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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, November 27, 1920, Image 2

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tl'MMR U. RAMStV. Mantcinf tditar.
fJltarUl TVparimrnl . ..
Ulnr .
Hi W tilth
(My Morning iirr in Ama'ill
aatteftrf. Cosrr Hf I'Anhjndte uf 'le.t., 'at.
rm Htm aleaieo, hmihr 1 ul..vU !
Wmm Oklahoma from trlv to lfir
tnmr koan in nWatw lirn.rr, l!'.
fwft Worth, IMriahua fur ami oiWtf 4r
aaniiaf fk(riKic dilrht.
tneavaa' arctwd tlaM malm at iHf port
!r a AvariUa, Tcua, unJcr iht Act el
Mare S. 17.
' rU hSl RlrTION miKS
la Teaaa. Oklahoma. Cclora.lo aiut New Mrs.
1 Moat I T'!
I Mams I. '"
Month M
1 Va . IT -V
DtttTtrei by earner ' Amanl'o aamt a ai-vr
tisi:wni kE
I Vmu t n
.t Manlha , - -I.' I
Uattta - H
I Year , W
NTXIIKK ur THE AUllAIH t'lil .
tna Aaaociatati Tim h cl tumir t-H '1.4
la the for rrt'ssliriiion ( :i t,r .1
nhrt rrrdttra' o hi km oi-r-ti. ctrli'd
bra aatwr ar. aba eiltrr local rl jb
ftaka4 AH acta e ptiMirattoa nl eKil
aalchr, krreta art two rsTn.
Aaxiald I'rtaa Wir
The artpointinrM of Majr T
D. T.arton a adjutant t"'H-ral oi
ltie State of Texas to crve ilur
btjj tke adtninUtration of 1'at M
Neff a governor, is not onlv n
pretty compliment pai l the ran
naiulle by the Rovernor-clect hut
H a fleenrctl trihute to the unu1
lieil recon! of a military man of
dermitt ami gl?rio.n achirve
Major Carton, whose numcrotti
medal attest hi worth in the f
cent Work! War, 'h an executive
of hifh calibre, a man o4f$e.l
of the precious quality of enthusi
asm for any work which he un
dertakes, one who is loyal ar. l pa
triotic tn the core anil w ho can he
counted on to reflect creilit upon
his home town, his home section
and the 5tte which he will serve,
io brinpinff alwut a degree of ef
ficiency in the department -f
nWdi he v.ill le the head that
ha never heretofore leen sccurid
We feel that Governor-Klect
Kcff is to he congratulated ujkh
tire sound judgment which he ha
displayed in the making of this,
his first important appointment
It is further ei(lrnee that he fulv
appreciates the splendid mtort
1 which the J1auhand!e i Texas
pare him ii the recent primaries
forward st nr.
Juan M. Garcia has !ecn elect
d jwvcriror of the Mexican state
of Nuevo Leon. He is one of tin
first candidates of the Southern
Rejnihh'c to win his success utoii
a platform vhich tands for the
Iu4rlv.st Jn c!ucation for the lift
imjof thf iein out of his slough
of ijmrtraff to the higher ground
of clear thinking and common
sense reasoning.
The election of General Ohrc
jjofrlo the presidency was a stf p
which will mean much to Meig
He is a man who has hrendth of
vision and who has declined t '
I swsortcd againt the 1'niwd
States and njiinst American in
vestors in his own count rv. Hut
the election of Garcia, while it h.v
to do with a comparatively sinah
Ction of the entire n puldie, hn
all the ear marks of the coming of
an eren better era in the affair
I the republic.
rrejndice against the I'niter!
States omld ie-er have leen fost
ered so skilfully by unscrupulous
nslers in Mexico had the vat ma
jority of the people of that conn
try been enlightened, able to read
and write and m-alified to do thier
osrn thinkirg. Prosperity, rather i
than dire poverty, would hove,
1een (he portion of the inhabit- j
ants of th? nation, and the j!ow-j
shear rather than the sabre would
liivf brn the instrument with I
wbich they would have toiled.
