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&MIRIUO VAU.X 1VW ATIKI.Y. lifrXKMIikK 83, 111.
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Gifts For
" HIM "
Gifts that will
you as well as
please you because of
your satisfaction with
the price and general
attractiveness ; please
him because they've that
undeniable and unmis
takable air of quality.
If Undecided
. ft. f . a.. f . I T I III
Kansas City. Mo, Dec 22. -Ten- ral ironths ago J. F. Ilolden. vke . tnf. as co-respondent, not another
tntive p!.iim hi been nir.de teeently ! president of the Humi City South j man. but thlrty-(tvf pt cits anl
by which the tWuld Interests ar.'rn. Issued a bulletin to en.ployei .two dos. and sllctln that tby had
piannlne on a new. shorter rot.te b-U'lvlnr oni of hi prODl cheena- superseded him n his wife allcc
twecn wnvpr and the l'nrlflc toast, j tlona showing that the earnings options and ranked hither thai he tn
taordinx to a tentative traffic ar-ialtroad employes In England anljthe household. Samuel W. O'lHll of
nnm.i,i i.-tue.n ih Ivnvrri Rio continental countriea were lo.t-r . l ethol. Kas . a Civil war veteran. 74
r:rnii!.. and the Mcfft road, a con-Via ntho. Ic the Cntted Statoa. Mr 'years old. hat sued Sarah I- ODtll
n-xflon Is to be made between thesa ' ilolden nan Just Issued another bul
!tvo properties, affordln the CoulJ.i Mln to the employe of the South
!a direct rome went from Ivnver and lent, comparing the coat of llvint In
ttoInK away with the Ions, haul soatuthc Cnlted States with that In other
lo Pueblo and north again to the countries The bulletin Is of an sdu
north via Tenr.ei.ee Pass, iiatlonal nature which Mr. Holden ;s
The arranitenient provldoa for the ; lparlnr from time to time for dl
h..it.i.M f cutoff from a oolnt on '.HbmlOB over the system.
.h. Mnffnt road to Dotsro on tbi ' ' frequently asked it It
Klo C.randes main line throuuh Col- cheaper to lire. In fo
elm countriea man in toe tniU-J
'SlalM' Mr llnlilan ..va ..!
. ..... v i u . M I I
I would aay that the board of trade
of droit IirHaln recently made a very
nhaustlve :nqulry Into the wage
and cost of llvinr In Germany,
France. Pelj.lutn, Great Britain and
the Cnlted States, selecting ccrUlu
occupation smh as the bolldlns.
According to reporta In railroad j
lries the success of this arrange-
mmt depends upon the ability of W. )
Fvana. president of the Moflat'
roiid, to carry out negotiation! for
firianrln tthe proje.ts which are now
on In the Fast.
If the riHred flnarciul assist un c
in mured It probably will n'ean tliit
tbe Gould lntereta will iomplc! Hi
arruneiiM nij which have Iwn uti
(Ur coralder.it Ion for wmif tin e ri
atlve to throush service from St.
Louis to the Pacific coast Tne .Mis-
Ki'irl I'aciflc route wo'ild be followed
to I'ueblo. the Hio Grande to Denver,
the Moffat line to Potcero, ihe IUo
"'.tHtid to 'alt like City anil th"
western rnciric tr.e remainuer vi i-." t;0rmany $.'.tO, In France C.:.l ami
aT- Iti IlelKlum $.VI7. The to'il averar.e
lor dlvone !n the Wvandottt county
.i'sti'ct court
Ilia cupcrlencea In Anleraonvllle
priaon durli the Civil war were
. lea-ant. be told Henry Mende, his
attorney, compared with tbe lUi
which hla wifea r 1'd nllD dur
m the six w'ka of their d arrled
life. whlh hn;an last AprlL
"We met at church," he said, "and
hen we were married 1 wanted her
to so to my home at I'omeroy, Kaa.
.he refund and insisted that I ro to
live at her home at Nethel. I didn't
know any thine about the inenaaerle'
cntll I got there. Then 1 found why
i.he wouldn't leave. She had thirty
i tv rats and two doss. She allow-:
cd them to eat. sle-p. drink or do'
Cranberries, Celery, Etc.
