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Sloven, Tinware, &e.
in their line. Builderi of
A 111 EiterW Decorations and Sheet Metal
Worken of Lvery Description:
j Special Attention Paid to
me Jtar u
- brooms, musii s, seives,
Cap, Letter and Note Papers. Envelopes, Inks, Slates, &c.
Ohromos and Picture Frames, The Largest Block of
Wall Paper la Eat Teun. Hehool and ColleeText Dooks
v26s, i2m
W offer it with the nirulw thai it ' not .chemical paint, and contalnl no utafer, no alkali, no
Adulteration, ana that it ii more oonnmieaf than any paint in the market!
We anthorlie it rale, lu'ujeot to the latiifastion ol all buyrn. We aree to re-paint any home with
Kuiluh "B. B." Whiw Lead, or any other White Lead, if oar PainU do not prove latisfactorj.
Mannfaoturerv abd Impoiterf of White Lead, Zino, Painta, Colon and Varonhefl,
S07 l'earl Street, New York.
TV. S. 8IZER, General A rent, Motny ireeh, Ton.
J 8 BELCHER. KnoiTill.
R P 8CHOOGH. Sweetwater.
A D bCKOUUf!. Clereind.
For DYSPEPSIA, CONSTIPATION, Jaundice, Bilious attacks, PICK HEAD
ACHE, Colic, Depression of Spirits, SOUK STOMACH, Heart Burn, &c, fce.
Is a faultless family medicine.
Ioes not disarrange the system.
lttsure to cure it takea regularly,
Is no drastic violent medioine,
loet not interfere with busioefB
Is no intoxicatinr beveraftn,
Contains the simiJ.eetand beet remediee.
Ituy no Powder or Prepared hlMMO. LIVER REGFLA.
TO It unl Id our engraved vs rapper wltli Trade .Mark, fetaiup
and signature unbroken. one other 18 genuine,
J. 11. ZE1L.. At CO., Macon, Ga., and I'lilladelptiia.
TUB SYMPTOMS of Lirer Complaintare no
agineeiand pain in the side, buoietimes tbe
pain is in the bhoulder. and is mutakm for rhea
matujm. Tbe stomach is affected with lot of op
ptiit and siokne-s, bowele in f enerai eottivt,
sometimes alternating with laa. rlhe Acad is
troubled with pain, and dull, heaTj aeniation,
eonsiderable ion of memory, aocompanied with
painful sensation of havtng left undone somethins;
wbioh ongbt to have been done. Olten com
plaining of weakness, debility, and low spirits.
Sometimes BMay of the above symptoms attend
the disease, and at other times veryei of them,
but the Liver is tenerailj the organ most invol
ved. KEtBLTiLL DISEAHES orlttnate from Indigftiat and Torpidity of the Liver, and reliei
is always auionsiv loasbt alter. If the Liver w Jtrgulaied in its action, health is almost in"aria
i!y erooroi. Want of action in the Liver eaosas HraHacke, Vonetipation, Jaundice, fain in the
HkotUdere.Ocmtk, CkitU, ,Sor Stomach, had Taete in ike lfuttia, Btltoue Attack. Palpi-
tationof tne Heart. hyron of &vriie, or Ike Liuee. and a hundred other eymptouis, for which
fcinMONN' -l Vl.lt sliUIILt'lUH U tbe beet remedy that has ever been donvered. Itaet
mildiy. effeotnallj, and, beint a simple evocta6ife compound, eao do neinjury in any auantitieethnt
it u ay be uken. It is iarnlos in every way; it has been nsrd fur do yrsrs, and hundreds of
the rood and treat from all parts of tlie eountry will vi.acb for its beint lae puree! and ieet.
TUK OLKHUY " My wife and self have osed the KeiuluUr (or years, and testify to its treat vir
tues. "Rev. J. K-FsLnia. ferry, tia.
LADIKS' INDORSKM KN1 I have (Ivan your medicine a thorough trial, and In do esse has it
failed to fi.afullsauuactoo." Klluk Mkacuau, Chstiahoacbee, Pla.
