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Office of the Colonization Society. i
M Washington, Sept. 7th, 182?'.
nf the Committee appoint
At a meeting °'the c. M
, m adont measures fur fitting out an expc
dit onto Liberia, it was ,
U ' Resolved, That the public be Informed 1
that the schooner Susan will leave Haiti- | p
more for Liberia, about the 1st of October
ami that persons dispose!, to emigrate ..ic
requested to make immediate application to -
the Agents of the Society.
Resolved, That notice be also given that
the Society will, if possible, despatch anoth
er vessel from Baltimore or VtfWJ. by £
middle of October, anc • P ' nnLc f>
to emigrate in her re icq
known their intentions, in o • ■
,-ietv mav provide accomodations tor them. .
Betters of applicants maybe addressed to
the Secretary ol the Society.
The following account of pestilence and mer
Uhtv in the Stale of Georgia,evidently highly
' . ; ( i >i<iw. sty!«* of the article is almost too
poetical formatter of fad. and it is to be hoped :
that the fears or the imagination of the writer ;
have led him into exaggeration. |
_', fo mM , lgh n, Géorgiennes» of.lag. If,. |
Tie death-inflicting fe'er, vvliich at present i
this place ami the surrounding country,.
"the mortality of Savannah in the year 1820 ex
vented, without a parallel in tins State. In many
families there i* not left one, untouched nfdis
nse to administer to another. Our enterprising
and humane plivsiciai.s are nearly broken down
with excessive fatigue, or sinking themselves,
before the ravages of distemper. In truth, mu
boast of climate may not now he uttered. Our
vallevs are no longer tenantable, and our plains
melt to the burnings of a malignant sun.
mountains are climbed by cnntagion-our
and fountains imbibe its pernicious influence.—
Neither in the cottage, in the grotto, norin the , |
have we a refuge from the shaft of pcsti-■
' The vain,g, the middle-aged, and the
aged, alike tail the victims of its power. Our |
houses are hung with mourning« our hearts with ;
i and our grave yards are literally williout :
hie!, to consign the dead!
dur I
A mi-lancholy evidence of the sad effect of till
bridled passion was exhibited at West Cambridge j
on Tuesday last. Two brothers by the name of
Pnste- occunv one shop as shoe makers, in that .
place,"'and one of whom has often given loose to
his an" ry feelings and indulged in threats against |
bis brother even against his life. <ln the day j
above mentioned, one of the brothers remarked
toth- oilier that h* intended to gather some |
peaches from a tree in the garden, when the
more passionate of the two declared he would I
kill him if lie did. This threat was disregarded !
bv the brother, who gathered tile peaches. On I.
i.turning to tlie simp some altercation ensued,,
when in the heat of passion the other stabbed him
Mexico and the Indians .— \ Proclama- Ç
tion has recently been published by
Mexican officers, Roljhins and Buckham,
near the Boundary of the United States, j
which invites volunteers to join them in lios
tile excursions against such Indian notions
us have not acknowledged the government
It offers full pay, besides all
plunderthat may be obtained! and appoints
tliem to meet at any point south of Red Riv
tr and west »f the Spanish bluff, which'
would bring the place within the present ju
Tisdiction of the Arkansas. The inhumani- I
ty of such a measure we trust, would alone
be sufficient to induce our government to
wish to prevent its consequences; but be-1
sides this; the Indians would douutless be
irritated so much as to harrass or destroy :
the caravan trade opened with Mexico, over i
our southern frontier —.'^JJaily Adv. |
and notwithstanding his earnest remon
strancc, taken to a tavern m the vicinity of
Bristol. It being evening when they arriv- i
M at the public house, this boy stealer or
dered the affrighted lad to bed, observed to
the landlord that he should call for him ear
ly in the morning. I lie boy was put into a
room alone, but he was too much terrified
sleep. After the family had all retired, he
stole quietly down stairs, escaped unoliserv
ed, and arrived snfe at the house of his anx-i
icus parents on Sunday at noon ,-Phil.fi*.
