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Amarillo Daily News
VOL XI. NO. 334. TEN PACES amadii i n ttvac ctninniv ..r,,.., ...
a?- ni..niKt.vl n.nmt jiwmfti rviunmPHj, nUVfcrVIuLK Zl, liZv
GENEVA, Nov. 26. (Hy the Asiociated Prcd) Lord Robert
Cecil, who i nctinp; as one of South Africa's delegates to the Leapic
of Nations assembly, tonight expressed the opinion to American
newspaper correspondents that the United States would he the best
nation to accept the mandate for Armenia. Tlie United States, he
added, probably would have more influence with Mustapha Kcmal
I'asha, (the Turkish nationalists leader who is conducting a cam
paign against the Armenians) than any other nation.
I-ord Robert said $.o.ooo,ouo would supply the necessary military
assistance to put Armenia on her feet.
"I have been advised by very r(mx! military opinion." he de
clared, "that a good deal could be done to save Armenia with the
1 xjMiiditurc of that am.iunt. We have apealcd to many states and
organizations but so far we have had nothing but suggestions."
GEI1 flFlfi
Threatened With Tneumonla Few
. Weeka Ago and present Indis
position la Traced to Its
Hy AmUlrf Prwf.
MEXICO CITV. Not. . Notwith
standing official statements that Genera!
Alvaro Obregnn. the prestdnnt-elcrt of
Meilon. la not seriously III, rumora are
prevalent hert that he la mure than
alighUy Indisposed. In aoine quartern
the continued absence of the. general
from hla downtown office, where he waa
accustomed to work seven houra dully,
la taken at giving credence to the re-
Cleneral Obregnn tixlay cancelled sv
eral engagements, and almuttaneouiUy
announcement was made that a banquet
planned for tomorrow In hla honor hy
t Ka IVHlfaVtMrVllnM .TTaf ahsimhMfl nf Wwrl
merce of Mexico and the United States
had been noatnoned until MnnA.v. I
Several weeks ago the general waa
threatened with pneumonia and hla con
tin ue dinaisiwMtion la thought to be s
consequence of that attack.
Perando Torre Blsnca. private secre
tary to General Obregnn, steaklng to
day concerning the condition of the
piesldent-elect said:
"OeneraJ Obregnn Is quite well."
There la no Indication that the plana
for the Inauguration have been altered
because of the State of health of president-elect
or that of provisional Presi
dent Le La Huerta. who now dally la at
the national palace following a threat
ened atark of appendicitis.
The Inaugural period, which begins
December 1, promises to be the most
festive in years. The government has
taken over two of the principal hotels
here for the entertainment of visiting
American officials. According to the
latest announcement of the foreign of
fice, the American visitors will include
thirteen gomnora or their representa
tives. The I ji tin-American countries also are
to be represented at the function by spe
cial delegates.
Refusing to Vise
Passport of Fall,
Consul is Suspended
tt Auoriated PreM.
IXU OI.AK. Arltons. Nov. J. F. Al
fonso Pcsquelra. brother of Hotter to V.
IVstiuelra. confidential agent f th
Meilcan government at Washington,
has been susiiended ss Mexican consul
at Douglas because he refused to ac
cept an order front Mexico City to vls
the passport of I'nlted Htatea ftttistor
A. B. rail nf New Mexico.
DOrCiLAH, ArUona. Nov. !. For
mer CNmsul I'esquelra tonight dictated
the following statement:
"Upon receiving telegraphic orders
from Recrrlsry of Foreign He Is 11. ma
Hidalgo to vise Hetiator Allvrt It.
Fall's credentials to Mexico City. I
piled tnst l msa no wining 10 accept :
the order, considering him an enemy :
lo Mexico, wnose oniy tmyrvi nad neen
for many yeara to bring about Inter
vention by the I'nlted Stales and on
C i
many occasions has made bitter re- board's Klcee.
marks about our people. The answer The new prices adopted hy tha larg
received was an Immediate suspension est indeendent Interests and made ef
from my office aa consul. I believe ferttve t.xlay are: Steel bars :.JS;
'that I have done my duty and I am structural shspes IMS; pistes :J.
