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K kind word now and then, my hoyt,
A kind .word here und there.
Will find tlit weary world with Jny
And hamuli clondn of care;
ThoiiKh Hf" may iwiiiieiiincs Bt-nn all
And heaven far away,
lhin'l lost your grip: jnM ps alone.
Yonll find that pluk ill par.
rinn't b anlmnipd nor 'fraid. my hoya
T aliovv that you've a li'art.
ll bold it ml undismaveil, my boys.
It tit at a kindly part.
Don't wait until your friends are
Thfir virtue to unfold;
Kind words In time, und timely said.
Are worth I h i r uetKlit in kM.
pun't lean too m u )i on prayer, my
Just find your text In hi'";
l tiui- and t.ur and 8iuarc. my
Such pii'ai'lilnK'd full of fa' la.
With kind words now und then, niv
Let "a fill the weary world with Jov
And banish cloud of care.
"Lurry" Chittenden.
Surprise I'iirtv for Mr, .lulinwut.
Mm. Mary .lohnsoti was agreeably
niii prised Uoiiii.iy evening when a
11 1 1 in tT of l.er friends anthered to
commemorate lii birthday uiiiiivT
mirv. l'.nlovalile Virtrola music was fur
nished thrniiyho:t Hip evening and
thin intermingled with pennant on
vernation made the afluir a ilelinlit
fnl on.
Later refreshments of punch, fruit
and take were aervetl and at a later
hour the (UicsH departed wishing
the honoree muny happy returns
.HUNT llns'l l run
The. Westminster Ctiild of the
Central I'resbv terian Church was en
tertained Monday afternoon with
Mis. Kred Mlrant and Mrs. II. N.
Noel li H hostesses at the home nf t!l"
latter. inO!- Pierre treef.
Th '.isiial lessnti was r;irr.'d out
and (luting the ora) session refresh
ment of Ire cream mid fake were
nerved. The special guests of the
afternoon Included Mrs. Itasmuasen
and Miss pli-tz of l.nglcvv ood. Kan.
IVnrbM- lull to Meet l.xl.n.
The I'eiielntie Club will be enter
ti.ined by Mr I. L. Kani.i'Hcii. I I
'("aylor xlreel.
Miss ; u y ' i . lie Vlticvin . '
ri-ntly under-' rt uti operat inn to.
appendicitis, is reported rapidly r.
Hrviitt Cr"ai 'ioue and Ftupert Oe
More were lure yesterday the cuest
of their sl-.t.r and until. Mrs T M.
Caldwell, in rout- to their home In
P'irt.iles and Alt iiiiuer'i'ie. N. M The
former h: been attending the Wash
ington I.ee I'nivi'i shv at Lexington.
.Mr and Mi" II T Mill, of Cri-
liani. Te- wile lute yesterday
visiting relatives
Mrs. I It. Pastim-sen li is
first lur sister. Miss fief)!
Kit wood. Kan.
Mi1 Zi'lu.a Hn hie who
-lent an operation a few data ago
i reported to be improving.
Mr ai d Mrs I M Ci.le , M ve.
terdav fur ! 1 r f '.nl . where tln-v will
Upend Hie W "I; I II:, I it'.T
part titi. the Key and Mrs Wv.itt
MIFen I.IKille ;,i,d If'le'i Ilium"
of Ci.rp'i Clins'l .were Tn Ainarlll"
thft tltsl pat? of the week visiting
friends en route to Colorado, where
tl.ev will make an extended Ktar.
Jno. K. Mil of I'anhandle. was In
Xmarillo yenterda viKltillK fl lend
and traiiKiicting liusines.
II. S Unold of H'Tcford. trnns
31 ted biiKineMH in Amarillo yestenluv.
