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Curtiss May Bring Ward, New
comer in Aviation, to the
Charity Meet
(Continued from rave One)
fty tomorrow evening. A hlßh canvas
Wall Is to be raised on tho further side
"f tho Held to keep spectators from
gathering there. Tho policemen who
Will have charpo of the field and Krnnd
stnnrt will meet at tho field Friday
morning and pass the entire day drill-
Ins and learning their duties, and the
ushers will bo given Instruction Satur
day morning.
Curtiss Says He Will Not Move
* to San Diego
Olenn Curtlsa will train officers of
the navy, who are coming to Los An
geles to learn aerial navigation, at his
headquarters near Playa del Rey. This
announcement, made last night, sets
at rest various rumors, among them a
persistent one- that Kan Diego would
be selected.
"The school for training naval officers
in aerial navigation, which Secretary
Meyer has seen ill to intrust to me,
will be established at my present head
quarters at the Motordrome near Playa
del Key, despite report* to the con
trary," said Curtiss.
"Unless tho navy department orders
otherwise, all instruction which I im
part to officers of the navy will be
given there. I will not go to San
Diego to make experiments unless the
navy department wishes to attempt
flights from battleships. In that event
J probably will have to go to the
southern seaport to find a battleship."
"X fear that what we Intend to do is
little understood," continued Mr. Our
liss, at the Alexandria last night. "We
do not need the ocean on which to
make our experiments. A puddle of
water as large as this lobby would do
as well. Of course, should I receive
orders to make experiments in flying
from a battleship I would need the
ocean and the ship, and might have
to X" to San Diego. Otherwise I think
the best results can be obtained here,
and hs far as I know the experiments
will be made here.
"The navy department has not des
ignated any particular place for hold
ing the experiments. Should it do so
I will comply with its suggestions.
Otherwise I will use my own judgment
—which is to say that I will stay In
Los Angeles."
The final accounting of tho $700,000 estate of
Germain Pelllssler. who died In L<os Angeles
January H, I'JOS, was accepted yesterday by
Judge Rival of tho probate court and distribu
te mi was ordered.
Mrs. Maria Julie Pelllssler. the widow, who
. acted as executrix, rendered an accounting
" liv which tho estate was shown to consist of
personal property valued at $191,59 i, realty
worth $402,i00, and $54,340.f>4 in cash.
Hcsi'liH thii widow the heirs are two dausrh
tors. Mrs. Maria I^oulse de Uoulet and Mlsa
Adelaide .1i...e l'elli.-sicr. Tho estate will be
fenmedtately distributed among them.
Actions for divorce (lied yesterday in the
superior court were those of Minnie Gamble
acalnst n. .1. Gamble. Solomon D. Sepulveda
against Minnie Sepulveda, Kate Holzman
nealtmt Ot'o F. Holzman, Ruth K. Hell
against Ba tlett J. Bell. William Trice against
rivellne Price, and J. W. Bunch agains* Ella
/ Boost/Dry Gooos Stone"
Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.
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Snapshot of Thrillers Promised
Crowds That Attend Aviation Meet
/ ■ A
I ■■ i .
'' ' f '
If;"'/"- . :^(;JL ■■r:\£''.:^
Long Career of the Rev. Dr. Cal
loway Nash Is Ended
The Rev. Calloway Nash, 70 years old, a
prominent member of the southern Illinois
conference of the Methodist church, died yes
terday In the Clara Barton hospital. He
came here two months ago with his wife to
pass the winter with his eon, 11. R. Nash, of
21% Michigan avenue.
Dr. Nash had nerved as pastor of the prom
inent churches of the Illinois conference, in
cluding Corbondale, Mount Carmel, Olnoy,
Jerseyvllle and PMwardsville, and for four
years wa.« presiding elder of the Mount Vor
non district. He hnd been on the superan
nuated list for twelve years.
Dr. Niush is survived by his widow, who
came with him to T«os Angeles, the son he
whs visiting find ant^ier son residing In San
Francisco, and a daughter residing in Illinois.
l puneral services will be held Wednesday at
2 o'clock at the Boyle Heights Methodist
church, the Rev. W. E. Tilroe, the pastor and
a personal friend of the family, to officiate.
Judge Refuses to Set Aside Sepa-
rate Maintenance Order
"wife's protestations and the affidavits of
herself ana two children yesterday circum
vented the attempt of Adolph Melnecke jr.
to have set aside an order of the court by
which he must pay her $50 a month separate
maintenance. His motion was denied by Judge
McCormick of the superior court after the af
fidavits had been read and Mrs. Hlldegarde
Meineeke's objections heard.
More than a year ago their casn was tried
by Judge James, who heard the alleged
wrongful acts of the husband, such n.s being
frequently intoxicated, wasting hla money In
riotous living, locking his family out of the
house and similar misdeeds, and the order for
separate maintenance was made.
