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Watchnight Services Arranged,
with Secular Features by
Some Congregations
The traditional watclinlght service to
watch the old year out and to wel
come the now year will be hold in
many of tho churches of the city begin
ning early this evening.
Many of the larger churches, how
ever, have dispensed with this custom
as tho new year falls on Sunday and
a service continuing until after mid
night would prove a hardship on
church members In attending the usual
Sunday cervices.
New Year's day will be marked In
nil tho churches with special sermons,
elaborate musical programs and ap
propriate decorations.
At St. Paul's pro-cathedral the usual
watchntght serviCo will open at 11: HO
o'clock to end shortly after midnight.
The choir will present a special musi
cal program. Previous to this service
the • -men's and alter guilds will en
tertain the members of the choir at
ellnr. r the guild house, after which
they will bo the gaests of the Rev,
William MaeCormaek iit a theater
party, returni g to the church lit time
lor the watchnlght service.
At tho First Congregational church
:in early observance of communion at
7:30 a, in. Sunday will take the place
of the usual watchnlght service. The
jmsti.rs. the Bey. Willlum Horace Pay
and the Key. Warren F. Day, will
conduct the service.
The Rev. I* M. Ilagood, pastor of
the Wesley Methodist church, will con
duct a \\utehni;.ht service sit the
church, 60j East Eighth street.
The Rev. A. B. Prichard, pa.stor of
the Central Presbyterian church, will
hricjik at the watchnlght service to be
helA'ln Uj« Second Presbyterian churoh,
Kast Los Angeles.
The Men's Brotherhood of the Boyle
Heights Methodist church will hold a
special service, to be opened at 8:30
o'clock with a reception to members
which will be followed by a stereopti
riiii lecture and a sermon by tho Rev.
W. E. Tllroe, the pastor.
At the Union Rescue mission a ser
vice of prayer and song will be held.
The Rev. J. K. Fisher will speak and
X F. Pearson will have charge of tho
The City Rescue mission, 60(5 East
Fifth street, will watch the old year
out with a BP«Bia] service. Among
the speakers will be (liles. Kellogg, B.
F. Pearson, J. M. Berkeloy, O. I). <"on
rey and the Rev. T. C. Horton. Capt.
Charles Stanley and A. L. Miller will
take part in the musical program. Dur
ing the evening refreshments will be
The watehnight service at the Metho
dist mission, 255 East Fifth street, will
be marked by the launching of a New
Year's boat, and each child present
will receive a gift. Between 10 and 11
o'clock a social hour will be held, dur
ing which refreshments will he served.
At 11 o'clock the watchnlgtit service
will bo opened.
Kffie Williams, 1208 South Main
street, telephoned central police station
shortly before midnlßht asking the
police to tind her fiance Gus C. Barter,
who hadn't been home foi seven hours.
"You sef," said tlio young wdinan,
"Ons and I are to bo. married tomor
row and I want to know where !)>■ is.
lie left the house here about 6 o'clock
tills evening, sayiiiK he would be back
lor supper. He hasn't shown up yet,
;md I'm beeomlnff worried."
• JL\£f<f** Bosrm DkySooosSjo/x
This store will be closed Monday.
Our January Clearance sales start Tuesday.
See Monday Times for particulars.
Kimono Flannels
First in favor are the widely W^t
advertised unshrinkable "Vi-
yella" flannels, which are here M
in nearly a hundred designs ||jk tffflSi
suitable for house dresses' and *8/j| fflf
dressing sacques as well as fra™
kimonos, at seventy-five cents llmm p4
French flannels, too, in Jpiiilfi
broad variety. 65c and 75c. .^^^^Sil
Scotch flannels, for house iHtsHHP
dresses, 35c to 45c.
. Sales lor Today »
Details of Which Appeared in Yesterday's Papers
Misses' $20 to $35 tailored suits, one-piece
dresses for street wear and magnificent after
noon and evening gowns—styles right up
to the minute—now $13.75.
Mens' $2 pajamas #i.io a suit. 1
Boys' $<; to $15 Winter —this season's latest Knicker
bocker styles—on sale today at #3.75 to $1 1.2^.
$2<> to #37.^0 Oriental rugs at $17.50.
Boys' $7.50 to $12.50 Overcoats $5.75.
