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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, November 21, 1914, Image 8

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Have plenty of "Smokes" when your
friends come in. Get a WHOLE BOX of them
from us.
We do not allow our cigars to all dry out
and become bitter. We keep our cigars in the
proper condition to give them, when smoked,
their best FLAVOR.
The SAME BRAND of a cigar is better
when it comes from us, but we have many ex
clusive brands of which we have the sole
agency for this city.
Phone -1fS7. 4012 Polk.
IV hc vnIi.iI y mi Sh for.
The Big Little Store
We hnvr jur.l opened a (irorrfy Store at 1(H North
Ruchannan with prnitiially a complete Imr of all Staple and
Fancy Grr eric.
Fruits and Vcectahlrs a Specialty Will Appreciate
Your f'atronaife Courteous Treatment and
Prompt Service
rhone 1 2!3
l. vi i i; I ii i.i i i; i . u m
i-i I I .-r. i i; .
,..r i.'-if i .1 I.i
! r i.f
if .it t! I
t u : wr !.i ' '
i j r . I A-
I -1 'I M 1 in. i
'I 1 1 s . l tl I I I I
4 A
We Have The Hats
Fl-me .icm lijuertrr. for Mrn'l Fiirnilnn?i. we have mml:
"ir Kuir- i get the best for our friends at the moit rra-
.rU. ;M(rj irl feel tht we have rcai hrd thr limit in the
fivr .If ,Nr jtyi whirri has the quality of a thrrr dollar hat and
wr ,r. ,!.. t , .. i( ftr only $2.00
Shots and Stetson Hats Going at Cost
VW i,.ivr tot ).ijr rion the twit variety of one dollar
shirtj rrit an.) the r .'Irlir iff,) Cooper KI"t1 Krotrh L'nion
Unrlrrw. ar, prii front one In five do'lari.
I hit f iv,- ;..ilr Sui Propoiilu n Still Holds.
Ypw Do!n Worth tor You- Dollar Down or Your Dollar
The Dollar Shirt Shop
The Store With
E, D. GREEN, Manarr.
Oh OVls
v.-- - V
!( North Him hannan
. I ...-.. i Wf
l ,1 I .mi I i I'll'.. i
I. .. ' ' h .i I :.ir.
i i .
I I.
i i. I ). ..!; Hi'
. I,. .. ....'il.ir iii
. k . i ,. ,,f 1 1.
' .i ii ! S i ii'l.i
il.. i
a Conscience
409 S. Polk
"N. U
if. 7
lint fm t)..i)t r. klnit mi VI" ii ".hii lani.'tin l!n I'n'leT
line, i 7M, H,e U I lie H-W lli Ilia Mu.H-ikT r
li.unlj Jai U til I'.ut I'.u. kinulium leM I arry l.Mle
Iin.l5. '
; ,-i.n. V..ri'i,:i.n at I ,ra:.k Hu It
s'..! .:.! I. II.'- i.'v jail eu,l 1 1. ' :.. ' il- ' 't . ;ir.. Mr ',M.
,,r,. u ,.,,.' v MM r.ear.-t -m,.v 'r.-Ung ..'--mm for
,- 'i..-l..i r aiJi'inn. und lr.
,,,, ,. f,r -.. l,.t im- "' 1 1t,uf, u. ir..m a i .. .y, tr.p .
fni.. ir pr.nituM an- .rk ,. ,,., p,,rt ,l( pan l.a'i'!
1 i-! n.'.r' .' iti". .i ti.t- ..:! i 1 ln-y t'x.k their !in nlonK an I
i . ,i . .
... it... f.,r- 1 1 1 k. . i. il.i. '.rk af'.lr.aj
.,(, ' '." ' i i.'v I-' i ' ;,!.'! .''f.'l '' '
rn- i, a i... r. ' in '''' ,,r;': '
ii. r In', iiri- r r;.:i'!'- ' r
i v a it n."' n.i- . f'.r If.1' mm ' v
I .r. t, I' Ul r "!.-r. , 'i" 'l tt i
1 . ,. , n i (,.; . f ,r t i -n 'in '
':,.. or f-.nr pr.-.'.r.et re t'.rK";
f.r,- ,.i 'I., fur-), at t tim.
