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Cloudy, cooler; light, north wind
*<>! WXIII.
M MBER 1(0.
litlv^J-J. •>" L/Jvlll In PER MONTH
Two Measures, Carrying Differ
ent Ideas on Panama Legis
lation, to Be Introduced
Boats Controlled by Competing
Railroads Do Not Escape
!" the Regular Tolls
[Associated PrpKSi
ator Flint of California, chairman of
the committee on lnteroeeanio canals,
■and Representative Mann of Illinois,
chairman of the house committee on
Interstate and foreign commerce, ex
pect to introduce general Panama
canal bills. These will incorporate their
differing ideas as to the needs of legis
lation for the waterway—in the light
of the White House conference last
This conference developed substan
tial harmony of opinion favoring
fortification of the canal; presiden
tial discretion as to the exact amount
of tolls under prescribed maximum and
minimum limitation; government oper
ation of the dry dock and repair shop
facilities, and government sale of all
the coal, oil and other ship supplies at
"'both ends of the canal to the trade of
the world passing through it, and for
th« safeguarding of the competition
through the canal. The differences of
views as to whether foreign shipping
and coastwise shipping should receive
equal treatment in canal charges could
\ not be reconciled, and the problem is
1 still unsolved.
\ Senator Flint's bill will provide either
Inn unqualified free passage of Amerl
-1 can ships or the collection of toll and
i subsequent rebate of the entire toll,
/ which from the viewpoint of some of
/ those In the conference merely would
/ operate as a matter of bookkeeping.
Senator Flint's bill will fix a certain
maximum and minimum of tolls on
vessels of other countries, probably
from 50 to 75 tents minimum to 11.26
or $1.50 maximum a net ton, leaving
the exact charge to the discretion of
the president so that it can be ad
justed to changing commercial condi
tions. It will provide that the rebate
to coastwise vessels shall not be al
lowed to any vessels owned or con
trolled by any railroad with which they
are competitive, directly or Indirectly.
It will provide that the government
may take over to its own ÜB£B, when |
public emergencies make it necessary.
any vessels that avail themselves of
the rebate, which would make all coast
wise craft engaged in canal traffic sub
■ ject to naval uses on demand.
The question of what treatment to
accord coastwise shipping caused the
principal discussion at the conference,
Much of the time was devoted to the
Interpretation of treaties with Eng
land, as to whether the general refer
. ence to all powers being treated alike
\ was to be Interpreted to Include the
I'niteei States or to mean all the pow
ers foreign to the United States
Flint Says Solons' Decision Will
Not Affect Exposition
(Special to The Herald)
9VABIIINOTON, Dec. M.—Whether
or not congresi sanctions S;m Francis
co as tin? exposition iity in r.n.",, a
worlil'a fair, ociUitl or greater than any
other paiKinia-i'.i'lib exposition will
be hcl'l tlicri", according to Benator
Frank Flint, who Is spending hla hcili
days here Working In conjunction with
the San Francisco committeemen.
■"Whils we would like congressional
sanction of our fair," sn 1.1 Flint today,
"with $17,000,000 at our disposal we will
have an exposition that will draw from
any other fair when tho Panama canai
is openod. I'm not worrying about
what congress does.
"All this talk Of a logical iioint be
ing chosen as the offi'ial slto is fruit-
Iphs, for the fact remains that with
railroad rates properly reduced, where
lniniirodH would brave the summer heat
of Now Orleans thousands would go t&
San Francisco."
SANTA BAKBAKA, Doc. 29.— Ten
pretty young women turned disap
pointed from Captain Ivy Baldwin
today when ho declined to make ascen
sions w».'i them as pasbengers In his
aeroplane at the aviation meet here
Sunday and Monday, January 1 and 2.
Miss Rmmn Hi Id, 19, the beautiful
daughter of a San Bernardino rancher,
employed on a local newspaper, saw
Baldwin first, insisted on making [an
ascension despite warnings of peril,
and the aviator capitulated to the in
sistent beauty ami will lake her up.
Captain Baldwin will make trial
flights Friday and Saturday.
KANSAS CITY, Dec. 29.—A recent
report that J. P. (Jack) Cudahy nnd
his divorced wife, Mrs, Kdna. Cudahy,
had niet in Pasadena, Cal., and were
about to effect a reconciliation was de
nied today emphatically by Mrs. Oud
uhy. who is here.