IV 11 JohnsMin of (irooin. attended
the Hardware meetlnc which wa
held in Xtnarlllii this week
c. S. Walker atnl .1. M. Morton of
Iiutisa. were alitotik out of town
yi'itoi in Xtnarillo vcMerlay.
l. C Itearson of l.oreiizn. was In
t ;arillo etrtilay I ran.n 1 1 n bnsl-
.l vM
W. (I M iiihv of Teco, as
tii.'t'K out o' town visitors in At:ia
i.llo visterdav.
Women W iteless I lpet.il . i .
Ki::v woini n arc (-tu lvin,' to
I'.-iriless operator1;. Mi1' II. II
J ri:il:nlelphi.i baM become so -r I i i i
1 1 Pat she bit set up her ,,v u (: rut us
I Mid nflped to wir" tli' tadli's use'
I bv the ( iiil"iits .d the i 'a To re
i el e a II. i n -i' n w oto-i n tnu--1 be able
I to t ike .illi! send .it c tst fiv . o;d .
' pel :i III ' I II t e ...it i,' .-r
tlli".e en Mill I f.!. 'II ,i.
I'll- plaie of 'he ii ii who b: " 'm'-ii
ell! the I I 'tit III i'ii:.i , ' i . : ! i ' .' I. i
tl ro ' riii'o ill h' uliI i i ' ' ,'i t iieM
to t ike p'a 's at t ie 1 all"' le y '.'
I'll se W Of, I'll ! I" fi (III f.'l . 'I to li
I I barge t!i" duiie- ri unt ied tun
. Mole in'elliueliie I hall the frati' hi'1
, I'.ii'ts (runt tii''ti Ui'h aH e Ihik-.
abolished tii eila. it .'.n .nol n iti.'cs.
it an nn o iirmi i'.'ii to nia n;..ii si".
line t at til" ot iti b.intl' ' il ' h ''
II'IIIIIIOII MK-'IC", Is all W"'l ti i k
.Ml -till ii t j.-.i ii
Is marriMCc woman's hii.Hoft
aim? Sre "The Price She Paid"
at the Olympic Friday.
l-tl ii pi i:u M in "Mi:
run i.u; rj i t 1:1. i:i:iiit.
I sth' ti' .illy inclined Ati.anlloans
in the deal ion of n ttreat lak'1
on I'elo Hiiro. 1H nubs southwest
f V'liat ill". as pMipo-ed bv I lie in.
inter i nttipai v it I'liin'eil a fran-
h'M1 o the litv. the ib'V eloptlil'llt
of a k iiit pleasure lesurt for this
ueiii'iii il il i mil! siiiniiiel . MaiiV are
adun .itiiii: the matter of having the
Vain Pnri) ilainnied "o to Itn
poiin l a Kveat body of clear water
.vol ri.ile a treat fNliit'K ireper'.e,
wlii'ie at a later date the tovern
ment diilit be iudil'eil to install it
lame liuli hat liery for the Panhan
dle and Plain oiintry.
If tunes pas i H was pointed o'l',
Palo loiro was vliied almo'st daily
ey la rife parti's oil oiltiins, fisbliltr
txiiiiKioiis uml (! like. Tlie ills
t.iii.e was s.nie.vl.al "I a handicap,
tut with tin1 lirtnUation of n larpe
lit-" and iibamie (frounds stp h a
would tprliir: up. advoia'es believe
th.l a sir'it i.nlwav s"tetu would
iie laid and It would bnotue the Pier,
i.i for thousand of visitor ntuiual
Iv. As an asset (or inailllo it
' ill. I Hot be evcUi'l. it was sl.itel
1IIKI K I l( I Vl s Hi M MMU
I' I
I'll !
W is ;. .
