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linaibille cclcchln cfclltg ant) ronulc : Mctmcstmn, nnc 9, 1873.
Written t t Ihe Knnxville Chronicle!.
Ve i- there kre in every garilen--
Nojious weeds of every hue
Vet thro' euro (if watchful warden
They will selilom coma to view.
Deep within the noil they're growing,
Anl should they bo let alone
Soon each tender plant o'erthrowing,
Their vile natures fully shown.
Can wn not by might rlos'.roy thorn ?
"Well mothinks , let lis see :
If we try wo my removo them,
Kl-othey flourish wilj nd free.
But my garden is a sample j
Listen to my story then,
Tho' it prove no good example
To my needy fellow-men.
On my garden ruin unil sunshine
Fremont, free and softly fell.
And tweet flower", plant and fruit-vi
(irew by patient culture well.
liut at length I grew aweary,
And "aid I, " My vlnei will grow,
Vh'rof..re toil -this work U dreary
1 mi safe fflil wee-N I trow.''
S ) 1 loitered in the n.-iriiit;g.
Still :it noon, and ciioo of day,
An 1 tlio' ol'ion came a warning.
Yet 1 pave the weeds their way ;
Til! tit lat. 1'p'in loeo awakening,
Mii.ed I saw my p-.irJ.i-ii ground
Full of vikst weed.-, anJ breaking
Ev-rv vine and plant around.
li:it inotln upht I'll strike and stay them :
Tr en witli vengeance to the taJk,
nd in heap 1 quickly laid them
' e'.l. what more'.''' 1 hear you ask.
i" ! toy plant, my vines and flowers,
Trailing in tho ilust 1 line! !
Vh. the loss of vanished hours!
To my gard-n, oh! how blind?
W'eeJs are hurtful habits erowirg
In t'ne garden of tho heart;
K "t them up, no men j showing.
Ki-e they'll gain o'er you the start.
Vines, and plants, and flowers cheering
Are the joys and hopes of life;
(rive them culture, never fearing-
J'eareful fruits will grow from mif.
Opt. J"l: i Giliirailh, I)e'Uty Inited
-tali - Marshal for 1 1 1 Dir-t nol of Not til
Aiut im:i, in charge of Marion llgent
:inl lii - ii ; Join. M. ati.l Kerry O.
Wnrl, ' Ivovtuli e iiiiiy, A'alnma,
limried with lie Uillint- of lloliiniii
;i! Ill I ". -noil, 1): iiI V I'ltited !tatt-B I
ar-. ii1. liuol-v ll-, Aliliutin, !
H-. : -t ' i if hi-t i-voi lug, "ii Ho- Alu
mina :iiol (,!tiiuiH.u;t ir.iin, en route
'Hi' 1 1 i : : !.- vi I o-. Tl Cl' am HtopiOlli;
ivcr :.i In- Val! Hum House. Cltol
tunnwjn (.'mitiif rciui.
Clia'!i'.:;iwiS'i ('tjuim.rt:'td : Corn sold
vf-te; day at mi wharf, Hi in depot.
There; ;n nn clu-.nue hi wheal. We
plot Lt-t while u. '.1 lin. Tin- Fifth
WuriJ Market House lias been hold In
the .S-.eoli.l Bap i-t church, and will be
li!l! s ; titnl u.-ed a a house of wor
slit; . 1: la eX' eetfil that services will
lie I. el I in It next Siiinlay. Vester-
lit v aru-r.-onti a little sell of ltev. T.
MoC'aliie was run over by u lintru und
biigirv at the cro-thing m Kiu'lilli ami
Ma'i-' streets, ami Minnie to :-ay,
e.e,ii. uninjured. Ihe lnie wax
iliiven ny n couple of iii'o.ica!ed individual-
vt in it I- Mipp'jted did not eee
the iitl e l. I low.
iree. e . i':!o Xritionul L'ltion : 15ob
Helton, who wan wentenced to the
jieiiiten iary, from this county, four
years viic unil It if I nerved out one
1 1 I f hi term ami then il-;i id from
prison, was It.i'eeil in jail, at JoiieK
Ipoi.i' 1 i-o Sun Jay we., It. Jl ii report
ed to h tve lie n im to bin old trioka
aieaiii'K. I be llrst good rain since
the 2inh of April, fell Wednenilay
niilht. Criipaaie Im Uiog inueh better.
Ivvervl liing i reviving tirehciitiiiK a
growing appearance. I'heru la Home
piopec( for the oala yet. Wheat i
looking ll"e this morning, t'nni has
irrown ono-balf Inch during the night.
We may look for good crops it the
w eather continues favorable.
PMIpiii II. Ilarrl.otl unil Wife I it
Konio fur 'lilcK.
Proin the Hearth anl Hume
lie liail been (o towii-ineeting, hail
once voyttieil a litnnlred miles on a steam
boat, iirid Innl a brother w ho hail made
the overland trip to California.
Slui laid been toipilltinsrs, funerals, nnd
a circus or two, ami she knew a woman
whoso sister thought nothing of sotting
out on a railroad journey where she had
to wait, llftee.n iniutiteit at a junction find
Change ears at a depot.
