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Dike in Nevada District Outcrops
Ten Feet and Shows the
Length of Claim
I.AS VEGAS, Nev.. Deo. 20.—A recent
discovery of a vein of porphyry heav
ily mineralised and carrying pay values
from tin! surface is attracting general
attention in the Eldorado district. The
vein or outcrop la the typical Kldorado
porphyry, oxidized slightly, and out
crops ten to fifteen feet high for 1200
reel The ledge hns now been crosscut |
ami shows a remarkably even distri
bution of mineral throughout. The ore
.shows native silver, chloride of silver
and pome bromide, with hornsilwr and j
■ pecks of galena, which In Eldorado
commonly denotes good gold values.
To experienced mining men here tii"
new discovery, except for the alienee
of a white spar, brings to mind the
bonanza strikes of early days, particu
larly that of the Wall street, which ore
it resemble*, and in a measure realizes
what mining men have sometimes con
tended, that the mother lode of tho dis
trict has yet to be found.
Ore is now being broken on the striKo
for ■ considerable distance along the
surface, and from fifteen to eighteen
tons taken out dally by the lucky
owners. Jack Martin, Matt McCarthy
and John Truax, who have refused a
good cash price for the property.
The discovery is about two miles
southeast of Nelson, between the Kagle
wash and January wash and on a lino
between tho Rich Hill and Morning Star
mines, the latter being, according to
the United States geological survey, on
the main lode of the district.
The, Capital mine is drifting on the
400-levcl and opening ii big ore body.
Tho Bergman mill and cyanide plant
in producing a good yield of bullion
and Is In continuous operation.
It in reported the Duncan property
in this district has been sold for a
cash figure of J400,000 to New York
capitalists, who will commence opera
tions the first of the year.
The Black Hawk Mining company
has resumed mining operations at the
Hand shaft. Two machine drills and
two shifts are employed. Drifting on
the 300 iii a rich body of ore will bo
pushed ahead vigorously.
The Ptedbar-Ax company has opened
a fine body of ore In doing assessment
work in a ten-foot hole. A small •
stringer wan being followed down
ward, which has now opened out to the I
full size of the shaft. The company
has struck a flow of water at the I
mouth of Copper canyon which it is
thought will bo sufficient to supply
their new 20-stamp mill to be erected
in Eagle wash, and also supply mines
along the. route of the pipe line, which
will be equipped with necessary hy
drants for tho purpose.
The Elk Hills Midway Oil company,
Operating on section 3-31-24, has auc
oessfully landed Its 12-inch casing at
1200 feet and la now putting in 10-lncn
casing. The company expects to carry
the 10-inch casing- 2000 feet and If pos
sible finish with an eight-inch casing.
Superintendent Abbott states that too
work is progressing rapidly and that
he expects to see the Elk Hills become
one of the greatest oil fields in Cali
.* « »
While the ordinary person hear* lit
tle of the strilo, the world is just now
In tho throes of a great war. Jt is v
war of ehe oil interests of Europe,
America and Asia. TUe Financial News
of I,onUon thus describes it:
"Without exaggeration it may no
stated that the silent war now being
waged In tho oil industry is tho biggest
oil war that has ever broken out. It is
the biggest not only In respect to tho
amount of capital engaged in it, but
on account of the enormous area pov
ered by the operators. The Standard
oil company of America is engaged In
declaring commercial warfare in Great
Britain, France, Germany, lioumania,
Austria, Italy and Mexico, and in most
of the countries mentioned it comes
Into direct opposition with the Royal
Dutch-Shell combine. It may Pc added,
also that In most countries the oppon
ents of the Standard Oil company and
the ifoyal Dutch-Shell people are sup-
Dorted by the government. Broadly, it
may be stated that there is room foi
fie Standard Oil company and the
Royal Dutch-Shell combine in all the
Kuropean countries mentioned. But
tho Hoyal Dutch-Shell people are de
termined to strengthen thoir hold on
Kuropean trade, and, naurally, tho
Standard Oil company Is determined to
llcht every inch of the ground for the
Present. Presumably the only two
bases of agreement between the two
powers will be the parceling up of
Burope Into sections, in which one 01
the other organization will trade prac
tically exclusively, or a general agree
ment as to prices. On these premises
it may reasonably be questioned wheth
er ihe end of the fight is soon or near,
after all."
