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Constance Talmade
Bolh Brand New
All For Rcular Prices
We are in the market for some
good farm and ranch loans in the
Texas Panhandle. Can give
prompt inspection and settle
ments. Five and seven year loans
Oklahoma City, Okla.
Of the Amarillo oil field and join
ing counties. Also maps of Burk
burnett and vicinity. And Taiban
New Mexico, fields.
Will make special maps of an;
fields or holdings.
Room 30 Fuqua Building
Amarillo, Texas.
For TAXI Service
Phone 53. We drive from a!
hotels and rooming Louses insitL
10th street on pavement for
25 Cents Each
Your patronage will be apprc
riated at all times.
liunli of InM.
i I ';lliin.'e iitnl T-n: h I
Kll.le Si lltllil. '"I III' I'. ;..l nf I !i
ih" Id ,i. ni.
"I'ln- ..Iiluitl! or Hi.' I.. .r l ' li.iv'
, 1 I li !i "11. ilil Fust". . . Ill llil
ii". iu.'-i ill. '. .'li in I'r.iv.T .in.!
i'.ihl.' Mult. W .'.lii. -.l.iv. i; i. in
M it! i.i I I'lhl ic. it K.ii is mi r ii iin
!'. II SIIKI'iIKKIi. ! n
Sim I ll.i'IIM (luirili.
I Cur N. 1'irrri- ,-nnl Fifth Ms i
Siiinl.iy Si h'M.l, 1 : i.i in.
1're: t!iii:k. tin In. i i -1 T p :n
SlIlllxMIII. " in.
it v. r r . t; p m
I'liiti'Min-i-linK, U'filll"'sil..v. 7 j, iii
J II ( MU SK, l'.i'nr
I'lnn-ili of 'liril. Sii-iilil.
i;..u KilltiH.i ! i '
St-i t i' .v . II a in Sul j. i ! I"
U ; "I 'In Kt J 'Mli
Sun. lay Si'Ik'i I in u in fi" -I ii
-HI umler -'I yt-.irx of iii:.-
V. .lii-s.l;iv 'Vrllllik,' si-ivi..' i
i i luck
I:.'ii..iik rnoui Siuiili ! ii 1 1 I i ii c .
.null (ipt'ii (Lilly. i-.fii iniii.is
ii: I lii'liil.iy!'. from L' .'i" in i in,
aIicv.' tin' l'.ilil'- Mini iiuMiuiii J
hint. ..a Sik-ih'.' litt-r;ii ii r.' in .i y In
.ni. p ii i-i lui-.'.l or li.Tii'W.'.l
All iir- mute. I t.i iiti.'iiil tlie mt
iif" :i 1 1 . 1 niiikf Us" of Hi.- t;ulmr
g m-i'ts Monduy lit In a. in tii'Mmr-.
In I'oU Slr.-.'l Mi'lhoiliSl C'IiukIi. 1
Ml .;i.i..is hi.' .tiviliil
I! SI.- MAN. I'tw j
.1 i' ' 'irsr. . v. I
M(i:iil.:y ;.l .: . iii .i' Mi- t tory
r c si w; x.
I l lllr.ll li i-sl.t II I i. III.
I'r .ii I. in i t 11 .i. in.
' p in li Mo prii
Sm-il.iv Inn.'.. '" : ' i ,i III
( ',1 i I i.i .1 I !!ii. .i . ! .. p in
V. .' mi I' .' ri. 'ii l . i ' li. . I..
i ii M ..r Win Iml Ii 1. 1 1
ill i llllirll tinl.li '
W- I f.l lil.lllv III '. .! . M .. h'i" '
. I : 1 1 o-s III II M t'lnl n'l I Mil li-l
Senior It. A . I . I I'mcmimi.