1l,i. ork f it,'- i-'.n'T roe. a
..r. o . art . vl-.ir h" e'''ri"
, f i...ar-1.r. ' ' 1 "''' 'r ''1'
I'o', r. .-r-!t ir o i' l.-lr f:i.e Ti
i i , '.. r ii, ! . . ' .I r I. 'i e
I . . i, l,,, it " .1 ,i ! I '
r n . I .r'i. I i ' '
l.ave l.i.l
,n it i I.i:, or
- :,,eril,'
i , (i pollinl Ui - i
,,r, , ,.- ,,i t, '','ir i.ii.l ir-"
, '..,...1 ' I. I- n. k-
... i.. . '
f.r ..... hi., '..r ,,i .',' i
..... .... i i ... i ,.tr
,,,o. l,i r I .OMK.il,i I. n -1 eU I I I
'. ,1 i.ef .r. 1 1, r -1. il f Mm.- 1 '
7 '. a. re ,.f I ' f,' 1 r,, n,a e '
i erair.. I- i'l ' a'.o t "' " I.i--' '
.. r a' re fi'. r. .- . o n.'.r. ' .
, i' ,, i..,v! I.ii-I." I . of .' ' . .il at, I
i.. 1 1 - i i ... on i in tarn, till- er
- ' l I,, at rii.1.;.. Ii l, a v era ' I" t''
,,f . i,,ii,'-N i.i r .i' r i.ti'l tl,.- ",r
. lel.le.J I k li'l ' .er h re
1 I,.- farm I i -ewTi i.'.nii'. :, r
I . . t, i i te. nio I , . n-A it ami I. el f er
' a I. I .i ":' f :" III'' I,")'" 'I I, ' le " III
i,e ii, or. tl, m fee-! ii" 'nr h t" r'lti t'
' farm a Mir an. to I . ' -r . 'n'l
ll'.e ,,f ti.,. I ',(."
Ii ei rt.ilnls ...,k, like that If ''
all.oilll of .et'. irlltien iotitlliie !o
'. 1 1 ,l e 111 I ' O'lli I . . I he Mlir "I III ''
lit., 'Al.rk iH l.ae to If' lie. r .1-
i ,,r II, at l vlll he ,eie-arv to
en ,i,v Mi"!, t ." Hi" "rk 'I I
r,. r- i.i, 'i i l- .'i.er- at f,e
t fanii l"it i mo I ' at. ho' v I'
fi. T',l ion ll'ioii of l nine li rl
,.i.i,i rl.'ii i.r'anlv - .i'.i k - 'l for
I I he i until v ami the I '- t of .e.,i'
'that ale -tl Im.' ! "te lo lonlt t !o
ii,i'lro,i,:w. ,f tl . ,lalli
j Mr I'l.li ir I i o I a l.eei, in !. r
1 lll'lli'h f'.r -olne time 1 1 IIO.A Im
' IT. ilni! i"i ta.i'll ami I" iil.l" '.
Ii.i'k af'er tie in.ltl.llteMient Of 111''
f Tin in ii'n In I" r-on
Mni:n U I : 1 1 n i iii.ii
tinti'siiN i sr ov i:iw
1 1, t l,e i.i (I M Saliforil t
il,.. '.,ri Worth K lieiuer II v "
i the jiiri rellirlie.l H MT'll.t ah'llll
'..'ir ii . loi-k v. hl.t l.iv ,.i'teri"io.,.
a Aar,i,f the , ill. tiff 1 1 .' It t"
,oillile that the ifeinUlil lll V
ieal Mii iff
In th" rtsr (if nioinpi'Mi n W
M Hire et al. III" Ilinll'Hl f 'he ln
niiranee rotnpatiy for a i ontln'ianr.
nM'ir'ile.1 anil Hie ease enni" t'
j lrl.il A Jury ui lire, iilnnif It
, ii'. Imk hihI liklim of ti "-titnonv
tier -. Ill" tllll" II the a't'l tlonll i
will .r.,i,a',' Like all ilav lo.,i or
! lot ir. r to tn tli- il:i The phiii'iff
N a'kirir f -r IT.'.'"'
