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The Wilmingtonian, and Delaware advertiser. [volume] (Wilmington, Del.) 1825-1827, May 31, 1827, Image 3

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i.nMir rh tcti r Thi, cl.iss contains '
1 in V..U '
seven vois • of every
, , I;.' V I , 1 . . st.Vr an I I,
,h, to ullcM , .1 tli. • • •:
all otic'i mi i.ai v < uii .K s , I
dencmmatian. .ixieiivu-.
Lettin» t.> L.inventions am. l.ommi ,ci s ,
ut Satrtv and Correspondence, ,
1 residents, anil othet « xec- .
I. betters to Foreign Ministers; to sub- j
jects of foreign nations in the inline
riiate service ol the United States,
but not in v ivtue of commissions from
Con res»; to foreign officers ot all
descriptions. Two vol». 1
J. Letters to officers of every rank and de- I
denominati..i. in the service of the en- j
emy; to British subjects of every char- ;
acter, with the enemy; to persons ap- !
plying for pel mission to go to the en
emy. Une vol fC - , ,
6. Proceeu.ngs aid opinions ofC mm. Is o»
U..r, ami opinions ol the gcnci.i Oi
fleers respecting the various points mi
which they wupcohmi tu. pun une
lu time, by the Luiiiumnikr-iii-Lhiet.
1 hree vols. j
7 , Private UorrespomUuice during the
lin volution, being letters »t it ten to
persons both in private und publicsta- -
tions, but on subjects ot a private nu- j
ture. '1 liree vols. ;
s. Orderly Books, containing all thc or- j
ders to the Army, entered in detail j
from the day he took, command nt
at Cambridge, till In- left it at New- j
burgh, at the end of the war. Seven
vol* , . , !
These volumes ate arrange ! with a re
markable exactness ol method, copied with
elegance ami care, rind vvn.ttn tin «.uydiuiit
in a uniform and ne-at style ot peiimansbip.
Kacli class i t subjects is oioUt'.ht toget »« i |
strict clirotiuloy/u a! order, and a copious j
index is added to every volume. j
From the time that Washington resigned
the command of the army to his acceptance ,
of the Presidency, his correspondence fills t>
folio volume*—scarcely one ol these letters |
luve been published.
H;s letters tu Mr. Jay, up'.ti the subject of
the Treaty with Kngl.ii.il, are of the highest -
interest; in reference to which papers, Mr.
Sparks observss:—"1 take it upon me t .
sav, without qualification, that among the |
mass of Washington's private and confide..
ti.d papers, pertaining to the stormy sea- ;
sons of his administration, there is no rec
ord that dreads the light, none that would, |
m the smallest degree, detract from the
brightness of his character, by being expos- (
A most surprising and dreadful occurence 1
lately took place in one of the provinces oi i
France. A counterfeiter, who had hem j
condemned to be hung, made his escape ou j
the way to the gallows, and took refuge in
an hospital. Alter some search he was I
lound, as was thought, disguised. He
carried off, uttering not a syllable, but ges
ticulating vehemently, and executed. It was
shortly afterwards discovered that the offi
cers had hung a deaf and dumb brother of
the convict, who had resided long in the hos
pital. l he real criminal was recommended
to tht- royal clemency.
There is besides, in Washington's hatul 1
writing an entire copy ot Ilraddock's genet
alorder's, as they were issued daily, from thc
•ime he entered Virginia, until his defeat,
èxcepting a few days in which Washington
was confined by fever.
' Washington's Revolutionary Papers have
all been transcribed into large folio volumes,
amounting to forty-four in number, and ar
ranged according to the following classifica- .
j Letters to the Congress of the United
States—to committees id Congress;!
the American Ministers Plenipo- j
tentiary at Foreign Confts; to imli
vidtial Members of ('oogviss in their
; Letters to
utives of Slates, to Civil M mist rates, .
