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tfcmim: who shu.l r.ht:
XKW YOIIK, Hept. Five vlt
lories Hnd five Inning name mi
low defeata for Now York U'll Hie
itory ,i( the ittruKKle of the putt
wiek between the rlvaln for the Na
tioiml I.c'i.tic pennant. The Hravej
I oiccd further ahead curly In the
week while the (JlanlH were wlnd
lug up their illMistroiiH campaign
I'lillaU lplua. l.ere tney lout three,
out of rive Kamtn.
Since then, however, the rare Iiuit
vlrtimlly been even. Mi-dritwa Iium
Kuincd h half a (nine ly outplH.vl.ii;
I llM lntiHtl uhlle (he t,-iiu s were In
volved In a tie emouiiter ultli SI.
A three game sup neparatea tin
two (IiiIih -a decided udvuntaye for
llostcin at thin Htace, when only a
Ultli" more than fortnight of play
renin inn before the ticuhon lone.
StartiiiK In with the Cincinnati
aerie, tin- (iluntt bf iran to play bet
ter ball than they have uliown for
month. Indifferent fb lillng; bcltii;
offset by a superior pitt-liing mil
lively ImtlliK It look", however, an
If the champions' reversal of form
hml come too late, their only ap
parent fiilvatlon now belli c that
HoKton will strike a miiir either In
the remainder of the aeriea wl'h tin
WeMeriu-rx or in the cIhmIi with the
(liantM licgintiiiiK Sept. ::o.
In the American l.t-aKtie. F.osMti
ban made llttl proKresa h en i it -t
I'lilliidelphla, althiiiiKh the latte.'
team lius iiecn phiylni: In-low n.id
Mimmer form. The e( s bet
ntiother cbaiice to nam u train, bv
taking a beatliiR from Clevel.iml
While the Athletic were loulm; to
I'-'troit Today, with an exi li.-uifru of
opponent. In. ih Athletba and H
Sox won but the victory of the Hon
ton ns a doulile one ami the leu I
of the Mai.'kmen a P-tlmed to I. I-.1
II ToMnllll.i: lo IMUKI Aht:
I.OM. III ! l lltll.l l V lltlf
0 8
iwiuii.i.o mm n tin i!iii n
I :h;c is to in i f.it si. iii
ii im OI.IM.l-:
mnn.i.i. i ii.trmt
ll'ItU t In declared Intention of
annexing the Kialpx of the Setli War. I
fooUi.ill learn till afternoon at tin'
Male County Fnlr at IMnliix . the
When Frank Hi hull I lilt'lim nl
bin proper gult the Cut uauully add
a futile to the won column.
Hill llradley bun bin Urooklyn
1 f-it 11 1 Rolnst Mt a fust flip n.ltl crowd
lilt! the leaders III the Federal l"'.fiie
rac e
I.ouIhv llle and Milwaukee, "I'll
IndiitiiiipidiH clone by. i're pnttliiu up
a (treat battle lor the American n
-.dilution tieiinunt.
laterniillonal leiKiie record t-how
that Newark ba dropped seventeen
and Montreal lilt ecu kiiuics in a nv.
Ml loilll-lli':. Ilenliuu I In I Ml lle-l aol , ' d.
Ij i enr Noc. Ili-m mid Ti out ' I !,,.
Slops iilj- ( ill. II I bill ll lui 1 !. .
Willi llejiituclie (toe.
not irlU;
in! i. lined
I!. re at
and haW
lli the boss, bead od
Hcim the air paaiatet;
"Stuff)" Mclnnn, Imtal Scher o( AtMetict.
Willi bonnet Healed under the per
soiiiil illn-etlon of Mayor Carter I!
Harrison of Chicago nnd with Mr. W.
I HiihIcv of (he Willliinm-Haflev
Motor Car Company of I'ltlyluirrh
nnd Knink Hires of Midden Tour
lal liflmlmg fume at the wheel a
Mitchell lull Il I". I.iulit Kour
will he stent ii'tay t!ie tlrst of n.xt
week on H reliability lel more f trt :!
noii than any ever ilciininded of n
IllKh-hpeed motor type of automobile
anywhere in the world.
