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11 1) ill) A V S !
'A :iUvv V riiuiJuicr : Dry
' ' " ' 'I" . '.:. are, (Me.-iiswivv.
- :' 1'. !:;: 'v (.:!., r."
28joI A 4's.: Dry
' ' " "''''-. : :-' I''-:nihi: ;..,:,
! . vV , ;il I h ( il, :t;i Cr.,.r, "
1.t-. A. Th!c: Drugs, Medi-
' ' i . I i . r , latent
' ' 'i :.o ' ! o:i h:.i; i.
' . . ; 1 V -- ;ii.!k::i-, I.a,h, -s'" nil. t.-,
I Iil:tnt- : Furniture, of
M auufact urcr if all
' I '' 1 1 1 Mi''"' Ilea W.j-.. . (ei'ti i --
i; "!!'. t. i.r.I. r.
A. .5 S(:ir : Wo. .1. :i Factory :
' -'':.:! :.: :, ( ..t t (. i :.:::: ,
-v w ,r: . i . I !.
:a. YVIIs ; Man
.. : - : I.. M'ii 1".
la; turer oi
i S.. (.
Chancery Court commences at this
place next Monday.
Our Schools arc being rapidly 11 11
ed up by pupils from a distance.
Tin, win. lows of Mr. (J. A. Toole's
store ;ne filled -with a splendid dis
play of Holiday Goods.
Fences, and in a few iiistinces
trees. were Mown down by the storm
Wednesday night.
County Court (Quorum) was in
session Monday. A great nrmy coiin
trv pe nile wi'i'c iu town attun-lini'
The corn In longing to the Mt.
lhnory Sabbath School was sold at
the Court House Mondav for 40 cents
per bushel.
We notice that our streets are still
undergoing re; airs. Our Corporate
authorities are in earnest.
Mr. I j. L. Ferrary and family re
turned home from X. C. this week.
Mr. F. gave us a pleasant call Thurs
day. 15e sure and buy youv Holiday
Goods at Mr. (J. A. Toole's store.
He ah-o has in store a largo stuck of
Window Glass ail sizes.
Mr. .1. A. Urewer foun 1 two keys
and a pencil shanvner, on a ring.
Monday last. The owner i reipiest
ed to come forward, claim property
and pay i harge.-i.
Mr. Toole is opening a splendid
variety of Toys. Candies, Ac., suitable
for the Holidays. He has the 1 lrgst
toek ot Holiday Goods ever offered
in this market.
Ti;e protracted meeting of the
colored Methodists closed Wednesday
night. It had Wen in progress three
weeks, resulting in about '() corner
sa.ns and ill) accessions to the rhureh.
-See "W here to buy and Wh it to
luy." Fvery firm mentioned ia that
column m- worthy of thr pubh'- pa
tronage. Our friends iu; sjwially
requested to give theiu a hearty support
!i.. ll.I.C, !'MV Wm lo.l.l v,o-...vtc
W !I'.TTI:I:T()N ,v J;r,() . Dis- tiiat he has a solendivl team, and is
prepared t) lmul !r the public at
reasonable rates. We rtconi'.nud
the )ublic to give Mr. Kidd a etll
ik 11 iney want liaii.ing done.
Aiuotracted nitetimr eouimf-nct-'d
n iiiC m i.. LiiUivi., rio'.un. (
O. Vt illson. A
. ' . Sloans. A -. .
.. ': kin . -a ; v.
il. : ueli. 11,
:.t In- the
!'ir Howe
! ' i : : A: I ".-
t' ''ran'.ier :
i . !'t. K. N.
: t . i' li..'il.!a-.
i. M o r ri
I ' n i i 1 Tri-rs I
' . . e ' .
"Ja i' illv Ti izvvvy . Giini-.eii
1 1 ''..:. r. .: 'I v. .!. '.
s 1 . v :' v. :: u i r.
. Y . J..n ri'in-' : Maiiufac-
' ' ' . ! ;;. m , 1 larn. v-,
-. A A!-. !. v i:i I),v
' e: . .-, Ile'-iu iri-, N.'t'...n.
i.oi'isyi i.u:.
It T. SOX: Dry Goods.
' l: CMMINS a SON. are cla
' ...-a- . ..... . i, ,,t .-.
- ' ' H !!'.- i'..- ! al. in Wlaski.
'A iise. A. e. 15 t in tii-- market.
l.L'iYDA m'.CONXMI.: Sidlle
m schu:ii:i: : l-hot,-,..