WINNEMUCOA, Nev.. Dee. 20.—
What bids fair to be one of the most
important gold strikes In the history of
Humboldt county was made a few days
ago at the new camp of Oro, on the
Oro No. 2 claim. Some weeks ago
Messrs. W. W. Kirkham, P. B. Madsen
and K. A. Ooffoth, Dutch Flat operat
ors, located several claims four inllea
south of the old camp, and In pros
pecting on the claim mentioned dis
covered a four-foot ledge. The sam
ples taken out are free milling and rich,
a.s the gold can be seen with tho naked
Although the camp is less than two
weeks old, a large number of claims
have been staked, upon which the lo
cation work la being performed.
Tho Burge L«ase company has re
rently beon incorporated at Goldfleld
for $000,000 for the purpose of working
a block of ground 600x600 feet on tho
Lime Point No. 1 lode claim belonging
to Charles O'Daniel. in the Horntsilvcr
mining district, situated thirty miles
.south of Goldfleld and running a period
of two years, beginning January 1,1911,
comprising nearly seven acres of
ground and 750 feet or more of the
three ledges.
Wi'ii tho payment of the recently
declared regular quarterly dividend of
$2.50 a chare, and an extra dividend of
13 a niiaro, rhripii, Dodga & Co. -will
have distributed this year $12 a share,
being the same as in 1909. , ,
Exclusive dispatch to The Herald by Ij. A.
Crlsler & Co., membcis of Los Angeles stock
exchange, 200-201 I. W. llullinan building, Lot
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. Ml—lnterest was
lacking In the market for Southern Neva-la
stocks today and the lint as a whole showed
hut few changes. Consolldntefl Ml the ono
hard «jiot in the Goldlleld Hat and showed a
small Rain of 5 points over yesterday's nir
tire. Florence was off Hi points anil Jumbo
Extension I.
Belmont was well supported and moved up
li points, West End was offered at 65 cents
ami Jim Butler at 26.
Following were tlin closing quotations:
Bid. Auk. JIM. ai>k.
Adam 1 Kcwanas .... <! 7
| Atlanta .... 12 IS Croat Hend.. 1 2
Month 7 8 Qrandma — 2 3
jt II Ex ten.. .. l Jumbo Exten 24 26
Tllue Hull .. 4 6 Kendall ..... 2
I Ulue Hell -.2 a Lone Star ... 2 *
' Col Mtn 3 Lou Dillon .. .. 2
Homb Frac.. 17 18 Or • 6
Cracker Jack.. .. 2 noil Top Xx 6 «
Florence ....135 140 Panilstorm .... *
! Flor Xx 2 St. Ivcs In
|i*r Moh 1 ■■ Sliver Pick.. 0 7
Oldflold Con.lUO 845 fallow 'liner 5
Bid. Ask. | Hid. Ask.
Relmont ....410 448 North Star .. 4 6
Tim nutler.. SB H Rescue 10
Midway .... 17 .. Ton Mining.
Montana .... 83 .. Ton Kxten .. 90
MacNamara.. is .. Wat End Con 88 SB
bullfrog DISTRICT
Bid. Ask. | Bid. Auk.
Amethyst 1 Stontem Mtn .. 1
llullfrog Mln .. 2 |Mayflow Con. 3 4
Bullfrg Nn .. 2 (Tramp Con.. 2 .. .
Donnlo Clare 2 .. Val View 2
Bid. Ask.l Bid, Ask.
Uttle Orey.. .. 2 Man Dexter.. 6
Man Con ... 2 '3 Mustang 1 2
Man Mining. .. 6 Thanksgiving. 3 3
Bid. Ask. Bid. Ask.
Bail*'* Nest .. 4 Round Mtn.. 88
F'vlew Kan .. 40 Pitta Silv Pk 00
.Wv Hills ..lit 217H Coalition .... 3 4
Special service to The Herald by J. C. WU
•on, 212 West Fifth street. Los Angeles.
BOSTON. Deo. —The coppers continued to
nhow a slight Improvement today. North
Hutlo soil above SO'rlght up to tho close and i
Lake was quietly picked up around M. There I
was some selling of la Sails and Superior ,
and* Boston.
Bid. Auk. EM. Auk.