One day that M. Ameilhon was one of a
deputation, and was about to see Buona
Parte fur the fiist time, with an ardent de
Sire of bein." noticed and of havinw a few
passing woïds from him JieVut himself ve
ly forward in the Audience Chamber. Buo
naparte perceiving a face which be only
imperfectly recognized, went up to him and
«»id, "Are vou not M Ancilion»" "Yes
sire, Ameilhon " "Oh'nve without doubt
Bookseller of St Genevieve»" "Yes sire'
of the Arsenal." "Ah, 1 knew it; you are
'lie continuer of the History of the Ottoman
Empire?" "Yes sire of the History of the
Lower Emnire \t these words ^ Ma no
icon being vexed at his own mistakes turn
vd his back upon him; and M. Ameilhon,
feeling only the joy and honor of having de
tainnH tU/. t.' . , . , •
turned towards hi's'neighbours 'saving with'
emphasis, " The Emperor is an astonishing
"an; he knows et ery tiling."- Furet de
Londros > b
a place left in
with a shoe kn'fe, which sticking against
his ribs prevented instant death, though a wound
was inflicted which it is feared may prove mor
The one is now un 1er the care of a surgeon ;
and the other has been committed to await the |
hcntence of the law. —Boston Patriot.
of Mexico.
Singular .iffair.—On Friday afternoon
last, a Ud about 14 years of age, belonging
to a very respectable family in this city, was
accost» d at the corner of Pine and Front-sts.
by a m n who inquired his name, who his
parents were, &x. After which, under pre
tence of wishing the la»l to convey a pack
age to his father, lie was induced to follow
the stranger into Margaretta-street: upon
his arrival there, he was placed in a wagon,
\\r* n ext . ra °rdinary stalk of Indian Corn .—
We saw in the Mayor's office the other day,
brought there bv our worthy old fellow-citi
zen Mr. Joseph Semmes, a stalk of Indian
Lorn having on it thiiteen ears, ten of which
were perfect. This stalk was taken from
Air. Semmes' garden—the grain i» small and
beautiful, of a golden colour, and very full.
Georgetown Col.
Cadets .—A detachment of 150 Cadets from
the Military Academy at Middletown, under
charge of Captain Partridge, arrived at eight
« clock this morning, in the steam boat Oliver
Ellsworth, ami were received by the 3d regi
ment N. Y. S. Artillery, and the companies of
LaptamsThompkinsand Seely. They partook
« breakfast at the Masonic Hall—will visit the
VT ,X art I m the course of the day—attend the
«Xbibition of f jr * Vor fc 8 ^ Custh Garden; this
i evening—and proceed on tlicir tour to Niagara tin
Palls to-morrow morning Their appearance
was luglily creditable.—,V. Y. 1'usl.
NEW JERSEY. — The convention which
1 assem bled at Trenton on the 22d ult. com- ard
| p 0se( ) 0 f delegates from nine of the counties, i
passed thirteen resolutions, in favor of a con
vention to amend the constitution of the state,
- p|, ey recommend to the different towns to
hold meetings on the subject, and to petition
tbc legislature,
r ,;„. W ffWe„.v.-YVe saw on Saturday the
f> r »t specimen of printing on woolbn cloth, in
imitation oftlie common cashmere shawls, an es
tablishment fur the manufacture of which article
. . imu at , i |,„ ini r„.i t | N .
pi e e ee we saw was a ■ ommon aim ,1 of rather
I tie
coarse fabric, upon which an experiment had
merely been made of the colors. They were as
bright and handsome, ho-vevcr,
observed in the imported article. The gentle
man who -.bowed h -, the sample, it may be worth
id tint lie did not want any pro
.V } r:
lu nur next number, which will com- this
mence a new year of our labours, some al
teratiuu will be made ill '.lie title of this pa
is any we have
: while to state,
; tectmg duties,
| **
, . v •
By the p; pet s notices in nur last, whie,i
, | ia( ] ju S t been received at this offne, fron
. , , .. r .