. ! ;r.i'.'i;'..- M e. ! ia;-. vvc.
son tiii: HOLIDAYS.
3Ir. (- A. Toole has added over
two thousand dollars wortli of new
Drugs, medieines, perfumery. Ac.,
to his stock, among which will le
found over five hundred dollars worth
of Holiday ('oods Toys, Fireworks.
Ac. The little folks eau now coir -mence
laying away their dimes o
spend at Mr. Toole's store dur'.i"
the Holidays. We warrant inat
when he opens Ins Holiday t c-k
the little ones will "open their -yes,"
as he lias made a splendid sol- eti(n
of articles ju.st suited to the v.-futs of
the juveniles. Mr. Toole h-.s the
largest and most complete, stock of
arti 'h-s in his line ever before o'Yered
to the people of lilount. county; and
we lio)e that his enterprise and ener
gy will be appreciated by the public.
Give Mr. Toole a call; Mr. dohn
Cunier will be glad to see you, and
wait upon you with his usual olite
ness and good humor.
A filcliahlr 2'irni.
cox; II KSS I OXA I..
Alessis. ,J. Y. lietterton.V Itro.
The above popular firm, day Street,
Knoxville. Teiin., manrJaoture the
purest and. best Whiskies, and are
noted for theii promjt and liberal
dealing with customers. Thev have
a large distillery in operation, in
Koane county, and are thus enabled
to defy competition ill the quality of
their Whisky, and in the lowness of
their prices. Their liquors are
recommended as perfectly pure pure
enough for medicinal purposes. The
tirm is composed ef experienced,
clever and accommodating business
nu n : and in our business relations
with t lit m, we have ever found them
to le affable and honorable gentle
ne n. Country dealers and druggists
w ill do well to order only from this,
firm, as they can give better bargains
and furnish purer Whisky than any
other firm iu blast Tennessee. When
laying iu your Holiday Mipply, don't
fail to patronise this House. See
advertisement on first page.
YYliat Docs it HI en ii ?
During the nwuith of Novenlr
hist we received a letter from the
publishers of 7'-' .IW', New York
City, requesting that we publish
Prospectus enclosed and receive Vie
Al'tiif in e xchange. We accordingly
inserted the prospectus, and forward
! ed a copy of tin: paper containing the
, same, prepaid, to the Ablinr. ."S
The Forty-Tliint Congress assembled last
"Monday, tlie 1st inst.
The Senate was called together by Yiec
lYcsident Wilson. Hon. Clias. Simmer of
fered his Civil KiIits Hill, which was laid
on the table. Senator introduced a bill fix
ing th salaries of Congicsssiiicii at ??"i,Utiu
per annum. A bill was otlVrcd repealing
Die bankrupt law ; a large muidier of bills
were introduced, all of which wen- ordered
to lie lel'crfcd t-.j a committee.
I Ion. .fas. (J. Hlainewaj. re-clecP-dSpenK-cr
of the House, ri cci fug p'o v.-.trs, Fer
nando 77, S. S. Co -2, Ciymer, of
I'ellllsv ivania, I, A. II. Slephelis l". .Messl .
May na rd ud Wi, -nulucfed the Speaker
to the chair. Mr. Mcl'ht i-sojj was elected
Clerk, ". i. Ordwav Sergeant -f-nrms, ).
S. I'.uiton Doorkeeper, II. J. Sherwood
I'ostinasti r, and Uev. .). (;. Duller Chap
lain. Tno hundred and seveut v-cisht laeni
hers of J'.ili cntillod lo seats, answ'Tjd to
their name.-, when the roll was culled.
The i 'resident's 31'.ssa".
The l'n-sidi nl's Message was received
and read in Congn Tm-sday. We wi
shortly publish tie- message ia full. Ih.
ltrau iu.u an. !
VILLE, . . .
mmi oils, hums, mm faxcv goods, m
YWl i
Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully Filled
i , 'I'liMiVv' -! . , ., . , , , ', , Maiden Dane, .New lork Citv. .Nut
' .'i.'i i..- : i uiws, rirans. nr. lav tne 'SZ I n t . ai-l c:os--.i on i ' . f ;,
: , ., , . . -4 , . , ..... ' i getting a?:v returns from the pm
e -:".' . ' '.i r. . t
:W: KINS. JH'TT A ('.: Moves.
. :! ::-.w.aie, W :, j.,-. e,.
1 '' : ' ' 1 " I A i i e" k -f oCC.
