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Spaniard. Banished from Court
for Planning Elopement. Ar
rested Here as Vagrant
Juan Garcia Seeks Old Sweet
heart. Now Nun. He Once Tried
to Kidnap from Convent
Crossing himself devoutly and mur
muring a blessing on the court, Juan
Garcia, scion of an old Spanish family
that lias lived in Barcelona for centu
ries, and one time captain of the body
guard of Alfonso XII, father of the
. present kins of Spain, in the royal
palace at Madrid, received a sentence
of thirty days on the chain gang for
vagrancy yesterday from a Long
Beach justice of the peace.
Half starved and clothed In raps,
with stripe of hide bound around his
feet, bleeding from their contact with
the rough roads, Garcia was arrested
by Constable Wilson as he knelt in
prayer on the sands near the ocean.
This morning, chained to prisoners of
the comity jail's road gang, with pick
and shovel, he will work on the coun
ty's roads.
While not speaking a word of Eng
lish, Garcia converses in the purest of
Spanish. His features are refined. Un
der his threadbare shirt a crucifix
hangs from a gold chain about his
neck. This the jailers, at his earnest
request, have permitted him to keep.
He passed last night kneeling on the
" floor Of his cell with the cross pressed
to hi* lips. Not even the jeers and
jests of his fellow prisoners, who ridi
i.uli his dovoutness, forced him from
his knees. 1" is .'i surprise to the
■a Hers.
Garcia told his story through an in- I
terpreter yesterday afternoon, It is
the strangest that has come to the.
cars of the county authorities for a
long time. He says his brother Mar
celine is a magistrate of the higher
courts of Spain and that lie is a grad
uate <■!' the University of Seville. He
appears to be 80 years old.
As an officer of the bodyguard of the
king, he says, he met a. young woman
of the court who was betrothed to a
noble In the service and confidence of
the king. They were planning an elope
ment when lie was placed under arrest
.■hi,l banished from Spain. The girl,
Ik afterward learned, was placed In a
convent at Madrid, where she later
look the veil.
Garcia, disguised, crossed the Span
ish frontier. So much, he says, did he
care for the young woman who had
become a nun that, with former friends,
he planned to kidnap her from the con
vent. His plan was frustrated and
he was arrested, and without trial or
publicity, hi claims, was placed In * a
prison, when li" says he fought mad
ness for many years In solitary con
When the Spanish-American war
broko out and the government was mo
bilizing forces for service In Cuba,
Garcia with others In the same prison
was released, cm the understanding, he
says, after he had taken a. solemn oath,
that he would serve his country faith
fully against the American Invader*
In ii..i. shvs Garcia, he, participated
in several battles. To the interpreter
he said ho had suffered hardships even
worse than his confinement in the royal
prison and which eventually broke
down his health. He was taken pris
oner mid narrowly escaped being shot
by the Cubans, whom he hates with
nil Inter that astonishes the Jailers.
At the close of the Spanlsh-Amerl
.an war Garcia was Informed by
friends that his sweetheart had been
i.i ken to the. western coast ■■'' America,
where she was in a convent as mother
speaking i mwefj tetm « a « we
superior. He began visiting tin
; i,' speaking countries and has
searched every convent, he says, in
■• ni h the. i ' in ral American republic i
and Mexico,
thinks or.i) m\ II I 111 Mil is hehk
lie i- positive now, he says, that she
is mother superior of a Franciscan con
vent either in Los Angeles or San
Francisco. He was praying that hi
might til d Mother Theresa, as hi calls
ho. woman, and see her face onco more i
before be die?, when an officer ar- j
rested him.
All attempts to make him disclose j
his sweetheart's name proved futile
yesterday, "It is too i. I'll i■■ men
tion, senor." lie said, "within those
walls. I have told you my story. Thej
have imprisoned mo, but I will Hud
Her, not to take her from tho service
of the church we hot li love, hut to see
her face unce again beforge my lips
.1 re scaled in death."
The authorities have traced Oavcla'a
wanderings through Mexico, where In
is said to have lived the life of a her
mit and mado freciuent visits to moll
asteries dud convents. His wrists mid
anklet) h. ,i r thi ecara of heavy irons
and his . liouldei are i toopi rl, 11.
never lifts his eyes save to east them
ill an appeal over the crucifix which he
prizes so highly.