I , i in 1 .. . i.f r.isi - hue lii i n t
'ii. vi n f..r ttl.il tiexl "i'k Ii K Ii v 'I:
l.e I he 1.1 t ' ' k of the 'ir ' I. ll
I ,i Kel
I III- .1 I'l l'.... 'I tli.l' ,ll l".l I
1 il Un im, i.. .iiinin.i! 'it-..-; tan '..
' r i. 'I h i"i' ' i" I .1 I he t.-rin
' ,. ., .... k ir ..in l.e! i'
l:i:i I i l t:v s,i,i i 1 1 n
I Ii,. I'.. I. .1. !!i in.. I : r. . il. . .
A i ' i"ii Aiil bid. 'heir nun i i :
e- si, ,n un I .. . . in I., r I I a ml I .' :' t
' i '.. Ir.- . M in.r I ml f ' Is stiil pp-
- i . lit ..f Hit a- .ortat i.., un, ),,,
t ! I. .". v . 1 1 -1. n r.i t" to ' ! '
in. 1 ! . ' ,i. pro . "' , .'ti .'
'no I 'I I ' ' r I ' t ll.. It ter.-t ill s A '.,'
hr. .In a
sl.ol Itlu- III!''.
I I ii S . I., r si,,,t , M. t, ,.,
nth -.. it it lav on ti,, i iist.. pla .
l.et'i, "' t ' . S' " ' '. h ni.'i si: - I
s !. ' r ' M ). !,, tip an.! i I I
'4 p.i'ltl l . The hlr, flew dir.'. tlv
t' . I "i a I t ." K.iee in fir' '
III twn I"l!- (ro'll III" il'ltl'Mtl pit
I im "'t "' i in ii 1 1 - -' mi Kan I i ,1
' , , ' i ,
M N I Ml I II . l I III
IN I 1 1 I I I I 1 1 III HH Ml
MIII.lliri.il. e N".
M. -I- I ail. Peter "1
l.i.i'A.', ,,, i i ,,r::i., is i; I n...'i
1 !' at n . I in 1.111. Il"l 1 ami he mi,
n i k i.i' ' . ' i ti . p r " v -in its on t n. ,i i
i't t. . ',' v p'ir. has.-, h.r' Th-s,. i
t ' r. . i t , in, ., ii r .. t !," t"tt r irr t
I "t e .1 1 1 I i r . I , .. r ill a ll M"n !n I
" 'e o'"li W 'l!' h has I I. ..sen I .,:
' f I i l .r I heir Imtnes Thesi
I I" I,,... hi , .iirtiitii: imi, and 'ci
i' A f 's I, in. now f,,r 1'ii'Ml
Mr 't t I s. Jl,. t ' , I il mm e In i! M
" th i n,; w Inter and sprm
i I " p.. .ii. hae In en f"r severa
i''t- 1 " w . i . : !"r a I ' al nit, ("t :
'"'oi. f ,r t.tir votiiii! to. mi T'i".'
ir.. ,,1,-r rn -J In th. '.r p-es.'.it '
a' . r. v h. re 1 1 v haw hve.i f ,.
'i . v .. M. all an veeiitw I a" .
- it The fa, f fl-st they nr.'
I r ' i ' ' t . m,,i s i. . . ' '1 . .i .. .
r' rs i-i "i.-rh a ti...it t : t I.m
'' k I l'ld. s I.f I lllll.l'e Mi. 1 s,,:i
r, l i ti.ti'lt! wbl -h ' on ' :
' .- e.sf il acti'liit'iral pirn;..
s . very rratt'viK t, p,.t,;,.
