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Cloudy, warmer; brisk north wind
vol. xxxm. pnipi?, r.A PI^NTV by cahkieu
M Mltl.lt 88. 1 nH-Ji. •>" • L/llill 1 IKK MO.MH
Amendments Carry 6 to 3, and
Election Will Be Called
Feb. 26 or 27
Washburn. Stewart and Gregory
Declare Some Propositions
Very Objectionable
By a division of sis to three the.
council yesterday passed the charter
amendment*, after making a few more
changes In them and they will be sub
mitted to the people. Councllmen
WasHnurn, Stewart and Gregory op
nosed the submission of the amend
ments and Blgned r report to the coun
cil in which they gave their objections.
Stewart and Gregory refused to vote
for a resolution of thanks to the seven
members of the charter revision com
mission on the grounds that tnej
would stultify themselves if they did,
hut Washburn voted tor the resolu
tion with a reservation.
There aro fifteen amendments to ne
voter! on by the people and the elec
tion probably will be called for Feb
ruary 26 or 27. There are more than
fifteen sections of the charter that are
amended, but as some of the amend
ments must stand or fa" together It
was found desirable to couple several
sections In one.
Some minor changes were made :".
the last minute and the council split
as evenly ns nine men can do on the
proposition to give the council review
over demands of various departments
that ate rejected by tho auditor The
council took this privilege to Itseli by
a voie of 5 to 4. in this particulur the
council will have- review over the ex
penditures of the water, harbor and
public works departments, which it
doei not. now have. By the -nine vote
the amendments were changed bo the
next mayor will be elected for only
two years instead Of four, but his suc
cessor will hold a four-year term.
Objections filed by Washburn, Stew
art and Gregory follow:
•■1 We aro asked to intelligently
consider and approve within one week
■it least 48,000 words of amendments,
many of which involve fundamental
changes In our plan of municipal gov
ernment. We consider the time en
tirely Inadequate.
"2. From the incomplete examina
tion which we have been able to make,
some of the amendments seem to do
meritorious while others appear seri
ously objectionable.
"3. The charter revision committee
itself does not seem to be entirely
agreed upon the matter; _
"4 a charter election cannot be held
under the law until more than two
years hove elapsed since the Previous
election. As the one proposed will be
held at the latest date possible to se
cure legislative ratification it follows
that four years will probably elapse
before faulty provisions, if any exist,
can be rectified.
"5 We are of the opinion that a
charter for the city of Los Angeles
should be consistent, co-ordinate and
symmetrical, but fear thnt many of the
amendments will not be in harmony
with such an instrument.
"6 We believe that the text of the
charter as in its fill! amended form
.should first have tin- formal approval
of the revision committee .Mid then ho
tentatively submitted to the council,
the various departments of the city,
tho civic bodies and the public tor ex
amination and suggestions, and should
then receive needed collection by the
commission. Thereafter to be ap
proved by the council in its final form
before being submitted to vote of the
"This or similar deliberation not hav
ing been exereispei we believe the
greater beneflta will accrue to continue
the consideration, either under the
present commission, which has done
arduous work and furnished much of
pood, o« under a new commission, who
will report not later than January L,
I!UL'. and the final conclusions sub
mitted to the legislature of 1913."
Attorney General Says Ten Con
cerns Evade Bank Law
NX' ? YORK, Dec. 27.—Attorney
Oeneril O'Malley received permission
from Justice Amend, in the supreme
court today to bririK suit for forfeiture
of charter against ten express com
panies in this city, mostly with offices
on the lower east side, for ulleged vio
lations of the law.
According to the attorney generals
position the companies have all been
organised within the last six months
to evade the new banking laws, which
require corporations and individuals
doing a .strictly banking business, to
obtain a license from the state bank
ing department, and to deposit with
the state controller cash or securities
„, the value of from $l».00(i to fSO.OOO.
The attorney general declares that
the ten express companies are exercis
ing 'he. power and function of bank
Additions and Eliminations Affect i
Modoc Reserve
WASHINGTON, Dec. 27.—Proclama
tions ordering additions and elimina
tions in national forests In California,
Idaho and Utah were today signed by
president Taft.
