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rwrt I Wt
- f. t.
Mil l I K NOT ( AMtlliATi:.
3. 8. BnOTTN.
Central Manager
Manuring Editor.
KditarUl Department. 4,
iluslncs tVlU-e.
US Ucst Fltth filmt
K. T. Miller, tor two terms dis-
trlrt 'attorney, Im uiioun'c. that '
hi' will not stand for re-elet I im
Thin. In spite of the fait that It lt
known that a large number of hi;
friends have beeu steadfastly urlar
Itliu tu nuka ih race for s.'ine week
There arc ioiiic thing rliou" Mr ,
Miller's tenure of office which have1
made It notabK There Is one t'thir.
In particular, contained In this sM le
nient publUhcJ elxrwhtTP In Tli'
Now, that l worthy of i'oiiii'r
at ion.
Only Morning Newspaper In the Ami-1 "I have never ti ied to convict men
llto country. Covers th rsnhsndle r-f j for (h(, Mhl, , niavinK B record of
"t'cixa. Eastern New Metlco. Fouthern I , , . .. .,.
vlTanJ Vtrr OkUhom from convictions, but rather, a, an offl
twelve o twenty four hour in advance irer of the Uw. I have south! to ..enl
,0" (Mm UrUaa. Fort Worth. Okl.vjout Justice fall I v mi J Impartiall, ."
Mmuk City and other pipers carrying i h(l ty
telegraphic dispatches, j p ,)U, ,ri.
Wnteeed vrondVtaM matt at the!'"! P"'C officials, no und aeain.
puaurffice at Amarilio, Tela .under the ; becoue an Intent m n making a r-
Att Of March S. 117$. i ord fur themselves that thev some-
" lime forget the true Intent mid pur
RnfCj.IFTlO HATES pose of the law: to mete out Jus-
1 ' ' pT MAIL IN APVAXCB tiro. The prosecutor who keep. ever
In Triaa. Oklahoma. Colorado and New ,n nilud thla fat. without rcgarJ to
Meslco. selfish inter,!, treating the rich
aaoa'.be ...
I Tear
Delivered ty carrier In Ama-lllo e.vitie
a afce.
I Month 5
I Mrtlhl
yoKth 41"
I Tear
. - -i
M Mill. II Ol TIK" M 1 1 IK
Miss mi n inc.-t tiMMirri i:
NiMI.U fit M.I. SUH K.
i m vmhii.uk ion . )M i;
t sMI'UlA.
m i.ii ti':,'
ulill'.e tn Mi
: "i
111! IVK
I: t:.
. " e
.1 nil
. He
and pour alike and m-Uhr to brine
about a l(ottcrnjont of teneral ron
IT JO . ditlona berauw of hi term of of fire
la one who cannot fall. In thli ila
an I Retierntlon. to he 1umI by the
peoplw who bv j.!jctd Tu i in In of
fice. We believe Mr Miller to have been
otH f Ih kind.
...J!.. :.i.il 'I.., r.nli.,1,,11.
1.1 lli t'li ll f ll t .p.ti IUM1V
li I i HI . 1 (,. Ii,
T.i i . m .,f K; .. .i:,, t
'it. ! i litiii anil il huh i itu
! !: I'llli'l In kM i. ..Il'l
v I I t T ..'l i. . Im Mvd .v .. 1. 1 .1
.'I t ll' it 1 1 t i ii l:t 1 1- i.l. Kilt lii in ;
A tli iiM ti" aii'lllllte :il l lli- ) t
' ' '' HI . ! .it iii ln l 1 1 . r -I
, y TIk'H.ii.'. m. it I; lll.il !