Am I"n«u ..4% S Nev Con»ol . 18*4 18H
do pfd ... H^i 15 North Butte. 204 80
Adventuro . «'.» 7H Old Dom ... "Trt ■■
Allouo7. 3!> 40 Osceola 3"5 150
Atlantic .... Hi 6 Parrot n«/j VZYi
arcadian ... 3Va 4 tjulncy "■">
Arl Coml .. 14 Santa Fa .... 1% 1%
Apex 214 2% Shannon us, 11%
liuttn Coal . 10! i 19% Bhoe Mchy . 64% 65
Cal & Ariz. 43 43% do pfd 28' i 2SV4
Cal & HeclaDr.s COO flup Copper.. 42% 43',i
"centennial ,16% 17M: Sup & Bost.. r,% 6
Consol Mer. 5 7 Sup & Pitts. 13Vi 13%
Cop Range. 67H «' Swift 10014 101%
Corbln 13 13V4 Tamarack ... El til
Daly Went .' m 3% Trinity 4H 8
I Rant Butte.. 124 125i|i:nlt Fruit ..103% 19CU
Franklin ... 9% 9M.|U S Smelt... 3514 35%
Ornnby .... S3 S»U do pfd .... 4674 47H
llreene Can. 6«; 7 Utah Con ... 1:1 1114
Hancock ....21 21% Victoria 24 2%
Islo Royale. IC<4 17 jWinona 9U 9V4
Keewenaw . VA 4 Wolverine ...IIS 120
Luke 36Vi Wyandot .... W, 2
La Sallo ... 7 Mass Ons ... 88"i 88,4
Man Copper tV, 1%! do pfd .... M 94Vi
Mayflower ..40 60 No Lake ... 6/4 7
I Miami 13 1* 19% Indiana 11% 12' i
Michigan ... ZV, 4 Algomah .... VA S^
Mohawk .... 45 40 |Summlt 70
gpectnl Bervlce to The Herald by J. C. Wll-
Bon, 212 West Fifth street, Los Angel«s.
NEW YOUR, Dae. 20.—Following; wer» th»
closing quotations:
Fid. Ask. ma. Ask.
Amor Tob ..412 414 Miami 19.ii 18*
I nay St Gft». "4 ft Mines of Am
Chi Subway. 4 4>i (new) 5 iVi
I lav Tob ... S 5 Nev Utah ... i 18-18
Stand OH ..615 617 NlpUsing ... 10% 10%
Con St Rets 17 21 Ohio 17-16 19-16
Butt« Coal.. 184 1914 Rawh Coal . 4 6
Pavla Daly.l 7-16 1 9-16 nay Cent ... 2 21-18
Ely Cent ..6 7 Ray Cons ... 18% 19
Kly Con ... S3 35 South Utah . 1 IVI
Green Can . 6»4 7 Unit Coppor. 4 <Vi
Qlrouz Cai 6% Yukon ST4 4
I Inspiration 8;i 8 15-16 Chlno 21>4 2154
|k Lake...6 13-lt> 6 15-16 Con Aril ...17-16 lVi
! l.a Rosa ... 4'i i 9-16 Keystone .... 2»i 3
Mason Val.. 9Ti 10
Service to The los Angeles Herald by L. A.
Crlsler & Co., member lx>a Angeles stock ex
change, 200-201 I. W. Hellman building, Los
FAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 20.—Following were
today's quotations on the San Francisco stock
exchange: —Opening— —Closing-
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Associated Oil ... 47.25 47.50 47.87 M, 47.C0
Brookshlro I.M 1.25 1.30
Illinois Crude 23 .25 .21 .25
Mascot Oil 300 .... S.OO
Monte Grlsto .... 2.40 2.50 2.46 2.G0
. Pennßyl .67 .... .57
Palmer Oil 1.65 1.67!4 l.«2tt J.67^
Premier 76 .77 .76 .78
Silver Tip 1-50 .... 1.00
Bales—3o Associated 47.12%; 1000 Illinois
Crude .26; 100 Monte Crlsto 2.E0; 2SOO Palmer
1.65; 200 Premier .76; 400 New Pennsylvania .SO.
BUI—So h^a named hla dlrlsible balloon af
ter his wife?
jlll—Yes; because It won't so any place he
wants It tol—Yonkfra Statesman.
Get Full Particulars of
Beginning; operations In Section 32,
12-23, the GUSHER SECTION of
the Mldway-Marlcopa field. Form-
Ing consolidations with already op
erating companies and bound to bo
one of the biggest combinations of
California oil companies. Millions
will be made In oil. Tou may share
these fabulous, profits.
We can show you where you
will be in right if you invest in
for public subscription at popular
price. Call or write Be quick
about It.
