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Australian Battle Stirs Up a Big Championship Muddle
Sam Langford- King of Bunch,
Too Big for Middleweight.
Papke Comes Next
Have Smith, winner over l'apke.
Hilly ropkc, Kenanee.
Hugo Kelly, Chicago.
Frank Klaus, Plttsburif.
Montana Ran Sullivan, Frisco.
Sambo Lanifforcl, Boston.
fliuvii Twin Sullivan, Boston.
Tom McMahor, New York.
Frank Mantfll, PBWtucket,
And about 100 others.
Three hips for the middleweights.
They have stirred up something for the
ring fans to talk about. When Billy
Papke went after some Australian
sucker money the other day and failed
to land he started a bunch of pros and
cons that will last for a year. Without
the least bit of trouble a dozen as
pirants can be called who are willing
to fit in on the throne left without an
occupant when Stanley Ketchel came
to such an untimely end, and each and
every one of them will admit that he
has a perfect right to claim the honor.
Some of the aspirants can be elimi
nated in a breath. With 158 pounds ns
the middleweight limit. Bam Langford
is discarded as impossible. Were he
able to scale the notch, the Boston
tar baby would loom up in the nock
opposed to hint like Jack Johnson does
over Salinas Jack Burns. But regard
leas of what Joe Woodman has to say
on the subject, no person who has seen
the husky black peeled down to fight
ing costume is willing to bet he can
scale middleweight poundage.
With Lang-ford out of the way, it
looks very much like Papke is the bell
cow, regardless of what happened to
him in the antipodes. Ketchel was the
acknowledged peer of the 158 pounders,
yet many fans remember how Papke
disposed of the Assassin when they met
at Vernon a couple of years ago. Mis
management cost Papke his title, for
Tom Jones, now handling Wolgast,
sent him right back against Ketchel
and defeat was the result. *
One boy that must not be overlooked when
figuring on who might be who were an elimi
nation contest to be staged Is Montana Dan
Sullivan. Even the boy's limited experience
•nd one town reputation does not keep the
experts who have seen him perform from
stumping him as good as any In the business.
The San Francisco writers are a unit in de
claring him a good bet against any man his
weight, and Sullivan will be heard from a
whole lot before another year has been torn
oft the pugilistic calendar. But read these
Associated Press dispatches:
SEATTLE, Dec. 28.—"Dave-Smith, the Syd
ney middleweight, w"»o so successfully beat
Fupke the other daj in Australia, is now
the world's champion of that class, accord
ing to my figuring," paid Tommy Bums, for
mer heavyweight champion of the world, last
'•Smith has a. clear right to the title with
out going to any roundabout figuring to prove ,
i- as Papke was without doubt the cham
pion after Ketehe.l's death. I know there are
a lot of ambitious fighters who laid claim
to the dead man's laurels as soon as the word
was out that he was gone, but Papke Is the
only one who had a right. Ketehel defeated
Papke after having lost his first fight to him,
nnrt Papke was easily the best of the others.
Now that Smith downed him, there Is no
reason why the tltie sould not go with the
"I know Smith woll and know htm for a
good man and one who will climb even
further. He is just aMr kid now, looks too
heavy fer a middleweight, but he can make
the limit easily enough at present. In a few
years he will be out for the heavyweight ti
CHICAGO. Dec. M.—Hugo Kelly, the prise
fighter. Fald last night he would claim the
middleweight championship of the world be
cause of the defeat of Billy rapke at the
hands of Dave Smith In the Antipodes, Blnc«
{Stanley Ketehel was killed the title ha? been
claimed by all the middleweight! In the
Kelly has frught two .draws with Papke,
while the latter has one victory over the
CHICAGO, Deo, SS.—Frank A. Gotch has
Issued a. formal challenge to Hachtnschmtdi
or any other wrestler for a match for the
championship ci the world. Qotch posted
*2;.0u as a forfeit binding the match for a side
Viet of $20,000.
(Formerly Amorlcan Simplex) and Atla»
Guaranteed self-cranking.
1062 B. Olive St.
F3835. Main 1891
Apperson and Reo
633 South Grand Avenue.
Main 7034; Horn* 10167.
Northeast corner Main and Washington,
Home 81937: Sunset 4!'4ii.
Buick and Oldsmobile
1144 South Olive street.
F36HO. Main 6777.