Mr. Ilanley and Mr. Zlrbe will e
say ilrlvli'.n this latest masterpiece
irf KliKineer John W. Hate, '.'."ill mile
a day f ir n period of ::n ronsecutiie
days, travrslnif a total of T.'.on mile.
of blKhWaVH between ( lib ami Hlid the
Atlantic Coast Moth Mr llaxlev and
Mr. Zlrlies recently set the record la
the recent l'i;ti-buri!h inn ntup ic-d
ill a Mitchell Special Six when the;
drove '.'.'p'i'! in ll'' hour ihroiich the
hills of I'eiinsylvania without a
of the motor
It will lie tile aim of the Mjtch'd;
Lew I Motor Company when laving
(Hit the routes lo ect the worl lais
Mble roads in makini; the sriieditl"
and they v ill plan In Imi h man'
citie n possible where 'he Mitchell
car Is reprc-ehted. ami in effort will
he made to f-ave this I.U'ht Kour
Imiler ma li'ne mi liai. icnliv.
Knttitieer and lie-inner, .lolm V
Mate, ha for more Ci.ti. six inont'in
hml one of these new Fours niiiiiiur;
almost i Hi ' l ii no i si on the lilllv
roads of Wisconsin, and Is detertMh
e. tu demonstrate that it rcliul'll
llv and cHiilencv wlli as,i-, I no iier
tent on a Mrctiiiou t. l m n miles
a dav Mr llasley s one of tne
be t known automoiiile men in I'enti-t-viHiiiu
n ii l i a pioneer driver
Mr Zlrbe pcrhnp lia toured more
reads in the i'nit.d States mil
Furope than anv other expert in tin
countrv" nu Lawrence I'yle. factfiry
r'pre-etit,itive of the Mitiliell l.evl
Motor C'ltiipaiiy," and if will be ens
It r f'ir l.itn to make bis schedule of
.'.'.ti inllei a day and Include mull
llie.t as South Iteiid. KUI'Hrt, I'e
trcrt. Toleilo, C'evelaiol Fit t slm r - Il .
I'ntllllo S racii.e, llorbevter. .Villain,
Ferilaii't lln-toii. Hartford. Crini
ilence. Ne Vir!;. I'hi'.i.l" 'phla. Ilnl
1 1 mure, V. asi.linrron. Wbeelinc. tc
The ti' Four. i i n u for ll.'.'.u 'nm
rcvnlut!ot,i''fd lirht car tiulldlna in
the t.plrliin of maiiv eiiKltieer- . l.-i
law tes'i-il the lati.i irtdlinii of tin
Vitiliell l.ewl- Motor Cinipanv. and
t- (iropose lining the t.-Ht of test
feel hi c collllilent that the bonnet pi Hi
v. Ill be unliroken w h'-n the ar fln
I -iie lis run at I'lttxliurrti for the
I'ltt-iliiirch Autoinolillo Show
The day of the over'o'.xentm f: rnt
baemaa I pa") and Rimr-. f.T Harry
Duvln of the rhamplon At'ali tii
Hurry c-ontlnueil, rajiv.K. 'The lup
one v ho held down the Initial . in k In
il::yn none h rimiil do Juki two tlilu.-.H.
that of liltthi tae h'l tr,l:htv bard
on the iio-io w lu -i it wh etoovc i, nnd
r!ehl:j? a perfect tl.ro
"'Stuffy" Mel, ill hi's provel be
yond diuibl tti:-t a t.i ti'i ,v. i- rrtthi-r
In Hie wav on fir I hue :! t!.e ilivs
of fast. aeiMitilir biiselia!! pr v id n::
tlie small fellow ha the r.in.e reijulre
meiiH ii that of Mi Inni First bnso
men loiliiv ::e icnuin-d to (if 1,1 thmv
and tun ba-ics just like a lb l-J r. v
lie ali t. h;i i he bill hurd and often
The o'd iinie fljst scki-:s nucli a
Anron Hrd Mroi'li'-r. eoulitn't hold
job ill Hie bit; le iii-.e todn CnmIkV
alone of tiinsi-e.irh iht ncker ruult
"Flamie Ho'Mi.ati wa nlioul th'
lnt of the niii t Tin- A'hletlci
lenrnid thto-a!i Ira Ihotnii. prevl
o::sl v. 'h lie-ro t, tlat Claudii
(o ibin't tiirio- llfMi- in H')y' de
(l.ti'li year l.'.e Alalelir plavetl I
jret th- lull in !i;i li.itid and then
v. e!l i.i.rl.li'i; could tn, lliein on tin
"This a Hi" 'i.ln on which Itot .'
w en! to t lo' nrnoM "
in ii r 1 1 lo Military Instittitt
team will leave at ', :'u tills motii
lilK for the liallleili Id.