Buenos Ayres, we are „.formed or the find will
| great reverse ol tortune that lias befallrn j
; «| le Argentine
. ."de.
Thursday, Sept. 13, 18-27.
f which !
ll in person, i.nj
.. .. . , j
Bte other by the intrepid Capt. Druminoid, | eilti
j who was killed by a 24 lb. shot. The p»r- | : ,.
ticu | ars 0 f the affair are as follows: !
. ,,^ , ,, \... ,.. u 1» ... i n nan
1 • 1 ' ' ' ' in
| depe ndence, Congress, and Saramli got on | illfr
j ,i cl . weigh and stood out of port. At tore.'- I
, k tllcy discovered the Brazilian sqr ad- 11:13
| ' 1
i on of 18 sail, which gave chase. About this j ,.
I time the wind changed and Brown altered | the
! b | s cou ,. sr an( j s0 continued until next mam
I. , ,, ,, , . , , ; lus
"'g. when tlie Republic and Independence |
grounded on the point of Santiago. All en- 1
deavours to get the vessels off proved abur- !
, , ,C I r
i tlve ' antl t,le Lungress and S .randi immedi
1 heeiiemynow | ()f
which was rc-{
turned, for several hours, when they ceased !
. , 1 of
Ç al ' (I »PPavently with some ot «»« ,r 'tî,
two,««''* crippled. In the mean time, toe j , )f
Congress bad been despatched to Buenos :
j .\yrcs, but the wind being light and the en- :
i h he wa5 ob n g t-d to run
. ■ ,P tx the ni, -hi of the Vtli
'"to Ensenada. During the night of the tl fy
every effort was made to get tne grounded
vessels off, but without success; and on the
„ h . - . , <)ck in tlie mornin e, the enemy "
8 ... „ ", r .\ on
a B* m b °rc down upon them and commenced s
I an attack by placing themselves in a raking
position; but several of the s,nailer vessels
to ' were suon bea tcn off. The Independence I "
, . . . ; C gn e inicd "
and S '- ljnJ >. had, by this time, c.tpem.id , t(j
: their powder, and were m a oad state; and
i finding it impossible tu save the Republic,
| hrr officers and crew were embarked on
ncr oraccrs aiQ 1
, . . ... * ,1 .1,0 rnntpsi i
wreck, and night put an end to the contest. I
During the action the most daring ceurage j
and intrepidity was manifested by the crews i
of the Spanish vessels. The Independence !
„ , ' . I » 1
fired 3X10 shot in two days. . i ) E
ate anchored a breast of her, ami commenced '
% delibePate fire upon her with 24 and 32 lb. |
of . . , , , ■ , . t two hundred
i chain and double headed shot, two hu
of which struck her, and killed aim wound
to e(1 f rom fip to 70 of her crew, t lie loss on
the t of Brown , who was himself wound. <
a .. nt i -, wounded. The
to^. was 25 killed, and ol |
he . Brazilian loss is said to be at ltast 0.
, , tt,,;,-.] states
| By the arrival of the ship United States
New York, from Liverpool, advices have |
a | been received up to 15th August. Among,
the most prominent items of intelligence!