! !. Siii.mi.i,.. . .,' I nil, ,11.1,, . i, ,.
n'litilr.t Ii: ilu. Mi la Ii m J.,' i. I .,1 Ii
I i i.i tie; Mill U ii. mi,. tu .i nilme
I l.llllnliV
..Ilia .f
v t v
.1 u 111
i ir
u'. tin
i.'i I- I
i.H :ti'l" tu j.ii
!IH '!' ,i.k til" I'
n itinl
I ' i- 1. 1. nil l.y III! I it" I'M
i.. it r i if i w.il.ll lili.ij
III . .ml!" III !(
i l" in -kI Mm ll !!
h mI I ml I in!.! :it
I t .,', . i . I. .I
ill. )..
imti r
V . I'.i-uiiiii
i-t Ili l 1. ,t..M Ti I
lllk III llllll.l II
IIIUlMi- ll I.IIIUlll
a ii iniiiit ii (. i !
ii i i t nh'i Mr i'-i
lt I. t .
Tin- !'
ill " .11 I
il ! I.V
.l ' li-
It" -III'-
I' !'
-,! il' l-
,in i --.:t
in- i.-i-i
in. i
iii I'.i- i if.i ity iili. ml. In , . i
. . I n tin .-liii , .
V. I i,i, ,.l, m i.l I" il l
t ii lit i .u.. ' -it I " II. ii'.
.i.. h.n Mi.inl.iv lilt lit .h- !I n.. .il;
ll. Ti:ll I i. I'Til ,.!.) in, i l.liii;. f: i ,,. u
thai 1111 I 11.4.11 iill.l I.iiI.Im.I. ;it i;i:.!.
I. Ill Ills III 1 :ilil-ii 1 . 1 .. In ,l. !
, I i t I.. A .1-! .: :,, i,i i j.!. .. t' I ... .
l.ll l..s.,n t.,. .l.i!. l,i..,?. .
wt.i. Ii will i vt.v. pe Tiiitdny.
ii. ii
i ...ll
t-. t
. ii.
V S Mill I
tilt ii.tlil'-
li n. i
.. I! i
t i i ll l;i I i In- 1 ir.'-
i v I .in-,!. . : . i
1. 1 it i f t:
I. I ..t
Th0.A(MU!a' Pre l etclualvWy
titttM to the. v for republtoatlon of
M diaa-Whe srutbud In or
HoWvHbetwIae errdlted In thia perwr and
tHer aJ newa pubUhed Mrrln
Al ttrtit f puKlntiow of taprlal
fispwlehea hertln art alo retrnred.
. i -i i.
&rtaJ Aasodated
Wire 8ervk-k
tM Lae4
There can be no doubt of the fart
that the nrerace teacbt-r ran receive
tvora' nt alaioat any othar tort of
e))nf 'for th llnia tltn It than la
tha teaching profeaalon.
Other llnea of work are demand
ing ni 4&4 women . with brain
TwMhara art binf aoagbt to tUI
cane JMwhr. Thar l a de
mand for teacher In other lines of
work. And they, deairlnt to make
a ltTlai In thla dj ot hlsb price,
art leaTtaf th Khoola.
' Wo hiow of no mora potent rea
ioojot ralaiai the aalaries of the
teacirV la our ichoola than thia.
Thja ef nPPy aAiI demand la
ofarwUai afalnat tha achoola The
teasand on too tltn of the teachers
tntthe made more forceful by an
iocrcv is
AaMfUlo, thua far. hai been fortu
nate, la keepiag many eiflclwi' teai h
'r and In flilinit varanckMi with men
rnd wronjen who are worth tool mI
arVf. The time approaching, how
net. nhen the achool finances luus
be relfrcd if these teachers are to
be retained.
A teaching force raeani lll-
Whuat llirector Jit!ln II i ;irne
ha called a conference of ttovnin
ment offifluN. conrre.ional l.-iil-'r-and
railroad representative for
Wednesday. May 1. when pl.in t
atabiliie the world' train market
will be conuidered The Tinted
State Urain fortiori t ion. which ha
handle! the situation up to th pres
ent .terminate Its work June t
The int.-nt of the meeting I to lay
plan to prevent fiUitiou pi ice fluc
tuation aud to forertaU the danger
of strike and vioietue. according to
he MMement ot .Mr Haine
It Is important .inleed. tlut the
selling of train be no directed a to
Insure a fair profit to the grower
and at the miu time put the ci.m
modify on the market at a price that
will be fair to the ultimate con
sumer. In order that there may be
no lack if biead in the home of the
The queeret argument we have
yet heard regarding Tie rei:lt of the
precinct piinury rouventliHi l. that
which I be l.i g lnditriouly ad
ranced hy Bailer fitpnorter In up
port of their contention that the rote
In the primary convention a nut
representative, they declare that
only a small per rent of the roter
were In attenUanee. prsxihly o
Out didn't the lUiley supporter
hare the same opportunity to attend
th?e conventions a did the admin
Utartion force? And were not the
lUllry forces urged clay after dr.y by
the former senator, himself, to at
tend thrm?