Investment Co.
1013-1014 Union Trust Bldg. I
Company Organizes for Develop
ment in Skull Valley of
Yavapai County
PRESCOTT, Ariz., Dec. 80.—Practical
operations aro to begin in a short timo
on the extensive placer Interests or tha
Yavapal million Mining company! near
skull valley, deeds recorded conveying
this Important information. The in
dividual interests of W. S. Bradford,
D. Id. DeLape, Minor L,. Moore and fif
teen other locators aro transferred, and
all havo been consolidated and merged
Into the corporation. Tho incorporates
are Los Angeles men.
Tho area controlled by tho now com
pany will aggregate over 1000 acres,
and during the past year expert exam
inations of the several claims has been
effected. Plans have been perfected
for the exploitation of the ground, and
in a few days it Is expected that a ma
jority of the members of the company
will arrive to look over tho situation
and to start operations.
The water from Copper Basin wash
will ho conveyed In pipe lines to the
points to bo worked. Several new
camp buildings nro to be erected and
a permanent camp established with
ample finances for the gigantic under
Mr. Bradford, one of the originators
of tho enterprise, Is the consulting en
gineer of his company, and has been on
tho ground for several months. The
field has produced thousands of dollars
of placer gold at a good profit after the
yield was hauled a distance of five
miles to Skull valley and washed by
Ton can buy It, pjrhnpa at many places, hut
there's one BEST place to buy It—and that
place advertises.
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the Literary
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Dennlson's Oift Dressings 10c.
Playing Cards In leather cases $1, $1.25, $1.76, $2.00.
Marshall Fountain Fens $1.00.
Waterman's Ideal Fountain Fens, with gold mountings, $8.60, $6.00, $8.00.
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Pastel Crayon Outfits. 60c, 90c, $1.50.
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735 South Bvoadwas/.
i .. ! mm _ tt
r ■■■■■■•■■■■■■■■■■■■^
We Move Jan. 15th
To 428-430 South Spring St.
Store Formerly Occupied by
the Anderson & Ghanslor Go.
We thank you for your patronage and confidence, which we
have enjoyed for twenty-two years, and hope for a continu
ance of same in our new location.
In the meantime we are selling Christmas Goods at the
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Tufts-Lyon Arms Co.
Now at 132-134 South Spring St.
; J
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in nickel. !P^
Once a Rayo User, Always One. JK«
— n*altr* Bvtnuihfrt. Ifttoiat yours, writ* jHJ3k
circular to thtttarlit of nyi/lto EJ3
Jj Standard Oil Company jflL Jlbi
f (Incorporated) V««9K 0P
NEW YORK, Doe. 20.—"1t was
this way, Judge. I could tolerate
his looking occasionally at other
women and staying out Into nights,
even though wo are married only a
year; but I couldn't stand his paint
ing his face. It's bad enough for a
woman to do so. But a man—and
a husband —who spends fifteen min
utes every morning before the glass
painting his cheeks rosy and pencil-
Ing his eyebrows! Well, Judge, 1
left him."
Thus spoke Mrs. Mary Weiss, 17
yean old, of 148 Stockton street,
Brooklyn, who had her husband,
Oeorge, before the Brooklyn court
of domestic relations on a charge
of non-support.
"But It isn't ho," said 10-year-old
George. Judge Dooley fixed George's
ball at $300 and told him to appear
for examination.
Report of a rich silver strike at Bhlvi I |
er.men from Kepler. The r«port sa-ys the new
discovery has been opened twelve feet v. si
and no hanging wall of the vein is yet ill*.
closed. Tho vein and values have been proved
for 110 feet along the main ledK"), and the ore
avei-auea better than $73 Ii the main glory .
hole across the entire twelve feet.
Oreat excitement is paid to prevail, and
miners have quit work to locate more ground.
Only a few prospectors are there as yet.
and the report Is said to be conservative, with
th« suggestion that mining men should Kit
In on tho ground floor. The dispatch Is signed ;
by Wlllalm A. Ifopy>ltn, a former mining op- j
erator In the Goldfield district. I
<i> lOtW YORK, Dec. 20.— Standard <j>
... copper dulli spot, *[email protected]:ift; Jan- ■• j
v nary, [email protected] <*>
••> Lead dull, [email protected], New York. ■-;
<•♦> Bar silver, 54 '/-•<•. • .^ ♦
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The ? of His Gift Answered
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