flir , lU |, cd bv this arrival, is the deuth of Mr. j
fur " lslltü "7 al " , ti,_
ve- Canning, premier of the British realm. 1 |
London papers are filled with accounts °j |
the death of Mr. C.. which is justly looked :
national calamity, l or fiarticu
"P on as a n » tl0nal >
lars sec foreign head. |
Advices from Liverpool corroborate the
are statement ot our Buenos Ayres correspon-:
, h - , was published last week, in re- j
the d t ' „ ^. P - , i„„ ft that city
no- S ariî to 3on Garcia haung * >
for Rio, authorized to open négociations tor
peace with the Brazilian Emperor. Anar
de- L le „„der the Liverpool head, dated An
ticio unurr me u \
B u,t L speaking of Brazil and Buenos . J
res, says—We rejoice at haviug it at length
de in our power to announce that the destruct
v ... , f „ a i one time been
ive contest which has toi along time
carried on between these two states, has a
length been put an end to. This intelligence
length been p England by his Majes
has been b ought to England by
ty's ship Warspite, which arrived at t oits
mouth on Saturday last, having left Rio on
lt appears that the Bu
• - A T r.rria hadar
neo, Ayrean nunister. DoniJ. G J - ^
rived at Rio with the treat , ,
tained the Emperor's ratification P
the 7th for Buenos Ayres. 1 nus lias
ended a contest as expensive as it was fruit
I „„a In which both parties appear to |
less, and • „
have exhausted all their resources.
The Sunday Times cf the 5th Aug. a so
remarks:—Two importent events have oc
i «.'„.in*, the last veek Our commer
curred during the tast vee^ ^ ^ |hat
Mit\y, which cv«i
itefl in
the loss of two armed brigs, one
: was commanded by Bn
; ately anchored near them,
| ( | rew up and opened a file
board the Sarandi, and she was set lire to.
Theenemy t00 k possession oftlie- Inch-pen
dence, which was by this time a complete
the 9th of June.
cial readers w
tin long and bootless struggle between the
Iraprriatists and the Republicans of Buenos
, '
Aires is at an end. 1 he cantending parties
. . , .
,aUgl,t W,sdom by ex P= rlel ' c «7
ard finding themselves mutually exhausted,
hive signed a preliminary treaty of peace.—
The other event is stiil more important,
Tlie Pacha of Egypt has declared his inde
ptntlence, and has officially signified his in
tuition of no longer participating m the
boody struggle oarrieu on by the Porte in
Greece. This step may be considered as a
rentrai support to her cause, and it is not
improbable that, as events dtvelnpe them
selves, the Pacha may even offer Greece
tie advantage of his more active co-opcra
Don Garcia left B. Ayres on the 21st of
April, and according to the above account,
left Rio on the 7th June. Thus some grounds
»re established for a belict that hostilities
nave already ceased, and tranquillity been
restored. It will be seen by our Argentine
!news that the Banda Oriental, the great bone
of contention between these two powers, has
accepted the constitution of the General
Government, and classed herself among the
confederated States of the Republic. How
this will operate upon the interest of the
kind mediator, Great Britain, time must de
will be per
We arc pleased to find in the Philadelphia
Aurora, the* following explicit contradiction of
the unpleasant intelligence from Colombia, re
cently reported by an arrival at New-York. It
used xvith satisfaction by every
wisher to the cause of freedom and good govern.
We state upon the best authority, that the ad
vices from Colombia, by the Athenian at Nove
York from Ca'thagcna,
oftlie New-York papers, are from a source not
eilti tlcd t0 crt .dit. [.otters and papers to the
| : ,. ; . s t dates, received in this city from Colombia,
unequiv k ally show that vite President Santax
nan continues to enjoy
in that country. A p. rfec'lv gao l understand
illfr su i )ä i„ t s between him and Hm.iv vn, tlie only
difference even of up,wen being tiuit Santander
11:13 "' vcl ,' '' 1 Î o' hws"t,!»^v
turcs in the Bolivian constitution. Hellas, limv
,. veri earnestly insisted upon the continuance of
the Liberator in tlio station of President of the
repul.li.-, and tlie Congie-s hasrefiisid to acctjit
lus own resignation of the vicc-l residency.
So f«r was Santander from instigating the
rebellion of Bustnincnti, or sanctioning his
attempt to separate the southern clepart
ment from the republic, that all Ills feelings
Are opposed to the conduct
()f t , ut 0 p- |rel . t . in( i Busiamenti was on his
wav to Columbia as a prisoner to the vice
President: And the moment Bolivar heard
of hia bein'" taken, and the attempted revo
'tî, tan crisRrtl.h.^n,.ded'tl.e march
, )f , he tro0| , s destined to quell lus reoc bous
movements in the boutn ot the republic.— !
