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Carries Your Wants to
All of Northwest Texas
Each Day 1 Cent a Word
Minimum Charge 25c
One cat a wort for eses In
Mrtlon. No eii Mtemob'. ee
eepted for lua than twenty
Ot nou. No want ads re
ferred by mail wFl bo printed
aalee accoapanlesl by P O
Money Order. Caller's Check
or Oaaa Personal charts aot
WANTED To buy all kinds of sec
ond hand furniture and stoves. Riley
Wrattier Furniture Co , 213 Knst 4th
Street. Phone !3T. 82-26te
tor week Ix'ginniiiK
M nday. .Manh 11th.
Monday. T:::o p. m. Caled Co,
muuication or Amarillo Loilse (or
work in the E A. In-xiee.
Tuesday, 7 : ;t p. hi. lietiilar
meeting of the Order f the Euntern
Wednesday. 7 : .1 n p. m. Special
Conclave of Amarillo Commandcry
Thursday. 7: Tin p in. Called
Communication of Amarillo Idite tor
work In the E. A. Iec.ice.
Friday, 7 :.1n p. in. Stated Con
vocation of Amarillo Koval Arch
Visiting Mason are Invited.
Kl KMTl KE Repairing and cabinet
work. Also some 2nd band furni
ture for sale. 103 West tb. E. L.
Eldredge. l-2p
er. Phone 267.
FOR SALE 1 good registered mam
moth Jack, stand 13 4 hand hl;h.
standard measure, extra goinl bono,
ears 4 Inelies from tip to tip. !ark
color, white point', coining 4 years
old; a fine performer, good action,
price $1,000. Will take part In
trade. Will Pay a in tins trip If lack
doe not measure up In every res
pect. H. li. Murphy, Ochiltree, Tex.
FOK SALE Sit room bungalow and
two lota, one four room house aud
lone Int. K.in Jacinto. Phone lKtil-J
Everett True Pest Killer
WANTEI Posit;, n by experienced
tenoj:rapher; can do any kind of of
fice work. Phone lu:-4tp
AN IKK to Kent Nn.,, modern
apartment by couple without children
references exchanged. II. K. Har
ion. phone fis:'. m.'.-Stp
C?, W lsac
tvve vej
FOR SALE 7 passenger Studebaker
Six 19 IK model, wire wheel, fully
tKulppel througbu.il. Call or pboue
Oriental Hotel. l"7-tp
FOK SALE A 4u-rallou hot water
lank, (iood s new. Phone
dp., h. r. TUCK
At Mcknight Ham. Calls made
day or night. Day phone 8. Mght
phone 688. Dental wurk a specialty.
New Etdf.
Dr.T.B. Jones
Suite 11-14, Smith Building, P. 0.
Block. Guaranteed work at reas
onable prices. Phone 2227. Res
idence Phone 1543.
Hours to 121 -.30 to 5.00.
Other hours and calls by appoint
aent 44-45 Smith Bid., Ama
rillo, Texas,
Dr. Thos. II. Dyson
Specialty Obstetrics and disease-, of
Office Knilth Mdg . Uoom No 1"
Temporary office phone 7". Tem
porary residence phone 1 1 7 ."
WANTED Someone to uae a tacant
lot for gardening. Phono S.'.!.
FOR KvLE Number of rood. ind
cars. See us before buying. Cul
lum Motor Co., llu Weal utb streets
IvCHs., X. HAv
Smith A C, D '
Thc (mPcisjiai. In. ;
VcsrHisvT tos
SALE Thoroughbred
eggs, ll.r.o per I.'..
10 .-IMp
WANTED Young women. Iii years
oi use and oer. for telephone opcrit
Lie: a vocation that combine good
.. A . ... . - ...I
Hr?. q'iifou i if-iut-iii jt-riuiiii'i!i i ryler
"inpioynii'nt anil Detinue aivunce
i. lent. Apply to the Chlof Operator
Th Southwestern Telegraph and Tel
"phone Company. lin-itc
SALE Living rooms ilinlnc
and klli hen furniture, also
and refrigerator. Call !"H
Phone i ior.-;ttc
FOIl SM.E - Dodge roadster in good
londition: must adl at once. Phone
117. 10C-3tp
FOIl SALE Thoroughbred bull pups
Itio:. Tyler. lnf-r.tp
WANTED Hy experienced m;in. po
ll Ion us lioolkeeier, house or mnil
Ft Ml SALE lloi-ehild
I'Jo7 Lincoln.
f.irnlture at
".ilesiuaii. F.. uie News.