("Hplain Col l ee ami Coach llin h
anan admit that they have the lt
team ever Rotti-n ioatlier by th.-ir
1 lie t i t tl t ion . In i Ii K mad)! up ot Ind -viuual
plaver who have di-mo:iKtrat-cd
their riKlit to be on the list n
lepresintnllves of their school mil
wlio hi lie ill x eloped some Mipi-rli
team work.
.VI os-l of the Let vi-ars si mid are
on hand and souo- nml ti men uiio
are expected to raise tin- averaKi ot
the i tew
The irospi-ii l c plaver
illltireiil pOHitions on Hie A M !.
team inc.
Halves - Cm fee. Foils and It !.
Full Mack lionrk
tjfiirtcrs Chari-lion am) Cofiee
Fndt Mice, S l.owny ami 1
Morton. iodso,i ui
fool hall i Ibis seuotl
Tin- I'll III le-i haveut a ( hamplon
sli p team Ihl t'camn. but tl"v
HUlely have a trio of sweet bltti la
In Crnvalh. I.uderui and Ma.ce
Chnrley lool,i FhlllicA are work
ltiR haril to overcome the Cardliril's
lend and fin If h In the flnt division
of the National I.eiiRue
"IteiF" (MiHiam. the voun bit i
liandcr r.-i'i-nt Iv purchiised bv lie-
frj.il ft...... II... l-.-...'l.l.. ...... I t.. I. I..
plli'hitii; like a cliiiinpioti for HukIi
I'ltiber I.oiik Tntn IIukIic. tin
si'cuiid, limn the Muslim Mrave- n -cetitlv
obtained from Km heiicr
Try "Kly'a ('ream Unlm."
(ii t a nniHll bottle anyway, Junt to
try It -Apply a Fn. In thfl tiontrl!
ind lntatit!y your flopped none, and
.Mopped up air pnsiiRe of Hit liead
open; you will breathe freely;
lull rnH ami lie.ula' he dhapieiar.
Ily mornitiK! Dm cutnrrh. cold-ln-head
or catarrhal aore throat will
b anno.
Kinl auch mlaery now! (let thi-i
mall lioltlo of "niy's Cream Malm"! I
to;n nasty iii-ciiargea and a feellnl
of ci'aiiHiiiK, toothing rcllof comaa
lllll-ie II -I'l-ly.
I 'on 'i lav nwaka tonlfcbt atmi-'In-
f,,r ire:.t!io, with head it tiff
( l; m-irl'a cloned, hawklnjt
I'it'Ait.i; C;itarrh or a colJ. with
" r ji - :. t. t i,o ;-, fo'il mitcout drop
I1' -e ' the throat, o'nl raw dry
ti'tw n iri p. lug tut truly nood
Mt any driiK Hlorc. IN weet. fm ,
(rant bitliu illholvut by the beat of!
ot:r faith
' i' .;a F
Hill Mill
-J:mt oneo In
an. 1 your cold
! dlrappear.
(No. B)