M.ir 'i .' 1 '.. I i
Tin- S. nli.r I: V I' I ill in. "'I ,
ilus voninK ;it o'. !n. k iu'i Mil of,
. In tin' pailors of l'i- Fnl liit-
!i ! iMnr.'h mi ii'i'm-i of 'o'l Hinl
1'olk sl'.'i'.s. I-. i mi i ...-In n io 1
Soi. S.-rvis.' '
' II.- 1..-.I.I." h i. ' v ! ' j
'1 C iic Mv I., i- for 'I I.i " 1 - :
'The Soli.l I'. . k" " :7 j
Ir.i.r '
Sul.uM-t "Tlo- lol'l'' a- M- (iui.lf,
III I. if.' ' 1
l.f.nl.T in rhli'i:.' Ml-' 'III .lo'lill
Si'i iptiiro K.ailnip. IV..Itiis II'1 .
:i? li'T Mi-v 1'itiiiiiii' ln.-if
Introili;. : i. n l.v li-.nl.-r
tl'i-''. i I' .-:'' . - .. .- , I .. i :. . ... r-.
... 'V v ..I - 5,
4 ''
i Ai. ,' ;' .
1 t
Sir t
ft Q lili. iii.iti-ir. I'.ll.ura
U, Jm l'....vi .,wr
. Kl.il!. I'l ' I-"'
( In.- !. ii, i , i !I "! I I 1 1 t.
Ii.-n.-tlt ,i!,i !i. s.- ih ,i .
or i mi i : 'in " . II l. r :' u t i I '.
Clin! ly S; "p i Ii 1 1 n i ' i i n i: N V.
ird r f ".in i . : .Inc.. i ' . I
pi r liotiU'
Box 17 Little Rock. Ark.
St. AihIicu ' H(isc.Ml.
Mli ;:ii I l-'Ulinori'
(jiiin.ii.'ii:."(ii!i.i Suu.1,11 .
I Inly i iiiiiiiiuriii.il , Ii a in
( lnin li Si Io iiI. it 4.". a In
l! ii i in ti. iiun 'ii iii). I '-.rtuor II
lli.-iiini; I'r.iyi-i I no -nr.mi . I p
in. - I
S.-ri:.oil at niKht .'it V'ir-li Cl.r. : ..m
Iml-. l,,. 7 I.y i.-.-ior nf St Aii
! ri' All ar' .tn i.-il in at I !.-
ri 1 1 k
M.-.-i sue ,: oinanV A u I..' '
oni;t -Kiilonii ( liiir. Ii.
i '. i i.f r I "Mi ain! Hii' li. .nan Si -
,11.1.1V S. In.ol. 1 " M
i;.ni.l Inn- ;i .ml i la to? all :T.'"-V..-.IP8
S.M-i ; " 1 I A M C N.
i ni; in a li ii! t!n moniinR
I ... I v. , , .' 1, ! -..'i'l it'.'.
I ii-i I In i-i l. in
i ' t h k Tailor
.-,,!.., i Si hnnl. I 4.'. A M.
I'.ili slri-- Mi-iIiihIihI.
l ,,- Ml: H, I I'.ilk Sl'-.-i-l-Smih1.iv
lio.il '. I., A A!
I':, a. him: 1 1 A M aii'l " I
I pw..rili 1 i; n-. 'I I' M
I'i mi.t .'. lint: 7 p in W .'.Ii la
( '-r.li.tl In M' a ' urn I,, a ! !
S II II U . I'. i'-'' r
I .1 lil'l II I) Ii' ll.lpl i-i .
.- i .i..v S I !. j '. a ii.
t':. ... I. ilk ainl v .! n.p I i
i ! . 1 ' P II
,'i .'ii .'if - .!'. t ' Km-ii M
'I.- I'la,.' ' !
I 1. 'lit mi ! I " 1 .1 ' 111' S .i-oii
: "i . 1 1 ily" 1
I r.t r i ii. .! 'ii '- . 7 p in ."In.'- !
i .i.i .1. .- t. ' l:: I. - f.-i U;U:.a a I
I'.a 01 I ' I 'hill ll ".
I . n ll- 1 "ii I pi - in .' i, ' ail or
- II ..in n' ' !. -! . : ,i . i .
,.,. ;
M v cA'ni'ii'.ii r.