Oranges, 20, 25, 30, 35c
nun hlnist and printing trades. Th ; anything they wanted to In the house.
port of the board of trade as sut-'.-he let the cats sleep In the beila and 1
i i'tpl to parliament consisted of e-' tal-e their kittens there. I couldn't;
nil hundred page." !iroe witnoiit stepping on one or fit
From this Mr. Ilolden aHi-eta th'l down without moving one or two off
inrpetiteT Carpentera In A merle 1 1 (hair,
average " hours a week. In Eng-' IVti Vire Will ImI.
tatul Germany jft. Frances 64 am! J ' She always cooked tlnee time ai
K. lum bTi- In the Cnlted States n uch .is would have been required
arpeinera receive on an average lor tin-two of ua alone. During the
l!M(7 e..k. In KnHiini! 1 OT In'.K weeks tl-at I stayed there, she
used ITiO pounds of flour and 4 0 1
pounds of com meal. Most of the!
r. nt and food cost per week in the food that is prepared was usul to j
l ulled States is JK.7S, in EiihUim! feed the cats. When I brought home '
' I's. in Germany $1 98, in France fresh meat or when a meal was cook-1
4 :.!. and In IleUtutn ti.OS. Car-led. th rats had to be providtd fori
penters have left over from their first. I ate afterward If I could, but
week's wages In the Cnited States as a rule I couldn't. There were us-
Apples 15c, 20c, 25c and 30c Per Doz.
A few JONATHANS at $2.00 BOX
Kid Glovea
Mocha Gloves
Fancy Vests
Bath Robes
Smoking Jackets
Suit Cases
Trunks j
Toilet Cases j
House Slippers
Silk Mufflers
Knit Mufflers
Tie and Hdkf. Set
Tie, Hdkf.& Hose Set
Plain Linen Hdkfs.
Initial ilk Hdkfs.
Fancy Suspenders
Cuff Buttons
Scarf Pins
Tie Clasps
Laundry Bags
Traveler's Rolls
Holly Boxes
Ties in Single Box
Collar Bags
AO of the above in addition to our
Refular Stock ol
Fine Furnishings
This would cive the Klo (.t.imle
and the Western I'aciflc a much
hhorter route between Dener and
tlic const than any of Its tivala. j
l'robtil Iv i h of the busings whiih
now moves wept over the I'p.lon I'a-
nflc would le diverted to th Gould j $9 Kiuland $2.77. In Germany unllv two or three cats on top of the
lines. With the proposed teuty-(tj In France $l.!3. and In Del- tjiblo They got to drink out of thw
two mile cutoff lotn,o woi Id be:K,lini $144. The fitter, who In 1 dipper and were allowed to put thel.
174 miles from Ivnver. where, tin- tvpl.al indoor mechanic, fnrrs about uoes and feet Into practically tvery.
iler the pre-nt Klo Grande roi tlni. .-e t,e carpenter. hlng that had been cooked or was
It In nilles The saln of 171 ' These flames Indicate. Mr. Ilolden to be cooked
miles In the transcontinental ha il MVB that the mechanic In the Cnlteu "When 1 complained of the ex-:
would e r-arded a great advantage States earns more than twice as mm h slve number of pets and wanted
even ccrslderiiH' the heavier :r.idei H ,tie mechanic In Kntland. nearly t0 P't rid of part of them, she said
of the Motfat line. three times as much as the mechanic they had b. 11 there before 1 'ame
It Is reported that aid has been ' in Germany or France and three and ami were tt ere to remain uud If I
promised Mr. Kvans If he cin show tie-half times as much as the mech- eidn't like !t I could Ret out. Then
tint tbe proposed traffic asreem-nt mlc in lleU-lnm. The American me- iie bet.une 1 n.ss. said she wls sorry
would vield a revenue srfflcient to , tuuiir also works from six to twenty thr.t she hud married me, wouldn't
cook and refused to sweep for -vecks
at a time.
couldn't sleep any better tha'i
I could eat. From three to live of
the cats weie uaiallv sick and had
to be 'tended at nlsht. Om c sh j
enrnlnp of a mechanic In other coun-( took the pillow oct from eiu'et her
ir!es. Without (pioHtion, Mr. llo'cn jown head and put It under a sick cat.
avs the wane earners In the Cnlted The rest 'meowed' and fought all
Mates earn more money, have mors tiluht. As soon as davlUht came I
l ix irieK and live In preater comfort ; would pet up and po out for a walk.