Harfectly satisfied with the result." j Use Flttsburgh. Adjustment In prices
It waa Itobrrto V. IViKiu.lt a who , of aire, and (old rolled steel are to fol
first directed Mexk-sn consuls on the j km.
Utorder not to vise Hens Fsll'a pass-1 No reduction In wages Is rontemplst
port The Mexican foreffleea later H Immediately, accnrdlngg to the bet
announced that the re aetlat agent. Information ot.talnable. It waa freely
in grrln th order, ' ceeded his . predicted by steel offtciala. however,
Ikuthortty. I that wage rtductloa la Iniubls with-
"I think the fnltrd Statea would b
the lat country to solve thf Armenian
iuestlnn Inasmuch they would have
the mint Influence with Mustnphi
Kemat. Twenty million dollars would
enable us to ritiinl the military ex
pedition necessary to establish Armen
Ian Itidcitcndcnrc. The money rould be
regarded a loan to the Armenian
tut which would I repaid If the Ar
menian economic tradition were established."
While refusing to name the numlier
of troops necessary, Iord Hubert stat-
ru u wouia ie quite easy to obtain a
I Volunteer force composed of Armenian!
Hllu iiiiuiini ui m-ianuuring giaies.
people in the world earing enough about
I Armenia to furnish the necvsaarji mon
ey lor the work."
The Kouth African delegate avoided
the question of a poaalble revision of
the Turkish treaty as a meana for aerv
Ing Armenia. He bellevea that subject
was being taken up hy the assembly.
Assembly Successful.
After declaring that the work of the.
assembly hail been extraordinarily itic
ceMful. Lord Robert continued:
'No one foresaw that the assembly
would tai-onie a corporate body with
real life In It. The assembly, above al
has a genuine belief In Ita own utility
and regards Itself, and rightly so. as
( the supreme International authority su
tar as aucn authority can exist.
"I think the assembly will do some-
ming 01 great value. It will accept
the International court of Justice; will
Iniss on the admission of members and
1 11 "J" ,ak " ner
I oun view of that subject and
v,cw hft SUbject-and It Wl'.l
review me present international sltUt
tlon and the work of the council. Nut
the least encouraging symptom la that
th assembly la taking thlnga very se
riously." Lord nert expressed the hope thnt
there would be one woman member of
each delegation, but said this wss nut
possible for the first. sessions. He In
dicated that the assembly would uiaki
no change In the duration of mandate,
"Mandates must be. In effect, trust .
and the mandatories should not bo
changed unleas the trust falls"
Wichita Falls Starts
Campaign to Kill
Excess Profits Tax
WICHITA FA 1-1.8. Texas. Nov.
The lia-ul chamber of commerce uday
launched a ramtlgn to hsve the ex
cess profits tax law repealed and a gen
eral sales tax to supplant It. following
an aldreaa by Frank Kelt, till macnatM
snd financier, director of the eleventh
federal reserve hank and partner of the
lute Jake lluinon. Chambers of com-
fiien-e throughout the entire south-
west will be In the fight to have this
law repealed.
Price Steel Goods Cut;
Predict Wage Slashing
f AMwiaud Peas.
I'lTTHrtl'ltOH, Nov. SI Most of the
lnd'H-ndint steel companlea already
hsve followed the lesd of the Jones
snd Ijiughiln cooipany nf Pittsburgh,
ahlch redui-ed prices on bars, plates
snd structural shapes today to tha
level of the fnlted Ktstes industrial
Ixsird'a prli-es of March, lU. or art
slwiut to do so, aiordlng to high ste I
suinormes nere. iwvrrsi or ine Mrger
lnd iendenl Interests hsve advised
their sales offices In New York. Chica
I go and other cities, it was said, to sc
cept new buslnesa
at the Industrial
The Price of Bread
J If I "t VVATCHt'tH A1 TKty CU)1B rr.