I'.i-tor I
Is the Great Event at Greer's
You s!ouV. make y u pare ha k now v).'.h the prices ar rharply rdMcrd. h'lop early if
possible. Alti.cv,;;' q. ti..-' arc larjc an:' all ar assuit J a in? If
will lik ly be s old ' I b-. r. this fair clc. es. Tris will bz y; i;r I.i?'.
a WHlTK SAL K hh y ... So take ad van i a re of ih.h fv.lc.
a.-ir'. ..; r..:ny line?
. i'i -i! v attend
i' l l! i. 'h- of Ain" 1 i'Hv '
ii. i um li-r - ''. i Mr -. I
., I 7" '. !': rcc. !
I ,.i d ii .in ..f ' !-- ' M '.'
, i, I, -. ;,".:i.l ia- ."livill
.i i. fur. . ' I'oriul.- ' t.'fdiv. '
,. W 1!i,Ii,im ;..'. , mi, p. ilu.' ! 1 v V'' '
ii.., i. i. . i,i. -in-, i.i li t f rmi,
. , l -li-pi' w'H lo Ci'tivi-ii 1
,,:.,i to :ii -0' t ' ii i'U' HI til ,1 ; j
.. I.'', '! h- i " ''I" " t ill' d-iV '" ' ,
Id .1 .- 1" ' il'.I' - ' I''" l'i 'd-
p -p p BC3 Cosh Department Sior
4J C CVL4 i,TJt Jt tc- ... ,
. a
Miui-l.Tliil llmiu-r.
,na 1 lllu M 111 1 .1 . ! :.( I All i 1 10
uyers and
You are invited to pay this store a visit while
in our city.
A most complete stock of Diamonds, large
and small. Quality the best. Price right.
Sold under our Ironclad Guarantee. A good
diamond is always a safe investment.
Remember Your Note is Good Here.
E. E. FINKLEA, Jeweki
508 Polk Street
3 Leases - - - 3 Wells
Drill cite in Burk burnett, Iii c drilling in A tank of oil, pro
duction on ll tides. 40 acrr$ south of Burkburnett. 40
ncrfs nrar Duke & Knowlet wills. Drilling oprrations now
under way.
We want a good Jive local representative. Best of refer
ences. Fill out tlie coupon today as it is selling fast. This
is a clean proposition and we want only hijjh class represen
tatives. Mi lm. - Ilu
7 l I'.ITI U-ILi;"!!!'! Mi'lc..
I mi id. I rt.i.
I'll . -I'lil I'M' lllll II. I. I II. .11 ' l III I . I.M-. Ill ll II I'-.
N.iiiu' .
I N I I ... 1 1' ll ... . .
I;, n i ni. i- .
ri- ..n p i ti n. in !! mv; '."
If o.ii '
A real up-to-the-minute plant to he meted. l;i; iis are cor.'plele. Contract v ii be kl in a few days. A limited amount
of Beaver Valky Oi! cc Refining C'ru iy tc.k .ercJ at S1.25.
The Beaver Valley Oil tS. R fit Com..-iy of ( o. Texa.,. .i . ! -i
cjtabli.hcd production of rrudv t.il in the P.ar.?: r fie'd i n! hvinS ' W .v.
a drilling campirn t'at shoi-!d imrease th.it r,odurt... if .'crvl!i var.
has had plans comph'tcd far & r finery at Ciico that t- tvtve a tl.:! . ,v.'c t
of 2,1)00 barrels.
Owing to the fact that the tu w nl..n oro .Ac for i hrer nla; t;.n vo
intended orisinnl!y to erc.t, w are offering for slo a ' niitrd ar.i -nt of .'
capital sto k to creat a fun 1 lar-e enough to build th t Unt to tl. .1 r '"
The plans were drawn ly an cx-y. i t refinery cons' Miction e.vin-er and
the contract probrhiy ill fee -swnrd-d within the next tow days. We exp-
construction to j.tart not Uter than April 1. 1919.
The plant will be erected on our own 12-acie site in the city of Ciro.