235-239 South Broadway 234-242 South Mill Street
Savants Find Dog Able to
Clearly Speak Seven Words
BBBLIN, Deo. SO.—Tho claim of a gamekeeper near Hamburg that his
dog can h pcak Oerman and has an understanding of tho language suf
ficiently to answer questions intelligently, has been taken :'O seriously by
German scientists that Professor Pfunget of Berlin university headed a
commission of investigation.
It Is stated that they found the animal possessed of a vocabulary .>f
seven words which were clearly articulated. Of the number four were Words
of two syllables. Tt is asserted tfe dog understands what is said to him
and replies to tho Inquiries of strangers, within the limits of his knowledge
of the languuge, without aid or suggestion from liis owner.
Question of Resurrection Argued
Among Christian Scientists
<<=Pr" i;ll to Tho Herat.U
nkw YORK, Dec 80.—That Mrs.
Augusta stetson's predictions that Mrs.
Eddy Will rise from the tomb will
seriously affect the Christian Science
church Is the belief of many cci li si
astical workers and others. A schism
in the church eventually is predicted
by friends Of Mrs. Stetson, who see in
the question Of resurrection brought to
the lore through Mrs. Eddy's death a
signal victory for the excommunicated
rival of the late leader.
"I believe." Mrs. Stetson said, "that
Mrs. Eddy will make B manifestation—
that she will reveal herself to me and
others—to the outside world."
The action of the church directors in
accepting Mrs. Kd'ly's death as a fact
is being freely criticised by followers
of Mrs. Stetson, who say that the di
rectors should have waiteo for a "man
Police Find Her Dressed as Man
at Tramps' Camp
KANSAS <TTY. Dec. ,".n.— Traveling
as a hobo, riding in box cars to reach
the side of her dying sister in San
Francisco, Elizabeth t'arr, 1!> years old,
of Ht. Joseph, Mo., was arrested in
company with four men in Rosedale,
n.iir here, last night. They were found
beside a fire 'n the railroad yards.
The girl, who was clrcrsod as a man,
told the police her sister, Mrs. Ora
Lambrick of Ban Francisco, Was JU and
she was trying to set to that city. One
of the man John Smith of St. Joseph,
had been a life-long friend and was
ad ing us her protector, tho girl said.
BACRAMENTO, Cal., Dee. 30.-Trea- ß
-urer John K. MacDougall of the city
and county of San Francisco today
irii.l Into I lie stule treasury the BW
Installment of the 1910 taxes, the
amount being 11,264,800.67. This leaves
only one • ounty, I.os Angeles, to be
heard from at the state- treasurers of
fice, and this 'B expected tomorrow
SEATTLE, Dec. 30.—Mayor Hiram C.
Gill's replication for a temporary or
der enjoining Controller \V. J. Both
well from certifying to the recall pe
tition was denied today by Judge It.
B \lbertson in the superior court.
Judge Albertson also refused to fix a
supersedes* bond pending: an appeal to
the supremo court.
SANTA IiAMRARA, Dec. 30.—Local
aviation promoters today signed Didier
Maason for a mnet here January 1 and
2, ivy Baldwin is here with c curtiss-
Farman machine.
Magistrate Holds the Defendant
Pending Higher Decision
CHICAGO, Dec. 30.—1s "I'll get your
goat" a threat, as contemplated under
the law?
Municipal Judge Beltler held that it
might bo so construed, but ho added
the following restriction!
"It would depend entirely on the
subject matter of Immediately previous
conversation and the apparent state of
mind of the goat-getter."
John J. Q. Dykes, a rubber goods
manufacturer, asked Judge Beltler to
stand between him and John 13. Corns,,
head of a realty company,' who, lie
Charged, had threatened him. The men
are brothers-in-law. Dykes averred
that Corns had threatened to "knock
his block off.' Later It was *nut,ually
agreed that the specific promise of
Corns was, "I'll get your goat."
"I've never read it In my Shake
speare," confessed Judge Beitler in his
decision, "but men who have demon
strated in this court room that they
were experts in 'modern English as she
Is spoke' have made me familiar with
it. Pending the decision of the courts
on the actual physical process of 'get
ting one's goat, I think I will have to
hold it a threat."
