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'Don't Worship Us; Just Treat Us
Like Practical People/
Is Plea to Solons
Judge Bordwell Advocates a Law
Creating Divorce Examiner
to Probe Cases
(Ccntlnued from r«» o»«l
began her speech. In a well modulated
voice and In n manner free and un
nft'ucted, the suffrage champion pre
sented her reasons.
"I have been asked not to present
argument! for woman suffrage be
cause you havo already pledged your
selves In your platform to submit tba
question to the vote of tin; people,"
s-aid the speaker, "but 1 COrtß to ask
you to put tin; Barne energy, enthusi
aam^and bard work into this bin that
JTOU put into other measures
"Surely you recognize the need of
giving tile women the biillot and the
i-iKht to a voice in her affairs. 1 »ay
tills in tiic- face of petitions which
you have received to the contrary,
which represent only a very small
minority of women.
"The women in the homes, in the
schools and in professional and busi
ness life demand that they be given a
right to participate In, the making of
the laws which they have to obey.
"Women who havo entered the field
of men need laws of which men have
little understanding. Women in storeß
are in neod of laws to protect them
from grinding conditions of which only
\wnmen know.
"Although womon are now in the
business world, nothing will over
change their desire to marry and to
hold in their arms their own chil
'Women have their failing?," she
admitted, "as we are sometimes re
minded by the men, but if you give
us the ballot we will learn how to care
fur it, even as you have.
Women don't want to bo placed on
a pedestal; she wants to be accorded
Mmplo justice; not treated generously
or chivalrously, but as a human be
int,' capable of the exercise of her
That her remark!! had met with the
approval of a number of her hearers
mms evident from the hearty applause
of the legislators as Mrs. Lewis con
cluded. /
Sho waa followed by Mrs. Prances
Noel, who urged that suffrage ba
granted so that women would have the
opportunity to pass laws to prevent
the spread of tuberculosis and other
(lincases brought about through over
taxing workers in the various lines of
"I come to you as a representative
of the wage earning classes," said Mrs.
Noel, "and I want to tell you that the
women of this class aro first In their
demand for the ballot,"
Mrs. Alice E. Brodwell made the
concluding arguments for the suffra
gists by saying that suffrage should bo
given American women because of the
great influence it would have In con-
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trlbutlng to the improvement of. the
oondltion of women In [ndia arid other
oountrlei where the lead of American
women Is being followed,
"Suffragists of Colorado were re
sponsible for tln> law milking desertion
a felony—the law which was Inter
adopted by California. Give us the
ballot aniwo will put other good laws
on the statute hooks," concluded Sirs.
All of the speakers wore enthusias
tically applauded and the suffragists
left tho hall feeling satisfied witli the
result of their efforts. Tho anti-suf
fragists will havo their inning at 10
o'clock this morning, when a commit
tee consisting of Mrs. George Caswell,
president; Mrs. Otto Neher and Mrs.
Henry T. Lee of the Southern Califor
nia Society Opposed to Woman Suf
fran will present their side of the
Every argument advanced yesterday
liv tho suffragists and a groat many
febiT 1
more that were not presented will be
answered by the antis, who will rldi
culo suffrage as a "modern woman"
hobby and urge the legislators to let
the women stay at home, where, the
antls argue, they belong.
But the luffraflßta will not down
with this, fur tonifiht they will give a
magnificent dinner to the legislators
at the Alexandria and will not only
reinforce their arguments of yester
day, but will also reply, probably not
in tho kindest of tones, to the argu
ments which tho antis will present this
morning. •
Tho legislators heard many petitions
during the morning and afternoon ses
sions of their first day's meeting yes
terday. The chamber of commerce
was the first to be heard, and through
Arthur W. Kinney, who asked for an
appropriation of J200.000 for exhibition
work to advertise California's re
sources and an appropriation to Install
an exhibition in the new exposition
building being erected In Agricultural
park, additional good roads funds and
othor laws.
County Auditor Lewis and County
Mrs. Cora Lewis Presenting Plea
for Suffrage Before Legislators
Treasurer Hunt asked for an allowance
for additional help. Justice of the
Peace Klamroth, representing several
justices and thirty-seven constables,
asked for the substitution of the fee
system by the salary system.