So I found them a cosy looking old
couple, silting up very straight in their
seat, and trying to act like old railroad
travelers. A shadow of anxiety fuiddcnly
crossed her face, she became uneasy, and
directly asked :
" l'liiletus, 1 nct'lly h'lceve we've went
and taken the wrong train
" It can't be, nohow," he replied,
seeming a little startled. " Iiidu't 1 ask
the conductor, ninl didn't lie say we wa
l L'ht ?"
" Yaas, lie did. but look out of the win
dow and make sure, lie might have been j
a lvin' to u !" i
The old man looked out of the window
at the flitting fences, the u:illtjtiiiyr tele
graph poles, and the unfamiliar fields, as
if cNpcctirg to catch sight of some old
landmark, and forgeCing for a moment
that ho was a tliou-and miles from home.
" I guess we're all right. Mary." he
said, as ho drew in his head.
" Ak somebody a.-k that man there!'
she whispered.
"This i the train for Chicago, hain't
it ':" impiiicd the old man of the passen
ger in the next scat behind.
' This is the train." replied the man.
There! didn't. I say so?" chuckled
the old gent.
It may be it may he '." she replied
dubiously ; " but if we are carried wrong
it won't he my fault. 1 say that we are
wrong, and w hen w e've been led to some
pirate's cave, and butchered for our
money ye'll w ish you bad heeded my
lie looked out of the window again,
opened his mouth as if to make some in
ipiiry of a hoy sitting on the f :!, and
then leaned back in his scat and sighed
heavily. She shut her teeth together as
if saying that she could slant! it if lie
could, and the train sped along for sev
eral milles. He finally said :
' Looks like rain over thai" in the wel.
I hope the hoys hav got them oats in."
That makes me think of th.U um
brelli r !" she exclaimed, diving her
hand.- anions the parcels ut their feet.
" Yaa. you sold two cows to git money
to go on thl vl!t. but It's half gone now,
and the laud only knows how we'll get
home !'
The boy passed on, and the flag of
truco was hung out for another brief
time. She recommended hostilities by
remarking :
1 wish I hadn't cum."
He looked tip, and then out of the w in
dow. " I know what ye want to say J" she
hissed, ' but it's, a 'blessed good thing for
ye that 1 did come ! If ye'd come alone
ye'd have been robbed nnd murdered and
gasped and scalped and sunk In the river
nforc now !"
" 1'ooh !"
" Ye, pooh, 'f ye want to. but
know !"
lie leaned back, she settled herself
anew, and by and by
lie flooded.
She uooded.
And in sleep their gray heads touched,
and his arm found its way along the hack
of the scat, and his hand' rested on her
It was only their way. M. tr.vn.
Burks's Pen Portrait of His Wife.
She hunted around for two or three
minutes, grow ing red in the face, and
then straightened up ami hoar-ely whim
pered :
' It'll :;)?. .'"
V v, hut h- ga-pe.l.
That uuihrcller !"
No :"
lone, hide and hair '." -he wen! on;
" that skv-bluc iimhrcller which I have
around, hut it v. a
lifer." hi
inu-ed. i
. he
Destruction of Caterpillars.
Wood Spkino I'i.ack, June 3, '7o.
To the Kditorn of the C'iroiic'e:
I have wen the method of shooting
with Mwder and wad, ns recommend
ed by Kev. I). It. Law ion, Used w ith
success in the ile-iroctioii ( cuterpil
I ars, wtier the trees arc Hot full
grown. Hut where the trees aie large,
y on not ouiy run not gei i be muz.le of
tilt! gun wnhlli i be specified "two
feet" of the ne-t, bn of en not within
eight or ten Vt?t, which destroys, its
ef'lfiniev. In Moil came I have sue-
eeedtd ill thur d-,1 ruci i in by t lug a i botll
had ever since .Martha died.
I lc ?o:i relied
he found.
Waal, that's
st raighlcned up.
i'iecr ! Not a bit. I've talked P
and talked to ve. but it does no good
come from a heedless fain'ly, and yi
forget to put on vol' boot 'f I didn't t
ye to."
None o' the Harrisons wa- ever in
the poorhouse !" he replied in a cutting
' l'liiletus l'hilotus II. Harrison ! ' she
coiitinueil, laying ln:r hand on his anil.
" Inu't ve dare twit me of that again!
I've lived with ye nigh on to forty years,
and waited on ye w hen ye had biles and
the toothache and the colic, and when ye
fell and broke yi r leg, but don't pu-h un
to the wall !" '
lie looked out of the window, feeling
that she had the advantage of him, ami
she wicd her eyes, settled her glasses on
her nose, and used up the next fifteen
minutes in thinking of the past. Feeling
'thirsty, she reached down among the
bundles, searched around, and her fa"e
was as pale as death as -he straightened
back and whispered :
" Ami tliut'n iote, tun !" j
"What now':" be aked. !
1 hat bottle with the cold tea m It ! j
" It's been stole !" he exclaimed, look
ing around the earns if expecting to see
some one witli the bottle to their lips.
" l'list the umbreller then the bottle!"
she gasped.