and citizens of every denomination.— I
Five vols
in a
tT i ,, 1 , XT » •
», ^ (lvcutut ^ c / ^ n Ç s,ncc *
a let erend cltrgt man m \ i-rmnnt jeing ap
prehonsive that tue aecunulated weight of
," I10n thc r " ,us 1 '' n ' ." ,1R,lt 110
ill .damage resoh ed to prevent it bv sea
Lonably shnve.bng it ofl. He therefore
tended it. having first, for tear the snow
•night all slide oft ut once, and himself with
it, listened to his waist one end ot a rope,
and giving the other to his wife. He went
to work, but fearing still for bis safety, "mv
•'fur," said he, "tie the rope round vom
waist;" no sooner had she done this, than off
went the snow, poor minister and all, and,
Vp went his Wife. Thus on one side of the
barn the astounded and confounded clergy -
nun htimr but on the other side hunt- his
wife high -uid dry in nni-stv sublime
dinelinrr'ni.u nil niajestv sublime,
•\t \h K t A K t "', K at 1 ie eni of 1 Jf r, ' lu ''
lu k vn.J S"' V \ h r* V T;, !
. 1 > pasbmj; ,h \, delivcicdthem from then
1 i ous situation. J t r. Put.
~P~ r
; ». Larter, of the New-Y ork Statesman,
Proses to collect, revise and publish in
;vo volumes, such parts of his Letters from
Europe, as lie thinks worthy ol préserva
"*• About one third of the proposed work
Of Minier • ii *, ,s
.s^nius may be crushed in the bud and die; a lit
.t e genius may be cultivated to a good growth
und live, which without great care would have
perished.— l)r. James Houston ' s Memoirs.
Tv„r ...... „ ... .1 .1
the Lexington (rev.) G. zette states that
gSÆ* ® 100 " otes ; ° f the Umte<1 S . tateii
»ranch Bank at Ncw-Orleans, are in circ.u-,.
àunib.r fin arc - lctt T d , E to . H ( h. d,mb 'r
V r J, r e ' m a, V l xr nd ,°,- S . e .? C ', as '..
Tl ÙM 1Shle :'~^ nCd V 1 , iultl e - es , '
th- \\ ilson, Cashier. In these notes the
ea K'- e is coarse and defective, and its left
ton dark—the small heads in the. mar
tin are rough and imperfect. The writing
"'"rih in copperplate (so called by engrav
es) are also defective, particularly the word
ANGLING.—It may not be generally
Mown to anglers, that by besmeariug their
wit with assafeetida, or other aromatic, fish
T.i considerable distance around, will
^'ze it with delight. Such is the fasemat-j
n S influence of aromatics, that if they be
ÎPphedto the whole hand, and it be held un
A marriage recently took place at Boston, |
bet »een a colon ./man named 1 urn er, ami a
' .[ te P 1,1 '* 01 '* Suncy Sn.iih. 1 lie j
girl IS spoken ot as vprigluly aad intelligent; |.
'»»I Rrcvimts to this disgraceMl affair, held t,.
'Tspeetahle Sturduig in SUCK ty. Her moth- ■
er, who idolized the gill, is almost distract
I I'he minister » Ini was accessary to this i
black transaction deserves to be horsewhip-'
, )ei j, I
, _ |
. . ,. ., . r > j
,J ' ' ' 1 '.an. -
/■'mander —A letter lies be
litten liv an A merican at Porto t a
j Indio, dated the ?4tli ult. which furnishes |
the following inlot motion as to the Libera 1
tor's notion of raising the ways and means
to meet the debt of the country. Flic ex
tract is given literally.
1 "Lately Holivar has laid an Alcavaila dut. I
I all produce, say 5 pure nt. on the valua
j fmn, which is taken from thc current sales. '
; He has also laid a tax of $400 on all me- j
! chants transacting commission business— n, < !
retail dry good stores one of S1511—and :
<•" «îmi 1er rstabbslimeuts, one <4 It em h f, 0 ,
to « 00 per annum J
" 1 hese taxes will produce a revenue of
f, onr 3 to -t million dollar;, //c lias dis
chart'd all military "0 k « is c*fl (hits, fixing f
them a prufvrume in c ivil employment,
j when they have rapacity to fill them; Ac has
reduced the present pay one half— abolish
c( j t | K , reception of the government paper for j
- a season in the custom houses—ami, in fact,
j has made such alterations as will in nine
; months pav the interest it not part ot the
j principal of the national debt. More than
j two hundred!!! disaffected persons have
^\bccn shot in Cunuina und Jljiurc, anci Gen.
j p.„. z , s cavried all before him in executing
Bolivar's decrees. He is desperate and
! strict to every order of the Liberator »
The writer of the above is a IjUm, fair
man—and lus statement is remarkable on
several act nunts.— I-list, as ( cunmunif.atinf;.
us we believe, tht first intelligem.e of the
| \ ery decisive steps ot liolivar in ex « ting-—
j t,,|- so it must he called—supplies. Second
j iv, shewing, by the natural reference to
Lolivar, audio him aloue, as the author <t
, : ,|| measures, that he is the only pow» r i!)
