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Church of C'lirM.
Tmlh and Fllliuor
Ttxlny lln tlom- nf (he revival
mrvlrm and all ininlM-ra of th l.iml
cr.fiBif itlnn are tlny umwl to at
Wnd both wvlfm. a nnt -xtlt-nl
nut-ting I drawlm to a im, much
tood rui Imi tlnn anil aomi uwful
' addition to the ronKri-Rittloo have lut-ii
fcjrrd. a atilrltUHl f.Hut him Ix-i-n mi-
Th morntnt aubjt-ct. Th' Ird'n
fUM'r." I utw t,f unuftiuil ltitert-t to
thoa wltu fulluw thi AlMmtollr prrrrtl
i-nt In iil.-tvlns It inch flint itiy c.f
Hi wrk. At nlKtit th dlwourw will
Ih on "Whv fhtltUn tnly" and
hoiilil imiIv a fcirgr and nttt-ntlv
l!tl- rinwwu. 10 a. in.
Th "l.,nr Xuir" II 45 and :45.
MldUYt-k Vniy-r H-rvli HVdnra
diy at ft r- m.
Tahrriutl lid pi M fhunh.
8'iMUy Kihotit. Mi a. in.
1'rn.' lut.g, II n id. and II i m
hunlirui'ia. . in.
Junior B Y. I. V. 4 .45 . in.
rVnltr II Y. I. I'., 7 . in.
riwlal niu-tlo ami a i-nttllul wH runt
to all.
Flrt r'igrfiulliiiiiil.
Corner of TVnih and Huh;in.m.
Sunday tdhool at 10 a. in.
Morning twlnn. 1 1 a. in.
I'vftnMf Ht-rvlc-n, 7:30 p. in.
lU-v. A. K. tliikrr of allium, mill
apeak at txith morning and evt-nlng im
Moe. and ill memlM-ra of the church
are urgt-4 to be In attendnnre, while a
inrdlul Invlt.itlon la rxtendi-d to the
rlrl ( hurrh of ChrM. Ktlt-ntlsl
Kaglf. Hull
Holda reRulur m-rvk-ea at II a. in
Sunday, and II p. m. Wi-dn-dny.
HuliJwl tmliy: "fiiMl. the lrewrver of
Sunday Hihool at 10 a. m. for atu
denta under twenty yt-nm of axe.
The lleadlnit Itonin. room In the
Hinlth bulltllnK. la kept oH-n front 2 30
to'S p. m. (Lilly except on KumLiya and
holliliiya. whera the IIHOe iiml ('hrln
tlan Ht'lenre literature ni.iy Im- read or
puirhaaed. The public la rnrdl:illy In
tiled to the acrvlceR iiml to th. it-ail
Iiir room.
nurhanan Street .MelhodM.
Sunday Krhmil 10 a. m. J. P. minion,
aupt. The aator will preach at 11 a. m.
and Mr. Moore at 7:43 p. ni. Thin
church la In revival frame of aplrlt all
the time growing In Intereat. A aplen-
did choir rendera the ery let of
music. Come and enjoy the aervtcea with
ua.' A' eotdinl welcome to none hurt h
C.KO. j. irvix.
llotiMnn Strtet MelhodUt.
Sunday Xchonl at 10 a. m , preaching
nt 7:4i in the evening. The paator hoie
to bring yon a ntt-n-tag aptroprlate for
you. Will not all thoae on the Kuat Side
nutka It your plan to attend thla wr
Uce? I not full ua thla time.
ceo. j. invi.v.
Mra. W. V. Klaughter. HN-iinti-ndi-nt
0:30 p. in. Kpwoith league. Clifford
IJ t fluey, preaiil.-nt.
7:41 p. m : Sermon by (he paator, auh-
J"t: "Anawervil riavcr."
Hiiecinl and approprlute inualc by a
well trnlncii choir. We ni.ift cordiully In
v.te evei ."lioily to wornhln with ua.
iii:.m:y k. iii:kiks. i h. u. Van,.