'I couldn't have left it. could I ':"
' lau't a-k inc ! That bottle has been
in our family twenty years ever -ince
mother died, and now it's gone! Land
only know s w hat I'll do for a i amine
bottle when we gel leant if we ever
' I'll buy one."
' Yes, I know ye are alway- ready to
buy. and if it wa-n't for me to restrain
ye, the monev'd fly like feathers in the
" Waal, I didn't have to mortgage my
farm." he replied, giving her a know ing
Twitting again ! It i-n't enough that
ve've lo-l a good uiubrollcr and a i aintire
but ve inu-l twit me o this and
1'dmund I'.iii ke's description of his
wife in her youth is probably one of the
liuc-t word-portraits in the language.
she is haiiil-onic, but it is a beauty
not ari-ing from features, from complex
ion, or from shape. She has all three in
a high degree, but it is not by these she
touches the heart ; it :s all that sweetness
of temper, benevolence, innocence and
so.isibiltr which a face can expres that
forms her beauty.
' She has a face that jn-l rai-e- your
attention tit lir-t sight : it grows on you
every moment, and you w onder it did no
mole than raise your attention at first.
' Her eyes have a mild light, but they
awe when she pleases, thev command,
like a good man out of ollicc. not, by
authority, but by virtue.
" Her stature is not tall : she is made
to lie the admiration of everybody, but
the happiness of one.
"She has till the firmness that docs not
exclude delicacy ; she lias all the softness
that does not Imply weakness,
" Her voice is a soft, low music not
formed to rule in public as-cmhlics. but
to charm tlio-e w ho can distinguish a
company from a crowd it has this ad
vantage, vnu must come close to lh-r to
bear it.
" To describe her body describes her
mind one is the transcript of the other
her understanding is not shown hi the
variety of matter- it exerts itself on. but
in the goodness of the choice she makes.
"She docs not display it so much in
saying or doing striking things as in
avoiding such as she ought not to sav or
"Xo person of so few rears can know
the world better ; no person was ever less
i corrupted by tlk' know ledge of it.
! ' Her politeness Hows rather from a
j natural disposition to oblige rather than
form any rules on that subject, and there
fore never fails to strike those who tindcr
I stand good breeding and tho-e w ho do
' Sue has a steady and firm mind,
which takes no more from the solidilv of
the female character than the solidity of
marble does from its polish nnd lustre.
She lias such virtues as make us value the
truly great of our own sex."
Dress in Church.
Apparently the ladles who listen to the
sermons of the Kev. Mr. Talmage have
not learned thnt black is the most fash
ionable color for church wear, for he de
clares that :
There seems to be In the churches a
grent strife raging. It Is nn AusterlitJ! of
ribbons. The carnage of color is teen nil
over our religious assemblages. Along
on the oiftskirts of the Sabbath audience
von see here and there a picket of fashion,
but down In the middle of tho church are
the solid columns blazing away through
the service. Five hundred " broken and
contrite hearts," covered up In rainbows
and spangles. F'ollowers of tho " meek
and low ly Xa.arene " all n-jlnglo nnd
a-llash. Furthermore ho says : AVe want
a great ecclesiastical reformation In this
matter of Sabbath nccoutrcment. Shoo
these religious peacocks out of the house
of (!od. ly your example make subdued
nnd modest costume moro popular than
gaudy apparel. Do not put so much dry
goods on your back thnt you can not
climb into glory. You can not sail into
the harbor of heaven with such a rigging
as that. They would level their guns nl
you ns being a blockade-runner. Coming
up to the celestial door, the gatekeeper
would cry, "Halt! you can not go In
with such regimentals. And as vnu an
swered, " I got those jewels from Tlll'anv
nnd that dress from Arnold and Con
stable, and those shoes from Hurt's." tin
gatekeeper would sav to one of the at
tendants: "Tak this soul down td one
of the out-houses, and tear o!?' I hose pulh
and rullle.s nnd knife-plaitings nnd Ham
burg embroideries, and put on her more
appropriate Sunday attire ; for, going in
as she now is. all Heaven would burst out
a-laughing !"
One fact may be recognized ase'eaily
demonstrated the publication of Den.
liralit's. letter on the third term linn
not quieted the opposition press. The
cry of Cicsarism in louder and more
insolent lhaii ever. It is becoming a
question whether the resources of the
English language are sulllcient for a
denial that will satisfy the enemies of
the President. Cliicaio Tribune.
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Eaitt Side Market fquare, Hunxilil, Trim.
OrKitl M new. unil will be rold ft the lowest cvh tirioet, l'rn-'u e taken Id ezcbanire for good
Ffl.I. " Kl'lHisI AND MKASI'HKSnUA H ANTKKft v"m
Grocer & Produce Merchant,
o a I M'ottl Side tin I KM IMare. Knoxvlllr. Trnn.
U'lf It! t I I.K
: S Kl N
KnoxviUc, ,M ' .
Tho druir tnulo continues brisk for tho
season, and our wholesaln merchants luivo
no reason to complain. Coal oil continues
to mlvnncn slifrhtlv, owine to tho execs
fivrly hiith test required by tho inspeetorn
and nn advance at tho wells. Logwood
has also advanced and will go Kill high. r.