The condensed political history of
.1- . .i,l i-
... w,.w - - thf ntloa cnt-ini.,, , ,rrount
school. It meana Improper method j ..... n .
I r-f the various Democratic and Re
which Duy mnlt lnlosaof Interi )lMn C0BfIl(toni wh,rh ,
in the work on the part of the boy , M
r I rl an tJUe forming of habits of ; ,
- . , . . i its readers this hl?tory In compact
-U07 , KCSMiei (vuiwiiuvu. i"
important that children be taught
Hew to study, and only the eiperi
meed teacher, the one who tinder
lands the tittle minds undergoing
ueiaiAg. cm
thla work successfully
Therefore, each teachers, for the
ske of the hoys and girl of the
newny style from day to day up to
the very dates of holding this yt.r
of Km'
t il I
Th i I i ! i Li- k .i.r.t will Ii- . i.
'I I..-.V I Miff i-i.'. m i. nl. . i iii'.. r
lt..il Vlil.il ill.. :., Ml) I,, i-i i,hi.,'
.. '.il I I lia ti ui:ik' '.. wa tin' I.
iiiatli n Klvt-ii in .t.i.l.i l.v
I'm-.. K 1.1 l.ll lli.lll.-i;. I i.f !!n A ,i ;
I'ri-k A T.li -i.i..in . n ii.wh
. ." .'.id ii'iii in h-n T i i...
ii will In i .iii.i t.il ut a ii n '. i -
ill id II' til. - i'i ..:i.. i ,, ;if i . .
t 4 i.'. , I,
Tii.il .i M id" t.i i k .; .!,; u ill In- . 1 1
n;it i.f i ri i in ..f !.imii.iJ it, . i
ii-ll tnd Kill I i..il.. i I t.i jiil
'i!l 111. Ill il IIH'I'IIIIS ilt til'' M.l'-lltll.'
II. .1'. tail nftrrr.iMiti at i. lu. k tnr
the Uiie of dl'-i ui-IMU t!n' trip tn
tMe liii;inrl.il I'li'itu::! at I'ml l.i.nl.
tin-nil. June .' I .'.' am! ..:. ami to
i ive Hie i. p. i;t i f Hi.- v-.i ml
Tin ,i: cutliliiiM. li'. i w ;is .i.;ioM
I I I.ii.: Slltlil .V 'l : ! i,- t'le i-nl ',
' ti!ii::nnt ot tin- l -t. :-1 1 1 it Itwlu
'Tenip'v. Ilkl. lK'M a l ite. i.hi! t;i-:i
'.irrlval in tliiiniv -Inn- IT. mi tl.-l.
v.i tu 1 .. rt '.. iii. ;.!..ii Ii.- f ir'tiu
' late.!.
I The M:i:o.iiii'e!uent o.' tin- im- . :
'''s'.ites that I' will l.it or.Iy i tin hour.
" ..nl ii'.l Slnim r-. nie r.-i;. d tii 1"
1 Ti HtleW ,' .. e".r . V, rV ,r VHtI
JJ - s. Jb
K i . ' - - T sr fi
Jul ' i . t i--r' Mv? v
........ ,v.Vi;-A
"t ty Icr yt. n jm 5
Wonderful Baby
ftlusical Comedy
Commencing Monday
'The Last of the
The biggest nnd most pcc5ac.l!.r rhow of the year.