"It is absolutely false," declared Mrs.
Cudahy. "I intended going to Pasa
dena for the holidays hut was unable
to do It. 1 shall go in two Or thret
weekf. Reports of v reconciliation
cither present or prospective are pain
fully ridiculous."
ENGLEWOOD, N. J.. Dec. Cha*
Mattel Loomis, the author, who has
been 111 for some tlrno at his homo In
B I»eola, N. J., 'ins been brought to a
I hospital here for treatment. Ills ail
, ment has not been diagnosed defi
nitely ■'
Aviator Hnxsey circled over Mount "Wil
•on, K'llnß 10,000 feet Into Blr, and
traveling MO miles. PAGE 1
William M. Garland anil Frank A. fiarbutt,
millionaires, make flight In aeroplane
with Walter Urooklns. PAOH 3
Mayor Alexander, unable to declare legal
holiday on Saturday, urges all Angelenos
to attend aviation meet that day. I'ACJE 3
Street committee, plans to open alleys In
bualna district at estimated cost of
112,000,000, PAGE! 6
Committees named by Teachers' Boosting
club to further plans for university In
Southern California. PAGE 6
Society night at automobile show at
Fiesta park attracts great throngs. PAOE 6
Glendale voters favoring annexation of
neighboring town* hold parado and
meeting. PAGE 6
County loses suit to restrain orange grow
era from diverting stream from th.
land to public roads. • PAGE 7
City officials pay bill for police boxes live
iiilinil-'s before Injunction arrives ami are
thn at- .1 "v»'lth contempt proceedings,
Doalh of old hermit reveals strange life
of two men on Coral Harbor Island. PAGE 7
Amaze 1 witness watches holdup of Jap
.iii. by three negroes on brightly
lighted street. PAGE 12
Missing Inventor returns home and Is sur
prised to learn he was "lost." PAGE 12
Arrests expected In San Francisco In con
nection with explosion at Llewellyn Iron
works. . . PAGE 12
White man threatens to fight mnrriage
license clerk When called Caucasian. • ,
Editorial and better Box. PAGE 4
Society, clubs and music, PAGE 5
Theaters. PAOB 6
Shipping. PAGE 6
Building permit*. PAGK 7
Sports. . PAGE 8
Markets and financial. PAOE 9
Citrus fruit report!, PAOB I
Mining and oil. . PAGE 10
Weather report. PAOB 10
Marriage licenses, births, deaths. PAGE 10
Classified advertising. PAGES 10-11
Coronation of Pooh Bah Collins Is fea
ture of Jonathan club high Jinks. PAGE IS
Youth riding motorcycle, crashes Into
car and meets death, PAGE 1-
Trouserlais man takes a stroll down
itruailwuy. PAGE 12
Victim of thugs, beaten and robbed. Is
found wandering In dazed condition
111 ■ iir Wilmington. PAGE -
Dashing stranger In Colton charged with
having bunkoed business men out of
180,000. " PAGE 6
Pasadena man charge aviation com
mitit a with bad faith. PAGE 10
Committee has Pomona's now charter
report ready for presentation to the
trustees. PAGE 10
Bates A.- Cheeseborough lease the steel
steamer Navajo which Is being built
at Long Beach. PAOE 10
Governor-elect Johnson declares he Is
a La Foliette Insurgent, and demands
-"loyalty to progressive cause at Q. o.
1". conference in San Francisco. PAGE) 1
Bant a Barbara beauty to ride with Capt.
Baldwin In an aeroplane. PAGE 1
Prof. Jnmes at Berkeley talks on capital
and Democracy. PAGE l
Joseph G. Robin, technically insane, in
dicted and arrested for larceny of
$!iO,OOO from bank. PAGE.I
a tor Flint will Introduce a bill mak-
Ing the Panama canal free to Ameri
can boats engaged in coastwise trade.
Sixteen workmen are killed and twelve
Injured when boiler in Ice plant nt
Plttsfield, Mass., explodes. PAGE -
Population statistics show that Rhode
Island leads states In density of
population. PAGE] 2
Members of bath tub trust expected to
plead guilty and ask for clemency.