for tin i winked for M it tinner Sla lllnifi wlthi
S. I.owr'.v.
( i i;a rds -.1 .Morton, ( uiiwav a. el
.1. Walker
Ccnt'-r- W T l ow rev ainl I'rc,
colt Setb Waul is said to have an e.eii
better iiKCrccat urn than last sea .on
and will probably give a kihiiI i
cooiil of t licitiselv i-H i ten should
I In-v allow tin- luilitnrv liovs tu wi.i
I'laili v ii-vv 1 1 if li Si loud in. iv tae
llllv:ll,je of Hie proMlllilv of tin-Visitor-:
lo ttv I sl-s with till-Ill In-
luotro'A nioii!liii In .mi- tram lime
the New York Y si n keen l.i I '. lit
Humor ha il that Srni use will
lake ti,.. plate of Halt linon- la' th''
1 1 1 1 -j-i i .i 1 1 ii i I b-uir'i" iii vt on
.lai k I Minn 1 ue ( iridic ho-. I , li
man. ite the team
Manager .Mctiri.w ol li-i Cr-n's
ccltalnh overlooked a pel vs in-n he
released Hunk (iowdv. The lily
call iier'n wo'k lor the lliavti hie
lieeii one of tlie nal pen t it I his "f
the veal'
() I he Jit ,t me pla v c.l Ii. i
Hie Atiil'tlcs and the I.e.! So
laM-i have won In. lost :i iiil
a 1 1 . The ( a-ri:au-. ale t be
-I l
''"' I
I lie i
I ' 1 till li I I
III -. ;-ud"V IH-
Jiainle .!.i!
ti tr in ' Th.-
i I :e ,
v I il I li r I He
I p to V.oi "
till"- i;, . ;
ll-eill Hi h i '
lour l i "T'ii
! : .i. I ; ,
W iliia ii, I ,i I cii in
I.e. mi l.i r -
la i
-I i.
ic i.i- II h
- i ..lb -I li'
'-. II. -e-'-i
i I I ! I ' "
iil-i II I-
I 1 I
V" "
I. ill;
v:tl, a
lo I l
v l.i. Il i
..I'll- .11
iKtieil Dorln
ol tho '"Fed
, (or it tern'
promise Of
.ate the tltlr
irt's drami.
to be Klvetl
v t ucuse ou
, be ,1,
In tin.
I n
I. I'.
-I I
l Mill
has been
- .ni to play
FH i." tho
i.-liiii.e llotl
1. Wilcll WHS
Iii ,' eon-
lei in I i t In- b at: in
a little .-oniet liliic
.loll' II Ati -U in.
mis piti In r of I In
StanR( r,'n iii a Itrave.t. h-it
tbereg no slallu.K In that kiiiik theiu
IV e have read but few rtorie luielv
enlitleit Twenty thousand I.iuh ai
the K.llire." j
MiiS"v .MiCimw ii.ll f'.ty Scnalk,
White So i atclie". tae Ktiatesl bttie j
liaeii -tup tn the w or d
Hienahan l lieiii oT'Teil tin- inh I
nf Cuh niniiai-i r f' r ri -t e;,! (,. fn,ny
or tnc eastern w riters apain
They nay Nap Laime will finish
rich' in the Mni-rii-en lenr.ee flthern
H.I-. lie Is abend,' fltii' h'-d
T'"e Clevldtid Nap hn'', boucht
fiti her llarMnad fnun tl.e 'nncoiiver
club of the Northwestern l--:t:'ie
Mux ( are-, of the IV t - b I i'k.'i nut field
i o fast refii K down to drst that
few l.'. er cm-ii "v to il'i.ihl-' hint
The ftr.!jer
Mrk-r In '! '
b-iUi(tn flebb-r
Few Clubt Will Have Balance on
Riflht Side of Ledger When tha
Preie"t Catipaign It Over.
Owner nf ball dubs r - t.ol polin
to lay up a lot of iintncv tin year
Few of tin- clulm in t.i two maiT
Icacue will have much ol a balance
on the right uliie of ihe b dgi-r when
the prevent rampalan I over, and ho
ffr kk the Ft- l are ( nurerneil. their
losiM mii'd be cnoiniou Condition
have not been for tlie beat iiiterBU
of the name thin year
There ha been a lack of Interest
friuii the outset. Mie: public "' ' not
take kinill) lo the talk of player
j jumping unil Ihe protiiiiieuce which
th" mercenary -n-i of the fport ha
j been pi-.en The ilireiit":i'-d wur
! w!;ft, Mexico !o had i' effort, and
the present K'iro-en mlvip also
I help lo detract from Ihe uporl
I llecau!' of the one iii-i iiinte.Kt In
the An:' r: : ri league rai e Hie nrgniil-
ratl'in In b'-en partu nl.trly hard hi'
' Tin- ptesent rate In ihe National
j liruba lit v will have new r.i! (bib in
. that b-at: up from niTerlng louses.