In Meineeke's motion to have the order va
cated he declared that he wanted to save his
money—he has an income of $150 a month from
his father's estate—until he has enough to go
Into some business bo that he can mako a
useful citizen of himself.
Mrs. Melnecke, who now resides at Ocean
Park, having left her Los Angeles home,
sworn that her husband came to Los Angeles
in 1905 with $10,000 In cash and asserted that
he had wasted the money. She told of his
failure to obey the order of the court so often
that she had to have him cited for contempt
to obtain her rights.
The son, Erwln, years old, made an affi
davit In his mother's behalf. Kea Melnecke, a
daughter, 21 years old, swore in her statement
that she is a chronic Invalid and unable to
help her mother. She said sho has a sister,
Flora, IS years old. who also Is dependent.
Kea declared that she had used an income of
$200 a year for the benefit of tho family.
She also declared that $400 which she had
received from her grandfather's estate had
been used to redeem furniture mortgaged by
her father. Sho told of her father repeatedly
being drunk.
Powers of Jessie W. Taylor as
Administratrix Suspended
I Judge Bordwell made an order yesterday
suspending the powers of Jessie W. Taylor
as administratrix, with the will annexed, of
the estate of her mother, Zerelda S. Wheeler,
and citing her to appear on December 27 and
show cause why her letters should not be re
voked. This matter has been before the courts
Bir.co April, 1908. A suit Involving the prop
erty was heard before Judge Hcrvey, and ho
recently gave Judgment against Sirs, Taylor
for $20,305.90 nnd costs of suit.
In the matter set for hearing December 27
Grace Morris Is - petitioner^ and alleges that
sho is a granddaughter of Mrs. Wheeler and
a residuary legatee under her will; that her
mother, Helen O. Morris, la Insane, and that
Mrs. Taylor Is attempting to defraud her out
oif her part of her mother's estate. Mrs.
Wheeler willed her estate in equal shares to
her two daughters, Jessie W. Taylor and
Helen O. Morris, and provided that Mr«.
Morris' part should go to her three daughters,
Grace, VEthel and ' Cloda, at their mother's
death.. , .
Pacific Land and Tltlo company—G. IT. Peck,
.1 11. Strine, Ci. J. Rowely, M. N. Ncwmiirk
and H. E. Culler, directors. Capital itook,
$300,000; subscribed, 5179.130.
Snow-Naftel Lumber company—M. 11. Snow.
C. A. Laftel, N. M. Snow. M. E. Laftel an.l
A B. Snow, directors. Capitol stock, $i!0,00u;
subscribed, $!"0.
Angelus Building and Investment company-
TV. E. ami E. D. Jones and A. M. Berkiy. di
rectors. Capital stock, $300,000; subscribed, $30.
» California Home Builders—J. J. Travers,
Jr., W. C. Hale and I. H. Russell, directors.
Copita! stock, $100,000; subscribed, $3.
Pasadena Building company—S. L. Porter,
B. L.. Porter and G. C. Martin, directors.
Capital stock, $50,000; subscribed, $300.
A petition for the probate of the will of
Emily Jane Valentine, who died In Los An
geles December 14, leavlns an estate valued at
♦K.OOO, and consisting mostly of realty, was
filed in the probate department of tho su
perior court yesterday by' Adeltha E. Carter
nnd Earl Valentine, who were named as ci
editors. Th» w tate Is devised among various
Tho second trial of Mrs. Daisy Turney
Krauss, about whose kuIU In attempting to
kill Franklin 11. Griffith, a broker with whom
she is said to have had many escapades, was
sot for February 6 yesterday by Judgo Willis
of the superior court. Her bonds remain at
$3000, in default of which her detention in the
county jail continues.
The greatest of niimakcs is thinking
you can't make them.—New York
Distributing Committee Divides
$76,430.39 Among Times
Victims' Families
The distributing committee or the
Times relief fund made its final re-
I port to Mayor Alexander yesterday,
• accounting for every cent of the money
1 that had been intrusted to its euro to
I disburse among the families of the
'Times disaster victims. This commit-j
1 too handled all the funds contributed
! for relief purposes) a total of $76,430.39. ;
■ One of the committee's first acts was
to disburse $4200 for temporary relief
I to tide over the widows and orphans
j until a permanent arrangement could
:be made. This permanent arrange
: ment was a deposit in trust with the
Southern Trust company and the Los
Angeles Trust and Savings bank vari
ous sums for the orphans which are
I to bo held In trust at 4 per cent in
terest, to bo paid In monthly install-
I ments
I This committee was composed of
! Dana W. liartlett, chairman; 'C. O.
; Hawley, secretary, and the following
members: H. w. Prank, Arthur Letts,
! Harry Chandler, Marco 11. Hellman,
. W. R. Hervey, Olin Wellborn, David A.