.When it emes to wasted rn-
srrgy, don't Wget to award a prize
to the American Commission on
Ireland, which is holding hearing
in Washington expected to last a
Despite its official-soundirg
title, the commission has nothing
official a1out it. It was organized,
at fhe instigation of a New York
Regardlesi of one's iews .t
the Irish situation, it i hard to
see w hat can be accomplished b
an Irih investigation held .'.(xo!
miles Trvm the scene of its in
quiries. j
Soreness can le the only resu't
of snrh an "investigation." Tlif-re
can oe n wortn-w r.'ie accn
plishments. One is always justified in m.ik
inj enemies in a good c-use. Hut
making enemies without cause is
the most unprofitable lmsines in
the srorhl,
I Smh i!.i!i!!mr intrrfcrcm-r an!
J imf rtinenre a that of I lit
:"ierican Commission on Irclau l
m-illicr Inland nor Kiul;iinl
nor Amrru-a. lmt simply stirs tip
iitTiI!i ri nullities.
II:.' w-trV! I;i.ihr! r.iiili :it
llrttry Fun' f- trying t" cfJc
tl.o v.ir ill !.' f.im. iti ("art iv
jHi'iiin. Ii i. Ifmry at lcat wr'tt
t tlir m e nf arttvif I'r
il iln"t uV it v," mile aw.i
l-r Mrv Muriel MneSwiiu v.
utut ! to lr n whin-, the iiil
r.in haw only tin liii;lirt nrlniira-
tioii. Krc.irilii' of wlictlur her
IailaiiI' liiiiicrr strike was m.ir
tvn1' in ' i i-lislnf t'fparillr
I w'.'tf'.'i w" t'in ivir.'i .
Tvrtit va rijlit or wnms, the
virl! tan only tulmirr tlir on
of a woman who fao-.l ltfr'.
prrat-t lost. tradfat luhin-1 a
rin'i'! tinfliinhing in Ikt hi lit f
in and lcotion to the man she
It i ti'o Ii.k! that In r yinja
t!iic shouM Ik- iniMM1 on .-no!
her tleire to Iic1j the ranc in
wliirh hr hrlieve .hmil,! ,r nri
' !'.al hrr he fore a rommiion
v lu'fc fiiiiliiii; w ill he vaUirle
ntv! tie!c an whor nctivitie
uiM carrr!y ri-c ataive hring
In the ecnd and third sear
of a ihill's life there is a period
.i ...
oi eotutnon consctmisiiess. when
he reflects the morn Is of those
al ut him. laughing with those
.a. a a
tint l.iucn. weeping witn tliose
that weep, and frightened, em
htrrassed .Tid unhajipv when
Mother r.rnl Father indulge in
changing mmx!, petting him on
moment and scolding him th-
Jmxt. At this period the child
has hanllv h anted to think of
himself at all.
l?e has simply breathed an at
nv'sj)hri If this is consistently
cheerful he grows into consistent
cheerfulness and does not feel at
home in any other niood. If the
;itnMph?re is doleful, that moo,
seems natural to the child and i'
is lyr.! to fe 1 entirely like himself
in liartv laughter or jullv sur-
"cnn !i"gs ft is eaier to be .ser
ious f.r even sr lcmn.
Hut when the atmosphere is at
v av charged with electricity aw!
stvi-hine is constantly interruj ted
In- tortn it is nard for the chili'
to feel entirely at home in am
nrxvd what ever.
And then, a litt'e later, when
he begins to assert himself, if h
is constantly crossed and I'ppised
hy those he loves, eluded for go
ing his ox'n wav and bullied irt-
sul.tnis.siiiit to the will of others, a
very 'letmttc contiict is set ip
vithin hm. He wants to I
"gro 1" and obedient to win the
lov; and praise of his elders. II
aio wants to go ins own v.iv in
s; ite of them, lie cannot do'mth
at once, and he is uncomfortable
whichever he d'x-s. So he alter
nates. humMv jibevin" for a whib
nnd th;-n. v hen he cannot stid it
rny b'tiger. I t'rting out in de
fia'it in le'icndence.