7 h fa $AtK lU-AHbCsAKTOrUSClto
nil T
ssMa ss b . TSmsWi-siaT SaMlsssaMJBUasja-l- U w,.BWnawwsMSWBi
ny Assoriated Tress)
4 PORTLAND. Oregon, Nov. It
A storm that was said hy ship-
ping men to he the worst In yeara
4 waa raging off the northern Ia-
rifle roast tonight. One coastwise
A steamer, with a tow, waa calling
for aid early tonight and out
bound vessels were held In port.
In severs! Oregon districts the
wind blew down sufficient trees to
block the roads. At Oray'a Har
bor, Washington, the wind pres
surewas ao great several large
plats glass wlndowa were crushed
Municipal Court
Chief Justice Must
4 cTace Murder Trial
Br a in sties Pre.
CLEVELAND, Nov. M William II.
McOannon. chief Justice of the munici
pal fmrt faces trial for second degree
matter. He waa Indicted late today '
bjr the grand Jury making Ita second ln-j
veatlgatbsi. with the killing of Hsrold
N. Kagy and will be arraigned before I
Judge Frank C. Day In criminal court)
tomorrow morning. Judge Day set hail:
at f 10.000. Late tonight McOsnmm had
not been arrested. I
, 11V Slri Jill J IIIVTMUHBUirn
W msying iHnn wie i nil is-
day. the day after John W. Joyce waa
acquitted of the crime by a Jury. I
Witnesses at the Joyce trial testified
thst Mctiannon was present at the
shooting after McOannon had testlfl'-d
that he left Joc and Kagy previous to
the shooting.
In the next few weeks.
The new selling prices are not m-iwi-ahle
with re'ous prd-es on any
fixed basis, as some of the lnteiendenta
have been asking aa high as It foe
bars, plates and shspes. It was reMirt
ed. and others have been receiving more
conservative prices, ranging between 13
and 13 :i.
Oners I feeling throughout the tradrt
Is one of satisfaction at the decision to
reduce prices to the same levrl aa the
steel corporation which has not sske
IMlcea atxive those fixed by the Indus
trial iMtsrd. It is believed here now
that the immediate result will lie to
stshlllse the steH market and that tha
move made today Is the beginning of
the. readjustment In the steel trad.
The sentiment here seems to be that thi
liottom level of prices has been reach
ed, and that as soon ss wsges and oth
er coats are lowered, the Industry will
mors forward Into a new period nf pro e
perlty based on the requirements of tha
building trade, the rehabilitation of th.
railroads and export buainess to Euro
pean countries sad the Orient.
ASTORIA, Oregon, Nov. y "S. O. S." calls were rrcrivnl this
ftflcrmH.ii frtim steamer Santa Rita, a sltort distance south nf
Umatilla reef. The calls said the Mcamcr was in distress and liven
f 3.1 xU"ons were in dangr.
The Santa Rita had leen towing the harge V. J. Pierre, which
had XI Deople 9" lard, including one woman and child. The liarge
is reported adrift and within a mile of the beach. The shore there
is lined with rocks and rescue of those oil In-ard is considered almost
Indian Is High (lun.
Hot'KTON. Toxas, Nov. It.K C.
Wheeler, a Pawhuaka Indian, of Paw
husks, Oklahoma, waa high gun after
two daya of shoot at the two-day reg
istered shoot which ended here tods?.
Wheeler, who led the field twice ha. I
a total of IS breaks out of ISO tries,
John Clay of llouaton waa second.
Senator Has Bill
to Resume Trade
With Red Russia
Pjr AisotlsteJ Press.
WAHIIINOTliN. Nov. IC -Ite-esU".
,hmcnt of ,r,de utlims with ltus-li
is provided for In a resolution prepare!
,v M.ntor Frafice. Itetiuhllcaii M
Mm land, under which the President
would be "advised" to take ateiw to
that end. The Henstor plans to intro
duce his proposal at the coming ses
sion of the rienste.
