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H^BL fIX;. v'; ■ -f^frm jfiSM
v ■ . . j^>'jffif jr; '4- -\. fcJ^ *^- ■-^('^ ' j- ": gHP^^I
Police Protection Is Given Feath
ered Rascals Who Operate
in Central Park
Pets Feed from Hands and At
tract Attention of Thou
sands of Tourists
.More 'Inn fifty beggars live at r»:i
tral park and are led daily from the
hands of a generous public. They
have even beeq known to rob a blind ;
man in broad ii Lylight, and under po- i
Hi c protection at that, bul n<i chi
of graft in high ( ircles can be brought I
bee ise these beggars an little ami
they are .
t lentral j ark wilhout its pig
would not. bi i I >l park io the An
geleno or to the annual winter tourist, j
To the old blind man who daily I
walks to the entrance of the park and
submits without complaint to the raids
on his sack of popi orn and peanuts
the city's ■■ ould lose Its charm
ii it were not for the plump little birds
that perch on his shoulder and arm*
plead in their way—for more,
Visitors f.i this city from foreign
shores liken the Bquare and its pigeons
to St. Mark's In Venice, because of the
birds and so they roam and forage at
will, under police proti ction.
The pigeons have become .-^ I
through kind treatmi nt that they fltit
t. r and perch at will on the shou
of pedestrians and feed from their
The popcorn man across the street
counts the plgi ons his biggi
in business, for they are hungry little
fellowi , no l-"v. mvi h thi y
have to eat, un<\ b irn i ■ ggars Pew
can withstand their pleadings for pea
ruts and popcorn and they have I
known to coax nickels from thi pockets
of tH" closest.
Thf policeman on the beat says the
birds ha\ c ma le Cent ral park ;
rendez^ ou i a i long as in ran remember.
i General lons i ome and go but the
"tribe" still remain at the old stand,
winter and summer. Their ■
b. at tered in th< trees and In the ■
of houses nearbi. and woe tq the
miscreant who disturbs any portion
of their home or who would attempt t'>
do them Injury.
Mr 11. Malony of 21 17 South Lo
Angeles, tree! and .Miss Mabel Car
mack of 666 Gladys avenue, employed
us laundresses at the California hos
pitul, wire run over and seriously in
jured by .hi automobile driven by J.
H. Cornell of I.6t> West Twenty-first
Btreet, a:s they were leaving th Grand
avenue entrance of the hospital on
completing their day's work yesterday.
Mrs. Malony, ii.i has one young
son, Is 35 years old. She suffered the
fracture or' several ribs and is consid
ered tin most seriously Injured of the
two. Hi exact condition will not be
learned until :i more thorough exami
nation can be made.
Miss Carmack, 20 years old suffered
a crushed shoulder mid hip.
According to witnesses,. .Mr. Cornell
was running his machine at a speed
betwei forty and fifty miles an hour
.■mil ran Into the two women as they
were crossing the street. He stopped
Mid gave his name and the machine
number as L'l": 1!'. I Irs. ,J. O'Brien and
I' L. Anton attended the two injured
Mrs. Cornell, who was In the auto
"with her husband, became hysterical
;. i!'! had to be taken to her home. Cor
nell says tho accident was unavoidable;
that he thought the women intended
to wait until he passed, and that when
!ie saw them directly in front ..;■ the
nuto it was too late to avoid striking
One of the injured women told the
police that they saw the auto, but
thought it was farther away than it
really was and started to cross the
street ahead of.lt.
V B. Sllverwood has started 500 little
street urchins on tin road in success.
In 11 circular letter sent out id the boys
he has notified them that In 1 has placed
one dollar to their credit at n local
bank with the understanding that it re
main there five years at interest and
tiny agree to add to it now and lien
with small deposits to .show their good
li. says Mr. SilverwooU, tin; boy
shows a disposition to gave his money
1 will add to it now ami then, and in j
this way the youngster "in .<;, 1 Ihe
"bank account habit," or rat] "sav
ing habit," which means in the end so
much i" the young man in his first
start in life,
Mr. Sllverwood Bays In'part in the
letter he has sent out:
"You are living in a land whero no
body Is held down by caste: In a coun
try vi here poor buys from the farm go
in the White House; where even boys
from the slums become our legislators;
where brakemen and section hands hi',
come railroad presidents; here poorest
boys become our merchant princes: j
where wreat factories ami Institutions
nf every description arc built up by
boys with no opportunity except their j
own energy and integrity.
