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lo Daily ni
VL XI!. NO. 3.
ImnWlat Warn so Itiilldlnc h Mm$
lrfw Br Leading tit lien of
VUrt Bond Issue Men
Ikmed, Erection of th Coliseum upon tit
anhorn Hlock between Fifth and Sixth
fUretta and Duchanan and l.lncol i
Ktrrcta I practically aasured liy th
artkjh .f the City by Design Commit
t and thr Auditorium Committee ap
pointed by President T. K. Durham, of
th Hoard of City Development, n ,,ut.
tins up ten thouaand dollars In escrow
lo Jhold the property, and recommend
In to thu city commission ila arquiai
Tlila block la agreed upon t.y th
great majority of thorn who have been
looking Into the question of a site foe
th proposed coliseum aa twin the beat
possible location f.f thr building for
ntveral reason, via ; Ita location with
la two block of th county courthouse,
to R I. O. E. Building, and the Santa
Ft railway, from which It la proposed
to build a apur leading to the collaeum;
Ita dimension. 100x100 feet, a solid
block with no alley leading through It;
the fact that title rest In one partv
Instead of In aeverat, aa la the caae with
nearly every other available alte: It
aoxaaaldlity from all part of the bust
nrra aectlon; and It comparative rheap
naea, real eatate men apparently bcln
agreed that the price aaketl, fifty
thouaand dollara for the entire block.
I moat reasonable w hen Ita location la
1 considered. - -
The term of th tentative contract
-atr4 Into between th owner of thi
prvnerty and the committer provide
lor th Initial payment of I IO.ihjO, tr
be paid upon delivery f he warranty
deed, and payment of an eiual eum
yearly for four ytara, with Interest
t ten per cent. A canvaaa of a treat
many of th member of th linard of
City Development, the City Commit
ton. and the Rotary. I4on. and Ki
wanls Club rllsrlosra the fact thit
newily. all at In favor of th alte thai
hia been selected, and practically aa
air- approval of the recommendation
that hav been mad by committeemen
If. M. Ritast-ll. J. W. Crudgtngton and
A. B. Stinnett,, who, upon request
the Mayor, are reducing their recom
mendation to writing. In order that
they maye be filed with the City Sec
retary. Corporation Counsel Jsrkso.i
ha been Instructed to make cxnminn
tion of the abstract for the proier7
ind report to the cisnmlsaton.
Sentiment for the Immediate com
mcncenvent of work tipm the coliseum
baa been growing steadily fur several
week, according to niemher of th
committee which have been working
upon the alte question and who hxvr
romefnto contact with evct;y angle r.f
public nnlnlon upon the question, an. I
fully ninety er cent of the cltliena of
Amarlllo would like to aee actual build
Ing operation under way before sprlnr.
particularly rlnc an offer haa been
ron to the city to tak the f300.aoo
band lu which waa authorised for
It erect loo. at par.
Irish President
Not Evading Law
tr Ansselsleg fern.
MlNDON. Jan. &. Kajnonn DcValcri
staved at hwst two nights and three tox
in Manchester last wetdc on his way to
Ireland fnan the t'nt(l SUlea. the
Mane heat cr cirrenU-nt of the ten
don Time my. He arrived In nn nr
dinar)' train. undiaguUM-d. and walked
thmtigh the atreeta to kep an tint
luent with th lcadra t4 Ui Uan heati r
Wn FVInnera.
Tha Irlhmit who vouchwlfml tht
Information to tb nrreionont, ad.led.
if h haa left Munrheiiter ha tia dono
ao In the nam way he came aa a free
born rltiaen of the Great IrUh Hcpub
Br AawHated Preaa,
t4NDlV. Jan. 5. From a aeemlngly
authorixed atatemenl laaued In Indon
tnlgM. It may be Inferred that. ahouM
Knmonn Iv-Valcra be dlapnaed to ap
proach the govcrnmont with a pine
propoaa! meeting the gmemmenfa mt
ulation that all question of para
tion be excluded, he would not b- dl
cotiraged. On the contrary, under such
rlrmmatancea. he would be treated aa
Mif)ing the r-time mlnlatcr condi
tlona aa ! "to dell-er the gooda." in
fact, nd that for auch puroae he i-oulj
occur aafe conduct
tr Anwlatei Pres.