1 i.i rt Htp
WANTED Everybody to know we
iave Jusl reieived a carina. I of Sing
r Sewing Mai hlnnjt. It may le the
;.i-t Khlinncnt iintil utter the war
Vim bid lienor pUce your order
now. Slill sold on ensy paymet.ts
I'lione 4lv. 111 E. 4th St lur,-.:tp
WANTED -To break and pbnt you.
nlrii or any kind of hn.iling. Phone
".. lnT-ll'u
' A' I lo eiiy from tn 1.". r.r;-.s ' i,-!
in". I phi c, iiiunt li.ive pi'i.iy i !'
' -I I"- t l:ir?aln. XYZ, inre vt '
i '
' ANTl.'D Well, windmill. tow. r
ind oinstnictton work. Phono lit''.'.;
Elbert F. Smith. lii.-Gip,
MILK COW'S--We have several good
young milk cons for .ml Come out
and make your pit k.- Neely Pros.
Co . :: mile v. Hu Jiiand. im;-;!ic
CHEAP - We have ntiout twenty
show cacs, Kandy Ko.il ca-w. two
new way suit laes, Notion show
case. .Milliner) I ases. Hat en J-s.
Jew.dry wall cmn. Mirror Al-lpoit
coves, coiinters, shelving, hardware new.
cnsi-s, Two Dayton computing scales.
All iirsctlcallv nev mid nl! ii') to dale
IKliin-t.. Will ell rhenp rs a whole
or in puvielc If In need of show
ciiHen or oilier fivt ires, write ,is Im
mediately. We re closing out.
n'luk and vant to nrll fixtures
Tullrt Meriaiitr.ii Co., TuIU. Ti-xas.
I oil-Jtc
r -
f "--lp TP) i trll
i - ft i t r i nuc i i ii
s ii . ii w ' " v ii i - sj
' CtTMftlC YOO'C a KC "
!Teo eiKj;e-ALe ) I v " y-T
I o? Yru'VC NO C ' r-r i) "
aoop, or fH (j 'if A ir ' -
Land Bargains
7.000-acre ranch In Oldham county, watered by springs and wind
mills, wells only 30 feet. Thla Is fenced and haa ranch bouae, also
plonty of smooth farm land. A bargain st $8.78 per acre for Im
mediate sale with good terms.
Q.OOO-acre smooth ranch, fenced, good Improvements, threw
miles of town Price $ I S CO tier sere, with fair terms.
Several rain hen lor sale in Colorado. Iluy 4S0 to 2,000 acres,
mid Ket IfiiMf on from to llu sections. Each place haa house and
corrulls Fenced and cross fenced, and all well watered. Immed
iate poHscHHioti. Price $17 no to $25.00 per acre,
fi.uuo acre. In fiO miles of Amarillo. Highly improved. Solid
body 8 mile of town. This carries a lease on 6,000 seres. Prlca
$i; i0 per acre. ,
l't me quote you prices on homce In Amarillo.
Money to loiin on farms and ranches.
J. R. T. Bassett
Office over Amarillo National Dank
Thones H&l and 1174
Make the horns brighter by the use of
National Mazda Lamps
Electrical wiring and supplies. We carry a full line of ap
pliances,vfiktures and flash lights. See us when in need of
anything electrical.
Finklea Electric Co.
608 Taylor
1T.I tl.iort. nrii
tt Dully News Office.
cm ton rags
KT-tlll HALE- Well
,. I home rlom- In on
built east front
North Fillmore.
WANTED - Furnished three or fo.ir
room modern apartment by coupla
vithout children, referemen f..
r banged. II K. Ilarron. phone WZ.