It is the beginning of a weak
an-I tinhnjipv lite; and the parent
that mak the atmosohere around
a child should avoid it like the
Ideals Will be '
Topic of Teachers
Meet in Chicago
Mr .V.s.-ialrH I'rrsa.
rilH A'jJi. ,V,.v :td.al. ntrpr
tJit.1 In Oil- Irt-irnt ilrit 'f Amrrlranh.111
in rstv th rhlrf artrnfl'n nt th
wh anniinl mttir rf the Nitlmnt
iirvcll rf Tmrhri of Knf!l-h hlrli
lT?t n two iUy' iicinin hT- tiy.
S'-ii't In tin h ,-tnni e Ik- th- arli-n-
tlfi tftmliT-iTli.n i'f iiMt.rl.ila unit
m:h.l" t Ik- us.-l In t'rhlna efnt;iii
ltlofi ami lioratuiT.
,iii"m Ihi- lJlng i dur.itiiM rf th'
nmntr)' h ik at to-l-iy a ami
Iniii.irri'W'a MiMiiin arr; Ir-iiH-tit
J'ia Kl'mlna: llnnlr. ( Mrxg.t Normiil
full- ll.l'i Walter Hrtmn. f"irt-tnr
tl-K'. N-rthfM l1. Minn : FtmI X. f i.tt
l'ni-i :y . f Mirhlifnn. C II. Want.
Tift -hfi. Watiriiiw-n. f.'imn.: I:. I-
l.yiifin l'ni-iit)' i himc'i; ti. A
1 .nnl. t'niv rity of Wlsconitn: (l ir
i i Srintti.n. 21. Lauia. Mo ; K:h-nrf
J- Kvirta. i- ll iv.-n. dmn ; Allan
AM Mitt. 'i4nnilita friTrlty; Anr.a M
!- K-. Inti.inaM U; Ainu ti. Atllftmi
Mil" ami r. K. Thrri.i. Itirsard
Officials of Ten
States Leave For
Obregon Inaugural
Sr Aassv-iat.4 frvsa.
MN ANTtlMii. Tss. Nnv. 2. Of
ft...l fnni rt-Urs and tb rlmrtt t
ff l""lltlt.U:i will Intvr Kan Anton Mi In
ii:.Hn irxtrnina "V r thr I. A ii.
f r Mni. .. Cuv wh'-r. ttvy will Iv th
i" . I tliv .. Hii ii L'"t.-t mix-tit 4ii
u s: tli- ii.iKi.iaiiitii ( A-t,n Ahr .
i : ! is ii n .i ,.'. nt i.f Mai. o.
Th-- ,i.-s whit h JI I-- ii.ii nt.'i
m th tiMin will l- Ti I'.wa, In
riiaa, Aii'l ti. Abluinia. Ct4"ral'i an I
Th train !!! t mailr up of rfrrm
iJtrt. In. Iti.linar ilinrr. hsg iC r'.
i ' i . -I ! 'i !'"i in
Sign About Sncczirif.
'fci nnv, lilfnn y.m." wliinl
hiiiI, IhhIv nr ri ' f ytii it.i mi ni'
tIIoutu IMM' i'f Hi.- i.lil.Kt Ir iiIhImiih if
the Iiiim' O! in. i To ni llv iirllHt his I
t-irs- vli'l' lit nwlnir Iris lo-i n r V I -1
.i 1 1 tntti nliitr a nii'i l.il ds iiiih r "l
1 In- J in-ii in n ii tn I v il ivn li nl :m en ill '
t'iii f m n il nml li.ii i'U.ri, rt;.iri.
inir si'i.lie j
Tin' J m linvi ii l.-u-r-t lhit i iIkiii i1 v '
OHM Hiii.iI 1,11 iiiisj., U, ,( ih.it
M.,r,. Iin mml i ,in. 1 Thi n J.inili
nihyiiI. nf IhMi'k fniiml lift- Bm1 tin t
Ulni; l;ni:ir M'H tin- viuM. Ii..
