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Deposition of William Iv. Tolbcrt, tnken n
before Hon. WHI'min llutson Wigg, Jmlgt- 'c
of the Probnfn Conrt. Ftibrunrv 12. 18G9. in ^
- v S> . - - '
n contested eleotion ca?e, between 8. L. u
Iloge and J. P. Reld?J. D. Pope, Esq., a
counsel for ilio latter. w
"Willinin K.Tolbert, being of lawful ?ge fi
being duly svtorn, says ! j [f
Question ?What is your name, wheio ci
d > you rodde, and what is your oceupn- q
lion. c]
Answer? I live at Greenwood, AbleTille
County. Farming. v
Q.?How long have you lived in Abbe
ille County ! ^
A.?All ro-y life. .
Q.?Wore you in Abbeville Counly during
llie months of July, August, September,
Octobcr, and November, 1808?
A.?I was. ?
Q??Did you belong to either of ibe po
iilical parties, during the last campaign? ^
A?I did. a
Q.?To which one! a
A.?Democrat. h
Q"?How was the Democratic party or w
ganized in Abbeville County ? j tl
A j-?into UIuub. uemocrnttc ?w!ut)S. | JL
Q.?Did you beloug lo ouo of those l>
Clubs? ]<
V.?Yes, to Greenwood Club. \
Q.?Where did your v. lub hold its meet
iDSb? |o
A.?At tho Depot. Met once a week, h,
W o in Vitlir moot innre mtKS in 2
Vfc. .. j*,*.. .ug- , jp
A.?Public to Democrats, but not to ^
radicals. No radical was allowed to com*
Q.?Did you take au oath as a member j
of these Clubs ?
A.?Not when I joined.
13.?Were there any pecret organizations
connected wiih these Club* I ^
A.?Yes, sir. Curpmiitees were appointed
which met in secret, and they appvin- ^
ted men to patrol io each diif^renl neigh- '*
bjihood. U
Q.?For what purpose were those men j
detailed to patrol ? j FA
?To find out where the negroes were : n
holding Union Leagues. L
It-?What other instructions had tlicv, ! d
" ?
iany ! j k
A.?To break them up, kill th? leaders,!a
nre inio uistu, and Kill tlio leaders If they n
could. n
Q,?Were those the instructions given a
in *11 the-clubs ?
A.?Can't say throughout tlie country, ^
but believe they were*
Q.?Wt>re these instructions given ami ^
enforced at any time, nnji pin in execution
against any of theUniou Leagues in Alt
A.?Tlioy patrolled for them, but could
not find where any were held.
Q.?Wore tli??re J?ny oiher instructions
given to these committees by the DemO- u
* # * , , TV
cralic clubs in.relation to the election to be 1
held on tha 3d of November f T
A?Yes?,8ir, the day before the election t]
the tickets were taken away from the Re- g
publican party, from thope who had charge'11
of them, by these committees. Tne con>.\\
mittees wore riding for them the night be jg
fore ti e election, taking them wherever! t
th?v conld fiuJ (.hern. T was oba of llip I
gang my&*1/. T?n or eleven were with me n
1 wits a ipentber of the cvo hi to i tie myself i|
Destroy od the ricketa. All of as were ar;n - t
?d. ti
Q.?What were your instructions, if the I
persons having the tickets in charge refused c
19 give litem up? il
A.?Shoot them, and take them by force, *
Q.? Have you the means of knowing, 1
and do you know, what whs the politic*! | i,
centiments of the negro population in Ah- ji
beville County, nnd bow they would lmve 8
oted if they had been allowed to rote ? n
A.?There weru at least four colored (,
rotes to one white rote iu the County. <
Th?y would hav? voted for the Republican J
candidate?for you (Judge Hoge)?at least ?
nit.e y-nine out of each hundre.d f
Q.?Where were you the d?y of 1I19 eloc 0
lion, November 8,1808? j
A.?In the fore part of tho day at a vo- t
ting precinct, Greenwood, in Abbeville v
r* * . ? '
wuiiij. i\ courier came in irom vvuitt ft
Hall precinct, Abbeville County, saying p
they were.fighting there, (this was about \ n
o'clock,) and that the Republicans were ?
about whipping. A squad of op, armed, p
abont thirty iu nnrpber, besides myself, I
t were Bent there. When we got there, ihe i
I - Republicans were all gope, except one, who [
\ was lying there dead. Heuid that other* ?
1 werer; Whicded. There had been 6o?e |
J shooting.' Don't know if tire Republicans <
| shot. Ho white man was shot. Only two t
| ?olor$redroen ajlnyad/io vo?o bfifpjr* ]
' shooting commenced. Four to five bull, i
dred colored men usually voted at this pre <
linct,vho, if allowel to Vote, would ba?e 1
voted the Republican ticket. t
Q.?Did the Democrats come to tV ?