Linseed oil is declining. W o quote :
Sets. Turpentine c it il-V Alrnhnl $2.75
LinsfeJi lil.mw, Vtr si. 5 Io! l'ut;is., "f IV.. 4 .i
d i do li.iilr.l 1 10 Ciilura eP ils.V0 ei
Tnnr.prs'Oil, Vmtl i' (-'-' teie'ciu-rn. f dni
Lard Oil. bent. K.il 1 4'i Syao by . V
CoalOilf Ktl....: iijllart'a heuel 'tloi
Grain Peerer. to Phiht Twin, f ft.
Vh'IiIlt. r -" u nip ran r, tfii. r
Indigo, V Iti l.h'ii-l.'Ja Wrap l'apor, bdl. M
Opium, ft Jin.-Si do do Uo h
Morphia. ot 7 M F"d8, 11 lb
Aniline. V di f c llorni, V H
Copperim, V lt a'sc 1'ii.n'incn Park tri
Concent'd Lyo i ciinl.io Kxt. LoBw.ici H i
The Holyoke Inquest
. Jury.
-Verdict of the
swab i ma I. f iag-) to i tie end of a
pole, sai u i iii it o spun- of turpen
tine, ninl him I to the o. si. No injury i
is Inflicted niili ' ii-e, nod one iippll-!
cation is utll. i' ii , ninl i tie iiestruction I
to the worm t coniotte.
John (i. C.U'LKiN.s. 1
Power of Imagination. .
The l.'tica Jlf.ruUl tells the follou'uij,'
-lory of un old lady in rhiladelphia, .lef
feison count y. who ucipihed the habit
of using morjilila : 'After ii-iiii it for
relit f from the pain of a tumor, no per
suasion could induce her to jrivc up the
poison. Her family finally united in a
deception, siihstitutin run-fully pre
iared (Kitato starch in initrphia bottles.
At first she thought tint supposed Jruj
was an inferior article, hut her phy-ician.
who wun in the eerct, assured her that it
wits all riht, and she was satisfied. She
continued to u-e the article for fifteen
years. Kiel to the day of her death, and
could not do without it, never having
learned tht deecptioii. At one time when
she was ill the physician jtive her loverV
louileis, but the could not 'rest after
taken them, imtii slit- took her starch
Hadu't Time.
A jicutlcmaii met one of the Hili
School pupils on the street Saturday, and
thlukhitf he would test hl knowledge of
aillhnietic, he inijiiircd:
IJoy, can you tell me how many rods
there ure in a mile!'''
'1 could," aiiHMcrcd the lad, " hut I'm
in a hurry now to meet a hoy and llnd
out what business lei had to buy uiy k'1'
a croquet sct."'f'o free J'rent.
lh-r nn-e nrjiv I'' d. and tear., e uie- to .
her eye-. Inn .1- l.e v.a- lookim; out of (lie
window she -,iid nuthiii fu'-ther. 'fen or ,
fifteen minutes pas-ed. an l. jji-owiii";
restless, he called out to a mall aeros- the I
V hill".- tin- silc around In l'i ':
1 'lii It -t it I'liilet ii- II. llarri-ou '. -top ,
your noi-c I" -he w lii-pi i-cd. poking him
with her elbow.
I ju-t a-ked a quc-tion," lie replied, j
ri-siiintiiif his old po-ition. .
hat d yer brother .loan tell ye tin- j
la-t thin"; afore we left hum f" -he a-ked.
' I mill t lie say somebody d swniillc ye
on a string i;aine, the conlideiice came,
or some other ''ami'.' Iiidu't he warn yc
ajjlu riscals 'r" I
"I hain't seen no ra- aN." t
" Of eour-e ye hcvu't, 'cniisc yer blind!
know that tliat man i-a villuii. and if
they don't arrest him for murder afore
we leave this train. I'll mi-s my fjues- y
can read human natur' like a hojk."
ThiTo win aunt In'r period of ilelu e,
hiok'i n by her saying :
I .i.-ii 1 knew that tin- vuii the train
for Chicajfo."
" Colll'H! it I-."
How do you know ."
" aiise It is."
' Well. 7 know it am I. but U Joii are
conV'Utcd to rush along to destruction 1
shan't say a word. inly when yer throat
la being cut don't cull out thai 1 didn't
warn ye !"
The peanut hoy came along, and the
old man leached down for his wallet.
'l'liiletus, ye shan't squander that
money after Hauiitti ! ' she exclnhiied,
u-lug one liaiic to catch his anil ami the
other to wave the hoy on.
' Iudu't 1 earn it ';"
SiMtiNOKiKf.f), Mass , June 4. The
conn. el's jury mi the death of Kabiuli
Moremi, i. a i epresentati ve victim of
the Holyoke disaster, rendered :i ver
dict to nilit that lie was burned to
death in i he French Catholic Church
May -7th. The jury lind no blame is
to be ntiaclied to any peison in inline
diate cimnectioii witli the tire by
which this person ami others came to
their ihath, but they cn not too
strongly condemn the almost criminal
careles-ness shown in the construction
of galleries and imaiis of egress therefrom.