1 '. .V N ( i I T ( I, n. . ...... 4 ..,
' ' - M ,-i.;n,' ( "a!..'.w ! llvrl
'- " . :. i .h . I Ksonire Jas 1 lf.-oil..n ;..f.M-,....-
V U I II lis' -r r t r i r r r -. f x- i !....' i I . .- ..... ' ? ! t 1 1 ! I 1
'''. -o. . j . . i .i 1 1 a i .' i . ana us mat i.,uiv 11. rv JiriLri.t. ot.',.,. .... . . ., .. .,
a:r ot hlnmt conntv cannot
i-::. d.
Increase of the litllie lelt.
Th" jiitlilie debt statement sho-.s an in
crease tor the months of N'ovcmb r of nine
million dollars.
Tin: .TI"km:sk Dka. See thn adver
tisement of this celebrated Pea.
which grows like a lmdiy tree, and
yields from a peck to a. half bushel
of peas per tree.
EL r
'3 'Jl
5 n
i i .
Vj '
-..2 2
" i; "! " Z ' 5 Pi?
. a ' i i i -. "
ti.-i. . a i i i
- ji
1 Editor.
, - .. i vi'mii" i Lin; i;s iiinii ine om-
lln, bv. t!..- '1 !'"-r, I'vui:- .MM?:., ? ...-.. i A
. , T" ' , 1 " J rs'U l'..I .liOe., UIU1I
nJe! able o. h!- t.l.e i.t vs. l' itol. . i-- :.. - n . . .t.... i
7.. . . . . P.'.ia-r.s eoiit .'I""' nc p.'.'specias :
- also, in the .same mail, we addresseui
a post u cara to the pni:isner., star
-.1 P T 1 il' ...I
est; :ac:sj. t , to in:s lime v.
h.ve n t re-eivi'd any word from the
i 'tt ii! liners, nor fi.-tve .vc receivea At
i : , '!' i - !, ;i, , i T i , ! -i'O"". bat is t..e matter with
- N ' 1 1 1 ! - 1 .."- i (. lr-l!.owee. has a h'th 'n. ei'ht , , e v , ,
' I'.-.-. !..:, V..:: ... a. I v....,s ..l.i i . r? i " lulnisu-rs m the ( .ty of New 'i ork .'
1 I : ' f )T I " I " v ii , i- l ,1' i ii . ; almost nivari-tli.v .-i nnce t .in
i i : ... .n ii i.i ,v t u ; v l g ,i r r oi !;.a.t n. wo think the nn nnt tin t ti i 4-
j -,. ,- im f . i . same rouble when accepting tm-ir
a r ('I 1) i. nnt count v c;m!nit be .v. i . . ... n . .
Kisi: oiT
!.I;:e -frk of
I? t
''.!ii.n Monday, I)'-eemhT It.
'did "; ; nr t t it v nt off. r'' I to
eit 1 - r r i i t : - in .mm!. I'roihirr
' eli . 1. i s in ji.iuiirn, f. r
' ; i t ir.' r.'''fste 1 t -i ci. nie
e " " ' s. t,e, as hi- i!,re!id to
r ; .",-; in a in a jinii.l
lh -pretfnlly,
J. B. Cnmrnins & Sob.
' I i i ' i " ; - i ; i 1 . i ; a b i : ' r.
:-i!liLlii!!. Ei,
.it... . ;;,
.. ." : t o-
J A A N, a
" ' -:!'.-;.. v '
' '.. I : . :'. ! :
. : ' . ' .",(..! !,; j :.. ..
Wrdncsdav niht was xott dinglv
storiay. The wind blew terrhi'- until
about -lo'rh-rk Thursday morning.
About midnight the sky was over
spread with dark dying clouds, thun
der and lightning being JreijVHid.
after which the wind changed around
to th west, the air becoming consid
erably coohr. '11 k wfathor ih.irin--
i -
; the week. t;p to Thursday morning.
was extremely warm nucl Spring
t'Ii:ireli ISloii Doivn.
lr'iii Mr. 1J. S. Dowill (vrlio xnn
in Knoxille this week) we learn that
the storin Wednesday night blevr
do.vn and almost completely I'.toj-
o I a large brick M 1- cnurch in th.
j pi' p .sitions. In this last ease, either
the pul hs h.-.r.s h.'ive negl'-cted to 'i;ter
! iitr paper on their boiks, or some
cii'veri,..) l . 1 1. cieiv lia; been tarn
poring with our niuil matter. As we
cannot git even an answer to our
letter, the publishers above mentioned
are respe-tfidly repics.tol to imcsti
gate the matter and see that justice
is done us.