The changes made today follow:
Modoc forest, California, 70,967 acros
eliminated; 182,050 acres added.
Boise forest, Idaho, 9040 acres elimi
nated and Sovler forest. Utah, 93,730
acres eliminated; 2560 acres added.
Chat-tor amendments pass in 'council and
matter will bo placed before people at
election. PAGE 1
Arthur Ancenas, 6 years old, arrested while
stealing goods In printing establishment
at night. PAGE 1
>hllce commission formally appoints Lieu
tenant Sebastian chief oj police. PAGE 1
Ely, on winged steed, wins preliminary
aerial derby; aviators chase Bock of bal
loons In clouds. PACE I
Judge Hordwcll decides Arizona must pro
vide tor Insane patient who was sent i"
this city. PAGE 3
Scaling wages by] merit system makes park
pay roll lower, ■ PAOB 3
Councllmeli Indicate at session that new
rules will be made to regulate erection of
large bill boards, PAGE 3
Oregon's governor-elect becomos Southland
I Bier, PAOB 3
Secrecy covers Investigation of Llewellynl
lion works explosion. PAGE 3
Judge Uavls hears explanation of charges
following show "i tißiit pictures. PAQH 6
Los Angeles county will have many addi
tional senators and assemblymen In next
legislature. PAGE I
City Clerk I,elande to resign municipal Job
tills afternoon! I.orln A. llandley to BUO-
C«bd him. PAGE 6
Auto show at Fiesta park draws night
crowds. . PAGE 8
Police search for Loula K. j Leahy, who
disappeared after walk In Westlako park.
County board of education hears arguments
on proposed school district and building
in Wllshlre section. PAGE 12
War department orders S. P. to put draw
bridge over channel to west basin of
harbor. PAOK 12
United States surveyor general renders de
clslnn upholding land titles of Palo Verde
settlers. PAGE 12
Pasadena day draws 10,000 crowd to avia
tion meet. PAGE 7
Detectives Jail two confidence men sus
pects. PAQB 12
editorial and letter box. PAGE 4
Society and music. PAGE &
Theaters. PAGE 3
Markets and flnanclrjl PAGR 9
Oil and mining. PAQH 7
Citrus fruit report. PAGE 9
Building permits. PAOE 10
Sports. PAGK 8
Marriage licenses, births, deaths." PAGE 10
Wiathc/report.' PAGE 10
Classified advertising. . PAGES 10-11
News of the courts. PAGE 6
Municipal affairs. PAGE 3
Dinner at Hotel Green, Pasadena, attended
by large number of guests opens season
In Crown City. . PAGE 10
Voters of San Bernardino county will de- •
termine on $860,000 bond Issue for hospital
site and building*. ; PAQH 10
Member of Modern Brotherhood Mouses
secretary of embezzlement. PAOE 10
Secretary of Modern Brotherhood at Long
Beach Is accused of embezzlement. PAGE 10
Millionaire's daughter seek* separation from
huabaad at Santa Barbara, and love ']■•
monco Is shattered. PAGE 1
I Mother sues to recover money she. alleges
: she loaned son's fiancee. PAGE i
| Official statement made that government
dismisses civil mi^s against packers In
order to press criminal charges. PAGE 2
Secretary Nagel reports that 1,198,037 Immi
grants entered United States during last
I fiscal year. PAGE 2
State superintendent closes Northern Bank
1 of New York pending examination Into
reported Irregularities. PAOE 1
United States will sue at New York tor
the revocation of charters of ton express
companies. PAGE l
Proposed congressional reapportlonment will
i provide tor 435 members in house of rep
resentatives. PAGE 2
Former Senator Foraker files brief In U. S.
supVeme court against corporation tax.
Yellow Tiger strike Interests Goldfleld.
Eastern oil man declares that crude oil
1 soon will advance in price. PAGE 7
Auditorium- "The Man of the Hour," 8:15
p. in.
Burbank—"The Bat tit," 8:15 p. m.
i; — "The Toymakcr," 8:15 p. m. . „
levy's Cafe Chantant—Continuous vaudeville,
8:30 p. m. to 15:30 a-, m.