'A' ANTED To buy several lined
Fords, will pay the hinhest marke'
ciisii price mm me neiore you -yea
II. K llarron at Sum Vancim's rar
ise. I'is-.ip
W ANTED -'i0 second hand men's
ults. will pay the high cut price for
any thing second hand. ihoeji. hats
p ints, coat, in lact anything of value
Phone L'H. lS-ll
WANTED - Se on. hand iron; must
lie in coo.l condition and the nrlce
tiuht Phone 2I. 1'-ltpl HMt
Terms J. It. T. Ilassett.
FOU SALE' -llabhlti. all
oiihMo ptlrea Phone Z
i r f 7 Pierce S'reet.
HALE -A Ford. .r:n I n allv
i;oo. shupr. :i I" 111. Mine
I Ivcrl.ilid Texan Co'np.ui) . t s i ;
Ft ill SVl.E Fine in i tin ii ti.;ir in
irlllo. " o 0 acres In culthnM .n I'liiiv
V. correct. possession .'ii o ' I . e -
Sec n,l today if I want the I, est
hurgaln In Pauh:iiid!. Cii'it Dei. .
I" - ::ip
i ,i
i ;ir
I. lie
I i;;..,lih.
I i:i.er pi.
li.ir.lt'e HI.
. I ii Ii K oil
'ile ene
red'h. i-
I li.', ninlil!
at nl Cm'
few a I .1
LOST W edlies.l.O llll'h'
V a'l h i harm ir.i'lul II I
r phone O re.'iil:!!!.
loii ;;tc
ds. tea-J
or call
106 ntp.
nl' ely
A. box 11
I' mil'-
I1. acrer
eat rity.
I'tilt SALE Sixteen hundred ncre
ranch in Palley roiinty. J per aire
"0 motions !, a' fifteen iclil pel
acre l.'.'o't full liiood l ili -i i.le
cows, :t to visri old. per cnt
ali crop, will lei buyer 1 ha ',, two'
h indreil out of herd Price ninety
dolinr per lieud :i" rcK'iter.'. hull
at sump price. Will nuke terms on
ir.nch- ;onldy I rim. Plaliiview. ;
Tnwu Dis 'ii
on I'olk
i. Hinl
I on -tp
MoDI'ltN W'trt'DMEN and all your
1 1 If li it . nee ln nho at the MIsmIoii
tonii ht H will Interest ynu Inv ite
l ull SXI.I. ( iio ki n I- -I. f'li li i 1
letline an. I otliei ".. able;. .1
Tiioinpsoii Proilui'e t inii.iny. Plume
', I II I '! I op
nn A IDS msrte from combtnir, Tlt'e
iliilrdres!ng Parlor. lt, Fuma Itldg.
Phone 77. 76-tf
lug Machine,
Phone i:,:k
Drop head W hile
ierfcci rondilion
$1 Will II St.- art. i
ins .'tpj
SALE io.nl i.imlly or fari.i
or ! herse, about 1.70ft 1!" ill tond ord
ii!er. lisbt a..n. biM t collar an'
"! .. . . , IMA I, I..
roiiur anil nsrnet i "'. i in-'iiu
I'treot Phone I I 1 7 I'lH .:tc
I nil SA1.K -170 acres fine Ui mint:
and giaing land ndioinir.i; a forest
riwrvf , for partleilais address P
II l!ox ti. WIMard. V .M l'iv Ip
leaned se lions.
tract on lease
acre in (smi
Se us today I
blocks: Decs
section with th-ee
I'.eJ fjvp year con
Well Improve.), too
posxflon at oive
yiji want the hnt
Funeral Director
and Embalmer
Calls answered, or supplies
furnished, anywhere in the
Panhandle. Complete Mo
tor Equipment Service- all
FOR SALE Two desirable
in imifiiin T n ii w k 0 o ft Chun
nd easv terms. W M Pardue. aosj''"" SALE One Ford roadst-r In
Central Office building, San Anton-f"'l comll'lon Prtrelir. See W.
io Texas ?5-!4p 1 Snoddy. Km.rvn Prantln -ham
' . .. - Implement Co . cor 1st snd Fillmor
FOR SALE 0 acres of lend partly tc
Inii,rni1 m-lth 40 acres tn wheat. -
w.iiiocsted on pubMc road, shout 2 SALE Well mr.n.'ed
.11... .,,,11, ...t nf rlt- favnrabla .f-rtion With !.7' a. re
frri.s An adjoining 0 acre tra.-t
f. st he purchased if desired. J. E
Nunn Phone 7. 7-tf lb
xrixs land usni h is rem.