Farmer Joe Kites wire has spidied
I' th' iH-psttment o' Juxtti-e frr a Job
f hunt eggs. We usa-d f be able t
tell a grafter by lh' else of his wstch
charm, but t'dsy a feller hain't safe
Unless he sticks t' a poUcy o' iaoUUon.
W Ife and ( lilld Aboard.
SEATTLE. Wash., Nov. U. The
steamer Hnnta lilts towing the bsrg
W. J. I'lrrie lata tulay waa In distress
off the Wsshlngtoti rtiast near Qutllav
ute, according to a wireless message
from Tatoosh to the Seattle merchant
exchange. A 70 mile southwesterly gale
wss blowing.
Advice received late today at th'
office of W. t Orace and t'omftany,
alth regard to the two vessels, said tha
Ife and ImiIi)' of Captain A. It. Jensen,
mauler of the I'lrrie are on the liargv.
The Kant Itila Is In little danger, o'
fliers of the company said, but wss
forced to rut the I'lrrie adrift. Th.
S.inla f tit left Taroma Wedneslay low
ing the I'lrrie loaded with a cargo of
lumlier fur the west coast of Kouth
According to the Tatmwh the gale
ss Increasing in violence.
tnf leers nf the shipping concern as Id
they believed ('uptaln Jensen Would bo
able to k-ei the barge off the shore.
The riMut guard cutter Hnohomls left
Port Angeles. Washlnston. late tmliy
to slil the two boat, the coinieny wss
advlm-d. I
The I'lrrie Is a barge of i.4H tons.
The Hants Itlta Is a Wooden stesmer of
IX tons. In command of Captain J. K.
Congressman Wants
All Immigration
Temporarily Stopped
Mr Aunriale-I PrM.
WASHIXTo.Y Nov. ?K If r.ingrcs
St the rinnlng si-sslon is unalile to enact
kitlxlstion to rem r lit Immiarntlon. tl
will lie lirgi-d by the Immigration cotii
mlttee to Inir all aliens from the I'nlted
Siatea temporarily. Kepresentatlv -
Johnson of Wsshlngt.in. i hiirtnan of
the ctmirtilttee an 1. 1 tixlay. Kxplrttion
en March 4 of the "ixrt law. h'
ail, Id. makes It imiieratlte that actio.,
I taVen to prevent the entry of undi.
slrstile immigrants after that time.
"The house and senate undoubted!
will keep litinv imiil March 4 with ap
propriation bills," Mr Joht -in said
"It la generally agree,! that an rffiat
should lie made to itixe of the Im
migration nueatlnn. but our Mil pn
bly would occanion at bast a week's
debate In both the house and sens' J
snd f"T this resoisi may not reach a
vote In both houses."
Br Aasnrlsttd preas.
(1KNKVA. Nov. !. The romuillleo
presided over by lon llourgola, whlc.i
hss leen ri.naldereil the Intcrnstlonsl
court of JtiatliT session hsa virtually
completed Ita work, arriving at the de
cision that the plan prepared at the
Hague by Klihu Hoot and other Jurist
shall stsnd ss smended by the Isgu
of Nations coumil at Ilriissela. A sul.
ciHiimlttee of ten menilM-rs wss ap
IHilnted tixlay to dnrft a reort alonf
these lines. It Will not lie poSMilile un
der the plan for a complaining nation
to rite another nation liefore the court,
both sides to a controversy having lo
accept the Jurisdiction of tha tribunal.
Otherwise a complaint can havs re
course only to the council of the lesgu-'.
The difficulty of any slngls power
or Influence dominating the Leagus of
Nations wss demonstrated tixlay wheit
the council of that body, In spite of de
termined proti-sts by the Hrltlsh mem
ber, decided finally to give control In
the iersmennt mandates commission
to non mandatory powers and four of
(My AsMs-lnted Press
IlKAfMONT. Nov. SC. Ona e
dead one missing and proierty
loss of approximately $100,000 la
the net result of a tornado of 4
alxnit two minutes duration which
4 demolished a xirtlon of the I'nrt
4 Arthur canal and dock cmnimny's 4
sheds at l'is-t Arthur late today.