UniMS. Jan. 5. According to theae
Informanta. Prof.-aaor IeVlera did not
rime be on .1 pece mliH.m, but tie
rauae of the conviction that a altu-i-
tion had ariaen urgently requiring hia
lpreoence. They dlatruet the repor'a
(that he will not le arrenlel, and deii.ir-
Lhut he I equally "on the run" With
ifihe other h-adcra. They attll lnei
jr thut any overture muaf come froM He .
Itrltlah Omernment and thit neg.a
ttona are only pnaalbl on the bal of
Independence and by a trea'T l-tfvn
tan two (ovrromenu. "
Delegate to Pan-Amer
ican Labor Congress
" ) .. f
. . ,
i " ,. .,
.'. .
!,. ;.; I j ' .
r :j
M:itthi Wnll, vice prealilcnt of th
ttixrimn fVikration f.f Lain and prt-
Idcnt of the International 1'hntit.Ki
Travcra I'nlon, ho baa tiet-n named a
Mignte to npreat nt the American
Kt-dinttlun of liiltor at the I'nn Am-r-ic-ir.
P"d ration of IImit to be held la
Mixl'o City. Junui.ry 10th. 1921.
SliMial to The Panhandle.
JCalbiunxn. I-h-u mnyiT of Cor, wh'i
haa come to America a a atowaway to
'ell th commlmliin of the committee of
me hundred Invetigntlng conditio 11
Irolnnd about the burning of hia town
y the litltihh itu'h.aitlra. may W d
.l.-d d.niiHl.n to the country.
In announcing t.Lty th.it an Inveatl
tntlon Into the lirciimrtnncea aurmund
ng hla arrival at Ncwort Newa yetcr
ny on the n.-nnn-r Wet Cannon hsd
een onb-rcd. alate il-un tnunt official
ntlinit.-d thut unlee the ln.Uiry
Vi ..tx. I i!nuu:il condition, the caae cf
he l.-d inayi r would he given no great
t connidi'mtion than uaimlly I in curd
d :ill--n nrrhing without xiiWHNa
lmmltratlon authoriilea here alao ar?
imditctlng an lniilry to determine
ahi-ther 1-or.l Mayor n'Callaghnn I ad
nienalilii unlr the Immigration Liwa
Even fhoul.l It Ih deiidid that he la.
hi v mid the rne would l- rerred t
'.he t:ite d- iwrtnient.
Mciintline the lord mayor I held In
uaiidy at Ncrt New. He la at
notel there but will be giuirih-d by im-nlKi-ntii.n
offioir. it I anld. untP a
iiniil decleloli in hia Caae I n ached.
Cnt!r.ulng the alienee he hit main
tained aince hi arrival here yeaterday
i a ti.wawny on the eteamehlp Went
lion, ll.ir.lcl O'Callaglian. U.nl M.iv-
of Cork, rcfiiwcil totilcbt to make
my atatemenl for publication until hla
atnltia hn l-cn determined.
.Meanwhile fiii nd of the IiIhIi c:tue
in the l'nlte. tnte -nt telegi-aim
tivlay offering nil amlmancc mailiK
to tin- IjhiI Mayor nnd I'eter J. Mae
Swiney, I. rot her of the I te Terem-e
.Mai-Swiney, who nlioi arilveil on the
V1 t'annon.
llolh MaiSwim-y and OTallaghan
are UM.Ii-tet.H to ei.nfi.lent thai the
atate ilepartmeiit will allow the Iord
Mayor finally to enter the l'nite-1
State for hi aowl purKe of tes
tifying at Waiihlngton iH-foro the nm
milin of the committee of on hun
dnil inviatlgatlng the innh quentlnn.
