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Amamllo Daily New
MTION. Will Accept Invitation of Mexico Onl
I'pon Orders From Washington.
French Agent (tend Ac
cepts nee.
Br Associated tnm.
MEXICO CITY. Nov. 27. Newspaper
reporta that the American charge
d'Affalrra. Cleorgo T. Kummerlln, hnd
accepted an offlrlal Invitation to at
tend the Inauguration ceremonies on
December 1. were denied today, tha
charge aaaertlnic that he la awaiting In
struction In the mutter from Wash
Inirton. t'nlcss he la ordered to attend,
he aaya It will he Impossible (or him
to he preaent, Inasmuch aa thin art un
doubtedly would le ronatrued a Im
plying recognition of the Ohregon gov.
Membera of the diplomatic corps In
Meilco'Clty except for representatives
of irovernmenta which already have rej
cgnlted the new Mexican regime, are In
a quandry over the Inauguration, the
diplomat appreciating, aa doea Mr.
Bummerlln, that atendnnre Implies reo
ognltlon. It la understood the French charge
Count Victor Aygucapsrsse, will attend
In diplomatic uniform, which la taken
hera to confirm the prevalent belli t
that France will recognise tha Obregon
government Immediately. Tha count
aeveral daya ago addressed a congratu
latory letter to the Mexican arcretarr
of foreign relations. Dr. C. Hidalgo,
uatlng the formalltlea employed only
between recognised diplomats, and ru
mor In official circles la that this mere
ly preasgva formal recognition.
The Italian charge, Btefano Carrara,
will attend, but not In uniform. Th
Japanese charge, It la understood, will
follow, the action of tha American
charge. Great Britain officially Is not
sebreaented ierev
Eight Welfare and
Religious Bodies
. For Europe Relief
By AMwiatfd Pews.
FORT WORTH. Texaa, Nov. 27 tr
lila address before the Teiaa Plate
Teachers' Aaaociation here today, E. A.
IVden of Houston, former federal food
Administrator, announced his appolni.
ment aa chairman of the state joint
committee of the Euroean relief coun
The work of eight great welfa'e
and religious bodies will lie merged In
tha council. Tha duties of this stats
committee will consist of the focusing
of all efforts for Kuropean relief on
the child feeding problem, which his
been met so far by the American K
lief Association.
Other members of the slat ecommlt
tea of the council are: Albert Hteves
Jr., of flan Antonio, represnettng the
lied Ctoaa; Abraahm Ievy of Houston,
Oscar Herman and Jease I). Oppen
hetmer of Ban Antonio and Rabbi Ih
vld Lcfkowttg of Dallas, all represent
Ing the American Jewish Relief; Ith
8. Baker of Dallas, representing t
Quakers, The representatives of t
Knighta of Columbua and of the F-
ral Council or cnufrPhci en f 1
nftunced aa Boon ajf the appointm. n
are made by tha executive commta"
In New Tork.
Auto Explosion
Bums Man to Death
tr AMaciatsd frast.
HELENA, Ark.. Nov. !7. JohtV P
Tsmell, V. traveling salesman f '
, local wholesale house, wss bnp,
to death In bia garage this afterij00"'
when the tank of hia automobile
ploded w hile he waa working on th. 'n"
gine. The automobile and gIv;",
burned. Yarnell la survived by ajl1'
aw ana (wo rniuirrn.
Wite ot rrotessor
of Military Academy
Dies Before Game
Br Arlst4 tnm.
NEW TORK. Nov. Whll enter
Ing te grandstand before tre Army
'avy football game here tl)'- Mr
Mary Wilcox, wife of Col. I "ornellu
JleWItt Wilcox, professor tit modem
lane-usscs at the Mil'tary Academy,
waa Uken III and died hefor.' reaching
her box.
lira wiI.-ok. accomnanieil '' ner
husband and several friends, com
..i.i n Mln aa tha Party was
Mnvhi in a lam aecvndlns- Ihe gramt
.i.nl aalra. he sudlenlv ' ctillapsed
and upon tha arrival of an army pay
aldan waa pronounced deal
r-iii Wilcox, one) of the nrr'lr mem
hera of the academy faculii. left the
field with tha body, accmili-eniea i(
several cartels, who gave Uf I he aa'
to show their esteem.