Los Angeles— Vaudeville, 5:30, 7:43 ana 9
p. in.
I.una park— Outdoor amusements, band con
cert and vaudeville, 10 a. m. to midnight, _
Majestic—Mary Mannerlng In "A Man's
World." 2:15 and 8:15 p. m.
Mason—Lillian Russell in "In Search of a
Olympic— "Mr. Santa Clans Jr.," 3, 7:45 and
9:15 p. m.
Orpheum—Vaudeville, 2:15 and 8:15 p. m.
I Pantages—Vaudeville, 2:30, 7:45 and .< p. m.
Princess— "On the Quiet," .1, 7:46 and 9:15
p. m..
Cosmos club, Knell clubhouse, Christmas
party, 2:30 p. m.
Aviation meeting, Long Beach day, aerial
derby and many other contests. First event
i at 1 o'clock.
| City council meeting to consider protest in
\ Sunset boulevard assessment district, 2 p. m.
I Anifual high Jlnka Los Angeles lodge No. 99,
j Elks' clubhouse, Third and Olive streets.
KiKhth lecture of course being delivered by
Dr. Carey in Burbank hail. 8 p. m. Subject, '
"A Vision of the New Time,"
Biennial convention of Sixth province of the
rill Delta Phi legal fraternity.
Sunday School Teachers' Graded union meet
ing In Berean hall, Temple auditorium, 9:45
a. in. Song service by children. The Rev,
Charles Scccombe of Santa Ana will lead. ■
1 All (lay meeting of Free Methodists In church
at 60S East Sixth street. Preaching at 10:30
a. m., 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. i
CATANIA, .Sicily, Dec. 17.—Mount
Etna is .showing considerable activity.
There have been no earth tremors,
however, hut red hot material has been
erupted, making a striking contrast
with tin* mow-capped volcano.
Villagers living near the crater, re
membering former experiences, are
keeping a close watch on the volcano
in tear of. being overwhelmed.
Institution in New York with De
posits of Nearly Seven
Millions Closed
Onairman of Executive Commit-
tee in Sanitarium After Re
ported Suicide Attempt
[Associated Press]
NEW YORK, IXt. 27.—The North
ern bank of Now STork, with deposits I
in its nine branches of 16,912,682 at the
time of its last published statement, ;
was closed today by <>. 11. Cheney, j
state superintendent of banks, "fur the
benefit of the depositors," liccau.se of
"certain conditions," and "also certain
Irregular transaction!."
An inventory of the bank's assets and
liabilities is now under way, but until
it is completed no further statement
from Superintendent Cheney will be
available. W. 11. Hotchkiss, stale su
perintendent of Insurance, and District
Attorney Whitman are co-operating
with him. They hope to present tho
facts to the grand jury tomorrow.
Joseph <i- Robin, chairman of the
executive committee, and a sharehold
er and director in many other corpor
ations, is In a private sanitarium at
Central Valley, N. i., to which he was
committed last Saturday by Justice
Amend of the state supreme court at
the request of his sister.
James H. Gifford of counsel lor the
bank and one of its directors, an
nounced tonight that physicians had
dlagofised the case as acutu paranoia.
Robin tried to kill himself in his apart
ments last Saturday night, but was
restrained by a nurse, according to Mr.
The relations of the Aetna with the
Northern bank, »and of both with thq
Title and Guarantee company of
Rochester form the subject matter of a
long statement by Superintendent
Hotchkiss. It follows, in part:
"Joseph G. Robin was in March last
the controlling stockholder of the
Aetna Indemnity company and appar
ently of the Northern bank of New-
York. One of the chief assets of the
Aetna Indemnity company (a Connec
ticut corporation in no way related to
the Aetna Fire Insurance company)
was, according to the statement of
December 31, 1909, 1500 shai.es, or the
entire issue, of the corporate stock of
the Title and Guarantee company of
"The latter is a New York insur
ance corporation authorized to do a
fidelity and a title guarantee business.
This corporation had, however, been
dormant for some time. A lease of its
little- plant to a Rochester abstract
company produced an Income which,
in addition to its other assets, gave
the Stockholders a value of $169,000 out
of the total assets of the Aetna com
pany of approximately $1,000,000.