.loiviil nml m,!ii villi I in I fir In'
Wll until. Hint l,,..n Wllllll'IK II. KilM'1
'lintiK '
Tti- nni'lmt 'ir'i'ls nti'l l:..iiiin inur. I,
murt I "I oil" in.iy mi ir M.o yn.l
Grand Jury Holds
Brines for Murder
cf College Chum
I't A it.il first
I'l 1 1 1. A 1 'Kl.l'l 1 1 A, Xm I! - i:iiin i-
lia. I nrliiiiniih ii'lha,-!- r'nliM. ..
IhsIv vih n l.iillit li"l" IhrmiKli th
111 Mil WKN f'.tltlll in Id" inilnklrl" if (his
i lly In i.iIht IT. i .inn. i hW l-ith "fri'in
eunsln t inini of ll. I. rnln Inflii'lnl ly
Willi. mi I Itriiim" iii i .il iIiiik In ii v- r
lnt i f tin' iiiiinly iiriitul Jury niuriurt
tmlny. j
III imii. a imi'li-niinv at th I'liivi-rnllv
f I Viiitsx Ivimlu an iLi il."- filiml cf'
I'rmn alniv ihi'l il.tth m hrnl d.ya in
Wnl flill.i.li 1 Inn. .m h' I't with. nil
l'i. II f"T I hi- cr.iii.l Jury. II" Is :u ynun
nlii nn I ii V'tti-nii i f Ih" wmlil war.
Miiii'si Initlnl.iiiii'il ih" Miint- nl.. II. I
iI' Ihk at the hi iiriiiK tint h.m i It ir
m tirlotl him minr hi- sin rtii n il !.
ti Iht ;i II" ilirliiiiil In unsm r unv
.(inU'in aft. r thi vi otut vm r ii'ln il
Public Has Dislike
of Military Affairs
Says General Carter
Pr AtanciatiJ Trrap.
WASMINOTii.N. N'.iv i'l Knurtis u
trtia hint nn it.itinii.il iru.iril trs.o
oi inifsil by thi fr l'-riil Knv(.riiinrn'.
nn June in. aniTiltni; tn I ho nnnuul
t'ixTt ff Mnjor Hi tn r;il J.-s. Tarti i,
r llif'f tf tlir 111 I lit III t'lirrutl. initio UIh
li" tnUy. Tlioy aw: Ark:in.i. P-l-ntairi-.
Iilir.nU. Iiiill.iiiii, I juiisliinii.
Ma Mi htiw tt. Mxnt.ina, Ni4uaka, No
.u!.i, N w II iiii."hiri . N'i w Mi Tltii.
Nin th Duknta. S .nth Ii.tlo I.i unJ Writ
Th rs-nciilr.'i utiita if thr artmrt
hul n li'tul atrciiKth nf r.il.lon nffn',-
and men at th rtnl cf thr flwiil yen",
thr im ii iwiil. air.iunt an titlmrUiil
rtrrrittth f IiK.Jimmi. ip-rnt illfflrul '
tiivlni! b's n in rtintrn d In nhulnln?
m-rulta iIuiIpk Ih" yuar. 'ntu".i ';ir
! r nnfil Bnirril ptihtlc nntinjtthy to
tanl militiry uff.iira aa ainnnir I"
fliM'iirra aitalnst which thr r'-C'reuily,!-tinn
if thr ftmril a. ax frtsiH-rrtiiiir.
Sn t armrra' Mrll.f.
Br Anoriatrd Prraa.
Tnl'KKA. Kannaa. Nov. :Whll
thr crown nrr hi ldinB morr or lsii
tahrnt In hefx f rrallzltic rrnf il.-ihli
H'.r. a -:invaa Juat i'miiil"til hy tin
itiiti. toari nf aeriililliiir sh"-tnr nn
arri nm n t) lM-at In Kanaia thla Till
l.rnl'-'il.lv rnnklriif with thr thin! Lire
t In thr hist' ry i.f thr Ht.'itr. rrfuO.s
Ih i haras thnt thrrr I "farmriH"
riki," konnlitif tn n r MTt isstinl to-
rtny hy J. C. Mnhlrr. m-iTrtnry of tlf
Mrtiran CaiMlMaie In Trxas.
Of Aanrial4 I'm.