'.r.rsx fenced, abundance of
. orveniently located. part o
'paid fir to Janusr IH'.
Ftll SLE Ne ni room bunrs -old by th lith. ill te off m
lo . arraiige for two fanilllet Phon A A. tut, Hereford. Imh'
I and
" ater.
If not
S"0 Tyler
0t ..p
down1 tan i
in" I 7 J
10 1 blp
HK H.S1 Hre h'".- .'.0 by !
well locate,) on Indu-trr
fronting on trick :
Inrilre P. O HoK 1
tra.k, 'f.
per month
1 o I r
KMOM AND li'lMM" ' "' per
aeek Fiirnli ".I ho is.-keepinR
room, reasonable r'e -tar II 't. '
in; X P'dk phone ..iT Id . i.t i
FOU PENT : unf ii
apply 70 Johnvm
i.i' i.i .1
; hniisnkeeplnp
iHJs f0 i
Mo l.-in
a fa n I. ev
Johns.n i
Political Announcements
For foamy fVrk:
k. m. nmux.
I. I. r.UKE.
For iHstrict Jede-
HFMtV H. Ill Ml OP.
HK.H I- I'M I'll HEH.
For Mieriff
rtl HTov Itotm.
Foe Towniy Aiiorey:
P. It. I MilKWiaoD.
imtltV A. IPHiKER.
Foe Tat Aesor:
IV. M. IO It WEI. I.
For Cnaefy Treeaar-e:
Tat filled or :
F. G. M I MM.
Fr IMetrVt Aiuwwey:
Dttrtrt fleck :
raaty Jule-
T. W. Mr 1 1 Kill K.
Kr '. iH'MX.
San Jacinto
The only addition to the city of Amarillo, with reliable
street car sen-ice.
Investigate Our Prices and Terms
We will sell you a comfort able modern home, or will sell
you a lot, either proposition at close prices and reasonable
W. W, Lynch
Room 2, Olympic Building
kerplllf, rooms
Phone- lid
'I f!;M,M,
-a i pip.'
f irnl .).
I in. ...n
.1 hi'i.
fur w.i"
Ware", rents and claims nf any
(!,. Option collected on pereentsfn
basis ,ti;Iii if i;ie us n rhince
V. can i;ei !ie nmn. y - The llrnn
mil Mercantile Aiseniy ''. ) boi Id.
Amarillo, Tevas. D't ip
I WANT TO LEASE tor a teim of
vesrs mv 4 OOo acre lanch l.oiated
Is miles N V.' of Hereford. Tesas
I'hls rari'h is all fenced and n.ss
lenced. Has a four room house.
Inrri' caMle sheds and also r'leds for
nrk sto.k. .'00 acre field, sll fenced
ofr snd has two of bei wells on the
plslni t Is equipped so n to
sir a - s I mi nt 'i an abundaii' e nf wat
r WcIIm i" nl.ely nc!., on th"
r.m'b for s'.ek snd bou u Will
ullnrr rr'j- I.. Iiiek 'ip more land If
rierws. a i
Tlih l an bienl tok snd farminB
ranch P.rlv im'i.i rUe surety ti'.nd
i son.e kin I f Rood ei-nl'y Rent
to be p:,i.l .in.rteity and In sdnnce
pin oj-ni fur Id Is illi" n.o M.nr
,nfT ,m.t I, id In fl' letter provll Til'
Mm i i h i- as .!. rlbed I ."itii.t
r i v I. . ' " ion 'Hii 1 M-v 1 . I'l
; .i l l-. ' I'll "nh. A r i ' , I! F
i v . y W tV .mis 'i.: :'.;p
'''MY V 1 '" nsie Tour ihrer
p)fe Slit ce,'i' Sill I ret r. I lipri
I III El'. ' lli'l lie lt be"' f ! I
l.lll'i "HI'S II 'I Up . I ' LI u: ''
.on Iroi.i I . to IIP "ii v. ir n
lit or oi ' Lit ti'fi' e 1 1 t I' ' lb.