Kays Country Will Hsve
On large Taxea
Home Time To
lo Depend
ft Sunt Isles' rresf.
PHILADELPHIA. Nov. 17. An "or
Lrangcment" by the I'nlted States with
Csnada, Austrslla and New Zealand
In regard to Asiatic Immigration was
advocated by Benator Ustge of Massa
chusetts. In an address at the I'nlon
league club founder's day exercises
here tonight.
"We have heard a great deal about
leagues and agreements," said the Ben
ator. There Is one arrangement I
should like to make very much, and
that Is an arrangement with Canada.
Australia and New Zealand In regarl
to Asiatic Immigration. Their danger
la the same as ours and the shadow
hanga darkest over Australia. Wa
must face It, and it might aa well be
understood that It Is In on sense of hos
tility to any nation, but there are cer
tain great principles that must be ac
cepted. One is that no one nation hat
the right or ran find a cause of wsr
In the demand that her people shall
emigrate to another free country aa the
first sovereign right Is the right to aav
who ahsll come Into the country."
Bint tor Lodge said he was "afraid"
that at the present time the Immlgrv
lion laws "are not being properly en
forced." "I say that." he added, "because tha
department of Justice had ordered the
deportation of many men who had coma
here In violation of our lawa and who
are dangerous to tha United BUtea,'
Touching on tha tariff, Senator
Lodge said he did not think tha dutler
nn imnorta are now bearing their t"r
proportion of tha expenditure o? the
United Btatea, '
"I think." ha added. -ewwtloa
we can add to the revenues from that
source and relieve taxajwyrrs uvm
more galling and Injurious taxes."
He declared the wmu- eysiem m
stion must be readjusted and that he
afraid the I'nlded Btatea would
have to continue to raise a very larg
amount by taxea.
Japan to Expend
50 Per Cent More
to Equip Army
a Amv's'H Preis.
TolKIO, Nov. I. The army estl
matef for the forthcoming year total
NS.Of'O.OOO yen, an Increase of SO er
rent over last year.
tyT this sum forty million yen will be
en""-- - . ..
;rrvice ,n in. "
irmy will be reduced from three to twj
Harding Invites
Coolidge to Parley
S A-nrimfi t
NEW YOKK. Nov. S. Governor
Coolidge of Massachusetts. Vloe-Prest.
dent Elect, here to attend tha Amherst
Alumni dinner tonight, announced that
Senator Harding, the Prealdent-Ktecta
had Invited him to confer with him
at Marlon, Ohio, "some time In De
cember." Mr. Coolidge did not say what tha
nature of hia conference with Benator
Harding was to lie although It waa gen
erally presumed thst It wss In connec
tion with the rresldent-Klecfs "consul
tation with the leading minds of tha
country" en national and International
V, Ity Assmlsted IVess.
8KATTLK, Wash.. Nov,
4 tlellef veanels were searching tne
rock coast of Washington In the
vicinity of James isiami tor ma w
lost Urge W. J. Tlrrie tonight
4 and combing the sea in the neigh-
4 borhood of Giants Oraveyard
4 rocks, ten miles south of thst Is-
4 land, according to a radio mes-
4 sage. 4
4 AtnnttA. Oregon. Nov. !T. A 4 1
4 radio message picked up today at 4
North Head states Csptaln J. K. 4
4 TlblH-tta of the Santa Ulta thinka 4
4 the barge W. J. Plrrle struck 4
Oraveyard rucks Instesd of James 4
Island. The 8anta Rita and the 4 .
