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Gin Wut Wah Confesses and In
volves Polytechnic Boy
in Chinese Plot
Wong Hong, in Jail- Declares He
Is a Victim of Jealousy for
Progress in Learning
Gin Wut Wall, convicted of
smuggling and attempted bribery, and
who was sentenced in the United
States district court several days ago
•to serve two years in the federal peni
tentiary at Fort Leavenworth, has
given Information to the immigration
officers which resulted yesterday in the
arrest of Wong Hong, a Chinese stu
dent in the Polytechnic high school,
and Wong Sing Tai, a Chinese resident
of Whittier, on charges of conspiracy
to defraud the government by smugg
ling aliens across the Mexican border.
Hong is 19 years old, dressed in the
height of fashion, speaks English flu
ently and has been a student at the
Polytechnic high school three years.
Tal is older than his companion and
has been prominent, it is said, in
Chinese missionary work.
The men were arrested by Deputy
United States Marshal Bert Franklin
and were taken to the county jail late
yesterday afternoon.
Marshal Franklin is searching for
Wong Wing Hing, another Chinese
who was implicated in the confession
of the convicted smuggler.
The confessions made by Wan, It is
said, are of such a nature that a new
light has been thrown on the smuggling
situation, and ona which, if,: found
authentic, will materially aid Chief
Inspector Connell of the Immigration
service in putting a stop to the opera
tions of a smuggling ring.
The Polytechnic student protests his
innocence. He blames Wong Fung, a
Chinese awaiting trial on smuggling
charges, and who comes before an Im
migration commission in January, for
his arrest, and states that Fung was
jealous of his progress at school and
angry with him for his refusal to take
part in smuggling aliens into this coun
Baptist Clergyman Wins Suit of
Clothes in Federation
Club Competition
At the oloko of the whirlwind contest
of the Federation club last night at
10 o'clock it wan found that the Rev.
.1. whltcomb Brougher, the, recently
elected president of the club, was the
winner of the first Individual prize of
a $50 suit of clothes, with 66 names to
lij credit. During the contest 300 new
members were obtained for the club,
making the total membership 700.
Division No. 2, with H. A. Gets. A.
K. Bruce and A. 7,. 'fait as workers,
won the division contest with 105 new,
members and will receive the painting
donated by A. Montgomery- Division.
N. -1 won the second prise with 301
members to its credit, prof. J. E.
LJckley and O. H. Newby as leaders.
From 9 o'clock yesterday morning tho
four divisions were kept busy securing
members and telephoning in to Ihe club
headquarters until the close at the con
test at I" o'clock. Supper was served
.■it 6:30 o'clock and a. large number of
business men were present. The new
membership Id practically composed of
business and professional men of the
The winning division will be guests
of honor at a banquet next Monday
night at the club morns. Santa Claus
will present the prizes won and will
also present Christmas presents to the
banqueters. All the prizes will be an
nounced as soon «r audited by the cam
paign manager, J. B. Pendleton.
Although the 1000 murk was not
reached there was general rejoicing at
the club headquarters, and the cam
paign has atarte da movement that
will continue until the 600 new members
have been obtained *lo reach tho thou
sand mark.
Contributor Refuses to Give Any
Name-Says Gift for Chil
dren, Not Publicity
Through the efforts of The Herald
the fund for the Loa Angeles Orphans'
Home society received another dona
tion of $250 yesterday. The man who
subscribed the money refused to give
his name, as he Hair] he was present
ing it to tha Home fund for 111.=» salyj
of the children and not publicity.
This new addition brings the turn
raised by The Herald up to $1800 If
responses continue to come in with
such promptness the women of the as
sociation will be able to establish a
small hospital containing an operating
room, with necessary appliances. At
present they are unable to take care
of their very Kick children as, undei
the state: law, if a child leaven the
horns for even one night, for even the
purpose of going to the Children* hos
pital, ii is struck off the list of or
phans Jit the home and must be rein
stated through a proceso full of red
tape and conventionalities. Therefore
the women hope to put up quarters
where they can attend to their own
rases. Ten thousand dollars will he
necessary Cor the establishment of such
a bungalow hospital. The women are
feeling hopeful, they say, that the
amount will be forthcoming soon.