Kl. ilUII'M t-.tiluniml
8-ioiul Sunday afir Trlnliv. lb.lv
t oiiiiiiunloii , ..lu a. in. Church Mhool
and .Mlult III u- CliiRMea 4 ".. Mi niln
li a r and h mi n II r p,n.
'-ayer and ,4-rnion I p.
.if.. I. 11. N.liy will imp ll,c .-.Ij
a eenlMK WIVli. Seflll i.i .'I'll I
.lie iohder .. ihe ll.mu,'. !
I'ii ihMile anil on 4 a. I,, nf , fr '
' Molilalia Auillnrv nnLi!
lh i iiii-pointc ( iiiiiiiuinlln .it '. 1 ' in.
' iJy wili inii' at every imt.
I-!. C Siiii'iiin, ii nor
t'lrot llapllM ( liuri h.
Sunday Si hi Mil nt H 30 a. in Why not
iM'nin on tinif, and you lie ptem-nt? The
hiMi In IncieHmiiK In alli-uilatice bul
nceda jou.
I'ur.Kir Herbert Whiting Virgin wi'l
preach at II a. tit. on "Are You '."in.
UeN-tuhle?" and the following RMciul
numliera will tie rendered:
I Tel title.
"tie Fleeting I littir" IPormhy le.
"timet and etinhonlum C. Wllliud
tinltli and JeRHe A. HoerR.
At night the rtllnnnce of hnptiRm Will
e adminlRteiTtl. The evenltiK ritvIiir
M-giit nt 7.45 o'clock, the orcbcRtnt re.i-!
lerlng the folliiwlng apecial nuinlieri:
March. "Thunderer" Hoiirh.
"KfRtaey" Zaintiecnlk.
The II. Y. P. V. me. tn at :30 oVIoric.
tet our young M-opi attend in lrr
numbera. A corilial Invitation to atran
gera and tnuiRlenta to attend.
A mnn wna trletl In eorMirnton court
L'i.Mta.f.lfiW f..r Hrlt'ltitf In ff.-..,.t ..f m IIm
trnt k Friday. The man In Raid to have
admitted that he mailt- no effort to get
not ot the way, I
pe Ul la The Nr
STAMI OKU. June 12 Scvi ral bun
tired cotton i Ii,,,m i it win n,, j., in
Jonea county In tli xt f, w weckR.
itctiirillllK to the RM(.il ngent of the
I'liltisl StatcR cinilc, incut wrvirr here.
Much of the cottim of .Imii-R t'ountv
Iiiir Jimt begun to protrude front the
ground. haviiiK Ifeu tlclaycil by the
tirotrai led tby weather of early aprlng
and then by the long mI1 o fralny
Weather. In tin- llawlcy n.itum there
Iihh come a ilcoiaml fur Reveral hunclrcl
IiniiiIr for (feneiiil (arm work. In KIhIi
er t'oiinty unit h cottun hat already been
choiM'tl. while a gieat amount haa not
yet Ih'cii planttil tluc to iiiiiiiilatlonn an l
wet weather.
A number of taWi-rR famillnr with
ha r venting but who have recently len
einiiloyed In the nil fi, ),Im are piiRRlng
Ihrough Stamroid daily in mute to the
whoa fliiila of north central went Te.
Iai tieiilaily in the Crowi II mid Chilli
othe RettlniiN, where tin- cropR lire r
Miiil MR UIIURIIIllly gootl.
While the labtir Rltuatlon will not b
a ReiinuR iir It wan liiat year. It will
by no nieaiiR Im chkIIv Rolved. ileclard
the rHcnl ugc.nt of the I. S. employ
nicnl pcrvlce.