Mnoibillc Mttkln ana omtU
IS -
;f'l'- - ' "' - 1
r HJ D V jm. C3 JM:3 Ca3
H V ATT k DICKEY. Most Crek.
N B OWINN A CO . Dandridite.
J J COILK A CO., Mount llorab.
O M SMITH A CO., liay'i Kerry.
J. C. JOHNSTON, Traveling Agent.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers
Hc&rD, nhskmi, nn:u'js.,
XI? 11 sn hsl gH "W JL eh U o a- I9a- ootfi.
Wcptemhor list, lMyfi.
Knox i ounly Stale of Tennessee
1 T1I0RITV vmik.1 in me. as late Tai Collector
01 Kmi county, I will n the firrt Monday (and
rucceedmg days if necowary) of .lanunry IK76 it
beina the 3rd day of January offer lor sale the
following described tracts of land town Iota and
parts of town lots, for tbe years mentioned in
eacb rate, the saa;e having been a?eped lor
taxes for the years named, which tax are due
and remain unpaid together with penulties and
Late Tax Collector.
One lot in Bast KnoxvilH on Hill and lliuh
etreetn. listed to Benjamin Fahnestock for 172
and 1673: taxes 8; N; costs 2 .XI; total t2 1.
One;iot in East K noxville on E Hill and High
streets listed to P A Pshbcstock lor '1S taxes
18H7, costs 2 50. total'il i7
One lot in Knoxville sonthFido Clinch street
listed to Miojah Crawlord for '74; tax a fi' costs
2 SO total 12 IV
One lot in Eat Knoxville on east side Ilieh
street listed for '7:1 to Burl Carter's heirs; tax 482
costs 2 NJ total 7 32
One lot in Knoxville No in Temi le'e Addi
tion listed lor 12 and 73 to Mrs Chris llogan; tax
OS costs 2 Su total 6 M
One lot in Knoxville on west side of Patton
street listed to Alex'r King for '73; tax 3 25 costs
2 60 total 5 75
One and ene-balf lots in Knoxville the one on
Pstton the balf on Crorier street listed for 73 to
Ned Livingston; tax 12 b5 eosta 2 &i total 15 1ft
One lot iu Knoxville on Mabry street listed for
72 and 71: tax KO costs 2 6U total 11 m
One lot in East Knoxville on Main street listed
to W R McBath for 73; Ux;030 costs 2 50 tctal
One lot in Knoxville on south side Brenner
street and one poll listed to Picasant Pate
Lax 111 2'.l cost 2 50 total 12 7tt
One lot in Knoxville on south side Clinch street
listed to Reuben Johnson for 73; lax d 45 costs
2 50 total C !"
One lot in Knnxville on west side of Patton st
lifted for 73 to Jus ltivison and one poll; tax 545
costs 2 rxi total t io
One lot iu Knoxville No 11ft in Pneed. King A
Co s Ad'lition listed to J B Riply for Ii; tax 4 20
eots2 60 MU18 7U
One lnt in Knoxville on Marble Alley listed to
fllurtba Millings lor 1 4; tax 12 v) ootu 2 oo total
1 1 40
Dne lot in Knxvilleon north side of New street
Psted to Elita Sbiolds lor 73: tax 1 60 costs 2 50
total 4 10
Una lot in Knoxville at mouth of Bell's brarch
listed to Rose tiuiitb lor 73: tan 2 40 costs 250
total 4 W0
Five acres in Knoxville north of E T. Va A Oa
h R lifted to () Maney lor 72 and '73; tax 178 50
ooU2 50 total IS1 Oil
Three lots in Knoxville, one on Patterson street
I'.ast Hnoxvule, one coi-ner Main ard tumher
land. and ene north side Cumberland, listed to
Mar, Kintlin for 73: tax 17 50 costs 2 50 total 30 (SI
One lot in Knoxville on northwest corner of
rnuce and Cumberland streets, on which there
is one bouse and one livery stable, listed lor 71,
72 and 73 to J EM Blaokweil; tsxes 244 80 cost
2 50 total L'47 39
An undivided 'A interest in tbe Brick Mill
properly on Kirst Creek, the 'A owned by C W
Park, listed to bcott A Co for 72 and 73; balance
of tax 62 00 oosu 2 50 total 64 50
Five acres in 1st distriot (Flint Hill) listed for
70.71, 72 and 73 to Jos A Mabry; tax 107 75
costs 2 50 tout 110 25
Five acres in 1st distriot (Glafs Works property)
Muted to Jos A Mabry for 70. 71 and 73 and to
Mrs Laura Mabry for 72; tax 60 43 coiu 2 50 total
One lot in city of Knoxville on corner of Union
and Looust streets listed to Jos A Mabry for 1870,
71, 72 and 73: tax 161 00 oosu 2 50 total Iii3 50
One lot in Knoxville on east side of Crosier st
listed to Jos A Mabry for 70, 71. 72 and 73; tax
13 90 costs 2 50 total 16 40
Two lots in Knoxville in 7th Word listed to Jos
A Mabry for 70, 71, 72 and 73; taxes 27 00 costs
2 oo total ou
Thirty-three lets In Knoxville In Mabry, Nel
son A Co Addition on oast C inch and east High
.,... 11. tA I. I-. A Uk 4... "711 n.l 'lit ln.