Government orders all national hanks
to adopt a uniform system of book
keeping. PAGE 1
Senator Flint says San Francisco will
hold Panama fair, whether congress
sanctions plan or not. PAGE 1
Attack on Cordoba by Mexican revo
lutionists Is expected. PAGE 10
Detectives unearth plot In London to kill
King George. PAGE 1
Midway Five gusher breaks loose three
times In two days. PAGE 10
Grubstake mine on Lynx creek forwards
high grade ore, going $100 a ton. PA.OK 10
Tom Reed disburses fifth dividend. PAGE 10
Auditorium—"The Man of the Hour," 8:15
p. m.
Burbnnk—"The Battle," S:ls p. m.
Grand—"The Toymaker," 8:13 p. m.
levy's Cafe f'hanlant-Continuous vaudeville,
2:30 p. m. to 12:30 a. m.
Los Angeles-Vaudeville, 2:30, 7:43 and 9
p, m. /
Luna park—Outdoor amusements, hand con
cert and vaudeville, 10 a. m. to midnight.
I Majestic—Mary Mannerlng In "A Man's
j World," 8:11 and 8:15 p. m.
' Mason—Lillian Russell in "In Search of a
I Sinner."
j Olympic—"Mr. Santa Claus Jr./ 3, 7:43 and
I 9:15 p. m.
Vaudeville, 2:15 and 8:15 p. m.
i'antaßes—Vaudeville, 1:80, 7:43 and 9 p. m.
Princess— "On the Quiet." 7:45 and 9:15 p. m.
Ebell club, Christmas party for 250 settle
ment children. 3 p. m.
Friday Morning club musleale, Mr. and Mrs.
Balfour, 10:30 a. m.
PepltO Arrlola and Bruce Gordon Klngsley,
recital. Auditorium, 3 p. m.
Subscription dance, Goldberg Bosley hall,
9:30 p. in.
Mrs. Guy Barbara's dinner for debutantes,
California club, 6:30 p. m.
j Christmas entertainment for children of the
i King's Daughters' day nursery, tonight.
Los Angeles Central W. C, T. U. meets 2
p. m. In Temperance temple, 301 North Broad
' way. Annual holiday social.
Musical and literary entertainment by Chris
tian Endeavor society of - the South Main
Street Christian church In the church tonight.
The Rev. Bruce Brown of Spokane will con
duct revival services, which are to continue
nightly for some time.
Sunset club, high Jinks, Levy's cafe, 6:15
p. m j •. *
Noon meeting, dune's theater, last of* the
year under auspices of United Brotherhood.
Dr. J. Whltcomb Brougher will .speak en
"How to Have a Happy New Year."
Women's day, aviation meet. Reception to
aviators, Program begins at 1 o'clock.
U.S. ORDERS 7100
Uniform System of Bookkeeping;
in All National Institutions
Insisted On
Federal Expert Fails to Detect
Insolvency During Visits
Lasting Two Years
[Associated Press]
WASHINGTON, Dec. Disclosures
following the forced liquidation of the |
Quanah National bank of Quanah,
Tex., ten days ago, caused the comp
troller of the currency today to issue j
an order directing every one of the i
7100 national banks In the United
States to install what practically
amounts to a uniform system of book'
Investigation disclosed that the bank
had been doing business for the last
two years, although undoubtedly In
solvent, and although Inspected at reg
ular Intervals by national bank <x- \
aminers. Within that time the ex
aminers were unable to learn the
bank's true condition largely because
the management refused to keep a
proper record of its transactions, It
also showed that the entire capital of
$500,000 and probably some of the $38,
--000 surplus was paid out to stockhold
ers as dividends.
In a statement, Comptroller Murray
says his examiners were hoodklnked
for two years by the way the bank
handled its notes.
"Within these two years," the comp
troller says, "the bank carried com- I
paratively little 'past due' paper, all j
the notes having the appearance of j
being promptly paid or renewed. The
bank had no discount register and the j
various earning accounts wej;e kept In I
such a manner r.s to make It practical
ly Impossible to audit them.
"By this method of accounting the |
bank, without detection by the exam
iner, had the doubtful and worthless
notes renewed with the interest added i
to the notes at the time of renewal.,
This Interest on worthless paper had i
not been collected, and was credited to |
some one of the earning accounts, and ,
as the dividends were regularly paid i
this resulted in paying the capital out
to shareholders as dividends."
To" insure a system of bookkeeping
by which the true condition of a na- j
tional bank can be determined any
moment, the order Issued today directs
examiners, on finding a bank whose j
exact condition they cannot determine
to report the fact by telegraph to
Washington and give the management
Of the bank thirty days to install the
necessary books.