The chamber of commerce excursion
to the Imperial valley left tho Arcade
station last night. Today will be
passed fit. IS] Centro where a fair Is
in progress. A number of persons
interested In the valley and Its future
will leavu for El Centro thl morning
and join thi first excursionists In their
. visit to the various towns In the val
*" ley. They will return the Brit of
next week.
* ■
B ■ fR ■ x
am I
'Hcadliner' for Mounted Squad a
Former Cowboy on the
Arizona Ranges
Although he weighs -00 pounds, Pa
trolman C. A. Inius of the traffic
squad, also "headliner" of the new
mounted squad, believes lie can out
ride many men weighing 14<> pounds.
His record tend.s to show that I" 1 call
do it, too, for lio Ml tho patrolmen
who tried out In feats of horseman
Patrolman Imus made a perfect
score, 100 points, in the contest In
Agricultural park. Nine other men
will be appointed to the mounted
squad with him. Ap Imus, who )i;if
been on tho force two years, is a for
mer cowboy and horse trainer, it wan
a simple matter for him to make good
in the contests.
The strenuous tests to which tln<
contestants were subjected proved
quite difficult for a tew of the as
pirants for mounted details proved to
be. of little consequence for Imus.
[nius was horn In the cattle coun
trj of Arizona and panned his time
until he reached his majority on hi.s
father's cattle ranch, which embraced
parts of Mojave and Yavapal counties,
lnt> r engaging In the stock business
him.elf, buying and training horses.
United States Claims Mineral-
Bearing Land Granted the
Railroad as Agricultural
The government filed two more suits
In tho United stains circuit court yes
terday against the Southern Pacific
Railroad company, the Kern Trading
and Oil company, and others, for the
recover^.- of land.-, said to be mineral
bearing and now held by the corpora
tions by virtus of a grant by con
giving to ihe South.th Pacific alter
nate sections of land for 20 mites on
each side of its right of way.
Two thousand acres of land in the
vicinity of Lancaster nnd McKlttrlck
are involved in the suits which were
tiled by Assistant United State ■ i
torney G. Kay Horton, The govern
ment claims the land upon grounds
that it is mineral bearing Whereat) tho
land was originally given to the .South
ern T'aeific. as agricultural lands.
'Die suits will be prosecuted by (1.
Kay Horton, one or the government's
attorneys in the southern district.
Among those made defendants with
the Southern Pacific company In the
government suits are Homer King,
trustee; James K. Wilson, trustee;
the Central Trust company of New
York; the Equitable Trust company,
and the Kern Trading and Oil com
Walter Prescott Sentenced for
Stealing Robe and Whip
"A couple of hundred dayi added
to nineteen years don't make much
difference," said Walter Prtscutt, coti
fessed thief, as h" left Police Judge
Frederlckson's court yesterday after
noon ami returned to the city j >iI to
serve ISO days. "But of course, to
speak the level truth, I would rather
be outside than in."
Prcscott was arrested three days ago
for stealing a lap robe and a whip
from a buggy in the downtown sec
tion. When asked why he stole, he
merely shrugged his shoulders and
told Judge Frederickson to draw bis
own conclusion*. Since explanations
would not help his case, he sold he
preferred to say nothing. After re
his sentence Prescott said:
■ To tell the truth I don't know why
l took them. It seems that there is
something inside me that won't let me
do right, and I suppose I must pass
practically the rest of my days in Jail."
Occidental won from Pomona college
last night in their sixth annual inter
collegiate '!■ bate. It occurred in the
Occidental auditorium. The subject
of the debate was "Are Labor Unions
Justified in Insisting By All Lawful
Means at Their Disposal on the Closed
Shop." Occidental taking the affirma
tive and Pomona the negative. *
The judges presiding over the con
test were Prof. James Dlckaon of the
University of Southern California;
Prof. .':. I!. Hunt of the same college,
and Prof, It. 1). Perry of the Los An
geles high school.
There were three debaters on each
Bide, Four hundred students and
their friends from both colleges were
Surgeons and Attendants at Re
ceiving Hospital Struggle
with Belligerent Patient
Though he walked into the hospital
on crutches, his right leg having been
amputated years ago. Ed Watson,
known to the police as a professional
i beggar, gave attaches of the receiving
I in;,- hospital a tussle that they will not
soon forget when an effort whs made
, to place him on the operating table
yestei day morning.