Colombia; thirdly, as just tying by the tact
| 0 f the execution by two hundreds, of the
dis.ittectei!—a word of large imj.ott the
caution to which we lu.vc before referred,
- of nur cnrrespomlents at l.sguayra, in with
lio'dini: their names from their letters.
. Altogether, thc state of Colombia is far
| from Satisfactory. I
' - !
; We learn from a gentleman who has nr
rived at Norfolk, from Mexico, that the
| Congress at Tacnbay, had not commenced
about the middle of April, but probably J
( in about three or four weeks, some of the .
1 ministers not hat ing t et ai rit ed. Mr. Sei -1
i geatit and Mr. Poinsett, were in cxcc-llt ut
1 health at the time he lelt Mexico.
i Commodore Porter was held 111 liigb esti
j 'nation bv every class of citizen» in Mextio.,
j 1 lie misunderstanding latil; « .'.it ing ie
in tween Mexico anil I exas has been sit et.
I ——
1 (let tl,e water, the fisu will flock to it, and
they may be easily mid hold of. — Raleigh
Mr. Zentner, an industrious confectioner
'of Cincinnati, Ohio, was indisposed a few
j ays last wctk ; on Friday morning, being
lllUC |, better, lie went to his shop at an earlv 1
hour, and drank freely from his cold sodii ;
. fountain. The immediate consequence was, '
the rupture of a blood vessel, which caused
his death in a few hours.
liolivar e.
1 fore us
. _ . . ... c,,,*.. #l r\T r
At Rowdoin College, m the hiati of al » c,
the students have lately shown themselves
somewhat refractory to thc discipline ot tin.
place. One of their mi.ubtr was suspended
eight or ten (lays for some offeree, nml " 1 S
class finding the sentence not to agtee wu.i
th- ir views of the justice cd the case, rcsolv
i i'd to do something really wnrthv ot punish
* ; ment. The first denumstration of a notons;
disposition was made by procuring -( barrel
of j 0 f tar, to wliic.b they set fire in the icght
110 ; near the tollege buildings, and danced round
j )t veiling like savages. After this ccrcmo
ny, which seems to have been intended as a
killd of declaration of war, they proceeded
I to actual hosUlilies. A quantity of powder,
1 w . ls ,,i art . ( i under the tutor's chair » ith a,
; tra j n i ea ,V m e to it and while he was hearing
1 their lessons the'train was set on fire and
the renilcman snddcnlv tnvclnoedin flame
off fl,-d for l,n Id'e —Soon after, the
c t,, m .i it' „I i.-h had so lmt--in-to rd these
one wo, thi-s bv its im-mrtunate 'summons
- ^ ' -ecitat" s w - s taken down,
l'. a ' U ii.ctt at ,o.,s,. w as »
H '" •'* '* s "l>I ,osctl tin own into t • •
varitt y of other pranks were played but M
'' gilent inquu-ies being st t on foot to discos el
the ring leaders in these disturbances three
; t h cm have been sunt away, ami thc ,c '
j riiaiticicr arc beginning to be satisfied.
I -
« f t T r r o\,\ r , V "S enter
in ; /\ Z\\a v td
J « 0 ^ ^ e ^ ri.c
a11 the binds thin n . 1 to
""«««»» is supposed o be ^ JJ
I the new plate ol the denomination ol ten dob
I bus each; about five thousand ot tu in *■<
States' paper, ot the dunormnatmn of 10C dol
! Wo are
' and De lav
glad tolieavfront tiic Chesapeake
arc canal a favorable account of
. its progress, atfd of its approach to comple
tion. Capt. Smith, of the Engineer Corps.