li .1 item, .w u". a ,uuj i ' i I , I. I -' ,ui, 1 1.
same Addition listed for 71, 72 and 73: tax 75 00
costs 2 50 total 77 60
One lot in Knoxville corner Poplar and Spring
streets listed to Jos A Mabry lor 73; tax 16 10
OOSU 2 00 total 1860
One lot in Knoxville north side of Clinch and
corner of Temperance streets listed to Jos A
M aory lor ia: taxes 4 ou costs 2 v total in ou
One l"t in Knoxville on south side Main street
(old Swan property) listed to Jos A Mabry for 73;
tax 53 70 coits 2 50 total m 20
One lot in Knoxville (Temple's Addition) listed
to Pleas Jackson fur 73; tax 3 50 costs 2 50 total
6 .
One lot in Knoxville on east side Patton street
listed to Parker William fur 73; tax y 45 costs
2 5o total 11 J '
One lot in Knoxville on corner of Mnin and
Churcbwell streets lifted fur ltd to Win White's
heirs; tax 8 05 costs 2 50 total 10 AS
One lot in Knoxville on Alabrv street and one
on High lifted 1x73 to David Warren, tax 7ie,
Ousts 2 50, tuUl y.v.i
One lot in Knoxville on west side Park street,
listed to Jainei Lebo, tax 7 oO ousts 2 5J, total
Vi ft!)
One lot in Knoxville on Patton street, listed for
1871 to Lonos' heirs tax 6 45 eusls 2 50, total 8
tine lot in Jacksboro' street, listed to Catherine
Fi'zgerald for 1873, tx 6 44 contu 2 or, total 8 Ho
Two acres in Knoxville near While's spring on
Pomb Muin,treet lited to Mrs MeClaonahan. tax
i 85 cosls 2 60, total 7 34
One lot in Knoxville on Patton street, list.d to
Andrew CopeUnd, tax 4 83 costs 2 50, total 7 ii
I'M acres more or less in the second district of
Knox county joiniug tbe Fair Grounds property
and others, listcl to Joseph A Mabry for 70 71
72 and 73, ta 2 20 81 cou 2 50 total 21 Jl 31
8- acres in the second district of Knox country
joining Dr ta ttnarh and others listed to A 0
fccutl for 72 and '73 tax 72 30 costs 2 5u total 74 80
3.V) acres in the third district joining Caswell
Besman and others listed to M C Sanders lor 73
tax 1-s -d co. ts 2 50 total 131 75
275 acres in seventh district lying in the valley
between Black Oakland Beaver Ridges on tbe pike
and joining A J C" Poland and others listed fur ''1
72 and 73to J K t lilackwell fcr tax 110 V
cosu 2 50 total 113 44
C-5) a?res in the ninth distriot joining Clineh riv
er Cobb and others listed to T Crooksbank.f or
73(150 acres of this was listed to D F Kodgers for
71 tax 7 20j total taxes luv 30 oosu 2 50 total IU 110
724 acres in the tenth district joining Robert
Smith, heatnn and others listed to ii W Mabry for
71, 72 and 7i tax J70 oo cosu 2 I0 total 672 bJ
Soo aorcs in the eleventh district of Knox coun
ty, joining Thomas Walker. W Kennedy, Mrs
Lea and others lisied for 7o 71 72 and 73 tu 11 D
Odell tax i'M 40 costs 2 00 tutal 3k. yo
4h acres in the eleventh d'strtotof Knox conn
y joining N bealon, 11 iluod and otiiers listed fur
: Icbucsto gctcmkr
Sunk! ! liiiiiiliiTliiiii Si llliri'v
LargestandBestSelected Stock of Drugs everoffered for Sale in the South
With onr increase ( elllties for business, our large stock, and experience in the Drug trade, we are ESHALL
Drills, Patent medicines, Paints, Oils, Glass, Cement, &c.