ThroiiKhout the day O'Cullaichnn and
MjicHwiney. at their holela, grecteil
frk-ml who ralli-d to offer welcome
and aitam-e. TonlKhl a rc-eptlon
wan tendered the two by the Society
of Friend of IrUh Freeil.mt and au(
During the reception fo-d Manr
O'CklUKhan talked Inilv with hi
vUntore, apHrlng for the flrat tlm
aln.-e hia arrival lo have raat aide at',
Immigration inapector I- H- Parker,
In churge of thia pi-t, entered a formal
order for the exclulm of Ia-d Mayor
O'Unilaghan from the t'nlted (ttatca
becaune of allegcl vlolatl.in of Immigra
tion luwa In coming here without a
HUHrt and notlfiiil the authxltle
at Waahlngton by telegraph of hla
adlon. Chief limpcctor Pchuinaker
at Norfolk, however, It waa learned.
akcd for the wiorl condition to be
waived and recommended that th
l.ord Ma,vnr lie H-rmltted to enter the
It waa nil.l here tonlvht that If the
Wahlnton authoritli-n ahoukl Mipport'
Parker Innt.wd of H--humkir In the
caae, (VCallaghan can iiisil to the!
ileirtment of lalwr. when, i; I rx-
niiiM Iwil won 1.1 lie grante.1 fi- hia
apiearanc at any lime Hi-cretary Wit
aon might dealgitat.
Peter MacKwlney ald tonight thai
be plana to remain here pending final
dlitpoatttrm -of O Callaghan'a cmm.
niark-handcra are buay In Amarll
lo; juat a few day ago Fheriff Bur
ton U'ch waa threatem-d with aa
tnntlim, but haa continued to live and
eet hi three mil a day. Th
only attention he paid to the warn
ing given him waa to greaae up th
old gttlln gun for quick act Inn
ahould It become ntcemary. Yeater
dny morning Chief of I'ollro Jamm
V. Kei-ton entered hla office to find
that a aimllar notice had hen puah
vd undi-r hla office door during the
night: thla notice waa aimed by one
of the "Kill 'em and Eat 'em Onng."
nd called upon th chief to reaurn
fimn the force. ()f courae he haa
not rielgned and he la emphatic In
hla declaration that he cannot M
forc-d -ff the force In any uch man
ner. He ItvU'ia the at-ndi-r if th
Ihrtwt to "Jump rlKht to It." and In
timate that he will lie ready for In
clnnt acili.n If any auaplrloua lock
ing ncreonage even an much aa look
like tnrtlng anything.
IMh Sheriff Ibnrh and Chief
Kit Inn hive been activ of Ut In
rld.llng the city of vagrant and aua-pk-toua
chnrncter. and have there,
by held the crime wave away from
Amarlllo, only one crime of violence
having hten committed, that on New
Year'a eve when Krd (i. (lordon waa
aaanultrd and robbed of ninety dol
Ura. 0
Bf AaaoeteUd Preav
WASHINGTON. Jan. i Tcntlminy
by comnilaaioner Wallla of the Ellia la
land Immigration tatlun that Europ
wa literally moving to the fnlted
tut" and that a "flood" of alk-na
wa Imminent, till left memtarra of
th aenat Immigration rommltt
doubtful tonight aa to th action upon
the Johnaon bill prohibiting Immigm
tion for on ytat. Setrral member
frankly rxprcaaed doubt whther any
inaaurrn to atop or reatrlct Immigra
tion would le evicted at thla aeaalca
of Congreaa.
The commUtee obvtoiftly waa im
irvaatxl with' Con.mlnaloner Wallla"
ktntemeal a to th need for lnpei
lion of ulleha befor leaving Earufi
and for more rigid examination aftor
their arrival at American kU. Th
cominlaalouer recianmended iartlcu
Uirly that fa.llltW-a lie etabllhed over
eaa for auch inapertlon and declared
,luv ,v vr eviii ui aw iiiiniiamni ar
riving unatT ine exiaiing ayaiem woum
be denied prrmiaaioB to anil If they
were examined at the porta of embarka
tion by American official. A proper
ayaiem of examination In Europe and
upon arrival, Mr. Willi anid, wou'-l
prevent an Imminent flood of thuae dla
eaaed in body and mind.
"Fortunately," he added, 'the a tea in
ahipa of th world can only bring I.