' I '"I. fiel.J and 'I I'i in
'n it 'his liM-ali'v ha (..., , i,,,.
"i ' r their ."l"n "pi,, pr. -. i t
f-..spt, are that si.ti - I'" t.. '.
; - will l". at. I. .-re I ir'nc t e
n . . .. . a r
ItS'Mt fail rea.l Itsnle Ih.-
IliCfs a ni. ii I ,i , men . of popular
I ar in t h I f w.ekf 1-m.. of i'.
.M' ir!si Penlri f',.s and Snti!.
( i -.- i. of the S"' n
lidiis'..iis Imiirn.
Irani. Ind Flren en. f'ir- -'
reaving n-lro pe!r" y-rd rh" -
! cor. ir, lit..,) B larre loom !
fire head ii .rt. r an! are weavlrc
ihali. la! !e. ..' er and other arti
an.ui.K " Knie '..u-. i y
t a thr- f.iiM ( it If"
' i'iiii i,ont n i.iiiiri'N i,.
!,)'ti Mr 'of l-M ',r,ifU 'lnn !n
I lie H'l'iMV of (;.. Ill Jl' t.ef.j'e
"ir,,,n Thnri'lav i ' 'i-rii'inr,
Ti.ey :r!ili"l a. o ,1 a tl.i, i- if. I
i-n- hunter- .'li' a- .ire "fi .
liiKe Al l"Ht. III. re V Mil if,' r
IhO'i flor k A t H'.'o p.irlv a'.
,r',. !! t iinrn a ; ere U'e r
r.t'il.i' ,ff Mr Vauir'.ti (1-Kl.et
at.e.-i.t a: i, ran h! r.ir m.'l' r tt.'-u.
.. f.,'i. ili v roiil I i" t ii i t'i":-
,"!'"" -l':i'. Hini. M'l'
'of I!,.. Imll'n n,ori -in lit, ft, 'I '
- - iir.,(,rii mil,,- ... -
t .. i. i t .....
' '" "'"..'ii-.,
. V- KM. .' l.'i- t,"' !''' .V
"i'ii.,.i k er .in.! r i" " ' r i, a ii, 'i-i
.'ii'llll I'l HUT .,': .ir ll.i. r,-r
ti iyl.t have !. n in nh tilKi-r Hot
Ml" lo.al ; iarre t',n h ni I'o";
'r.-. t "i i rove tt,T not'- an 'I m"v
mo!. -ilv Kavn t..e .r.-'I't all to th' ir
M Ms M.l t: niMl s
I i: Miioi: 1 1: v.km
I A 'uliUell of risen, Tev.ii.
haa I, "I'll Atlllirill'l H few l:iVK lllW
i"k loitkin? arr.miri'iiieiitu to take
'hare" (if the lo.al sal a'ili')' fo"
'h- II irley-in Noll nioior. ) !.
U I-; ( ,roeti. i ke ha-i h.l.l i IlKT"
of fim MRetiry f..r the p.nt lu year
hut lots tnriieii it our In nnler to
i. vote his time nihi 'iwly In tin
al. n! a al oiiiim.I Ins
Mr. rH.ill tins heen with tli
anm eoiinniii) for some dm- ii'il
Ik Mil enjierkeni e.l mli suiatl II"
A leave l.hlav f'T Ahil.lie, ( sr
ant ii'Iht iiointM an. I l!l return
lo V ln.ir.lllo Mh.nit Suv-fiih.r 1 T, II
will lie Inel.teil -J I'll the 1 1 11 illl(i!'l '.'
a.'.iuv ill ,",ni I',, Ik street, i,,,us.