: Santander is one of the purest republican j
patriots in Coiomhia. and has never >een tor
ms'ant susperted ot peculation, tli.i s.o
fy , iavjng been fabricated by a few disc«.- ,
tented persons, who, tor their own miscon
duct, had lost or been dismissed from ot
" cc - Tht i<k ' 1 ' uf r llls «'"*6 f ronl k,nn . a - U P'
on the approach of Bolivar to Bogota, is ion
s ; ( ] erei j K i| e am! absurd, ami a sheer inven
tion of some worthless individual. We are
happy thus to have it in our power to give
I " contradiction to tlie .infav-orab.c
" ews Lolombi j, invented by a
, t(j |, er c | r , rafter and prosperity,.and to add
u,nt affairs in that country had assumed a
more auspicious aspect than t u sometime
I«"*- We have no clou.it of the restoiation
ot her peace and tranquillity.
s first, published in some
diminished popularity
Genin', intt no'ke —The best talents in
tie vvor',i n u^t he known in order to hf ;
s™;*!' i ' VTin U thp rhilil of onnortuuit v i
f"*' 1 m t ''*-11 » r s- è i t H A- 1 nr ak «è s or mars'hhn— f
_ i,c màv sometimes make circumstance,
' a , our 1 " lawyer of fine tal- !
cnts (le e,ili'arning. and a graceful and; a
_ - with-il settled in one of our
peverfu < ■ He took i>o left-rs of ni- i
' veslu ' J» h i'. 1Jt , waited
| bis abilities were un- |
nf mi-.imrcciated At
know „, and o Jrou, e un. Pl»e«ated. A
• 1 ,?£" "'Jya
seit into n st()rt . am i w ith
< '" M ; "5' ' > ; , ast0 . li; ,, K . d „li unoffcml
m 2 c„:n, with a terrible floeein- A
| "'S M« J " ,l1 ; * a "„'„.^^'ùfwyer
„ 'snlendid speech showed what * he
"J' 1 " '* 'J?, „„hundred dollars and was '
' ,*, l i tliree suits of im- I
immediately^ rehuned. in hree su ts of m
| portance. Hehassmie made a la.gi
i- P _ ]
j It is with great pleasure we learn that M. i
Value, of tins city, one of the unfortunate I
| sujFfrers of St. Domingo, and formerly the
| proprietor of large estates in that Island,
: has h3 d awarded to him by the French com
missioners, the sum of 5oU,0U0 francs, as his
portion of the sum guaranteed by the Hay- j
| tien government to France for the recogm
t jon of its independence, one fifth ot which
is payable the present year. M.\aluelias
j been a resident here tor moi e than twenty
years, and has supported himself and «large
t'amily by the exercise of those qualities and
accomp jishnients peculiar to the French
character. Tho'now upwards of 70 he is still
tuning his creniona. and tripping the fantas
, , instruction of lus juvenile
tt .. fll( . ls j t js i)u t justice to state that, long
strURR ji nK with the ills ot poverty, lie has
cvc r sustained an honest and estimable
character.—\. Haven Herald.
We have this moment been banded, >v a
friend, a pair of scissors, weighing less than
the sixteenthf.art of a gram. Hie precise
wt . Sght could not be ascertained by any scales
in the city. 1 hey^were made by Mr. Jacob
Gorgus, clock and watchmaker, ot Eliza
bethtown; are perfect in formation, and open
and close with case .-Lancaster ,,after.