Hamburger and Charles Monroe.
T'ne committee's report which was
submitted to the mayor follows:
LOB ANGELES, 'Cal., Dee. 10, 1910.
Honorable George Alexander, Mayor City of
lyis Angeles.
Dear Sir:
The joint committee having charge of the
disbursement rr tho funds contributed by the
public for the relief of tho sufferers by the
Times disaster respectfully reports receipts
from all sources as deposited In the First
National bunk from the data of the disaster
to the date of this distribution, 176,480.89. The
committee has paid out In temporary relief
at follows:
Mary S. Gulliver. .$ 200]Kath'tr.e Llewellyn* 200
Edna M. Johnson. 2Qo|Btella Howard 200
Kva L. Underwood 200|Cora Moore 200
3. A. Reeves 250 Brace Caress 300
Mary Crane 200; Louise 1!. Sawyer. 200
Mary L. Jordan... 200 Kettle WaMon .... 200
Mary Galllht-r 2>>o Joseph Courdway .. MO
W. A. Sallada 200 L/ola Harvey-Elder 200
Charles Hagerty . 200 Louisa K. Wasson 130
Fay Frlnk 200 ■
Clara M. Tunstall. 800] Total $4200
Adeline Flynn .... 200
In apportioning the money in this distribu
tion the committee has taken Into consider
ation the age, financial condition, Gtata of
health, probable earning power and the num
ber of children to be cared for by each mother,
and has distributed the money to the widows
as follows:
Edna M. Johnson J 1095.31
Clara M. Tunstall 1993.31
Kathcrlne Llewellyn ■. 2394.37
Adeline Flynn 997.63
Fay Frlnk 2394.37
Nettie Wesson .' 2194.84
Mary 8. Gulliver 2394.37
Mary L. Jordan 2394.37
Grace Caress 1995.31
Cora Moore 1996.81
Mary Galllher 5294.61
Mary Crane 2194.84
Leola Harvey-Elder 2992.96
Eva L. Underwood 1496.48
Stella Howard 1903.31
Louis B. Sawyer 2392.96
Total $31,718.37
To dependent parents:
Louisa K. Wasson 1 1496.4S
Joseph Courdway and wife 1496.48
Charles Hagerty and wife 997.65
.T. A. Beeves and wife 1995.31
W. 11. Sallada and wife 493.83
Total 6484.74
The committee has apportioned to the
minor children the following sums:
Edward A. Jordan, 1 year old J 2992.96
Emma Caress, 9 years old 1993.31
Mary Moore, 7 years old 1995.31
William Moore. 2\i years old 1995.31
Noble Moore, V.i years old 1995.31
Carolyn Crane, S years old 1990.81
(Unborn) Eld-sr 2992.9S
Loyal Underwood, 17 years old 997.05
Robert Howard, 15 years old 997.05
Edna Galllher, 13 years old 997.
Clarence Galliher, 10 years old 1396.90
Josephine Galllher, 8 years old 1496.48
Ralph Galllher, 4 years old 1995.31
Helen Galllher, Vi years old 2394.37
John S. Sawy»r, D years old 1993.31
Marjorle Sawyer, 1 year old 2793.43
Total -. 131,027.28
In this distribution to the children the com
mittee has taken into consideration the num
ber of children In each family and has Riven
smaller proportions to the families where
there are several children than to those where
there are but one. These various sums liavo
been deposited In trust about equally between
the Southern Trust company and the Los An
geles Trust and Savings bank, which Insti
tutions have agreed to carry the same ana
pay at least 4 per cent Interest and to dis
burse the moneys, principal and Interest, In
monthly Installments to the mother or other
guardian of these children. The committee
has directed the trust companl»s in each case
as, to the amount to be paid each month, but
has inserted an instruction by which the trust
companies may be authorized to pay out more
than the monthly sum so stipulated upon re
ceiving an order from the judge of either the
Juvenile court or the probate court of Los
Angeles county. This Is so arranged to meet
any demands that may arise for the welfare
of the child during Its minority and will not
entail any expense upon the moth** or guar
dian. The trust companies have kindly agreed,
to perform the duties In connection with these
trusts without charge.
The committee is indebted to J. M. Pick
arts, accountant, for assistance in the cler
ical work Incidental to this distribution, anil
to the Alexandria Auto company for the use
without charge of an automobile In the nerv
ice of the committee, and to V. O. Hen
derson, the mayor's clerk, for stenographic
work In connection with the duties of the
Attention- Is called to the fact that the
foregoing sums distributed and deposited In
trust equal the entire amount contributed by
the public and that no expense of any nature
has been incurred by the. committee or
charged aarainat the funds contributed tor the
relief of the sufferers by this disaster.