And especially solicit a continuance of patronage from all those who have to liberally heretofore patroniied either of the old firms.
71 72 and 73 to W A Odoll tax 71 75 oosts 2 50
total 74 25
I'iO acres In the eleventh district of Knox coun
tvjnining 1'avid Nelson and others litted for 70
71 '2 and 73 to Henry A Bean tax 47 70 ooils 2 50
total 0 20
120 acres in the twelfth district of Knux county
joining .Seymour, K P Bailey and others listed for
72 and 72 to Coffin's heirs tax of 72 44 00 tax of
7 h uo. 12 per cont penalty 8 30 levy Ooo clerk's
and printer's fee each 1 ou total 123 80
5o acres of laud including the paper mill prop
erty in the twelfth civil di-triot joining Flanders
and others lined to U M II area for 7o 7l 72 and
'73 "-I3 IK costs 2 XI total Oi'i 68
fio acres in the fifteenth district joining Payne
and White and others lifted to D B Nelson for 71
72 and 73 tax 14 costs 2 Ml total 111 65
3u acres in the fifteenth distriot joining Wm Ba
ker and others listed to Rebecca Hbercls fi r 'i0 71
72 and 73 tax 2 25 pusU 2 50 total 4 75
3 acres in the nineteenth district joining Fox.
Tillery and o hers lilted to Hetty Uolloway tor 70
71 72 and 73 taxes 0 75 costs 2 50 total 12 25
loo acres in the twentieth district of Knox coun
ty joining Hill, Bakeriand others listcl to Thomas
Draper dcetsed (Mansou administrator) tax
4S 2ri cts ' total 50 7ti;
Kuox ( ounly State of Tennessee.
Iijr virtue of the power and authority
Tested in mo as Back Tax Collector of
Knox county, I will, on Monday, the 3d
of January, 1870, offer for sale the follow
ing described tracts of land, at the Court
House door in Knoxville, the same hav
ing been assessed fcr taxes for the State and
county, for the years mentioned, which
taxes are due and remain unpaid, together
with penalties and costs:
112 acres in the 15th district in Knox
county, joining Joseph A. Houser, A. L.
White and others, liated for 1807, 1808 and
1809 to Jane Webb, valued for 18C7at$400,
tax $5.12, valued for 1808 at $400, tax $4.22,
valued tor 1809 at $400 taxes $4.40, levy 60
cents each, rlerk't and printer's fee $1.00
each, total $21.24.
8 acres in the 17th district of Knox coun
ty, joining James Plumlee, James Kennedy
aad the Fretich Broad river, listed to F.
Kombeck for 1H08 and 1809, valued for 1808
at $300, taxes $3.8'.l, valued for 1809 at $:J00.
taxes $3.30, levy CO cents each, clerk's and
printer's fee each $1.00. total $12.19.
218 acres in the 17th district of Knox
county, joining Alexander Leek, Alexan
der Merrimon, Pumucl Kennedy and oth
ers, listed for lHOOtoM. l'uter, valued at
$4,000, taxes $32.20, levy 0 cents, clerk's
and printer's fee $1.00 each, total $34.70,
210 acres iu the 17th district of Knox
county, joining Aloxandor Leek, Alexan
der Merrimon, Snniuol Kennedy and oth
ers, listed for 18tiU to John S. Maurey, vhI
ued at $1,01)0. tuxes $44.00, paid by M. W.