"White Hall polling precinct armed on 1
the day of therelection? J <
A.?Every one, so far as X knew. (
It Spas a r general, . understanding
*i.? n?-i? x -11
wiivujjuuub mc \juuuijf, uu were
to go armed. c
Q.?State what occurred at Green
yiroofl precinct up to the time you left
to go to'White Hall?
negroes, to the numhji^red,
titers, assembled
about one hundred and fifty
yarfls from the polls; the white men,
Bemocnjta, Ve're fiTl around the door;
Captain ftiti
Jy J&p4oerivt0; wmw# tUetioketa
Two ^epnblipan colored men came
feodw 'Be- ftf& V "Let me*#6e ' y6vr 1
. t- /i\y?-iv ^.Y'i
L^, - . ' :kk^
'ho negroca turned buck to tho main
oily, who saw that there was no
lianco to vote, so they disbanded
ml went home. Tho e were about
mr liundrod of them, all voters in
Lbbeville County, and who would
ave voted the Republican ticket. In
Fair election, tho Republican ticket
ould have a majority of twelve to
ftccn hundred in Abbeville Count}*.
Fhe official return made the Demoratic
majority 1,920.] There was a
lear undirstanding that the Demo
rats would forcc the Republicans
om tlic polls if they undertook to
otc?forcc them by arms. We were
11 armed, and intended, if they rush-j
d in, we would rush them back,
hooting into them'.
It was not safe for Republican
peakers to canvass the County. The
eneral understanding was ;hat they
,fere to by.shot. ClTled, stopped, lie
new of^ four that were shot. "Unc
otoverit; three were killed. Sever1
others were shot and wounded, but
e does not know the persons. The
,-erc killed because of the influence
fciev had in the Republican party,
'lie killed were James Martin, a memer
of the Legislature from Abbeville,
i. F. Randolph, and another man at
V'hite liall on the day of ele tion.
Randolph was killed at Ilodges' Depot,
n the 16th orOetober, about 2 o'clock
i the afternoon, lie (Tolbcrt) was
resent, was known and recognized U}'
lie citizens living at Hodges' Depot,
nd talked with half a dozen of them
-Fletch. Ilodges, Langdon Conner,
irn Cochran.
Q.?State how you happened to be
t ir..,i,?o' ?i.- ,i.... r> i_i. i
u xlvjwliuo LliU Uiiy JAtlU'4UI I HI
ras killed?
A.?I heard he was going to make
speech there, and I went up to hear
When I got there, they told me
e was not going to speak there;
liat he had gone up to Abbeville C.
[., and was going to Anderson that
ight?on the afternoon train.' Joshua
lOgan and J. W. Tolbert eame to the
epot with rne. Both were well
uo\vn at llodgis' Depot. When we
rrived there, we found a crowd of
len, some eight or ten, besides our
umber. We commenced talking
bout Randolph ; that he had threat <d
to Col. Aiken to burn up the
tute; that he could do it in three
'oids, and that we must kill him.
langdon Conner and Fletch. Hodges
nil tr* 113 nfh?r tvn m?\ \%rr\ aII
ere armed, I mean at Hodges'Depot,
'hey put up a target, and we all shot
If our pistols at it. We did it to re>ad
our pistols, so as to he sure they
'ou:d fire, being freshly loaded,
'hey put it on Logan, Tolbcrt and
tyself, to do the shooting, saying
lat as we did not live there, the ncroes
would not know us. If any
nore shooting was to be done, they
rould do it. That if liandolpli's
nard fired on us, they would fire on
When the train came In, Langdon Coner
went to the conductor, and a-ked liim
uaucioipn was on board, ami lie came
ack and said he was on the train. The
ra n ran ap to the side of the platform.
Landolph whs billing hy tho door of the
ar. The rest all went to the upper end of
lie platform, hud got on (he platform. I
rent.to the lower end. Just at (his lime,
he Greenville train ran up. Randolph
iimediately chunked cars, and walked buck
nio the last passenger car, ami look iii?
Bat. James Cochran steppe! up to me
t that lime, and says: "Bill, you fellows
ught to have been disguised." I said :
Jiin, what do you think of it, anyhow ?'
Ie says: " lie ought to be killed, ai d
ow is the tiino to do it, right now.''
i'ietch Bodies came up with a roll of
riuney in his hand, and says : "As soon as
7ou do U, we give you this and we will
lack >011; if there i? any inore shooting,
.0 will do it.'* By thin time, Randolph
tad got off liis seat, and walked out on the
ildtform of the car. John Brooks came
ip with his pistol in his hand, and he says
Now is your time; here he stands on the
ilattorm and he pointed him out to me.
Ijogan, Tolbert and myself, done the shooing.
We all three shot him, and be wm
tilled dead. Langdon Conner told me to
ri> od ; u'oy would do the balance. 11a
md his pistol 'in his* hand. VYe got on
>ur horses, und To do off. N<i person atemptfd
tp Arrest us. W? weut to Alerl
illi?', ubuut'two nnd a half miles off. II*
was not at homo. Wo wanted to sea him
>n business. He was at Cokeshurj.