I lie icHiimoiiy snows tne Kallenes
i had a seating capacity for four liun-
tired persons, and the only means of
egre.-s w as one stairway about two and
a lui f feet w ide, leading by a turn to
an outer door three feet wide. They
find I hat all deal lis occurring at this
lire were of persons heated tn the gal
leries. The jury further lind that the
direct cause of the tire with its terrible
sacrifice of human life is attributable
to tlie use of t ri in tni nis of laees, pager,
etc., about i lie altar and to the fact
thiil tue building was sheathed Willi
I pine instead of plastered.
They strongly deprecate the use of
, Hiicb utiorunieut and use of such finish
in places of publiu resort, and in con
I elusion would say to all corporations
or persons owning or having in charge
public halls or churches, this sad
j calamity Hilmotii-hrs you to look well
; to the modes of exit from your build
! im.'. for the public will not hold
guiltless the man or men who, through
carelessness or neglect, permit filch a
i fearful scene lo be repeated.
riNoxviLi.K, Tk.sn., Juno 7 1S75 I
There was but a light trada in produce,
during tho week just closed.
Wheat remains unchanged with but
littlo offering.
Corn is quiet and a shade firmer.
Irish potatoes for seed are st.il I advanc
ing and in great demand.
Tliero is a heavy stock of bacon on the
market, and we note a decline, in our quo
tations. Lard is scarce and in denian.l.
Tlie market is still crowded with butler.
Feathers continue to bring 00 cents for
prime geese.
Ginseng has declined, $1.40 per th being
tho lushest price. Owing to ndvieci rn
ceircd recently from tho Kast, our dealors
look for other heavy decline to take place
at an early day.
'o quote :
Wheat A shade firmer; whito $1.10al.l8
C'ok.n Firmer; loosu, 7hi7ie.; sacked in
depot, 8')a8'2o.
Lrii Scarce, bie.
Oats In demand, 5-ja'iOe.
Totatoks l'eneh blow and 1'eerless 1.23
1ay Fair demand, $1.00al.U), baled.
Lo rum wagons, title, per 1(10 lbs.
iriku Fruit Apples, 78e. Peaches,
quarters, 7a8j.; halves, bit'-lc. Ii lack ber
ries. 7Jn8c.
FLoUK-sFirm nnd higher; country family,
buyinfc, -'J.75a:i.(iO; ceiling, S.uUail.2-i; ex
tra, tuning, $i50a"J.7o; selling, 8'17oa
3 00. Knoxvilln City M ills, " our standard
family," $3.55; l'earl Mills family, $3.80 ;
Citv Mills family, J3 15; 1'earl .Mills extra,
i'X 'JO.
Bacon Dull with heavy stock on hand;
hams, 13; clear sides, 14; shoulders, 11.
If K at u g as In bettor demand; prime,
tiOc. ; mixed, 2on80c.
UuiTKR liull and declining, ljalHc
Koos lOalUle.
ltD Cotton, "Jia'iii:
HmtswAX H7n2ic p.n vi)iind.
I'd i i ennessee leaf, onfje.
Ku- - .mothy, j3.7oai.OI) otr
i oi
(4kass Skku Clover, SS.oll per bushel.
ilerds grass,1.50a'J.0J " "
Hluo " jil.oii ' '
" " Orchard grass, f'J.SO.
GissieNU.jil.oal. 40.
Si.ir.itA Snakb In demand, oSaQ'Jc.
Y kli.ow Koot Dull, lie.
Wool Washed. lljaWe por l'o
Fuas Out of season.
fiuoxvllle l.ititibrr Mnrkrt.
Knoxville, Jvr 7.
Hough boards and scantling, $T2.09a
10-bOpor 1,000 foot.
Clear seasonod plank, $20.tin28.0l"'
Dressed wonther boarding, $1(5.00r20.0u.
Flooring. $30.00a3j.OO.
Ceiling, $'i.5.00a3O.OO.
Uinc't walnut, greon, $30.O0n3;').tHi; sea
soneC, f ID.OOaoO.OO.
Oak posts sawed tapering. 20c each.
Kou-h cedar posts, 20 to 2i
Tapered cedar fiosts, 30 to 4)c.
Sawed laths por thousand, 3.HOa3.f0.
Sawed ahinglus, S3.0Ja4.(K).
Shaved shinitlos, $o.60a4.0J.
netatl Market.
aim. ie rlrie-lill'-"-'r " u. MiSfiOft ral
acreeu V) w-MtW Meal. bus vcafl.uu
Iturter, Jii'itaiisb Nnilt. 6!7,S'r.
Ttnnnii. l.S IW.2.UU bu"h Out. ? has tx'ci-TO
llrao ptr hu-hel oe "sheaf. .-wt!i(ic $1
riaeon. llauts, t..1tlJii4WOait . !1 6nt.2.l""i
conotrj.bV" in- ,&tr P.mltry t'hipt'n.tn25
" &4w, UtSditfj " Docks, lti?:;'
" .-heuMers. l-'-j " Oeoie. 4 ;Vi
Iftiesax ilAfi eVtl' Turkeys." H'Tl.'i
lieif tiroen ttcjlti I'eis dr'd. 1.1 (3 1.2'
" 4ricd 2n2.:H '' r-ctatot-s.sw't.