4 coast cutter Pnohomish are still 4
4tanding by. 4
4 The messsge said there were tt 4
4 persons on the barge Including 4
4 Captain A. H. Jensen, his wife 4
4 and baby. . 4
4 t Hants graveyard rocks are 4
4 about 10 miles south of James Is- 4
4 tsnd snd are off the northwest 4
4 corner of Jefterson county. Wash- 4
4 Ington. The Santa Rlt was forced 4
4 to cast the targe adrift yesterday 4
r4 In a storm. 4
'4 4
4at -a. A 4
1 V-TTt. Ke VfJiXI- - w ' ' ' '
f Aaasrlatfd tnm,
AJtDMOKK. Okla., Nov. IT. Jam.s
K. IJimb of Ardmore, whose muUlated
body waa found with a bullet wound
through the heart on the tracks of the
Oulf, Colorado and Banta Ke rullroud,
six miles south of here Inst night, died
aa the result of a "gunshot wound.
self-Inflicted." according to the verdict
of a coroner's Jury late today.
I.smb wss a drilling contractor and
had associate Idn bulsness with Jake
L. Hamon. Itepubllcan nstlonal com
mltteeman from Oklahoma, who died
j here yesterday from a wound received.
Inivnrdlntf to Frank I.. Ketch. Ilamon's
bulm.-. manager, from the "accident-
al discharge of a revolver" Hamon la
aild to have been cleaning Hunday
Membera of Lamb's family testified
at the Inquest today. Mrs. Lamb said
her husband "kissed the family good
bye at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon,
and asking his wife to pray for him,
aald: "He sure to -meet me In heaven."
Lamb also asked fur his revolver,
according to his widow, snd said a
he took It: "You never can tell I
may have use for It."
Buslnesa assm-allcs of tjinib rtwutred
today he had seemed desMinlent In
the last few weeks and they asi-rllxi
III health as the cause for his dcson
dency. Tumulty Enters into
Law Partnership
Bf AMflrialed I rett.
S7 A Secuil
tlltrh from iH-'flnnce, Ohio, tonlsht
Mays Joecph I. Tumulty, sei-relary in
ilhe president and former conareaaomn
T. T. AnsU-rry. of IVfiance. lll f.a-in
,a iwrinershlp In ine iractce
or law
j after March 4. with offlcca in Wh
t ington, l). c.
Notice to Patrons of The Daily News
For the Benefit of Newspaper Reader and Subscribers
Outside Amarillo
We wish le say thai we publish our paper In Hie morning of the dsy
It U dsled. When mi get mir Dally New today M la TOIIVVH paper.
We do not publish our paper In the aflermmn and send It tn yew with
Inmarmw'a dale line.
We are members of I lie AsstM'l WV.lt PKKSH with a leased wire
direct Into our nffh-e. This wire rbwea al S a. m.. Dallas lime, and gUes
us the same serlce that other metropolitan aH-rs rerehe. This news
la IJYK and cornea In you Iresh TIIDW not carried ever fnaw yester
day's I ntted Press tthkh K primarily an afternoon lira sertke. The
Asaerlated Press la alwaa reliable and rnnsequenlly when an artkle
bears the Asamlsled Press Heading nu ran know that it Is true.
The AMMM'I Tr;l PUrOH h rarrled eiinlelv In Xmarillo by aur
Newsps er.
ltU. SV.W H PlBl.lslllNti tOMI'WY.
Today's News T(xay Not Tomorrow
Christmas Window Shopping
190,000 Gallons
of Oil in Houston
Destroyed by Fire
Br Araorlatfd Press.
HOC8TON. Texss, Nov. ST. Twenty
four storage tanks containing lKO.tMiO
gallona of lubricating oil belonging to
the Humble oil and Kcfinlng Company
were destroyed here by fire thia after
noon. The Iom la estimated at 1200.
000. Origin of the fire Is not known.
A number of lurge storage tanks filled
with gasoline In the south end of the
storage plant were in danger. A two
lry frame residence nearby caught
fire aeveral times but waa saved.
Ulster Leader
Turns Down Invite
to Appear in U. S.