"Coincident with an increase in the
capital stock of the Aetna Indemnity
company last spring Robin seems to
have opened negotiations for the pur
chase from it of the Rochester com
pany. About that time both companies
elected new officers, former Superin
tendent Kelsey (Otto H. Kelsey) of
the state Insurance department be
coming president, of both.
"]t appears that shortly prior to this
time Robin, as one of the witnesses
said, had statetd that he would pur
chase from the Aetna the stock of the
title and guarantee company. On the
Strength of this statement —for there
was no contract until October, 1910—
the assets of the Rochester company
were turned ovsr to him on March 31.
and without the knowledge of Presi
dent Kelsey or other officers of the
two interested insurance companies
disposed of and manipulated as Robin
Millionaire's Daughter Seeks a
Separation from Husband
(Special to Tha Herald)
teclto friends of Mrs. Rachel l'rabody
Frailer have not received confirmation
of her reported divorce from Frank
Duff Frasier. • They have been expect
ing the news, however, as It'haa been
known here for months that the woman
hail applied for separation.
Mrs. F"azier left here several weeks
ago fo Albany, N. V., to visit her
lather, P. F. Peabody, the linen manu
facturer. Prank Duff Prazier is now
in Medford, Ore. The first breach that
arose between Mrs. Frasier and her
husband occurred In this city and was
due, it is claimed, to his reckless be
havior, lie was an intimate friend
of the late Nat Moore, who committed
suicide, in Chicago a year or more ago,
and they were boon companion! in
Santa Barbara. At that time, it is
said, Mrs. Frazier save her husband
his choice of herself or the fast life
and ho is said to have chosen the
latter. P. P. Peubody has purchased a
fine homesite In Montecito and is now
preparing' to build a palace on it. His
daughter lives here more than six
months each year.
(Special to The HcraMl
DB2NVEK, Dec. 27.—A bill to deprive
nun of the ballot in Colorado will be
Introduced In the legislature if one
now being framed by men intended to
disfranchise women is presented at the
coining session. That is the answer
the suffragettes have ready for the
men who an; seeking to form a mas
culine voting monopoly,
The men base their arguments In
favor of the bill on the allegation that
women have "failed" as voters. The
women decline they havi been re*pon»
slble for noil of the reform legislation
and most of the reform has been to
correct the mistakes men liavo made.
Another Monarch Has Been Overthrown
"N *r^r^ f\SjWj}'/!f''i ?"""""-^ —^=!-3-i!=r7y ■^SS^f/ lKAf£7^/j,
Galloway Extends Hand of Con
gratulation to Successor
as Chief of Police
Charles K. Sebastian was appointe
chief of police by tho police commis
sion last night and will aasutne h
duties as head of the department Jan
vary 3, when chief Galloway will re
In tho meantime Ueut. C. K. Sebas
Han will enjoy a year's leave of ab
Kenee without pay. The leave of at
„.,-.,. i ;; piviMi to tli.' official and in
the man, for the two are the same, bi
.■> rovluing the technical leave of
absence Chic!' Sebastian can return to
]-,■ ■ :■.■' gervlce position as lieutenant
when his term as chief expires.
w uon the commission made the ap
pointment last night Chief GTalloway
was the first to extend his hand to
Chief Sebastian in congratulation, and
his smile appeared genuine and there
was a beam of real pleasure in his eye
as he said: -Lieut. Sebastian and l
have understood each other all the
When the commission had taken
Its action Sergeant-at-Arms Matus-
Lovii ii .as sent to escort the new chief
iVorn -I' nuter roi m, and there was a
blush of embarrassment on Sebastian's
mcc when ne appeared before the comm
ission. Hut he told the commission
ers th^t lie appreciated the responsi
bilities of the position and that he
would try to briiii? the department to
the highest point of efficiency so that
when his term of office expired the
public could say his appointment had
not been a mistake.
The mayor instructed Chief Sebas
tian to gather as many members of
the force as can be spared at central
station at S o'clock January 5, when
the commission will meet them and
h&ve a friendly chat.
chief Galloway's resignation was ac
cepted with expressions of regret from
every member of the commission.