"I think," said Turnkey Kio^tei yes
terday, "that Garcia has been on the
verge of starvation for weeks. ll'
passes tho greater part of his t Inn
kneeling on the floor of his dell, evl
dently praying. Tin la class to the
old don. He is not of the ordinary
kind tha* comes iii here, but pur* Cas
tilian, The workmanship on the gold
chßln a i 'I crucifix which we ha-, '■ al
lo\\or| him to keep is oj the vory best. |
Tho interpreter tells me his Spanish is
perfect, Hard luck for tin old don, I
say, but we'll make it. as easy as wo
• an for him."
S. 1.. Brown, an oxprotwna.n lining
Hi 940 K^st .!' it. i son stroot, reported
|r) die police last night that he was
accosted by v " men npar Westlake
nark shortly af(i>r 7 o'clock and robbed
of .*,■.■;', after suing tin: mi .. ride of
more than a block.
Brown : Hi neither man wan aimed,
and that one of the men seized hint by
the throat and choked him v liile the
other man searched his pocket.s wel
ting the money, which was in a small
leather purse.
Ono thousand J':ik.s, mi mbera of lodge
fi!), made merry last night in their
I'lubroomk at a high Jinks, the proceeds
from tlm raffle of a race horse going
toward the benefit of the orphans of
tho city.
Tho Elks woro a variety of headgear,
to add to the morrimei of the even
ing, which wookl Imve done justice to
the latest Parisian styles,
Former Captain of Bodyguard to
King Alfonso XII Now Vagrant
■ b __. v. "i n^i
r- ~~^^ nL i M RHBB
■ '■*.■••: -v* x. ' " .. ..':.■>.■ ... ■>"£ .■■;■»: ' *" ■••^" *(W fc*'--V"-'':' :' •-,■■:■ "■ ■ -•■■>:■■ . :.:;'»i:::. .■ *■:■:■.■;:-.- -. ■. .' .-,-.-.■■
Thirty-Seven Arrests Made Near
Covina as Result of Dis
pute Over New Line
A the re nil of a ilispute over the
construction of the Pacific Telephone
ami Telegraph company's trunk line to
Vutna, along a snip of. land thirty feet
bi lui'ii Covina and Pomona, the
property of th" county, Ihlrty-sevon
linemen and other employes of the i or
poration have been arrested and will
be required to answer before Justice
Wills of Covina to charges of disturb
ingl the peace. .
\Vhen tho corporation's men started
i t the polep at nisht George W.
Griffiths uni it. W, Hafßheider, deputy
constables, together orango grow
ers, obji cted. The. lirst pan;; of work
men were arrenti I, and while these
wen being taken to jail a second crew
mad' Ita appearance. These were nlso
taki a Into custody on charges of i It hi r
disturbing the pea r trei pass. The
i • ontinued until the second
i Ight, \\ hen all of the poll a n ere I ■ I
up and the wire., strung.
The company i 1 is nuthorlty for its
bit by .' v ritti n p rmlt signed by Su
pervisor Manning of that district. He
stated that he might have signed v
permit for the em in- line without be
ing nwar< that it would cro the Ikie
in dispute,
"I did no! knowillgly .-iun a permit:
i nstruct tin polea across ihi-^ line,
and it should not have been done,' 1
said the supervisor yesterday.
lion tlic charter amendment ordin
ance readies i hi* mayor (his morning
thori: is ■■ bare possibility of a veto.
Mayor Alexander win closeted till
aftfrnoon with W. l> Stephen . presi
dent >( the water board, and J. 11.
Norton find Major U. T. Lee, members
of the board. When the conference
ended Mayor Alexander said he 'li.l not
know what ho would do with ihi or
dinance when it re ached him this morn
'I'll" principal lection the mayor
liialMS is a provision put in ihr amend
ments the last thins Tuesday night
when they \v< i " under consideration by
the council, 'Phis amendment Elves
the council power of review over de
mands issued by the water department
: and rejected by the auditor,
h:\rr : in, .. ihere has been •< water
department it hue had the privilege of
rox |fwing its mm demands and cor«
recting any irrogularltiea that might
liave existed and thr»n paeslng then]
over ili* 1 auditor's veto
Tin amendment takes 1 hi» power
from tin 1, water board and places it
under the council, and the water board
is up in ,-iiiii over the matter. The
mayor doe not like tho provision any
better than the water board.