All (H-rRoiiR wiHhlng handR fur the
fltltlR and thoae w Idling emtiloyinelit
hholllil aply by letter In the f. S. em
ployment aervlce, coniiemting with the
WeRt Teaa ChamlH-r of Commerce,
Stamford. Tea. The aervlce la con
ducted by the government and la abRte
lutely free to all M-rRona.
irt1 ts Th- Nr
4'l.nYIS, New Me.. June IJ 4'lyov.a
, IIM till- K.lteWIIV t' XeW Mexico r Im illg
Iici:iiIi , throuKhour tlilTiat. mid (
ti l 0 Tcva n Mhe rfult of tr.- lati-Rt
I iibli, it v iiiovt'iuenl tif tin- Im il ( h.int
Imt nf i 'oiiiinerce.
Four gieat hltthw ivh- the Ox.-irk
Trail, tin- I'oRtal Highway, the Mm I'ao.i
I :''' "il t tie l: iin.h, :,, i, h n i,n-.v In th lliw ilLin groiii there ere 13' The lung tiilU of lh oitli.ih of
i:i tlif.iieii f,,u. ;i 1 1 l i( j, ,,!:, ni. no ml.i iuIh, nil cUnm t na I'tiitt-d . Iiuraug Htm Uyd crlmann for al
HiMiln tin- i ,,lni ,, Hiv.ial hiii.tlnl
mil. n. whir, lh, n,. tni:linai. ait- Inter.
ricIciI by ,,ih, r prou.lii, nt li.,i:hwtit,
a Rigu will be .il.ncil rhiiMing the illrec
tii.ii and ih-t.iii.e to fi, vis.
Stall R lei I IIm y.
H'liiait- lull-
kin InnhU
I'lii- total area la nt their tlpR. Thla la a Julouy guar-
1 ile.1 piiiieKi of the ruler and hi aona.
The nunil.i r i,f M iHliiiiem
Sam'M pay lift i,n June .In,
iJ4 i::
oil I "tit le
I'.ilf, Will
Tet thlng bablm ihw.ivr nave n bard
Ua i It when thm prmcrR tici iirR In
hot weather. Tiny tint unlv have to
ci, lid ml with liulnfiil gimiR Imt tlie Rtom
Bih In tliMiMil-i.il. Imiw.-Ir ,Hme um ih
boily liiieoinr-'rtahle. Th,. 1 nt In 1 1 von
can give the little Rimnei In MiCKU S
HAliY F.I.IXIII. It cir.-t n.iiir atom
hi h r -Ir nnd iil, t the bnw-elR it ml
hell "witatni. Hold by All UrugglRtR.
2H t
Ftmndiillon Ijild ftar Ijumlry.
The cement foundation for the new
union laundry Iiiir m-i-ii laid. Ituildlng
material Ir on the griuind and brick l
being ilellvtretl. An eiteliRlnrt to the
imMiil main building will hnuxe n dry
fleaulm; nntl pn-RRlng tlepaitment.
Fh-M lUplH.
KunAty MchiHil at 130 a. m. Why not
N-gtn on time, and you Ih pn-aent? The
athool 1 ImreaHlng In attendance but
i.eeda you.
Tutor lletbeit Whiting Virgin will
I reach at II a. nt. on 'Are You Too Re
rprcublo?" At night the ordinance of
tkiptlam will be adinlnlRterrd . The even
ing aervltt-R tt-glit at 7.4 o'clock, the
a cheat ra rendering aeverat numbera.
The B. Y. T. T. nteeta at 1:30 o'clock.
Let our young people attend In large
number A cordial Invitation to atrang
era and traniienta to Attend.
Serond llapllM.
We are expecting a record attend
ance at Ihe Itthle School aince each one
la to bring aomeone. Come and hear
lha announcement concerning our pic
n ic next week.
Mornlnf aervlce at II o'clock. Theme
"lllood Itottght Church."
The Hooeter meet at 3 p. m. William
Sullivan la leader of the Senior II. Y
I'. IT.
F.venlng aervlcea at 7.30 o'clock.