( Oil ll t l( l
'"itr ! n "I 'i
,f Kn-under-
fbiia Link, barlly more than a
"slip of a iirl." wotj her w. y to the
li'iiris of A m :i ri I'o ii'i sic loveis la-t
ii'tht. portraj iiii: the im1,. tole ot the
iiiutitia. " Melusiiin " It wi's the s' c
mid iiiriiirt ii'tit in il.e fi.unh an
nual spring n-.i -1 f-stivil. tinder t::e
.l.t'e. ' lull I'f I'! "I I I I' Ml I'l S
A s M 'I'lsi'i ( -.he w i'llt. ! he 't 11
o' the I'VeiiitiK Ml'" Link :s beautiful,
sr.iei'l ul pi" esHi'd of a reinnrkabl'
sutirmio Mine, and lias the ktmwl
'due In i inn line 1 1. eat rii elfects with'
lor mi ii k i ii K The y i i: n k far bud. at
Hie end of the p"t l(,ruiilii e. th 1 ,
is'actiim of knowing altho'lth she
probably del not know 't. thai she.
had in. ,ie n h i even i' b"r debut
w "i ni - i i mo I r eoii'li: Inns w inch
ili'Kht have been 1 1 1 ti p to iinoi'ict !
Hut. to reiurti to the mam tbre.d j
uf tin1 "tory. the laimita ' M I'l-ini "I
:i' civil iii lie1 ( llviupii1 Uranil I
' he. it re but mi;'ii betnte bar Py more I
than hall n bouse, and a not vr
appl l i'liil ive audience at that
T ill1 Slot Ml'lllMIM.
Mi 1 1 '-1 II .1 . so the stnix I'lii'i, Wis I
iii'i ii of the water nviiiphs. who cap
tilted III" In art o! Count Itavniniid. a
spor'v ounu Nil. mid wnh a la'i!" f"l
lowtui;. who saw Melusiui while (II
one "f Ins ti ti 1 1 1 i ii e partus si.e con
scuts In in u ri y him. with the ptuvi
loll tlllll every sewuth day she shall
cast aside her mortality and becotne
a nymph attain While a iiviiipli. be
js lint to seek bet Tills bi 'lli done.
Hie people of Hay nuilld s douilill. ill
i-l ii l i ti K his mother. Clotilda, and h.s
uncle. Sintrani, trow suspicious ol
her weekend absences. believlliK
that Itavinond ban been In Klllled bv
a w iich. I'u Kiiti .M I hem. Kayuioiiil
pnuiiios to look for her on Hie next
seyeti'h day lie litnls her. but in do
Inv; mi, has broken bis oath, and alter
;i tew (ares-o S. (lies III Ili'T iltMIS
Count It.ivtnoiiil was played by
lla.ry llollatiil. deport who san! Irs
part well, but larked liislrionl, el
lert The short liv d roles of Clot
ild i and Sintrani were taken by Mis-.
I: hi h Sears i oltii i a ml "Mr lirii
tni. " as the prociatii aniiouiiced. a '
l.il' it'll.!1
The cborii'i's at the oiithel b.ol a
b "I ai'aek ul 'lure triuht The male
chorus, lornieil Count Kay mi .ml ' re
tinue. and th'1 l.-male choru:. com
posed tueeil .elsia s loval sub
.iiil.ila W i ll Siinu.
TI... i nihil:, u'o: uyetl line M' lllS
Ilia's ,',l,i''.s.si,n i.r be, lov for l(a I " "- ail perm i
ii. und in th" fir I M-t in w'l'-h Mis I nn-., a1, I mull' - .;' I-
i.eri i .mi ;io ( .in .1 i., if i '
I. ink showed her rial iU'ilines. was
oil" of the tew o'ip a t ii.it i s for a
I ida of solo tn Ii :
Pi oiu cv ry point
t be v;i' , s a sil '
w is t iki n by en a
W I'll t ho IV eptio'l
Miss l.ii.k is re.'llv a
a: 'endi'iy school I"
uml Harry lloHnl
iioitid. a ho . an I' d t
p' odni ti' ti
The w aier nv tuph' .i'i:i"ii.f Mi-s
Pink wit,, rat In-r pons nr .. look at
and stiii!!' porsi'ssed e1(l , oim". ho
' ii bly atnntiK ' h " nit."