"History has proven many thousand j
times the disadvantages of tuo many I
udvantajjes." I
Children Participate in Festivi
ties as Guests of Churches
and Theaters
The children of the Los Angeles < '••-:
' phans" home were p-n.-f- yesterday
1 moon of Pat heelan, promoter of
nthlctics for the University of Southern
California. The occasion of the party
was the football gam. played by the
U. S. C. team against that of Throop
Institute. Mr. Wheelan took the party
to the ground in a special car. provid
ing every child with candy and pop
corn before leaving them to enjoy the
excitement of the same. Not satisfied
with this, he appeared about the mid
del of the game with a large candy
cane for each of the children. At the
I end of the game Mr. Wheelan took tln> j
children home In the special car and j
they were In such a ;;: it. if elation at
the pleasant afternoon they had en- I
joyed that they could hardly gasp out
their thanks.
The entire holiday week has been
made gay for the children between the
efforts of he various churches and
theaters In Los Angeles. The first en
tertainment was last Thursday even
ing, when the Immanuel Presbyterian
Sunday school gave its Christmas
party and had tor guests the children
of he Orphan."' home A fine Christ
mas tree was the main feature of the I
evening, and games of all ports were
distributed before the children were I
sent home.
day evening they were th guests
of the management of the Grand opera I
house to see "The 'I'.lymaker;" the ma- I
tron declares it will bo many a day
before they gel over talking about the
delights of this particular evening.
Following this they attended a special
matinee performance at Pantages 1
theater Saturday afternoon as fruests
of the management,
Christmas brought devotional duties
first, as those in authority decided that
I they could not manage to pet the chil
t ilren off to Sunday school and give j
them a tree on the same morning.
However, In the evening n Christmas
dinner was served and the children
I went to bed In all the excitement of a |
regular Christmas eve. Yesterday
morning a large tree winch reached to
the toji of the room and was elaborate- ,
j ]y decorated with toys, primes and or
naments, proved the generosity of those
interested In the homo as well as many
outsiders who donated a largo part of
the toys and clothes. The Elks do
nated the larger part or the presents.
Today the iris and boys will attend
j the Christmas festivities of a Sunday I '
I school. Friday afternoon all tho chil
dren are going to the Orpheum for the
matinee performance.
The closing entertainment of holiday
week will be held next Monday, when
Mr. Button of the Hollywood Baptist 1
church will wive all the children al the
home .1 picnic in Griffith park, trans
porting them In autos. After lunch j
they will be driven through the parks
and over the country. :
Thi Pai Ii Eli trlj ■ • >■ . i-i ■i tr t< ■
open a lai ry on it- I. Habra
inn from which stone will be He
ting for construi i lon pur-
Si.iiu hpr^tofore hi be n
, hauli '! iron northei n Ai\ U lon points
I confitruction work )i: i beon sub-I
to deln y as consequeni ■ The
.1. üble tracking of the line bftwei n
\\ hlttier and Los Nictos \> ill !»■ ■ i h i.
Frank Foster, 3"i years old, living
with his mother at 757 Ruth avenue,
died Sunday at hIH home as a result of i
a stroke "i . i"iplexy. He was taking .1
bath and was standing upright in the
tub when attacked, in fulling his head j
h truck tlic Bide nf the tub and his skull |
was fractured, When his mother, who i
in anl him -ill. ran Into '!"■ bathroom I
the man wai dead, a
Carriage Painter Admits He Pur
loined Machine and Then
Reported Theft
Longing for notoriety, combined with I
a burning desire to become a Kiout <le- I
teotlve of the Sherlock Holmes type
i i, ,i George A. White, a carriage painter
living .n iiT West Seventh street, to
steal an automobile and fake a story i
a)..mi ;ui attempted robbery which ho;
Bald he thwarted. Regarded by the I
police three weeks ago somewhat in
the 3il; lit .ii' a hero, hi- is in the city |
,1a il now, a thief by liis own admissions, ]
ili,' polli c assi rt,
i 'm night three weeks ago White
reported t . the detectives that a man
had tried to enter the store of the |
Bailey & s, iur.il*!• company in South
Spring street, ami that In 1 had fright
ened him away. An automobile was I
found In en B'lley back of tin- store'