Cu.ti.lic. fc. s'li " Irish. 81.41.5 2.00
('..! Oil, 4tva.i ni,at Powdur. vrt't""
Cofloe i'uh'twt Poaoneii dried le(Sl21i
t'tiewe L'fiii'iifrK ftino, rt fix
-t ten V rns Clll! H-Sbi Sinrar i-ru?hetl T-t- 15
tii.ru. '0 I'ntli-e , i'z:j'a-M
Oalil.axo, l.rt 2 1 " Yellcw 12'"-12H
Ejus V."i 1;) " llniwn. llali
V'iuur FiunilF 11 7.f.in. l.2. Soap. filr 'Tii
Hxira, f.l.2'.'M)fri Suit. sa.'lr ll.SiWl 90
Se.t'i-nitief 3. 'l'i. .'l.LTi s-vrup. 75" si.Ta-'i k
Fim irci'i. s;aintT. Sir.t, ,.( i.z
sml'ir'i In. iiroon, im. i
quiet with advance lost and shippers
generally holding of 1'. Corn 1h2c. bet
ter with moderate demand ; 7'JaHl for
inferior to primesteam western mixed;
BlaHi for sail do. hitter very choice;
82 for primo new western mixed in
store tin old western mixed iti store
and iilloat. Oats la2 belter and more
active at 71a7il. Coll'ee, Kin, steady
and in good ileinaiid nt loJalSl, gold ;
jobbing lots qvoted at liial!j, gold.
rSugar iiiiet and steady ; njaS for fair
to kocmI reflninit; HI for prime refined
illi good demand" export; lOjalOa
mj lor giaiiunteil ; 11 for powdered ;
11 j for crushed Matanzas and dull and
unchanged. Ilice quiet and scarcely
so firm. Tallow heavy, 8. l'ork low
er ; job lots, S20.12). Laid lower ; 13a
l.'U for prime steam; on spot, 13;.
Whisky firm, $1.21.
Ilitltliiinre) Hnrltct.
BAIl'IMOftK, June 7. Flour dull;
Ilowurd Htreet and western superfine,
41a4;J ; rl i brands, 4. Wheat dull ;
Maryland red. $1.2"ial.35 ; amber,
$1.3ilul.88 ; white, $1.30al.38. Corn
dull ; southern white, 8oatj(j ; yellow,
82aH3 ; western mixed, 81. Oats, 70a
71. I'roviHions dull, but firmer, l'ork,
$ Uncoil, shoulders. 0,;.
Lard tlull'aud nominal. ColFee dull :
ordinary to prime earcoes, lo!al8l ;
iobbini; .',e. higher. Whisky " firm,
$1.20al.21. Kugar linn.
'lnelnnnll nnrkct
ClNCINNATf, June 7. Flour dull
and lower, $-5.40.io.50. Corn sleadv,
72a73. l'ork steady. $20.2"i. Lard,
demand light, holders firm, steam,
13J ; kettle, 14al4i. Bacon atendy,
shoulders, lllaO j ; char rib, 121 ; clear
12j. Whisky held ut 1.10 ; bid, $1.15,
no sales.
Lai I Ve-
erel A '-!-!''
--i mi ri-
tin a fg ve i T il iiiv., I
20 VinLUf.
I lie It,
' 1 .
Atlnnta Mlnrkrl.
Atlanta Herald, June 5th. 1
Corn, new whito, l.OSnl. 10. Wheat, Iti to,
nominal; amber, nominal; rod, nominal.
Oats, H). Fea,clny, l.&0al.7j; mixed, 1.40.
Corn meal, $1.10. Flour, superfine, C 0X,
extra, do., $i.26art.50; family, 7.00a7.25 ;
extra, do., 7.i30a7.7o; fancy, 8.00a8.25. Hay,
Timothy, l.liOal. 76 ; Tennessee, $1.25al.60;
clover, $1.40. ltacon, cloar sides, 00; a r.
sides. Wi; shoulders, i; country-cured hsmj
14al4i; sugsr-cured hams, lo. liulk
moats; clear sides. 00; clear rib 13; shoul
ders, 10; hams, 121; bacon hams. Ml. Lard,
tierces, liiial7; kegs and cans, 17ial8;
buckets 174al8. Feathers, 60alX). Uuckwhcnt
flour 'f bbl., 10.00. Seed potatoes, Karly
ltoso, 4.00; Goodrich, 4.00; Pink Kye,
4 23. Onions, 4.00a4.50; swoet potatoes,
50cal.00; applos, 0 bbl., 8.00a5.00 ; dried
apples, H, country, 6c; Northern, Ilia
12i ; uiied penchos, unpoeled, (ile; poclod,
12al21. Chickens, grown, 30a33 ; Spring,
2oa28 Ilutler, 18a20; oggs, 13al31. Wool,
washed, 32a60; unwashed, 26 cents.
I.iinlsvllli- .'litrket.
IiOL'iisvii.Li;, June 7. Flour (tiiet
and uncliaiiizeil. Corn active, 70a72.
Provisions dull, l'ork, 20.2oa20.6o.