New York Awakes to the Plea of
'Votes for Women'
NEW YORK, Dec. 30.—The central
part of New York city is brilliant to
day with many colored pouters urging)
votes for women which gaudily decor
ate telegraph poles, fences and other
available spots along a dozen streets.
All this is the result of a "poster past
ing bee," which the members of the
Women's Political union held last
night. They started from their head
quarters in small squads late in the
evening, each squad with a roll of post
ers and a paste pot.
Dividing, tho women covered the city
from east to west from Twenty-sixth
to Fifty-fourth street. Wherever there
was a bulralng iii process of construc
tion or barrels standing around or a
vacant space which did not have a
"post no bills" warning they put up
their posters.
The bill posting- bee is credited with
being the opening gun of the militant
winter campaign.
Telegraph Briefs
SAN FRANCISCO—Anna Tierce, a girl who
took bichloride 'if mercury tablets on Christ
mas day, din! yesterday.
BAHCBIiONA, Spain-Tlic strike, of 12,0"0
■lock men and coal heavers has tied up com
pletely the business of this port.
1 i.MAHA—Henjamln H. Barrows. 63 years
old, surveyor of the port of Omaha, dimi yes
terday of a combination of bronohitis and
heart trijubli.
INDIANAPOLIS -The State bank at New
Palestine, near here, was broken Into yester
day an.l the safe robbed of M 416. Not a penny
of the bank's deposits was left.
LONDON—Private advices received from Lis
bon confirm the published statements that rie
oided unrest and dissension prevail there,
especially among the working classes.
NEW YORK—The lost opera scores In the
Metropolitan opera house 510,000 prize competi
tion, stolen from an Adams Express company
wagon last Saturday, have been recovered.
rri'TSFlEI.n. Mass.—The death of Fred
Boucan at the hospital yeiterday increased
the number of fatalities from Thursday's ex
plosion at the Morswood Lake Ico company
plant to Hivrnteen.
BAKBRBFICU3 — Seven • year • 014 Stella
Kii.hn. daughter of Prof, O. W. Kuelin, a
musician of this city, was killed when Bba
wai struck by .m automobile driven by Henry
li. Gurdett*-, a. stock mist r.
PUEBLO—A mysterious" telephone call di
rected the police to a lonely road on the out
skirts of the clly, where they found the body
of Paul Acollo. an Italian. 22 years old.
AcolK, had been shot to death.
CHICAGO—The fourth death in the garment
workers' strike occurred yesterday. It was
that yf Ferdinand Weiss. 19 years old, who
was shot December 4 by Edward Ileanej*, a
special policeman. Henncy is locked up.
UCATTLE—The steamship Victoria, bring
inii more than jjno.oou of Idltarod cold, ar
rlvVd yesterday. Tills will be tho last gold
shipment of IPIO. l»ut the small quartz mill
\\lil send brlcki down frum time- to time.
IU2GOIO DI aura. Italy—Firemen and
police summoned here to help figbt a fire at
Messina returned yesterday. The flames were
controlled after the poitoSlee, the telegraph
office and a dozen wooden huts had been de
OLYHPIA, Wash.—Fire In tlv> Knights o£
Pythias halli a two-story frame bulldingi at
Fourth and Columbia etrei ts, destroyed that
■truoture, the city lire barn*, a grocery and
another bulldingi and threatened the whole
north end „r tho city yesterday.
BAN RAFAEL—Suirooafral by smoke early
yesterday when the new hotel at Camp Tay
lor, of which she was the manager, caugi»i
fire from a defective flue, Mrs. .r. Vcnnupo^
was In danger of death until dragged from her
bed to .i place of safety by Mrs. M, Hlckey, a
guest from Bolinus.
NJ9W YORK—New Y.-rk <-ity tzperienced
yestarday Its first municipal strike In years
whon the firemen on tin; city's ferryboats
wblota ply between Manhattan and Pouth
Brooklyn and Staten island struck because tho
city reduced the number of Rrtmea on each
boat from seven to six. The tlremcn agreed to
work jiendlns an investigation.
Frank G. Finlayson, judge-elect o£
the Los Angeles county .superior court,
has bocii installed as worshipful mas
ter of Klysian lodge, No. 418, F. and A.
M. The member of the lodge pre
sented the retiring master, J. Ira Moise,
witli a jewel, symbolical of his office,
Judge-elect Finlayson making the
speech of presentation.