A thrilling; horse race. Feudist battles. Moonshiners in sun
f:sht. Nijht riders in daring ch;ss- Exciting fox hunt. Ctrl
en hcrscb.-ck in death dcf)inj lean. Dynamite bombs. Iccndiary
A bast of other thrills, ard a beautiful love story of the feudal
Z.yt in Old Kcrtucky.
:il klill it !,-k r
Af'.il' ,.. I . u,-.l l it nl.,1
I Mil IV U I I. in i! In- im.il ,n . 1,:
t. i' t. f '. . i . Ilt.u: I'lS til.
nil' I I Ll k ... I . ll-M Si.i-. I,
1 1 '.. ii ,1 .1 1. "l,i!,lr
Ilil f t
. II ,
I- I
til- ll..
:: ! ;
I lv I
' " 1..I .. 1 1
t ,111.1 lllll
I' I'. J l .ll. I ) :i J. iiiiiii uii.nl tli.it ll
'lis 1-11. anil Hi- inti.-.-i .1 ; A. fit
on 11 I i tin I'l'tni 111 P UK. Mi,. - "inn
1'iitiv IhinLy diwlvn. tin- .irt:i-r
liii tlut ei:l an. I tint u- luiir--" I
wt'l now U- i 1 U.il l.y Mr Qunil.v
mm. ( the lioliii. i f y.i iili M. t r S il-s
I'miiluny. 1
Tin- luv iii.N,tiy 1 W'iII nuiiri!.ii:i
:h.. iiut iu.u t.i nt n.4 I'i4k ?rit!
iivl i rttn.a- as iliulir lur th- .le. '
Ilii" i f ati:..ni.J.i!, i. furiiinlv lia-n'l.t!.
The rniHI kaa n I'iiliji-. Is.rt nii-l '
ll.-V.n- i.i'.i. vr an.l l"awe n u. 1
.llt'lx:lllC I I'll unt' -1 I.V till- (nil. lie '
Mi.t'.i- i'ii. in lol.liU.iti t.i . i v ! f on i
ill thi-.n' inj'i lur inaki nt 4j.. :io.j
live v,ha !..
ti iii. Hi r l -r I ii i . i A -1 1 w
i .11 a-'.l 1 1 u ' iii Ami.
C.iiili :i.ii. T. :. .. "
.'i :ii- I - 'j, i i T j,
t '.i . .-ii- .ii il a ". I.,-,
r... -1 I ... i it. ll . .. -.1 ..
a l l I .- in: i
Ll ; M. I ..!! . I ; " .,
I i " ;.,i !: ( I'e
M I ' , r:u.it' w " i.i'.iv
i: i'u : -:i
i ii,. ..' ' . .
l- I a ill"
. tn-.jf I
-mi tin
i ii i iiii.it i
, ,. -, , .,- 4. (
1 1 - 1 1 1 11
,. t..l .l-.ily ,
i ilu t t r j
.Ml.'- Ii'
ri...!il i.f tii. :
i.l 1.1 -I. I v ih- ii. -1 '' :r a '
,1. 1 . tin ir -i. .,..: ,'.n.c,. l.i
. ! .lit .! tlnf.' t-ni:i'i.i! !:' 1, !. i .11
I II, I'i -.h i' ll- " 1 v 1 1! 1 .1 ! j.
: v 1. - line i'i 1 1., t.i 1. tin. I." 1
1 - u.,-. I..:i ii-l i,i.. il:- .:..i
. .1 .i:t : -I 1 I . IT. I' ' it ' - .
. ; i'.i.-iv .i'i I lit 1.1I ..i: i-i'
11. u I t.i" l'.u t:. 1 l.r !i 11. 1. I
i . . t if II attri t' 1 il ill "I (!'
v . -I "Ul
Ti.. I'i. 1.
".Ml", .!
t '." f I !:
1 v it- 1 i.l.-r . ..1.
.1. . .
.- ....... till, , I il- VH.. tltf I"
'1 ! 1 ; ini;-' 11, 1 . ,, .- f, ,, , ,
'-" I..' " llliiic ,1 : .1 . y
. .i n. n . t i Lu,;: t 1. , t'iv . r,
4 l.H
.".I. . '
I I" I . .