100.000 a year to the t'nlted State. It
ia In the limited t ran pot tat ion facili
le and increaaed examination that we
will get the beat protection."
The commiaaioner declared report of
the public health ervlce Indicated that
eastern Eurr.e today la In th grip of
four epidemic typhua, typhoid, . tfy
cnury and tulicrculiana. ,
The war haa undermined the health
of thoae conn lrn- and their emigrant
are "dangenma to the public health of
the Tnlted ltatea.
Alt In In Family
UH'ISVILLE. Ky.. Jan. R J-hn
Denafia-d. 44, of Jefferaonville. and
Mr. Catherine Denford. b alaler ln
btw. were married her. Hla brother.
Ernet Denafiard, la the hualund of th
brkle'a tbiughter.
Harding Given 32'
Degree, May Take
Shrine on Friday
qr Aaratd Pre.
COU-MRl'8. OhK Jan. 5.
Preaidcnt-Elect Harding became a
thirty aecond degree Maeon tonight
at the end of a twelve hour Initia
tion ceremony participated In by
ranking official of the order from
all part of the I'nltcd, State.
Starting aa, a Mauler Maeon. the
preaident elect waa mined through
' the other 2i degree at a continu
ous Billing arranged for hla a.-eom-odatlon.
He waa the third rhen
rhM executive to travel through
the higher degree of Manonry
Iwfore the Scioto Valley rondftory,
Jame A Garfield and Win. Mi
Kinley having been given their
thirty eccon.l degree here.
At the fotuiuvton of the cer.
tunny Mr. lUixilng wa preaenteil
with a Manorilc ring given by th
12nd degrea Maaona of Marlon, hi
home town, who had occupied poet
of home In th Initiation. He
may return here Friday to rereiv
nienibcrehtp In the myetlc ahrine.
With Mr. Harding the pre.
dent elect motored here from Mar
bm thla morning, hi only confer
ence befor leaving bmne being
with Fred I'pham of Chicago,
treamtrer of th republican national
committee. )a will go back by
motor tomorrow morning.
coiiTinuED, is opinion allied
PARIS, Ian I. Individual mcmheta of the council 4 the b-auue of
natlona have been Ulklng lnf.rnu.lly among lhi-mat-lea on the aliwit,IUiy i.f
ai-ndlng a eclul Intermediary envoy to lr. Harding linincdlali ly after hi
Inauguration a Ki iOd. nl of the t'nlted Hiati-a to K.-e. nt the cauae of the
lengim of natlona and to urge uix-n him the Uiffe-ulllia which Kuro-aii coun-trli-a
would exierieni In alwndonlng the pn-wnt league and anting up a new
form of aaiMicuttlon i nation.
Th prltielpal ground for thi con
tention are that the leagu covenant
ia mrt of the .eace treaty which g1ve
the li-ngue a.lmliilatratlnn ' over th
fcVinre alley, tin Dimtlg region, and a
number of mandMtea and pleLI-ita
The view la held among member of the
French nilnlmry that the a-tlkllty of thr
treaty Itwlf would be ahnken If th
K-HKue iNirt.c f If waa aban4neL
Thla ha led to a growing con victfiai
among the Kinclw allied powera that
the leuffuo fthiHitd Im kept going In wmir
forn hut not neceanrlly a now con
atlluted, the advlanlilllty of revlalim of
, the covenant lielng quit generally ree
nlriL It la ronnldered here that an
umb-rataniUng on the future form of tht
.gu eojniil weie a III to dim-urn the
,rub.t-t directly with Mr. Ilurdlng when
he tHcomca im-aldenL
Cnnflitence la exreesl here that If
direct tHacuaelon la eliminated from the
covenant all that ia oh)ertainall to th'
I'nlt.d Htutea, the preaident-eWt would
not nit on the abandonment of the
ornnlcttlon already at work which la
held In lie bound up with o many im
rti.nt Kuro:wn Intereeta
Convict Pardoned .
By Governor Brough
fir AMoratlfd Pea.
LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. Jan. I 1yd
CamiiMi. convbt fi,r whom a m-anh
whkh U-d to Midland. Texaa. waa ma.tr
about alx week ago. today waa grant
ed a pardon by tluvemor Hrnug'i
rwps.. tonvlrted in connectli n
with alleged automobile theft and after
acrvlng ten iin.ntli of a year'a aei.
tence. wa grunted a l -ave aence bv
th Uovernor to vlell relative who
were III. Inetead of returning at the
end 01 hia leave, Campliell went to Tex
aa where, he waa captued but Where
he eenp"d fr-mi offli-era. He waa pick
ed up by tot al ollo yeaterday but wia
releaaed when (Jovernor tlrough Mated
that he had prnmim-d Camp'iell Immun
ity from Interference If he would return
and help clear up unaettled queetlnna
connected with the automobile theft
for which he waa sentenced.
Br AMorialed Pen.
bill were Introduced In bgh houaes of
the Oklahoma leglalatura today, neither
body iMing In acton more than an
hour, live billa claimed attention ir.
the senate and seven In the hou. A
nnrly claah fi-erat early In a conteat
'etwein W. A. Drake, republican, and
T. A. Pirkinaon. democrat, for the m
in th hmi from Wagoner county, waa
avrted bv ihe referring ia a x-tltnn
protecting agalnnt retaining larklnaor.
In the houae roll mil to th commute
on election a. .
The billa causing the moat Intereat
were regarding the Urring from th
state of moving picture film depict ln
action of criminal, or any degenerat.
of acta of violence, and a bill to create
a imtnl or advln-ra to the supreme
court, of nine supremo court rommis
1onra. ;-j be Joined in Hire dlviaii.ua
Surplu ('sal Suimly.
Br AMruit4 I'm.
PAULS, Jan. 5 liecauae of a surplu
of more thin IOO.im.o tuna of til In th
city i f Parla, It haa Iwn tbt lib-d t-i light
th city i ii a pre-war Iwala, and th
hoiilt-varda and ptinclieil ntcvi-t will
once more aume their old brilliancy
Another effect ha lieen the laauance of
an ori. r t rmlttlna all reatauranta and
cafca to n-maln o-n until one a. in.
If farmers are toln' t be allowed
all hard elder they'll hav l May up
ler n right a'rlork. "I'd Ilka V go
hunlln' I'aay. bat I'm afraid I might
git called r Mar ion. OMa," mU "Sqalr
Marsh gwallow, I'day.
tr Anritrd I'm.
NEW YORK, Jan. 5. Tha trial at
Robert P. Tlrlndell. plenklellt of th
building trude i-ouncll undiT seven
indictment charging extortion and at
tempted extortion waa poatponed to
Uy until MomUy at the rquet of
Hiecbl Deputy Attorney General
Henr, who explained a H-nding ai
'mil from the denli.l of a chatign of
renue wtuld not tm argued until Fri
day. Meanwhile a ieclu panel of 100
Uilnrarn were ordered to reMHTt Mon
day when selection of a jury la to
WASIIINt.TnS. Jn. y-Compto
publicity of official ronl cost data la to
be collected through the federal trade
-ommlMinn aa a mean t.f keetdng
lown rhacgea to the conaiimer will be
nriiMieed by the senate reconduction
"ommlttev aa th reaitlt of Its Inventl
Tstlon Into th real situation, II wn
innouncrd today by Chairman. Colder.
NEW YORK, Jan. o.-New York,
a'hkh haa been swapping temperature
thla winter with New Orb-ana, had a '
lunuory electrical atorm today by wa)
of novelty. Th flrrt thunder clap ei--Ited
many Itrooklynltea and police
headuarter Were flooded with r
Mla of "an explosion aomewher.
AUIANY. N. V- Jan. IHewJullom
"ailing for the expulsion ta? th three
acclallHt memhera of the New York
iMtcmbty were Introduced today at thr
ienlng aesion by Assemblyman
George II. Howe of Kilo, and J. T.
Carroll of King, repul.llcana. Th
reaolutlon Were referred to th nan
mlttee on Judiciary without debate.
Br ANwialel Pm.
MAX ANTONIO, Texas Jan. S.