TlIE.Ol.IiF.ST AMiTllK lil sT. THcsC
the hold claims which tire publish
crs fit the .Yfir )'.rk f.n rtv make
f.. fl,..,'i- A ...1 r- ..t
i'i II., ii t i .iil'l fcii"J l.iv ki ui
history bear them out in their first. '
while an undenatmg course in sef'
ing out a larg, full, frs rkft(Jal,li,
f.iiuily newppui.'-- KiY(rt th-ni at ltast
a r "- w J -a" elaim to the second.
In the grfx.t multitude of pajiern
that are published the Obxtretr holds
c- . , I . t 1 . ..r I. '11 il t 1 If C ilU'll II. ...Itii.fl nit. I n t, . a I . 1 . .
.suuinii in 4i.i''x vine on me Jiicss i i "-"-' w..n, mm nu luunnir
horu pike. 1'raver meeting was held s''un 11 -s- -( l'aper reaches us
:n ti.e church th"- evening before, and t'Klt Wl (':l!1 recomnirn 1 more hearth
it was fortunate that iio liv.-s were M.v- It is published at S3 a year, and
h.st. Mr. DoacM informs us t!.at the ! I'l'eiuiutn j'iettire and chromo
ehurcli was new, having been dedicat- huiobugr, ure left fvr tho-x- who l.ve
i d only a short time ago. He says nothing Kiter to offer. S. I. Prime
he bnihlil!"' v.: us ).:r"7r t'-.n tec ' PlUk n'V, Xe-.v Toil;.
t i .
' - A.
. A '
!.. I. '
t , .
i ( i
i. T.
. ... aaii Extranriliiiary
- lie
I ! I l l I I
1.. i :is."..:i;t lor ah.
l're-hytviiui! ch:i!ch thrs phi--
C j'.Uitiy Merchants, the pe.biio gen
ei ally, a:.i I our Dlount co-.mty folks
iii partieiiiar. are iu it ( .1 to call and
s'xainine tie- ltigi stock of Ioots a:;d
Sh... .-, Hat.-. Caps, and Mt i;s" Furnish
ing (loods, kept on hand by theubov-
tin. i. They have now in store the
largest and best stock of goods ever
1" f ill t'r". red to the public. Older
only from this House, when laving in
your Holiday Stock.
Ooii't forget the lirm. Lewis Sc da' k
s n. No. 7,1 (iay St., Knoxville, Teiin.
1'oVi l.o'.s J )i-:.. tv.. :.v;. -The sub
scription rice of -db.ii k-' Ponu roy's
pajier will In.- reduced uet year. It is
th- ho , st, wittiest and most origi-
nal journal in th- world. It is in-
''-.: I V moel atic, aljl takes t!.o
ino.st aii ti - Kepul ihi-::n iriv j;; J:tical-
' ; i e' i.t.
i - i i v. ..-i
" kill.'. -I l.i t,,
' . t. KM.v.r;.,
' . ; i - oidi is
' A "; i: i,
At Cos'!. See Card of Messrs. J.
II. Cummins ,; Soli. Louisville. Teun..
who have determined to close out
their entire sto-k of (loods it -xt,
in order to wind up their business,
i'urch.'.s'yi s will do well to give these
gentlem n a call.
(.'uba is averse to survcid-iiug the
Virgii.'ius ;ud punishing its editors.
"Uoss" Tweed has heei :ipointed
a hospital stew ant ut the New York
I'our rtivn were- Imrncd tu l:-afh in
a tire at Wai rviisburg. Mo., a hxt
Saturday night.
At torney ( leneral "Williams has
b' i n apoii;Ud Chief Justiw of thi
I'nited States, ami Col. lii'istow, of
Jv , appointed Attoi Hey t.er.eid.
eeisi au ii- iwej)uo;ic:-.:i ijw p;.i:Licai-i . ' l ', - ..-.....
!y. Siib.a-rii.tion nrice per j The .stean.i.ships. Ville h Ifji.vre and
year, with special ind.i;ce:.-.ents to L' -eh Ihue, collided in mid ocean on
persons desiring- to form clubs. Dcm- the J2d i:It. The Yille du Havre w::.s
o-.ds take it bec;m-e it i- ;.-.- 'ally winked, find sunk; 'S-i passengers
D-mocratie: Republicans takes it to werelu.se.
r I b.ui I
, , ; .., .