Respectfully submitted,
T>AN*\ W. BARTLETT, chairman.
C. O. HAWLEY, secretary.
To.open nnd widen Santa Barbara avenue,
from Qrand avenue to the weattrn city llm
lta, the city of Ixis Angeles yesterday Hied In
tho superior court a condemnation suit against
Sarah P. Btonehnm and other residents ot the
thoroughfare affected.
11. B. nnd Sadie 13. Thomas yesterday died
In the superior court a petition for permission
to adopt Eatella Wantz, U yearn old, rton
mother is dead and whoso father, Noali T.
W;intz. is wllllnK.
Clear Brains
and good spirits come naturally
when the stomach is up to its
work, the liver and bowels active
and the blood pure. Better con
ditions always follow the use of
Sold Et »r j wfc«». to bo»o» 1 Oc. and 26c
While walking in his sleep in his
home in Beverly, N. J., last night
Albright Kemble overturned a lamp
and started a fire that threatened
to destroy the house.'
ills sister-in-law, Mrs. Edwin
Kemble, Fix weeks a mother,
wrapped her baby boy in a blanket
and tossed him upon a snow-covered
roof next door. Bo great was her
excitement that she could not re
in. mber a little later what she had
done with her child, and nearly had
hysteric? until one of the neighbors,
who had happened to witness the
act, climbed up and got the un
harmed youngster. Kemble and
William Marshall, a neighbor, were
Inn ii« il slightly.
AN ESTATE OF $1107,08
Daughter of Charles de Rudio Is
Grantod Letters of Ad
Letters of administration in the I
estate of Charles C. d>- Rudlo, once an :
Italian count; then a member of a
band of Parisian conspirators who |
planned the throwing of a bomb under ]
Uv carriage of Empress Eugenic and ]
latf>r an officer in the United States |
army, were granted yesterday to his j
daughter, Carlotta Vlckrey, by Judge
Jiives of the probate rourt.
Dp Rudio died in Loa Ansel's No
vember l f leaving an estate valued at
$1107.0S and consisting entirely of e.-ish 1
in banks. His heln-at-laws, besides |
the 'iauKliter, who was made adminis- |
tratrix with bonds fixed at f'SMO. are
the widow, Eliza Booth do Rudlo;
Italia Adair and Roma Scott, daugh
ters, and Hercules do Rudio, a son.
De Rudlo lived a most eventful life. |
He was born a member of the Italian j
nobility, but disliking monarchical gov- I
emment he drifted to Paris and allied j
himself with persons who desired to
overthrow the French empire
After the attempt upon the life of
the empress, De Ruclio and others were |
thrown in prison and sentenced to
death by the guillotine. De Rudio's
wife, an Englishwoman, appealed to
Queen Victoria with the result that thr
English souvereign succeeded in having
De Rudio's sentence commuted to life
Imprisonment in a penal colony owned
by France in the Caribbean sea.
After a considerable period of servi
tude De Rudio managed to escape to
the mainland-of South America, where
he obtained passage •on a tramp I
steamer to New York. His wife joined
him there, and they planned for the
conspirator's enlisting in the American
After he was retired from service
the family came to Los Angeles to re
side, and here for the last several
years preceding his death he was at
work upon his memoirs.
Thirty-two talesmen out of a panel of 100
fiuaiifled for jury duty yesterday in Judge.
l>«vis* department of the. superior court. They
C. E. Bates, Richard Becbe, A. J. Boston,
Osburn Burke, O. A. Campbell, G. L. Cren
shaw, Carroll .1. Daly, L. M. Davenport,
Benjamin F. Echols. H. H. Fleming, W. M.
Frank, William 11. Gilbert. J. K. Goetz, John
A. W. Hamilton, Lucalvln M. Hoff, H. s?.
Hulbert, E. W. Keller. A. J. Koll, Charles
F. Loop, I. K. Lapp, Robert McAdam, A.
Marquis, H. T. Meloy, W. H. Moreland, J.
A. Osgood, W. A. Packard. Robert Riddell,
Louis G. Scherb, William P. 4 Ptone, Anton
Tannery. G. W. Van Auken and Heniy P.
Wilkinson. I
* « »
Americo Passarella, who pleaded guilty to
Brand larceny for stealing $150 from Vincent
Bovfti was placed upon three years' probation
by Judge Willis of the superior court yes
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to us? We can sure*
J^^ ly cure you. W«
CjPBVB tr^at anil curs all
WP' /^m private diseases ot
1(. ' •■/ men and women—
«**& 4 cancer, tumor, nip-
*&*/ turf, rheumatism
ife^r.i^ nnl a" nervous dl»»
( jKJT' 8 or.l. Ms. No knir«.
■^H>,'|l^ A" our cures art
Phone F3214. ;>l'
We Cure Corn* In Three Oajr*.
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