Phone r : I P ,n't."S"i), S'i
e n.' I I ' I . T lll-.tllii t"
1"J -I'.'l
TOD HIE Ii) susan
JM KS Foil SALE W'e hare
I'lio k Jacks, from 1 'j to U i years
old ML, to K hands hlich. This
li kood si uf. price rishi. "A'rtte
.1 Thompson. Leila Lake. Texas.
II. I. SKI.L or trade tor livestock,
I i a.re r. Iinnuishment near Moun
tiln.'ir. New Mexico. A M. Rodltera.
niia. Texas' 10-3p
FOK SALE tine Ford truck. One
! nr. I chassis. See O. K. Abbott. 50.1
iTybr Si. 109-Stp
VVANTKO- To do y.oir odd jobs. U (,u n r:T-Two modern besiruomn
h.i. li as Kaiiletiiiu. 1 1 i tii n i it K "I' )"'" i.i family of two. L'll.l North 'Bucb-
tr..'s, in I .ii t ai li f Ii i ii k that h to be.;iMIIII m
1 1 1 . li u ' l 1 1 11 I the place I'll., lie I. I'.i.'
1"'.' Hp
W A Nl El i Onoil freli low. Photic
I I 2r. l",''-.'ti
H1 .ii.K . loom moiletii house,
well, windmill, fenced III Rood shape,
priced lie irettin' money from home.
F. W". Zimmerman lo'l.iy nl phone
.'. I"'1 Hp
WANT El To m-11 . acieH pait tally
imiroM'd. one mile car line, the price
will hurt mi ir . ons. lence, tun h I
now' ,cee y W .In, merman and
,l..p iliewmi; On- Pa: toila 1".' Ip
i I'll It I.N I
Phone ;T"
Hint, III .....li
S,.'( V. v das . t ii. pi...
vour nursery o'dets tor sii iii.- de
livery. io.es, trull and shade trees,
i -t ll.-1 ;l l'iH i .i . ' nt i lir
, l;,s II A Moimri . I!' --ideiit
A i.-. nt I'liorie ! ' I'" Hi'
I nl! KENT I ' f. M. i' i.
, i.e.. iii Ens . ll. I "" i .i: ii""
1'iii.i.t- I si. o l i i. ..'! : "
I.itIi.ioi er.-. f.-r 1 .it' tin 'I
Ker'l'.'ill l"l'.lie 'I.' I !
'A NTI ll I" .11 !! I 1 I'-I'il "' k " 1 "
i,c w i . . r ,i tm I'll, , i.
u' ti' k for nn v ;!. Mi' " I '-i -P
hl.in.l T- a . 1 " ' P
I'lllt PENT .,r.,f
Fdp. RENT T .. ro'. !
or ifnrr.k J.'-1 N"
h'Ulie IlKbtS IH i W.l'e;
''all J'0 Pierm
lc r I ., I- ti
ll I. r
l'i 7
FHP. PENT Or.e 1"'
e I r'-om at f trr. (,,,
Phone 1 .: i af ei ' l .i
f :i nislo d
1 iT-t'p
elm lie;, I
' III. 'I. '
l"7 ''
If IT !H HELP VOf WANT pnons
s'.. rniS'lllo l"mplo)i. nt AnrT
ie Kf 'he help ePbmit de sy. F..
N cofr.e Vr., P f Pot 77, A ma-
t: Tens Mzht b'r.e st. neip
.f all ! Is a'wiys readr to "
ram. an I railroad or lers prcrr.ptly
I A T 1'
I " I Ip
P'"M and It.aird f I irn
she. rrom I 'in..'" h'n' te.nri
if .lustre.) I I . (I i ... ... I i 7 .