Commissioner Wellborn said that he
was convinced that Chief Sebastian
would find things in better shape in
the department because Galloway had
been in it than Galloway found when
iie took possession.
Newly Appointed Star Wearers
Must Pass Test
Twenty-seven emergency policemen
were appointed t>y tiie police commis
sion last night from the civil service
eligible lirti but still there are about
liity vacancies In the police depart
ment to flu and the civil nrvlce list
la practically exhausted. The men who
were appointed last night still have to
pail tin examination and former ex
aminations have shown that probably
not more than 30 per cent will be- able
to get through. ,
Those who received emergency ;i f>
pointmenU are W. B. Spencer, C. A.
i Anderson. S. F. Carter. It. B. Harks,
B. B\ Haddox, I H. Cullen, Coke Oli
ver, A. if. Kallmeyer, F. A. Bparks, K.
M. Wai born, Russell smith, l. .d Bum
ner, B. '■-'■ steckei, vv. R. ECrepa, Roy
Thomas. R. It. CatO, 1". li. Yale. fi. (!.
Melcher, C. F. Fordyce, B. H. Godwin,
»'■ w. Drager, Paul Steven*, F. m. Van
Norman. 1.. E3. Wells. R, L. Alienrcmi
hic, a. c, Spinner and Joseph ito
mero. jr.
Actor Is Stricken While Audience
Waits Rise of Curtain
DETROIT, Dec. 27.—Just before the
curtain of a theater was to rise to
right, Frank Worthing, leading nian
for Grace George, was stricken with
a hemorrhage, and died a few minutes
later. The house was crowded. The
patrons were dismissed and announce
ment of postponement of the perform-
ance was made from the stage. Ac
cording to physlciana death was due
to the breaking Of a pulmonary artery.
He was 41 years old and a native of
Scotland. For years he had been af
fected with tuberculosis. He had
walked from his hotel apparently in
his usual health.
i=pp.-lat to The Herald)
SANTA BARBARA, Dec. 27.—Judge
Crow of the. superior court today de
nied the petition of Sylvia L. P.
Brownell, a wealthy society woman of
Montecito, asking that Mrs. Louise W.
Tim.son, a beautiful woman who is
, known socially in Paris and New York,
j produce a letter alleged to have been
i written to her by one E. P. Stone, a
! millionaire clubman of Boston. The
1 letter was alleged to have Implicated
Stone in the marital troubles of the
Tlmsons, even to the extent of being
the object of Mrs. Tims.m's affections.
The court held it was not relevant.
The court, however, did order Mrs.
| Tlmson to answer many questions in
I relation to $nSoo which Mrs. Brownell
alleges she loaned to the woman.
According to the evidence in the case.
Wlllldm A. W. Brownell, son of the
complainant, and Mrs. Tlmson, whosi
husband is a resident of Paris, were
to have been married upon her secur
ing a divorce, on her promise, Mrs.
Brownell alleges that she leaned Mrs.
Tlmson the money and that Mrs. Tim
son save her notes for it.
A year ago Mrs. Tlmson and young
Brownell had a flurry, the woman hav
ing given her heart to another, As a
1 result, the Brownells are endeavoring
' to «et the money back.
As a counter-suit Mrs. Tlmson has
entered .suit against William A. W.
Brownell for an automobile, piano and
other luxuries which she alleges .she
gave him during the courtship. When
Mrs. Tlmson was placed on the witness
stand she refused to answer many
questions, and tin 1 court ordered her
to answer practically all of them ex
cepting those relating to the Boston
BURBANK, Dec. 27.—At the largest
mass meeting in the history of Bur
bank, held tonight in Foresters' ball,
enthusiastic i Ittaenci pledged the re
mainder of the money needed to guar
antee the construction of an electric
line from Qlendale to Burbank, put
ting this city in connection with Los
Angeles via the Pacific Electric system.
Recently H. E, Huntlngton agreed to
extend the; Glendal* brunch of the sys
tem to Burbank if a right of way was
provided without cost to the company
and $40,000 put up as a bonus. The
right of way was obtained QUlekly and
a large part Of the money. The re
mainder was subscribed tonight. The
distance from Qlendale to Burbank !■
rive miles.
