box, paint- _fi^S|«rf^, 1 -«^a. "UM
/j^iflfl^ ?! ll"^y' ' .*/^^K I frame and wheels; uphol- vl >, with upholstered seat; ed in red or green; $3.00 igjf ( s>7 t*^f;^l -."fr
■■VBJP^I W^ .. . . 1 ;'^_™ I stered in leatherette; great painted in white or red. wagons $2.50. . B ->wfp^yt&'" ) fBffl_r '!$M-
Wlßryf 7 ' $15 00 wk ? nd DreSSeS $748 ty3r VRl«ocVr«,nA. Soc Football $1.75 $6.00 Auto, $S.OO %J| H«*f^ il
n|| ■■.■; tI/ <P&O»V\J Wool 1/1 CMCiS tpi,-TV JWkr^ A trunk for all the (lolly's Rugby football; durable pob- Large size for the boy; nib- LJ^gP^C,** g.iifj
§^^ffllili^ Car I _— —— I (WsWsrTj& clothes; complete with lock bio grain cowhide; seamless ber-tired wheels, adjustable ESjgssS&k"^^^ llflMn
<uW^V^\ 111 It you wish a pretty dress for the holidays you should hurry to have /f^f-k '"M^ n-,d key; sale 500. bladder; special $1.75. seat zH— I|_P
; _^_B" if** Hfa first choice of this lot at $7.48. It includes the most favored winter LfMffiS ,;JK>'.- «r^r« t«. _ _ r* , - r »ar^-ir» I_T r»inkTrr»» Hnm /irinr r»» TUP iT% MBA
Sli#fcfe|P style., fashioned of soft chiffon taffeta, all-wool serge and batUtekWl'/M^, MflTAl}! FQ A \/INf2\ IN Pf)Y% ND CIkI \ WF A R WsM
fflffll,^; 'dP and .itinmessallne combined with serge; colors black, navy, brown, f^||l||f.W V iVI/ I J\DLiLd dJiVlllXjlJ ill £*V/Ijl/ Jil*U KIISXLiO Ff I_/1 A HlfM
ffllSl^^ltfil wistaria and cream; $15 dresses only $7.48. . V^fNktJiiJa « >->l j > #/; en r- # *O OO —-, ■» r. » *>z« /-/> c '. *»•» ir «■_■
l#ffll^ i?V si -, »v A- _ iSX MJ^3k •I ! Children s $6.50 Coats $2.98 f^i^ Boys $6.50 Suits $3.15 pfffil
:'sra^*Wfe'i' ■ (tOt\ Ml Afy««al flv/ipp/l<> Vfll P» \ {'' Sizes 2to 6 years; made of line bearskin, broadcloth, Benra YF^S; Our entlre stock of *5 and $6.60 suits at this HH
«KS '; ; J H tD&U.UU Ifcl*/ UT"OO"O tplU Iff \'■ and cheviot; big assortment in gray. tan, blue or green; single V*.. I prlce Monday; sturdy, well-made suits of fina llßffik
gMWS iWi% ■ - V .. . „ ... ii iv»• * * j I f \' '• or double-breasted style; some with high, ctose-nttins collar -i. worsted, ca«hmere ami tweeds, double-breasted i|f6_i
D '■• ,f -i-« Taffeta, piessalin* and popl ln .ilk, all-wool batiste and serge; ex- / \ r O f ve lvet; well lined; $6 and $6.50 co.it-. at $2.95. , , 4mfsW&<^ styles with knicker pant.; sizes 2V4to 17 years. jn||SJ
J'-*.'': S ceptlonally pretty new dresses; finished with braid and lace, colors I I , _- GoWnS 39c $1.00 Hats 49c f^AWgMh value i'*™nts will appreciate Monday at $3.15. fllfl
i msk ct »»-•■•"-■'•'■••■■''"-'";_— , jj L B ,j*: 81 r.' „' sskss^dm sm§fiM Panis ssc i\ soBat i
'"ftHS'^'i Ifrf' /\/\ »r f* (I*O AO \ J Ft]] J M pretty flannelette gowns in or close-fitting afr^ WHHffiy Heavy tweed and COr Robes $2.15 \Mjm
•.mIpI 1 *sm Nm Capes $3.48 111 JL HS^Sr a>-ss s^^ JH r Jf..r^; r^-x-s-fl
'i 5 V'fll^^l ' 'il I — — 'Ml'l iiiM' arapts. />Wi^K $B JbffiiSM with belt loops; sizes 6 sian patterns; edges fj|m|
■ '^iSl'"'; \ ' '-' Sl Made °f splendid quality broadcloth; cut full sweep and full length; WWE «j HW . « t - _- „ , Can* $2 98 %S'\ N.\A\ &WW& to 14 years- plped wlth satln- ffbgll
4^sir^l - 4l o'o" black, navy, gray and wistaria; finished with military collar SiUfijEPV $6.50 HatS and Laps &S.VO §&» NB^ ¥lrrM I t >>*1 C * ff/1 ffl/Hll
I. il and button.; $5 capes $3.48. ;- \, ••■ "'frtflfjajl j«* sample line, Including hats of fine French HBl^Xt/ IpSpl | Infants' $1 Sweaters 50c W/Rfll
I ™ _BrT7Tnfl\ fe" trlm™d w'th fur ba t "f S a"rt r wuh n8r:ibb'o a nn „!)(• %\ rr'^P Slmrle-breanted wool .waters; gray, with card-IOH
B.F <i:s nn Cmiort Coat* $1 Qfl ili.Eil t rivrat?2 p 9 v trlmmedsvuhrlbtjoni ,| f/T - b o rderor a.. reJ . .niuißH
S^^P>W: *i>'UU LOVe rtLOatSQI.JO If JkBIK eSc HeaJwear 49c H \j /n/an.s'soc Wear 2Sc J|l|
i * 'S P* 4lnch flnB covert coatt; strlct|y tailored styles; neatly and care- 11 it I I Toborcan and skating caps and toques of all- ,- \' JJI TU Caps, bonnets, toques, jackets, etc. %«fl?WWj_ff§|
,__Ja3r fully made; 100 of them; they will be snapped up quickly at this ILJI?^ 1 wool yarn; white, with blue, red or lavender <4kA > *~*^ \\ also "-11-wool fcootees; big assort- W|UI MM
'y'^fflH^Bß™P^ romarkabl. pric«-41.98. ■ £>S* w-l"*~ rlmmlnee; s»l«, 490. , - \J ment = 60c artl<='ea 3Co-
Is Indication of Its Strength with Live Advertisers
Department of Justice Official I
Accused of Tipping Off Chi
cago Grand Jury
Woman Gives Evidence Ag
Federal Sleuth, Who De
nies Assertions
[AMOulated Pr«M]
CHICAGO, Dec. 10.—Charges that
■ecreta of the federal grand Jury room
were being \ipped oft" to interested
parties, made before Judge Keneaaw
M Uindls In tne United States dis
trict court, caused dim to suspend to
day a case he was hearing and demand
that the charges be sustained at once.