Horace Dooth. traffic manager, and A.
O. Whlttlngton. general manager of
he International and Jr.it Northern,
who are In Kan Antonio, announced
toniaht they will bve in a few day
for Mexico City to confer with offic
ial of the Mexican National line
aeeking to arrange for a through Pull
man service over the I. and 1. N. from
Han Antonio to Tamplt-o by way of
Laredo and Monterey.
HAN ANTONIO, Trxaa. Jan. 5.-
Wtth the exi-eptitm of one day. Intent
ber IS, tl.e temiierature In Han An
tonio today wa the blgheet fio- th
winter thu far. It reached 1 alu.ve at
I I thia afternoon. Dt-ccmU-r 12 aaw
a teniperatur of IJ
ell.- rM
WAHINfiTON. Jan. I.-Th vnl.me
of trnffl- throughout tm I'anair Cml
during the mlendar year t!. eatah
Hh-d a new high record exitdrng thit
ef ihe prevloua rab-ndar venr t.v ao
prorimalety Jn ptl-'cent. Th 1.41 col
ti-itd during the m.aith of Tiece.nbar
xmounting lo lJ.J'.Mvfl, txorxl -d the
i.f any .iH.nih in the hlntory of the can-
il i Xx-ya. l-iat tw-pleml-er . i
CumiiM-rtiil vrl puating Ibrougb
he canal during the ltt caJviiilar year
nun.h.red S.. aggregaUng 0.;;.C.i
n-t tiaia and in tying a total cargo if
ll.::ts.0 tuna.
Aiurltlnl freak.
t HICAMl. Jan. l.-l or Mealing a lo t
in ,i.ii"- aiv month In tail Thi.t
Ihe m-hlrr.r.. glv-n by Federal Judde
K. M. latndla tml-iy to l.inl. AlMgvt
tnd Th.-maa Mclterinott of the Chuag
yardmen 'a union, who turned an tnglne
tibiae In the rnllwuy yarda Iaf Augum
during the "outlaw elrike" of swileh
It waa tht first tonvlclmn In the- fnlt
I t.ie under h-- war time law uinel
t.ir irgulsting railnwd traffic.
Br eia.4 frr.
WAMIIM.TON. Jan. .V n4hei
conrn-rsKiTiHl r-.lut..n desicm-d t-
iirtnl! Ihe sire .f the regular armv wn
lntrHiieed l.nlnv bv K prew-ntittlvt
Kahn of ralif.a-nia, rbaUnutn of thr
l.oti -tiilitary Comtiutlev III ineaiurr
prevlile that en'isUnent n.unt eta
until (lie rtp.y la it.luctil tu ITi,..rt mm
hu would txrmlt men wh- jon servtu
tns i id it- t-tiiiMi-i--i t in the regular
rn y to ret nllt
a Iwklnl Pma.
IHIM.I.XS. AriftHiv Jan 3 An
oimeritient wns tosde hire tml.i thil
A. IVeiiueira. M.Almn consul at)
'oitii since -tt May. had bit n or
dered transferred to El laao, Texas. !
rinrtil and Ihnt he would lw euccned!
at fVniclaa bv Ivea llrvier. who hat
ln'en c-mrnl it Rn legt. California.
Will Remove Ranger.
Re .tlaliM IVees
Gtl.YESTON. Texan. J in. J -T. xan
rangers, who have Ut-n acting In a
supvrvtjrv rapacity her" uml.-r Cevt-.
nnr lloi.by. will be wilhJr-iwi at n.nMi
January :. accisding t. a letter from
Govern- Hubby niade fubl hn.tt thin
aft.-rnuua. . .
Labor Leader In
House of Common:
I. . ..." 1 ;
r mtm hw.,
rir Artnur ll. n li-t..n. M P., who 1
niler t.f the In I hit imrty In urll:iiiient.
teriarea in.il the il.slre for N-ace In
Inland la veiy atrong and that there
I every proei-ti t t.f an amlcal.ln s4
I lenient.
ALTOt (.11 AN 01.11 IIA( IIEIilU lit
Ur Aea-Mil,4 f'trmt.