While Huntlngton is out Of the Pa
cific- [Electric now it is believed the
Southern Pacific "ill build the line on
the terms which he proposed and which
Uurbank'a citizens accepted.
L.|Y/ii IT I VII » I ''"V • m 11. V ?r. ON trains sc.
rM .> I»I aI i KjVJX. . SUNDAYS »c. ON trains i«»
Arthur Ancenas Crawls Into
Printing Establishment and
Packs Goods in Bag
Only 9 years and small for his age,
Arthur Ancenas of 617 Manning street
showed a remarkable knowledge of the
modern methods of professional burg
lars when he crawled into the second
story window of the job printing es
tablishment of F. A. Herrington, 138^
Soutli Spring street last night, located
his loot with the aid of an electric
flashlight, then packed the stolen goods
in a large bag.
The free use of the flashlight re
sulted in the lad's downfall. He was
taken into custody by Patrolmen
O'Howell, Fickett and T. TV. Miller—
three of the largest men in the police
department—and booked at the central
Police station on a charge of burglary.
A woman employe of the printing
plant returned for something she had
forgotten. When she saw the (lashes
inside the office she ran to the street
and told Patrolman O'Howell that a
burglar was ransacking the place.
O'Howell enlisted the services of Fick
ett and Miller ami the three men, hav
ing in mind a desperate conflict with a
clever hurglar, drew their revolvers and
began an investigation. They found
that entrance had been obtained by a
window opening on an adjoining' roof.
After searching the place and finding
evidences of the burglar's depreda
tions, the officers were unable to lo
cate the intruder. Tiny then began
a systematic search of the building
and found the culprit, who weighs less
than sixty pounds, hiding in a closet
at the end of the hall.
The bag. such as is used by niessen
get.- and newsboys, was filled to a paint
of overflowing with pencil.-, cards,
type) colored ribbons, sheets of postage
stamps and an assortment of other
articles of smaller value. Tile collec
tion was almost too heavy for the lad
to nrt and one of the officers i arrled
it to the police station.
The youthful burglar admitted hav
ing entered the place and told the offi
cers how he climbed out on the roof,
then raised the window, which was un
locked, and got inside. He denied
being the owner of the flashlight He
said ii belonged to his father and l 1
was taking it home to him.
The boy said he robbed another office
on Spring street and obtained some
money. He said it was "a long time
ago" and he could not remember how
much he got or what office he en
tered. He told th. police that a man
met him on tile street and took the
money away from him.
When the lad was sea relied a purse
containing $2.64 was found in his pocket
with other articles of small value.
After b"ins questioned by the <>ni
cers, young Ancenaa wai «ent to the
detention home, where he will be held
pending his hearing iii the juvenile
NEWPORT, R. 1.. Doc. 87.— will
of the late John La Purge, artist and
author, was opened In the probate
court here today. It was dated in
New York city, April 23. 1910.
None of the members or' Mr. La
Fnrgo's family la mentioned In the will,
nor Is there any intimation whatever
of the ■ ■'/.<* of his estate, nor does he
leave any specific bequest in terms or
Curtiss Machine Outspeeds Baby
Wright in Trial—Radley's
Bleriot Even Faster
Winged Fleet Riddles Battleship
with Oranges-Hoxsey
Ascends 6800 Feet
Special aeroplane race— Eugene Ely la
Curtlss biplane won. Time for five laps
around one and three-quarters miles
course, 10 minutes 5 3-5 seconds. Best
lap 1 minute 59 3-5 seconds. Phil O.
!':irnii-i.-i. In Wright "Baby" racer sec
ond, Time 10 minuter ■'< 4-5 seconds.
Daily speed contest—.lames Hartley in
Klerlot monoplane won. Time, 9 min
utes 17 1-5 seconds. Rent lap 1 minute
50 Hri'wnil*.
Daily altitude, content—Arch lloxsey
In Wright biplane won. Altitude reached,
6800 feet. Elapsed time 1 hour 31 min
utes 50 seconds. Walter Brooklna in
Wright biplane second. Altitude reached
8300 feet. Elapsed time, 23 minutes.