".nod c.iir..
m.iii: Mtiroi: t iiiiiiikmuin
Al I. l.n t :
I f I .i.i.l
I'l.l'l tin t.i.
i'i-.l.-:i J
I. ; I I'i.
..ii u . 1 1
1 1. j.. r
if, 1 .f
. ini- nt .1
I u... i" . v .! 11, . I l.v .1 . ..pv
1 1 " a 1 1 .11 it "f 1.1 I II .
. t ,v- i 1 v .1. i;....ii.
.11 11. . ;.- m. t 1 .' t'. i
':., t -.1 rt t!l. V lt.i:i.i ..
1 . .'...ii ll- S.. lit u i t V..r
!. i" ..kii
.t :ii - . 1.
1 1
is an i; iir 1111 : ! a! Ul- lil.i,-.",! i f tile g.tM llllllllit
- . r l-,.r: 1.1.1111 fa. un i k lii.t'.y .'ivl.itinn truck
.- Jil will 1 ti. ult in .iiul in. 1. 11I11- iru 11 bodie. thl
. s ti-r Ii-ir in aiMitl.,!! I 1 ii.. i.ii'lini; and m.-rilitf
!.."! !'. ti a. I "
In InliUl. 'I I 1 tile Items spvlUenily
1 . i.i.i.ii'il I'i ti:. ntiiti.ei It li to be re
1.1. -m! i i-i I il-' V.lte niiii)i:iiiy built a
III. ur ir.. 1 uf vn r.ii ln. l;iss, ".."
ti n. k .1 ml In 1 Ii ii 11 iinl.iilao. e
r v it.- !i.i.i:i 1 t" I'laiit ! !.---.
.;.! 1 1. Jin ten hieil i.f
... . .: . .1 1 . a . !'. .itagt of Veil
liniil. tie y li '1.'- Im-. ti at h me In
. i . ei :i 11. - in ii- ttmi ail the r netil
i.l t" me t tlie ib iii.iml 1- 51 'ii-y.
v. 1 . ,ii. .. 't i.- !! ili al.-r. feil
lit ti i:.- .1 j 1 it.t'i ii,'.- pi i: in tii-- ..iiii'iniiti'i
'. ie.. .it ..:-! j-. ..r:i"ii ii. 'ii !'" hiKli s.'iiri-v.
at .!.. 11
I I ... II I . 'I-
.' t!i- ."
kki: 111: m iimh. srTio ,
rtiuiiM.n it KutiPir iir.tio. I
TLe livel li-i.lv Ji-lVKi. Ht llnni. li'
U it jiil fl:.-i l Ij-Li U111 iuiciiaj.ti '..v I
ki: wj-1. Itiiltii nr. I t'le (ir 11 will t.
citi'Wti la the fal-uv a '.hi- Krv. T j
i 1 i. ;uttnui.
It 1 .1. ui-ii. til tnat tlu- t'.-l '11...1 1 ,
itUi: wi.l I.' hiadltsl by the Ui.u. ,
1 Fl A MirMB ftltllMtlnn l.ilt. n.nr.
. . 1 - - . - w . w . -. .. . - . w 1 v
counted upon to 00, od mw proni,,,nc (roni lhe w.
1 point of the American. The revolu
j tion. which I counted upon to im-
! virove enfiillflona Klnw ik, lK.r.1.r
4n. gbottld be kept nt their . for Amrrlr,n rj,,. continue to
Iiuutlutsa, Wfrticx rtlitxl eteiieerft s.il-1
l.w iJsl.i. fUtu'en-e re s-'iuu'
(tin of a t'ti pid liver n in rsn f 1 1 '
wM Wl.lle tl,e lo. er In In.n-Mvf
I ru meif'il It.ei sli'ieilii ! .
'e5oe two wll isuw nl Mll.ni svniiv
ten to dtsaptitr. ! l.y nil di uctci.t.