.1 accompanied by Dr. Howard, has recently
a ' vHt t(J lim . of t i, e Canal, under
I Instructions from the Government, to exam
. nroeres'
'r ! bly be made within a short time, and we will
endeavor to obtain a copy ..fit for publica
' lion as ge.cn as it is matle.— \et. Intel.
Their report will prnba
convicted at tl-.i
Joseph Sollis, who was
last term of the Superior Court of Dulpin
I Co. (N. C.) of the murder of Abraham Kor
negay, underwent thr sentence of the law
I on Friday, the 27th ult. From the want of
1 proper caution in tying the rope, the feet ot
I the criminal came to the grnsnd and broke
! the fall. He remained in this position part
' lv standing, groaning in the greatest appn
rent agony, for above seven minutes. All
be was now in confusion, the crowd murmuring
1 and nothing doing. The sheriff himself ap
| About twelve thousand children are in
«' ucted in the Sabbath Schools m IMuladel ■
P . .
|. A sq.ni.rel hunt took place near Brookville,
"• the -Itli Concession of Votige, U. Canada,
consisting ut 21 individuals, when 12H sqmr
reis killed. One person produced 116
t:n ' s - and another 101.
John h. Hollins, esq. has been elected
President of the Maryland Insurance Cum
A verdict of §1 >0 damages was given a
gainst Dr. Cooper, of Newport, R. I. for a
hrearti of marriage contract. Miss Thank
lui l'ollard, of Vt. was the plaintiff. These
| are powerful warnings.
1 l iie young Cornu de Lillers arrived last
week at New-Vork. He is the only son of
the Marquis de Lillers and a great favor
ite with Lafavett*- * |
I u, Fursvtii Mr r-imnhrll and Mr lino- i
p. al - e candidates In- Governor in f
' "° r ' j
j Com. Porter still remain» at Key West, !
! with bis fi in-i'r '
: Hanging?—*, woman at the east lately )
, hanged herself (of course) with a skein of
thread. The moralist said long ago, that 1
man's life hung upon a thread, and it seems
that woman's life is in a similar situation. !
f Late letters from Cafliz mention that the j
tnw , t . n f that once flourishing port, was near
j„ uniiihilated, and that the poverty of nut
n y „f th» inhabitants whs deplorable. |
j I5 rv | s J,q ,,f s iturday week says, :
lMs ( , )n „ tv> wt . have heard, particu
,., rlv n , )rth the wheat fields promise a prof
jp,|,je harvest to the f irmer- and the rve
„as n«vcr more promising In fact vrretn- :
ti , m () r c ve. y description appears unusually |
f ivmirablc '* J
^ woman in Warren county, N. J. lately
| cft h er Inf-.nt for a short time, and when ,
sht . r , a |„rge black snake was roiled
iirnlim , its nPfk , which she immediately
seiz , d hv the neck, took off. and destroyed. ;
\ verdict of 1600 dollars dinners has (
re turned at a late session of the court
romm( . n plea«;, in Mo'.tmse, Pa. against |
Jacob IV. ike, in favor of Louisa Thayer, for ;
s j ari( j er<
^ s( » ( .ond Automaton Chess l*lav'*r is ad- '
vertised for exhibition in Nt w York—he ;
roîT , me ,iccd 0:1 Monday evening, with a full
^ ;in p !
' 'l'inirsdiiv morning, the 10th instant, a
srm ( ( - Horner, of Aden rownsbip , 1
Northampton cl i U nty, l'a. about fivu years
ol ,| i llto a kettle of hot soap. He was j
j,„mediately immersed in cold water, and a !
I nhvsieian brought in, but he survived only
! hours I
TIl e Hessian I-'iv is committing great rav- i
alrcs anifj . ,», e Wheat, in some parts of;'
Chr , ter County, l'onn. . j
J The pnlict . ,.f Albany, have closed their •
. examinations in the case arising out of the
-1 fl f Atr. Whipple; and Jesse Strange
u 1as been fnllv and Inially comn.itted 4■ >r tri- |
. al next Align 1 '.