By AMoriated TreM.
LONMN, Nov. Hlr Edward
Carson, the ('Inter unloiilet leader, baa
diiimed an Invitation rei-clved fnsn the
committee of one hundred In the Unit
ed Htatea mhlc h l giving hearings on
conditions In Inland, aaklng him ot at
tend sessions of the committee's com
mission of seven in WsahliiKton.
ar Aasnrlatfd tnm.
Tit!; HAtil E. Nov. The Dut. h
government is Informed from lierlin
thst tiermany Is at last ready to ratify
the :n imhi.oimi gulliler I ut h loao
which has been beset with difficulties.
r1ecinl to the News. a
CANYON. Texas., Nor. 17. An-
hounreinent has been made here 4
that Vice President Marshall will 4
address the students of the West
Texss Normsl and tha people of 4
Canyon In the school auditorium 4
on Tuesday evening. The Vice- 4
President will be the guest of 4
pp-sident Hill
while In the city
of the Normsl
0 Say, Boys!
See How the
GirlsWill Look
Br Asnrlated Pres.
CLEVELAND. Ohio. Nov. !7. Tht
semiannual meeting of the National
clivik. suit and skirt manufacturers as
eo lation here biday wna attended by
mere than IM delegates who dismissed
the new fashions for spring snd dls
pliyed by living models at th style
show this afternoon.
No very radical changes are shown
from the lines of fall snd winter gar
inents. Hkirts continue shst and
straight. The slender silhouette pre
dominate" snd the youthful spirit was
expressed In many garments shown.
"Individuality Is the keynote of early
spring spimrel," said Phillip Krankel.
executive secretary of tha assistlsi
"Every woman will have opportunity
to exnreas her own personsllty through
m lection of the vsrlety of inorli-ls offered
ly the maniifactun-rs for 121."
A wide choice In suits was diaplsycdf
in strsislit. boxy Jackets and closer fl-
ting suit cil w ith rltple st the side I
end flat hanging panels front snd bar':. I
Eton snd IMern models give new ef
futs with scallops, uneven hema and
visit t-dees. Tailis-ed suits with snd
without tx Its are rut severely slender.
HKIits sre abort with a suggestion "f
imse fiillmss In some cases with lutnrls.
tiitiP s. hem trimmings and plcatlngs.
Wrappy cisits snd rap"s will le gen
i nlly worn, . lendit shoulders tnarklm;
doth ! t snd dWIrate fabrics.
Police Head of
Chicago Renews
Clean-up Drive
f AaserlaleS f reta.
cnic.f;o. Nov. Tii.f (.f r.41.
.Charles PltxmSTis, who Isst Kiiturday
ilsht started a ramiaign to "i lean up
Chii-Mgn" slth a crime drive which re
sulted in I I'Mt srrests tn twenty faie
hours r-ni'wed the drive t.misht.
Tw-entv s.iials of tsll-e were sent out
with is-ilers to "srreiit exerv suspicious
character within the city limits" The
pulli-a Melted most of the places rsid-d
a week ago, lait In many Instances the
gamtillng r.sxns snd saloons were fiaind
I Federal off S ials slsn mude sever al
i aids on salisms. In one place taking
several hundide f allies of whiskey.
CiKNKVA. Nov. .7 (ly the AfMw iatnl l'rcs). The arrival here
ttnlay til' Major Marllmnuigli C'liiintiill, cliicf of the military intclli-Kciu-c
division of tlic Rcncral staff of the American army, which so
far as appears wnv, Ii;h no real significance except to himself and
hi department, ha created a mild sensation in League of Nations
cirvles. 1 he United States has been nn the lips of almost every
!iMkcMiian in the asx inl.lv of the league and prohahly in the minds
if every delegate. 1
The hope that the United State will wane day join the league is
itmnistakaMc. The entire work of the assemhly has visibly been di
rected so as not to j-rrjudice the most imiNirtant questions at issue
regarding the leig'.ir covinant, ami so as to leave the way open for
the United State to have her say in its eventual revision.