(Iftsitt UK pOSsll,!,. ,,e. Cts III till
cantata, hewever. w.i, the imir Mm.
tier conceit pns'eilii t1 'he . i w to
bl". In wlibh Atn.'iri'lo ' o lent pm i u t
pated I'll" itul'iit lid aru-t. did imt
appear on the prom am last nmht
Mrs I'llltl PleiM-s,
This part was op I wrii two so
i" o :s ;;;ilie r..t', who pus
senses ii p liiarkab' cle if 'opr: !,..
She salit; " Pbe .vpitii t'lowii" l
Campbell, and "To " MivsMeiii1"1 " bv
l.n Pote The latter w;o hit dil
fii'llll relidi:iill .Vt I'aliv. as an
iH'ore. lespoiiiled wi'h "Th" I. lis'
Pll-e uf Slllll llier." Wl Iil sis llil'd bet
tor In I'll h'T lone 'I w hn ll i apt I
valid the audience M Nettie
Thompson followed a oh 'Wlv lle.irt
at Thy Sweet Voice' 'ruin 'Saiiisnii
and It'lilah" and renin d cooilU :ii
pi. I Use
To vary the proiM n i Miss r n 1 1 . .i
I. M.llsh. a l.llellli.l . ulllll l. .ne
two select ii'tis. one ol which was the
"Second Mazurka" 1 WiiiiiiKskI
which was well rerincd Mr Kobt
A t tli, likewise gifted with a rich
st ii ii k soprano. K' "The "..11 ul
In tb" aftertiiMili a inat.i was
attended by several hundred p. t ...us
w hen Harold Vim I'm ' I Hal oid
Saiircr I ei(erel a i. ilnlul ol solo
select Inns
rr"iuibty no i ie ie n ti' i i
i in'- so niii 1 1 v freak i. unit i !
; t. i he Co 1 1 1 : t judi'e ' . he i I',.
Ill ad of the county Ie I alipe lb il I
I ill ill; the Ho 'PI il if V !. W Vte'l
i i lar spin t. tbe. ' h.i'.e b" ti Iflt
I i-.e ll.. i tr'a i ' I,, eti-t s i' 'I' d bv
. i.T't v Ch i to P Mn I. u T'.i i
. 4 t i !. i I of I he l.si.:i! n iM'ber
,.iii.. i is si ,1. ,, vM a n i- da'
I li'T'' .S j lit'' a ' U 1 r.ist M I'll Po" -
t.r C. nit'. ;it"l 1 " 1 . 1 1 '.. . ' b"t" i i"! "
than a In .ii..i . . i 'i.ie isH.p'd in a
da . ni"-' of t h" la' ter hciiit' ' war
trri "i s ,ii 'I . i1 s " The loil.'Alni:
t: e t " la" -t issued
I . I .ft K' m ,n d !' Xo-ti
V v I; i iv. i. e and Vi II".'
' ,i!. w !l
I.i i il" I.. i Tot" : ' 1 M -s los fin.i
naiidi 7
nil imtlKX C4IH.HH AMI t'Ol.llh
EcKrnii xfs
Hold llj til tNillnif HruuKlata
i oV I I! 1 1 1 1 .11 W nPr S
IT l I I iliHl nl M .
I'.o I S Pl. . n former Jew.
i: hi , i a 'cv iv ul in ' i 'if. at t 1
I'll t ( ii'.k ; 1 1. 'Iinl (' h n t eh . 'I .m h
a',-1 I! . ii ii in ST"' 's. Si iv ! . H w a i
!: t.ti ,i t '.i . i ot i ii i; Tb" si 'i
.1 v i i p. c . , li ex1' lo! mi. 11 M :i v
: ie r,v,!..r . -t . " '
,. I.,. S i '.' " 'I'" .'! h" t.ik-'l
.li ... "! t ,' sen i" .