Huflukor $7.98, balance due $30 (rj. levy 60
cents, clerk's and nrinter's fee $1.00 each.
.total $38.62.
xiilu-wHt JJhck Tax Collector.
tj 1'uLlic Taxes tor Union couuty. by virtue ot a
Si ecial Aot of tb latf beejiun of the Legislature
of i'ennea-e, levies upon tbe clluwinir tract or
parcels of Land and Town Lou, f r the Taxes
at ye wed ajrainst laid tracts or parrels of land and
town lots fur the year 1&74 and whu-b taxes, to
5 ether with the costs and charK still remain
ue and unpaid, and there being na personal
goods or chattels of the owners thereof in raid
Union county our of which to maka raid taxes
and charge, the same ib levied on and advertised
for rale and will be sold at the door of the Court
House in Maynardville, on the firet Monday of
January 1t, and following days if necessary.
Said tracts or paroeli of land levied on and to be
sold as aforesaid, are owned and situated M fol
lows, to-wit:
John M Sawyers, two town lots, situate in the
town of Maytardville. Taxes due thereon for
the year 174, f 1.77 s 10. Penalty 6 cU. Int-rw.
Mots. Collector's fe 60 ci. Printer's feefl
Clerk's fee $U Total ii.
Hawyera A Diokenon one lot In the town of
Mayn-rdville on Main street adjoining L Hud
dleeton and others, taxes for 74 17 78, penalty W)
ou interest 1 06 ooeU 2 total :1 14
J M fiawyera, guaidian. two lota la town of
Maynardville situate on Wain street aud adjo.a
ina last n tuned lot and other, taxes 7 14 iutorest
4cts penalty HoU eoU i total $ 9 30
Kdward Went two toU 1 town of Maynardville
adjoining J W Hraoi'B. J F lIuduletUiD and
ottiers; taxes for '74 1 W interest ku penally &ou
eoftn 2 6u total 4 Oft
John Cox's heirs one traet ef lard lying In 2nd
dint not adjoining 9 M Buckner at.d oOiani Uiei
for 14 A u6 inter eat bleis penally t-oU oosts 1 60
John M Pawyen ooetrsH of land s'tuate inlrd
distriot adjoining lands ut llatuuiaca liundly and
ethers oouuiuing aores more or lets; t.-xes Ijf
20. 1875 1.
AVlioloesale nnil BXnnuritottirlngX
74 r9ta interest 8ot penalty 5ott costs 'i. HQ total 1
3W i
JAM Harbison, adin'r, o one tract of land in
nth district adjoining L U Hates, J ii Kobertsand
other ; taxes for 74 14 2 intereet b-'-cu penalty
coftfl 2 -0 toUl 18 11
Hiil Mettabarger one tract land In -rth diftriot
adjoining landn of John Cox and other?; taxefror
74 H OA interest cu penalty loots ooaU ify total
LA J C Skargs one tract of land situate In the
Mb district ol Union county, adjuiuing the lands
of John Chcsney and others, taxes due tberoon
for 74 22 Jl intereet 1 ii penalty 77 cenU costs
2.'Hotal WK1
John W llickle one tract of land situate in the
fith dmtrict adjoining A U entry and others, taxes
due thereon tor 74 'I lA interest iZ oenu penalty
7 t entii, costs 2 M total 4 8i
J V Joh.ison Jr one tract of land in the 6ih dis
trict ot Union oounty adjoining the lands of Peter
Tharp and others, taxes due thereon tor the year
74 2 wt interest thereon 17 cents panaity 7 cents
costs 2 rxj total 4 70
Htichel Bnrn' heirs one tract of land in the 7th
district of Union oounty adjoining the lands of
George Irwin and others, taxes due thereon for
74 K4 cents interest & cents penalty cents coeu
2.rKJtotal3 4lS
Caroline Coppock one tract of land lying in the
7th civil district of Union county adjoining the
lands of liavin Mitchell and others, tuxea due
thereon for 74 5 Ho interest cents penalty 4)
ccnta costs 2 541 total 9 00