A4mi4iin of New Members.
The spiM-arHnce during this sseeinblv
of any nrfl lul or unofficial r.'prceenla
live of the American government was
the IhsI thing hoped for. Major
('liiirf hill. ionmiiieiilly, was all
nin an ol.l" t of attention When
presence here liei-sme known.
The sub-committee consxiermg ine
admission of new niemlM-ra has bee t
unable to complete Its work on account
of obJiH tlotia to both Iiulgsris and Aus-
- bv neishburlng states, itumania,
ftreeu. n( jUgo Hlavla are still stand
In nut l. I..-. ii..I.m.Iu wKIIm Cvitf'hfh. ,
Mlovskla liu. ,rt yet ctrtisented to the rtKT VA LLRt f in.. Nov. 17 War
admiwilon of Aurla. ' rants i hurglng murdef connection
Th ressons given tv the objecting with the death Mutt June undenytter
statea are much the sauu s those pre
sented by France sgulnat tJmany
It has been pointed out iv tsom,
however, thst Ixith Itolgsrla ant Aui-
trla In their applications protnisi t
fulfill their International i4llgatiisa
and thua make themselves eligible for
admission. Hoggestlons were made to
the representatives of the objecting
ststes t'Mlny thst In view of tha ad
vantages they derive from the peace
treaties, continued obstructions nn their
part would le likely to attract unfa v.
orable attention.
Debate Armament Question.
The euh-rnmmlttce on armaments to
day continued bearing arguments in fa
vor of the reaolutlon Introduced by I).
Oasti de Cunha. of llraxll, making the
manufacture of arma and munitions a
state tiionooly In every country.' This
proHmlton Is gaining ground among
the delegates. It being held that much
of the tendency to provoke hostilities
would be removed If sll Kltle private
profit from the manufacture it wa
nmterlale should be eliminated.
Br AssnriaUd Pesas.
flENEVA, Nov. IT (league. Havsal
The work of the league of Nations
committees hss progreaaed enough to
warrant the announcement that a
plenary session of the sssemldy will be
held sotHS time between December I
snd 10.
Admission of nw memlere of the
lesgue will be taken up by the assembly
by tho end of next week.
The "lltle entente" will propose thst
Cxecho Ktovakia replace Oreece ss nnn
permanent menilaT of the council, whl'-i
one H andlnavlan group favors Hweden,
One Killed, Three
Injured in Oil
Blast at Petrolia
Hr Asnrsvlrd Pra.
WICHITA PA I.I A Texas. Nov. S7
(me man was killed snd three Injured
st Petrolia tislay when a heavy pres
sure gas plie line on which they wer
working enphsP-d The explosion oc
curred a short dlstam-e from the m
Htiir gas cotnisny's plant.
I. n. Wehti, IS years old. wss killed,
the force of the explosion hurling him
fifty feet from the plie line. He Ml
on his head, breaking his neck. Hi
Is survived by a widow and seven
daughters Jake Thorton suffered the
loss of both eyes, l-e frte was cut
snd bruised by Hying pieces of plH.
IMh were brought to a hospital here
IVt t rhamla-ra waa slightly bruise I
snd tiurmil. All were ple line men.
Deny U. S. Is
Farmers For
Hr Aarisleil PreM.
WAHIIIN'SToN. Nov. 27. Because
f.irmrrs roirathe organixatlona are
exempt from application I'f antitrust
taws, the deartment of Justice hna gib
en no consideration to the campaign for
the w ithholding of crops from the mar.
keta until prlies sdvance, it wss said
tonight by Prank K. Nelwker. stieiil
assistntit to the sttorney general In
charge of sntl tru't nsiH-iitlons.