- " :tt
Have your tlrcn retfcaded
4 ad -pet from 30051 to C310
torc miles.
Gilvin Tire and Vul
. caniiinj Co,
106 W. Mi it. .rkoncltlO
fr. ..'.:r"
M'li fl . I ill- 1
a4 not permitted to seek employ
ment hi office and factories, stores
and other commercial enterprises. In
elt deleft.
I move forward succeaofully. the vie
itory being a moral as well as a
I physical one, according to C-ni ml
! Obregon.
"The abnence ot ex-Senator Dai!ev
from Texas has entirely changed the
topic of conversation on the street j
and In gatherings of people." com-1
ments the Marshall Msnger. We
'cannot see. however, that there l
Pat M. Xeff .candidate for gover
tior'of Ttx, Is continuing his whirl
rind cavmpaign. Aside from speak
lag la the Urge centers t popula
tlonT alt' bVer'TViak. "Mr. Tfeff hs-,n!r rt uemand for the ret.no of
tajked 'to audiirnces In counties wnlch i ei-entor to the state, ao v Uyj
ad never before been visited by a worry? :
r:dW Tfi believes In laying hi I '
candidacy Hlrectly before the people ' f"ciHsts would reviv thej
sad U spwaU'lig pereonally to Const. tutlon to prevent thl ronntr) J
"r of then as It Is possible to:ulBl war until after It had bin ,
rea,ch Ja, the Lmiled time of hi lnl-'. The country would pioU-i
ngapiljil j ably have a floe chance of vi. tory.
Mr. Neff will be In Amarlllo the after It had been Invaded
!il of Jane, and during the Ul s0t9rneBB9ii2aa '
two weeks of June w.ll sddre the It a 11
oterw tn a Urge number of Pan ! Man S I rOUDle AlTeSted
Saadke coaaiie. He plan to vir t 1 j
r ch eowaty In person. 1 "The past 4 year I have !.& so-1
lai do a. dnwa. doan with csurrh.
The Rlpatb Horner Chantaunua ' " touah and had to give up
lll egs s be U Amarlllo the la.ti'" v,"r 7 f ,niV
. w . , wsaiciiiMl ronunlkia 1 suflttred tr-,
nt U moaih. May l.tb being th , r,w, from kw..,,. nd rui, ...
itackf. Mayr's Wonderful Reinady was
date of the opening program. Ami
1III0 people ltd not hsre to be toM
hat this program will prove most
Itjtrrwaliag They have enjoyed
lbe rhawtanqaaa before ail they
-..m show their appreciation by
'heir attendance. ' Th Red path
'Uxaavr p4grasa are Instructive as
M as eJevsl4uog.
rtt n.u;raJe4 10 me I took a course,
of I' iitui am now feeliag fiae." It Is,
4 .uibi. haru.ima pi ep r: 'on that 1
rMii'.vts th- tarrkil iuucuj fiu:j,
th lnt.tmil trsit and allay the!
IcrVaU'aiu'iou wbifh rauia; r.cli-
lally ail s'.fcluath. liver and Inicst.uaJ'
ailments. Including appendicltl One
daw will eeatnne mr snowey refund
ei. All draggista.
"f In ill
d.fch'MMill Sill.
of Distinction
1 f
The radiant richness of the Diamond jewelry effects
we show you here are such as you'd expect people of
food taste and artiatig discrimination to wear. They
are roch ns you'd expect to find at a shop which has
established such a fine reputation for goods and re
liable service.
Many Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry
Suitable for Graduation Gifts
409 Polk Street
Phone 3(4
f 1 1
irv' ' 7 '
k :i' 'V .t rf 1 1 it . . ; tst-
vit- '' til" "ilVV ii ' '"
o-v -V t-vJ -'"rav , :
. ..ju.k-A.wy&&jWi . ' " 4
Unquestionably the smartest outfit yet. Every article noticed in this picture astern
bled here in big quantities. We are well prepacd in all lines, anything that you might
rurnishinjs here by the foremost makers cf the Lend,
alcne, made by the Hou;e of
Suits which are classed

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