I '' i
v, 'I
.,'!: i
' ;'':
.. :; I ' :
b ; ( lii';i I',.
s. .- what I'omeroy has to say a,'ioui Andy McNeil, a e.f .red i-;r. living
th. m. Send: to M M. l.'owrw iko: i.-.U' iemi.his. literally cut hi wife ti
- Il - . ... ' .1. I ... . 1 ... 1 . 1 , s
j i , .'.', i oi, k vjiiy .
1 k -
'pi ei'S last-Saturday night f-r L aving
"e.,,. 1,
' :o , IV,!;
; ' - V.. '.
I,.. ' lis vimjen -ana uti-dn'' anoyner one.
';!. r ,. t -i , i . . ,
I v-, ., - ,. ,. ., , . .. , lie was arre.sLed and scut to ;u .
( W In. m :p,i lile tins we !, w ,- isiC-d ! J
( Moms. K.-;,; i iinieii ,v Co., ( i-ar M anilae- i A despe rate ligh t occurred hetween
, ! t'c.'en. w.hoin wt- win- pleased to iii.il !i-.J:Jin liobiiisou's Circus men and ;
I T. ri ,i Ui i , . i I . I f . ! ,1 . ...... Tli. i- ' . . ... e ..1 .. i T . 1 ..mi
. . i ;, , j 1 1 '1 is'ill
.i r
t. z'
'. II .
n I .- o. ; elc u'. a
j H'..i.. oe.le'.'v t . Ii.'lest i li..iT Wi' liae seen
j ";. this t .;. i.- t'e Slat;-, and ure si.johiii
j tin- ti at (in- most liiiel'al J J'ij. i s. Oar
' oo-e I . ; : I : i oi r oi
'' M ::,., i, re.
1 !' eh:
-t ,i. p,
''-"-: t'U-S l.e.uth i,
- I 1" 1 -;
. t 1 II i V . l . 1'
,- - . r c : j i - , ,o
""" ; s I;1' v.eh.l.r.,1...', V. -i
'l"' U' '- l"'h Addle,.:,
Newbitigh. N. Y.
i-'iii t
Note this, d:
ileiaeii. They ; , ( y v roughs,, at Jackson ville.
li-as. on tne g. i uit., resulting in
the killing of three Texans and the
i : f , l . ti
biismes.s 1'iiu .dm s: ti, iind those v.!,., ..,. I wi.iui'i! w. M-ai.u ou.exs. nix
f j.d of si.iokiii'-, ar- :,..li. d to c.b r miiv enetfs nu n were wounded.
'rem 1 I . ; . ;,.. ". .1 1.. -mi il t - a
-T.i-rom tne ivingston .uiey ttrs
of Tuesday, we learn that a large
meeting of the citizens of Ii ane
county was held in Kingston on the
2lth ulL,. t ) organize a stock compa
ny for the establishment of a Foundry
and Machine Works at that place.
1'roniinerJL among the projectors were
the names ot Col. "V. J. Better ton,
Messrs. -Ii-. M-artiu, J. C. Love and J.
T Met; wen.
Ihlst 'I i liss;' !l'VflU(V- House.
if leaders wi.l eleas,- ni'V- that M srs.
N illiams, .iiiii.4 riii;.w Wilson, Know ille,
b- Mil., have ill store the l;:r-e.4 .-4o L of.
X h-h.l.i fla w ing Tc.M'- j,., Cj.ir.s. im.'..
Mnokiiu' Tobaevt.,. Kr, sit Tll Vthx Seed,
wheat, can and oat irigs, Kentucky VAw
;.'as Seed, Cotton Yarns,. L'ie., ;,iid are
wholesale aur. i.ts tor Yirginin Sdt Vncki.
I hey sell cheap for cash.
The EVnlKxly E'mul,
In an artiel" with the nbov' head
ing, in last week's Kki nai.icAN, our
friend J. (I ray Smith intimates that
many of our patronw would not send
their sons and daughters to "Marv
ville College" on account of the color
ed students admitted there. What
motive prompts the patrons of New
Providence Institute to prefer it to
Mary ville College we never made n
subject of inquiry, believing that
every one has a right to send Ins sons
and daughters where he prefers with
out being pii;stii neil.
As to the -'base idea and mean par
simony" with which he charges the
wealthier class of citiens, in Marv
ville. it is not our province to answer:
but as to t! e nianm r in which th.
l'c.d'o dy f md obtain, d an I to
a mil A.t. jio.'o it na.-. be-ell iipplied. We
-;bdl eh'.-r rfiillv inform our frk-n Is
'hTV 'd Hii h. Miryvir. !,ilvM n
Alt. r obt iieiug t' e ii,ite n:i...
her d pupils, and teaeleu-s.
amount . f a-siired funds, we applied
to Dr. S-ars f ,r th- lVah,,dy fund.