the Am.iiillo II', '.I Me uil put
on eihlhition for II- ("liiirtl. (Hie
"r the l,ew I'ir." ," ".I I 'I I .". MlO'lel
i"'iioiivtrator aii'l -i.t iars
I llt l l liiMnr.M I,
ll i: n w:i:" l.sr.l'i
Mr a ml Mr- l'n-1 Cat. hln an I
f itniH hint ;i o ti narrnvv isra,ie
from serloiie mpm la t exeniliK cm
I h.'lr ntiirn fr.,m 'ln'i i Tliev were
neiriiii Arnaiiilo iiinl were rMiliiii:
nunc fifieen t" tweii'y m i U'k ier
hiinr Wl,e oil." i.i tie heels l1r.J'.e,
off their M'll ':;' h, " Vf- I'nt.'hill
recelv(.t mi'i.n rather painful
i I'mlrhes. artij hrtihes otherwlKa none
of lh fimlly r"''.tv... any Injuries
of i oii"e.uen. ll certainly doen
ee-ii inlr o il Ion , that pVf r al nieiii
,i r- ,if the ! iii.'' eteiul heriuusS
.l,.hnsi i street Ii t..rs
T'i.. lot us, m str.'.'t trlrls I'.-fcaf.l
Hie 1 : 1 1 . l"iii'.. .tr.et tlrls In n rani"
nf I .a s ' !,ill i f'.r. lav afteriinon
In ' "f 1'" lo " (.J'lite a I) 11 Hi
In r s. ..',(. i, ,,ii, scIiim.Is ware
ir". til I., vil'li. s (he Killll".
M'.cil i n imti illu.
I' i r.i ', T'I. a ' out ra.'t'T f roi
W i" " I v-, ',. t!,ai:,, ',,r r,i
t nr.- p "! . . II.- i-, i , I I, e Hi;
I !ir ii h M'lto
I 'HI I ail I.i lei, I llo.lce I'.l"
lli'"i' .ii , ,i.., , ,i ,,f ipMl.ir pri
I'd - ' !ii- '. . !, s sil" i,f th.
'' ' ' i "ti" c I'" ' and S'llid i '. ' -
is - ii.- . i .. v,
10 CeitSiBltt01
t 'i. . 'I' - -vT
Buy a Pair of Dutch
ess Trousers
If ll'cy do not give tali
farti.n we will pUdly re
fund your money or jpVe
you a new pair.
All the popular weave
nd tyle. Perfert fitt in?'
1'ri.ed at $1.50, $2.50,
$3.5(1, $4.00 and $5.00
Wt also tell Hurt Schaff
r.rr Marx Extra Trouferi.
Blackburn Bros.
t vrrthinu fT Nn and Boys
Mn of ability to take charge
of very profitable new bui
n m created by Joy Ride
(the solution of the tire
proKlem. ) Proposition good
for levcral hundred per
month for man who ha ear
and t$ in position to handl
dealers supply- See A. L.
Manii-g at Wolflin Bros.,
Garage or Magnolia Hotel.
I (lllWaMaVj
t a)j tnna
ll imr Mumtml M-ire See Million
.lnr Mtery Tlian l er 1
lore. .Mora hlart eL
Mriai.'er Conn. 4 'he M.nslcn '
Thuatre repor'n that th ittten.lan "
at thi Vt'.li.on I'ollar M)..r' ytv ;
ter.Uy. matinee ainl Hinli.it. '
ah.iijt a l.i.r.'lrl UtvT than that
on liny pre v ion O'.a.iori It wa'
Imi.oshi' ! to i"at th- a'.illeni-e un-j
til the thlft pirf'int.lil.'e, iil.il then!
Million 4 very e:i In the theatre.
l'l('l.e'l I
The r :-i n k epi.-o'le (,t this In-I
tereitiliK h. riai lli ho liori U:i ,
Krl'lay. I
MaliaKtr oon ta en that be !. ',
making every effort to have the f -rt
epUdiip of tint ri erlal, Zu'lori.
t hIio-a- at lh m! tim. TM
will irlve the pairoris of the th(atr
an (.pporl'inl'v to (otiipare the pl:- j
tures of the tun r.-rioals 1 u r I nar tii" j
Hirne program i
lleiorils of HM'' lari'e Mt tins I
th.'atr.. have heen t.roken altnoit.