1017-19 South Olive Street.
Home AlOO7.
Kissel Kar
1246 8. Flower St. F2637.
1305 South Olive St.
Mflln 7553; Home F5647.
' Pico and Hill Streets.
Mam 2814; Home :'4 6a4.
Pacific Motor Car and
Aviation Co.
Open Day and Nlirht.
1217-31 South Flower bt.
Horn* 60151. Los Angeles. Cal. Mai 8880,
Simplex and Palmer-Singer
'111 West Pico street.
Phones 28857; West 48?.
Studebaker-Garford "40"
E. M. F. 30: rLANDBRS 20.
C uonv> motor CAR CO..
103J South Olive st. h«
\. #hi. i>«iVi Home 10*48, ■ "V
Kewanee Boy, Who Has Good Claim
to the Highest Middleweight Honor
.'■■'■-- :;- " ; . '.'■-■ : ■-■•. ' '■ '■•''.- ;"■.':'■'■'.■'".'' ■ : : ■ - ■'' '"■ : '■;" * ::-. '-; ;.: ■ " '.■■'' :- . :'' '■■'-•'■■'. X;':::: :
'-,■','": ■::■■' '..:' ■■■: .' ••' :* '■ ' -"%■■■' ; .;-■ '■';{'• ',"_,-'.'■, ' '.':'■':• :•'■ ■■..■;.. .. ■ :■ . .-,-■...■. %■.■■.■.'.■■.:■
■"' '^
'^j- ril i-inimi | - - ** " i " jl?
Cassiday Pilots Favorite to Vic
tory in Feature Event on
Terrazas Park Card
JUAREZ, Dec. IS.-CobleFklll. ridden by Mr.
Cassiday, won the gentlemen's cup race, the
feature at Terrazas park, today. He was fay- l
orite and after being outrun In the early part,
came fast at the end and won by a nose.
Three favorites won. Summary:
First race, five nnd one-half furlongs— Fred )
K-s.n won. Soon second. Agility third. Time,
Second ra?e, one mile—Ellerd won. Nether
i most second, Buna third. Time 1.42.
Third race, seven furlongs—CobleFklll won, i
Eldon second, Ashwell third. Time, 1.30.
Fourth race, five and one-half furlongs— !
Sept won, Storting second, Frank Mullers i
third. Time 1.07.
Fifth race, s-ly furlongs—Flying Pearl won,
Smiley Mitzner second, Roberta third. Time,
1.14 8-6.
Sixth race, one mile—lloyle won, Miss ;
; Caithness second, Alma Boy third. Time, '
I 1.40 3-D.
PENSACOLA, Dec, 88.—The racing meet
here eniled thia aftemon with the running ofl
seven races. The Bporl we witnessed by a
large crowd. The race for gentlemen riders (
did not take place, professional riders having j
the mounts Instead. Result!
First race, four and one-half furlongs—An
derson won. Cherry Girl second, Friend Vir
gil third. Time, 80.
Second race, five and one-half furlonds—
Athie W won, Cull Hollard second, Bovera !
third. Time, 1.13.
Third race, five nnd one-half furlongs—
Melzar "Aon, Rodman second, Myrtle Queen
third. Time 1.13 S-B.
Fourth race, four and one-half furlongs—
Ben Sand won, Dr. Hollis second, How About
You third Time, :59 2-5.
Fifth race, six ami one-half furlong i Jen
nie Walls won, Walter McLean second, Gre
cian Bend third. Time, 1 27
Sixth race, six and one-half furlongs—A mor
on won. Golden Castle second, Hiram third.
Time, 1.20 1-6.
Bevel th race, four and one-half furlongs—
Compete won, Cran i second, Corsair iil rd.
Time, .M 4-5.
JACKSONVILLE, Dec. 25.— Ben Double, well
playeri,• won the 11200 Everglades selling
Btixlies this afternoon. Results:
First raci five furlongs—-^N Hells won,
£00l second, Lavender Lad third. Time 1.0-.
Second race, seventy yards—Saraband won,
O. B. M. second, John A third. Time, 1.40 4-3,
Third race, six and one-half furlongs—Ful
ford won, Cat-o.ue second, Camel third. Tims,
1.21 3-D.
Fourth race six furlongs—Ben Double won,
Dan Field second, King A • a lale third.