Rhoddy Walla;-. Old Tnwe St. Lou
Shortttop, It Perfectly Satisfied
' With Old Contract.
ni:ili(. itic"
l Ki.l s in II.
ii im i:
"Feiitiiitf Mai k", Co
.leliuina. o-iie Icindlt
beriiatorl l i andiilat e.
Tllll li lionsl-r llltlis, M ;
t..r. ot l
and no v - 'i
i -cel. in
l tl- llielldiil '
A Mb le"
I ltCs
i Hi- i ,i
fFjmer la
1- n Fc-Iti
V, r- thrv
dv ba'l
Fmpnr. a
Kni S"'i
i.ces(f,, n vi I
jh ,p pennant
I je.lylii TtiiiK. I
t- a biifhly ai lentifie i i on; plun- j
mint aim :ioiiii tie praitKi,) only
bv tliose fuMv itnalifled ir Clamp.
Wolciitt pieilllt Fye. Far. None
and Throat Telephone Sun for an
oi'ice appointment. ;""-t
riaaoMt and ht piaea to tkt Try
Thal.tmlt. 4MTavlor.
firore' I."
t!l r'.rotis
vllie (.!-.-.ri
Cuba ha I
j (thoil.1'.' Will .u-e lit- Ifif.ebler who '
ha been vh th" T'r.i" r. ever iiie ;
' 1 '111 I. .....!.... .1 ....... .
' -, nil- ;-i ..mr l.i. w b;!"
h'-e a total 'hlrd
Th" ' ot.'itftcr I a C V
a:.d (an ' ."..p ,!, : f" VJ
, I l
"..t !-n 'he f-fioV r
ii..iVe t .- f x' trip w
lil eX I
.xn :...",
aii-e : . n:i-i.n " ' " . I
t.,; ire i ..!'.; jh '
f .'VWAi ..,-."., .., i
A i I it r
yNvA ti,, t,
- 1 I. I - . m . . i
. VV' '
re,.,. n1 '-' Ihe M!tm-r I .-l.a it
t ri'c--, I . la' fit 'el '''' Iron; i i
it.int 'the plaver of th- A:i'.:.k 'i.-i
! M j !M,A.;;;:;r.
-r''Av Vl ,V,-. I i""1"" '-'
' :J ' - '
iiii.iI for an tonal iMipiii 1 1 u it nr
ev i i y man. It s'-ow ho v. - i u tin-,
most liardi'iieii ri in I u . I I' cimii I '"' , , . ( i
opportunity, i.iu In fo..i,.. bv o
tb-ty's touch and If niiri-d atl.uu !
I lie t lory el M .lel.niliiss III. ,i . ,
tbliilleil li hlini-lf Iii 1'ie Sal util a v j j,n
I'veiilllt I'O't. will ileilat'-il to In- , ,,
tiio-t reiiint '.aide human dm union: o tl)
the preniil day In pi - nl mi! It.'
ciory on tin- siren, none o ,ii-j
pttt ii s or lra -tly of this re.'orin. d
oiiII.iw'h III'- ha lie. ti lust I'm h i
thrill that (oiiihh into the heart of
a it 1 1 li t " 1 man Is lelt bv the auilo-hce
a tin y fee .Ii-ihiipiim Ivrced by tin- i
-.-ill. I ( i I'l t. Ill st a to e into a lite oil
crlh e, i based b tin- i-ln-rilf ami tin i
plls'O I
' I'ealllic 1'aik" opt lis In a uovil'
way A child is liisi losi d pulling I
back t In- ov i r ol a hook . larger I li.m
her lleelt sell r e.i V I-1 1 1 1 1 the till-',
p.l-e Of 'lll.llillli F.llk' toe IIOVill
ei tiirv of Jen iiuii- ' life She I lie'i I'.ustun
turns thi- pa (To a ml we see .leu l i n i; . w ol k
l llii.cit staiuliiiK aip.ireiiliv a- a . l ii-.ii'n
f runt lsiei i- tin ii dis olvi-s lor a in" St l.n -is
men! nnd a second la -r .leiiiniiKs , lit!- h irrh
step out ol li e tralne In Hie ins I'l-1 1 olelpliia
ttlllle he wore, when .IK a liatl ll' I " I'limkl-li
t eri oriti-d evt tv 'i.i'ioit Iriuii I u! a I io-inn ill
to lllll Ke C, III- i i
ijoe a little pro
I III- hi elie -lilt '
his ( ali'lnlai v lor t i.i. au .