Ratal Boast.—\n the course of conversa
tion our hostess, the Juffrona Mare, gave an
account ot the recent death of one of her re
| lotions, in the following manner:—On the
first of January a pat ty offriends and neigh
bo ' s ha(1 me t together to celebrate New
Y car 's dav, and having got heated with li
r> began cach boastingly to relate the
f ea ts of hardihood they had performed.—
MgrC| w „o had been a great hunter of cle
pliants (having killed in his day above forty j
of these gigantic animals) laid a wager that
he would go into the forest and pluck three |
hairs out of an elephant's tail. The feat,
he actually performed, and returned safely
But not
with the trophy to his comrades,
satisfied with this daring specimen oi his au
dacity, he laid another bet that he would re
turn and shoot the same animal on the in
stant. He went accordingly with his migh
ty roar, but never returned. He approach
ed too incautiously, and his first shot not
proving effective, the enraged animal rushed
upon him before he could reload or make
his escape, and having first thurst his tre
mendous tusks through his body trampled
him to acake.— Thomftson's Southern Jifri
At the Federal County Meeting, held at
Christiana on Saturday last, the following
ticket was adopted and recommended to the
sujiport of the party.
Senator —Archibald Hamilton.
Reftrcscntatives.— Harmon Tally, John
Caldwell, James Deakyne, Andrew P. Head
ing, Jesse BouUleu, John C. Corbit.
Sheriffs. —Geo. Houston, John Elliott.
Coroners _John Green, James Armor.
l.evy Court .—Nathan Boulden, P.IL.EIi
liu Jefferson, R. L. II., Manlove Haves, Ot.
G. II., John Reed, W. C. C. H.
It was Resolved that it be recommended
to the Federalists of this county, and of the
State, to withhold their support from any
candidate as Representative to Congress,
who may be favorable to the re-election ot ;
_ .... .
I he Democratic Delegates for the ,cver * ,
al Hundreds of this County, met at Red Lion j
mi Saturday last, and nominated the fallow
, , . ,, „ .. „ j
henator .—Levi Boulden, 1». H. Refire- j
sentalivcs .— Alexander S. Head, B. H.—Jno. ;
Torbert and Jas. Delplaine, C. H.—Benjamin I
Whitelcv, W.C.C. H.—William T. Read, !
XT /s t « t- w I, r u
N. ( . U. John Exteu, R. L. H. Alexan- ,
tier Crawford, A. II. l.evy Court —Philip (
Reybold, R. L. H.-—Jacob Faris, P. H.—j
John Janvier, Jr. St. G. H.-John Herdman.
„ ' ,, .
W.C.C. II. Sheriff .—\Villiam Herdman.
! ^ U •
It has been asserted, that Mr. Clay s ob
, j, rt|on t0 General Jackson as a suitable can
,|j t | ate f or the high civil office of President !
is (|fa j ate dat( . ß ut ; t w jn | )e seen by the
following extract from the Volume ot De- i
bates of Congress, that as long ago as the j
|<L . rioJ ,, f , tle discussion of the Seminole j
War, soculletl, Mr. Clay took ground against
Gen. Jackson, that it was impossible fori
h im to have abandoned, by voting for the |
General tor the Presidency, without the sur- ;
ren(lcl . of evcvy pretrnsin to political consist
CIlrv ,, r t0 a regard for the Constitution, :
i .-vtr »(-[■.