Time, 11.: 2-4.
Fifth race, i ovi ti furlongs All Red won,
Lawrence I' 1 aly second, StOneman third.
Tune, 1.27 2-6.
Sixth race, nine furlongs—Merman won,
Third Rail second, bt-ba-dtian third. Time,
1.65 1-6.
First race, six furlongs—Altarec, Kerry
Gow, Balllo 11 Day, 109; Ci x. Pickaninny,
lnti; Loscur, 105; Dorlde, 102; Ben l.'nciis,
100; La Cumargue, Osaudene, Font ■ i 1(7.
Second race, eleven-sixteenths m I—Jim1 —Jim
Ba«ey, 123; Fawhuska, llf»; Max Dice, 103;
Ozlbar, Feather Duster, .Ml: :o, 100; Wlnona
Winter, OJ.
Third race, mile — Great Jubilee, 112;
Buckthorn, Captain Burnett, 109: Response
ful, 104; Koyal River, Boggs, 101; Marmot,
Fourth race, five furlongs — Metropolitan,
John 11. She ehan, I 11:: Elfin Beau, Seymour
Btjutter, Likely Dlerudonne, 100; Terns Trick.
;•;; ide of Llsmore. UO.
Fifth race, mile and seventy yards—Mill
tary Man, Golf Ball, 112; Canlqut, Miami, ■
109; itassa, 1 Ob; Sir Wesley, Charley
I i'a'.ne, Cool, Anna May, Court Lady, 105:
Suits, 104; Orllane, 100.
.^lxt'i ,i a, futurity courts — Sarelngton,
112; Hannah Louise Faneull Jlall. Hello of
irpqiolb, Emma G. Dargln, Tlllingliast,
s>u«ar Maid, Ada Meads, 109; C. U. Patten,
10S; Frank G. Hogan. Miss Sly, 105.
SAN FRAN ' CO, Dec. 28. —"One Round"
IXoßan and I'vankle Burns of Oakland were
matched by Jim Urlfrln tonight to fight
twenty routi ;it mland rink, Han
Frauclß'*o, January -7. The nun ajive to
make I^^ .-■..■ ut ti o'clock. 'J'liey will
split tin- gate receipts and will fight tar a
|IVOO side Itt.
811.1.V PAPKE
San Pedro Contingent Strings
with Billy Cappelle to Win
from Young Rivers
There was no letup to the work of the
fighters who nul to lake part in the show at
Y'ernon arena Monday, the four contestants do-
Ing nil their varioui training etunts with tlie
same vign- which lias characterised their ex
en -ins during the past two weeks,
,Hm Plynn at Doyle's put Id a busy after
noon playing handball, Bklpplng the i-pe and
boxing six rounds—three «i-.n Hobo Dougher
ty and throe with a blacksmith who yen
: Into the r;n^ and stayed the limit. The
1 fireman previously had gone on the road for.
| Ftven miles, bo v?h-:i the day's work was
! done Flynn had accomplished nweh toward
: the ultimate good condition in whtcb he ex
pects to !)•■ when he faces Tony Caponi at
Vernon "ii the afternoon of n*xt Monday.
t*.ji-"ni at Arcadia was equally busy, dolnjr
hi- highway work in the morning and his
<i training stums in the aften
t (\<! outdoor arena in the rear of the Oakwood.
'.lit* Chicago man went seven rapid sessions
with Morrle Bloom and was in splendid condi
tion after the workout. Cnp»ni ptiil f> la
■ mi Irnt he will take Flynn'.e measure and
ln> statements art- turning many of the fans.
who i i I indecision re
irdlng the out t of li." I "Ut.
Th-? opening contest between Young Riv
i era and Hilly Cappelle is exciting as much
Interest aa the Plynn-Ca] >ni match, the San
; Pedro contingent to a man being for Billy
to beat Hml clever Rivers. They will attend
the snow in a bunch and root for their fay
.■,■ Cappelle believe! this is the chance
j of his life, for If ho is defeated in the cotn
ing 15-round contest he I"- relegated to
the rear r;i\i>iun of aspirants for feather
i honors,
T'ntil the city? l<p.ii department hai <le
what the council Intended when it
pass 'I tht amateur ten-round ordinance there
c no ny;e bouts at McCarey's pavilion
at N'aud junction. The Interpretation has
been made that only ten rounds may be
fcught altogether anJ the Intent of the coun
cil must 1- determined before another show
can be given.