, everv A""k from the tin, ! Th M.l I
lion lioilar Mvtery '. I.eKun .iti'l ,
l the attcri'ia:... nt th. present tin;"
ano.it''- to s.-viral hin'1""'l inure
on I'ri lai. s than v ! .-t, M,: serl i! i
was '..fin ah'i'i' fi'-e mon'hs air.'' j
M : 1 1 in vn w
Al'i-i: i: in ll l. is M. s i
The Imllis News i on' (lines 'o '
'nine t" tnanlio for tls!r pli-tup i
for use nii'ler the li"'l. ' Katnple n'
I'iii, Anrai tlveiiess " I!e.es a pl- j
tur" of the new 1 1 i if ti s'lio.'l till i 1 I
ii,K an. I a view on l'"lk Ktrnt nnl; ,
I ni' si. mil t.e'ir the An.arlllo Mo'"', i
that piper has r"'-n'lv h i, spen.i I .
lii'. of m fi'lltiher of fitle reshleti. - i
i!: Atn.'irlllo A vl-w ol the M". ,
re iie. e of loin M Sheltnti, Hi tli" I
c;n of the uir llii". at Sevnte. n' h
an, I polk p'rcetH. appeared in Kri
din's ii'l,ill"ii K w. if any. other
cities In the inifhwest. the sle of
Ali'Hrillo. tiii'e so many .aii I f m I
and ait rin tiw h'niii s
si tMi tii:iin: hump. i:iiiim
VKI.IIKM. I'ekiMiti. Nov jo
No point In the o i'. r i Ir. !. of Ant
werp'n fort I 'h at ions was as stu'.
boriily eoi.testnl a. Kort WM'lheiii
Its resistance to (he llerniMII heavy
Is'iltm was due to the comparH 1 1 ('!'
litlle iniisonry In il' i oiiKtrn. tlon It
was nn old fashioned fortillcntion,
laritely earthwork.
It was ili'inoi sirale.) lure that
shell from th" Herman U icntitti".
ter t litis pen.'trni.d little more thi'ti
i, meter Into solid earth At other
fortlll. alloiis shells Irntn these Jj'lt.S
p.'nrt iHt e, roticr.-t.' iiii'l stun., to
twice that distance
The vlllairo of Waelhem lies Im
mixllatelv behind the fort, ro rllrect
ly In the line of Herman fire that
not a linlldlnK In thn place which
ha, u thoiiMtii'l inn.ihltantn, eat ape l
A Karri ton of eer.il hundred ;"
mans I' now- eiuaKi, In repairing
the fort and Its ills.-ilileil etiiis The
place s visited daily by thousand
of peliilan. who wMiider over the
-in th works furrowed everywhere hv
(ierinati shells an, irntber iil.otit th'
Itiinui'is whl. b the (J. rtliiins hu'
Ii. ape, i up i.v. r their i'. ad
ICIMI n mh:k
'lo Im ' Pi. iom i;ieu
III PI. IN' Nov h'O The -1. 111. Mi
Increase in ct;i".ra'l"'i to th. I m.e,
'tiit"s Is dne to a fa... report that1
the liowrtiiii' iii vill dt " men f "
the armv l(Mtuor o' this sort, ti
f 1 1 . r villi l.ie.i's p.ihli.si.e,) In,
certain Inihliii new si.ii i.ers th:t the'
Millti.l llallol Ait is to he ,-i.fiir"-
' d in Ir-'liilid ha v . -ot'.'a.l alart,
Ihroil.'ll the r'T.ll dlstri'MS Offlrl.,1 i
denials are I -; : . c mad" in an eff..,t
to . h.'i k tile outflow i.f oiiiih ine';.