111 ' , „ j
Mr. Clay concluded an able speech on the J
subject, as follow-:
"He would not," he said, "trespass much
; longer upon the time of the committee; but
v i he trusted he should he indulged with some
f ew reflections upon the danger of permit
ting the conduct, on which it liad been lns|
! pninful duty to animadvert, to pass, without
a solemn expression of the disapprobation |
of this House. P.ecal to your reiollection,
i «aid he, the free nations which have gone j
before us. Where are they now, and how ,
| have they lost their liberties? If we could
transport ourselves back to the ages when
\ flourished in their great
est prosperity, and. mingling in the throng,
ask a Grecian it lie did not fear some daring
military chieftain, covered with glory, some
A Philip or Alexander, would one day over
throw his liberties. No! No! the confident
ami indignant Grecian would exclaim, we
' have nothing to fear from our heroes; our
I liberties will be eternal. If a Roman citizen
if hc dW not fear the cen
of ^ m , ght establisU a tl)l -one upon
] the ruins of the public liberty he would lu
i stantly have repeltec, the unjust msinuation
i Yet Greece had fallen, Cxsar hud passed
I the Rubicon, and the patriotic arm even ot
Brutus could not preserve the liberties ot his
1 he celebrated Madame de Stael. m her
last and perhaps best work, lias said, that
j n the very year, almost the very month
when the president ot the Directory declared
that manarchy would never show its fright
ful head in France, Bonaparte with his gren
„diet s entered the palace of St. Uoud, and
dispersing with the bayonet, the deputies
of the people deliberating on the affairs of
the state, laid the foundations oi that vast
fabric of despotism winch <>v--rshadowed
all Europe. He hoped not to be misundei
stood ; he was far from intimating that (*en
( . ra j j ar kson cherished any design inimical
to the liberties of his country. He believed
| lis intentions pureand patriotic..Hetliank
God that hr would not, but he thanked him
8tin n)0re that hc cuu | d not if he would,
overturn the liberties of tlie republic. But
a de „ ts jf bad we re fraught with the
P dangerous consequences. Man has
becn described by some of those
treated of h is nature as a bundle of habits,
There was 0 ne important difference be
tw tbe f orrna tion of habits by an itidi
.. . a „d bv governments
jt d J aft er frequent repetition.
instance fixes the habit and determines the
direction ot governments. Against the
an alarming doctrine of unlimited discretion m
re- our military commanders, when applied
the even to prisoners of war, he must enter his
protest. It began upon them, it would end
on us. He hoped that our happy form of
li- government was destined to be perpetual.—
the But if it were te be preserved, it must be by
the practice of virtue, by justice, by mod*
cle- cration, by magnanimity, by greatness cj
John Q. A*la i
iiig persans to compose the county ticket.
Coroner .—Henry Vining.
Revolved, That this meeting do approve
®f, and agree to support William Herdman ,
the nominated Candidate for the office of
Sheriff—and Henry Fining, the nominated
Candidate for the office of Coroner, at the
-ensuing generel election,—and we recom
mend them to the unanimous support of the
Democratic Republicans of New Castle
ho have
He contrasts
A single
soul, by keeping a watchful and steady eye
to the executive ; and above all by holding
to a strict accountability the military branch
of the public force. .
"To you, Mr. Chairman, belongs the high
privilege of transmitting, unimpaired, to
posterity, the fair character and liberty of
our country. Do you expect to execute this
high trust by trampling, or suffering to be
trampled down, law, justice, the constitu
tion, and the rights ot other people? By ex
hibiting examples of inhumanity and cruel
ty, and ambition? When the minions of des
potism heard, in Europe, of the seizure of
Pensacola, how did they chuckle, and chide
the admirers ol our institutions, tauntingly
pointing to the demonstration of a spirit of
injustice and aggrandizement made by
country, in the midst of an amicable négoci
ation of a spirit of injustice and aggrandize
ment made by our country, in the midst of
amicable négociation. Behold said they, the
conduct of those who are constantly re
proaching Kings ! You saw how those ad
mirers were astounded and hung their heads.
You saw, too, when that illustrious man,
who presides ove, us, adopted his pacific,
moderate, and just course, how they .nee
more lifted up their heads with exultation
and delight beaming in their countenances
And you saw how those minions themselves
were finally compelled to unite in the gener
al praises bestowed upon oùr Government.
Beware how you forfeit this exalted charac
ter. Beware how you give a fatal sanction
in this infant period uf our Republic, scarce
ly yet two score years old, to military insub
on r
Do young gentlemen study Gesgrafihyï
—.V day oi two since, while a canal boat was
passing by this village; on the deck of which,
several gentlemen were speaking about the
.beautiful situation ot Waterloo, on the Can
I atla shore, opposite this place, a spruce
young gentlemun, who wore a cane, and
, sported a white beaver, begged to bein
j formed "where the battle of Waterloo was
fought." All stared at such consummate
I ignsrance. ''Gentlemen, where's the spot,"
j he again inquired—none answered. Confus
j ^ he cast his eyes abafti ani) discovered
; the ebony hue of the cook's bright counte
I nance; the cook naturally thought the ques
! tion ,° ll S ht to r solved, so as soon as he
caught the eye of the spark, he exclaimed
, emphatically, "Urofi, massa*' covering his
( ivory with a skimmer, as he ran below.-—
The deck roared with laughter. The "mor
n >an" rushed into the cabin, and betook
him to Ins books.—Blaek Rock Gaz.