"At the end of that period," says the
comptroller's order, "the examiner will
return to the bank at its expense to de
termine it' instructions have been com
plied with and If the necessary books
have not been installed he will remain
in the bank at its expense until such
books are installed under the direction
and supervision of the examiner."
William F. Sheehan Announces
Candidacy for Depew's Seat
NEW YORK, Dec 23.—William F.
Sheehan made formal announcement of
Ilia candidacy for thr United States
senate tonight in a letter addressed to
Mayor Fuhrmann of Buffalo, who, with
other leading Buffalo Democrat!, re
cently Indorsed him for the seat to
become vacant when tin term of Ben
ator Depew expires March 4.
lv defining his attitude toward na
tional questions Mr. Sheehan declared
his belief in the letter and spirit of
the platform adopted at the last Dom
ocratlc state convention.
His letter opens with an expression
of satisfaction at the consenting to the
considering of his name Cor the sen
atorship comes "from his old neighbors
anil friends" in Buffalo.
He. urges that whoever tin Pemo
cratlc party chooses for Benator his
Usefulness be not weakened by unjust
criticism during hi> candidacy.
Ho declares himself n. favor of a
botui fide downward revision of the
«-«-«>- ———
Snow Falls in Texas—Windstorm
Along Gulf
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Dec. 29.— Un
usually cold weather with freezing
temperatures almost to the gulf pre
vails throughout a large portion of
the south tonight.
The cold wave follows closely upon
the heels of b genera] weather disturb
ance which took the form of a thunder.
Sturm in the central valleys and snow
In northern Texas. Snow fell early
throughout the Texas Panhandle and a
severe wind and rainstorm prevailed
aliing the gulf coast.
Southeast Texas experienced the first |
heavy rain in five months. In Hous
ton several street car lines wen; put
out of commission and oilier damage
was noted.
The storm Is moving toward the
south Atlantic states from Texas, and j
warnings have been displayed along
the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida
coasts. Communication by wire has
been seriously Interrupted in many
ALBANY, N. V., Doc. 29.— Empha
sizing the Importance of the passage
by tho romlntf legislature of a bill n-
Latlng i" fraternal Insurance, State
Superintendent of Insurance Eiotchkissi
today denied an application for the
cancellation of thn licence of the su
preme lodge Knights of Pythias to do!
business In New York state. >
Hoxsey Scales Mt. Wilson,
Flies 10,000 Feet Into Air
Pasadena Flyer Makes Remark
able 100-Mile Trip. Hovering
Over Snow-Capped Peaks
Orange Belt Hace—James Hailli'.v in Bier
lot monoplane won; time for live laps around
one and three-fourths mile course 9 minutes
35 and 3-5 seconds) best lap one minute and
51 seconds. Eugene Ely hi Cnrtlea biplane
second) time 10 minute!) 17 1-5 seconds; best]
lap 2 minutes 'i 1-5 seconds. Phil O. Panne- 1
lee in "Baliy" Wright biplane third; time.
10 minutes 50 3-5 seconds) best lap 8 minutes|
8 B*o seconds. Glen Martin in biplane run
Into feme, disqualified.
Second lup tvilli new machine by Glenn 1
Curtl&s over 1% mile course, 1:57 2-.V
Altitude—Arch Iloxsey won. 10,005 feet, \
hcin;, In the air 2 hours, 31 minutes and 15 |
seconds. Paxmelee attained 5200 feet; Had- I
ley 1400 feet and Wlll.ard MM* feet.
Passenger carrying—rl'armelee and Kna- !
benshue, longest flight. 10 minutes and 10
seconds, Garland and Brook Inn second with
I) minutes and 10 seconds, and .ill ham third
with (I minutes and 40 seconds.
Boml» t browing ion tent—(h.irlPt V. Wll
hint in Curtln biplane. 11 polntij Pannelee
x points] Brooklm 7 pointsi Ely l point.
Accurate landing— Brookim won, **-<» fe'*t !
(Continued nn r<in- Thre") '
\bovc' Startled Judges Dodging an Arch Iloiwy Swoops Down Toward Them in Ills
Biplane. Below, W. M. Garland Getting Out of far After 1 light With Walter
Members of Bath Tub Combine
Eager to Be Fined Rather
Than to Face Jail Term
WASHINGTON, Dee. 29.— Pleas for
clemency, it is reported, will be made;
to the department of justice by the
Indicted members of the so-called i
"bath tub trust."