Mr. Nebeker's explsnstlon of the de
iMirtment's attitude folioweal the recent
statement if Charles H. Harrett. preal-d.-nt
of the Nstionnl Farmers I'nlon,
that he undcfatisxl that federal agents
ere attempting to otitsln evidence fo
prosecutions In Kansas, Iowa and other
I Middle Western Htatea.
j The Clayton antl trust set, Mr. N'b
! ker sat. I, expressly provides that agrt
' cultural organixatlona, not having csp-
Br AwnrlSSA trrm.
1 . t V I tl Uh.lWj.
Ions cin'onisiain-es n T-v
known as the "(JeorgU peach king."
were servi-d tonight on Mrs. T. E. El
mer. fiM-mer wife tha peach grower,
Mrs. Inu tb-nry. sister of Mrs- Elmer,
and Ernest Hopson, wsi of Mrs. Elmer
.. a mariiago prrvloua to that with
Th arrest rf all three wag ordered af
ter a petholisxlst and a chemist had test
lfld at fc. corsier's InveeUgatum hera
today that aMist martem examlnattea) ot
Kheisird'a ImA had revealed the pret
ence tit ihs'sihi ' tha viscera. t
Arrested . esvlng Court.
Mrs. Elmer. whoV's chargs of Bhep.
ard's prHrety after ld dU on tha
grounds that he died tf.testate. waa ar
rested sa she waa leavli the court
room where the coroner's .nvestlgatlon
was hi ld. The first chaite placed
against her waa Illegal apis-oprlation ot
Phrisrd e property. Hoveral VhoUra
later, she wss served wtth a wrr"t
barging h r with murder In ennnectluft
with Rhetmrd's death. Mrs. Henry and J
Hopson were arrested at their homea j
In Perry, near here.
Conns. I for Mrs. P. 13. Elmer of Jack
sonvllle. Plot bis, arrested late Usliy at
Fori Valley and charged with the mur
der of her fis-mer husband. Fred D.
Hbepard. wealthy peach grower, marts
public on arrival hers tonight a formal
Btatctnfni made by Mrs. Elmer shortly,
sfter her srreat.
Is Heart Broken.
"I am heart broken because ol this
terrible sffslr." Mrs. Elmer's statement,!
said. "Heart broken because of the In
sinuations sgainst ua and tha terrible
thlmrs thev have disie.
"The sad part of It Is that my ow,
fnmily should attempt to aril their moUv
t i ml abler for piece of silver. Moth
rs can understand how I feel. Thf
s'akes were too high fisr them. Thotie'
amis i f dollars hsve been spent to dU
ctidlt me In the eye of my friends, i
II iney were anowen in use an
ass rightfully mine In the way
it could never hurt me like
thing" which they have ssld
Tiny hsve bought tha natural
affection of my family: they have got
all mcr this county with a great nut
l. r of detectives trying to find all klnf
of thinga eilxi.it my life and when th'
could find nothing, they came back an
iliia up my dmd husband and now I a
ncciiHed of thin awful crime.
"I sianeilims wonder If death
Is- any relief from thla nightmare."
a ajSBsssasaasBasssBsBssasvasassssswasSsaaaxassssSBsssssssss
Here's Sweet News,
WW lltl.KA Knv.l; Tt.s r,
f gninobit'.'d sugar tosde a new t
re-ord her-j todsy when a number
local grocers rut th retail price
9 I S i ints a pound.
Crop Strikl
ilal stork or rnnduded for profit,
nut le construed ss conslprtea la
stialnt of trade. IWthholding of t
from market for personal profit.
Nels-ker asserti-d. pmhsbly would
te held as organisation profit a l
Mr. Neleker also explained tfanf
law would seem to preclude
against the farmers, Inssmurh
net spcclflr that no part of tha
prlatlnna shall be expended for
prosecution of farmers who co-oi
tn obtain a fair and reasonable I
for their pcoducts. Mr. Nebeki!
da red. would, however, prohablj'
ern In any steclfic case that
aiiae aa It would seem that aim
present law forbid prosecution
the effort is to obtain a fair pric
versely attempts to obtain unfa'
unreasonable prices Would b coT
to the law.
of weali
the awfj
and ds
love ar
0 0

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