Watson was arrested on East First I
street foi begging. According to the ;
officers he had printed cards in his !
pocket which he passsed out to pede»
trtans In an effort to enlist then- sym
paiiiy. When placed in the patrol
wagon he was found to bo drunk, and
he Immemdlately began to show re-
SOntmi nt ever iiis arrest by beating
his head against the sides of the
wagon. When he reached central sta
tlon his forehead was bleeding and
there were minor bruises on his skull.
Instead of going at once to jail Offi
cer Canto took his prisoner to the re
ceiving- "hospital, wher he asked that
the man's wounds be dressed. When
|he tried to place his prisoner on the |
operating table. Watson ilung'awhy
his crutches, threw himself nn the floor
and began striking out blindly with
his fists Despite his missing limb
he soon proved himself a powerful
II was several minutes before Canto
and the hospital attaches could get
close enough to Watson to hold his '
arms find place him on the table. Even
when he had been stretched at full I ,
length he writhed and wriggled so
successfully that Dr. Carter gave up
the ease and allowed the man to be :
taken to the jail, fearing that he might ,
do violence.
Lumber Shipments Will Not Be
Received ata Port Los
Angeles After Jan. 1
Long cherished and oft deferred
hopes Of Santa Monica that it would
Home time become an Important port
of entry to Southern California appear
to have received their final Quietus
through the absorption of the L.os
Angeles-Pacific by Hie Southern Pa- i
< itii' railroad. Lumber dealer* at Santa.
Monica are in receipt <>t communica
tions from r>. W. Pontius, traffic man
ager of the Lou Angeles-Pacifla rail
road, slating- thai no lumber shipments
w ill be received at tho*wharf of Port
Los Angeles niter January 1-
It la understood that the long wharf,
which was built by Collls P. Huntlng
ton at a cosl of $1,000,000, will be torn
down as a menace to navigation. The
half mile or more of pier was built by
the railroad magnate at the time that
he was planning: a great harbor for
Santa Monica, which plans were de
feated by the preference of the federal
government for San Pedro,
Four miles of railroad track are
laid on the pier. For .some, time the
wharf has not been kept ill repair, and
it was intimated that fin expenditure
of $2.1.000 would be required to put it
In shape.
Robert Sherman, general manager of
thi Los Angeles-Pacific company,
stated last evening that, owing to the
consolidation In which the Southern
Pacific interests secured control of the
nlectrlc lines serving San Pedro har
bor, there was no longer any use of.
the company pending- lumber to Port
T.,os Angeles when better docking facil
ities could he had at San Pedro with
out loss of- prollt to the railroad. It is
-*id that the port was used by the
Southern Pacific only because in land-
Ing at San Pedro the. profit of hauling
the lumber from there to L,ris Angeles
was shared by other interests. Now
that the railroad has control of the
Pneitic Electric lines this profit shar
iH£ is eliminated.
White and Two Negroes Armed
with Knives Commit Robbery
A white man and two negroes—one
m. cripple—attired in overalls, wearing
slouch hats and armed with lons
knives, held up J. B. It. CaldorHon of
1161 East Eleventh street, while he
was walking near the Maeir brewery
at 440 Aliso street, at & o'clock last
night, and robbud him of $PJ and v,
gold watch.
(lalderaon hurried to the. police, sta
tion and told his story to the detec
tives. According to his statement he
had visited several saloons in Allso
gtreet and was walking In a shadow
near the brewery when the trio stepped
■ nit and ordered him to hold up hi.-s
hands. Before ho could comply with
the command tho victim was seized
lij the white man, who menaced him
with a knife while the negroes, also
armed with knives, searohed his
After committing the robbery the trio
sauntered down the street in a leisure
ly fashion, allowing Calderson to get a
good description of them. He said
one of the negroes was quite lame
and appeared to walk with difficulty, j
i >ne sprained finger was the only
injury resulting from a collision be
tween two street ears at Twelfth and
San Pedro streets late yesterday af
ternoon. The injured persons—Mm
L. K. Stewart, 86 years old, of 1151
Bast Twenty-third street —was thrown
from her seat by tho Impact and her |
left small finger caught in the seat. |
as -she fell and was twisted. Three
otb ■■ passengers were shaken up con
giderably, but were not hurt.