which White raid the burglars had left
their flight. The machine was
Identified as one stolen from George
R. Wilton last July.
yesterday afternoon White was am
n {■■'■ bj i 1 i 'ctlvea McNamnra ami
rii prda nnd patrol i«is keys were
found In his pockets. He confessed to
stealing the automobile and "faking"
the Btory of the attempted theft from
ihe Spring stn el store.
"I ha\.. long wanted to become
a great detective," *aid White, "and
i lummer ! stole the automobile in
order to do as many big detectives <li>.
t have read that they go from place
to place in automobiles and since I
didn't have one of my own I stole one.
T simply wanted to get my name In
the newspapers when I reported the
attempted burglary three weeks ago.
it was all a put-up game."
Clippings were found In White's poc
kets, telling "t his saving the Bailey
and Schmitz store from being burglar-
"I never enjoyed anything In my life
like 1 did those clippings," Bald White.
"I have always wanted to become a
public figure and the story about my
own bravery In frightening away the
ime hugely. Hut after
all. I btucss ! must have been n fool."
White will be arraigned in police
court this morning on a eharga of
grand larceny
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Motorcycle Patrolman 11. 1., Gardner
made himself a hero yesterday morning
In the eyes of scores who Mir him stop a
runaway team belonging to the Diamond
Oil rompnny In Vermont avenue and Ad
ams ntreet after Halting hif> life in the
<inr<lner saw the runaway horse«. which
were hitched to an oil tank wagon. In
Vermont several Muck* south of Adams.
He pursued them on his motorcycle, hut
wan mm ill.- to grab the flying lines owing
to the speed of the hones, lie overtook
the hones near Adams street.
A* the Bone* (started to turn Into Ad
ams Gardner Hung himself on a narrow
running hoard along the oil tank and
climbed on the wagon, When he reached
the seat, however, he found the lines
were ■■;; 1,11 on the ground beneath
the hones' feet. Despite the swaying of
the heavy wagon he climbed carefully
down to the tongue and lying flat on It
picked DP the linen uff the ground. In
a short distance lie slopped the team.
Man Reports Theft of Best Hat
and Coat
Numerous reports of minor thefts
win' made to the city detectives yester
day, in most cases the articles were
st.ilen while the owners were in down
town restaurants and dintng rooms
eating Christmas turkey and cran
it. Q. Arington, 500 Gladys street, re
ported that His best suit, hat and an
overcoat were stolen from his room
Saturday night.
IT. A. WisweJl, 216 East Fifth street,
reported that several suits of clothes,
some toilet articles and a gold watch
ami chain were taken from his room
Sunday evening.
The proprietors of the Alvarado ho
tel asked the detectives to find prow
lers who made away witli a small
■ amount of cash from guests' rooms
R. 1.. Wih. MM North Broadway, re
i ported that his gold watch was stolen
from his room Sunday night.
A gold watch ami about $18 in cash
were taken from the residence of Mrs.
Dora Vincent, 345 South Flower, Sun-
I day afternoon.
Latham, Soaring, Drops Pass to Auto
Owner Who Peeps at Fliers —
Charity Checks Cheek
\v. m. Garland, head of the commit
too in charge of the charity aviation
meet, received the surprise of his life
yesterday, when he was called on to
diagram the moaning of a sarcastic
note dropped to an automobile owner
Sunday by Hubert Latham from his
monoplane with the consent of the
The motorist wa.s merely one of
many who had taken possession of one
of thi 1 public highways near the course,
from which. Bitting in their cars, they
were able to watch the aerial maneu
vers tree of charge, The attention of
Mr. Garland and others of the com- \
mittee was called to their presence i
nearby. Quickly they derided to send i
a note, and Latham volunteered to de
liver it. The note was written on his
raid and read something like the fol
"This aviation moot Is for the benefit
and interest of orphans ami sick chil
dren. However, tliis will servo to pass
you into the grounds."