Hac.on, shoulders, hab.' ; clear rib,
12ral2i ; clear TlJabiJ." Lard dull,
tierce, 16al6 ; keg, 10. Whisky firm
er, $1.1"). lJagging firm, 13jal4.
Wholesale (.roccrr .llarket.
Knoxvitle, Jvc 7.
to choice 22!;a2t Family...
CjBee A lballM
A Word to Farmers.
N'eer keep your cattle short. You
can't allord it. If you starve them they
wiil starve you ; besides It's wicked, lie
merciful to your beast.
Never hoi- a great field for a lift it crop,
or mow twenty acres for live loin's of
hay ; you can't nll'ord it.
kiiiioli your land and It will pay you
Take care of your tools, ,-pades sliov-
! el-, rakes, hoes, pitchforks, etc., keep
1 1 if in lioii-eil when not in use.
I AImivd all things cultivate your heart
i as well as your soil ; " whatsoever a man
soweth that shall he also reap."
' Keep notes of remarkable events.
Never build a spacious barn till you
I have something to put in it.
; Good fences make good neighbors.
I Cows well fed in tin- winter give more
milk hi the summer.
j Startling Disclosures Promised.
! The New York Star says it ha In
formation concerning certain eitraor-
diuary discoveries made by the district
uUoruey and an agent or the (iovertl
inent, which, when finally known,
will astound ami dismay the mercan
tile mind. It aaya these discoveries'
afl'ect the credit and honor of some of
the greatest houses in the world, dealers
In silks, crapes, shawls, and so forth.
It Is predicted that the full force of
the blow will he felt within a week.
KiciiMosn, Va., June 6. There was a
heavy wind and ruin storm in this viciuity
to-uight, during which a negro man was
instantly killed by lightning in Manches
ter, and a woman seerely shocked.
Uiuho . V bui. SI oi
iJSaral2H'?n.'?t Mail0iiii i'.j'j
RxiraC 1 VSH bnuriJry)lb boxest.(0
Veil') C liKoiO') t-auiiiy.rt lb buxsa iM
Ptuiar.tra l-'in. 1 1
v i, 1.,11
'h'.',-;:':;."' l'arafi.e K.i5ctilb
hjrupa. Siar.lull wemht 18
CnmnioB.. Tobart-o,
rnuie ana cnoie...w,r. ConimoB n in wX-X!
' uniriu 11 iii'UiMm
Oad ly. 6 inclt...JvV.TS
1 " . K.ni'-y brands. ..si'"1.25
llyt'.n r, I.otlto biuokiuK ;V'1.AI
Imperial .ao"Ol.2r) Nnulf.
Ounputruor JCWLSil os.P'k'sUarrettVl.75
OoIuuk Wl ut Js.ou
Hat. Ure.iKlaj.1..' sgn.ij t'ltritra.
h III era. All branUh2iK8.10rjiM
"PPr ...ri ,.-,! Drnmi
AliilM 11 tn.iM.KMl.tt,.i.-2itt
L,V do Manilial.2f)Wl.:
ii Puuh Madd.r. ..17lio
n II (i nnu
4'aiunrtl SJcMHla.
rt-.,..4hnt 'i IwfllShti
Sardioea '4 case 17a) Buck 8hut 2.75
lb peaches i dus. JJariLead KSwlOo
to oane ciiseti.f .iftlrj.OO n.d,laa
2 ft. lomatoee i'pW Tmi' . '...'
Wtveoy.ier. . nf S Dlaokiha 36l9iT.Se
do t ..LiM,l.i Clpg fl v iuuu....;i7'.J
Kim. Waur froul. ,;yi'.t
Carolina ...ttcVb Mtukei io.h5
ha iJ"on ParlorMati befTigr4i.66
l.to HtocSl Hafkel.
KnorvilU. June
There is but little doing in beof cattle,
as roost all eood lots have peon snipped
We quote heavy smooth steers at 4ia6c.; fat
cattle at 3ju4c. ; common to good HaUJc. ;
calves, 2.00u3.U0 each.
The demands for hogs continuos light,
wo note a further decline in prices, rai
hotfs, weiirhinK from 176 to 200, 61c; shoals
weighing trom 126 to 160, 6ic. Dressed
bogs at ia,ic.
4'liKilauttAtcM flarkii.
ChattanooKa C lnmorciiil. May th.
f-Mn V.,..l.,n .lrha-f Oil. A sailing
in the deuot,'Jja'J7i. Oats, buying, on wharf,
00; do., soiling in tho aopot, 70.
W heat, sacks included on wliart, 3-I.l ia
0: do., sacks included in depot, l.Ooa
1.15. l'rime clover, new, per ton, 20.00a
2-1.00; Timottiy, and nerds grass, por ton,
$23.0010.14). Flour choice, 0.75a7.26j
extra familv, 6.60; family. COO; superfine,
6O0aU.25. Clear sides. 144 ; shoulders, '.;
hams, 141 : hams. S. C., l&ialO. Lard-
prime loaf, tierco, 17 i ; do. in can, Iti.
Iliilllmore l.lvetMotlt Market.