Shortly alt r. ..-i- of his agmbs v js.it
ed this school and ma h: a r -p u t to
Dr. S ars To our ;i;p:: v as to our
prospi,-t of getting s.ii fund, he
o ned his letter ;iddre.s.s,l to Dr.
Sears ;md r.-ad the folk w -ing s- ntence:
"7 'its iJn.f fi-.i;,tI.f ..v'.., y,,u
ir t.it. A ncuhir w vs then received
from Dr. Scars with full instructions,
stating tha ulniv no p-.1 he school
system existed a committee had to be
appointed, whose duty it was to till
out. and sign certain Id inks he fur
nished Dr. Elliott, W. A. McTeer
and J. C. M. Bogle '.vcix fuogi-ir.-d to
r.ct as fcuul .-..odt,-. i;H,9f. ah!0 to
pay madv p the reouiied fund :
illOio Unahlc to pay anything enjoyt d
the blessings they could Hot possibly
have obtained iu uny other way. One
hundred and seventy five pupils
wc-ro nroIh d. Thirty seven pupils
received thir education without cost
ing them a cent the Principal fur
nishing most of them ith hooks,
paying for them himself to the
amount of Iw-twcen r'2 and .-:!).
The cost of tuition to those thirtv
:. vn pupils at Sl.'n per month
would have amounted iu ten months
h eki-jlK)
Fuel, C,).(iM
Looks. 2" 0 )
Total, SoliJ.bti
In return we received Km from
Dr. Sears, and the gratification to
know that ui the boys and girls in
Maiyvillc, unable to jimv f.-r their
education.'-. m'd get it'wifhottt costing
them a cent: and vu fake oei-as'on
here to say w e fe'1 .roud .J the :vT
vanc-t nn nt mad )iA.h r.rally ami
intellectually of tx-arlv all those j ujuls.
.In regard to the selna J this session,
I am happy to s;;y, instead of the
majority hi ing pay scholars as ir.ti-mati-d,
17.S get the benefit oi cl- ki t
money at che Institute. The schools
are undw the snp-'rvision of the
pro'-r Se-htvd wjliorrt ;e-s.. ITvery
condition lias been thus far strictly
complied with, and tli S-diool Direc
tors lmve been oilj.-ially notified that
min ' tfollitrx mft "i n
'jriuiti'l to Ui''. I'uhiic .V.-AooA-i of
M tr'iri,'
A mi-mber of the County Court
yakes exception to our article week
before last, for led (pioting the law
more fully. We are always glad to
a commodate w hen we can eon
listently; so here is the law italics
are ours :
"Skc. :'.. lit- it furlnr f)KH-t,T,
That when the money derived from,
the school fund and taxes inijtcd by
the State on tho counties-,, shall n.d
bo suilifient to keep tip a p-nblie
school for live months in the Tear,, in
the school districts in U-ig county, the
County Court atall l t n ii'luition
tl t't.c .irJrcityHt J'or tWa ji rj !; or
ta!l submit th jo-oposit ihiu to :ti
of the. jwiy. and iaL-iy levy ta. to
prolong the schools beyoiid the live
So nmcKthe w orse for the County
Court. It now shows that the law of
Tennessee. and the people of Jilonnt
cotrnty have both been treated with
contempt, by that body. .
i "S
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- i P 2L ' ' ' 7 1 - " . ; X 5 5 Lr-J
: r ! r 3 ' 3 - . i '" r- S. IT 1 r '3 rf ?r.y-- I
ILL' 3: Z 1. z z z?Z2 ft ir I
: . " : z --. i. 7 . - - --. - - -y - r- F0- srT. to rrLr -g ,lt.
rr;--r-;--ir:---;-; :(; Is'-if IsF S-
- . - .. - ., i "T" fc -itcj -
--- --.- I - 7 r - - ? i - 5 -t J-- era
' " i ! Z. - c . r i zr -l ' - .. -- ' " , - - r cro Karl 4S
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y 7: - J- c . -
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.J I 4 -"r-.-r' ---7 M H
. .. - T . S 1 11. S" .
s- - ! - "s.i i j . j. j ! rj
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ilii,. tirNff!i!ffi!iffJi?ili
1'sVoTO H : : : M i; M : ; fi M ?H ?; ; 5 1
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