The accident evidently was due to B
misunderstanding of signals. A west
bound Griffith avenue car was almost
over the crossing when the rear end
was sti .ck by a southbound San Pedro
ear. The Griffith avenue car watt
forced from tho rails and broken glass
l Wintered woodwork fell on the
four passengers in the wrecked car.
Mrs. Stewart was taken to the re
ceiving hospital where her finger was
Owing to the heavy after theater
traffic, an extra car has boon adde 1
to tin equipment of the Banta Ke's
San Diego "Owl," which leavei i->>-s
Angeles at 11:16 p. tn. for tho south
ern uit y. The oar is tor the aci ona
naodatlon of passengers k^lujt |is 'ar
as Fullerton, Anaholm, Orangn and,
Banta ana. it was firM put In opera- I
11.in i,i. t t\ ening;. 1
Proprietors Cafeteria Establish
ments Become Owners of
South Hill Structure
800 l brothers, proprietor of three
cafeteria establishments In the city,
yesterday purchased from the Clark
and Sherman Land company for $125.
--810 the White garage building at 436
--438 South Hill street, in which is con
ducted the chief business of the firm.
The lot Is 41.87xlfif> feet. The price paid
for the property Is just $:loon per front
foot, including the two-story build
ing, which cost the Clark and Sher
man Land company jL'O.nnO.
The deal was closed through U. A.
Rowan & Co. The .same has leased
to F^oo.s brothers adjoining the cafe
teria on the south formerly occupied
by the Los Angeles Water company.
The rooms of both buildings, tlrst and
second floors, will be connected, form
ing the largest cafeteria in the coun
try. The Boose brothers will expend
$20,000 In milking- alterations in the
leased buildings.
-—— ___—^jiA»>CTCTnroADrMnfTTOFWF^nrfHirAcn ■ ——j
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Saturday Evening WtPCNIOI I \WT£?)PA .1 - • *.-. h . .u,,, h . S
for the ponvenioncp of the many who Jfl ft L. ■ M BA./V A. i 1 /m. JITVI /T ■ of „,i,r quaint r.oncplln worked out in tli «
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nice of the day service 'will be yours < .T^TT^iitm«w inn T-rrvrrrr typical "v"""l°'' "' ' allfn-nl"-
Only a Week More—Dont Delay BROADWAY EIGHTH HII . STREETS >">hin' mo~ OB""" K^, r'" '" *""• "*"*
Longer! ——, ' ' .. '*. ■^*r?jl
Visit Our TOYLAND and DOLLDOM Today
Santa Is in Hamburger's Toy Department EverY Day With Candy for the Boys and Girls. Be Sure to See Him. See Dowsing
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Lewis Grant Austin, Former Re
form School Inmate, Want
ed on Burglary Charge
Police throughout Southern Cali
fornia, particularly in the Pomona-
Ontario-Klverside section are on the
lookout for Lewis Grant Austin. IS
years old. who escaped from the Whit
tier reform school December 6 and who,
detectives say. stole a costly auto
mobile from the garage of William
O. BradHhaw, 338 South Alvarado
street, on December 7.
Austin was arrested in Pomona De
cember l". 19ns. for burglary committed
In Los Angeles. He was placed on
probation by Judge Wilbur. Before
his commitment to the reform school
he was charged with at least three
other auto burglaries.
The machine stolen from Bradehaw's
garage was ■ four-passenger brown
bed, no top or wind shield, toy ton
ma v. side seat on the running gear
and carrying one red and on. green
sido lamp.
Labor Temple Will Be Scene of
Santa Clans" Visit
A large Christmas tree, sparkling
With incandescent lights and beautiful
trimmings, presided over by Santa
Claus In his merriest and most benevo
lent mood, will be the. gift of the la
boring women of Los Angeles to the
children of the union men who are oul
on a s-trike. Committees from the
striking unions, the labor council, the
Women's Union Isabel league and tin-
Women's Social union, have made ar
rangements tor ■ merry Christmas
eve celebration in Labor Temple.
There will'be ;i program, which has
not been settled upon, but which will
be. closed by the distribution of pres
ents from the tree.
The e|ec4ricinns have agreed to wire
the tree with colored lights and t!u
presents will be donated by different
members of organized labor.