At a conference to be held hen; to
morrow, attorneys for both sides will
g , into the matter in detail. Two or
tiin-i days as<o. some of the defendants
appeared" in court in Detroit, pleaded j
not suiity and asked to reserve the i
right t" change their pleas. Attorney
General Wickersham pave Instructions
that if such reservations were to be t
made the lime in which the pleas
r-.lghl '"• changed must bo limited.
The court fixed January :: as the last
day. The conference arranged for to
morrow was i'le result,
it is said lawyers for some of those
Indioted aye advised their clients to
plead nolle contendre in the hope of,
having a court impose lines and not
jail sentences.
Attorney General Wickershatn has
publicly declared he will insist on jail
sentences for all violations of the Sher
man law. lie personally renewed his
instructions in the hath tul) cast.
Descendant of Confederacy Ex
ecutive Coming to L A.
29. — one of the most elaborate and Im
presslve wedding ceremonies ever wit
nessed i" this city waa thai last even-
Ing of Jefferson Hayes Davis, s"n of
J. A. Hayes and of the Uito Airs. Mar
garet .Unwell Jefferson I 'avis Hayes,
and grandson of Jefferson Da vs. and
Miss Done Dewltt, daughter of Dr.
and Mrs. Theodore F. Dewltt of Broad
moor, an aristocrat it: suburb of Colo
rado Springs.
Tin.- ceremony was performed at St.
gtephnns Episcopal church. The Rev.
Dr. .Martin H. Hart of St. John's ca
thedral, Denver, read tin- service, as
sisted by the Rev, Arthur N, Taft,
rector of st. Stephens.
The bride was gowned in heavy
white duchesse satin, very plain,
trilmed with rare old point lace. With
It was worn an exquisite veil of rose
point ami duchesse laoe tint swept
from the coiffure to th 6 end of her
lons court train. The veil has been
worn by brides in tha family of Mrs.
Dewltt 'for six sonerations.
Air. and Mis. Davis left last night for
a trip to California of several weeks'
duration, and upon their return will
seslde it Qarfleld, Utah, where Mr.
Davis is with the Utah Copper com
■■■■: itffr*3sb.
1 BpSE^*l*^*-"' ■'■ ':'V-> - -.■■ .--■■■ «>-*>*■■■■•--■ h^^M
"■■'■' ■ ■ ' ■'■••■ '^rf ■■ ■ ■ ' -.'■■■ ■■■-■--■. ■-V "■':'■'; ""'■ ■'■> '■ ■-■ '' ■';;■ -.'•; ' ■''■''•
Financier. Technically Insane. In
dicted for Larceny of
NEW YORK, nor. 29.— it took the
grand jury just an hour today to Indict
Joseph G. Robin on a charge of the
larceny of $90,000 from the Washington
Savings bank, of which ho was presi
dent. The savings bank passed into
the hands of tin' state banking depart
ment today, there to keep company
with the Bank of Northern New York,
of whose executive committee he was
chairman and With which his name has
hitherto been more prominently con
nected. The district attorney explained
that out of .-i mass of evidence drawn
from tin" records of both institutions he
had chosen the charge that he thought
could be presented most simply to a
Robin was Immediately placed under
arrest at the home of his slater, Dr.
Louise Robinovlch, but his arraign
ment was postponed until tomorrow,
when ho must give $25,000 bail or go
to jail.
Technically, Robin is insane. The
order of commitment, signed by Justice
Amed at the request of Dr. Roblno
vitch and on the certification of three
other physicians, still stands, although
the private sanitarium to which Robin
was taken refused to receive him.
1.1 N\( V I'IMIIM; 1-1 ZZI.KS
"This lunacy Rinding is the thing
thai complicates the case," said Dis
trict Attorney Whitman today.
The indictment against Robin was
based on Information sworn to by
Frederick K. Morris, formerly his confi
dential employe.
It charges thai the Washington
Savings bank, of which Robin was
president, was induced to draw to his
order two checks aggregating $90,000,
in consideration of participating In
agreements purporting to give the
bank an equivalent In a mortgage ex
j ecuted by the Fidelity Development
company, one of the string of compa
nies promoted by Robin, In favor of the
Title and Guarantee company of Roch
ester, N. Y. This latter company Robin
controlled through his ownership of
the Aetna Indemnity company.