Viidersonvlllc wasn't any worse.
When It berime unbearable I left."
In his petition for divorce. O'Dell
made affidavit to the substance of
the statcmerts made In converration
with h's attorney. .Mrs. O'Del! is 4 4
years old. In addition to hi r home
the ons three other lots, but her
hvshrird siid tint he would make no
claim to nry part of the propertv.
lie hay returned to I'omeroy to live
iii on- o Ins three- dauht'is.
Oh! You Pumpkin Pie
Pit Cherries in any Size
Cans and Syrup you want
I So Don't forget the No.
Its 1139 332
take care of the required bonds. It
Is believed the linn ran be proven
profltnMo nr.d that It ca nbe con
structed st i comparatively low fig
ure, dcplte the difficult Rrades.
liouts les than the mechanic In for-
t I l ountriis per week.
It also Is shown Mr. Ilobbn de-
.lutes, that the mechanic In the Cnlt
', ed States has more left after puyln?
I rent and board bills than the total
Nuf Sed
Louie Says:
To see him the Last Shopping
day; to
Notice the
Hum does any other wae earner th
ot Id over.
I Company
and the
other kinds
Every article that it useful
reasonably priced here; the
same courtesies, the same
prices to one and all alike,
always. We still have an ele
gant assortment to choose from
Store on the wrong side of
the street, a little out of the
way but it pays to walk.
'I he folio Ainu rotnmt'Uicatlon at
'ached to preambles and resoiu' Ions,
H'loi'Mt of the death of Dr. Divil K.
as received yesterday by Dr.
I! A .lohns'on. president of t'ie l ot
it County Medical Society:
In. K. A Johnston. I'r-sident "f tho
Totter County Medical Society
V-'e. your committee, appolntd to
prepare suitable resolutions ex;res
ivl of the sense of this six let y oe
cernlne the death of Dr. D. U Fly
ml to recommend appropriate s'tion
1 f this society as n mark of respect
to his memory, be? to submit the fol
lowing resolutions:
S IIKUKAS, Dr. Fly, a mem'-er of
this society and president of the State
Medical Association, departed this
life at Fort Worth, on the 2!Mh dav ,
of November, 1911: and,
WIIKHEAS, Potter County Medical
o' lety desires to place upon Us rcc
nn!a a fit memorial to the men.ory of
ihU Just and u rlht iitl.ei. who,
loreettlng sdf. Fve his life aid uti
tlrlns enerples to the upbuild. nK of,
a more un ted inedb al prufcsslon
and to the epliftlni: of the iltlen-
ship, by advocating the obsrvanie
.Hid adoption of more efficient tuedl
cnl and sanitary measures in our
state; therefore, be H
Resolved. I!y the Potter County
.Medlcril S01 lety, that In the decease
of Dr. Fly, the State of Teas and
I the State Medical Association hat; lost
one of Its piost loyal, patriot it and
intelligent citizens and a di;,r.;; 1I1.I1
!cd physician.
i Resolved further, that we hereby
! extend our condolence and svuipathr
1 to the family of the deceased In their
sad bereavement, and th a a copy of
these resolutions be f'irnlsiicd Mrs.
Flv. the dal'y press and State Journ
j al of Medicine, and be li.eorporated
In the minutes of our 801 lety.
Amerlllo, Tex.. Dec. 22, 1911.
We'll have denl for Jon. We've rediiieil tlie irlce so as to
con iiKMlate our friends ami patrons ami offer It for
l.'on-ts 'JV to 30c per pound.
Steaks at c er pound.
IXier iler now and be sure to m-t your supply-
Phillips Meat Market
t MnMhnvs Market on Taylor Street Phone .tV
UB1UIS I Sill 1 1 WW III' HI Mil
r - :
cJ Gifts
I I I 1 -
PIM11 re frnmlna Jest recemd t
new line of mouhlini's for ChrlMmiu
Klne-llolland Furniture 0.. phon?
HJ6 3' 'ff
iH-n n ree1 of some one to carry
note, a present, a parcel or make a
lellvrr of an'- Vlr.d tlr 11.1: we
tri the candr kids. - " l'i-tfc
For Meni
That are Particular
OR that undecided gifts-for-men
feeling, this store will prove a
happy solution for you today.
There's something here that will please
every man that cares articles of ap
parel, useful but inconspicuously and
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