Liogrtri and Tolbertwent to Cokef-burv t<.
lee h?ip> nnd found him there in a Democratic
meeting. They camn back to Aleck
Ellis', with him. They told me that Randolph's
namo was brought up iQ the Democratic
meeting, as to what they should d<
with him. Some, said, "Cut him up am
feed hint to the dog*" Others said, "thej
would box bim up, ani express him t<
Gov. Scott as a present." Eliii knew thn
btt was killed, fcod killed by a*, and tba
Bomo of the members of the X^e|nour?lti
Ulub *aw H clone; snw Randolph kille<l
[WKi&s triii bert wyrbed by the re
portdem'i ctfutisel/Joa?ph T>. Pop*, &q
(c *penk only from bw o?ti knowledge t<
whiub T??lb?rt replied : 'i speak from raj
own bnotwledtf#.'1! _ Tlie member# of ib
_ * J /"'f ^ J , , fy . /
Democratic Clob tiint l retne>ub?r as beinj
presepl w4ie: Jain>?' Cochran, Langd-i
ConDW.ftpd FlclBlier Hi>dg*>?> Thk-y *d
jriwd me l?p ahoo*. Randolph; to kill bin
*nd-tb?ywould back mu in k.
Q,?State if, ttejre existed in AbbOthar'of
id the Third Copgreaaioiiai District
^oWa a* the ft
I do ;c
i**. T .*%- -5 C ;a/J
my own knowledge thnt it existed in <
other Counties; but from pass-words <
and signs, believe that it did; given by
members that I knew by sign belong*
ed to the Klan in other Counties. It '
was a secret organization of pfr."ohs be- '
?u?l?inij to the Democratic party, known :?s
tho Ku Klux Klati, existing in llie Cotinliea
of tlie Third Cougte-siunal District. I c
know that it existed in Edgefield, Abbeville and ^
I Laurens. Members took an ontli on joining,
j Nearly all the members of tho Democratic
' party belonged lo tho Klun. Among theui were j
Captain J. G. IJooter, D. Cresswell, Fletcli.
j Hodges, Langdin Conuor, Dob Stunsler. Dou'i
j know that D. Wyatt Aiken did. Tho object of
i ilte Klun was to regulate the llepublican party;
. break it up if they could, add strength to iho
I Democratic party. To do so they were to kill out
I tho leaders of iho llcptiblicuu party, and drive j"
thorn out of tho State. The oath taken by the .c
members was iliis: To do whatever their lead- (
41 -i_ iv- i i M
HO UiUL'ICU 111V 111 IU UIJ. MC mm II IVilUVU J" (
^every organization. who was known as Captain |
| of tlie Company, and we were sworn to obey j ,
Mi is orders. lie told us to find out where the j
| Uuiou Leaogues mot ; to fire into theoi, anil '
. kill tlio Presidents, if we could. It was under I
stood ilint It itidulph wus the man tliut organ- (
ized the Uuiou Leagues in South Carolina, and |
that was one ol the reasons why he was killed, j
We had a meeting the night before the election,!
| and had orders from our Captain to come early j'
| to the preciuot next morning armed, and j '
; not allow a negro Republican to cast a vole. ! '
| To try to per.*uad? then) to vote the D-mooratic <
i ticket, and it' they imusicd upon voting, to .
j t'orco them back ; light them ; kit! them ; shoot
11liem. John Q. Boozer mm the Cuptai.*]. '
; About twenty members that 1 know, but there
' more ilmu that.
W. K. TOLBGllT. |j
j Of the Managers of Election at Green-j
wood and G'okesbury in the late j
Congressional Election. j
Deposition of Milton Osborne, Man>
l ay or at Oreenwood :
Answer to 1st Interrogatory^
I am a eitifcen of the county of Abiboville.
I voted at tho election forj
j members of Congress held 011 the 3d j
jday of November hist, at Greenwood 1
; precinct.
j Answer to 2<1 Interrogatory:
j I was one of the managers at said j
precinct. Thomas II. McCurry and
John J. Sharp wore thp other mani}
Answer to 3d Interrogatory r
The said managers were all regular1
ly sworn, and the said election was in j
;ull other respects conducted according!
1 to law.
Answer to 4th Interrogatory :
The said managers did not rccoive
| the vote of any person who was not
I reguiariy registereu. J>o "uon-resident"
ottered to vote.
Answer to 5th Interrogatory
The said managers did not refuse to j
receive any legal vote, of any citizen, i
who was regularly registered. Oi:
tho contrary efforts were made t'> iu;duce
several perso:.s to vote, who
; were known to the said managers to
. be registered voters. Such refused to '
, vote, giving no reasons that I heard '
: for their refusal. !
Answer to Gth Interrogatory:
The said election was conducted j'
peaceably and quietly throughout, anil,
was in all respects as orderly as;'
an}- election I ever attended. There J
was no disturbance whatever at thej
polls. There was no show of force j
whatsoever that I saw or heard of to
deter or prevent any porson from voting.
I was at the polls all day.
Answer to 7th Interrogatory;
No person at said precinct was ro-?
fused the exercise of the privilege or
right of voting.
Answer to 8th Interrogaty :
-~Thc said managers did not refuse to
r-cccivo the vote of any one, either
white or colored.
Answer to 9th Interrogatory:
I can not say positively how many ;
colored men voted o that day at said
precinct, J think about forty, (40.)
All of th?se voted the Democratic
ticket. There was not a Radical vote
taken on that day at said precinct.
Sworn and subpribed to this 19th
Feb'y, J8G9.
J. Pro., A. C., S, C.
Depositions of L. D. Conuor, Mani
agcr at Cokesbury:
Answer to 1st Interrogatory:
i I am a citizen of the county of Ab-.
i beviUe, and voted ?t tho election for
member of Congress, at the election
; held on the 3d November last, at the
Cokesbury precinct.