"[ am at a loss to know v. hat 1 will
'In about it," ho said last night. "There
are certainly some very good provisions
in the amendment)!, but there are 0110
or two that I do not like, and that
water board matter Is one of them."
If anybody discovers an unusually
clean burglar, with face and bands
shining and otherwise tonsorially per
feet, lie is requested to communicate
his Information i" the police,
The Monogram OH and Grease com
pany, 723 K.L-.1 I'll i street) reporter]
to the detectives yesterday morning
| Hint a burglar had entered its place
Tuesday night and stolen many takes
of toilet Boap. Cheap soapi «ero in
nored, ihr thief taking the more ox
ponKlvo kinds.
An eni'.iii'. was mads i hrough a
window on the second floor.
,11 AN I. UK I \
Eight Thousand Visitors Laud
Superb Machines at Licensed
Dealers' Exhibition
By far the laigout crowd of the week, j
totaling close to 8000, visited the mag- !
niflcent automobile show Riven by tho |
Licensed Motorcar Dealers' association
at Fiesta, park last night. , There is ;
not an exhibit of automobiles or ac- ,
cessories Inside the. bis tent but that
deserves praise in the aggregate it
is an automobile show, that could have ;
no counterpart outside of New York;
and then only for a greater number of
exhibits. Nothing could bo added to
make the Los Angeles show the most
beautiful In staging and ultra-rich in
the cure shown.
The management have just reason i
to feel proud of their achievement In
producing such a show, and the public
owe it to themselves to see the display
at least once, though constant visit
ing for days would not lessen the
pleasure one can find every hour in
studying the handsome machines and
accessories. As an educational factor
in disseminating knowledge of motor
cars it is the greatest one-week school I
thai has ever been opened In the west.
Prom tho lime the show began j
Wednesday morning to 6 p. m. the big'
stadium was the mecca for student I
bodies for the management graciously I
accorded all students of automobile
schools free admission, and made a
half rate to all other scholars. Possibly
5000 were in attendance throughout the
day. The exhibits where working mod- I
els or stripped chassis were shown
held much attention, for there Is an
eagerness among all classes to in part
familiarize themselves with motor carl
construction and operation. Nor was '
the attention (unfilled to the pleasure |
cars. The great commercial car an
nex that stretches the length of Fiesta
park on the Grand avenue side, has
the greatest showing of such cars ever
attempted west "i Chicago, and near
ly a score ■■! makes are represented,
in all models from the light delivery |
to the big trucks, and with either gas
or electricity as motive power.
A visitor cannot scape the beauty of |
the Scene at night, for with more than
20.000 incandescent lights twinkling]
among the sequoias and shedding their
radiance on the mountain roam that I
courses through the i enter of the tent, i
or on the beautiful cascade at the ex- ,
treme, north ond—standing on the
quaint rustic bridge that span the
stream at intervals, he loses himself
In this veritable fairyland, Tho kings
of the road ensconced on the sward Vie- I
I neatli the trees do not seem so strange- i
! ly out of place after all.
Tonight will be, the most pretentious
of Hie f>how, for it i: "society night,'.'
and though a double admission is
charged, Hi" elite of tin social set In
Los Angelas, Pasadena and nearby !
towns will attend the great show by I
| the thousands. The jewels of fhe
i women will reflect hack the light: of
this fairyland and the kings will re
ceive the hotnßga of their queens.
A particularly attractive musical pro
gram has been arranged for tonight by
Iferr Kamni'Tinoyer and Ills orchestra
lit fifty pieces, rind to add to the pleas
ure tin colored mandolin and guitar
club will render many vocal numbers
of the songs of the south.
Thp (ilfndalo Valloy Improvement,
nitiociatlon will hold ;i big meeting
in iviii- \t:-- of Pythias hall, Glendale, j
commencing 'it s o'clock tomorrow
night. The Hpeakers will bo the [lev. I
,). H. Henry and Maddlson is. Jones.
.Mr. Joneu will anuwer an anti-conHoll-I
dation Hpeech made i :cently by Col,
Thornton. I'he meeting In Intended to
further ii"' conaolldutlon campaign, it
v. in in- preceded by ;t paradi .
president Scott of (he chamber of com
msroe yeiterday appointed a committee to
ii -1.;..-! .11 with the consolidation committee.