4 A large numlier of iwraons were
iasalng along the shafts fnsn an
s oil refinery when Ih ewlnd srtuek.
4 Flying tlmlx-rs struck Kdwsrd
4 Krk-kson, 11. from his bicycle Into
4 a ditch of water. He waa deed 4
4 when removed from the ditch. 4
The rdwey la completely cover- 4
4 ed with dels-Is and tha work of 4
s eeanhlng tha ruins fisr other 4
4 bodies is proceeding. It la said 4
4 one young wisnan Is missing. Sh 4
4 la known to have I wen iwanlng the 4
4 place when the blow began. Olh- 4
4 era were slightly injured hut no 4
4 hisipltal casea are rxirtce. M. R. 4
4 toss. wireless oM-rst's, who hap- 4
4 pened to be nearby, Issu-ded the 4
4 steamer New York dis-ked there 4
4 and sent a wireless call for amhu- 4
4 lances and diw-tora. the telephiate 4 I
4 tslng isiralyaed In that section 4
4 by the wind. The scene of the 4
4 Mow is alxiut three miles fnsn 4
4 lh eclty. 4
AltDMollK. Okli. Nov. I Jake I.
Ilamon. repiitillenn natlisial csnmlttee
min from Oklahoma and n-puted In
hnve lieciHne a millionaire In the oil bus
:n. died In a hiwpital here tixlay. IPs
ditith, siiia-dlng to statements bv
Fnnk U Keti h. his business manager,
I'-aultnl from "the accidental diai barge
i if a revolver, which Mr. I Union was
ck-inlng'' I let Sumtty night. i
ItiisM-ll Uion. county altis-ney of
Carter county. fllel an Information
avslnst Miss (Inra Smith of lllngllng.
okl.ihoiiia. Msidjiy night charging her
with sssnult with Intent to kill In im-nn-tlon
with the wounding of llaniisi.
Another Infis-matlon flliil bv the county
ittisnev ih.iru.il Miss Smith snd Htm
no with a stafuifsry offense.. I
The body of Mr. Ilimon will II- In'
stste In convention hall here Momlsy
from a. m lo S p. rn. hcfae the fun-j
eml Moodiv nf .-rnn.
(Contlnued"onPaga Six I "
A.V1N. I'snal Zone. Nov IVJw
lems naitiM-led With the defense the
Pansma t'snal were studied by Sen.it r
ll.irdliig tdnv during a detalbd lix-c-lb
si of the f'SllfiriitliMIS nt the lncl.
tiniilinix i-f the waterway and In conf -r-eni-es
with army snd navy f flo-rs In'
charge of the ime forces He ment
several hours making a round -f tl.e
ilifitis.sln iixoikcv with Itrlgider.
lienitsl fhaxe W. Ketmeiiy snd l!cr
Adinlral Marbury Johnstun. of .vVxn
he sxke.1 punv iiirxt.is on the rapa'dl
Itles snd nets ,a? the es'.nlill'hment. j
Thu ix-eation of the big gone was
d-nionstrateil (. the n i V-nt eWt. anl
many iri4ilefna of stat'-cic ilxy wrte
Lil.l lf.we him I
Aii-nniian Ing S.-nala' llmllng were
Si-nslic FiMtiik Hale snd henator
J'Sh'ph S. Frelinghuyaen. ihatrtnan is?
the eixixt dof. ns committee, his guests
n the trip.
Ijtte this afterntxsi Henstor lUrdiug
returned by trata to CrlatubaL '
the mandatory states 1
Today's action waa a confirmation
if the di-clslon taken at the HruseeW
seaNion of the council. The decision
has iH-en fought by tha Prltlsh nines It
was announced sfter tha Itrusarle meet
log. They obtained a reconsideration
of the iui-st!nn, but again were' out
lloiiorln I'ueyrredon, Argentina dele
gate to the assembly, announced today
that the Argentine delegation woubt
pi til est to the aaemhly tha rejection by
committee No. I of all amendments tt
the covenant of the !eague. He sail
also thnt he would bring up on the floor
of the sssembly s resolution providing
for election of all members of the coun
ell by the seaemhly.