trntli th. coMlltr'. I
cili'ial returns of r ru 1 1 i n k fo
'h" a in. chow no... I results I ; . -! n - 1
siv.' i.r re-.rM ts. the ti iir.her .1 in- i
'h. I I'.IV.' j. idle the oilo's sIMi t!l"
"ar l.enaii is o..r ."'.nun pecr'ntin'
in' i.m- ha ' " ' e. , s'al,li .;,.-,! Pi
' i t v .ii..- a:,. I low tis of Ireland,
and the new Irl'h hricide, tn l.e ev
l;si'eiv i o'lM'.imle.l nil'! m.l tit)'-'! I IV
In-hin.'ii. has half fil!.-,
KH.IIIS HI 111 ll.l
H oMI'K l.liltM N-
lltl(l ,,v
J". T
-In. Iiei.-ll li"lk.'!in .I'lllar.s who
i.'ta. k. ! li-.taditiic Hertnaiis baa rais
ed a .;Mot'oT i on. ( riillic the rli 't
of t.ie j.i.. ii I .i ion i.f hii Invade)
cioii. try 1. 1 rise a.'alii-t the en. tnv.
An Mta!s. of ia on thin snl
. t a.!" i-d at t)(. (i,nvei.totis nt
I'l" llaKUe l.-il !- the I .it -A linirt, 'I
to f'ne . i.ti . 1 ision that there lii no'h
It.g in these r.'Ci lat Ions Ahi.h won! I
confer on the l!.litjan th nsht tv
resist unless t!i"ir resistance were
the work of men who rnul t" r
. oKtii.'.., by th.. invader us ann.'d
line seit.oi, ,,f ti-1...,. rules s'lp'i-
I, (.., ':',! "he ;,o .;'.,f...,, i f al, nn
o..'iple i,.i!i"v which on this
"'ei h of nn e"en.v 'ikes 'I p '!-.-
si.ot'.h, ,;, to r.'M.t the In'-allnc
f.i'l o, ' ii.f hav lnc f.,1, tf'M to o
r m'.'e ('.self on 'nrni.i hl ',. the ar
ti I" aho'it ti... nrcr.ii,': .n i.f ot
ttfe. r an I !'.;:, . . rt' w!' ho
""a'e.l a- l.eiha, rent if it arri"f
i ti- open! in. I r'-pe. is the Ian
D-d ( 'ot Mii- .,' ... Thl me.m ;.
;. the i.ji .fioirnil. that tnw
!i.i r-.-t t'e tnvad.r- will to b
t.r. t-. .,) If th v '1,,-ike I'lmk' fron
'he shelter of Ii'i. ;,r,,i tiMlhllr-s
hen iit.re a i.ti has heen ncnjpie.'
They in, v lllfi'l 'lie fee n ft.e o" 11
with whatever arm- th.v can mus
ter The Pr ti-h ,'.1' crfe t The i
otiferen. e o' l .'. (,ropose that t; .
roles he ni"l!'ic, tn tive lafr
rlcht, of re-l.tan. to unorear.lre 1
"-.. bt:t the pi.m fai:,j 0f adop
tion. V'Tuiii lre.ent.
There ,n n ' M-lne transai-'i l
hv the Poarl of i ltv lielopmert
Thnr !v niil t on account of a lark
of a riorna.