Joel Cop) ock one tract of land lying in the 7th
civil district ot Union county adjoining the lands
nftjeorxe Loy, H Baker aad others, taxes due
thereon fi 60 interest & cenu, penalty A) cents
carls 2 f0 toUl Kt
11 Uerge one tract of land lying In the 7th dis
trict of U oion oounty adjoining ? he lands of m
Turner and others, taxes due thereon for the year
74 4 ' interest 26 ceiiU penally 16 cents cou l '0
total 7 26
Calvin Bpence one tract of land lying In the 7th
district of Union county adjoinirg the lands of
Ben Weaver and ethers, taxes due thereon for tbe
year 74 2 80 interest Jtf cents, penalty 9 cents
cuoU 2 50 total o .v
Mary Jehnsen'one tract of land lying Id the' 9th
district of Union county adjoining the lands of
Ham u el Vaneil and others, taxes due thereon for
the year 74 9 62 interest 67 oenU penalty Si costs
2 &0 total 12 01
Malone's heirs one tract of land lying in the 9th
district of Union county, (the interest of James
Lett), adjoining the lands of Klijah Longmireand
others, taxes due thereon for 74 and 74 4 i-0 in
terest 24 cents penalty 10 cents coU 2 10 total b 90
Williaui Shelby one parcel of land lying in tbo
Pth dictrict of Union county adjoining ibe lands
ot'Ufv- Bridges and others, taxes due theretn
for '74 a : ' interest 24 eenu penalty 14 ctnls cosu
2 :h) tot . 04
Jonn i Green one tract fof land situate In the
11th district of Union county adjoinipg the lands
of John Braden and others, taxes due thereon for
'74 5 bo interest penalty lit oosu ! 60 total 8 r2.
Wm Houston Jr one traet of land bins in the
11th distriot of Union oounty adjoining the lands
ef Brngan A Houston and others, taxes due for
ibe year 71 77 cents interest 5 ceuU penally
cents oc sU2 f0 toul i.v)' j
Win Houston Krone tract of land .yin In tho
llth district of Union oounty adjoining the ian?s
of Befisun and others, taxes due thereon tor 74
3 Jio interest -A ceuts penalty 12 ceuU cosu 2 -0
total 0 X
John Heninge' one tract of liml lyirg in the
llth district ot Union county adjoining the .ands
of John R Taftle and others Uxs due for the
yenr 74 4 70 interest -6 centB penalty 1 oeuu
A J lleninger one tract of land lying in the 1-th
district of Uuion county aJjoioiug the land ot I)
Hpangler and o hers, taxes due thereon fo, the
year 74 lu h' interest ut cnuts penal'y 2S !euts
Coits2 50 totall4tj. J. M- WILSON,
Revenue Collector for Union Couuty.
Tax. LlHt fur IMi, 1 : &. 1ST I.
T1IUK11V vtstrd in nie a. Tax i'uiltvtur 1
hevitr county, I mil on the first Monday (und
sucoeedius days if nucisssry) ol January 1876 it
Ijeiug lha ISrd day of January otIVr lur sale tha
following- described tracts of land, town lots and
parts ol town lota, for tbe years mentioned ia
each case, the same having been assessed for
taxes for the ye;irs named, which tuaes are dua
and reman unpaid, together with oosu.
Madison Howard, 2oo acres of land adjoining
lands to W. Williams and others. Tales forth,
eats 1872 and 1873. It 11 67. Collector's fee 50 cts.,
Printer's fee II oo. Clerk's feell oo. Total 14 J7.
Catheri' . iloward, t 1 acre, of land adjoining
lanas to Breeden ai.d Williauis and ot ers. Tax
for thai ears 187'. and 1674, li;&. Colleotor's lee
50 cenu, tTiuUr's ie. 1 oo. Clerk's fo. 1 ou. ToUl
Lewis Brteden's administrators, 75 acres ad
iotuing lan'is to Wm liurst and others. Tax for
tbe year lsT3, to cenu. Colleotor's tea Ho oenls,
Printer's fee 1 oo. Clerk's fe. 1 oo. Total 13 4o.