NEW YOltlv. Dec. US.-— If a resolution
adopted by the Athletic Research hoc!' at
its annual meeting here is concurred in by
the athletic bodies represented in the bo
ekty, friendly relation! with tho Amateur
.Athletic union will be broken and imme
diate etpjis taken toward the organization
•>r an Independent federation to exercise Ihe
control formerly vested in the union.
The society was organized three years
ago for tile purpose, more particularly, of
developing school athletics and Investigating
the administrative control of tho sport.
A committee appointed at the Last meet-
Ing to look Into the latter subject reported
today through its chairman. Dr. George i..
Meylan of Columbia university, recommend
ing that local groups bo formed iii various
si-etions of the country which should Join
district associations of the American Ath
letic union, thus making it. possible to con
trol their competitions. Objections were
made to this affiliation with the A. A. U.
'I : ,- recommendation was voted down and
a committee headed by Professor Meylan
was appointed to draft a plan for the or
ganization of an Independent federation.
The following were then elected officers for
the next year: Clark W. Hetherlngton,
Chicago, president (re-elected); W. C, Orr.
Boston, vice president; .1. E. Hayncroft, Uni
versity of Chicago, secretary and treasurer.
The meeting was addressed by Dr. D. A.
Fargent, director of physical training at
Harvard university, on "Professionalism In
Amateur Athletics." He so d overspecial-
Ization at the (pens« of the development of
all 'round athletes made the whole ten
dency of the largo colleges and universities
rijQiMo McHugh, r^ttT known a*t the T^ord,
ha>- gone into buflner-?. The little fellow,
together with Dusty Rhodes, has opened the
I Angeles Blllposting company, ani Is
hustling irounrt putting advertising wherever
II will fit.
Steam Trains In Aviation J'lclJ
The Beutfc«rn Paclflo Is tlie only «learn
railroad to rim grounds, direct to trie main
entrance, with separate entrance itnd exit
for Southern Pacific passengers.
Special trains leave Los Angeles 'Arcade
station. Fifth and Central avenue) daily to
January 3, 1911, Inclusive (except January
2, no program), at 9:05 a. m., 11 a. m.,
ll;3n a. m., 12:01 p. in., 12:30 p. m., 1 p.
m. ard 1:30 p. m. Returning, leave avia
tion field 4:45 p. m.. '; p. m.. 5:15 p. m.,
6 p. m. No local stops in either direction.
Plenty of roomy steam heated cars with
seats for every one. Round trip (at ticket
offices) from .■■' Angeles .'!3e. Contests
1:30 p. m.
Cut thin nut and use it for time table and
start early. L.o Ansel*! flees: "too South
Spring street. Arcado station, Fifth and
Central avenue. - ***
World's Record Broken by Little
'20/ Which Has Made 10,
--075 Miles Without Stop
A new record for motor cars was
ushered in and the most wonderful en
durance run since automobiles were
invented was chronicled yesterday at
3:10 p. m. in Los Angeles when a
Flanders "20" finished 10,075 miles
without a stop of the motor.
Now that the coveted record is made
the little car is not to stop running,
but will be kept at it, night and day,
until the motor actually stops, though
it may take weeks, months and years;
and it is predicted that such a volum
inous mileage will bo piled up that it
will not be equaled by any car for a
long time to come. The previous rec
ord of 10.074 miles has been held by
a Maxwell car for nearly a year.