Answer to 2d Interrogatory ;
I was a manager, and the other
? managers were M. G. Zeigler and P.
W. Connor.
Answer to 3d Interrogatory:
Tho managers were all regularly
aworn and tho 'election wnj? I
> strictly according to law.
! Anawer %q 4th Interrogatory: |
f The managers received the votes of
* no persons, who wero not regularly
* registered. No non-residents were
t allowed to vote and none offered to
15 vote*. * .
Answer to 6th Interrogatory J '
The - managers refusod to receive
* the votes of noae who were regularly
* registered All were admitted. . 1
i know of nothing further on this
0 point. a .
? Answer to 6thlnterrogatory ;
n Thore was a detachment of United
- States Trodps, under the charge of a
' peace officer, stationed nfcar the polls
to preserve order, but there was no
occasion fortheif services, as the
- - -
g eicvuuu ^vu8 conducted qujotly and
a or disturbance whatever. V' >' y:"
&&***& ith '
i jBkfStAr* W> i4 uaiUatioi> whaWv7
' "* J.-" '. n'tt
-II J "I l'.
?r, find no on? was refused the right
>f voting.
Answer to Sth Interrogatory :
Tho managers rofused tho votes of
lone. No colored mon were refusod
.lie right of voting.
Answer to Oth Interrogatory:
There were one hundred and fifty
>r two hundred colored voters, of
vhotn a majority were Democratic.
Sworn to and Bubscribed before me,
.his 10th Feb'y, 18G0.
J. Pro., A. C., S. C.
S. L. 1Io?k in Washington.?The:
Washington Chronicle, of Saturday,!
lays: Hon. S. L. llogc, Associate Jus-J
ice of the Supreme Court of South
Carolina, arrived here last night. lie
-laims a seat in Congress from the
riiird District in that State. ]'ecd,
.he Democratic candidate, received a'
majority of the votes cast, and has a;
certificate to that eifect. Jiw.lgeIlogei
jrings a certificate, signed by tiie
Hoard of Canvassers and by the Governor
that ho received a majority of
the legal votes cast. He expect?, on i
this certificate, to got liis seat. If hoi
Joes not, he is prepared, wo under-1
stand, to show both outrageous frauds i
and violent and bloody intimidation.
I Lis District will give, at a fair eleclion,
full live thousand .Republican inn.
The above paragraph, we suppose,
has been prepared at Mr. 1 luge's dictation,
and seems to betray its paternity.
It reminds one of a former
communication from Iloge to the same
paper, in which he drew so largely
upon his imagination for his facts.
\Ve cannot believe that the Board of
Canvassers and the Governor would
?o stultify themselves as to the act
which is here aJloged?give Mr. Reed
a certificate that he had received a
majority of the votes cast, and then
furnish Mr. Iloge another certificate
thai bo had received n majority of the j
loyal votes cast. Has not Mr. Reed j
received a certificate of election? If
so why unless he was duly elected in
the opinion of those so certifying?
What means Iloge's Protest? Is it
not an appeal from the certificate
furnished Mr. Reed? The relative'
positions of the parties In the proceedings
pending to contest the election,
themselves contradict the statements
of the foregoing paragraph.
From a letter received from Mr. j
15 1 1. _ 1 - ? - ^ - * ? ? I
ivc-uu, wnu nas just returneu irom j
Washington, wo Toarn that ho is
hopeful of success. But for the opposition
of members from our own State,
there would be no difficulty in the way
f himself and Mr. Simpson.
A New Statu Out op Texas,?
The Texas Constitutional Convention
lias decided to creel a new State to
be called West Texas, out of that
part of tno present State which lies
beyond the river Colorado, and South
of latitude 32. San Antonio is made
tho temporary capital of- the newState.
The Governor and Scnato are
to be chosen for four, tho House of
Representatives for two, and the
Judges of the Supreme and District
Courts for twelve and eight years respectively.
Tho Act providing for
the new State contains some novel
provisions' Women are secured in
thei?* separate estates; each County is
compelled to provide a manual labor
poor house; when persons have lived
together as husband and wife during
life, even if not legally married, they
shall be considered so married, and
their issue be deemed legitimate, corporations
that commit wilful homicide
are nuido liable to exemplary damages,
The Most Excellent Giaiul Royal Arch
Chauiper, of South Cai'iiina, held its Anuiliil
CoiivocHiinn nr. tlio UQAnia* Moii
the City of Charleston, ou the Dili and 10th
i lists.
The proceedings of this- Grand body
were characterized l*y the greatest harmony,
and tl>e rc.ass of business brought before
it was disposed of in a manner highly
complimentary to the ability oi thoEe com
posing it.
The election for Grand Officers resulted
in the following choice :
M.\ E.\ Grand High Priest.?Corop. R. S.
R.\ E.\ Deputy Grand High Priost.?
Conpp. Montgomery Moses.
R. v.. xz??r? r% T T
? . ? ?> ?.? vuiuv> ?i. j eager,
R.\ E.\ Grand Serine.?Curop. J. A. Hoyt,
Ri.\ R*v.\ Grand Chaplain.?Cvnip. Julia
R. Pickelt.
R.\ E*. Grand Secretary,?Comp. E. Tbay
E.'. Grand Capt. of ibe Host.?Corap, W,
II. L). Gaillard.
E\ Grand Roj a I Aicb Captain.?-Corap. E
W. Lloyd.
Grand Sentinel.-?Comp. L F. Myers.