• A cordial welcome is extended to any
one Mho .ares to attend the entertain
ment. Donations of toys or tree deco
rations will be gratefully received by
the committee to be appointed next Sat
urday for the distribution of gifts.
Judge Thinks Jail Sentence Cure
for Strange Affliction
In the opinion of city jail attaches
certain "noises" that bothered S. Per
gosa, a Mexican, to such an extent that
he couldn't work, will maintain a
deathlike silence for at least 120 days.
If. however, the • "noises" persist In
making themselves heard, other reme
dies probably will be tried after that
Jength of time. ...
i Police Judge Frederlckson yesterday
afternoon sentenced Pergosa to 120 days
in jail for vagrancy. The prisoner's
wife appeared against him and de
clared he had long since refused to
work. Irately she said he had sat
around the house all day long, eating
the food the "Associated Charities Bent
her and the children.
"Noises keep ringing in my head
Which tell me I mustn't work," PerßO
sa told the court "While i was in
Mexico the.«e nolaes lirst came to me.
teliiiiK me that tin- i,f>ni objected to
m working any more. The voices in
.^isteil that I pack my household goods
ami bring my family to Xjoi Angeles.
In that city the voices tolil me 1 should
never again be bothered with work."
"The noises have done you a great
Injustice," said Juiiße Frederickson.
AMOUNTS TO $4,510,174
Largest Sum Received in a Day
Arrives in Mailed Checks
That $4,610,174.10 was collected In
tnxps in IiOS Alißflofl county ill No-
Vember was shown In Ul'e report which
W, O. Welch, county t;ix collector,
made yesterday. Partial accountings
with ,T"l)n N. Hunt, the county treas
urer, i'-n only f1,8fi7,6£8.69 to be turned
over to him yesterday.
The apportionment of *he total re
ceipts will result in the fifty-three,
road districts receiving: $272,000 and the
138 school district.-; getting ,668,426.35.
Of the latter amount the Loa Anneles
city schools will receive $594.53f>.71;
Pasadena, 5170.984.12; Long Beach.
$102,467.!>7; Pomona, $57,764.67, and
Santa Monica. $3!),:38:2.f1!>.
The greatest amount of taxes re
ceived In one d;i> in payment of the
first Installment of the tas; levy of
1910-1911 arrived in tlio mails the day
following that upon which (he first
assessment became delinquent, when
$3Sr>,H3S.4J "as the total. That was ac
counted for by the fact that the heav
iest taxpayers retained control of
their money as ion*? as they could.
Harry McKim Claims He Was
Defrauded in a Patent
Rights Purchase
Harry McKlm revealed a prlevance of
an unusual sort In Police Judge Chuin
bers 1 court. yesterday, when he de
manded the return ot $500 invested in
rights to manufacture a certain garter.
He stated that he made the Invest
ment last July; that the rights ar of
no value, and that the garter Is "'
the market already. The caso af
forded much amusement for the spec
tators. . ;'■ •*
McKim Is In dead earnest about ma
demands. But W. S. White, Otto
Werner and S. P. Pitcher, codefen
dants ai.d alleged sellers of the patent
rights on tho garter, regarded the case
as unimportant. without any Inten
tion whatever of returning the $500,
each declared the rights were sold In
goad faith and that there had been
no effort to defraud.
The case was tried before a jury. At
times, particular! ! when the "working'
of the new garter were explained in
detail, the Jurymen stopped all pro
ceedings by laughing. ',
Whether the. rights were transferred
In good faith or not, McKlm Insists
that the same kind of garter was pat
ented and manufactured years ago, and
that every store of any size in the
country handles the article.
The case will be continued this
Announcement was made from the
office of Chief Engineer Pillslmry oC
tho Pacific Electric company yester
day flint the seven miles of track re
cently laid between Covtna and San
Mimas, on the Covlna line, la beinsr
rock ballasted and .should be In con
dition to be turned over to the oper
ating department within a. few days.
It is expected that cars will bo run
ning from San Dimas Into Los An
geles regularly within tha next two
Actions for divorce tiled yesterday in
the superior court wer« those of Mabel
H Walsh against Walter L. Walsh;
Grace Brown against Elate 'Brown;'
Addle Held again*) W. B. Reid; Ber
nard Ounsul against Cornla L. aunt
sill, and Annlo E. Austin •gainst Ar
chibald John Austin. ■ .

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