All are welcome.
Central ITeabyterUit Church.
Tenth and Taylor StreU.
Preaching acrvicea at II a. nt. and
:4i p. m. wi'.n aermona by the Mtor.
Ktening auhject. "tut IcvH'a C'inee
I. on of a Mnn."
I'utidiy St h rl 14 i m.
internietlinl" I nt.t-vor 3 p. m
Senior Kn b'i i 4 p. ni.
We Invite you to womhlp with ua to
tlay you and your friend and tha
atrangeta in the city.
It. Thontacn, M.nl ter.
Polk RlreH MelliudM KpiRronal. Boulh,
:4I a. m. Sunday School. F. P
Work. uerintendent.
II a m. Sermon by the paator, auh-
'i-ct: "A llellglon-Divine."
3 p. m : Junior Mlionary Society
ifBjilg mm 0 xgv
increaied their iocomt from SI
to 100 per cent by Uking baai
mm training In thU tcKooL
This school will b Sa teuien
th cntir ammer. Enter nest
Monday and prepare for one of
the many good positions being
offered oar graduates. Write, caD
er phone for information
o. w. BMf.
Every Wage
should have an income for the future.
When you deposit each week at OUR SAVINGS
DEPARTMENT a fixed sum you are providing
for the day when the income will be needed, and
the further off 4Jiat day is the more of an income
you have as the interest compounds.
TRUCK BODIES of every description. TRUCK CABS fin
ished, complete, including upholstering and painting. Wire
and wood wheel rebuilding.
Amarillo Wheel & Body Works
factory at Amarillo, Texas. Sixth and Tyler
VOUR car drives up hill easier roasts
" tarther rides more smoothly dwayi
on Portage Cord Tires.
Portage Daisy Tre.-d Cords on the rear
wheels and Portage Ribbed Cords forward
make a combination for endurance and
speed you will appreciate. And they will
materially reduce your gasoline consump.
lion ill of which means more value for
your money,
J. C BENKO, Prop.
IIS West Fourth St- Phone 412
Overs i zo
The Gity national Bank
"liberal llaough In lie AreitmmodAting:
ConM-rrntlv KnotiKh to lie Hafe.n
511 Polk Street
Amarillo, Texas
Watch The
Within the next few days we will announce the sale of
the furniture that was damaged in the wreck of our build
ing on March 27th. We Co not expect to put on any sen
sational sale, but will sell this furniture at a price that
will be fair to all concerned.
C. R. McAFEE, Manager
Temporary Location 606 Taylor Street
Phone 94
We are pleased to announce that we will occupy our old
quarters at 611-613 Polk Street about July 1st and will
open with the best stock of house furnishings ever shr.wrt
in this section of the State Our building is almost com
pleted ,and we are now placing goods in the wareroom,
and just as soon as the fixtures can be completed and the
painting done we will MOVE BACK HOME.
In the meantime we wQl be glad to furnish your needs
from our Taylor Street location and will give you the
best service possible. However, during the next few
weeks we will be considerably torn up and we will ask
you to overlook any mistakes.
We Pay the Freight to Your Station.
Texas V.
Time to Re-tirof
(Buy FM-)
"DETWEEN the extra first cost of
the Cord and the more moder
ately priced and usual Fabric tire
stands the Fisk Red-Top in a class
by itself.
o It is made with an extra ply of Fisk fabric
and with an extra heavy long- wearing tread
the Fisk Non-Skid tread.
It's a mighty good looking tire; you will
take pride in seeing it on your car.
You can recognize the Fisk Red-Top im
mediately because of its red tread but it's
only after you've used it for thousands of
miles that you fully realize the value of this
distinctive tire.
The Fisk Ideal: "To be the best
concern in the world to work
for, and the Mjuarest concern in
existence to do business with."
Next time-BUY IFUSK
Andrews-McDonald Company
8lh and Polk Streets Phone 2233

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