F''i: P:.T Ni ' f' - i.i ' t mo I
HI Cvi:n : .ii ri....f, I '. 7 . ' j.
1 nit PI NT Oi I..'- , r- n- , ;..i i;
f irti I for lini In , ,iii;
i '' ' .' IT . "i.or e I 'h'To
1 7 :;
:' M Fi'It lit N T r oi,.- . !..
' , ef Ct I . ll I .ll.-.- n ''I 41, I
l rel ,'.'
'. I ' I. sllll' . , ' ! I'"M I! I I.' i-. I
-,,' ,,i ' ... .;. v. : 1 - .. r
!.... - i -. ".e o i: '-''ll
,-.,t .'.: i . i- ,' I! ; ' '
I .
1 Willi V I'll
i,, i-t h.iic I,...! s.one 1 1 ' ' '!
fi.e Po-ir . ' a i ... . i.
I ' :;,.-. o u- i ' t .in l i in
...li, "..,1 I li ok ! ' I
I- ., .-.M l. !.' :n ri ' V .'
'.-r K ' " in..-" ' '"'I as ri.--
, I .1 Ji.c I ' l I ' .11 .' I !!'! -v
j l ie L.irr no a re.l ! ' '
i ,., . i, I!... l'i., ii 'A .- " 'I .
',,-;,, ;,,d ' "..I " I'.r I ..! .'.IT'
I I !, ....... I - c , ' ' ''
! I . i si I' II.'' c;. . ',' of ' . tori !-
,, i t, r,. )r 1 ll, . . t '. , .. r. '
,i.. ' K !. Trs' 4.. . .nl r. - "
. . a r '
UATi lllNi; Et;iS The famous
I red to lay parks strain nf barred
ro. ks. winnets at layins conteata,
...er " linn lilrds compeMm-;. Sot In
ciihator and hen now- for next winter
I-'Miik pullets Prsltf Southwell, StO
Adanii Street. lOS-Itp
't PENT -Funished rooms also
l n n. bed licht hou tekeplna rooms.
7'i'i Lincoln Phone lUM. New
m.inaK.'melit. I"'1 -2tp
l-'iilt KENT Modern rooms, suitable
f o two kmIs or two men Plion
'. s so.; Harrison lO'-Htp
. I.i. THE Jl'Mim Thai ne oer-
ie ant" tire for Fords. Maxwells,
t hex rol. ts and llrlsciM-.s They are
i:i.itiit fa .1 Panhandle n'o Supply
o . s:h and Polk 10-ltc
lull SM.E Handy Rood new Home
"ieviini; i'i.t hlnc for 1 i on Put
'i . Ills Plu me I I 1 0'. ;p
It l'.E'i I lie f". .1 4'..' Il',(
I " i r. 7 i mm h i f,,.
..i .' . I -' I''" 'Him br,in l.'t
. I I P at If ,rr. t a- t'ur
I ! ho want it ' P on
'. I. M 1"-H ! He
toon Phone ; - '
! s Hp
FOR PINT 1 i nl frri.h".!
t.iffc. if ( ro o ,s ai.h ripr,,rr
d'n s'alr . tn i r 1 t 'n hsti t-i
an It'Trn St phonal.'' loslip
WHEN YO It old 'Ire. wear not r
pl'c t h"m .ft iHr'il and al
httr rfil's laehasd.r AaU Snp
j t ' stb aed folk
ins .r
'I ,1.1 !'.!. I ' Me P. '
'i it.. -. I ' ', I ! if ' r ..'c
;-i I o 's . t
-e.c,y tn .. t ..f t . : e . e .
ami I ,. I.- V - : P , '
! ''.'!': ' '' a .' "
..... 'hp . ,. ' - i . (- I
. p.- - .ri' i,. '.,' i, t ..
... i, !.- ' . I ' ..
I'-" ' -H'. ll, I I " "
I'.; :'!.