Besver Valley stoc! h.-s . pir va': of SI.'H r.ro.iJd in its thj.-iir. Its
assets warrant a higher pi ire th.us l!.'t- Wo are cff r.n,: ..n allotuvnt
$1.23. There is a d inanJ fo.' it at that price. Comph t:on of tin- rl.Mil l oi.? i
make it worth far more thai. that. If you pet yours at that pn.e your order
should reach us within the next few days.
References : Guarantee ilta'.e Bank and Cisco Hanking Coiiio.ipv. of Cimc.
Texas, and the first National Bank of Ranger, Texas.
The expei t refinery engineer who drew o'atu for our 2,000 ban I refin
ery at Cisco gave us figures on what revenues there .should he from a nl.-nt rf
this size. These figures t.-ll ms that if the nlant is run at car.'tv it .vill p .v
over $6,000 a day net. That means that in a year ir refine, y would pa.
over $2,000,000, oi over three times the capitl stork "f the (ouo..nv. Mm -figures
were on the basis of our having our own production. nd tn s in
cluded eery possible necessary and contingent exocrine oer a . : i-t ih- po
sible iarome.
Then he calculated that should it be recersary ic. miv ni n'.'u ,:n ard
don't think it vill be neccsr-ary our net income h! uld he .bout f.! -0
day. That would guarantee us nrarlv as m.'ih r-t nrofit .'i a year as t
total amount of our capital stock.
Tlie refining end is the business end of the oi' indjstry. 1 le ai i,
over. Texas is producing thousand of barrels d.il. We want t ket o i
much of it as possible in Texas.
Cisco is ideally situated for a refinery. It is near revrr.il producing
fields. It is on both the Missouri, Kansas aid Texas a.vJ the Texas and ln t..
railroads, which give us a pood out'et lor o.r produ. ts. We own a sit of 12
acres at Cisco, and near it 96-acre tract that we have teserved for a tar.k fat in
Beaver Valley Oil I Rcfinn'm Company tok is a ood buy if it v.re
ba(k"d alone by our producing division. TTie eomnany's assetts. which weie
appraised at the outset by an official of the State of Texas, are orth more
than the capital stock of the cempany. We have discovered that that fact i
pretty gcrcially known. It was nroven the other dav when a stockholder vol
untarily bought additional sto.k at $1.2r. W have placed that price on a
small i-llotment. We do not guarantee that it voill last thirty days.
Every dollar received from this vlr. less the r-ceaey and Ieg,l-iiAe
expense, will be put into our refinery. The rjredu. t'.'n division is takin? car
of itself. When the allotment if on and the refinery is built we will ha
increased our assets to a point where stock should he worth several dollar
for one.
Perhaps you have teen wondering hrrf to r'-ce a bit of your surplus
cash in oil. We can't think of a better tuiestion than that you put it into a
ccmp.ny tn
ci irppnv.
'Pie r.
i . -ii". r
t :e no i'-..
it. i f .T')
will !i ,'h prod. ii -nil le'i.ie , i v ! mi 1 hat's leally the ideal
vk MAVf: iinin;ci !t)N.
iii Oil & K ..lit"; ( ot'i)r. vva-. one of the p.oneers of
ii , Iin. I , r No. i a t. ait ..Jjwiiiinj the townsite on
i: v. '', vh t p-eivi lv I1"-,:.'! -.il, .should have a daily capac
I "' i !-i
!1 '
' -'O
Mnce we diillcd into tha
A d.i.i.i. i' :p tui i.ur No. ? n the Barber tract.
'..!'. N,-. I r tl ?1'i '.i '.f.-ut on the ti.'-ns.t of Ranker, is drilling
at a'.. I - t .v : tho..' J .;u i-..- . av and within the next thirty
Our rVii'iiio i a ir. .-m n . .11 inn'im..' duiin-j the conilruction of the re
finer v and .mtt n oinl- that . hail soon have .-.uff ic.ent production to run
lh( ufiiKi'' ,i full cajifeitv out of ujf own cll'di'.