'. I Ik lali Ilia be a in - ' I .inn- .
on the screen .-Hill I'm sln-iirh
' 1 of .lelillllll- - I ( ill' llltl.lt I
..Li .tics and h.i ii k i
llll.,' Ill II II
iv iio -a i ai I o ha e
on I hi AI ii I. i .i li
lie oi'i-'luie I a in-
e Hi il, I ., 1, 11 , I'', i!
: iei'ioii as ti nub pet dent eanill
lilt. Ii i sherllt la Nc- Mle.uv . Ind
o lie voted for ill tin' Nov- Inte l l it '
Hull Tin llrav i s m c'.i to do I l-.i ir Ic I
'viol, vv In-n Irving 'o ii-. evi uii'i' a
lead ol a t u n ii i ' o I n :-.i U"- t
t- r lalne Ihl . c.i on the Slalli'iU's
..til : lias lb, i,;;'- I it tor iiii l-iciiu--.1
titl I ti n , 'l lie, t he le-ali . out ol lie '
I. ill oi the nllitii .
wn h
-1 lit-
i In
'I. F
1 he
i.i li!
1 1
hi i v
at nun i
il l ain i '
lil'lie ,v
i 1 1-
I,. I i
Ni '.v
t -
ii :
d- , it
I i i
I. av
,'h He
IM Ihl
lullette Day
im hnli'd III
il.-, piilltim-
' il p oil uct loii
s I o 1 1 e
1 1 v staled
i" Iii'' stiiut!
I ' M- to til"
'h inn: li'.'ll
c tint ho
i i al inn. I-
Cirl. for
: ol e till' "Id
ol.:; o-ei) the
Ml llf'll I IK
III I I' ( II si
II tl(i
spirit lias pcriiii ate I
and ciifiiiitTei Ho ui
Use Illoll
V c lerila;, litlieli liieri lialils of
llin illy purchased n I''1" ol ills
Ir---.- iiittou. ailbe'int; slrtillv to tic
ill letiis per iimi I ii I iiii v ' 1 1 1 in I a
pun lined in otlur ciiies ol the Stale
Ihe rot ton will to- stored
w .il h
1. 1 II, e
on a i
' t,, i .
U l.l.t -
,'i' i I
lo Hie i
'H'Vt lllll
I I" .
il 1,
1,1 .'
Ml I.
., .
-' v .
Vlectini: of I IK Inls.
I. ."Ill
lit II
to ,'l
. l:
- II'-.
I"" i i
. (lllll In II" t'l '!
Iieeiihllie hl
ed to hea l tin- c
To I.- t , p. : .
' oo l I . to s,.id
I'.i I
:, i,' i
,!!'.-, il
r In,
I of
It I
v: i- ii
to Hu
ll .1
' II
I" I
i I" u
1 1
ii' 0-
viii . i
i, I I'ri'ii
to i !.. r I
m i veiirlv
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'l til next
Hie pro-
i of pre.
il i.lei'st
a I- lo tlie
n .'ii I - i -i in cm . i u I he work
drier. 1. 1 t,...s Far-
i" H i iii- .v : , be all ached
poit "' the !' 'ir Ira n Friend
1 ioi'-ikii mi- -Ion ami the
i ' ' 1 1 ni tie,- on pe tee
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( I'll-
lo 1 1.
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V till .led
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to Tin i-oii. .lu-i
lively, li'iniiiii-- i
It-i lions hIiooIii t;
and the .-torv o'
tl.e I'll v el In. r I, I i ,
to revi jl II "If l"
by s., lie i,,n
Ullfi,,. d. t la in I'
rohlii-l !- .. i illli, il
t iii batt'c o- Si'iki
.! ni: mcs ami hi -ed
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itk'ein t f'ir I'ooii :i
ha- Ii stified o Hu
ll in ing s in h a l iii
for guild is VI Ii-i.-ii hc' fi
o-l ii:nl l.i . ii.;i .' t' i on or l
ti I iiik to It pro. I i' I ion Hit
ell in the Iii. roii
'Ihl. evil am i n ,"
I lit I ' ii i I
VeterUy'a lteulU.