Bai.timok. Juno 7. lir.r.r Cattlk
The market during tho past week has been
fairly active, lliotiuh prices wore a shade
lower; tops, iaic lower; while the decline
was soniewnai groaier on miuuio anu low
grades, which were fully ie off. Very best,
$i;.26a7.60 ; Brst quality, $).26fl.2i; medi
um or Bood fair uuality. $4.75a6.60; ordi
nary thin steers, oxen, nnd cows, Sl,60a
4.76; most tales at tfa. i5ai.O0. ltecoipts
1,232; sales, 1,12 .
lions liavo boon dull, and prices at
least lc lower. 1 ho tendency is still down
ward. Fair to choice, lOalOJc, very few
selling at lattor figures. Itoceipts, 6,000.
SuKKf Have been dull ana prices un
changed. The range is 4 )a4.25 ; a few
extra, $6.50; lambs, S2.00a4 (K); stock
slieed, $2.00a:l,00. KoeeipU, 6,171.
Kareka Milla Moor.
A standard brand in every market where
old. The leading brand in the market
where manufactured. Dr. J. Nat Lyle
The following quotations ot Eureka Mills
made from actual salmi:
Fancy, $5.00: Family, $4.00; Superfine,
$3.00; Fine, S'iOO: Bran 20 cents lo $1.00.
Corn Meal without a superior in quality.
tlll'iit Mlll-kfl.
Cmi'A(ii), June 7. Flour quiet
and unchanged. Corn houyant ; open
ed strong but closed easy ; "Vo. 2 mix
ed, fresh, 72. l'ork dull and drooping:
SlO.SoalO (JO on the spot or for July.
Lard dull and drooping, 13J. Whisky
Silver Gloss StaicJi.
For tlio Luuntlry.
L1NKN. au'l tat tbtl'orence in cost ;betweea it
anil o'linmon smri.-li is snnreely half a cent for
an ordinary wathinit, Auk yourUrooer for it,
New Turk Market.
New Yoiik, Jue 7.
Money eaay, iia2j. Hlerling quiet
Gold dull, l.lbial.l7. ( Joveruincnta
active and atrong; new 5'a.lfi, Htales
(tulet and nominal.
Cotton quiet and nominal ; sale 000
bales at lOulG.
Flour lu moderate demand and
prices trenerallv without decided
chamre but tttill rule In buvem' favor.
Wheat opened at le. better and cloned
Is the original Fstahliphed in 1818. Anil pre
serves its reputation as ri.'Rsa, sranNUBa and
tin hi imiCiTi than any other art tie of
the kind ou'ureil. either of the same
name or with older tales.
StKVSSSOX MlCADlU. Ph. I).. Al- . the hiihelt
chemical authority of Kurore. carefully aonlyteil
this Corn Starch, and fays it is a must excellent
article of diet, and in chemical and feedling pro
perties is tuny cauai to tne oeiii arrow root.
l)ireciions fur making Puddinss, Custards. Ac
accompany each one pound l ackaxe.
fnr stale hf nil I'irat-clattm ;rocrra.
m T'3 now't
American Wash Blue.
For Laundry and Household Use.
American LTlramarins Works, Newark,
New Jersey.
Our Wash lllue is the best in the world. It
does not streak, contains nothing injurious to
health or fuhric, und is used by all the lame lauu
drius on account of its ('leasing etl'uot and cbeap
nost. 8u)ierior fur whitotrasluDK. Put up in
pat-kages convenient for family use. Price 10 out.
each. For sale by grocers everywhere. Always
ak for the Aiikrican Wabu lli.ua. if you want
tlie cheapest and best.
viadaawd OHice, li William St.. New Y ork
Advertised Letters.
P. 0, KltoiviLLS, Il.t.. June I, IST5.
B-Maj A B bowline. Mrs Bradley, Hiss
A nn llroli. J M Uedeler, J M Bailey, Lee Bowers,
Mrs Mary Bovus-
Arm-tea. I Chambers, A Cottrell, Jesse Cab
ton, Miss Katie Caltoa. Peter Crawley, Mrs Re
becca Cunner.
It Mm Jane Davis (ot:). Miss Becky Davis.
K Charlee Edwards, fl A tie I.
y A U French.
Mrs Catherine Gallim, P A Gardner, 8 E
IS A A Ifubl.ard, Mist Elisabeth HattarJ.
James fc Howell, Jahn llowell.
K Miss Alice in st (col), J M Klnaer,
I. Rv Mr heffingwell, O W Long.
M McCorkie Co, A M McOre.aht. HCiCallie
Maswell. Hal Mailill bob. U B Miller. J W tin
shell, Mn Susan Mahon.
a A B Keltni.
ssJames Osborne.
! tiallie Peek.
s Miss Ltaieie Queen.
K Isnbella Kitchcy. Maj R B Reynolds.
'I Miss buciuda Taten, airs N A Turner,
I i Ml nderwood.
W-Eleoie Wellkms. Linna Wtitl, Mrs Mar
tha White. Robert Wilks. ..iuar
K-Miat Hell Yarnell.
Perseus calling lor any of the above letters will
ask tor advertised Utters," and pay one cent for
advertising fee. vJm. HULK,
Postut aster.

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