Me. nt: i.v v. e ic not; ot it in with anoti . r refining company for tha
l.vin of a p'i ' Ime from the iini-r p "1 to (.' i-
Ocr l.l'.u 1: of Acreie in M vi'.air- Coui.'.v. on wh:th we have a well
di-ii'i.i? at t)uit I.i 50 feel, ennsihts. e.f .'-.-i . m; t ly 12,000 acres. You
doubtless !.r w hov tl.--.'oi.whiv n ieisl:. vve worked out Montagus
Court v . t 'i t i s. tht the r :... r.:mpar.ie.t hxe Med for acreage there,
e.u t!-. ?.. ,t.-.'e t'our.tv i t I tli i;hlv f - -d thi.. year.;lf you doubt
ahf.i.t M.nta. uc Count, b. n i t'.e h i- f-inu'. i". look at sour g-ological
n,-.p. Ve'!l h?.e l - M. it i:;i-e ('mints wel! J vn to where the geologists
.'.v we'i: uet a ? -i it
tS'.p a .sho t time.
MERE 15 SOME Bit. M.'AS.
Out of ihe o? . e i f nf- nf the bii; .i! i : id of th. Mid-Continent
I 1 the rth : Ci err. a . c;. rt th. t tl.- l ie.: ir- ( - l u-l Company, drill-
in Jt'feiM .1 ti -imts. Oklahoma, had en-
in Northern Oklahomi
in. i ar l!i bin c-f th- ! -d Ki
tered the Si ck bi.u yi IX'.A fe t. Tie bl.uk
and le.a is a bc oil produc-r.
This fn. is just o. .' tre line fioi .- L-:; In.! of about 12.C00 acres
in Moi-.tvuc County, the 1 1 mi t in whch w- .ie .11. m; at about 1.750 feet.
You'se been csstini oir ruts in o.l. u iu-ht lo be t.ood fish in
Moe.taifue County. Beaver allev':. in the swim :)"d and strong ud there.
We have a 2.r-.icre t' ,ut in ti. o.ru .-i d tu t on the Hind-nan land.
I his is ne.r the Emma Ttrrill and Ko.k wel!. It ou ;ht to be a producer.
Do sou know what acreage is sel!n; at in that part of the country? In
ojiie if ;-oi I ke b. fore you serd u a dollar V1 e exp.-it to drill out th
Hii.lniin h.ie j'.-t as soon as we i.m K'-'- t( lt
t . s. t ul- of the Ranger
( . 1 a '-i n the drill in n Sun &
i sl oit distance south. If
1.. ' e. we'll hae one of the
II ! e's mce. We have two lmt.es ;.
I" d. Eastland Coo.ily. One A them !i ;
(...li Pri diction wrl's. The othe ihtt .'i s'
t'ir.N v- Il are n;tlucer.;. and the are hkeK
.-.-t d it for oil in Western Eastland Count .
H-tter si.il. We have a fifty-acre tra t i r :'e bic oroduction at
ptiiUVrnett. Its ju.'t a ihort dists.ue a.''a ' -l the townsite. It's in
the litht d reetion for an extern e.n of t'.n r, al You've heard what acre
.at h.'se b.mcht at BurkV. a, tt If v.;: ' th.- stock you have an
i:.leist in a f 1 1 y there that loAs p weif
I .. i nun ( ii..
, i--. i,
I v
We want a few live men in this com
munity to take charpe of the sal of a
portion of Beaver Valley stotk. If you
are (hat sort of a man or woman, if you
can deliver the goods by work ins dili
gently for a few days or etk. address
the company teday.
Beaver Valley Oil &
Refining Company
l roip,ii'd undr the !a. of the StaU- of Texas
('.,,,1,1 Si MOO CO Shaies S1.25
1 In y.
-'i nr. of st.H W ia tlie
..' a K' riniHn CiMiijtnr at
I i ii i '.i Iih k with lite
i i .! .'.uc re eoninion,
.. , - (-- I nl mi, n
i .'I Il.I lint an fSuK.
. .. . i.m if. or niMjr ejrr
:msm .vss -ru.-rrm: wxwm-'tia'i r.T. z. -r j rntn
1 tiiM a.s.a
UUMtiniU tij illl0110MOO)M - ,,

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