WAMIIINtrrt N. Jan. i -lining ,J,
tallied frtNii .Hie l.iln.r tie part men t at,
nrdtr fur t-inorary a.lmlwii.n to th
I niti-d Stau-a of the seven Lunsiaa
chll.lien he h.i tentntlvrlv adotiltd
I Hear Admiral N.-wton A. Mi-Cully, for
mer Ain.ilrnn high Mwnir.liutloiier at
Selwatt.pol. bft tiiiKht for New YtHk
to g.'t the children, now at Kills Inland,
and bring l hem to hi Washington
home. The Admiral said he Would tie
m,u Immediately tin- .'.(MM) lamd rte
quired In the tae of each of the thfl
dien a amiramn thnl they will nt
bocotiM public hat gt-a and w III rovt-ivit
proper education.
Admiral M. -Cully plana to ketp tht
children at hi home here until their
right to remain In the I'nltcd state
hat been fully etalillhetl by hearing
before the IjiU.r i-pnrtment UrMaU.
Afterward he will take them lo hi
lM.vh.H.,1 hiaiiti In Anderson, S. C, to In
trudute Iheiw to bis mother who will
aaaume temNitary tharge of the rhlt
dren while the trffi.er la refurnishing
and rcmudiling his Wanliington hoiu
tor their iM-riiuinent residence.
Aaketl If It waa hla Int-iition formally
to n.. it tS: tliildren. Admiral McCullv
said that such waa hi Intention if
ther wer no ligar lair, lie bad at
tended, he said, to all legal matter in
Huaala cotiected with being given cu
lody of the ihlldien. In two case t
waa necesaary to tihlain the tonsent ot
on" p-irent, the .ifTl.rr aald. but tlx
difficulty waa eni-ounteivd borausa of
th - leinl.le t i.nditiiitia in the rcKlon In
which the t hll.lren wore living and th
dewte of iaient lo olitiln for their
children s new- thaiice In life In tit
t'liiti-d States.
"The. , hi i.li .-n are but I. Ik ted
cases among huii.lre.ls of iliouwihila of
en-, mi.l Mr. M.i'ully.
"I did liol riiiflully e.-!.it them- v
en, but when I came away I tbs ld-l
that I should tin a.iiiiethiiig and I took
the I ii .inn. t -, nlllii.iiKh in aiAert!
rase 1 bad met the t hil.b. n prevloua
iy nun nun ti-conie aii.ii m.i to them.
"ll Is my Intention to i:le i hll.lren
sn all round Amort, an tdticatlon. I
hi e th:il t-M-ntii.illy they will c.unl.in.'
all of the it'i-l ti in of the Auiert.-an
and nil g'l of the Cunman h WhtCI
they are old enouirli and wilf iiough
educated. I h.ilt give theni tin- opixir
tunltv to rcl'.irn to l:ui and If th.v
are to s'nv there in their own coun
try that will I their privll. ge. f no',
they will, of course, return In me. 1
intend alwava to remain fiither to them
iitthntiKh thus f.ir they haven't gotten
tu the point of tailing me by that pa
ternal name. They call me by th
Russian i-.iiiacnt of um le and I am
aa w.l! satlntii-l that it In that war r
the present, for all these swift devel
opments are rather startling for a bach
toe ho has ni nt inuh of hla life at
TemH r .ture by
hour at Aiotrlllo
a. m SS !! a m.
7 a. in !0 Noon .
a. m. 1 p. m.
J a. m 1 p m.
I s. m .41 3 p. m.
Highest yesterday In is So.
i; low-
est. Jil
Iiwist rt,r..v. 3'1
llunildity Hats,
' p. m. a m
lrv temiH-ratuie. . . :.r
Wet teniH-raiui. 41 sa
Humidity 4 4
Poreiuit Thurs.tay. generally
. 'InUti'Iaietl, Instrument out of or!
M4. mm m.m.
Fimm tii m
ll l 111.11 I U ULILII
0,r , .- 1
- . ... i .
fohdney a a
Tariff Bill May bo Ready for ItMiwaW
Hon Early In Extra Session
Called By President Klert
Itr Awnrlsttd I'fest.