When the Lord Motor Car company
decided to put the Flanders "20" on
this non-stop run it was with the de
sire only to hold the Pacific coast rec
ord for such a run, but when that rec
ord was made and the engine >vas still
running well it was a foregone con
clusion that, barring accidents, the
Flanders would get all records. Yes
terday saw the realization of the pre
The record la strictly an official one under
all the condition! laid down by the contest
board of the A. A, A. for such a non-stop
run by a strictly stock car. Roy P. Hlllman
of the official A. A. A. board for California,
and president of the Automobile club of South
•in California, started the car on Its way at
noon of December -. with on observer ap
pointed by the Auto club, under whose aus
pices the contest has been made, and never
for one minute since that time has the car
ben out of the control of one of the official
Too much cannot be said of the wonderful
driving record of the four drivers who have
alternated at the wheel and guided It not
only through the bm>y streets of the city, but
far out into 'he country, visiting all nearby
towns, and yet nursing the car so tenderly
that there has not been the slightest mishap,
and but one necessary tire change, and that
due to unavoidably running over a broken
botrie, which necessitated changing the front
tires after having covered 7500 miles of the
record breaking distance. The wonderful dur
ability of Morgan & Wright Urea has been
tested In a manner that comes but once In a
lifetime, and today they look almost as fresh
as when put on the car. Welnstock-Nichols
company, distributor for these tires, plan
sending this set of tires on a visiting trip to
all coast agents when they are finally taken
from the car, but, as stated last night, they
are good for many thousand* of miles yet,
and the Flanders certainly will not falter for
a : ing time to come. The car is also equipped
with Splltdorf magneto and a Stewart speed
ometer, both of which have worked without
a hitch on this world breaking run.
When it was realized that the world's rec
ord would be broken today the car was asked
to do tho phenomenal mileage of 427 miles in
the last twenty-four hours, so that it could
be taken down in front of tlie big auto show
at Fiesta park and photographed In mid
afternoon for the admiration of the thou
sands of show visitors, who have been in
tensely interested in the run. and who have
stoop In crowds before the bulletin boards In
the Lord Motor Car company's show space in
the big teat.
Play will begin in the men's single* tourna
ment on the courts of the Mt. Washington
hotel at 9 o'clock this morning, and will last
I until sundown Saturday. Contestants in the
liiterscholastlc and free-for-all classes will
play off their matches simultaneously, as, one
Ci urt will bo devoted to each class today.
The college singles will not begin until to
morrow morning, as the eight contestants in
that class can decide their individual su
premacy in the last two days.
Among the matches which will be played
today Roger* of Thacher school and Herd of
Throop, and Wooldredge of Thacher school and
Clomson of Harvard, will be opponents. One
01 lii. first matches of the day In the free
fcr-all class will be Winnie Mace vs. Karl
Wellcr. Mace is the pride of Oxy, while Wei
hi also puts up a rather stiff game.
Prizes will tt> awarded the winners in nil
three classes. First and second prizes will
be given, the winners to be presented with
rackets, while the losers In the finals will bo
solaced with a college cut sweater vest.
The prizes will be awarded at the tennis
ball to be held In the open air ball room of
the hotel on New Year's Eve, at which gath
( ing the. contestants and their friends will
be present.
College class.
Newell, U. S. C. vs. Dietrich, U. S. C. Law.
Oxnam, U. S. C. vs. Barker, Oxy. Mace,
Oxy vs. Morrow, U. S. C. Seay, Oxy vs.
Chaffee, U. S. C.
Intercollegiate class.
Rogers, T. S. vs. Herd. Thr. Woolrldge, T.
S. vs. Cleiruon, 11. Hall, T. S. vs. Barker,
P Garner, H. vs. Ford. P. Grant, H. vs.
Moore, Poly. Watts, 11. vs. Uelsllng, P.
Hunter, P. vs. Hopkins. Poly. Atterbury, I".
vs. Bye. Moffet, Un vs. Bye. Kchafc-r, Poly
v:. Harvey, M. A. Shumway, O\y prep vs.
Bye Jardeen, Holly vs. Sheldon, L.. A. Berry,
L. A. vs. Bye. Alber, Holly vs. Wllfe,
Li. A. vs. Bye. Hogaboom, L. A. vs. Bye.
Free for all elasß.
Mace vs. Weller. Tuttle vs. Alber. Shook
vs. Bheldon. Berry vs. Merrill. Warren vs.
Turner, Merrick vs. Seay. Barker vs. Part
ridge. Salisbury , vs. Grant. E. Grant vs.
Rcgeri. Wooldredge vs. Herd. Lowe vs. Har
riman. Dietrich vs. B. Barker. Galusha vs.
Bye. Beldon vs. Bye. Chaffee vs. Bye. Chaf
feo vs. Bye. Myer vs. Bye.
Bpaldlngl and Ulendora, ut (ilendora.
Tufts-Lyons and Artesia, at ArtcHlu.
Florence and lluntingtou Beach, at llunt
lngton Beach.