! l: NSVII.I.K. Ti xiiii. Nnv. :c
l';l..i f Snittali'V. fninirrly a ki ihtuI In
thr Mi airan nrmr anil a ri.n'llrnti fr"
thr irmltrnry i-f thr n-tMil'llc nt th"
rri-rnt ilrrtlnn In whlrh Alwiro (ihr--rn
aa aurfsMMful. h.ia Mt hla mnih
nar lmrnvllle f ' r thn lntrrlT e
Trina. It auth'iritiitlvrty I'arnrii
"hy. HMi"r ii-il" ftrnt wly
f- (lava ut h.r rmn h. Intlnmtr frl'-nOs
il'l TU'-' frirnda rrr .ill who kn
ft hia I'rrurm. at tin- rnm n.
Tn lleaat Trarhrm.
Hy Aaxsrlatttt Pim.
FiI:T WoKTII. Nnv. 2'i Mis U 1 1
Willl.un. nf Ii.iIIhs. was il.i'.il ursi.
d-nt nf tin- Trxaa St.ilr TJirln.r" Ahm
nation tisLiy. at thr n-mml dav'a .s
ai'in ff thr Ihrri- days' cnnxi nUnti, In
j.n rrrns hi-rr.
i in .f thr l.trvxt ur) fmind f..r
raftnr HI Is In th mariufactur" f Inns
naisit m. - v
i Shade and Fruit
Just East ol Elmhirst
Hotel Building
Mrwihrrs IVarisfs' Trlrrrsph
Van fliirrN
riMMar 11
.............. vW&&VLg& I I
Z '' ri g' -.ZZZII m
c a
'iij' v hialll-' I dttt r .iiwi i. nml roo I
V'Hi." whin nrni.ni' min i. il. Tin- llln
iI.x.k inl'i iiiiio it " In 7 Ml A. I'.
(In ii wna a mi ll toil. mo- if nm-i'itliii:.
;:iu1 Ht flrivurv. t n- I'.o it. i.t.i.INIii .1
I H't fil'MI Of lll .lti II fur III'' Htll l
So II In ni l pi i i in.,- Unit liNkiy M'r
k-iV Willi thr KiiuIIhIi: 'li.-l I :I--h ymi
u In ii si. hi. i'ii.. hiii Tin unit llii' (! rinniii
V, ' V.VV Ci -uii.lh. II"' mil III I'ii n Ii.
"A ni nl'iilis"' 'i,i It II iliffii ult In
lln- f in. i.f I'fri'l flu i nlili-mli .i utt -i.
i uliiinl y rin i ini! fir I l k..ii t.il i
Il't-Ml it'll ! c-il M'lltV f"f villi h th
H.ll.ll 'll-lx 111 i f i ... i if Id. units I'
liMit.il' Alikiiiit'.r tlf limit nit ml it
llii- iii i ., i f :i m , I,. r .i I n-.' I. iltli. ii h
iip mi'Miry i f vlrti rv.
lTilll"IM" Kll'-.-kll'l! i ll V','tl
I'l i'li i liil hy S' ti I I' ulni s l,.iii.iii
Savs Medium Caused
Her to Overpay;
j Now Seeks Damages
wn niTA fai i s. Ton', .
AIli'k'inK Hint lir w.is linlui-il tn
mi ikniMlniil inlir f..r ii lii.il,- ;ii.,l Ii
wlilli uiil"f th" Infhii iii . I'f n "M
ilium." Mna A.lii II' I L n t,..l. iitii'i.
a'llt UKilift "In." Aim. i l (iitl. wlm.n
rln' all-i."" In u r.,i iln.i!it n.i' luii'i
hihI In I liiixl'.iml. I' t i .nn i II il i' n i '
linl.-n clwir "Mr " T 1 1 1 .ui.l I .r li'isliml
ini't il.'iin.'ii; In 111" "urn i.f I !.""".
Mexico Kicks Out
Slot Machines But
Sunday "Kick" Slavs!1 ft.
J I fnll'l. f.
ri:iw nsvii.i.i:. TiNit-. Nnv. iii
.Slit in ! Inn. intii" tiiuli r thr Knvriii'
in. n! rttlivt lie niisl l-ii in I Is In Mi'
.Itli'.l'i l'. M. I. li I lM'l';l t li i nf innr-i
t!i.i:1 llln liLf hint s h' i v is nl ilt nil
ili-"I'liaiuii-'l tisliy.