Prof. E. J. Lickley advocated xalslng
the compulsory school law age from 11
to 16 years. He was followed by Mrs.
J. B. Mlllard and Mrs. Chalmers Smith
on the same subject.
The afternoon session began with the
request of W. M. Bowen for an appro
priation of $250,000 to provide for a per
manent exposition of state resources in
the new Agricultural park museum.
Georgo L. Leslie of the Los Angeles
schools recommended a state bureau
of health and development for teachers.
He also advocated the passage of laws
to prevent the marriage of the Insane
and unfit.
F. \V. Blanchard, music and art com
missioner of the city, asked for a law
giving cities excessive condemnation
powers bo as to carry out improvement
D. Laura M. Burke of the W. C. T.
U said the union wanted much but
would ask for little. She asked for the
passage of the lowa law to rid the
state of Immoral houses, the purpose
of the measure, she said, being to clean
up San Francisco before the world's
Supt. J. P. Greeley of Whittier school
Invited the delegates to visit the school
Saturday morning, when he will present
I.ls requests for an appropriation. The
Invitation was accepted, and the legis
lators will leave Sixth and Main streets
at 8:30 o'clock Saturday morning.
Supt. Reynolds of the "Ventura county
schools suggested a plan for altering
the present county teachers' institute
so as to increase Its effectiveness.
Charles F. Edson advocated a system
of lectures, aided by the phonograph
and pictures, for the benefit of the pa
rents in the high schools of the state.
"If we are to make California the
Greece of America, we must use the
high schools to educate the parent as
well as the student," he declared. Prof.
A. Darbin presented a plan to have mu
sic teachers pass an examination before
being allowed tc teach. Edward Hardy,
president of the San Diego normal
school, asked for an appropriation to
improve the main building and for
$25,000 to build a new structure. •
Mrs Florence Wallis Gould of the
Federation of Wmien's Clubs amused
the legislators when she said:
"I sympathize with you men for hay
ing this long session, but I promise to
be brief If you will promise to remem
ber what I say."
She asked that elementary law be
Included in the curriculum of eighth
CTFde studies, and also protested
against the amendment of the Burnett
apartment house act as proposed by
property owners. Dr. M. S. Asblt
spoke on direct elections, concluding
the open session.
A star chamber session followed in
which Judge Bordwell, Judge J. H.
MerrUtm of Pasadena and Judge Cur
ti« D. Wilbur discussed the divorce
evil and amendments to the marriage
laws. Judge Bordwell advocated the
passage of a law creating the divorce
examiner to investigate all suits for
divorce. This he declared would re
sult in the withdrawal of half the suits
that are filed and of the denial of
many others.
Judge Wilbur presented a proposed
law providing for a residence of fif
teen days In a place before a mar
riage license may be applied for, and
for the publishing of the bans ten days
before the license be granted.
The legislators then held a half
hour's executive cession and adjourned.
Two sessions today, beginning at 9
o'clock this morning and 2 o'clock this
afternoon, will include the work of I
the legislators before they continue
their journey to Sacramento.
Following ere those in attendance:
Avery. J. L. HurcC H. M.
Bell, C W. Roseberry, Louis H.
Estudillo, Miguel. . Thompson, N. W.
Gates. Lee C. • Wright, Leroy A.
Hewitt, Leslie It. •
Beckett, John F. ■ Hlnkle. B. C.
Benedict, H. B. ' Hlnshaw, W. F.
Bennlck, O. H. Judßon, Fred E.
Bishop, Clyde. ' Lamb, W. A.
Butler, E. M. . Lynn. Henry H.
Cattell. H. O. Mott. D. W.
Cogswell, Preacott F. Prelsker, C. L.
Farwell, Lyman. ■ Randall, C. H.
Freeman, George R. - ■ -''
Patience—She's certainly a high-flyer. Isn't
Patrice—Oh. ha» she really been up la a
flvlns nu.chlua7—Yonkers Statesman.