Troplco ami Silver Lake, at Prospect park.
Kiihn-Beek and Wielaudh, lit Thirty
eighth and Alameda.
olludu No. 1 and Anaheim, at Anaheim.
Ollnda No. 'i anil XI Molina, at Xl .Mo
Sterling* and South Central*, at Ascot
.i.i-.- Vila and Ontario, at Ontario.
Burlu Athletics and Monrovia, at Mon
(.rein i:utmiN and Wliiyier, at J.<».
Orendorff All-Stars and Oxnard, at Ox
lloeuees and San Pedro, at San Pedro.
minus and O^eaimlile, at Oceant>ldr.
Jefferson Centrals and Vernon Modern
Woodmen, at VV«?»ley avenue.
Sierra Madre and Western Hardware, at
Sierra Madre,
Santa Ana and Xadenus, at bunta Ana.
])yaa-Clln«s and San Bernardino, at San
SIK-rman Indians and Bedondo, at lte
I'nlntert' Cnlon ond South Holls-wood, at
South Hollywood.
Joy Stars and MontebeUo, at Montehello.
Berkeley Staig and West Jefferson*, at
AVest Jefferson.
North Brothers and Monrta. at rorty
trirutli and Moneta.
IClverslde and R«dland«, at niver»lde.
Rein stlon c*iiter'« rait ba iketball team,
eliumi'lunti •■■: tlie Playground loaRUO, Is dim
to travel to Orange Friday ■■■"■i tangle Tvitb
Hid Oranco AthUtio club's live.
Heavily Played Choice Leads a
Field of Clever Sprinters
Home at Emeryville
OAKLAND, Dec. 28. — Arionotte,
heavily played, beat some clover
sprinters in the feature event at
Emeryville today. He was never headed,
winning by two lengths. Bambro and
Golden AgB6B, played as good things,
led their Holds home. Sumnfury:
First ran-, six turlonta—Yellowtoot (iiar-
Kan won. Pete O li>K«') second, Who (Tay
lor) third. Time, 1:11 1-5. Lookout. Uon
alil. Gypsy Olrl. David Andrew, Netting.
Lady McNnlly. Brighton, Harry Rotors, Pal
aisit ran.
Second race, six furlonsa — Bntnbro (Glass)
won. liosaino (Klrsch-baum) second,. ralla
iPase) third. Time, 1:18 1-5, Biskra, Mln
nedocia, llomerun. Ocean View. Beda, * oin
bury and I'rudetU allO ran.
Third race, futurity course — Qolden A sties
(Archibald) won. Media (Olara) second,
Franß Ferris (Plokens) third. Time, 1:09 1-6,
Bell Cliff. Heretic. Dolly V. FT.. 'Die Bailiff's
Daughter, Starry Night, Hen Uncai, Pleas
ant, liltta also ran.
Fourth race, six furlongs—Arlonette
(PlckenD won. Fernando (Glass) second.
Thistle Hollo (Garner) third. Time. 1:12 1-5.
Madeline MusgTave, No Quarter, Joe Moser,
Descendant, Heathersoot also ran. Juan
left at the post.
Fifth race, mile—Cabin (Tnidini won.
Quality Street (Riddle) second. Cisko Utad
tke) third. Time, 1:40.1-6, Miss Picnic,
Sonla. \V;ip. I.lberto, Dovalta also ran.
Sixth race, six furlongs—Lord Clinton
(Martin) won. Passenger (Qarner) second,
Harry Stanhope d'a^ei tfhird. rime, 1:14,
Jim Cafferata, Bucolic, treada, Oalone Dale,
Royal Stone. Tramotor. Hoy T. also ran.
The Santa Fe will sell holiday ex
curalon tickets at one and one-third
lairs for the round trip between all
stations on its lines where the one
way fare is $10.00 or loss. Tlcketß on
sale December 23i1. 24th. 25th, 26th, 30th,
."Ist. 1910, and January Ist, ::d. 1911.
Final return limit January 3. 1911. ***
By Completing
10,075 MILES
Without a Stop of the Motor
A strictly stock Flanders "20" which has been running continuously since Dec. 2, at noon, on
Wednesday, Dec. 28, broke the world's non-stop record of 10,074 miles, which has stood
for nearly a year.