.Vi.lt lllK'O.rl .''H, ') (M l H.llil t'Hll"
tlwy i" t l I- iim.i im4 vy iic i'i.
.is thr fsillf nf it ih' Isin'i I y tlir HI
IHiinr ntiirt at M'Aliii I'ity that th"
ih i hf ilnniin; thrin w.i uiH i iiHtitu
mions More
Yen for Jap Navr
0)1 A.tMviatnt Trraa.
TuKlo. Nov. I't! Thr JiJI shiinii t
iinii''tini'' a that thr e.-xt naval rM
litati a i f J.it:in will lw Titm. iiimi. nun yi -i.
an intrnaiM. nf J.'iti.omi.tiiiii yi n i.r th"
l!'r.HIS Ht.iti'llli lit, Ttl" l'"WSt:ltrr-
iiH-rrt that thr linri ' Is tin" mainly
tn th" Iiiu-Im r rnats i.f iii.iml' niiini'.
1 Jv. K.ilH'-r W ith, hit i -t nut siv ).,!l.i!i l
tii rn an Inrniii" t f l.amniito ruIIiI is
a yr ir.
oiMiwi i .i. hk n
I'y AsMti'l-iti it I'rt'sn
ift an:i:i.i:s. Nnv.
K'Mir O'f innnrll. rat-Ins driver,
Injtirrd ytmu rday lit thr U'rr
ly llilla tN..tuay. ill.il tills
liinriiliiK lth' Ut r- callllns ri ll
im Iniiwnras.
Every Drop of Your Blood I
y kvuwuau aw
Any slUrht d! -order or impurities
is a source of dancer, as avery vital
orjran of the body depends upon the
tteod supply to properly perform
it,s functions.
-.Many painful and danrr-rotn rli
rftr are the direct mwlt nf a l-ad
condition cf the blood. Amonjr tho
n:cit serious arc Iihcumatism. with
its tnrturins pain; Eczema. Tettor,
I'rysirxlas ani other itisflruru-e;
skin diM-asc; ecnrral duality,
svhirh maJres tho atrooircH mca
i II r wnz Yjpzpv vwrrr-: ij
-.ar -. ' -'
Specials For Saturday
I;iiimI, l.i'ln and T fluw Slrak
I'rimr ICili and Kuini lloasl
All eithrr ltasl
SMir Kln
I'ir1 ( Ins
I'nrk Knjst
mew Mral
Ilamburcrr ami (hill Mrul
Plrertv nl llnie l.lllrd I jinih ami
Btiv hrri i.u set Ihr hrs
will Rr wur MM-al net lime.
Free Delivery
W. D. WALSH, Proprietor
Phone 1934 110 East Sixth
Weather Bureau
Reports Disturbance
Over West Gulf
l: Viin Ullill Pliia.
ui nllii r lnio mi I' lili'lil noli o il Mtnrui
.nlillil, ill'l.i l lilnli tin Hill'
i...ini rr. oi r.iv st. i.i, iiin, .ii'iiii'iii.
tu I' linil'i'l. I-l"i I'ln l; ii'H lii III"
l.uii'.ill linll' .il' il tlH'ir ." n ilUOn I'
ll mi' I'll I' till' t Klllf, llli'll' l-lll t
ti n lliwi -Hi mil. wlililt Ss 111 In' ulli rt'li 'l
I v tin n ikiiiic i-t wliuls nml rnln.
Tlir io stiii' I" lil.:li it m-iiilly i'iirt i.f
I In. Ml. ' t -4 1 1 I l!ll tin' l'l l "t if tlu
liitli ini'-iiii' in .' i imt Ihf Mlilil' "
.Ml inn.' f'tiil'-s I 'i "'Ii is 'f hnv ni'H
s lli' .II I' ill.lt ti ll OH' till' Ml Kt KUlf lit
Harding Studies
Panama Situation
During Vacation
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I. nti'l. it II inline will l",i?