New orlv "
. Ii.ila,iiiiila
J. I'.ost.in s
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I v ere 1 1 ' l ' , i , a '
i.ti:reil liver
New Votk I .IV
vlsdoili if pro
'll.at i' ii.i.tc-
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Ult-ie "Ibet 'i. Ii.ilnf
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i' li'HL'i, at Itlook'vil
inn. i'i :ii r,otoii
I. mils al New or
In tu -li
t II I II w
,i f liT'i'i'
i-atic i,i
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Frri't I r vouni- horti.tep rif lii
Ted Sot Im di eVt'fd o fa' th"
ea"- th: :i- V'anner i. I 'iiirie
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ed In r.:
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Int. 1 1
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at r. i iik-
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ri ir' hut i .
, ,t I ii.,. 1 tIl
Most Stupendously Tcrfectcd Amusement
Organization Touring: tho Country.
Positively Coinme on it Own Traina of Double lnvitli Cart.
Brintinj with it Acre of 5i:n and Woti-rproof C-nvm. Teat!
(bat S:at lOOixj f'.v pie. 1 be I ar jrst Mttifcne of Para Raants
ever asscmblrj. THc Hizft.-. I'j'tl ferforrrrrs liift ever conjre
ECled ltli or.r. tho -.
Mniiitn-n s bii!'.s civo n;i n i;u;l tl.e 'rien v.cn'th 1vvarf In
corrparition. de jt , j.,i ronsi.f s Ilfil-it'cy nnl .Splendor Crm
Mned I" tlie OranJ Sr.U'.c.il tr o Ihe I loml S cnlc A:hicvemant,
Tterln)r' lieaulU
. I el n
1 1. Oiled
It la n-ii t-i) i ,i j Ju l a ."lorltv th
F'-i! l a-e i , ib re t a'-al Frsik
( barr f- i i;e T,irn,e .d , im.
that $;." (oitrni-'
1 -soi !;
ee il. n
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or in.-
Ulteie Ibej
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ot .
I'l. t IimImi.
'Irrmilk. the t' pn wr (
i-turfil frern t'ie l.(iii'a-
. !a 1'ie lain h jrirr lh(
: ii ri--!- - , : . . i - i - i . : . j tu
I j j Tl.e en a . I ,i : o ' Hi, l,r,. II i,-
Tj4 rnlt-r in i i 'o: li-w '
UJ . f;,. t. . ,r. , ..' ,. of I , " ("
as'.na aio
fxSiy Wa'iact.
A certain automobilt owner m
telting 6C milci or gailon of '
Motor Cylinder Oil. het he can
iret 400 lo 600 miles per fillon
ai loon at he commtncti lo uae
Amalie 123 Ndn-Catbon Cylin
der Oil.
Are you savin? 5 cen's per
quart and Using IOC t(t 300 ptr
rent too much oil?
Sam B. Vaughn.
Ncrlhwcit Holor Co.
ia9rbnra ft'oi. Maaafatlirtrt
la niacin
tha Hupr
r n l!) !
time rt
p rveik!ina Toon !iHr,
r-,rk.nr a'fl ?n for
H la r!av perform
i ' I an-! la h!"r a' 2 'A
I ft'rtrt. 'olor'l lletlfa oet( lo
five th nr ltii th trp da r!a i
b'i' H'welilv aid th eld fnrm roTrart
n't'i i -i,' 'i fir b.m
( . , i j i i
i lilt el t I,' r r
j.e- m 'i-r if ri
I'l'-s I,- .) t,,,
f r n 1 1! i- i :.i
t . -i': s .Hi' -.' '
t III tt.l t'l I I
,;i el. I ,e pro
' Ik'al HI'i si-' liT
on 'ni' In', o'
.'h 'I" lo-
HflM'IM. di IFIMt
point or
names i
ho (tut: up Feridd anj
meat he b t a A T.r jlt
, h:i roursne i p to !he
t T i :.t ih n:n hia,. IV
i t look I ke t.s,T r.f fc-
tuiose Uepepuia.