"No such mortgage," said the district
attorney today, "was executed by the
Fidelity Development company." Fur
ther indictments are expected.
• » >
LONDON, Dec. :-'■'. -Mrs. John Walk
er IPearn, widow ot iii former Amer
ican minister to Greece, Roumanla ana
Bervla, and Arthur [nkersley of l.ymc.
: . a will known traveler, were
married In Salisbury cathedral today.
The bishop ol Salisbury, a personal
friend of the bridegroom, officiated,
and American Ambassador Reid gave
away tha bride,
(•fV/il i;* cnlMl'\« D*n,T to. on TRAINS a*.
nl.Mililj V> \JI- JJ-iO . SUNDAYS So OS TK.%I>!» 10«
"You can never realize Los An
geles' geographical situation as It
relates to commerce and expansion
until you see the city and the coun
try surrounding from an aeroplane.
"The sc.nery was magnificent and
inspirinK from the mountains to tho
sea. Tlip harbor 1 never saw to
better advantage and it shows up
"Flying is fine sport without the
dips and snii-il curves, BrouMns
gave me his word as a man he
wouldn't do any blgll diving while
in the air and under that consid
eration f accompanied him on his
flight this afternoon, lie did not
abuse my confidence, but sailed
along with me as though he were
on a smooth sea. It was fine. I
can't say too much fOi it and of it.
Indeed uords fail me When 1 at
tempt to express my keen enjoy
ment of the whole flight.
•■ft docs not set in as though you
were flying. The earth just moves
from under you and drops away
and you seem to lie floating.
"Brooking appeared a master
hand at the gome 01' handling his
machine and made no fuss over it.
He just simply ran it along as
though liv bad run one all liis life.
"Allow me to add 0110 thing more.
Anyone who sees this city and its
surrounding country from an air
ship cannot fail to sec its future.
When I got up 'there and looked
down on the city 1 said to myself:
'It's a million In population for Los
Angeles In 1920.' "
Problem of Great Wealth Dis
cussed Before State Teachers
BERKELEY, Dec. 29.- Speaking be
fmv thr. convention of thu California
Teachers-' association at .1 general ses
sion in Harmon gymnasium tins after
noon, Dr. George P. Ju.nrs, dean of
the college of education, University of
Minnesota, declared that capital and
democrac) were the principal factors
in the future progress of, the United
"Even a cursory thought makes clear
thai tlu Untted Suites Is offered an
unparalleled opportunity in human
progress," he said, "The vast re-
Bources of a virgin continent, 1 1 n
liiciiKii reckleßßly exploited, have
brought our people to •> gtandai 1 ■ i
living, to a material comfort, unknown
10 past ages. The pi idigloua accumu
lation "i capital, however illy distrib
uted thai capital may 1' present I"'.
is a potential Instrumeni 1 up
I.i ixin i.v. Dec. ■ v plot i" .
■lnate King Qeorge has been uneai
in connection with the disco
bomb factory In the easl end of Lon
don, according to secret operatives aiul
officials ni Scotland Yard.
The discovery of the Infernal ma«
chine works is ,t sequel to the Hounds
ditch crime, where three policemen
were killed by burglars, the police say,
Documents found at the bomb factory
and at the burglars' lair, the police
say, prove conclusively that a plan ex
isted to kill KiiiK <J '«•■■
SPRINGFIELD, ill. Doc. 89.—Pre
cipitated into Shoal creek, when the
Ice brok' under the weight of his horse
and buggy. Judge Milton M. Crelghton
of the Montgomery county circuit
court, w.ih 'rowned today. A com
panlon, another Jurist, escaped.
Gcvernor-Elect Tells Conferees
He Demands Loyalty to
Progressive Cause
Alameda Man Fires Hot Shots
for Conservation at Legis
lative Preliminary
[Auoclatad Press]
j SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 20.— \ tilt
i between former Governor George c
Pardee and Colonel E. A. Forbes of
itnento, state Republican leaders
I in their preliminary legislative confer
ence jt the Palace hotel this afternoon
1 threw open the conservation Issues
, « men will come before the state legis
lature In the next session.