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war ih iitl Tint tn ltii'tv.ii' In
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m-ri-tiil thr f.-rts nf t!l" I'.'ii Uir end n'
ti." el-rat u.iti-rway.
1 h' ir iiri- ni-iiiit ."i
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It S 1''. Ill lt' il
hi. I h i s In I'nuiri'
Sa Could Kot Sleep.
"My little daughter had ecema
on hrr face and hodv. It would
break out in lar, r, hard, rrd rrup
tion. She would ic-atch and Irri
tate them o ahe cotild nut alerp.
She was like aoniethmq wild at nht.
"I had her treated and tried every
thine 1 htnt J of but nothing did any
rood. I a?nt for a fre aample of
Cuticura Soap and Ointment and It
helped ao much I bought more.
When I had uaed two cakec of Cuti
cura Soap and two boxes of Cuticura
Ointmrntahewaa braird." 'Signed)
Kit. Maud Ward. Hraton. N. C.
These fragrant rffloU.tnts arc alt
you need for all toilet fu.-poae.
awateltfUrrnVrH'.! A4'.s "CatirM ta.
wsart.- n 'mt Aw.lW T aw UfM
wvuetara jiwap anavra wvasMi amtf.
naydwiuibijr aV u&C A
helpless, and many other disease
ro tho direct rc.rjlt of impure
You can In a larjre mtastire avoid
liability to disea-o by the isso of
3. S. tho wonderful blood rem
dy that has hem in constant V9
fur noro than fifty years. S. S. S.
clean res the Hood thoroughly. It
is sold by drucrixts everywhere.
For valuable literature and sneJ
icat advice absolutely free, writ
today to Cltief Medical Adviser,
li'J Swift LaUtriitorr, Atlanta, (ii.
ral frnrn . .
all I lie tinir.
. 50r
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IJ'.r tn 3i
I'lnmr early mi
ItriHtri 4 C.i il ilnn f the
.it Aii.mill.i, In the flali' nf Tixa. nl thr rlto of Imalnraa un N"V. IS, 1520.
r Iti:s4ii kck.s
1,'O'ih mil) iii limits, lin ludlns rrtliM-niiiita ("xrrpt thuaa
hli' Mii I.i U mid 1 1 , 1:73.840.0a
,'nt-a mi'l ill t-itlis'K'tintril with Ki-dfinl ll"-rvr I'wtnk
t'lliir than lut'ik m "ituiiriss Knhll n ll'til 64-tt .... 47.202 95 S:3.441M
tivmili if". R.ittoil. tn !- iinaii-'iri'd,' I1.9J9 Ji J,tt: 3i
Dllirr liini.ls, Mriit'li'ltn, rtr.
Slink nf I'tsl.i.il Kt.W'ivc I'.ink l.'.D iNi'ii'tit nf miliar Ijtt lint S.lnO.nO.
,1'ni nl' no' unit fixt'ina , .- . , 1 7.441,JO
l.lttfnl rrrirvr !lll V.Iirnl Itrsi rvc llink 10,341.21
''aril in v:ii It mid n"t iini'inntN d'lr fn ni pullniiiil n kl,$&7.CV
.V.'t milt' in' ilut li'ini I'tnka. Imtihrra. hihI I-iik: -. n n.n In tint
I'mKmI hluf a I. 'I hi r tluin lm luil. d in limn II, i.. n, . .: 17,liHl ."i0
Km h itii; -m i". -1 1" trl'ii: hni'Mr 7.C5S 91
r'inl;n nn n'h'T 1 ii tilts l'i tli" utinn' rlty ir tn nn rrmrtlns bnnk
I'ltht r llts'i Its-tit ." 4.4531.61
Ti l.il if I t'. 'N t:. 11. 11. I", nml l ltl.1171.51
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itP.I n!li r i'.mh III tin' 299.1 S
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Tiit.il , IJ74.HMI
Cui'il'l rltsl. t.ii'l in , f lM.AflO.AO
Kui-iiia fun. I 10.000.UO
t'liiliviilttl I'OtfitN f I2.K3j.I1
! sn i urri'tit i-Xn ii an, liil' rut. n:4 l.ixrs mi 14.017.33
.'i t m imini'i il'i" tn ii.'Uniial I'.tiil;" '. '. 11, 441.71
N t ni"''. mt il'.n tn Imtikx. l:iiikiTX, imd trust rtiiiiMiiiin in til"
t'tntisl Suiits iitiiI ("itn.-ti I'i'Uiitil.'st ntliii' than iiiiluil'd In
I .i ins :S m ::') .