! On the 14th and 15th of Sept, a "trade
sale" of books is to take place in Philadel
i phia. Similar sales have two or three times
j occurred in Boston, and have been found of
j great advantage to the trade. The custom
is copied from England.
Isaac W. Norris is appointed a Warden
| of the Port of Philadelphia, m the room of
; Charles 1 enrose, declined,
Havard University has conferred the hon
: orary degree ot Doctor of Law on Bushrod
Washington of Virginia, and on Horace Binj}
j ncy, of I'liiiadeipliia.
J At a recent meeting of the London Soci*
ety of Ai ts, Lieut. Hood, of the BritishNaJ
V y, received a large silver meilai for an ice
saw, for clearing a channel for ships navigat
hie through the ice. This saw should be
known in the United States.
The Map </ Virginia, made under the au
thority of tlie state, has recently appeared
| engraved by Mr. Tanner. The same artist
is muktrig another on a reduced scale. Thess
j ma ps can only be obtained at present, from
, the office of the Secretary of state of Virgin
j ia .
In the Crimea, they freezetheir wine, to
extract the water, and obtain the quintes
From the N. V. Chronicle.
Appropriate Rame . —We observe in our Ma
rine List the arrival of the llnppy Go Lucky, in
The Happy Go Lucky hath happily come
To a haven of rest from the rude Ocean's foam,
Unhappy, unlucky, and sorely distrest,
Yet the Nappy Go Lucky hath come for the
Though her hap hath been lucky, her luck was
And mischance, by chance, her name chances to
Morgan .—Several new bills of indictment
have been found in consequence of important
disclosures having been made in the course,
of the late trials at Canandaigua.
Shortest passuge between Albany arid JV*.
York .—The Albany papers mention that
the steam boat Independence arrived at that
place on Wednesday, in eleven hours from
New York, including the usual landings.
The receipts at the custom house, Lon
don, for three days in succession, in the
month of July, are said to have exceeded
one hundred thousand pound sterling each
À farmer in the interior of New York shot
a squirrel gamboling on the top of his wheat,
barrack; the wheat took fire and was con
sumed, together with the hay in the vicinity.
A final convention relative to ecclesiasti
cal aff.irs, lias been signed between the
Pope and the King of the Netherlands.
The remainder of the persons tried last
week at Canandaigua, N. York, for a con»
spiracy to kidnap Win. Morgan, have keen
A young woman lately died suddenly in
Paris aged 18 years, who left behind her a
paper stating that having been unfaithful to
her lover, she could bear to live no longer.
Mr. Wing has been re-elected a Delegate
for the Territory of Michigan, by a majority
of 7 votes over Mr. Biddle.
The amount oi notes put into circulation
by the Bank of the Commonwealth of Ken
tucky has been reduced to $833,874; to nr
deem which it is said the Bank holds indi
vidual notes for loans to the amount of gl,
426,76?, and real estate to the amount of
Captain Franklin and Dr. Richardson, ot
the British Arctic Land Expedition, em
barked at New York, on Saturday in the
packet ship James Cropper for Liverpool.
Water Power.
An excellent Water Pnv:er ami a small Farm,
within about 14 miles of Wilmington, the full
about 20 feet, a saw-mill on tlie premises, will be
sold on reasonable tenus, or exchanged for real
estate in tlie Borough of Wilmington, Apply at
this Office.
Aug. 22, II
49— d U

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