WASHINGTON. Jan. .Tna way
was cleared tonight for th unusual
sltuatiun tomorrow of two congreaalon.
al rotiinilttees, on from each body, to
hold hearlnga on two kinds of tariff.
emergency and permanent.
The senate finance commute will
lake up th Fia-dney emergency tariff ,
bill, designed a a relief nteaaur for
fnrmera. The house way and meana
-timmllte will start hearing on rw
vision t.f the permanent tariff.
Chairman Pisrdney of th way and
menu committee announced today ha
proHMN-d tu la-gin tomorrow with
schedule A (Chemicals, palnta and olla)
of the I'nderwiMMl tariff act and hold
tourings ronllnuoualy until the whot
lint was wiarked over. II also an.
nounn-d his Intention to hava a tariff
bill ready f.- Intnsluctlon early In th
extra session which president-elct
Harding Is exiet-ted to call within
month after his Inauguration.
The sen at finance commutes will
take testimony on the F.rdney emer
gency measure fia- ftv day starting
tomorrow. Chairman Penrose aald hla
commit lee would exclude other mat
ler until th bill wa ready to report.
Heprrsfntatlves of Wool Interest
will Im first heard on th mergency
tariff. They will speak for both pro
ducing and manufacturing pbaaea of
the Imluairy. Mora than a acor of -other
organbntlons and persons ar
teeklng to testify. Including farmers
N-ganlsiilima, livestock growers, for--ln
trailo associations, exporter a and
textile manufacturer. Th commit
has derided BtT tn- ratt members of
ihe l nlt-d 8tatea Uriff commission.
The house commit! will bear rWwa
from all branches of th chemical,
tailnt and oil trade. Mora than forty
'f these have been assigned piacs on
he piogram tomorrow and Friday.
Lumber Prices Are
Now Being Reduced
M A mx laird rrrw.
CIII'JAcni. Jan. 5 -A national canv
ign to retluc building cost waa
aunched by lumber nwnufacturera from
ill section, of th country at a meeting
hi Id here today.
"Lumber haa come down In prlca an
tvernge of 10 per cent" aald R. It.
iooilman t-f Marinette. Wisconsin,
chairman of the session. "Th lumber
ndustry has ahsis-hed Ita stMiin ln
fbiiltin and we feci that it la up to other
'i 1 'Ing commodltlea to follow suit.
l.umlM-r reprt-aenta only about It per
cent of the coat of an aversg building
nn. not nits-e than IS per cent of th
cost of a wiMoli-n building.
Plan were made for calling represent
itlves nf the Mrk. cement, tils, roofing
and plumbing Industry Into ronferenrw.
A national advertlsxntrnt campaign waa
also adviMstrd.
. t;
iiardim: askfii tu hK
tr Awnristed Pi SSI. I
ATLANTA, tbt.. Jan. I President
! t Harding was invited In a Joint
telegram by fifty southern newspaper
editor . .lay to address the southern
tarirf congress which meets in Atlanta
January ST. 3. St.
The Invltatiann which supplemented
tme recently extended bv (Imernics
I t.f the southern states, also js'ied Mr.
Harding to I the guest of th south
em press at a luncheon during th
Bennah'a Bouquet -NEW
YORK. Jan. S After Itenny
lifonard saw Jack lN-inpry hit Dill
Itrennan he told the champion be
wouldn't take on of hla punches for
sll ihe money In the world. Sam
lniuUet that was.
Miner's Record Wag
PRINCETON. Ky.. Jan. S. -Sherman
Mai lin n ay check last month waa for
lift. Ila la a miner employed by th
llicM.in.l Coil Co. The ammint set a
reca-d f.a- miner a ay In thia aevttoa
tif the Mate.
Wi want you to read the
"NEWS." In order to do thli
you mutt hjive SERVICE,. Ia
order that you may hart tht
txit of aervlcw wt want yea to
phone the -NEWS" office
when you fail to receive your
paper by aeven thirty in the
morning. A Paper will be teat
you by special carrier.
Phone MJ.
1 ! -.1
o 1 '
' .1
o n

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