I Ullt.p.M, Ml I't. 1M JiP
r -.' hxppd hsn'1 ..res. ci',.
tcirns iljr t r-i f J.ii p:'. t.' k h'a U
i. d ', 'In d V r.in'i. I t
tnf ,r- . !'! t'.e e-; .). ts ..f
all 've ls Et a'e It J M
l'rnkir.i .'". Pe'e fit. P' .Tie
s:s H'7 .; p
l.l'.lll I .. I -eK eeillS Ml. HI, or Tent.
i- ,cn v.,', Itiirbimiin St 10J.-3p
I'' I: I'! N'T T 1 ,e finished
,,, a,' i, . e.jn looms phone I.'.!
pt ki ii t ii in or i.n i: sum k
,-.i'e iiiii t hi "i.e i.'rl.M k '.harp Fii
.!.. 'lv h 1 th l'l s Sulo will lie
In Id a' i n- f. .nn elchi mllrsx east of
. .n l!.. on On- It.-, k Island Hall-
I Ii ii.i Jersex -i.w. weitblni;
; . t i ii I' s Si !!l- w ith piss.
,' ' er 'n f ' ri i. ... i
I i i i,' ,7 to 1 oo lbs . to yeer
iiik' 'lives. 1 n.il'-h orvsj. some
i ni h'-i-s . hk sunn . in.'ontlnn
i 1 1. i .m- m !'s . yearling rolta.
I x. ..ri.i.i ,i,r.. c.,it; 1 Perrheren
i:;:..i' i : i.-iir ..id. weiriit i.saa lbs.
.(., . t .' and y.-ar old. 4 iea
.I. v i'Ii .ml , oil bu.hels of bSnd
t. i.-.i -..-.I inai.e. Fetertts and
li , .ic r ii, e
li-rn - i f s..o M sums of 10
,, i i.,.'.-r . ... ii Sum oxpr 110 alt
, ., , nil be :nen with bankable
.1'i iiriif s tier cent Interest. 4
,,, .. ' 'li -'o nt for cash E. M.
-ilVKKEIt. iiw.ier. 0 I. Schank.
,..i..ii r m . riilioiich. rierk.
Marrh 7-!l-l!.
iii: SM.E Iiim'h''"" I l'..i..n I
i 'Mi,.! ...i.r ,iti I I ' I i " . i i i C' ' ' i "
.--. ' P'-r '!.! a' 'I ' i NOTICE
, .,' i . ti J I. I:.
; .. 'i-t ': E I:'t 1 I ' "'i it.. I. c.i. ' v.
I' I.
. 1..1 !
I M'
I .... ,
"t lie ime es Km, ll"
No i r . o It.tV , wit ( :.-s e Tie .. t ' V
. ,a,.i t 0'i aires f. ''. I a,..'
i.. I;...' Esute lva:,rs I take this
.Io! ..f n.i'ifxlni! you that "
i ii;.r'v I, of Oie market. Signed
i t p..- lo-rtp
NllTH E. Htie rnoxel '..ir la .f
from 4th and H'ichansn t" .'II West
(III iiet H.i'f and l"ow plurfi
!'' in-
I'sl-le tart Improve! f .i h..-ise u N1L Four fir five nwm
t I"" .'"" 'H- " ! enre-,;,. ,,it,0,, ,llUS, phone t.
., ,.! .!! w .tid't ill and errine 10?-tC
I aires deeded, pit! t',lxate.l . . . -
rl-e su.H.'h level land ac WTEP - Woman to do general
'. x ", and f.-n ed b:.. ke.j ir h., ..e i.,i , ail at 1-10 Huchanaa
Co! slliC Th!. i- a r I ll" CI 'l..'e I'. I 10-ltp
rin.h and w i't not E rf'ere.l b n :
Pro - II ' o t,or acre. tees 'Vmi P !'. S M E New ball hearlns clothes
,t i v '.ro ti , awtc.n . wtli Ter 1 4 ". econd hand refrt.er
Isn' iiri P illdin Henier ol i a or. taparity ".1 pound. Phetie
0. Hp I'.si ISS-Itp
KH SAl.E-S c. H.ark Mirnn-s Repatable 4Mstr r offer foa
e v .ne Mnners I: p Ocnar-':. repetable mas-caandiae liOcate Ut
I ns J. ks..n l"'' ' '' 1 ealars slllu Kdlana M atria Lasnps.

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