In Missouri, has breu f und great plenty
n) thdmnine, the ore of Zinc, usually cm- \
p |
pcaved completely unmaned, and incapable
ot making any exertion to put the unfortu
nate man out ot pain. At length a gentle
ed back the rope and suspended him in this
posit , lon about fifteen minutes. A medical
!>' entle ™ an present observed "he was com
1 !" s t0 0,1 hearing this the sheriff had
; * lm . takcn U I* and pitched off the scaffold
' aii d ended liis sufler.-gs,
! tft furnish sprite r. |
The foundation of a new Skite C apitol, Î
It is to be
c fl to rnal. * lirnss i
Frank ford, K y .
has bun I
bu ilt of lie wn stone.
Uaiitaifi J. 11 Amedie. cnuvictrcl at Rich-:
, ■ , . r „ t i ,. nlM . nsP
' j,,,. „„uerwritci s, hasher., sen
, , , .„ rp(1 „„ t i„. ,,f July next.
| „„,,., 1 , ;,., s ,, t the
S • f of tlle (;re , g (Tminitte nf P iris 3600
, ls 1( ,| llll . lt i, m ft <„,> the Duke of Or
^ ' j , lc S . UT , C s|m , frwu M , demoiselle
,, '
1 ' 1 V r S1VS t i, e \\. 4rn „: s 0 f
- - ' ■ I P , T;, ' ; to the cm
*' f r " ' • 1 __ ! , , )
of vorn ■-noblemen of the
' " • ' , - ' J?
a ' 1 ; ' 1 s , n M t.l n f Vot 1 - arc
i. 1 he affairs of the U.e DukeM \ ot «, ai
111 a vc, - v . : odd nJ in
a, creditors will i ecu. e utiout one smiling in
i t,ie P 0,,,ld - ,,
[ I aris Advertisement. J-— i'l at :i IMOS t.
*'?• V' , ' 1 ,lc ' ltf hl ' l ! ,L ' hl ' (u ' r ';
' n,a ''b is commissioned to nego late a mar
I'mge for a , otint; F.ngb-li Lady ot anna : o
j disposition, pUmsing countenance and agree
■ able manners, aged i • who has a fortune of
I 370,000 tr. or about Clo.OtlO sterling, wi.h
consi j ct a!) i t . jui ther expectations.
i f s i nr uiar notice appeare d in
j J '« BaI . g noPC Vily papers, a lew days
' L- incc .__
f Y - y A p Crsr)n who pleaded in England, some
' time for thc benefit uf ait ancient law,
! -nice repealed,) in a peculiar emergency, and
IvCn i v s«i P Ll to be in the United States
i midcr a f.cti.ious name, may receive a letter front
' his mother, in such a manner as he shall adopt
ZLoLg his peso.., on an inhWgibk appli
Ft;«', ii nc .. *.
( x( ,. |U , a s0 mucll attention and
cau^-d so manv inquiries to be made of the
. rt jjle oHilor of the Register, that
by a late arrival from Liverpool, we have receiv
ed a letter for "Ahraham I iiornton," who was
charged with rape and murder on the person of
a beautiful young woman named Mary Ashford
_and avoided the penalty of the law by plead
i g the benefit of an old statute (not supposed
to be in existence,) to prove his innocence in
thc absence of positive testimony by ''wager und
battle ," with the nearest kin of the deceased;
and no one appearing to contend with him, he
was discharged. The letter is said to be from
his old and afflicted mother, and will be deliver
ed on a suitable application, without wishing or
attempting to identify thc unfortunate, ami, as
hope, repentant individual, if guilty of the
offences charged upon him, or in publishing the
.* informed that he has
d ii
J phia.
names under which we
passed. We give hin» our pledge to this effect,
that the "act of humanity," enjoined in behalf
his mother, may be accomplished."
- e well recollect the case. It was one of the
most atrocious character ever recorded in the
bloody ..nnals of crime.— N. F. Cunt. Adv.