[I consists "i R. \\*. Burham, .r. i\ Kay*.
,1, 11. I'luii.-U. Phllo BererlcUo. R. 11. Hill
man L>. K. Truck anil L. i. Chase, The
rrinsolirlnl Inn <nmrnlltc« .\ '.-.'■■ i that men
action In taken.
Alleged Shoplifters Put Up Fierce
Battle in Store, but Two
Are Arrested
Fighting fiercely to avoid being ar
rested, miberto IdalgO, said to lie a
former customs officer at Mexicala,
IMex., and Pedro Cervantes who, it la
, alleged, were caught stealing articles
from a counter In a Broad-way depart-
I mont store, started ;i .small sized riot
I last ni^lit and neverul men and women
were knocked down in the batt'4 that
i waged In the aisles, behind counters
end on piles 5f overturned goods. Two
other alleged shoplifters, said to have
been working with the two arrested
■ men, escaped.
[dalgo ami Cervantes entered stren«
nous ob.j.'.ti ni to being taken to the
police station and fought so desperately
thai the other two men made their
is- ape. Women became hysterical and
hindered the efforts of the officers, and
ii was not until several persona were
lonelily jostled and two or three
, knocked down that the accused were
The Pre-Inventory Sale I|largest DEPAPTMoa^TOßEvesToF.chicago|| Experts in Our FITTING
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sihle prices—that nothing will be re- f M W £/ ' alterations arc necessary in a manner
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Civic Association Women
Start New Billboard War
, The women of the Civic association
have declared war against nil the peo
ple of Los Angeles who put up. bill
boards, advertise on them or patronize
those who do any of the above men
tioned things. Mrs. Corn B. Lewis of
the association nnys: / I
"The council simply puts us off with
! one excuse after another that wo can
, ; not combat, and we are left in a hope
; : less position. it has comb to tho place
where we have to wage war along bur
! own tinea regardless of any aid we
ought io get from other quarters.
i "It Is our intention now to begin .1
" real campaign against all the men who
do business with billboards, though of
course we shall not declare any boy
cott, because that is forbidden under
the law. We shall tight with ever)
other means In our power, however, in
the hope that some day we shall have
the satisfaction of getting billboards
j down to our demands."
-Mrs. Lewis then stated the plan
which has been drawn up by the
women of the Civic, league. The pre-
I vious fight has been to get the boards
down to eight foot iii height, but the
council told them Unit as nil the paper
for Hll the billboards throughout the
entire country is\ made In the same
place and contracts are already made
the size, of the boards could not bo
iii.Hippd nt this time. This was about
thej last straw (or i the women, who
threw- to the winds all ideas of waiting
any longer. .
The Chic league will take the. first
stop by compiling a folder of just the
ngiit: siz ' lor Hnybody*i< pockotbook
and which will, contain ail the lames
and addresses of nil the merchants
arid business men Who will help them
by not patronising billboards. These
they will distribute to as many people
as will use them, and it is hoped by
the Civic league that every Woman in
Los Angeles Interested in the civic Im
provements wrought by the association
will help in this particular way will
patronise only the merchants whoso
names appear" in this folder.
The second step planned is the ac
cumulation of names of all people In
Los Angeles letting their land for the
use of billboards. When this com
pilation Is complete the Civic league
will promptly publish it.
Horses Injured by Speeding Ma
chine Are Shot to End
Their Suffering
Three men wore badly hurt and two
horses received smii serious Injuries
they had to be shot m a collision be
tween an automobile anil a large van
between Palms and Venice at v o'clock
last night
Frank Bungay, a prominent busi
ness man of Venice; .limes Boles, a
saloon man; Tom 10 van a and Qua uan
stroin were in the automobile and wort
returning to Venice from Los Angeles,
The car was traveling at lllKh speed.
All instant before it reached the pa.ss
iiiK point the Wheels skidded and It
!crashed into tho can.
The driver of the team and Oanstrora
■escaped injury. Bungay, Kvans and
Holes were badly hurt and all were.
taken to the Santa Monica hospital.
Bungay was able to go t" his home
later, but the other two are Htill in the
j hospital. They were stunned ami
bruised, hut it is believed they w ill
I recover.

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