Kaohel Wilson, guardian of A MuMahsn's
h.irs.Soo sores. Tax lor th. rear 1874, 4 . Col
lector's fee So cents. Printer's fee 1 oo. Clerk's lee
1 oo. Total IS 80.
3 P Cardw.ll. .76 acres of land adjoininr J
Chamberlain and others. Taxes for the years .873
aid ' 874. 2u5. Collector's f. bo a nil. Printer's
f. 1 oo. Clerk's fe. 1 oo. ToUl 4 U
William A Canlwell, 5S.I acres of land adjoininf
land to it Whaleyand others- Tax for th. years
li7i, "7S and "74. I 67. Collector's fe. n'tj ceuts,
Printer's fe. 1 oo, Clerk', fe. I oo Tutal 110 17
Jau. Cardwell.oo acres ol land. Taxes forth.
4 O
Drujf gimtf.
CII4.'rlDERI,.41. tt ALRERS
years 1873 and "74, 1 12. Colleotor's fee fifty cents,
printer's fee 1 oo, elerk's foe 1 oo Total 4 42
' L Kmert. 5oon acres of land adjoining Einert's
Cove, C'vpiin cr.ck. Taxra for the years Ti and
11, iW l ollector's fee 5lty cenu, printer's le.
1 oo, ele k's fee 1 oo. Total S4II K8
J. mii'h chamnerlain, llr acres of land adjoin
ing lands to K L Kmert, t'ardwell and others.
Taies f.r the year '71, .Hn. Collector's fee fifty
cents. rin er's lee loo, clerk's fee loo. TotaJ
lli 411
J I. Conner 3fto acres of land adioinlng lands
to tj I, Btck J B Owe" he and others. Tax for lb.
year "74. a 13 Collector's lee liftv cents, printer's
fee I oo. clrrk's fee 1 oo ToUl IS 6.1
8atnuel P-ivid. fioon acres of land- Taxes for
the years '73 and 74, 5 76. Collector's fee fifty
cen s, printer's fe. loo, clerk's fee loo Total
8 2')
McMahan, Henderson k Co. rino acres on
Round Top Mountain. Taxes for the years 187'-',
'73 and '4, 6 -6. Collector's fee 'sicenU, printer's
fee 1 oo, cl.rk s fee 1 oo Total SK '.Hi
Isaao Oitle, loo acres of land adjoining lands to
Profhtt v baley and others. Tsx for the ycur '74,
1 o. Collict ir's lee fifty cents, printer's fee 1 oo,
olerk's fee 1 oo Toul 6 oo
B C Partcn, 8o acres of land adjoining land to
Emcrt and others. Taxes for the years '72 and '74.
ti .16. Collector's fee fittv cents, printer's fee 1 oo.
Clerk's fee 1 00 Total ti) (16
W F l'artin. 6o aores of land adjoining land tu
Morgan Kmert and others. Tax lor the rar "74,
2 ol. Collector1, fee fifty cents, printer's let: 1 oo,
olerk's fee 1 oo ToUl $ 4 51
Jane Pendleton, V5oo acres of Isnd on left fork
of Pigeon. Taxes for th. years VS and 74, 2 86.
Collector's fee fiftv rents, printer's fe. 1 oo, clerk's
fee 1 oo. Total fa
Catherine Howard. H65 aores of land adjoininr
8 Blair. B Breeden and others. Tax fur the year
IS, a 53. Collector's fee fifty cenu, printer's foe
1 oo, clerk's foe 1 oo Total 123 OS
J S Lai man, 31 acres of land adjoining lands to
Into an at Bims. Taxes for tb. years 7.1 and 74,
6 13 Colleotor's fee fifty cenu, printer's foe 1 oo,
clerk's lea 1 oo ToUl 18 81
William Maples, 56 acres of land adjoining land
to William Trotter and others. Tax for year 74.
6 06. Collector's fee litty cents, printer's fee 1 o.
clerk's fea 1 oo. Toul 17 s6
Anuie Smith. 44 aores of land adjoining land to
C Clinton and others. Taxes for years "73 and "74,
2 42 Collector's fee fifty cenu, printer's fee 1 oo,
olerk's fee 1 oo- Total 14 VI
Christopher ShracVr heirs, 178 acres of land ad
joining land to Layman, Martin and others.