I'ailii'l'K ih l.:' nil livil I'lllk nllt'jl Hldins
Ti t il nf I.'iik :v. 1 P. 51. uaHJC 1S.223 74
In.liM'lii.il d'tii miiI.Jm t to ih"l(
Il .i.Hl!S I'llMlil 1'1'i ll.'tl'T, I. lit l.'Sa '.ll.lll 3'l ltlS
T.'tll f ih rniil'tl ih M.rit lot hrr tlritl I'.i'ik ili'nititi 1
iuii,-it tn i.- im. f.ii.- ."I. i'l. V.. :i. .rid Ss.... l.i. 1744
I Vi I if. i aii s if i!i pi sir It th r lli.tl f I I i. in y Imi rnwiSH
T" al if tl'im t!tHtM rail t It llt'TVt', I'l'Uta 3!.
4n. 41, ami I.' JLS2..M
I'.nis ..ial.". nth.r than wllh l'i .1. i l II rn w Itanli (ii'i ludius
,'t i.iii " itinns i"i'i" n'I'ii' tii"ii' v I'.'tii''d nth'-r than re-
,' . 20.0110 1
Tntl I3T4.226.0I
Tn'-il i-'Miimirntit llil'llitks dt a. I', i mid di (nnt Ini'ltiihiitf llrina
In S. In li:l.- -ill . ' 202 ,:'
STATU 'K TKXAS. nit'NTV or I'oTTKU. h.:
1. T. II ItivivliU. Cafhlrr nf thr nlmvi 'imin'sl hank. di anlrnmly awnir
that th- til"" ati'riniit In ttur t' lit" l "Jt nf r.iy ktni'lrds rind lrlrf.
T. If. ItRVNiiIJiH. fnahler.
Sul'"iini.t Mini aui rn tn Itfmr n.r thin SUh day nf Nnvrmltrr. 120.
S. C. lU'KlilS'i:. Nubir)' I'ubllo,
j. ii. ntiTfiiAnn.
.it. W. HLACKlltTtX.
J. It. VllATMKlt,
Wincsaps, Jonaihtnc, Roman Beauties, S layman
and several other varieties .
By the hex $2.75 and $3.09. Per dor. 20c and up.
FLORIDA ORANGES, the best you ever ate
40 cents per dozen.
Kxtra Fnrry I'Wld.t 4irax Fruit. 3 (nr , ?
I'alifiirn'a Fumy liMtim, I III 20r
i:lra Famy Fn-sli T tmsinrs, In.
t alilnrill.t lli'ltil I rltiirr I.V nr ? fur 23c
H air totklni: (nr a t.ir rf sandy la ml v.uiu.. Call us. hflisre you buy.
Get Right-Keep Right
In tnidinq: with us you ffct risht.
In staving with us yuii keep Rijjht.
Hicauc vc have that hin tletermination t please
and yi;t can't hclji lmt notice ihat evidence of grati
tude in.yottr every jiurthase, for we think a world
of our customers.
Stop in this week and have a look at the follow
ing sifts.
Tcrcfilators, Casseroles. Carving Sets, Silver
Ware, Chaffing Di.hes, Uaker r Chop IMatcs,
China Ware, i'yrex good assortment, and our line
of (iillicrt Toys.
Anvthinj; vou need in Hardware.
If you can't come down just jrive us a ring
it cs riht out.
Western Hardware Co.
(Successors to Lyles-Tulloss Co.)
Phone 191
Determined to Please
Home owners contemplating remodeling their home,
or prospective owners of new liomes, will find here one
of the most up-to-date line of electric fixtures in the
.Panhandle at prices that will mean a good saving.
We abo make a specialty of all kinds of electric Mir
ing and will he glad to quote you estimates.
Finldea Electric Co.
6io Taylor Street
rhone 128

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