The man accused of being the "tip
ster" is Charles B\ Dewoody, division
superintendent of the bureau of In
vestigation of the department of Jus
The accusation was made by John
F. Brown, counsel for Mrs. Aileen
Christopher, a witness against the al
leged paved brick trust. She was in
court to show why she had refused to
bring certain evidence and documents
before the grand jury, as requested by
the United States district court. Her
answer, by her attorney, was that she
feared the evidence would be exposed
to the persona interested, and De
woody was the man she accused.
Mrs. Christopher testified that De
woody came to her at Portage, Wls.,
to get certain information and was
there told of the secret information the
grand Jury had obtained which later
resulted in the indictment of former
Cashier Fitzgerald of the federal sub
treasury on charges of the theft of
Judge Landla directed that this be
stricken from the record.
United States Attorney Edwin Sims
asked if his was the department re
ferred to. Mr. Brown assured Jaim it
was not and amplified his flrst state
ment by saying:
"It is not your department, Mr.
Sims; it Is the investigating depart
ment whose head I referred to."
Dewoody sprang to his feet and de
"I am the head of the Investigating
department, your honor, and I wish to
say I court the fullest investigation of
the charges."
"Yes," continued Attorney Brown,
"Mr. Dewoody is the department head
I referred to. Yes, I will show the
court that he not only exposed the
secrets I have referred to but other
secrets of the grand Jury room—those
pertaining to the Fitzgerald case and
other matters."
Attorney Brown announced that he
had a letter from Attorney General
Wlckersham advising him not to give
the evidence to the Jury-
Mr. Landis said such explanation
had no weight In his court.
Charles Dewoody has been in charge
of the Chicago division of the bureau
of Investigation of the department of
Justice about three weeks.
Musical Critics from Abroad
Praise Belasco's Western
Play in New Form
NEW YORK, Dec. 10.—The begin
ning of a new period in the world's
progress In music—marking a further
advance in the westward course of
art from European centers to the
United Btates—took place tonight
when •'The Girl of the Golden West,"
an opera by Giacomo Puccini, the
Italian composer, based on the Ameri
can drama by David Belasco, was
presented at the Metropolitan opera
For the first time In history an Inter
nationally famed composer has chosen
this country to bring out the premiere
of an operatic work.
Judged by expressions of musical
critics from abroad and cabled re
views tonight for late editions in Eu
rope, judged by what musical writers
of this and other cities declare and by
the Inspiring ovation which came from
the audience, "The Girl of the Oolden
West," or "La Fanclulla del West," Is
a work of rare success. Puccini and
Belasco shared alike In the plaudits
and curtain calls.
Speculators named their own prices
for seats that had come Into their
handa. Though prices were doubled,
the demand ran away with the supply,
and two chairs in the dress circle are
said to have been sold for $100 Just be
fore the curtain rose.
FERNIB, B. C. Dec. 10.—Forty
five miners were entombed by the ex
plosion last night in the Bellevue col
liery, a short distance from Frank,
Alberta Of these eighteen have been
rescued alive and twenty bodies were
Of the remaining seven In the gns
crammed pit four are believed to be
alive. They ure in the upper work-
Ings, which they succeeded in walling
off to prevent the spread of gas. By
midnight, a little more than two hours
after the explosion, the mine was
sufficiently clear of smoke so that
workmen could enter. Appeals for help
wi»f' sent to Fernle, where the pro
vlnclal government ot British Colum
bia had recently Installed rescue ap
SARATOGA, N. T., Dec. 10—Frort:
her share of the $60,000 damage* which
the New York Central railroad paid the
heirs of tho late Spencer Trask. his
widow today offered to give to the vil
lage of Saratoga Springs $24,600 as a
"fitting dedication of the money to the
town to which Mr. Trask devoted many
of zealous service and for which
In the end he sacrificed his life."
The remainder of her share «he jives
to Rev. Dr. Joseph Carey, rector of
Uethsalda Episcopal church of this vil
lage, to be used to complete Mr. Trank's
gift or ft iiarlsb boua*.

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