About twelve thousand children are in
structed in the Sabbath Schools in Philadel
- -
(Public—N o oil
L , . r „ ,
AN AC1 for the grwtualimprov ament k «4 Lie j
Navy of thc tinted States.
lie it. enacted by thc Senate and House of
Representatives of the Unite l Slates of A
meriea in Congress assembled , That fur
thc gradual improvement of the Navy of the U
nited States, the sum of five hundred thousand j
dollars per annum, for six year;, is also ap
propropriated, to be applied as in this act pre
scribed, and as may, hereafter, he directed by |
law. ' '
Site:. 2. And be it further enacted. That j
'he President of the Unit d States be, and he is
hereby, authorized to cause to be procured, j
| ship timber suitable for the construction of ves -1
i selsofthe various classes now recognised hi the |
^"'.'"Ithe tbûted States, and also the timber j
j proper for the construction of steam batteries;
! I
saul timnu ant. seasoneuana preseneo, so asto |
) ""Zrf Te it further enacted That
t!ie ï^réaiclcnt of the Vnited States be, and he is
1 hepe | iv> au horized to take the proper measures
, 0 preserve the live oak timber growing on the
! lands of thc United Stat.-s, and he is hereby au
j thorizvtl to reserve from infle buch lands, belong
ing tn the rmt..*;l States, as .nay he found to con
tain live oak, or other timber, in sufficient quan
| tity to render the same valuable for Naval pur
: po.es
hereby, authorized to cause to be constructed,
: »wo dry docks on the most appoved plan,for die
| ! , L he ,. K " vy 1 < ' f tl,e , U 1 n ?' 1 ^es, the one
J of saiu docks to be erected .it som . point to toe
a,! ^ tllu u 1 ' 1 " 1 ' t0 llie North ot the Potomac
, K, ' s er l - And he it further enacted That
1 and he is
; f.V-rcbv àuV"«>r?I J'u oéiuàe die neeekirv exam!
; il)atja ;,; ., nfl inquiries to he made, o '
( t | ie prac ticahili t v and ex; .«.deary of erect;
m ir i n c li.dlwav for thc repair of sloops of war,
| an l other vesse ls of an inferior class, at Pensaco
; la, and if it shall appear from such inquiry an
[and] examination, that such Ha; I way would he
' useful to the Navy of the United States, andean
; he constructed at a reasonable (■!
cause the same to he
! approved plan.
Si-.c. 6. *iiul be it fut the) encictcU s i nut
1 the President nftlic United btxtes be, 1 . 1 ,1 lie is
hcivby, antlioi-ized to cause the Navy Girds ot
j 1,10 states to he tliurnujjl.ly examined,
! and plans to be prepared, and sanctioned by the
* i'esioeiu, lor the improvement ut the same, and
I ' he r l v:i, ' 1 0 " ot l " j * 1,c '; ro .?f l > l, .V
i ndt'--'l is'sner aîTmf r" * " " eUM ' u - 1 ljt
of;' V... - À'.a L marred I'l a
j i- ap^.pri^dbv (his aé, sbli not it
• tral)!>ft . m ; d t p 0 l an l other objict of expenditure,
„.„.^,.,11 uny part thereof by carri. d to me fund
denominated the surplus fm. i; and animal re
| ports shall be submitted to Congress of the ( x
peuditures under this act,and the measures taken
to ditfoy the same into effect.
\ Approved; .March d, 162/
! Sr
4. And be it farther enacted, That
lhe President of the United States be, and lie is
Mise, tli.it he
faimcteci un the moat
[PfBLIC — No. 56.]
\N' AC"P to provide for the completion of the l
road from a point opposite to Meniplii^, in the j
State of Temessee, to Little Hock, in tnc Ter- j
ritory of Arkansas, and for other purposes.
lie it enacted Ay the Senate ai d House oj
Representatives of the United St.H-s of A
uterica m Congress Assembled , Flint tin
sum of nine thou and sixtt-live dollars lie, and
the same is hereby, appropriated, in aid oft he un
expended liahuue oftht .form-r appropnytion to
f tlic same object, for the compl:tion of the road
*""" a l 1 "- 1 ' 1 oiquisite to Memphis, in the State
of Tennessee, to Little Rock, in die Territory of !
A |,kiins »*» 1o I|C P al,l > as tlle ! ' :llnc " ,:, y be requir- j
; c-d, out ot any money in the Trcasuiy, nut other- ;
wise appropriated by law.
, Sl . x . o jlm! h , it furthtr enacted, Thut !
the President ot the United States be, am! he is j
| 1L . re | )Vi authorized to cause a military road to be
j opened from Fort Smith, on the Arkansas liver, 1
to Furl Towson, on the U-'d river, and from
'; thence Southwardly, to the Northern houndary 1
|; ne of the State of I.ousnman.i, by Washington,
o m Hempstead county, following the high lands
j between the waters ot the W ashita and Red
| Btvcrs, in the direction of Naclntoclics, Ldu-,
; lsiana.