Colonel Forbes took exception to somo
or the features of a conservation bill
or which Mr Pardee grave a resume, as
. chairman of the committee appointed
: by Meyer Llssner, to draft the bill in
■' vein of pleasant satire Mr. Pardon
1 replied to Colonel Forbes 1 warning
I against "hand-clapping capital." de
' claring: that he did not propose to take
j away any of the colonel's water power
but planned only to prevent his "wicked
Partners" from "grabbing more water
and putting: i, in cold storage.
Governor-elect Hiram W. Johnson
j was loudly cheered when Introduced by
1 Chairman Limner. In a short vigor
; ous talk, he declared himself committed
, to ■ LaFollete Insurgency, and said he
would demand loyalty to the insurgent
1 cause of all associated with him in tliu
i government of the state.
I The encounter between former Gov-
I ernor Pardee and Colonel Forbes arose
> when in a preliminary to his resume of
the proposed conservation bill Mr Par
dee denned his stand on the question.
! "One of the first conclusions reached
by the conservation committee," he
, said, -was that most of the water
i power of the state has been grabbed
by the big Interests and put in cold
storage. There is still 6,000,000 horse
power of falling water In the state not
I utilized, the cream of which has burn
i seized and kept from use by the big
| interests, honestly and within the law
The bill which he have framed is de
signed to prevent the appropriation of
the waters of Pitt, McCloud and Fall
I The chief provisions of the proposed
1 conservation bill, as reviewed by Mr
| Pardte, are:
<jvn:si is to <;ivk TALK
That no appropriations be made for
a period of longer than twenty-five
years; that water for riparian uses ba
i not utilized for electric power except
j by a special appropriation; that the
state be empowered to fix compensa
tion to power companies and that the
work of development must begin with
in three years of filing ol application.
The bill also provides for the appoint
ment of a. board of control of which
the governor and state engineer shall
be ex-officio members.
City Attorney Percy V. Long of San
Francisco discussed the proposed ap
pointmpnt of a public service commis
State Senator Lee C. Gates of Los
Angeles will speak on "Direct Legis
The conference will close with an
evening session.
Lieutenant Governor Wallace an
nounced the appointment this morning
of Cay C. Waring as his private sec
In his opening address Chairman
Lissner declared the Republican party
would have no spoils to distribute in
going into office and would not bo
hampered in its proposed progressive
legislation by pre-election pledges.
"We are under no obligations what
ever," he said. "The state central
committee is not bound to distribute
jobs in order to carry out its plans.
"A new line has divided the political
forces of the. country. It is not be
tween Republicans and Democrats, but
it is between the insurgents and pro
gressives on one hand and the reac
tionaries on the other. The will of the
people must be the guiding star, and
every legislator elect In the coming ses
sion must and will bow to the people's
.Mrs. Lillian Harris Coffin and Mrs.
Elizabeth Gerberding, prominent Cali
, fornia suffragists, attended with the
view of urging suffragist legislation.
SEATTLE, Wash., Dec. 1!9.-The In
vestment brokerage firm "i' s. C. ' <»~
born & Co., with offices in Seattle and
Tacoma, and least d wires to Chicago
and New York, was adjudged bank
rupt in iii' 1 federal court today.
'I'll.l llabilitle . are ■ fen as $62,000
.nxi assets or $-t.:.< ii>< < born li a
member of the Chicago boacd of trade
and until recently handled a heavy
v..ion,.- of business for fan «& Bryan
hi' 1 *iii- ago.
For tin- last six months, 1 >rdlng
1,, . isborn, both bin >i;' lees have 1." en
run at :i loss.
Tin re is now no brokerage firm on
Puget sound with [eased wires to the
NEW YORK, Dec, 80.—In tlio first
Interview Mrs. Au
formerly a director ■ i the First
Church of Christ, Scientist, In this
has given since I ■ Mrs. Mary
Baker G. Edily she madi the positive
statement tonight thai she expects
.Mrs. Eddy will yet "dem mstrate" over
"1 believe," she sriiil, *111 nt Mrs. Eddy
will make a manif< tatlon that she
will reveal self to me ani others—
to the outside world. T situ
ation cxl ts today ■■ « i en Jesi
Nasareth was burled."
CHICAGO I' ■ -"• inductors anil
trainmen on fifty railroads running
north, south and west ■■' i go were
granted a ti'i Increase In wanes of 10
per . ■■ 1 1 l today,

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