Committee on Foreign Correspondence
appointed br the M. E. ftmnil'Fli.ih P?mi
OoiupHii}uD8?Montgomery Moses,;
Jitn.es Biro it,
hi ' John A. Bradley, Jr.
The Gwod. (Jbnpier *bon adjourned tc
meet in Charleston on 'lh'e secondTuesdaj
ID F?brHM^of*V? r, , jy-'liT
i i ? >ii I I l(m?' i i
Tbt WasWflgfOff CHro1iitIe,xfi Saturday
My* 'r "Hoo. S. L. 3.?ge, Aaaoomie JuBti c.
of tb? Supreme Court of South Cardlin*
arrived here l*Kt riig> t. Be eUitta a ien
iiftjbtffifoif ft-ohi'lba X^iird ?>^Tt riot Tu"tTiai
otnto. llend, *iU5" DditVocfHtfb candidate
r?j#ived*? y of theroMB
btti MiitficdM to Itail't&W, - Judge Hagi
vbf 6oar4.ii
Onnva^sers rtt'd by tlio G vernor
recoived a mnj'fity of the legal votes ca?t. I
He expects, on this certificate, to get hi* I?
seat. If liu does not, ho is prepared. ?v?
undersinnd, to' show both outrageous fraud*
and violent and bloody intimidation. IIis
District will givo, at a f?*lr election, full
5,000 Republican majority."
A Savings Bank has been organized in
Colombia. Gen. Wado Hampton was
elected President, with the following direc
tors :
General Wade Hampton, Colonel F. W* 3
MMaster, Dr. E. II. Iluinit-h. Col. A. C*
Haskell, Colonol J .|>i> ]>. Palmer, Thomas '
E. Gri'trt;, Colonel J. P Thotna*.-Columbia.
S. C. ; .1. Eli (iri-gir, Marion ; G. T. Scott ]
and W. G. Mayes, Ne.wberrv ; Colonel ]
1> II 1> I / <1 I.I*.I
Mi'MJ'llflill II. Vl'm K'Oll'll, lyiillivi
R.ivenel, Jr., Cliarlo.<t<>n.
Trio full atnouul of capital Mock was (
paid in, ami a resolution was adopted at
tl?o organization of tlio B ink to commence
operations on the 1-t of Mutch m>x?.
237 and 239 Baltimore Btveet, Baltimore
0-MPOUTKIIS ntul Jobbers of l] >nnit anil
'l"i-iniiiiiti|; Uihhotie>, Velvet anil Sish
Uihlmns, Hmiiiet Crapes, Silk* Hnd Kutitis, Hhi-i-ins.
Ijloud-, I,noes. Ruche,s. N^lls and Velvets,
French Flowers and Feather*. Straw
llnuiieiK and Indies llatp, Tnrilmed ?nd Uii- W
trimmed, Sundowns mid Shaker Hoods
Tlio largest Stock of Milinery Goods in this
Country, u>'d utieqiitil't-d iti choice variety,
wlreli we ell r at |)tioea that will defy cuinpn
Feb 17 16 if c~
Tlic Stato of South Carolina, ?
TIlO*. M. Swill TB. "1
J Mines C. Ilaiper. | Petition for Settlementof
llfiny II. H?i-|>t-r, [ Guiirdiuh'a Account*.
J. Flunk K-llt-r, J ^
IT APPfcMIHNU, thai James C. Harper, one
of ill* dt-frnd )iii8 111 ibe above Ktaled caer,
iceidux bexmiri the limits of this State, 3
On ni'itiou <if Thomson A Fnir, Solicitor* for ?
the ppiit'ou, it idoritelvd, that tlie snid JameK (|
C. l luip. r do appear am] plead, iimwer or demur
?n the lorcpoii g p-tilion on o' befmetbe fii-kt
Tuwrf.i; (:hi* 4ill day) of Mav next, omIik phii) E
pel it iuii will he taken pro. cenftsso against bint.
Wll. HILL, J. P. A. C. [slal 1
Feb 17 15 if
Dcmorest's Monthly Magazine, i,
I F"f N1 VKUSAl.l Y neknowloijpud ?he Mo.lei
Piirlm M fr-izine ? f America, devoted to ,i
I Original Mures. Pot-ins. Sk'-tche?, liouii-ltolr] f
Mni'ti.-*., (ien ? ol Thnuirlit. Per-onnl and LiteI
r>?ry Gossip linelu tinir f-prciiil lepiirtni**nti> on
F<;hIitoiirt) Inft.uc'ioiu on lletilth. Mneic. }tl'
\;iiij.mn ems t>i<\. by tlie best authors, nud profusely
IlltibtinU'il with costly eiim.iviiig-, n*-ful
'hi d cliubb- Patterns, Knsl.rouh lies, mid a eon
rfintit su<;re?jioi) of aitislio no*?ltien, with other
u;<i-im II1IU fill d I Bin Hj; lliermiiro
No person ?>f refinement, economical house
i iviff, or la-fy of tiw.c can uflford to do without
tile Moil-1 Month'y. S|h><*ihiuii coplea, 16 ceulf,
mailed five. Yearly with a valuable pre {
niuiiii; iwo cii|>i<-?. $5 .'>0; throw copi?-? $7o0 ;
five c?>pi-.\ $12. mi) vplenriitl premiums for
i-lulis hi ?3 each, whh ill# firpl pteii.iuim 10
ea>:li pu1 scrb-r. fbtjjT A n*?v liurtrmn and
Faiiinit Stwmg Machine for 20 subscriber* at
(it pnoli. J
I'u'lina' ion office, 8i>8 Broadway. New York, f
The Ablifviil? Press and DcmoresiV c/u
Monthly, $4 50 a year.