Taxes for year, 73 and 74. 6 31. Collector's fee
fifty cenu. prinUr's tee loo, olerk's fe. loo.
Toul (6 81
Hend.rsrn Shields' heirs. 2ftoo acres of land
Taites for years 73 and 'i4, II bsi. Collector's lee
fifty eenis. printer's fea oo. clerk's fe. 1 ou
Toul fi4 (4
hiehard 8hields' heirs, 2froo aores of land. Taxes
for year 7 1 nd '74. 6 31. Colle-tor's feo 5M cents,
printer's fej 1 oo, olerk's fe. 1 oo ToUl It 64
Jaa French. 2oo aores of land adjoinir land to
Kmert und Armstrong. Taxes for tn re.'ir 1 7 i nn.l
74. 77cis Collector's fee tif y ccqu, printer's lee
I oo, clerk's fee I oo Total V! 27
Thomas Johnson, 9ooo acre of land adinining
land, to Lane. Newman and others Tares' ft.r tbe
years 71 and 74 , 4 87. Collector's fee fifty cenu,
printer's lee 1 oo, clerk's lee 1 oo. Total I'i 37
A Mca insey heirs, 3o acres of land adjoining to
Trailer and 8utUo. Tax for year '71, :Hvts, Col
lecor's fee fifty cents, nriuter's lee 1 oo, clerk's
fee 1 eo Total SJ KS
George Munis' heirs, loo acres of land aJioin
ing Line, Line and othtrn. Taxes for yeurs 73
and 74. 1 5i. Collector's fee fifty cents, printor's
lee 1 oo, clerk' fee 1 no. Total i ti'
Charles Ksyfield, 2tr9 acres ol land adjoining
land to Lines, button and others. Taxes lor yeurs
"73 and 74, 3 2. Collector's lee fifty cenu. print
er's lee 1 oo, clerk's fee 1 oo. ToUl 6 74
Win Compton 51 acres of land adjoining land to
Ogle, Curdwell and others. Tax for ytur '74 .-loia
Culltcior's tee filly cents, priuter's 1 oo. clerk's
leo Total (2 Hi
James ii Esslinger 70 sores of land adjoining
lands to MoCowati. Ogle and others Tax tor year
74 4 no Collector's fee fifty ceuu priuter's fea loo
clerk's 1 co Tolal t4 'ill
h ii Smith lO.onn acres of monnUio land Tasv
for years '71, 72, 71 and 74, i7 50 Collector s lea
tilty cents, printer's to. 1 oo, clerk's le. 1 ou
Total Hi
J SI Roberts, 310 acres of land adjoining tha
lauds of Johnson, Douslas and others. Tsxes for
the years 72, '7.1 and '74, 38 78. Collector's fea
fifty ceuu, printer's fe. 1, clerk's fe. 1, ToUl
Report's heirs. 2 acre, of land adioining lands
to liouvlas, Kob.ru and others. Taxes for lha
years 72, 73 and 74, 84. Colleotor's fee fifty
cents, printer's tea 1 olerk's lee I. Total t.i 34.
Joseph Kichards, b7 acres ef land valued at 800,
Taxes for th. year '72, 8. Collector's f fifty
oenls, printer's fee I. clerk's fee I, Total ltd 5
Richards st Co, 140 acres of land valued at
15 4ii. Taxes for th. year 73, 16 17. Collector's
fee fifty cenUi printer s le. ), clerk's fe. 1, ToUl
18 67.
D Richards, 140 acres of land valned at 12 90;
Taxea for th. year 74, 1" 32, Collector's fe. filty
cenu. printer's fe 1, clerk', fe. 1. Total 112 82.
Nancy ilumbl.ton, loo acre, of land a Ijoining
iRnds to Franklin Ouster and others, Taxes for
Ii and '74, II 87. Collector's fee fifty cenu.
prinUr's fe. 1, clerk's fe. 1. Total tm 67.
A. CRESWELL, Revenue Collector.
For Sevier ounty
JH BE Work Done Neat

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