F.d ne!bai h hii hi -i n. 'rfmelr
urp'-p iittr tli lh Hr ok!)ti fan b
ra ta - he it not devi.tl: 5 h a t ree ar l
rir-t t-i -tnriti hall rrti'-a for th
I", ir'". s'l'ioiifh 1 a, ,,n rrti
d or- l.br-eiiv b) tlie Ffoonltn f'-Jt.
Cards to Tradt Pfdut
rr, I.,, It iiri'i toff that
( ap MiFr,d of tu- M'aih
Intton iMtn bas s!tnd nn of th
Btf fon'rstta ailth no tan da? rlsjaa
Juat to Mi-. in tha r!l tbat ba Is tn rama'n Inns tb tha
not on e' rfia mslnr leatua pisr- 1h $fr hsa Htb sla;1 to taka ptrt
a tha (.I'me-a mts :l! lump to the In sriotr.-r teal afcl-h. ti n4 b,fn
r-?a fi -rne j I-, s nrk
( aiarrh atim-t I'.e l tirewl
(.') II. A IMM'-ATI-'N.". S
ranno' r'a'ti 'he aeut of lh
rlitentte. f.it.-t"h I' tilrwjtl or r'in-
atltutlofial ii.'ii, aM In ordr to
j cur It 5" ' m "' 1 1 r n 1 rrfti
1 fllea. JUil f a'anh Cnr
: Fitemaily. sn1 Srl rtlre t It upon
the filrt' 'I ar l m " IS ril'mm,
' IfalFa f Mtarr.- v"i:-s la net a rjtieK
' me ll'lr.e. F tre',be(J tf oti
In ii..
K.11 -i"
M " 1
Fit' -
Won lo t I't
1 .:
IrJ !
: .-
1 nr.
I eater ).' Fe.t
i- :
.1. I it V
I: 'I i. (IO.I-
I If
. Fr
. II:-
.in I
The Champion of ruurMriam-m. ' vmnSMurti. Aerobatlc anJ
Aerial Claaaea. I'vry Att Olrrct' Vrfre-hincly New, end Every
Act a l-'enture Act. Thia i the that fWir.i In the tact that
It can ahow Ihut which has nrer hren shown before.
Milcrcd ?;) rvn; 5c r.tn ti the :t iv'.nct Animal families.
CkklFt ANV SMfl" ?N If1l? COt NRV.
Hub Perdie. rerentljr aat ;r1 la s I Of the bet phtlrlan 10 t b 1 coun-
trad i'b ih lioaton Hrsa. is not j try for yanra sr.il Is a regular fr-
(.srdlOSIS 1 srnpiion. n is rcmfimii 01 10 u-pi
tonirs knor. eorr.t, neil with Ida
heat hlot't ptJ'Iflera, S''iDa; rt rfllf'
on fh "t 'ie.nn a'trfa 'a Tl. pe'fa'l
(.tr. I.1 nation of ti" " lifr'lliiii i
ti t. al pt'i'i' 'i't Kefla'fiil
SUts In r.irin ai'-h. Hti1 f-
tr-Mmonlaia. fre.
r. J. ( FFvrT CO.. hrops.. To
lado O. Roll tr l"r '', prlra Tte.
Tak Hall's rsmllf (ilia for fon.
S'iesM.S 111- I
IVdere 1l r ' ,r Imlay
It, illtliitpolU al II if.ni'i
Kdnii 1 .tv at Urookivti
t l.oina at Flttatoirf 'i
I ' Vi'i a' tittni"fe
liaat taa water f f ts setti
bssa. Oat feat wataf aa4 40
rsa wast at asy tiiaa, lay
tVr4aj's heaalla
Pen'er I lehiia .
Onsha 1 1 . f-. Moltica :..
I.lnenin -2. Topeka
t'st'r )'
ACROUATIC and I'AX I0.1MMIC Laujh - Provoklnt
I'elluwi wlioae antics oocalon continuous exultations.
fr a Mile n H'su'y and 5ptcaor Rfvinj the TammiS Durtr
Ian Pageant f Irttlla. lnnJ Deacription, PWjron Comparison.
TWO PERFORMANCES DAILY, at 2 and 8 p. m. Door ta tha
! MenatfrU and Hand Concert open one hour earlier. Grand Prta
0its-le Hthltn ti 3v)-v f?rrundl Immtdlate!' follow Ins;

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