Feb 6 1 StiO 41 J \
Fresh Arrivals. tr
^ |(|
HAS just received a> choice stock ?
of DRUGS and CIIEMI- c.
CALS of the very best quality, H
which will be sold cheap for cash. m
Feb'y 18, lSGs), 13, tf w
THE Subscriber would Rive noiica that lie
h i? pi iced t? few noUa, of Ions: standing,
in Ih<* lt.iiida of Messrs. McGownn ?fc Poiker. for Q
collection. l>y pa.ing the partie? will save i.
cosU. I
A. H. MORTON. ]\
Felt 19. 18C.9. 48?31
in in,
Warranted Fresh and Genuine,
miss POOTMS, <
Feb'yfi. 18B9, 41. tf '
CoWiiry Conference School.. }
TIIK ex*rci??of thia Institution will bo resumed
on the fire! any of February next,
the Rector, MK. W. C. BENNRTT, is a gradunt"
of. the University 01 Kriioburg and well
; qualified ft?r preparing young men fop any ol
i he Coltar*s In ihr ooutitry.
By ordar of-ih?* Board,
, By 'WILLIAM HILL; ?$q., P,obat$ 1
' . ,Judgt.. ) ' '
WFHEREA?, William MoComba made suit *
, to grant.hior Letters af Ad- v
ministration of tb? Ee'ate and rffedta of Maria
(VfttCooab, late of said CodiuVj geBeaitd'.
, TV,**, therefore, fo cite arid: admonish
' all land singular the feipdred and creditors of tha .
said-deceased, that they be and appear, brflore f
? ma. liv.?|w.qoijrf<of J^b?tf,,to,|* MM aVMn. *.
- p'i?mwbihi? itftrt'CT, ai II <rcftHr lit (J
t tUr fuirnoot), to ?Uw,*aiiMvif any ifcev hi*/,
; *J&*&uu> i-V4 4t*U?v^^y-? t
hardware a
Til 0 8. :
S no v receiving supplies (A ibo follow
Sugar, Coffee and Molasses, I
Bacon, Sitlc*, Sliouldors aud llama,
LiiilU, Ut'M Kclllft,
Bukeif. Spiders, Ovens and Pots,
\ lnr<-? lot ol exirn Covcip,
l>roo:ns, Buckets and Tubs,
D;i>t ami l*itiw Sitt-1,
[lursu and Mule Shoes,
Horse Shoo N'uils,
[run, a'.l sizes,
100 sucks Liverpool Salt,
25 bids. Flour,
J/KtfHHtS m
mil TlfACP I
With many otiier nrlielos useless to nieiil
P ?-r3oii9 indebted are required i?> p:i
i<!> should be added lo their account*, i
ILL be resorted to, il eeltlemoiiL i* not in
Fob 19, 18C9, 43?If ^ ^
mw cmmmi
1 A VINO recently moved into thei
CARRIAGE SLIOI\ would resjtec
e public jjHijtjrttlly, that ihey are now supp
very variety of the best Ma
and Painting Carriages,
The Material has recenlh been eelected i
ie very hest quality.
In connection with the above, they have
ekillful and reliable Blacksmith, aii<l espet
Thcv would return their thank* to their fi
[i, ?ua h um 10 merii u co iiuiuam e ui me
AMieville, S. C. FeW'v lwili. 18G9
Ex'vact Dandelion, Extract Bellnilonnu, Ex
ft 1 eroon aud Vanilla, for flavoring. Bloom
Youth, Tuo'h Brushes, Pay-son's Iud?llible
k, CiiiQte Mugin'sin, Carbolic Acid, Ptiin
illtr, Mustang [.inimciit, Tnrrey's Sewing
aetiine Oil, Spaulding's Prepared Glue, Hiick?ir?
Mucilage, Brown's Esence Jamaica
inger, Jujube Paste, Van Deueen's Worm
tudy, Fuhnsinck'e nud Frey'a Vermifuge,
elmbold's Ducbu, Arnica mid Chloroform Lini'
KUt, Chloroform, I.iquor Potntmi, Exirncl Log
ood, Gum Tola, P. P. Syriugei, just received
Parker & Thomson's.
Feb 10 14 tf
L Aliii-hell's Geographies, "
Miiiilietl.'x Geographic,
Cornell's Geo^ruphie*,
JtavierJArilhm et-ies.
Bullion s Greek Grammar,
Bullion'* Latin Grammar,
Bullion's Latin [leader,
Davie*' A'gebra,
Inackenboss' Composition.