Steam Trulus to Avlatiou 1 1.-l.i
Tho Southern Paciflo Is too only steam
railroad to the grounds, direct to the main
entrance, with separate entrance and exit
for Southern Pacific passengers.
Special trains leave Los Angeles fArcade
station. Fifth ami Central avenue) dally to
Jan. 3, 1911, Inclusive, at 9:05 a.m., 11 a. m.,
11:30 a. m., 12:01 p. m., 12:30 p. m., 1 p.
m. and 1:30 p. m. Returning, leave avia
tion field 4:45 p. m.. 5 p. m., 5:15 p. m.,
6 p. ra. No local stops In either direction.
Plenty o£ roomy steam heated cars n-lth
seats for every one. Hound trip (at ticket
offices) from Los Angeles 35c, Contests
1:30 p. m. """
Cut this out nn,l use It for time table and
start early. Los Angeles offices: 800 South
Spring street, Arcade station, Fifth anl
r«ntrai avenue. .-.-,»', •••
Otfishule Fotographer Will Lead
Proceshun of Pasadena
pasaden'a, Dec. BL—Perfecting
final details for the initial parade of
the Komioal Knights of the Karnlva),
the parade committee last evening
gave out several hints regarding the
floats ami features which will make
next Monday night a time of fun and
In a general way the par.iOe will be ;
headed by the "offlsbul totographei"
with his "buy-a-graft" instrument, :
and then will come a platoon oC car- [
nival police, promised to be a big im- I
prbvement on the regular force.
Following comes a band, the mualc I
from which will make the municipal
aggregation green with envy, and to
further preserve order a company of.
"tin soldiers'' will follow.
Then comes the float of King Kidder
the First with more music by a rube
band. Thin Boat will bo followed In'
lltip by the one devoted to suffrage for
women, a platoon of hobble skirts and
an airship from the "Los Angeles Ag-i
grlvatlon" meet.
There will be a minstrel float, a real,
live i mt West club such a.s was never
found this side of the Rocky moun
tains, and a iloat of Pasadena belles.
Several hundred people will partici
pate in the parade and there will be
many floats in adoption to tin: ones
thus briefly outlined. A.s the parade is
to be a surprise, the committee gives
out only enough information to arouse
curl slty and interest in Pasadena's
first effort as a general carnival of tun
rtIVERfIIDE, Dec. SO.—Believing that, hfa
»i tempi at lulolde Wednesday was tho it suit
of a disordered mind. Judge Dentmore today
ordered David Cochrane, for many yearn a
hotel l\*rpiT in this City, committed to High
land. Cochrane was examined by Dr». Dick
ion ami Bain), who declared that he was, In
their Judgment, a fit subject for the asylum.
It Is believed that a. few months' treatment
there will restore his health and improve his
mental condition,
J. A. Parrsll, former president of the Pa
cine steamship company and. once right
hand hand of James J. Hill, arrived In tin
city yesterday from Coronudo. It is his first
trip to Los Ancelei in several months. He:
recently returned from a trip to Seattle ami
other northern points. Mr. Farrell is ac
companied by his family and is hero for the
aviation meet and the tournament of roses
at Pasadena Monday. He is stopping at the
D. C. Collier, director general of the Pan
Diego exposition; WloOeld Hogaboom, chief
of the publicity bureau; B. O. Davle«, w. If.
Harris, W. .T. Moasholder and wife and Mrs.
Homer MacXutt, all prominent San Diegaus,
came up yesterday with the San Diego dele
gation to attend San Diego day at the avia
tion meet. They were so well pleased with
the birdmen'a Btunts that they will remain
over today for another trip to Dominguez
Held. They are at the, Angelas.
W. W. Burnbslm of New York, president
of the American-Hawaiian Xavigation com
pany, and C W. Cook, Pacific coost repre
sentative of the company, of tan Francisco,
arrived here yesterday to look over the com
pany's Interests in this city. They are at
the Van Nuys.
Only 2 Days More
To Tell Us Where You Wish Our
New 1911 Packard Limousine Seat
Corner Third and Spring Sts.—Douglas Bldg.
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Santa Fc Trains
_____ j^
On Monday
TRAINS LEAVE LOS ANGELES 7 :30 a. m., 8:30 a. m., 8:45 a. m.
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