Eugene Kl.v in Curtiss biplane third. Al
titude reached, 2000 feet (estimated).
Bomb throwing contest — F.
Willard in Curtlss biplane won. Score,
12 out of noHHlhle 25. Height, 300 feet.
Arch Huxley In Wright biplane second.
Score, (i out of possible 35. Height,
500 feet. Phil O. I'armelee in Wright
biplane third. .Score, 4 out of possible
35. Height, 300 feet.
Exhibition one-lap race—Eugene Ely
in Curtlss biplane won. Time, 1 minute
88 3-5 seconds. l'hll O. Parmelee In
Wright biplane second. Time, 2 minutes
4 3-5 seconds. ,
Dally endurance contest Arch Hox
sey In Wright biplane won. Time, 1
hour 57 minutes 45 seconds. Charles F.
Willard In <urtlKS biplane second. Time.
1 hour 13 minutes 15 seconds. Phil O.
Parmelee In Wright "Baby" racer third.
Time. 1 hour 10 minutes 55 seconds.
Eugene B. Ely, In a Curtis? aerial
steel, whipped his machine in the face
of a thirty-mile-an-hour gale yesterday
and won the preliminary to the first;
aviation derby, postponed until today,
from Philip Parmelee in the "Baby"
This tall, angular challenger of th*
elements threw fear to the winds that
buffeted him and traveled a fifty-mile -
an-hour pace. His record was 10:5 for
eight and three-quarter miles.
Parmelee, the most complacent and
matter of fact man in the air racing;
game, finished thirty-two seconds be
hind his rival and said not a word.
He's to be heard from yet.
Two minutes later Radley, the flrp
spitting Englishman, in his Bleriot
monoplane, came along In what may
be termed an aeroplane canter, and
clipped the wings of his two competi
tors with all the evident pleasure that
an epicure takes in picking his Thanks
giving goose.
An hour prior to these hair-raising
episodes Hoxsey, Parmelee, Ely. Wil
lard and Itadley, all air charioteers of
name and fame, threw their united
forces against a flock of inoffensive
little red baby balloons. And would
you believe it, the baby balloons came
off for the most part victorious?
Tiring- of this pleasure, the birdmen
turned their attention to the serious
problem of bombarding a battleship.
Their bombs were small California
oranges that seemed to resent the
playful treatment of being squashed
out on a dusty Held, marked off to
make a holiday man o' war, but the
aviators seemed to enjoy it, and surely
the thousands in the stand did.
Just to show that bombs have ri>
terror for him, Arch Hoxsey made bo
bold as to eat one. The judges saw
him, and he forfeited three points for
willful and malicious waste of am
Just :i half hour before this this
panic bomb-eating Hoxsey soared Into
the » i tti of black clouda that circled
the Held and was lost to view. He re
turn.■.l to earth with his barograph
showing that he had reached the alti
tude of 8800 feet—an achievement that
would have been a world's record a
short time ago. It was only a sus
picion of what he did tho day before.
when lie actually broke the world's
r id by souring 31.471 feet.
This, in a long nutshell, is the record
of yesterday's doings on Domlngruo*
aviation field, the fourth day of thfl
second annual Los Angeles air meet
for the benefit of the children's fresh
air fund.
It was a day of amusing incidents In
aviation, brought to a close by the
spectacular, serious and momentous
race between Ely and Parmelee as the
representatives of the rival Curti.ss and
Wright factions.
While this is a friendly rivalry, It la
none the less keen, and both camps are
ii.nt on showing the superior points of
their machines. The Wrights claim
stability and with their baby racing
craft art' also after speed honors. Our
tlss contends for both speed and sta
A few minutes after the opening gun
of tin- day's t irtlvlttea was tired Heven
blrdmen were In the air. Parmeleo
was the first to ns<\ In one of the
stock Wrights he glided over the start
ing ground and grai > fully rose Into the
air. Beachej In a Curtlss cmft was the
second up and ho was shortly followed
by Willard. lladley. Illy, Hrookim
Bi"i,i Hoxsey followed In quick surces
ston, find spectators wen- treated to a
magnificent picture,
A blai k cloud blanket limned the
(Continued on I'M* florom^

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