Quaekeuboss' English Grammar,
Qinickftnlioa#' Rhcioric,
finlth't English 6 ram mar,
Webster's Dictionaty,
i\r .(i.
*v BiRri a jyitviuuui j ,
Sarg^nt'e Speaker,
Dime Novel*,
T?y Booka,
11 Hi.
I ALL per#nn? indehlpd to the enb?flrib<>r
re hereby notified that unless immediate pav
ente are made, they will find their noirn and
countain the han^e of an offtnHr for col>ec
>d. 1 have indulged you. You mutt now
elp mt, for I inud bare money to meet m>
john a. talmabge.
Jan. 29, 1889, 40?if
iaiaai v wnni i wmu y
nv?h m w v w w WW www a
The Highest Market Prioes
. ?AlD FOR
Th? W001? inb?t H? fr?* ffow fetflfW ?nd
ORGION MATTER, WW fe? Uken Hfoei
. .tf-.V " v
m i inn) I "r '-"V7 " T *j " - ffi
? *5 HI wot
J *>.*?H
ring articles, whicn aro utl'ored low foi
20 liblo. Planting Potatoes.
Table ainl I'oi-Uet Cutlery,
Hook an<l lin't lln^ps,
llatnl Sawn, Drawing Kuivcj,
Screws, ?>l all
Silt. ?k, Ivvii!?-& %
Fiiu? Sm king ;iml (.ln'Wing lob.'icu1,
Tin pen' ini* mill ToiIt-1 S"a|?*,
Sliiirli. Sndii, I'owiVi, li'jul mlii Shot,
Canned (jmuls ol nil kui'ltf,
CIi?m?>o si i it I Mairnrniii,
Mackerel, in kiiu, 1 4 and 1-2 bids.
Vels, FOKKS and spades,
sciums. shot guns,
k i n s. &u
i >n, all t?f wiiif.li wiil l? sulil low fur Cic-li
y up, Irnliiljuici- will ,jni I'f ?iHiiti'il Ii
lii-y ran oiil\ Maine ilieiDflve*. The law
ulu iuitm iliaUdy.
i TP) jrsri c*rm rrx tviw- >rx ctr*\ I
ifully iit'.iiin ih?<r friend* ntui pi* runs, mid
lied with ;i full corps of bands*, and
.terial for Building-, Repairing
Buggies and Waggons.
n Baltimore bv MR. SEAL, ai>d ia of
enpiipfid il>e servirM of MR. PATTON,
]ial ulienti -n will be given lo lliia drpxii
ienda for past pa'.roQH^e and r?cent liberal
public favor.
atiiirini i
?& A & JLIAt JL
(sj*OME of our cuctniiwn liavn b-en rery
k9 fit nut u 1 in pining ilieir t.ills of l?at \e<r,
olliei h have heen wnHmi! for i:Ot'on t.? go up, mid
10 n1 'H iiuli we will <"i\ Ili.it dur Nn e* nr.- innluring
aii?l w will b? eoinfiell- J ? have money
tn lilt-el them We hiiV?- helpri] v?u nlld iio?v
you sliuu.d come (' rrnurd mid ii< lp ua
Jnn 18 10 If
4LL i>(tranns inrMited to ilie Intc firm of
Oil \ II! .KS Ar THOMsOV u,o nuwt
reppi-ctiul y i rqn?-i*if(l to call nt the Bloro "f
Q ini lcp. ! Vri*<" it Co . nil I 1 at
once (o close U{> ilir pld liutntn-pf.
Dec 9 6 If
re'O'eifollv Announce to the
f 1? ciii*?>n?ol At>h<*viH<? I)<air ot ihnt thi>y
re atift located m th?*ir old ?tm.d. urn Diamond
'HlJl P. O. whne iliey are |?iep>ired
with i)y? b?>?t .m?i?rial mid nond ?o' htiieii.
Jo all, work Hint m?y bp eutiust-d 10 lh?i>
ca??. fai>I)fully. *1 rea?ouuble price* for Ontli.
Urdenisre Koiicited.
Cordon & aldous.
s?pt 11. ism. so.tr
l,r"1 i,f
and Lard Oil. ' ,
Vwil Leid (W?"r*W) ft P.
jttfjj*-'- 1U Jlw vKn* io'i Oil.
Cnp*I V<rDl?h. (Good) , f >;
Patty. fu FU<M?r?. r -n ..
Ambi Pr>?riB 1. Ili Boi,
TQi J1,- .- .(V) |L ...,k 1. All 'v.
V rw^v jfWfBctk m iv# iv wmit 411 vi>| 3
ipj&lrf VC Brtrthes,
M,; .' ' " ' ; ' ;"ALSO'
.;Iftlh: && . : fcjfo
.l . ^ABWEIl AMKM80K,
J? >*?*" "Gf-.V'
W.fr'--* \:i:m
it,... fefc . '.
|fiSW?Y>R* XKd' AjSlBlu' tfilH ' HKP1NK
I \*& iaO?,-w.?^d Aft. Jn?t t eoeive-l *1
8??^t^ < >-; J> ;. woa SAW*.*
M/ I . r! -,.
SS&.lMiLt.'Alf'. ' .
Are rccching daily a
Of GOODS ad'iptcil to ihe WINTER TRADE.