SSkc. 3. And he d further enacted, That the ;
j President be, and he is hereby, authorised to
; employ such parts of the troops of the Uniled
' States as he n.ay think proper, to survey and ■
construct s:iul road« ami tor thc purpose ot cur- ;
rving- into efiect thc |)i-»visions of this at t, the *
| sum of twelve thousand dollars be, and the same '
is hereby, appropriated, to be paid out nt any
money in the Treasury, not otherwise appro
Approved March 3, 1827.
T> . . . . Ci # . jj J
lie it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the Unfed Mates of A- |
nitrica in Congress asucniblcd % * hot the j
Secretary of the 1 reasury be, and he is hereby, ;
uuthorized to locate a quantity of land, not < x-1
ceeding two entire townships r.rv. tl by
eleventh section of the act ot iwcnty-fn-M. April, .
eighteen hundred and six; and by the sex until |
section of the act of the tlurd of March, eighteen ,
hundred and eleven, for the use of a seminary of
[Pruuc—No. 57 ]
AN ACT concerning the location of land
ed for the use of a Seminary of Learning in the
State of Louisiana.
learning in the State of Louisiana,
public binds in said State, in sections corres
ponding with any of the legal divisions into
which the public lands are authorized t > be sui
Sec. 2. And he it further enacted. That, so
soon as the location of said lands shall be made as
aforesaid, the title thereto shall be, and is here
by, vested in the State of Louisiana, fur the use
of a seminary or seminaries of learning therein, as
the Legislature of said State may direct.
Approved March 3,1827.
anv of tin
AN ACT granting to the Corporation of the Ci- j
ty of Mobile the - right of preference in pur- ;
chase of four sections of land, or a quantity c
qual to four sections, at or near Spring Hill, in
the county of Mobile. '
Be it enacted by the Berate and Havre of'
[Public —No. 55.)
Representalivcs of the United States of A
merica in Congress assembled, That the
Register and Receiver of the Land Office at St,
Stephen's b , and they are hereby authorized to
and directed to receive from the corporation of
tlie City of Mobilej the sum of,one, dollar and
twenty-five cenrs per acre; for a quantity of land
not exceeding four sections, at jor'Jriear Spring
Hill, in the county of Mobile, andtstate of Ala
bama; and, upon receipt of said sum as aforesaid,
the said Register and Receiver shall issue their
certificate to, and in the name of the corporation
of the city of Mobile, for the said quantity of
land, not exceeding four sections as aforesaid.
and'in coridfrarion Âe "ÂreTa^dÆ
„ aforesili( , tllllt , U the right and claim "of the
United States, to the said quantity of land, not
exceeding four sections in the county of Mobile,
and titateaforesaid, be,and the same is hereby,
j vest<Ml itl thc Mxyor Mld Aldermcit of the Mid d
ty of Mobile, for tile time being, and their sue
cessors in office, to be applied or disposed of by
them, lor the sole use and benefit of thesaid ci
ty forever ; Provided, That no part of any claim,
arising from acts of Congress, known as donations
j or pre-emptions by the reported list of actual
settlers, or from grants recognized by any Treaty
shall be covered or taken by this grant, but the
same shall be exempted from, and held as not
covered or interfered with by this act.
Su: 3. And be it further enacted, That pat
cuts shall issue, upon the presentation ot said
cert ficateof the Register and Receiver aforesaid,
for the said quantity of land, not exceeding four
sections, to the corporation of the City of Mobile,
m the same manner that patents now issue upon
thei final certificate for other_publ.c lands.
On the 2-tth inst, by tue Rev. Solomon Hig
gins, Mr. Joiix N. Tubxeb to Miss Mabi Gab
lav, all of this Borough.
O' A meeting of the "Young Men's Society,
far the suppression of Intempérance," will be held
in the south end of the T wn Hall, THIS EVEN
ING, (Thursday,) at 8 o'clock. Young men de
sirous of becoming members of this Society, are
particularly invited to attend.
May 31st.
For May, 1827.