Latham sailed out over the collection
of automobiles, and directing his course
pi) as to pass above one of the best
cars, dropped the note. The man In
the car j?ot out quickly and picked up
the n.>tc. Within a short time lie left
the Held iind the members of the com
mittee believed that he had hurried
away because the sarcasm in the note
had struck home.
Mr. Qarland was surprised when the
man walked into his office yesterday
but only fur a moment.
"Here conies a contribution to the
conscience fund," he thought.
"It was a little 'ate when 1 pot this
note." said the man. "I want to know
it' I can't Ret two passes today on It?"
Mr. Unrland gazed at the visitor in
amazement. It seemed Impossible, lie
said later, that there could be a per
son so obtuse as not to see that the
note was a bit of sarcasm and nothing
more. Hut tho man had not seen It. I
However, ho saw it before the con
versation ended.
Members of the committee do not
hesitate to express themselves forcibly
regarding people well enough oft to
own the latest models In automobiles,
but so penurious that they watch the
Itirdmen from a vacant field rather
than pay the small sum asked for ad
mission—especially since every cent in
excess of the actual expenses of the
meet will be devoted to charity.
Yesterday the number of automobile
owners gathered In the adjacent roads
to get a free show was still larger.
Others stopped their cars in Oompton
avenue find watched the nights from
that point, blockading the road to such
an extent that many persons who
wanted to get through into the space
reserved on the li( Id for automobiles
could not do so.
While trying to cross the street at
Maple avenue and Ninth street last
night. Mrs. Birdie Thompson of 402
I: ist Ninth street, became confused,
stepped In front of an auto driven by
H. Leahy of 699 Wilshire place, and
was knocked to the pavement. Sin
was taken to tho receiving hospital,
where the police surgeons, after nn
examination, found that she had in
curred abrasions on the left side of
the face, the right knee, the ri^ht
>ide and contusions on the breast.
Sin' was able to pi to her homo alter
her injuries were bandaged.
Detective! are working the roh
( hi ry by two men of Hertpan Rutlior,
(>^o York boulevard, Sunday night. He
w:is knocked down and his watch and
$12 were taken. The case was reported
I to the police yesterday.
Well Driller Falls After Reaching
the Ground Safely and
Fractures Skull
One man was Injured probably fatal
ly and two others were painfully hurt
as the result of street ear accidents
In different pnrts of the city. Klch
nrd Ttenson of Mis Bast ■"«**»*■
street, suffered a fracture, skull;
Andrew Correa of Date and Macy
streets, was cut about the face ana
head, and James McCahan, 2006 Hud
long avenue. Incurred a Laceration or
his left hand.
Benson, who Is a wen ""■|lleJ>, "' "
on his way home with two friends
and Stepped off of a southbound Hoop
er avenue car at Fifteenth and lei.
nessee streets before it came 1" »
lull stop and fell after having lvaelie.j
the ground safely. He struck Ids head
on the rails or a rock and cut a deep
Rash In the right side of his head
The force of his fall was BO great
that his skull was fractured. He was
taken to the receiving hospital where
the police surgeons pronounced nia
condition serious.
Correa attempted to cross the street
at Sunset boulevard and New High
street and failed to heed the approach
of car No. r»32 of the Qarvanza line.
Before Motorman T. P. McNaul could
apply the brakes the fender struck
the '.Mexican and tossed him several
feet where he again was bumped by
the right front end of the ear. Cor
rea was taken to the receiving hos
pital where Police Surgeon Kldder
stitched four lacerations in the in
jured man's face and head.
McCahan attempted to alight from
an outbound Washington street oar
at Normandte avi nue when lie missed
his footing and fell to the pavement.
He was shaken up considerably and
suffered a cut on his left small finger.
McCahan Is 7:> years old.
Mr. and Mrs. K. Q. Ttllotaon of Cleve
land, otiio, aro ai tho Hollywood inn.
Mr. TUloteon w;is formerly vice presi
(ti-nt and manager of the Cleveland
Trust company,

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