Not a single adjustment of any nature was made to the propelling mechanism of the
car, and it is
just a little bit better than it was when it started.
Four Hundred and Twenty-Seven Miles
Were Made in the Last Twenty-Four Hours
Flanders "20" merits your careful consideration.
It sells for $800 delivered in Los Angeles.
"If It's for the Automobile We Have It**
Morgan & Wright Tires
Win World's Record
On Flanders "20" Non-stop Run
Covering 10,075 Miles in 26 Days
without having b«n pumped up, and with only one change of front tires (due to broken glass)
after traveling 7500 miles.
THEY ARE STILL QOING. Watch them pile up more mileage.
Weinstock-Nichols Co.
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Sporting Gossip
Winter leaguers will liave a chance to
shine at Vernon this week, the l.iland
(iiants and McCormlcks being scheduled to
get together In a five-game series that will
carry them Into the now year. The open
ing frny will come Friday afternoon, then
a double header after lunch Saturday, two
more Sunday afternoon and the final scrap
Monday afternoon. Plenty of action Is on
top, for the Glnnls hnve shown a tendency
to do better and may make the leaders
hustlo to retain their high percentage..
TV. C. Cabe. Santa Ana's crack Meond
baseman. Is ibtlved from iluty for awhile
I.naiise of an acclilent which befell him In
Monday*! game. A rrncturod collar Imne
resulted from a collision with another
player, and the diamond expert will bo
out of the. running fur a few necks.
Jess Orondorff lias hooked some real
trouble for his bunch of Coast league All
Stars. A game with Oxnard on the beet
herders lot next Sunday Is on the sched
ule, and the Ventura county fans are prom
ised some action. While the All Stars are
working In the north. Whtttler, which trim
med Oxnard Monday, will tangle with the
Qreat EJaitern Transfer aggregation on the
L/OB NtetOl pasture.
Division 2 and Division 4 of the Car Men's
league, will get together on the former's
diamond this afternoon and five the latter
their first taste of organized baseball. The
league Is In flourishing condition and each
■ante (hows increased attendance and more
enthusiasm on the part of tho Juice con
trollers and bell ringers.
KANSAS CITY, Dec. !S.; —Local followers
of footbali do not Intend to let the annual
Kansas-Missouri game bo taken away from
neve without a fleht. It was announced
prior to the Thanksgiving game that it
would be the last, the ensuing contests
going to tile seats of the two schools. '
At ihe request of the Commercial club
and patrons of the game, Mayor Darius A.
Brown last night wrote to the authorities
of the two universities asking them to at
tend a dinner hero at which the question
of continuing the contests in Kansas City
will be discussed. Tho date for the meet-
Ing has not been set.
Toots Schultz Announces Inten
tion of Following Professional
Career in Major League
NEW YORK, l>e. 2g.—"Toots 11 Bohuitt, one
of tho best college, pitqjiera of the day ana
rantatn of the ronnnylvunla baseball tram,
will probubly bo found with the New York
Americans after ho Is graduated next •><"""•
Ho has decided to play professional buscbali,
according to announcement here, and has ex-
BTMMd a denlre to come to this city.
It was said a year ago that ho was pledg"
to tho Plttsburg Pirates, but this has been
dentad With Cozens, tho football captain,
behind the bat. Scnultz has pitched some ex
cellent ball for Pennsylvania.
Garry Herrmann Declares He Will
Not Respond to Overtures
for Clever Player
CINCINNATI, Dec. 28.—"Third naseman
Eddie Grant will play with Clnclnnalt next
year," cald Prtltdent Herrmann o£ the Cincin
nati club yesterday. "He will receive his
contract soon after the first of the year and
I do not think there will be the least trouble
about his signing it."
The statement was in reply to an inquiry
whether or not Clrant would be sold or ex
changed to the HOHton Nationals.
The new owners of that club are raid to
hare made Herman an offer of imieidi-r
Sweeney and Pltoher Maltern for Grant. Herr
mann says many offers which hav\> been rj
eeived have not been considered and mat
(ilrant will play here.
MEMPHIS^ Term., Dec. 28.-"Dolly" Stark
former Southern league player and later with
San Antonio and Dayton, has ned« con
tract for 1911 with tho Brooklyn National
leamie club nnd will report at Hot Springs
where Brooklyn will train during February
and part at March. _^__^—

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