ij'Lfi-rixiJU'xri rTjjTjxriJ-Ln-isiiJi ii "
16 lbs. Granulated Sugar for ..... . . .$1.00
12 lbs. large white California Potatoes $0.25
I large Sark Lone Star Mnouri Soft Wheat Flour . . . 1-75
I large Sar k White Lilac Soft Wheat Flour 1-65
I large Sack Our Home Hard Wheat Flour 1.50
17 1-2 11). sack IVarl Wh.te Meal 50
12 lb. Sack Graham Flour 50
5 lb. sark Graham Flour 25
24 lb. s.i k Anirr o ( hnken Feed 50
I l.irs'e Bucket Cri o 90
I larK''' HiK ket .Swift's Jewell Compound 95
I large bucket .Snowdrift .2S
I large buck't Cottolrne -'40
Swift's Premium Hams, per pound -9
Swift's Premium Breakfast Bacon, per pound 30
n -j-.- nji.M. i.i r r r -r -i 111 "'
$1.00 can Pompeian Olive Oil 90c
Five 2 1-2 lb. Hawaiian Sliced Pineapple S1.00
fu.r . . . - - - ' r J i 'ir - i - s
I gallon California Blackberries for 45
I gallon Muscat Grapes for 35
3 lb. ran Uvalde Comb I loney for 75
I gallon an Victory Pie Apples for 35
I gallon an California Apricots for 40
I gallon can California Peat Ik s for 40
I gallon i an California Loganberries for 50
I gallon tan California Green Gage Plums for 40
I gallon ran Califr rnia Pears for 50
ULij-r.- -.I-UU.-I i-n.i r rir..i u i.i i ri ,-,r,ri- " " e.'i.e--s'X'
1 box Victoria red eating Apples $1.50
waswiinjn njxri i inn jsj rtrr-ri -i --'fcs mmm mimimim
p.ickagei. Fresh Seeded Kaisms for 25
3 packages Fresh Mince Meat for 25
2 pounds Fresh Prunes for 25
2 pounds new F.vaporated Peaches for 25
2 pounds new F.vaporated Apples for 25
Fresh F.viiporated Apricots, per pound 20
2 tall cans F. F. O. G. Wet Shrimp for 25
2 tall cans Pink Salmon for 2a
2 bricks fresh Pearl White Codfish for 25
Three Fat Mackerel for 25
One 25c can Calumet Baking Powder, for 20
ww-rrjir,j-,i-i,-rir-.'.. '""'" "" " " " " ' " ",""",e-'''e m "
Choice fat young Turkeys, per pound. . .16c
Plenty Fryers and Fat Hens
L -.--- m.mm
16 lbs. Granulated Sugar for .15c
I tall can Pink Salmon for -5c
I ran Victory Pie Blackberries for 15c
I ran Vn toiy Pie Cherries for 15c
I ran Victory Gooseberries for 15c
I large package Post Toast.es for 15c
I large package Shredded Wheat for 15c
I large pa( kage Krllogs Corn Flakes for 15c
I package 4 W Brciktast Food f'r 1 5c
I package Cream of Wheat for 5c
I can White Swan C orn for 15c
I large ran Lone Star Tomatoes for 1 5c
I package Mothers Freth Oats for 15c
I cake Baker's Chocolate for 15c
I ran Farly June Peas for -5c
I large run IV Pineapple for l5c
boxes Double Dip Mthes for 1 5c
I medium sie jar of Panut Butter for 15c
1 medium sie Pork and Beans 15c
I lart:e r.ir Victory IV Apples for 1 5c
1 flat ran Hawaiian Pineapple for l5c
2 10c rolls toilet papet for
I can White Karo Syrup for 5c
I large an Pie Peaches for ,5c
I large ran Kraut for
1 .,r.'. bottle Lone Star Bluing for 5c
I pai kag- Grapenuts for 'c
One half doren Ke.j Ball Orange, for 15c
I package Mother's Hominy Grits for 15c
t. larv 'rl.w kln Omons for 15c
Toial 4-50
friii-Liiji.iij-ii-iiiifinri"ri'' " J
In ordering just say combination and do not
ask us to change it.
m MV lf ' Mill'
if UH ie.r l'IMl:V
JtiT. 7f . N" ;'' Sca-'lt;- of
I tatsiirer. in ti.. murtr
Is ca,ilr 2
I conMer! )f il.T tn tiie natherlr.j
of the cotton anl fer rrnps T
M-n.!ia .f t,e r ....... i M.f,r
ooi rosis In this eotir.tr ha com-
mencci anl mill furnish ork for an
aJJ.tloLI nuatter cf men. Karniers
re belilnl lth their work sni art
Mrin erery snilable worker they
ran jet.
Black Dirt For Sale
200 loads of black dirt for
!. Inqwa. 508 Tyler. Phone

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