Tliey have made large additions to llieir stokd
| FANCY GOODS, of all kinds.
They nre now prepared to supply the wants
of the publio in every pnrtiaular.
Their stock wa9 never ao large and complete
at this season.
Dcc 28 8 If
PriM Keduueil from rt.'j <)0 i?> $56. UO p?r ion of
S.UIJO lb?, Cash.
friend*. I have RKDUVRD the prion of
Iiiy-Pl.nt Fei-Iliz.r." FOK THI?' oEASON
ONLY. IO $55 00 PEIt T? >N. for the purpuao
of iiiiroilociinf it to 1 lie planter* of Northern
nml M'lhllt- Geor^m. mid Souih Carolina, and
inosr earmsilv defirt- to have it practically
(estfd ftl.intfxide of other wdl-ktown l'ho?pliiiio
and Ft-rnlizer*. I fe?-l hush red n fair
iinphri'mi t >mI will c?hv|.u>h ilie m< tl skeptical
of i>s mptri'ir fertilizing qualiliet in the fir?t
h? wt-li iu> j?ncc. tt'iiiii; crop*, iiotli a* to tba activity
ai.d durnbililv.
(>ucci??r 10 Alex. Marri-tin)
61; Oomiiie'i*'* I'liilndr-li-hin.
i't'?|>rifi4ir Hud M ntiu'?i<;i?rer.
Oidera r?*i*|>?*vlt*llji ?'>l)i. ii?>lt and any iufurnmtiuii
ni?eu by tuidieM.ug
Fucior nnd Commission Mfclinnt,
Augus<4, On.,
Anent for the sale ol ' Hairv*??ii*? Plant
Fe m Ni.rHnTii ?tid Middle* Georgia
?n>t Upi-er Snuili Carolina.
I'liuc <luliin Savannah, Georgia, ft50.09
per too.
Facoift and Cuiniins-'ton Merchants,
Hnvunnnl), 0? ,
il rents for the enl? ?>f "Hirrii-on'* Plan
F. r inze>" in Fioridu, ?otuliem and Middlo
(}? ? gin
Jan. 29. I8R0. 40?3 m.
tvr m WtVA TI m**r
1 ING COMP vNY offers to the Planters
.ii?] Farmer* of-tba 5>ou.h their FERTILIZER,
known ub die
" Wando Fertilizer,"
Which the experience of the pas* season has
j>rr?v <1 to be on* of ihe moil valuable in our
( Hike*. It has fur it* Ims- th<* mtierirtl* from
ilic I'liOfspimte Bed# ?-f the Company on Ashley
River, and in prepared at 'heir woi'ks at the
East End of Hasel Street,
in thit city. Id <?der to liuxramee it* uni ^
funnily mimI maintain it* h'gh standard, the
Oompan Imp mud# nrrnng -me'.ts ?iih the di?
iiiMui-hfd Oi-eaiiBt, Or. (j. U HHBPjtRD, Jr.,
whu enrefa-ty analyzes ?ll the ammuiiitoul and
other mntei'irt! purchased by the Company, and
the prapaied
before b^ing offered lor *o!e. Tha Company
in resolved 'o mak* an ai tiele which will pro?
tu bo a COMPLETE MAN URE, and uive entir
Kor terms, circulars, and other information,
ippl\ to
WM. C. DUE Eh A CO . Agpnta. *
N<>. 1 South Atlantic whirr. Charleston, S.C,
Jin. 15. I8?9?xra - Garden
Seed !
1 Early Battcrie* Cat.bag?,
Kai ly l>w?rf .Sa?<?y Oal>b*gt. .
Early Sugar l.oaf Cabbage, ' .
Early Y"'k Calibrate ?' "
L-tig* Fl?t DmuU -C?bhage, ^
b rge Late Drumhead Cabbage,
Giant W, rt Celp'y.
Turnip K?>oi?'t CubUa^e, . ..
Early Mo?nltain Sprout W?l?r Mffcu,
[twi-i-t Mouninio I'^i prr, i, v>'
. ? Uria Bjill Pfpj?3t,, ,i il ' . : 4.j '
, "S^ify. ~
Early Bu?h 8qa?<>h,
bummer Cnioitad N.?ok>qdMbi i ~i '
Extra Early Red Toin?io,v . <' ,
Lar^e Kod >in?.oth Tfemau^ '
F?-je* lslaud Tomato,1 ^ t
' n>. -us..
Enriy 8liort Gr<?an Coaumb?r,
Ori-Bii Co?orob?r, t
. O&h^l^i.V " '
Si rl^'.Rwd^K ' u
Wli t# Turnip R*4IM>,.
E.tr?v. F?ri' Gii'ulifl ?*?r,
Kaift E?riy .MoOlaaua'a idnosa1 P?a?
^ Zpri EirlTTPnm Thbmft ' ' *
Wna*?rd F??. oUdikfl*, -
W|i?u. Opiun.
; Yellow OiilonjSo?d. .
Eight dw??t Corn,. '* i.*vix-n;
- - . ;>?
'fuSSSStf? v' '' * < tMt"
M*it Plant,
: v y5/'* ,. v
t, J ;*.**1 .?r^g > -*
M% Qtqp
PLdI ... ... tv' JM<?. WHW
1 9ft I tf

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