Mrs. Coffin and Mrs. Cornwall to
Be Honor Guests Here
Mrs. Lillian Coffin and Mrs. Arthur
Cornwall of San Francisco will be
guests at the banquet to be given this
evening to state officers and legisla
tors-elect by members o.' the Political
Equality league at the Hotel Alexan
dria. Mrs. Coffin has been prominent
in suffrage work in California for sev
eral years and is the head of the stat«
central committee of the political
equajity work, while Mrs Cornwall is
enthusiastic in supporting the cause ot
equal suffrage.
Arrangements for the banquet are
elaborate, and beautiful floral decora
tions will be used to enhance the
beauty of the gold and Ivory of walls
and woodwork in this room. Tables
will be laid with covers for six, and
each member of the reception com
mittee will act as hostess for one table.
Following the banquet, five-minute
speeches will be made and Mrs. Shel
ley Tolhurst, head of the committee on
arrangements, has invited representa
tive men and women of the city to
participate in this portion of the en
tertainment. The after dinner pro
gram will be:
"Welcome," J. H. Braly, president of
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with the <it>- mi almost any Ugms tho
city chooses to propoae, thara will !.><•
no Owona river bonds sold until Peb
ruary I, 1811. This fact was eatabll
beyond question liist night, when tin
council promptly lilcd the commum- j
cation of A. W. Hullard, thfc coast rep- 1
reientatlve of the bond syndicate,]
stating that ho had laid the city's
proposition before his employers. The
council Instructed W. J. Washburn,
Chairman of the finance committee, to ,
notify Mr. Bullard that no further ac
tion will be taken.
Coundlmen Wa.shburn and Stewart j
asked to be excused from voting On
this matter and Gregory voted "no, '
but tho other members of the council
agreed to stop all negotiations for the
sale of more bonds until February 1
when tho syndicate must say whether
or not it will exercise its option, and
pay the city SSlfi.""'' every two months.
Councilman Betkouski stated that
an Investigation be had made showed
that, with the sinking fund, there is
$1,200,000 in the aciueduct fund, enough
for four months' work at high pres
A propoFiti'in that was good for the
city B month or two ago, when it
was first made, is not so good now
for the city would have to sacrifice
$62,000 in prereimums without adequate
When Mayor Alexander first sug
gested that the city .sell $2,278,000 from
the last portion of the 11)12 option It I
was for tho purpose of getting ready
money to hurry the work on the ii'iu' 1
duct. The completion of the aqueduct
ahead of time meant an actual saving
for the fixed charges are $1000 a day
arid every day that was saved in the
work meant a saving of $1000 in the
expense. It was then well worth
while to sacrifice $62,000 in premiums j
to .save much more than that amount
in the fixed charges. But now it is
only six weeks before the syndicate j
must say whether it will take the re
mainder of the bonds and if It does;
take thf>m there will be plenty of j
money to carry the .york along as
fast as it can be pushed and if it
does not there is sufficient money in.
the treasury to carry the work at the
present rate until March 1, ■frhich will
give the city plenty of time to go into
the open market and offer its bonds.
There is now no strike on the aque
duct. Plenty of miners are at work in
the tunnals to rush the job as fast
as is desirable. Two shifts each are
working at north and south portals
of the Elizabeth Lake tunnel and tho
smaller tunnels are fully manned. The
aqueduct is going along about as fast
as it did In the palmiest times and the
money question is not bothering the
builders. They are content to wait
until February 1 when all the vex
ing questions of the finances will be
settled definitely.
the Political Equality league; intro
duction, Mrs. Shelley Tolhurst; "Two
or Three Words," Mayor George
Alexander; "The Eternal Reminder,"
Robert J. Burdettfi, D. D.; "May We
Really Have It If We Want It?" Mrs.
Seward Simonson, Pasadena; "A Few
Remarks on Woman Suffrage," Walter
J. Trask; "A Voter's Point of View,"
Mrs. Andrew Stewart Lobingier;
"Women as Citizens," T. E. Gibbon;
"The Undesirable Voter." Mrs. David
Chambers McCan; "A Little Common
Sense," J. S. Slauson; "Standing To
gether," Mrs. Oliver P. Clark; "The
Industrial Situation," Mrs. Charles
Farwell Edson; response, Leslie R.
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