I'. V i I I. i I rn;n -' Lou'-i
.! 'I !,,. , hi" I, I'l r.'V I . I I Illi'"' il, j. .
i 1 i ro'i " 'i . s v '' sl'.n S : fi -
n i n : 1 : i 1 1 ieiv.iis ii.e be n held tin I
' l i" "i hi I is he. Ii lo !m I
ii i. t II" 'ii,sti'i'"d .i.tnm 1 ji t inn of
I'll- pi ll. ie. It l Stilled V'e llies
hllle liubh ni hag.'Ju.is,' ' l.at In- eni
i i r ini1' ii i i or itit t lUii- .1 '"I
I m it. ! : I I'lt- ,e e. "d it . I' -t V' ' '
' 1 1 ii v I oiu .in na that I call
i i'I. i. ' 1 1. I ted I v i 'tit,.' i (
I'-, ,.'. ; .;. . , i. -i",, 1
", ; V 'I .h . I- e 'l'e
; . i ! ' .Ml." Ill' '1 "I ell i
Wf . 1 ' .'! a " !- if I
I ' "
I. v.
I 1
ll" .
1 he M Illi
all tiui i .
'. -Vis
: ' I v
' "I ! (I
d '
Take It
Trv!rn who find it better for their health to abulain frrm fffrp, (and thrre are
many!, carry a tin of INSTANT POSTUM and prrrw.ie iheir rn l. v-iaf it lM.
Put level traspoonftl cf
in a cup mor or let to uit individjal tile Hc've il'i tv.itr .iJ rdl au-ar and
7o who draire a iliciou, aattafyin ; diii' th.'.t i free fr..m tK" l.nrmful effrcla
of cofliM? bou!d tite Pctttm
There Is a Reason'
i i . i..
' !' ,'
1 '
to I
I :,'
1 1
cV'J X 1 V ti feA
a . m m m ar . a .
1 7 Vi Trw::
AT 9 A. M.APRIL 27, 1917.
Fifteen days o big selling. This entire slock to be sold
out in fifteen days. Come gel your share of the bargains.
' ai
1 . 1 in
1 f: 1
v A
V, ' -I
. 1 11 :
i" .t -1
ii 1 1
'. I.'!te
I I 1 1,1 -e-.
. - ' . Vol'l".
.. , :-o in.it'.1-
-i..t. ; to it.'i.-
., r,ti ite cital
'' ' ni slirtied to-
Ve ; of tip Olil'r-
I -..iii" Woikeri
.1!.. " Is urtnal
1 ' i.ily Kivmi (
': " IdtilllliUOU
loo Must Wear
a Redfern
C .Hf t to Kniiw Mmp urd ! ! Il Con.fotl. l ook prove
imlhin-; ;t"t .vIIi;m lien, ,im! w'u:!1 tin. iiv.pmiuit Cortft
va'ur i r(ua!ly important.
Ir.f(,n C' r o' . ate f.i .Im ? .! V m Ml.K-tiK y respond to
ev.-rv iilmn (if tf -1 I"rl,, ,'t'd ,i!ms ret.nn tl'i'ir thupe, be
r.icse thrv rr i.o sri-ntif icllv di signer! r.nd perfectly made.
In Ht-'Tcrn Cr. t - rt t'i v.iljr, satiafaclion and
f .-p'ort tfiat in ui p' '' 'n I'1' ' :v 'v ,n rutom madi
and you e'. tl . . t . b ji't 'iif tic pm c Our coretiere are
mrt ar.l will fil ym to the r;"! t model which aiiures
firm- (oniforts $j.' J to St-t'O.
1 !!!. ANM.X
, .... . i.
... .... ti . . i ,. ,
; : I i' trKii' 1 -f ri Illi (
.. riT . ! mo- ,
.. ' te . ' ! ')! il ro i j
llir Pinre to Puy Jho $

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