Kept and Prepared for the Wilmingtonian.
Of Wind
Stave of Weather.
a <o e*
fair and warm
13 62 80
1 <J 58 82
2(1 50 76
21 52 65
22 52 70
23 69 80
24 62 76
Tempera turn, I 1 b-eatest cleg. I Greatest deg. of
39 1 of cold, 5(1. j heat, 82.
Prices of Country Produce^_
U'tLHtXtj TUN, M.1Y31, 1827.
rain in the morning
rain, fair and warm
fair and warm
...f5 25
$2 50
... 1 0
"lot: 11 , superfine, per barrel
\N 111 ; vt, white, per bushel or 601bs
Coiiv, per bushel or 57lb.
D . Meal, per husli.-l
•ts. — Eggs, lUa. 12—Lard) 10a 11
—Ham, 9al 2—Potatoes, 50.
Hutter, lUul.? t
Bacon, Ö a 9
— r . £1 i
A > alUilblC F aTIll tol Sale,
j*»* >«
j nii . | yniiS 0 f Y. H. • ioltxhé
p.;j n ,.tmlsev, dec., Za^m
! containing 106acres, li
j i son a b| :ic k nak and hickory soil, in a high state
; ,,f cidtivatijn, and equaled by few in the neigh
ibourhood;—it is well adapted to all kinds of
! « . uvsst-s an,l tirait.; —lias on it a young thriving
j orchard of about one hundred trees of choice
f ra it ; „„ oxcc-llellt bottom meadow, through
1 „hich runs a never failing stream; and seven til
lapes or fields, all under good fence. The im
1 proventents are a two story log dwelling house,
„..q wentlier-boardetl outside and lathed and
plastered inside, having three rooms down and
up s'airs, with a first rate cellar under the
wh de— Also, a kitchen adjoining, w.th a pump
of excellent w.der at the door; a stone milk
; house and a smok, l.ouse; a frame barn, nearly
new, with excellent stabling underneath, suffi
c -„., n to hold ten or twelve bead of horses, hc
■ . si ,i cs milch cows, calves, fee. Further descrip.
; ij on is deemed unnecessary, as it is expected
* t | lat an> wishing; to purchase will view the prein
' j sc . Rf which the subscriber, living- thereon, can
s j loW and make known the conditions of sale.
W ANTED, a white woman, to do the work in
a small family.— Enquire ut this Office.
May 3. , l '-26.
offered fo private sale, a Valua
ble Vann, situated in Pencadcr
dred, Newcastle County, Del. a
unit 1 mile south of Newark; adjoin
cker, the heirs of WiF
riah Jones, and others,
more or less". I his Farm
28, 1327.
Book & Mat StoYe.
Sf'OTT, No. 93, Market-st. between
IV, La'- birds mid C. La in bonds Grocery
Stores, begs leave to inform his friends and thc
public guncM-allv, tli.it he lias just received afresh
supply of VL.dfXt-f FASlilOmULE HJTS
,-„^ fhe „„„„factory of Thomas Elmcs, No. 100,
| M . irket . st , ph laUc lpl.i:., vtliich are warranted to
j j JC ef j Ua | in point of roAirand qttality to any hat .4
; nmnufactured in the countr)—such us is believ
Cl j w ;p . lcr f ct . t satisfaction to the wearer:—
they w ill be disposed of at Philadelphia price«,
. j* s has always 011 hand, for sale, a large a-.
| sortment of .Ve.W ar-d other Looks, in plain and
, {' lllrv bï iivliw*.\ logetJicr with a good assortment
(>{ - S' itiumny, blank books, paper, slates, &c.
all of which he will sell at city prices.
Mav 25, 1827.
N. H. Rlanks and other books ruled and bound
to order.
An Apprentice wanted to the Bookbinding
THE Subscriber begs leave to offer himself to
. the Democratic Citizens of Newcastle Coun
ty for the office of SHERIFF, tobe supplied in.
October next; assuring them that in case he
! should he the object of their choice, his best ex
i criions shall be employed to execute the duties
j of the otfiee with fidelity; and pledging himself
; to abide by the decision of thc County Meeting,
to be held at the lied Lion, for the nomination of
thc County dicket.
Mar 17,1!U7 M—xi

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