Tslk on this quiet dsy centered about
the eaiMx-ted arrival from Items of
Major Marlborough Churchill, head oC
the American army Intelligence service
who. It has lie-n reported. In coming t
watch the league developments for snf
action that might Interest this depart
ment. i
Noldiers Only Iterenlly WUhdraws Frctxt
Ihstrhl Mate Chief Kserailvs -Fjvscs
Declaration sf
Martial law.
Br Aatrlsed Preas.
fHILLUTHK. Ohio. Nov. II. A
liroviflimul Imttallon of 409 picked rii
from the third and nineteenth Infsntry
regiitM-nts were prepared tonight to
l-evc amn Hhermsn tearly tomorfsjr
for WIMtamaim. West Virginia, where
i he trix-i will be used fa strlks duty
It the Mingo county end mine diatricL
The ih-tachment Is" equipped for an ln
d flnlle s-e, f service.
Ilirrente la WBIIamaon.
Major I:. H Itlnfis-d. of tha lth In.
faotry. and t'ni'UIn K. L. Brine of tha
fottMh Infantry, are already enroots
lo Wlllliimwin. where they are to ls
vestlunte Him seriousness of the situs,
lb 41. The provisional ha Ita linn win be
nniler command of Major HI n ford upon
Ita arrival In the strike region.
A butillen of Csmp Sherman troops
bl h hud lieen on duty In Mingo coun
ty returned alxiut six weeks ago-
CHAIll.i:STN. V. Va , Nov. tt.
ftuvcnior Johr J. rs-nwell announced
here tonight that he had asked the gov.
eminent to send federal troops Into tha
V logo county, Wtst Virginia, mal atrlke
rone, and added that aa soon as tha eel.
dlera tiK.k charge he would ask Preal-d-nt
Wllwsi to dix lare martial law.
Withdrew Six Weeka Ago.
Federal trnoa controlled the Mingo
n glial fi aisne lime, but were wtlh
drawn about six weeka ago. when tha
sltuntliai quieted down. Since that time
many disorders have occurred, a num.
her of MraMia have been shot and killed
and gangs of unidentified men havs at
tacked rise! protx-rtlcs.
The state government la totally un
able to c with the situs tlon In Mingo
county, the governic said. "I hope
with all my heart," he added, "that mar
tial law will be declared Immediately
after an Investigation haa hern made,
but I am totally unable to venture aa
pinion uim what eventual military ao
tlon will lie."
The Covernnr issued tha fol lowing
statement tonight:
"ime week ago last Sunday night.
Judge llsltey. Khcrtff lUankrnshlp.
Presiitent liixhoa ttt tha county rourt,
and t'iirutlng Attorney Hriaaaon. of
Mingo Omntr. conferred with tne at
length as to the sltustlon there, Thn
were of the oHnkm thst If they could
"cure one hundred new deputy sher
iffp. that with those and the state no.
Iii-e the situation might bo rnntmllsd.
The trouble had become mure acuta
"In the meantime it seems to have
been ImixieslMe to secure the deputies.
Wediies-tay night I bsd a wire from
Juila-e lUiley, Mr. Itlaliop and Atti
ttey :riion. givlrg the reason for tha
failure of the plan mentioned, an I
making an urgent reiueet fi the re
turn of federal troops.
Temix-rsture by hours at Amarillo
a a.
? a.
IS a
m. .
11 a. m.
Nissn.'. . .
I p. m.
I i. m.
t p. m.
Kiel...! )esterday In lll. Jo. low
est u.
Hwliest yesterday, il; linrrst SI.
P rn. s. nu Nson
fry TemiN-rsturw. ,.45 It 4J
Wet TeniM-rsture. ..41 17 4
Humidity M J7
Forecast West Trxaa: Saturday and
Sunday generally fair.
fl 0
" f(T) ft

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